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We appreciate it. It’s been a okay, you’re gonna do the talking, right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s what I said. Thank you. It’s just, uh — it’s just what? I-I was thinking — I was thinking that… you could probably say it better. Why would I say it better? I’m not exactly known for my bedside manner, but you on the other hand… I what? You do things with… care and compassion. Okay, well, you can be caring and compassionate when you tell dad that we don’t think that he should come to the rehearsal dinner tonight — and I cannot wait to go to coney island! Ahh! Good morning, you two. Sorry it takes me so long to get up and dressed. Did I-I miss seeing violet off to school? Yeah. Yeah. But she’s only going for a half-day. I’m picking her up early so she can change before we go to the airport. Sounds like a plan. Yeah. And speaking of plans… uh, we want to talk to you about this evening. And I… chase? I was just preparing for my hearing next week. Ah, yes, I was so happy to hear that you were taking steps to overturn your disbarment. Tell me. How’s it going? I think I’m prepared — as prepared as I can be. But at this point, I think I’m just spinning my wheels. I think you’re gonna do great. You know? You’re an excellent lawyer. As matter of fact, that’s why I’m here. Sonny, I wanted to tell you — I-I contacted two of my most high-profile artists to see if — if either of them would like a large commission to create a piece for the city. Sonny: Turns out that’s not gonna be necessary because I’ve moved on to another idea. Definitely a delegation showing up. Ah.

[ Knock on door ] Hi! Can I come in? I don’t want to see anything I shouldn’t see. Mm-hmm, yeah, since you knocked instead of barging in, I think you’re safe. Okay.

[ Laughs ] What brings you by? Well, I wanted to see what outfit you’re gonna go with for the quartermaine wedding. I haven’t decided yet. Why? I don’t want to clash with it. Hey. Jason. Where’s danny?

So, I went to see heather in pentonville yesterday. Mmm. How did that go? Uh, pretty well. She’s recovering nicely from the surgery. But other than that… she’s still the same heather. No. No. She’s really not. Since they replaced the bad hip, the changes in heather are striking. In a good way? It appears so. “Appears” being the operative word. Yes, well, I know that you and kevin talked about this a few weeks back. I just wondered if you were able to find anything that would suggest that we might be able to revisit heather’s case. You know, laura, I’m surprised that you actually want to move forward with this. It’s just that the more I talk to heather, the more I believe the cobalt poisoning was affecting her ability to reason. So the metallosis was the reason why she killed those people and tried to kill all those other people and had two decades of horrendous and — and cruel behavior? I am not qualified to say. Alright? All I can say is up until this point, heather has always felt justified in her actions. And now? Now she’s beginning to question her violent behavior. And — and, uh… she’s showing signs of real remorse, you know? And I think, in general, she just seems like she’s more in control of herself, containing her anger better. That, I actually witnessed. You think she’s actually growing a conscience? Were you able to find anything that could help her? Actually, I-I did. Of course, I want to hear everything you have to say, son, but — but first, uh, there’s something i need to say. If it’s alright with — please. By all means. By all means. Having the rehearsal dinner on coney island is such a fun idea. And it’s beyond generous of tracy to bring us all down there, um, so that brook lynn can — can revisit one of the great joys of her childhood. Everything about it seems unmissable. Dad, the thing is — no. Please. Please let me finish. Um, I hope you won’t be upset with me. And I promise I will apologize to brook lynn and her family, but I really feel like I need to conserve my energy for the wedding itself. Dad, are you saying that — I’ve thought long and hard about it. And as much as I want to go, I’m not gonna go. I’m gonna ask tracy if she will stand in for me at the rehearsal. Well, I-I really wish you could make it, too, but — but I understand. And I’ll make sure everybody there does, too. Thank you, son. I know that had to have been a hard decision, dad, but for what it’s worth, I think it was the right one. Can — I can call the home-help agency and see if we can get someone to stay with you. No. That — that’s not necessary. Since when are you going to brook lynn’s wedding? Since your invitation arrived. Or did you not get a plus-one?

