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There’s no time to. Does it hurt? A lot more when you touch it. Sorry. I’m starting to see why you left medicine for environmental science. It’s not funny. If sonny had gotten you a quarter of an inch either way, you could be blind in that eye right now. But he didn’t, and I’m not. Look, my injuries will heal. Bright side of getting my ass kicked — at least when brook lynn and chase find out, they will forget that I didn’t bring a gift.

Posso vedere la lista dei vini? I have no idea what you just said. But how do you say in italian, “you are the world’s most beautiful bride”? Mm. Andiamo, chico. No, wait. I think that might be spanish. Right? I’m not sure. Oh. But, uh, don’t worry about it. Everybody in europe pretty much

[Yawning] Speaks english anyway. Unh-unh. No, no, no, no, no. Excuse me. No, no yawning. Look, we have to stay awake the entire flight so that when we land, we can adjust to italian time. Look, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep tonight at the hotel. Well, I got news for you, mrs. Chase. Neither one of us is going to be getting much sleep tonight. Oh, is that right?

[ Drawer opens, closes ] Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt your dance, but we got to get a move on. Even half days start on time. And we got to pick up gretchen along the way. Okay. Oh, can I have wedding cake for lunch? Sure, sure. If by cake, you mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But grandpa said — shh, shh. Grandpa’s still sleeping. Yesterday took a lot out of him. Not me. I loved it. I wish someone we knew got married every week. Yeah.

[ Gasps ] Could I bring my bouquet to school to show all my friends? Yeah. I don’t know. I mean, all those people touching it, you think maybe — maybe that might ruin it? That’s true. I’ll leave it here. Mm. Protect it. I’ll guard it with my life. You ready to go? Yes. Quick! To the automobile. The automobile.

[ Door closes ] I know, I know. I set my alarm for — for P.M. Instead of A.M., A-and then I-I tried to get the shower working, but the thing doesn’t work right, and it scalded me when I stepped in. And this is all wrinkled. So what am I going to do? There’s no iron. I called down for an iron. But they don’t have one.Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Who doesn’t have an iron? Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Take a breath. Don’t make me slap you. I’m gonna stop you right there. I may be neurotic, but I’m scrappy.

[ Laughs ] You are. Don’t worry. We can get you ready. I think. And then we’re gonna go to court. We’re gonna make our case, which you will win, and you will be reinstated to your rightful place at the new york state bar. Your family will be very proud of you. How are you feeling? Terrible. I didn’t sleep at all last night. Every time I would drift off, I would just get this vision of what happened and jolt back awake. It’s like my brain just would not turn off. Sorry. I’ve been there, and it’s terrible. Yeah. Would some room-service breakfast help? I can’t even think about food right now, which is saying a lot. What I really want right now is to talk to my family. My mom is in albany trying to get her disbarment overturned. And obviously I can’t talk to molly about this. She would just freak out. And this is just more stress for the baby. On top of which, she’s the ada, so she would feel obligated to report my dad. Same with dante. And usually when I’m this upset, I would talk to my dad. But he’s the last person on earth I want to talk to right now.

[ Knock on door ] Hey, dad. Late night? Uh, yeah. Um, come in. Did we have plans or something? No, I just thought I’d stop by, you know. Um, sam here? Uh, no, she and the kids, they just left. I didn’t even hear them leave, actually. So I guess you went out after the wedding? Uh, yeah. Yeah. Maxie and spinelli, they were supposed to save me, but cousin patty, she’s pretty persistent. This, uh, after-reception party. There were shots. Limoncello. It was gross. Lot of limoncello. Gloria can really put that stuff back. Looks like you did some damage yourself. So I’m gonna go ahead and go. No. No. You know, I’m — I’m awake now. Did you like the wedding? And what happened to your fist? Who were you punching? I’ve wanted an eternity with you from the second I met you.

Did you know the word “honeymoon” was first used all the way back in medieval times? And roughly translated, it means “a time when life is sweet.” Uh, I did not know that. I mean, how perfect is that? What’s more perfect than you and i exploring florence together? Nothing I can think of. What are you looking for? Uh, my passport. What? You just had it when we checked in. You had it at security, chase. We have to find it, or they’re not gonna let us in. They’ll send us back. No, I swear, after security, I put it — ah! Ah! Oh. Here we go. Crisis averted.

[ Sighs ] Whew. Okay. Okay, I’m just gonna put this over here. What’s this? I’ve never seen that before.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Gasps ] It’s from dad. That’s sweet. I wonder when he had time to slip it in there.

Gregory: Brook lynn and chase, thank you for including me in your wedding and in your life together. Your happiness has brought me so much joy. This gift is a small token of my gratitude. From time to time, you may both lose your way. But with each other to lean on, you’ll never be lost.

