The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Bridget Forrester

Bridget Forrester

Bridget Forrester played by Ashley Jones (and formerly Jennifer Finnegan and 11 other actors!)

Bridget grew up on the show. Her mom is Brooke and her dad is Eric. She was always a very good person. Some might call her the moral compass of the family.  She was a victim many times, especially from her well-meaning mom.  Brooke slept with both of Bridget’s husbands, Deacon and Nick. Nick also cheated on her with her Aunt Katie. Nick was the love of her life, but also her Achilles’ Heel.  Bridget always wanted to be a mom, but she miscarried. She finally became one after sleeping with Owen. This is when she finally became more than just a victim or good girl.

Bridget is a doctor because she loves helping people.  For a time, she was also a fashion designer.  She left town with her little boy, Logan, but she visits often.  Rick is her brother and close friend. Owen helps her raise Logan. She now lives in New York City.  She was visiting L.A. when Ridge and Brooke celebrated their reunion in March, 2020. She was at their family gathering when it came out that Brooke and Bill were making out recently (via a video).  Bridget was shocked, like everyone else.

Nick and Bridget Wed on Bold and Beautiful

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