[ Chuckles ] I did. And I’m taking kristina. Kristina. Why?

[ Chuckles ] Because she’s my girlfriend. How could I forget? I don’t know. It seems to slip your mind a lot. Oh, no, your relationship with kristina is always on my mind, especially at times like this. I’m gonna hate myself for asking. Times like what? I think it is unwise for you and kristina to go as a couple to such a public event. I thought we had anunderstanding about that. Well, gee, mom, so did I. Apparently, we were both wrong. Jason: Danny’s not here. Well, all I know is that he’s not in school. I got a call from his counselor. He was concerned because he missed an appointment. Okay. Why is he seeing a counselor? Well, because danny occasionally has trouble following the rules. Anyway, he wasn’t marked as present in his first-period class, so I used that location app on his phone to – to see where he was, and I couldn’t find him. You’re track– you’re tracking danny? And it said that his phone was at home. So I went upstairs to his bedroom. And his — and his phone was on his bed under a pile of clothes, which means he — he deliberately doesn’t want me to know where he is. Okay, well, maybe he just forgot his phone. Jason, no teenager ever lets their phone out of their sight, especially danny, considering I just gave his back to him. I haven’t seen danny. And — and don’t you see that you’re training him to lie to you?

First of all, you don’t know anything about my relationship with danny. He knows he can trust me. How can he know that, sam? Every time he brings up the truth about wanting to spend time with me, he gets into trouble. He thinks, “hey, if I lie here, maybe there’s a chance I won’t get caught and I won’t get into trouble.” No, I have just warned him that being around you is dangerous, and our son refuses to listen to me! Okay. If you and I agree that danny and I can spend some time together, I won’t be somewhere dangerous. Okay, well, what happens if he just shows up at your place like he did the other day? Can you promise me that he won’t be walking into something dangerous? No. No! Exactly! And that’s what terrifies me. It’s not just about danny getting to know you and spending time with you. Jason, he wants the danger. He chases it just like you. Just like I used to. This is different. There was a time I didn’t care if I lived or I died. Okay? I don’t — I don’t see that in danny. Okay. Well, then tell me what it is that you… see in our son… as opposed to the last time you were in town. I just see a kid who likes freedom. Yeah, well, he’s a teenage boy. They all want their freedom. He just doesn’t know what to do with it. And let’s be real. You really don’t know anything about raising a teenager. Maybe not. No. Definitely not. Because the first rule in raising a teenager is being there. And you weren’T. You were alive, and I still have no idea where you were or what you were doing. And nice tattoo, by the way. Did you show that to danny? Did you at least explain to him where that came from? God! What are the odds that danny is gonna want a tattoo, too? Let’s just hope that he goes for one and he doesn’t just go full-out and get a whole sleeve. Or, I mean, I — I actually don’t know. Maybe that just happened… one tattoo at a time over the past two-plus years. Sam, I-I will explain to danny that — if you just — you will explain to him that he should just hide you in the boathouse and not tell me about it? Okay. Hold on. For what it’s worth, he walked in on me in the boathouse. I didn’t seek him out. You told our son to lie to me about it. Because that was the safest thing for danny right then. That was my decision. Be mad at me. I am mad at you, jason! But I am afraid for our son! Afraid that you can’t control him! I don’t even think you see it. I mean, no matter what danny does, it feels like he’s in trouble… that it’s wrong. He’s a kid. Look, if he skipped school, he’s gonna get into trouble. He’s got detention. He gets grounded. Take the phone away. He’s gonna pay the price. Life goes on. Okay. Well, if — if you know so much about our son, where is he right now? I found two cases where post-conviction relief was granted. Somewhere here. Because the key witnesses recanted their testimony. The most relevant was a forensic psychiatrist who acknowledged that his findings were based on incomplete evidence. So then a diagnosis of cobalt poisoning would have helped heather’s defense. Possibly. Look. If you can get a copy of the transcript of her court appearance, I will take a look at it. Thank you. But you got to manage your expectations. ‘Cause metallosis or not, there is no judge that will want to vacate her conviction because the body count is too high and she confessed and she pled guilty. Yes, but all of her actions were under the influence of something out of her control. Maybe she didn’t murder anyone before the metallosis, but, laura, you can’t pretend that heather was some sort of quirky free spirit. No, no. I know you’re right. This is a long shot. Are you saying that you can’t help me anymore? Because if you can’t, I-i certainly would understand that. As a citizen of port charles, as a human being, I’m hesitant. As a once — hopefully future attorney again… I believe that everyone is entitled to a fair defense. Even heather. Then I’ll see about getting you those transcripts. Mom, I’ve taken your advice on keeping my private life private. As much as I hate to say it, you have a point. You hate that I have a point? No, I hate that people are so intolerant. Even a quarter of the way through the 21st century, things for queer people — please don’t refer to yourself that way. Things for… people like me are getting harder and harder. All of this to say… this is a family wedding. Not a public event. Honey.