Wow. What? Oh, my gosh. Is it a compass? Let’s see.

[ Gasps ] “With love… dad.” Dad? I got bagels from eckert’S. Even got you the last cinnamon raisin. Dad? Dad? Everything alright?

[ Knock on door ] Hey, I’m gonna come in, okay? Hey, dad. Hey.

[ Breathes shakily ]

[ Sobbing ] I love you. I love you.

[ Sobbing ] You were all the good things I am.

[ Sobbing ] Dad. I love you.

Your knuckles look pretty bad. Eh, I’m fine. What about the other guy? Dex? He walked away. You beat up dex? So? What do you mean “so”? He’s a cop. No, he’s not a cop. He’s — he’s — he’s in training. I don’t think anna’s gonna make that distinction. Well, if anna knew about this, I’d be in a cell right now. No. Not necessarily. Warrants take time, you know. So what are you gonna — you gonna haul me in for defending myself?

[ Sighs ] So what are you saying, that dex came after you? Is that hard to believe? Yeah, he doesn’t strike me as a particularly stupid guy, so yeah. You know, the whole night was supposed to be a celebration of everybody from the old neighborhood, who I haven’t seen in years, just watching brook lynn get married. It was supposed to be a happy time. Dad, what happened? What happened is dex. That’s what happened. Everywhere I looked, he was — I would look to the right, to the left. He’s talking to gio. He’s talking to — he’s dancing with lois, sucking up to gloria, like he owned the party. Like he could do anything he’d want and I couldn’t stop him. So, yeah, he grabbed my arm, and I punched him. I was defending myself. Dad. No, I don’t want a — sorry, sorry. I didn’t come here for a lecture. I just came here to see if you could deliver a message. Dad, I’m not — I can’t and I won’t go to dex for you. Not dex. Kristina. Kristina? Yeah. Why? She saw the — the — the whole thing. My dad finally stopped texting. I’ve never ignored him like this before. It feels so wrong, even after what he did. I just — I don’t even know what I would say to him. Hey, it’s okay to need some time. You’re totally justified going no contact until you figure out how you want to handle this. Yeah, but really, that’s just postponing the inevitable. As much as I want to hide from this, I can’T. It just — I don’t know. I wish I knew how to solve it. Okay, if by solve you mean figure out when you want to talk to your dad again, that’s entirely up to you. But if you mean solve what you witnessed — your dad attacked someone. That’s not your problem to fix. It is if no one else is gonna step in and stop him from imploding. Is that really the case, though? There’s no one else? No, there is — there is someone else I can call. They’ll know what to do. Yeah, I want to report a — my father passed away in his sleep. I was wondering if you could send someone. It’s, uh, 347 portside road, apartment number nine. Thank you.

[ Cellphone clatters ] You did it. Court appearance ready. Not a wrinkle in this jacket. I don’t know how you do it. I-I should have known to pack that portable steamer in my overnight bag. I’m happy to help. Let me ask you a question. These pre-trial jitters, is this kind of something new you’re exploring? ‘Cause — or has it simply been so long since you’ve litigated anything that I’ve plumb forgot this is how you get? Yeah, it’s a little of both. You have veins of steel. You don’t worry about anything.

[ Laughs ] Wrong. Here’s a tidbit for you. Before I leave for court every day, I scream into a pillow. True. Gets all of my anxiety out and has the added benefit of bringing all the blood to my face so it lifts and plumps. Works better than any expensive cream. Well, that wouldn’t work for me, because if I start to scream, I’m not gonna stop screaming. Because you know what I want to do right now? I want to — I want to check out of this hotel, and I want to go home. And I am never gonna forgive you for bullying me into doing this. Let’s not rewrite history, shall we? I merely offered you an avenue that you hadn’t thought to pursue. You were the one who took me up on it. Well, I have it on very good authority from a very smart person that I won’t regret giving this my all as much as I would regret not trying at all. Why doesn’t it feel like that at this moment?

[ Knock on door ] I’ll get it. Hey, blaze. Hey, michael. Kristina. Hi. What happened? Um, I’m gonna go get some food, leave the two of you alone. No, no, no. Uh, you should stay. I mean, unless this is too much for you, which I understand. No, if you want me here, I’m happy to stay. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] Uh…

[ Clears throat ] Last night, as the reception was winding down, I went to the ballroom to get some cake, and when I came out, dad… was in the anteroom punching dex. And dex had blood on his face. He — he — he wasn’t fighting back or anything. He was just trying to get away. And then jason, he showed up out of nowhere and he pulled dad off of him, and dad… just… started screaming, and he said he would kill both of them. He said he — he’d empty a gun in their heads. Sorry you had to see that.

