Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Audra, Billy, and Nate begin to worry when they can’t reach Nikki, Nick, Victor, and Victoria.

Billy has a bad feeling that the Newmans are in trouble and wants to call the Oregon police. Audra and Nate persuade Billy to keep trying to reach everyone before they call the police.

Victoria and Cole continue to try and persuade Claire to give everyone the antidote to the poison. Victoria and Cole promise to help Claire because they understand that she was manipulated by Jordan.

Victor knocks the knife out of Jordan’s hand and pushes her out of the way and locks the bedroom door when he leaves the room to go downstairs with Nikki.

Claire finally decides to give everyone the antidote and Nick staggers to his phone to call the police. The police and ambulance arrive to help everyone. Claire is handcuffed and before she leaves she tells Victoria she believes that she doesn’t know her identity. The police tell Victor that Jordan isn’t anywhere upstairs, and when everyone leaves the house, the audience sees Jordan hiding in the air duct of the house.

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Days Update Monday, November 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

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Update written by Joseph

Outside the Brady Pub, Eric questions Nicole saying she wants to hold his baby. Nicole explains that she thought maybe holding him might bring her a little solace. Eric is unsure, so Nicole says nevermind. Nicole says that Eric is just getting to know the baby and she shouldn’t have asked. Eric then tells her it’s okay and that she can hold him.

Inside the Pub, EJ remarks on Rafe eating alone. Rafe tells EJ that he heard about what happened to him and Nicole and he’s so sorry for his loss. EJ doesn’t want his condolences, he wants him to find the bastard who ran his wife off the road.

Dimitri shows up at Sloan’s apartment. Sloan questions what he’s doing there, reminding him that he’s a fugitive and she thought he was leaving town. Dimitri responds that he thought she was helping Leo. Sloan says that she is. Dimitri questions why he just heard that Leo is being charged with murder then. Dimitri thinks they both know that if anyone should be facing those charges, it’s her.

In the interrogation room, Harris asks Leo if his lawyer is on her way. Leo responds that she’s unfortunately not as she was otherwise engaged. Leo insists that she will be there though and prove he had nothing to do with the untimely demise of the baby. Leo argues that he instead brought the baby in to the world and feels proud, but now heartbroken. Harris blames Leo and Dimitri. Leo tells Harris to leave so he can mourn and wallow in self pity. Harris then exits the room. Jada tells Harris that she just heard about what happened to Gil and asks how Ava is. Harris responds that Ava will be okay as long as EJ doesn’t drop the hammer on her. Jada worries based on how EJ feels about Ava. Harris mentions missing his keys and asks if Jada has seen them.

Stefan asks Ava how she wants to decide who breaks in to the interrogation room. Ava refuses to do it. Stefan points out that he made a copy of the keys while Ava argues that she’s the one who swiped the keys which is riskier. Stefan argues that he’s the one on security footage. Stefan states that neither of them want to do this. Ava points out that one of them has to do it or else Clyde will be very unhappy. Stefan then gets an idea and suggests letting Mr. “I can’t tell a lie” decide for them.

Jada asks Harris if he lost his keys. Harris says he’s sure they’ll turn up. Jada suggests finding them sooner than later as she asks if he made any progress with Leo. Harris responds that he was having trouble tracking down his lawyer, so he figured he’d leave him in the interrogation room for awhile and maybe he’ll decide to make a deal. Jada asks to take a crack at him so she heads in to the interrogation room.

Rafe assures EJ that the department wants Dimitri found just as badly as he does and he has his best detectives on the case. EJ comments on Rafe sitting here enjoying his dinner. Rafe brings up EJ’s family resources and says there’s a pretty big chance that Dimitri is off in the Caribbean. EJ doesn’t care and wants him found. EJ declares that when he is found, he’s going to throw the book at Dimitri and Leo. Rafe mentions hearing the pretty steep charge. EJ asks if he takes issue with how he prosecutes criminals. Rafe points out that he’s an alleged criminal and in this case, he does not take issue but he is curious what EJ plans to do with Ava Vitali.

Ava questions Stefan deciding who breaks in to the evidence room by flipping a coin. Stefan says it’s better than rock, paper, scissors so they go with it. Ava calls heads and flips the coin.

Sloan questions Dimitri thinking she should be charged with murder and asks what he’s talking about. Dimitri reminds her how he stopped by a couple days ago with a premature, healthy baby boy in his arms and she assured him that he would be delivered to the hospital, but now he’s hearing that baby is dead. Dimitri knows there was no love lost between her and Nicole but questions if she despises her that much. Sloan asks if he thinks he killed Nicole’s baby. Dimitri asks if she didn’t. Sloan assures that she did not and that Nicole’s baby was born prematurely on the side of a road after a car crash so the baby wasn’t doing well. Sloan claims she did take it to the hospital but it was too late and the baby didn’t stand a chance. Dimitri asks why Nicole’s son is dead, but Sloan’s apartment looked like she ransacked the baby department.

Nicole holds Eric’s baby and calls him so beautiful. Nicole then questions how this could be and declares this is her baby.