[ Scoffs ] Sometimes you can be such an innocent sweetheart. Yes, this is not a public wedding, but everybody is gonna read about it. And all the lucky invitees are gonna be plastering their social media with photos and — and selfies. And especially because there’s gonna be a celebrity in their midst. Which you are! I don’t think that’s going to change if they see me standing next to kristina. Honey, that doesn’t even count all — all the professional photos that are gonna be out there on the newswire. And that’s not just locally. It’s gonna start at the invader, and then it’s gonna proliferate outward. I wouldn’t worry. The quartermaines are used to protecting their privacy from the press. Yes, it will be a well-attended event, but only by close family friends. And I’m going with kristina. Honey, I just — you are thinking about this in the absolute wrong way! And how should I be thinking about it, mother?

[ Sighs ] You’re not going just as a regular person. Okay? And certainly not as somebody’s girlfriend. You have to think about yourself as a brand! Sure, ali can go to any old wedding she wants to with whoever she wants to, but the second somebody takes a photo of you and puts it online, you’re no longer alison. You are blaze. And we have worked too hard to create this brand so carefully. I just don’t — honey, I don’t want to see it all just — all this hard work and effort just be for nothing! So? What do you think of the new menu? Love the new menu. I want one of each.

[ Laughs ] So do I. I’ve heard wonderful things about the new chef. Yeah, they were a real find. Listen, I hope that you weren’t bothered by the guys down in the ball room and outside. We are pulling out all the stops for chase and brook lynn’s wedding. We want everything to be perfect. Well, I’m sure the reception is gonna be absolutely beautiful.

[ Cellphone rings ] Whatever you need, I’m here. You know that, right? Ah. It’s trina at the gallery. We’re expecting new pieces today. Excuse me. Hurry up. You don’t want to miss that.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Please tell me you are not bringing that one to the wedding. Look. Violet will be away with you. And while the caregivers are all perfectly nice, I could use a break from this endless procession of strangers in this apartment. Hey, dad. We — we’ve been through this before. I’d feel more comfortable knowing that you aren’t alone. You won’t even be gone overnight. You’re flying back this evening. We’ll probably be pretty late. Regardless, I’ll be fine. Hey, come on, dad. Listen. It’s — it’s one thing that if I spend the evening worrying about you, but it’s chase’s rehearsal dinner, alright? He should be able to enjoy it without wondering if he’s abandoned you. And you of all people would know what it’s like to be abandoned before your wedding. I recall feeling great about my rehearsal dinner with jackie and then wondering where the hell you were when the wedding started, but, no, by all means, son, you lecture me on proper wedding etiquette! Okay. Um… I think chase can take the conversation from here.