[ Sighs ] But it’s not just what he said, michael. It’s how he said it. I believed him. I know this isn’t a surprise for you, right? You — you’ve always known exactly who dad is. I’m the one who refused to believe it. So, tell me what happened. What did kristina see? I don’t know. I was — I was kicking dex, and jason grabbed me. I said, “let go,” and then I threatened both of them. Then I heard, like, a crash. I looked to the right. Kristina’s right there with some plates. I guess she dropped the plates, and she stared at me for a little while. And then she ran off. Did you go after her? Of course I did. I ran after her and I told her, “this is not what it looks like.” She didn’t understand. She was just crying. She was just crying and crying and crying. And then I — I went to comfort her. And she — she — she flinched, like she was afraid. Now she won’t call me. She won’t text me. And I j– I just want you to just go to her and say, “look.” Make her see the truth of what she saw. I’m a police officer, dad. I can’t do that. And I wouldn’t even if I could. My dad usually gets up pretty early. We had this family wedding last night, and, uh, he was exhausted, so I thought he was just sleeping in. I see. Then I went to, uh — when I hadn’t seen him, I got a little worried, so I went in to check on him. And this was about what time? About 9:30.

[ Radio chatter ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ] Dispatch, I can confirm we have a deceased male at this residence, 73 years old. Based on rigor and body temp, I’d estimate tod to be between midnight and 2:00 A.M. Cod? All the signs point to heart failure. It was almost certainly quick and painless. Your father didn’t suffer. I’m gonna have to get your signature, but take all the time you need to read them first. I’m aware of the forms. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you.

[ Door closes ]

I’m just — I am really struggling to reconcile how the man I saw attacking dex is the same guy who has always been so gentle and loving with me. Yeah. It’s never gonna make sense. And you can twist yourself into knots trying to justify and explain dad’s behavior or… lose yourself trying to punish him for it. Kristina, dad is a product of choices he made long before we were born, and we don’t have the power to change him. Yeah. I’m sorry, michael. About what? I judged you for your anger at him and how you went after him. I thought you were being unfair to him. But really, i was the one who was being unfair to you. And I just feel — I feel so stupid. No. I don’t know how I could have been so blind. No, ’cause you — you love dad. At least the person that you thought he was, the great man that he — that he showed you. Kristina, there’s nothing wrong with that. Yeah, but now that the veil has been lifted, I see exactly who he is. All of him. I’m sorry. I know — I know how hard this is for you. You can only avoid the truth for so long. Now that I’ve seen it, I just —

we have to decide what we’re gonna do. No, no. Hey, kristina. It is not on us to clean up after dad. Okay, but — I mean, I know. Blaze was saying the same thing, but I — he has cleaned up after me countless times. And you. And morgan. And all of us. And I know that dad deserves to be punished for what he did to dex. I know that, and I feel terrible saying this, but I don’t want him to be, because I still love him. I know. I know you do. Okay, so can’t you fix this?

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Um, I can try. Okay, thank you. Thank you, michael. Take care of her. I will.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Figured we could both use some caffeine after the night we’ve had. Thanks. It’s okay if you need to take off. You’ve already gone above and beyond. You’re trying to cut me loose? No, just don’t want to be a burden. It’s been a crazy 12 hours. You kept watch over me at the er. You opened up bobbie’s at 6:00 A.M. To feed me pancakes. Now you’re buying me coffee. Maybe I think you need a little bit of spoiling after the night you’ve had. Is that a problem? Depends on if you plan on sticking around and doing it on a more permanent basis. Wouldn’t want to get used to it. Well, um, you know, my reputation would suffer greatly if I was seen with such a terrible dancer. Oh, I seem to remember you busting a move with me. That is, before cousin patty cut in. She could not get enough of my lack of rhythm. Yes, well, I think cousin patty had far too many negronis. See, it’s easy if you try. Try what? To forget about sonny. Instead of dwelling on him, you put your attention on someone much more worthy of it.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello? At rice park. Yeah, I’ll wait for you here. So much for forgetting about sonny. So that’s the way it’s gonna be? Y-you’re gonna go against me, too, like everybody else? I’m not — I’m not against you, dad. I’m with you. And I love you. But not enough to make it right with kristina? What? I mean, why not? You know I’m not just your son, right? I am a cop, too, right? Yeah. Okay. So… …whether dex provoked you or not doesn’t matter. Whether he’s a cadet or not doesn’t matter. What matters is, if he reports this, which at this point, I don’t know why he wouldn’t, this whole conversation here, I have to offer that in as corroboration. Why — why would you — why would you put me in that position? But enough about me. Let’s focus on kristina here, okay? You want me to go to her for you, right? So I do that, what happens then? She gets interviewed by detectives. They want to know what she saw. Is she gonna be honest with them and tell them that I came to her on your behalf to massage the truth? Or do you want her to stick her neck out… for you? Protect you? And lie to the police for you?