Ava goes to the police station and sees Harris, who says he wasn’t expecting to see her again today and asks if everything is okay. Ava says everything is fine and that she just stopped by because she has something for him.

Rafe informs EJ that they just got forensics back and their team found fibers underneath Gil’s fingernails consistent with those from Ava’s blouse which lends credence to Ava’s story that he attacked her. EJ questions if he doesn’t think Ava is clever enough to falsify evidence. Rafe admits it’s possible but asks why she would, pointing out that she had no motive to kill Gil other than self defense. EJ decides that if Rafe is satisfied with Ava’s statement and the evidence, then he sees no reason to press charges. Rafe agrees. EJ says now he must tend to his wife while Rafe must find the bastard who killed his son. EJ then takes his food and exits the Pub.

Jada confronts Leo in the interrogation room and tells him to cut the crap as she heard he’s up for felony murder charges for the death of Nicole’s baby. Jada calls it no laughing matter. Leo calls it disturbing that the district attorney happens to be Nicole’s husband. Jada tells Leo that she could make the charges go away which Leo questions. Jada says all he has to do is throw his boyfriend under the bus.

Sloan tells Dimitri that this is all for her baby as Melinda has been helping her and Eric in the adoption process which is why she was there when he showed up the other day. Sloan says they just received their baby today and he’s out with Eric right now. Dimitri questions the baby being a boy which Sloan confirms. Dimitri congratulates her but goes over that a few days ago, he left her with a perfectly healthy baby boy, who then suddenly somehow dies and then she finds herself the recipient of a perfectly healthy baby boy who seems to have been born at the exact same time as the baby he left with her days earlier. Dimitri asks how stupid she thinks he is. Dimitri accuses her of taking the baby for herself.

Eric asks what Nicole means. Nicole repeats that this is her baby. Eric says he can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain that she’s in right now, but this isn’t her baby. Nicole thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth. Nicole tells Eric that right after he was born, Leo put him in her arms and she’ll never forget his face. Nicole declares that this is the baby that she gave birth to and this is her son.

Harris questions what Ava has for him. Ava brought him food since he’s stuck at work all night. Harris thanks her and says the station gets so crazy sometimes that he forgets to eat. Harris adds that it’s no wonder he lost his keys and jokes that he’d lose his head too.

Stefan breaks in to the police evidence room.

Leo questions Jada wanting him to throw the love of his life under the bus. Jada offers him the phone to call Dimitri and say he’d like to meet up. Leo guesses that when Dimitri shows up, she and another cop show up to arrest him. Leo refuses to do it. Jada argues that there’s no reason that a man like Leo should be cooling his heels in a stuffy room like this, especially since he’s not the one they want. Jada says they want the big fish and that it might seem like they are partners in crime but that Dimitri is the criminal mastermind. Jada brings up that Dimitri tried to kill Stefan and Gabi, assaulted a police officer, and was the one who drove the car that ran Nicole off the road. Jada tells Leo to call Dimitri and he can be out in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sloan tells Dimitri that she did not take Nicole’s baby and that it is possible for two babies to be born on the same day. Sloan presumes that it’s possible that thousands of babies are born on the same day. Dimitri says they are talking about the baby he brought to her on the same day that she’s claiming the baby died. Dimitri doesn’t care if EJ and Nicole get to raise the baby as he cares about Leo going down for the murder of a baby who is still very much alive. Dimitri decides he’s going to call the police department to get this mess sorted out but Sloan stops him.

EJ exits the Brady Pub to find Nicole and Eric with the baby. Eric informs EJ that he and Sloan adopted this baby today while Nicole swears that he is her baby. EJ tells Nicole that the baby isn’t their baby. Nicole insists and repeats that she cradled him after the accident just like this and she saw him and that she would never forget his face anywhere. Nicole cries that this is their boy. EJ wishes that it was and says he’d give anything for it to be their baby but it’s not. EJ states that this baby is Eric and Sloan’s as they adopted him today and it’s time to give him back to his father.

Harris finishes a call with Rafe, saying that’s great news. Ava asks what’s going on. Harris informs her that it’s about her. Harris then announces that EJ has decided not to charge her in Gil Carter’s death. Ava is shocked and hugs Harris, thanking him. Ava declares that she has to go tell Tripp. Ava tells Harris not to work too hard and rushes out of the police station.

Nicole reluctantly hands the baby back to Eric and cries that she’s sorry, guessing her mind is just playing tricks on her and she wanted it to be true. Nicole apologizes to Eric. He says it’s okay but she says it’s not. Nicole says she should’ve been happy for Eric and repeats that she’s sorry. EJ says that’s enough apologies as she’s been through more than most people could handle in the last few days. Eric assures that he understands. EJ tells Nicole that he will take her home and they walk away together. Rafe then comes out from the Pub and sees Eric with the baby. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Eric claims everything is fine but Rafe says it doesn’t seem that way. Eric then admits that Nicole seemed to think that this was her baby.