[ Door closes ]

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s danny’s school. Hello? Okay. Thank you. Thanks for letting me know. Okay. So, um… that was danny’s counselor. He got the time wrong. Danny’s in his appointment right now. So where’s he been? In class. The first-period teacher did not put the attendance into the computer until after the class was over. So… go ahead and just say it. Tell me, “I told you so.” I’m just glad he’s safe. Yeah. Me too. Um, okay. I’m gonna get out of your way and sonny’S. Yeah, sonny’s not here. What do you mean? Where is he? I don’t know. What do — of course you would know where sonny is. Jason, what’s going on? Did something happen between you and sonny? Brook lynn’s wedding hasnothing to do with my branding. Maybe — maybe I have not been clear enough, but this wedding — your manager’s wedding — has everything to do with your branding. It’s, like, the most amazing photo op. What? Honey, an event like this as prestigious as this quartermaine wedding… and you going as brook lynn’s client, this is incredible pr! Come on! Photos of you and brook lynn together. Or even you and me together! This is all brand awareness for you and your music. I will not use my friend’s wedding as a career stepping stone. Okay, but your friend is also your manager, and she should be all over this. Okay, look. I love you, mom. And I am so grateful for everything that you’ve done for my finances, not just when I started making money, but even before — to help me with my singing from voice lessons to paying for studio time and everything. Every little detail that’s helped me get this far. I hear a “but.” But there are decisions about my life that only I can make. And this is one of them. Ah. Come on in. Yeah? Thanks for letting me come over. Of course. Okay. Start at the beginning. Tell me everything. My dad. What’s wrong? You know, chase and I both thought that it’d be best for him if he didn’t go to the rehearsal dinner tonight in coney island. So we went over to talk to him, and he beat us to the punch, and he said he was gonna stay home and rest for tomorrow. Okay. That’s great. Yeah. Except I wanted to bring in a caregiver to keep an eye on him while we were all away. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. So I guess he didn’t like that idea. No, he reminded me that I slept with jackie and didn’t show up at his wedding. Whoa! That wasn’t the turn I expected this to take. No, me neither. So what did you say? Nothing. I-I left. I called you, and here we are. I abandoned him again. You walked away from an unwinnable argument. That is not abandonment. I kept g oing on with my lifefor almost 30 years. I-I convinced myself that after what I had done that staying away was the right thing to do, and I blamed him. I blamed him for moving on so quickly after my mom died. I even changed my name to try to distance myself from him as much as I could. And then you found your way back together. You guys worked it out. If I ever thought he was gonna forgive me, this morning proved otherwise. I’m not bringing ava. Lois has made it a point to not invite her, so — she doesn’t even know those people. Yeah, she may not know those people, but those people definitely know her. Ava: What people? The cerullos. Falconeris. All the people from the old neighborhood. They will be at my stepdaughter’s wedding tomorrow. I’ll send the waitress right over. Not that you asked, but just in case you want a plus-one for the wedding, I did pick out a pretty spectacular outfit. No pressure. There is no pressure ’cause you’re not going.

Hey, dad! I’m making myself b-breakfast if you, uh, want anything. I’m so sorry, son. I-I shouldn’t have said what I said. Now I feel like I’ve — I’ve spoiled the evening for you and for your brother. Oh, I don’t think you spoiled anything. Finn and I just want to make sure you’re okay here and that you have the help if you need it. Yeah. I understand. I shouldn’t have lashed out like that. I think I just I… let my nerves get the better of me. Wait. You’re nervous?

[ Exhales heavily ] Of course, I’m nervous. Tomorrow is a huge day. Tonight’s an important night, too. It’s the night before my son starts his life as a married man. And as much as I want to be there with you and brook lynn and everybody, tomorrow is more important. I want to go over everything that I’m going to say. I want to make sure I get a good night’s sleep. And I can’t do all that if I’ve got some stranger I’ve never laid eyes on before asking me if I’m alright every 15 minutes like I’m a toddler. I’m sorry. I-I don’t blame you. I don’t even blame your brother. I know he’s just doing it out of concern for me. A-and I’m sure from his perspective he thinks he’s right. Look. It’s not just that. Sometimes I wonder if brook lynn and i made a mistake asking you to preside over the wedding. Because what were you supposed to do? Say no? And I am concerned, with your illness, that we’re putting too much pressure on you. Son. Harry. Presiding over your wedding is the opposite of pressure. It’s the greatest honor of my life. I’m going to this wedding with kristina, period. You have made that clear. And yet you keep trying to talk me out of it. No, no. I accept your decision. It’s a bad one.