Hey, thanks for waiting.I, uh, just saw kristina. She told me what happened last night. She’s devastated. Oh, god, I can’t imagine. I mean, we fought about sonny all the time, but I would never want her to see him be that violent firsthand. You’re not gonna be fighting over sonny anymore. Her eyes are wide open.

[ Sighs ] How you doing? I’ll live. Kristina told me that jason stopped the fight and then sonny threatened to kill both of you. Yeah, he did. Yes, dex came to me with blood dripping down one side of his face. I took him straight to G.H., But they couldn’t see him for hours. Why did you need to see me? To find out if you intend to press charges against sonny.

[ Sighs ] Feel better? Yeah. Hot shower helped. So did talking to my brother. I admit, I was surprised he’s the one you called. Michael and i used to be really close. I’m the one who pulled away from him. I didn’t like the way he was treating my dad. Joke’s on me, right? But still, the second I called him, he showed up. Brothers can be useful that way. Yeah. I’m lucky. I’m lucky for more than just michael. You have been nothing but supportive since last night, and I have been so wrapped up in my own stuff, I haven’t even thought about you and how you might be processing all of this insanity. I wouldn’t blame you if this, on top of everything else, was just too much baggage for you to deal with.

[ Both laughing ] Woman:

Now boarding group one.

[ Gasps ] That’s us. Italy, here we come.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Finn. Hey, we’re about to board.

Finn? Think he butt-dialed me. Well, tell his butt you got to go. Finn, did you hear that? My wife says I got to go. Chase. Oh, so you are there. It’s about dad. What happened?

I don’t know how to do this, bro, so I’m just gonna say it. Dad’s not with us. Dad’s gone.

No, no, no. I was with him last night. I-I-I saw him at the wedding. He —

I know. He was — he was amazing at the church. And he had such a good time at your wedding, but… he came home last night and… he went to sleep and he didn’t wake up. I, uh — I found him this morning. The coroner said he — he died peacefully in his sleep. Probably from heart failure. He wasn’t in any pain.

I-is — is he with you right now?

I called 911, and… they came and took the body away.

[ Stammers ] Do you think he felt any pain?

No, there wasn’t any pain, bro. I’m so sorry. Yeah. Your dad? He died.

[ Sniffling ]

If — if dex decides to press charges, I’m sure diane can handle it. I don’t — I don’t need detective dante falconeri to, you know, get me out of trouble. I need my son to stand up for me. Kristina needs her brother. Listen, you did not see kristina. She was shaking. She was scared. I’ve never seen her like this. I’m worried. Now, all I want you to do… is make her see that — what? What? See what a good guy you are? That you’re the victim here? That you protect your family? Protect kristina? If she saw what she saw, how do you think that’s gonna go down? I just — I just want you to tell her… …that I love her and I need her. And, you know, that it was an accident. He — he — he — I was defending myself. Just tell her I was defending myself and just tell her the truth. I’ll — I’ll talk to kristina, dad. Great. And I’ll make sure she’s doing okay. And if she’s not, I’ll stay with her until she is. Okay. But that’s all I’m gonna do. W-w– I’M… I’m done carrying water for you. I’m not gonna defend you from the life that you’ve made for yourself. Are you saying you want to give up? I-I think it’s the least painful path. Okay, if you weren’t representing yourself, you were representing someone else, say, would you quit before you even made an argument? No. Uh-huh. What about all those pro bono clients you say you want to help when you get your law license back? What about them? You quitting on them? You giving up — you might be their only hope. There are plenty of lawyers. They’ll find somebody else. No one who is going to care about their situations nearly as much as you. Well, I don’t know about that. Well, I beg to differ. Okay, what’s the — what’s the bottom line here, honey? What’s — what’s the end result? Do you just want to go crawling back to the invader and spend your days bickering with adrian dewitt about headlines and internet traffic? Is that gonna make you happy, alexis? Or do you want to go in there and fight like hell to get your disbarment overturned? And if you don’t want to do it for you, then do it for me, your bestie, who has spent countless hours, pro bono, that I could have been billing a paying client. I knew you were gonna do the guilt trip on me. You’re a brilliant litigator, alexis davis. Some might even say that you are my equal. I would not, of course. But there are those who would. Don’t you want to show everyone how brilliant you are once again and get your career back while you’re doing it?

Finn: It’s chase’s rehearsal dinner, alright? He should be able to enjoy it without wondering if he’s abandoned you.

Gregory: And you of all people would know what it’s like to be abandoned before your wedding. I recall feeling great about my rehearsal dinner with jackie and then wondering where the hell you were when the wedding started, but, no, by all means, son, you lecture me on proper wedding etiquette!

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