Sloan tells Dimitri not to call the cops. Dimitri asks if she’s admitting that the baby is in fact Nicole’s. Sloan then admits that he is. Sloan says she didn’t plan to take him. Dimitri remarks that he used that line in shoplifting at the mall. Sloan argues that this isn’t funny. Dimitri says saying she didn’t plan it doesn’t exonerate her. Sloan argues that it’s not like that. Sloan explains that she and Eric have been planning for awhile to adopt a baby and right when they were about to get a child, Melinda said the mother changed her mind because of Sloan’s reputation and the mother didn’t think she was fit to be a parent. Sloan explains that she thought if a parent could find out the truth about her, they all could and that’s when she realized that her being a mother was going to be an uphill battle that she would quite possibly lose. Sloan says that then Dimitri showed up at her door with the baby in his arms. Dimitri asks if she thought “finders keepers” and tells her no. Dimitri realizes that’s why she agreed to help Leo since she knew that was the only way to get him out of town and if he was out of town, he’d never figure out her nefarious plot. Sloan argues that she agreed to help and that’s all he cares about while Dimitri complains about Sloan only wanting to play mommy to someone else’s kid being the only reason that Leo is in this mess. Dimitri says that Sloan has no conscience to do something so underhanded and criminal. Dimitri declares that Sloan is going to have to get the charges against Leo dropped or else he’s going to sing like a canary.

Jada warns Leo that if he doesn’t call Dimitri in the next five minutes, he will have no choice and the deal will be off. Leo complains that she’s asking him to betray someone he loves and cares about. Jada knows Leo thinks he’s deeply in love with Dimitri and that love can sometimes be blinding to the other person’s failings. Jada calls Dimitri a disgusting dirtbag which Leo argues is not helping her case. Jada questions if Dimitri is even capable of love, calling him a sociopath and psychopath. Jada asks if Dimitri even cares about Leo, pointing out that he left him holding the bag. Jada warns Leo that he’s going to hate a prison cell and EJ is out for blood, so the question is does he want it to be his. Jada gets a text and says she has to take care of something. Jada tells Leo that she expects an answer when she returns as she then exits the room.

Stefan searches through the evidence room until he hears someone coming and hides. Jada then enters the room on the phone and says she’s there now, so she asks what they are looking for again.

Rafe congratulates Eric on his new baby. Eric says he was just a little rattled which Rafe calls understandable since Nicole thinking it was her baby is really sad. Rafe still can’t believe Nicole’s baby didn’t make it. Eric brings up that EJ said their son was accidentally cremated, so they never got a chance to really say goodbye to their baby.

EJ brings Nicole home to the DiMera Mansion and says he will run her a bath and put on classical music so she can relax. Nicole tells EJ that she was so sure about the baby being her baby. EJ doesn’t think it’s surprising after what she’s been through. EJ calls it unimaginable trauma combined with the grief they both feel. EJ says her mind was just playing tricks on her. Nicole knows she said that, but the more she thinks about it, the baby’s face just looked like the baby she gave birth to and it was the way she felt when she held him. EJ points out that she had just been hurt in a terrible accident and she was still dazed when he got there. Nicole cries and asks EJ to just hold her so he does.

Sloan tells Dimitri that she will find a way to get Leo out of this mess but he has to get out of here before Eric comes home and sees him. Dimitri insists they shake hands on it, so they do. Dimitri then stops and mentions that he’s a little short on cash. Sloan calls him unbelievable and hands him cash, telling him to take it and get out. Dimitri says it was a pleasure doing business with her. Dimitri recommends she use every trick in the book to get Leo out fast, or else her whole baby switching scheme will be the biggest news of the century and her whole family dream will blow up in her face. Dimitri then exits.

Jada finds the file she was looking for in the evidence room on a Terrance Smith and then leaves while Stefan hides behind the desk.

Jada returns to Leo in the interrogation room and asks if he’s going to call Dimitri to give them the big fish so he can swim away free. Leo responds that he thought about it and he’s not calling anyone. Leo declares that he can’t and won’t betray the man he loves.

Dimitri returns to his motel room and declares that he’s going to get Leo out of this mess if it’s the last thing he does.

Stefan and Ava meet outside the Pub. Stefan informs Ava that he got the evidence but they have to find somewhere to offload it. Stefan adds that he was this close to getting caught and asks how it went on Ava’s end. Ava says she made sure that Harris will get his keys back as that was the easy part but it was slightly harder lying to his face.

Rafe returns to the police station and tells Harris that he was just looking for him as someone from the Sgt’s desk found his keys downstairs and he recognized the key ring. Harris thanks him and says he was looking all over but he didn’t remember leaving them there. Rafe suggests he dropped them somewhere and exits while Harris looks confused.

Eric goes home with his baby to Sloan. They talk about the baby doing so good. Eric then tells her that he ran in to Nicole and she had just gotten released from the hospital, so when she saw the baby, she said that it was her baby.

EJ guesses Nicole isn’t hungry so he will put her sliders in the fridge for later and says he will make her tea as he heads to the kitchen.