[ Chuckles ] And, look, I apologize if you have found my concern and my honesty disagreeable. Actually, I understand your concerns. But, mom, I know how hard you work for my continued success. Not just for yourself. I know you’re doing it for me, too. No. For you first, honey. And I understand how important my image is, especially how important it is to you, but nothing that I have done, nothing that kristina and I have done is a threat to my career. On the contrary, my music is taking off. My fans are going nuts on social media, demanding that I release my new single, and I think it’s gonna be my best one yet. Because I’m so happy with kristina. Happy musicians don’t make great music. Are you saying I have to be miserable to have a successful career? I just, uh, know you’ve made your decision. And, um… do what suits you. And we’ll see which one of us is right.

[ Door closes ] Webber. W-e-b-b-e-R. First name, heather. Yeah, now, there won’t have been a jury trial, but look for the arraignment, expert-witness hearings. Maybe one or two of those. There would be medical, psychiatric. And then sentencing. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Sorry about that. What can I do for you? Well, I came to give you an update on the progress drew’s making with that urban renewal project. Oh. That’s moving forward already? Mm-hmm. And it just got a big boost. From where? Mcconkey. Congressman mcconkey?! Mm-hmm. Oh, that’s amazing! Tell me more! I will, but, um, first I need to ask you something. What was all of that about heather webber? Is this about dante’s shooting? Because everyone knows it wasn’t you. I mean, you pretty much saved his life. I’ve been working as an undercover informant for the fbi. Wait. What? I-I don’t understand. How? It d– it doesn’t matter. No, of course, it does. What matters is… the undercover part is over… but my connection to the fbi is not.

what did olivia say about me? Olivia didn’t say anything. The cerullos and the falconeris are gonna be there, and they have long memories. I know what they think I did, sonny, but they — they don’t have to have proof. They know because olivia knows I know. You walk into that wedding, it’s disrespecting connie’s memory. And I can’t do that. Well, if that’s how you feel, then maybe I should rethink my place in your house. I can’t believe you — what ha– what happened to me being the only person you can trust, sonny? I can’t bel– I can’t believe you don’t see this. It doesn’t matter that…

[Hushed] …The evidence was destroyed. You still did what you did. What happened was a very long time ago. How long before you let go what ryan did to kiki? How dare you throw my daughter’s murder in my face. Well, you know what? That’s — that’s how the family’s gonna feel if you walk into the wedding. Listen to me okay? If you want to move out, you can move out. I mean, it’s safe now, so I’ll — I’ll buy a place for you and avery. Or…avery can stay with me. I’ll take care of my daughter myself. Just like I always have. I have, uh, taken it upon myself to investigate what legal proceedings were held in heather’s case. For the hook murders? Yes. And everything that happened at spoon island with ryan and esme. And what were you hoping to find? I just want to see what expert testimony was given, if any. I don’t know that much about the case. I had to distance myself from it at the time it happened. That sounds wise. But why all the sudden interest? Let’s sit down. It has recently come to light that heather has been suffering from, um, a medical issue that was brought about by a disintegrating hip replacement. Oh. Okay. Well, that sounds awful, but what does that have to do with her case? The hip raised her levels of cobalt and other metals in her system to the point of toxicity, and it’s quite possible that that chemical imbalance was affecting her judgment. Driving her to commit a series of kidnappings, jail breaks, acts of terror, and murders? Metallosis, or cobalt poisoning, is not permanent, so once the bad hip replacement has been removed, the patient can begin to recover. Okay, well, that’s all great for heather, but — look. I’m not saying this excuses heather of any of the violence she unleashed on this city. I’m just saying it is possible… that it may mitigate s-some of her responsibility in those crimes. If you’ve been working with the fbi, does that mean you’ve been working with that agent cates, the one who tried to question danny? Yes, it does. And that’s why sonny’s turned his back on you. And why you haven’t been in port charles. Yes. Jason, how the hell, of all people, do you get involved with the fbi? I can’t tell you. You mean you won’T. I’m saying this because I did not choose… to stay away from my family. I would never do that. I know what gregory said hurt you. It was true. What is also true is that he has forgiven you now ten times over. Well, he hasn’t forgotten. Well, it wasn’t that easy to forget. But it’s history. And I will tell you — most people would not have been able to overcome that. If this is a pep talk, it’s not going real well.

