The Bold and the Beautiful Character Description: Ridge Forrester

Ridge Forrester on Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge Forrester played by Thorsten Kaye (formerly Ronn Moss)

Ridge grew up in a rich family, with lots of love from his parents, who doted on him (especially his mother, Stephanie).  When played by Ronn Moss, Ridge was a very quiet but romantic guy. He was always torn between two women (one of them usually Brooke). He seemed to let his mother dictate his life. Eventually, he stood up to his mother, but it was clearly difficult for him.

Brooke is the love of Ridge’s life and always has been. He was also married to Taylor and the younger Caroline, and engaged to Katie, and the older Caroline, but Brooke is always where his heart has been. They’ve been married eight times. This last time seems to be the final marriage for both, but we’ll see.

Ridge sired twin daughters, Steffy and Phoebe, and son Thomas, with Taylor. Phoebe died in 2008 in a car accident. He and Brooke have R.J., who’s younger than the others.  Ridge, Taylor and Brooke are all grandparents now.

Ridge is a designer in his parents’ fashion firm, Forrester Creations.  Although he grew up in a rich family, he has a big, kind heart.  In 2014, Ridge (now played by Thorsten Kaye) fell out of a helicopter and almost died. He temporarily lost his memory and his design skills. Caroline helped him get these back.  His personality changed since then. He seems to get irritated more and speaks out more. He’s more ascerbic and has trouble controlling his temper. After some struggling with his new personality, he and Brooke married for “the last time.” They both seem to have grown up some and work out their problems rather than splitting up.

Ridge and his daughter Steffy are co-CEO of the family company.

In 2019, Thomas came back to town and started causing trouble for Brooke and Ridge.  Thomas became obsessed with Hope, and Brooke was an obstacle to that.  Ridge and Brooke almost divorced because he couldn’t believe that Thomas was up to no good, and Brooke wouldn’t allow Thomas in their house. They were separated.  Ridge moved back to the Forrester mansion.  Quinn’s friend, Shauna, was living in their guest house, so she and Ridge grew close. They even kissed a few times. Once Thomas’ was shown up to be the psycho that Brooke kept saying he was, then Ridge begged forgiveness and moved back home.

Unfortunately, Bill and Brooke had been making out the night before Thomas’ wedding (where he was exposed), and Shauna got a video of it. Quinn sent the video to Brooke’s digital picture frame (which was a gift from Ridge), so everyone saw it.  Ridge was heartbroken by Brooke’s betrayal, especially with Bill.  He ran off and spent a wild drunken night with Shauna. Brooke came to find him, and it looks like they may be on the road to reuniting, but it’s unclear.

Ridge and Caroline - Bold and the Beautiful

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