Sloan tells Eric that doesn’t make any sense for Nicole to think their baby was her baby. Eric says she was obviously overwhelmed with grief. Sloan asks what Eric did or said. Eric explains that EJ showed up and they managed to convince Nicole that the baby was not her baby.

Nicole sits at home and thinks back to holding her baby after giving birth and then holding Eric’s baby. Nicole doesn’t care what anybody says and declares that she knows that was her baby.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

The entire episode takes place in Oregon at the house in Blue Lake.

Aunt Jordan tells everyone that they must sit and listen to her and Claire and if they listen maybe after they hear the story then they will have to persuade her and Claire to give them the antidote to the poison which will soon kill them. Claire tells Cole and Victoria that she is their daughter Eve which Victoria gave away because she didn’t want a baby to interfere with her life. Aunt Jordan tells Cole that she is his aunt and she wants to get revenge on Victor because she thinks Victor caused the death of his mother Eve. Cole isn’t sure if Jordan is his aunt because he only met his aunt. His mother and Aunt Jordan didn’t get along well. Cole and Victoria explain to Claire that baby Eve died because she was born prematurely and Cole was there when baby Eve took her last breath. Aunt Jordan claims she switched the babies the day Eve was born to make the Newmans pay for taking her sister away from her.

Nikki is upstairs hallucinating that Victor is telling her to fight to live and take the IV of Vodka out of her hand. Nikki manages to take the IV out of her hand and drops the IV pole. Victor and Nick hear the noise. Nikki also hallucinates Claire telling her she will never get out of that room. Everyone downstairs is getting weaker because of the poison. Claire is confused and hurt because her aunt lied to her. Jordan tells Claire not to believe Cole and Victoria because they will say anything to stay alive. Cole and Victoria tell Claire that if she gives them the antidote they will help her find out if she really is their daughter.

Nick grabs Jordan so Victor can go upstairs and look for Nikki. Victor finds Nikki and manages to open the door to the bedroom. Jordan heads upstairs with Nick right behind her. Nick grabs Jordan to keep her from stopping his dad from rescuing his mom. Jordan stabs Nick with a big knife and then goes upstairs to stop Victor and Nikki from leaving the bedroom. Victor and Nikki are about to leave the bedroom when Jordan arrives, points the knife at them, and says
“Where do you think you are going?”

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Days Short Recap Friday, November 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris called Ava and let her know that he couldn’t find his key. He wondered if she saw his keys. She looked at the table and saw the keys. She put the keys in her pocket when Stefan arrived at her apartment. He told her that he was her new partner. Ava pretended not to know what he meant. Stefan told her that Clyde blackmailed him with Gabi’s safety, so he had to help him. He asked her about the keys, and she showed it to him. Stefan was going to make copies of them so she could give them back to Harris. She wonders why she should trust him, and he told her they had to work together. He told her they had to protect the people they love, but he didn’t plan on being blackmailed for long. Stefan was about to leave when Harris arrived. He lied to Harris about why he was there. He wanted to talk to Wendy and Tripp about Li being killed. Harris warned him about interrogating witnesses. After Stefan left, Harris wondered why she didn’t return his call. She said she was about to call him when Stefan showed up. He asked her about his keys, and she said she didn’t see it. Sloan was on the phone with Melinda. She talked about the guilt she felt about the baby when Eric walked in the room. Sloan told him that she was on the phone with Melinda. She was happy and wondered if Eric was. He was happy too, but he kept thinking about Nicole’s baby. Melinda arrived with the baby. They were excited about the baby. Sloan was nervous because the baby cried with her and was calm with Eric. He thought she had to get used to the idea. He took the baby for a walk. After he left, Dimitri was at the door.

EJ arrived at the hospital to help Nicole get discharged. Dr. Pierce talked to them about the autopsy results from the baby. He said the baby died because of the car accident. Nicole didn’t understand so he explained it to her. She wanted to see her baby, but he didn’t think it was a good idea. Nicole refused to back down about that. He left to make the arrangements. She told EJ he didn’t have to stay, but she had to do it. He said he wanted to see the baby too. She apologized that he didn’t get a chance to hold the baby. Nicole thought they should hold him now. Harris talked to Leo at the police station. He told him that Nicole’s baby died, and he would be charged with murder. Leo didn’t understand since the baby seemed healthy. Harris told him that the baby died because of the accident. He left Leo alone so he could talk to his lawyer. Leo called Sloan and she said she would help him as soon as she could. Dr. Pierce went to see Melinda. He told her that Nicole and EJ wanted to see their baby. She told him that he took the money and he had to figure out what to do. He demanded more money from her. Dr. Pierce went back to the hospital. Nicole was upset when he didn’t have the baby with him. He told her the baby was accidentally cremated. He apologized to EJ and Nicole. EJ and Nicole were upset and yelled at him. He apologized again and offered to get the ashes. Dr. Pierce left the room and Nicole broke down in EJ’s arms. Later EJ took Nicole to the pub. She wanted to wait outside because she didn’t want to face anyone. Eric showed up with the baby. Nicole was surprised they already had the baby. He said he was bringing the baby there to meet his father. Nicole wanted to hold him.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, November 24, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tate talked to Brady about Holly. He said he tried to make her feel better but she ghosted him. Brady advised him not to give up on her. He said she could use a friend to lean on as long as she respects her boundaries. He suggested that Tate bring her pie. Chanel talked to Paulina about Holly’s crush on Johnny. She didn’t want Holly going after her man. Johnny called Chanel and told her he was going to be with Holly for Thanksgiving because she was upset about the baby. Chanel told him she understood. When Chad came home, he and Stephanie talked. Chad went to take a shower. While he was gone, his phone rang. she saw Gwen’s name on his phone. When he came out of the shower, she asked him about Gwen’s number being on his phone. He lied to her about why she was on the phone. When Stephanie left the room, Gwen called him. He told her the contracts were signed. The money was going to be transferred by the next day. He thanked her for selling half the Spectator. He asked her to keep quiet about it. He said he didn’t want Stephanie to find out he was doing this to get Everett out of their lives.