[ Laughs ] But you both overcame it. Unforgivable things can be forgiven. I know this. I’ve been on both sides of the sword. Like with your daughters? Yeah. Ahh. You know, sam and I did not have a great relationship when she found out that I gave her up for adoption. And kristina, she’s — you know, we’ve been duking it out I think since she’s been in the womb. Not molly? No. She’s perfect.

[ Chuckles ] Wait. No. No. No. She — there’s been things. She’s not perfect.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. So, what was this lesson you learned from angering your daughters? You know, sometimes i was the injured party. Of course. I’m sorry. I apologize. Thank you. But what we’re talking about is your lesson here, which is the fact that gregory felt safe enough to snap at you means that he has faith in this relationship. I’m glad he feels safe. You don’T. Not particularly. Why not? How do you feel? I need a meeting. Okay. Let’s find you one. I’m my brother’s best man. But how can I even think about getting on a plane tonight and flying down to that rehearsal dinner while my father is sick and refuses to let anyone stay with him? You are not missing your brother’s rehearsal dinner. I don’t see any other way around it. Not that my dad would even want me there at this point. I have an idea.

You have questions. Just one. What are you hoping to discover? That heather can no longer be held responsible for her crimes and be let off? Or that she can still be held responsible and kept safely away from the public? I’m just trying to get to the truth. And then what? Look. I can’t be objective. Not only did heather terrorize curtis’ daughter, which is very close to home for me, but trina’s involvement with spencer was part of the motive for heather to commit this series of murders. Including a cop. Rory cabrera. Yeah. And all of this was to avenge her daughter, who clearly didn’t need help with vengeance. I am well aware. Then you must be aware how this must make the families of the victims feel. I’m not taking this lightly. Quite the opposite. Well, I’m glad to hear it. Because the entire city suffered during heather’s reign of terror. Do you want my advice? Please. Do not go near this. Don’t challenge the convictions that heather webber so clearly deserved. But from an objective legal standpoint… you are not a lawyer. And neither am I. If you feel that heather needs a lawyer, then find a third party to hire one. But for you to get involved would be political suicide. But I’m not trying to have her exonerated or even released from custody necessarily. “Necessarily” will give your political rivals enough rope to hang you, and your constituents will line up to cheer them on. This city needs you, laura. You are a strong and effective mayor. I would hate to see you sacrifice your career and the welfare of the city for the likes of heather webber. Sonny. Hi. Good morning! Better now.

[ Laughs ] Oh, I-I see you’re waiting for someone. How do — how do you know it’s not you?

[ Chuckles ] Have a seat. Okay. Thank you.

[ Sonny chuckles ] Again, I’m so sorry. Again, you do not have to apologize. I feel like I do, especially to your brother. I am sure finn knows that you didn’t mean it. I hope so. Anyway, tonight is not about me, so go ahead and call the home-health agency. Thank you, dad. Uh, breakfast? Yeah. Fine.

[ Cellphone rings ] Alexis? To what do I owe this pleasure? My anxiety. I’m heading to albany in the morning. Already? I-I thought you had a little more time before you had to make your case. Yeah, but I’m just doing some last-minute research, and I can use your ears and your brain. How would you feel about I-I bring over some chinese or mexican food and we can go over my plea to the appeals court? Oh. Tonight? Uh… sure. I’d be happy to help. Thank you for telling me. And I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions about you and danny. I’m just glad he’s where he’s supposed to be. Yeah. Me too. And, um, about the whole boundaries thing that we discussed with danny… yeah. Yeah. No. I’ll — I’ll honor those. Thank you.

[ Exhales heavily ] I need to see you.

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