Chad and Stephanie went to the Horton House for dinner. They saw Everett in the house. Julie told them she invited Everett to dinner. Chad asked her if she knew him. Everett thought they knew each other in a previous life. He told them about the story he wanted to write. Stephanie asked Chad and Everett to check the turkey. She talked to Julie about her past with Everett. Abe, Paulina, and Chanel ate dinner. When they were finished, Chanel showed him pictures of Lani, Eli and the twins. He was upset that he didn’t remember them. Chanel apologized to him. She said she didn’t mean to upset him. When Chanel left to clean up, Abe and Paulina spent time together. She told him she was tempted to kiss him. She said she knew the mistake she made the last time. She was determined to be grateful for what she has. He said he wanted to kiss her. Johnny and Holly spent time together until Tate showed up. Johnny decided to go see Chanel since Holly wouldn’t be alone. When Johnny left, Holly told him she would forgive him for being an idiot if he helped her break up Johnny and Chanel. Tate told her Johnny was too old for her. He agreed to help her. He said he wanted to see her happy. She said would be happy when Johnny saw that Chanel was wrong for him.

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Days Update Friday, November 24, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ava is at home and listens to a voicemail from Harris, wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving and saying he’s grateful that she’s not spending it at the police station. Harris mentions that he can’t find his work keys and asks if Ava saw them while she was there. Ava looks down at the keys. Harris ends his message, saying he’s sure the keys will turn up and he hopes they can talk later. Ava then picks up the keys and Stefan shows up at her door.

Sloan calls Melinda for an update on the baby. Melinda is sure that Sloan is excited to soon be holding her baby in her arms. Sloan responds that she is excited, but also terrified. Melinda encourages her to stop with all the doubts and guilt since everything is going really smoothly. Melinda reminds her that all she has to do is keep her mouth shut. Sloan asks what if when the baby gets older, he starts to look like Eric and Nicole and they start to suspect that he’s their biological son.

EJ visits Nicole in the hospital and comments on the Thanksgiving menu at the hospital being limited. EJ then informs Nicole that she’s being discharged today but Nicole has no reaction. EJ shows her that he brought her a bag of her clothes. Nicole notes the bag is the bag that she packed with baby items for when she went in to labor. Dr. Pierce enters the room and informs them that the autopsy was just completed so he asks to speak to EJ outside but Nicole argues that she needs to know what happened to their son. Dr. Pierce claims his death was the result of injuries from the car accident. Nicole doesn’t understand since he was perfectly fine after giving birth. Dr. Pierce says sometimes the damage is delayed with internal trauma. EJ argues that Dimitri is the one who caused the accident and that Leo will pay for this.

Harris confronts Leo in the interrogation room. Leo asks if he’s being let go but Harris says that’s not going to happen. Harris informs Leo that EJ plans to charge him with murder.

EJ tells Dr. Pierce about Leo being a passenger in the vehicle that struck Nicole’s. EJ informs Dr. Pierce that he should be prepared to testify that the vehicle caused his son’s death. Dr. Pierce says he’ll do whatever he can to help. Nicole stops and says she wants to see their son.

Leo asks Harris whose murder EJ plans on charging him with. Harris informs Leo that it’s EJ’s son. Leo asks if he means Johnny. Harris clarifies that he’s talking about Nicole’s baby. Leo questions Nicole’s baby dying and says that can’t be. Leo asks what happened to the beautiful little boy.

Melinda tells Sloan to stop fast forwarding to the future as the baby won’t be a clone of Nicole or Eric and everyone will accept that he is Sloan and Eric’s adopted kid. Sloan agrees to stop but asks what about now, worrying that people will ask questions. Sloan reminds her that Dimitri and Leo saw Nicole’s baby and know he’s healthy. Melinda explains that Dr. Pierce is telling EJ and Nicole that the baby died from internal injuries that nobody could have predicted. Sloan feels this is so dark and asks how she can be so matter of fact about. Melinda argues that she’s being practical and Sloan needs to be too. Melinda reminds Sloan that she wanted to give Eric a baby so that’s what she’s helping her do. Melinda tells Sloan that this should be the happiest Thanksgiving of her life. Sloan agrees and says she wanted to give Eric a baby and raise a child with him, but she never thought it would happen like this as Eric then comes home.

Nicole repeats to Dr. Pierce that she wants to see their baby before going home. Dr. Pierce doesn’t think that’s wise but Nicole doesn’t care, complaining that her baby was taken from her before she could hold him again. Nicole insists on holding her son one last time. Dr. Pierce asks EJ to back him up that this isn’t a good idea but EJ says he heard his wife and demands he bring them their son. Dr. Pierce thinks back to Melinda telling him to figure something out. Dr. Pierce then tells EJ and Nicole that he will arrange it right away and exits the room.

Ava asks if Stefan came to see Wendy but Stefan says he came to see Ava. Ava asks why. Stefan says they are practically family since she was engaged to his late twin brother, Jake and pretended to be married to him which Ava reminds was Gabi’s idea. Stefan says that Gabi is actually why he’s here. Stefan says he heard about her unfortunate incident with Gil. Ava calls Gil a disgusting pig and says she’s glad he’s dead. Stefan says he can’t say the same because now that Gil is dead, she needs a new business partner and unfortunately that’s him. Ava asks if he bought the Bistro. Stefan responds that it has nothing to do with the restaurant business but everything to do with the business she was running under Gil for Clyde. Ava claims to not know what he’s talking about but Stefan reveals that Clyde told him all about how he strong armed her into running his drug operation by threatening the life of her son and now he’s doing the same to him, by threatening Gabi. Stefan complains that Gabi is a sitting duck in prison and Clyde has made it clear that he will not hesitate to have Gabi killed if he doesn’t play ball, so he and Ava are working together whether they like it or not.

Leo tells Harris about how he delivered Nicole’s baby. Leo asks how he could have died. Harris responds that they believe it was internal injuries from the crash. Leo argues that he didn’t have anything to do with that and he’s the one who brought the baby in to the world. Harris blames the delay in getting him medical treatment that resulted in death. Leo doesn’t understand and questions what the delay was. Harris says if Dimitri ever turns up, they can find out but since Dimitri and Leo fled the jurisdiction in Jada’s stolen car, they can be charged with felony murder. Leo responds that he needs to speak to his lawyer.

Sloan tells Eric that she was just telling Melinda how she never thought she’d be a parent this way. Melinda encourages Sloan that when she holds her new baby in her arms, all of her worries and guilt will be behind her as she’ll be too busy being a mom to think about anything else. Sloan thanks Melinda for everything and hangs up. Eric asks if Melinda said when they will bring home their baby. Sloan reveals that Melinda is on her way with him right now which excites Eric. Eric congratulates Sloan, who says it feels amazing because she’s going to be a mother to Eric’s baby. Eric says this is really happening. Sloan says even though she’s never been the maternal type, she’s fallen more in love with Eric because she’s realized there’s nothing she wants more than to have a family with him even if she’s not the biological mother. Eric states that all that matter is that he is their baby to love with all their hearts.

Nicole tells EJ that she understands if he doesn’t want to do this, because it’s going to be really hard to see their son, but says she needs to hold him one last time. EJ responds that he understands. Nicole points out that EJ never had the chance to hold him and he should have. Nicole says she’s so sorry it has to be this way.

Dr. Pierce goes to see Melinda and tells her that just as he feared, they want to see the baby. He says he tried to talk them out of it but they insisted. He worries that if they start asking questions, it will become very clear that no baby was brought in to the ER that night. He asks what they are supposed to do. Melinda argues that he took the money so he can figure it out. He complains that this was her idea. Melinda points out that he didn’t walk away, which he regrets. Dr. Pierce warns that if he goes down, Melinda is going down with him. Melinda guesses it’s up to her since he can’t come up with a way to present their dead baby. He warns her to come up with something right now because they are expecting him to walk in any minute with the remains of their dead baby boy. Melinda responds that he won’t have to because she has a brilliant idea.

Stefan explains to Ava that Clyde wants him to use DiMera Enterprises to ship drugs through the Bistro which is where Ava comes in. Ava mentions her and Gil not getting that far before she shot him and asks if he’s sure he wants to be her partner. Stefan says he has no choice. Stefan brings up that Clyde mentioned something about needing to get in to the evidence room at the police station. Ava confirms that Clyde had her take the keys off Harris. Stefan says he will take the keys, copy them, and bring them back. Ava question how she knows she can trust him. Stefan asks if she has an alternative. Stefan states that he takes Clyde’s threats very seriously and he’s not going to let him or his goons lay a hand on his wife. Stefan declares that for the foreseeable future, he and Ava are going to have to keep the ones they love very close and safe. Stefan adds that he won’t let Clyde use him like this for very long. Ava says she’ll make sure to let him know if she figures a way out before he does. Stefan thanks her and then goes to leave right as Harris arrives.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s so happy that they are having a baby that he wants the whole world to know. Sloan asks what’s stopping him. Eric says he just wants to wait for the right time. Sloan asks if now isn’t the right time. Eric points out them becoming parents on the heels of a terrible tragedy for Nicole. Sloan gets a call from Leo, who complains that Harris just told him that he’s being charged with felony murder. Leo says Nicole’s baby dying is awful but not his fault. Leo tells Sloan that he needs her to get there now. Sloan says she’ll be in touch and will help him fight the charges, but she has to go right now. Leo argues that he needs to hear her strategy and she only has one phone call. Sloan hangs up as there’s a knock at the door. Eric excitedly answers the door to see Melinda with the baby. Melinda wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving.

EJ returns to Nicole’s room after she has gotten dressed to leave the hospital. EJ tells her that the doctor will be there soon with their baby and then they can go home. EJ adds that Holly will be happy to see her. Nicole hopes Holly can forgive her for snapping at her when she came to visit earlier. Nicole feels she was insensitive when Holly lost her little brother. EJ assures that she will understand. Nicole says she’s grateful to have Holly. Dr. Pierce then returns to the room. Nicole questions where their son is. He responds that he’s afraid it’s not possible for them to see him because their baby was accidentally cremated, shocking EJ and Nicole.

Ava tells Harris that it’s good to see him. Harris says he just stopped by during his break to see how Ava is doing. Stefan claims that he stopped by to see Tripp and Wendy to let them know again that they were mistaken by what they saw on the night that Li died. Harris calls that witness tampering. Stefan argues that his wife is locked up in prison, awaiting trial for a murder she didn’t commit, so he’s out doing everything he can to see that she goes free. Ava tells Stefan that he will have to come back another time since Tripp and Wendy aren’t home. Stefan tells Harris again that Gabi is innocent and that he should be out there trying to find Li’s real killer. Harris points out that the district attorney thinks they already have. Stefan argues that EJ is a pompous ass, biased, and wrong as he then exits the apartment. Ava comments on Stefan being upset about his wife. Ava says that’s enough about him and she’s glad Harris came by. Harris asks how she’s been and if she got his message, admitting he got a little worried when he didn’t hear back. Ava tells him that she was just about to call back when Stefan knocked on the door. Harris asks if it’s hard for her to be back in the apartment after what happened to Gil. Ava admits it is a little but it’s better than spending the night in lockup. Ava thanks Harris for putting in a good word with Rafe since she knows how much Rafe hates her, so she’s grateful that he listened to him. Harris calls Rafe a fair guy and says he believes him, so when forensics backs her up, her story will be proven. Ava guesses EJ will have no choice but to drop the charges. Harris notes that EJ is pretty preoccupied with his son’s death. Ava calls that terribly sad. Harris can’t imagine what they are going through. Ava calls it heartbreaking and asks if he wants a coffee or tea. Harris says he has to get back to the station and then brings up his keys as he asks if Ava remembers seeing them.

Leo remains in the interrogation room and thinks back to telling Dimitri that he’d meet him in the park behind the hospital after delivering Nicole’s baby. Leo states that he misses Dimitri and wishes he could tell him what the hell happened to the baby.

EJ questions Dr. Pierce about their son being accidentally cremated. Nicole shouts at him, asking how he could let this happen. Dr. Pierce says he’s afraid their son’s body was mislabeled and he’s sorry. EJ calls it a travesty and asks how anyone could make such a horrible, heartbreaking mistake and why he wasn’t there to stop it. Dr. Pierce says it was done without his knowledge, but he’ll arrange to have the ashes sent to them as soon as possible. Nicole yells at him to get out so he exits. Nicole then breaks down crying and tells EJ that she’s so sorry that he never got to hold their baby. EJ cries that they will just have to hold him in their hearts now as they hug.

Melinda asks Sloan and Eric if they are ready to hold their baby for the very first time. Eric thinks Sloan should go first so Melinda hands the baby over to Sloan. Melinda says she will leave them to bond with their son. Eric thanks her. Melinda says it was her pleasure to help a friend make this happen and she’s so glad everything worked out. Melinda then exits. Sloan and Eric try to figure out why the baby is crying. Sloan suggests she’ll make a bottle to see if that works and then hands the baby to Eric, which stops his crying. Eric tells the baby that he’s his daddy and he loves him with all his heart.

Ava claims to Harris that she doesn’t remember seeing his keys. Harris says he’s sure they will turn up. Harris is sorry they can’t spend Thanksgiving together since he has to pay his dues and work the holiday. Ava tells him how thankful she is for him and kisses him.

Melinda goes back to her room and packs her bag. Dr. Pierce shows up at her door again. Melinda asks if EJ and Nicole bought his story. He confirms that they did and says it was brutal which is why he needs more money. Melinda questions him extorting her. Dr. Pierce remarks that she could report him to the new district attorney, but he’s the one who said heads would roll over the loss of his son.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s so sorry that this happened and he will see to it that whoever is responsible will be relieved of their duties, but Nicole asks him not to and says she doesn’t care because there’s nothing anyone can do to fix this. Nicole says when she said she wanted to hold her son one last time, she really wanted to hold him, see him smile, and hear him cry but no one can make that happen. EJ hugs Nicole as she cries. Nicole tells EJ to just take her home, so they exit together.

Eric calls the baby perfect. Sloan wonders if he’s not hungry then. Eric thinks the baby is settled down now and asks if Sloan wants to hold him again. Eric hands him over to Sloan and he starts crying again. Sloan worries that she has no idea what she’s doing. Eric says he doesn’t either so the baby will have to be patient with them both. Eric suggests taking the baby for a walk in his new stroller but Sloan wants to stay home to arrange his clothes and wait on a delivery. Eric promises that Sloan is a natural and will be perfect at this. Eric thanks Sloan for making all of this happen and kisses her. Eric then takes the baby and puts him in the stroller.

Stefan returns to Ava’s apartment and presents his copy of the evidence room key. Ava says now she just has to fix it so that Harris finds his keys. Stefan says that’s the easy part while the tricky part will be getting in to the room and finding whatever they have on Clyde’s associate. Ava argues that Stefan’s brother is the district attorney and asks if he can’t find a way to work this out with him. Stefan tells Ava that he even offered EJ all of their DiMera shares but he’s a stubborn son of a bitch and he’s on his bad side, so EJ is going to make him pay for it in spades.

EJ and Nicole walk past the Brady Pub. Nicole stops and doesn’t know if she can do this. EJ brings up the fries that she loves. Nicole says she craved those when pregnant and thought getting them now would make her feel closer to her son. Nicole says she realizes if people ask how she’s doing, she’s not sure what to tell him because she doesn’t know. EJ understands and offers to go in and grab the fries while she stays outside which Nicole agrees to. EJ kisses her and heads in to the Pub. Nicole cries that she misses her baby so much. Eric then comes around the corner with his baby in the stroller.

Melinda tells Dr. Pierce that she only got involved in the adoption because she lost her job, she needed the money, it paid well and she was helping a friend. Melinda adds that she stuck her neck out mostly out of the goodness of her own heart which Dr. Pierce laugh at. Melinda says he’s in no position to judge since he went along with it all the way. Dr. Pierce says he regrets it and calls the whole scheme rotten to the core and he hopes it doesn’t backfire on them. Melinda hopes the same and that she never sees him again which he says is fine by him. Melinda pays him off and he then exits. Melinda then pulls out her phone.

Harris returns to Leo in the interrogation room and asks if he reached his lawyer. Leo tells him that he’s not worried about getting out of this place, he’s instead mourning the loss of the baby that he happened to deliver. Leo remarks that he doesn’t know if he’s ever been this sad in his entire life. Harris questions Leo having a heart. Leo states that aside from Dimitri, everyone in town thinks he’s a shallow loser. Harris asks if his lawyer is on her way. Leo responds that she’s unfortunately not as she was otherwise engaged.

Sloan remains at home, complaining that it was almost as if the baby could tell Eric was his real father and that she wasn’t the real mother. Sloan worries that she’s not cut out for this and wonders if she just made the biggest mistake of her life. Sloan then gets a text from Melinda, saying it’s all going to be okay. Dimitri then shows up at Sloan’s door and declares that he’s back.

Eric thought Nicole would still be in the hospital. Nicole responds that she just got released and that EJ is in the Pub getting takeout. Nicole asks about Eric’s baby and didn’t realize he had him yet. Eric confirms that Melinda brought him by a little while ago, so he came to show him off to his dad. Eric says he better get inside but Nicole stops him and asks if he would mind if she held the baby.

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Days Update Thursday, November 23, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Brady Pub, Tate tells Brady that he was right, admitting that he wasn’t happy about coming in early to prepare meals for the homeless but after delivering them, he feels good. Brady agrees that it feels good and says they have two extra turkey dinners so he invites Tate to have a feast with him which Tate agrees sounds fun.

Chanel sets the table for Thanksgiving dinner and tells Paulina that she knows how excited she is to have Abe over. Paulina says she’s not the only one with reason to give thanks for romantic perspects. Chanel says that she and Johnny are good but Paulina questions her frown. Chanel claims it’s nothing but Paulina insists. Chanel then admits that she’s just worried that some other girl is trying to catch her man’s eye.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny finds Holly alone in the living room. Johnny mentions that he’s heading to Chanel’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Johnny tells her that he knows it’s a tough time for all of them. Holly claims she’s fine. Johnny asks if she’s sure about that. Holly then admits she’s not fine at all. Johnny hugs Holly as she cries.

Chad goes home where Stephanie shows him that his kids made him his own trophy in case he didn’t win the turkey trot. Stephanie mentions that the kids are in their room doing a glow in the dark puzzle. Chad thanks Stephanie for bringing them to cheer him on. Stephanie is sure he raised a lot of money for a good cause. Chad says he’s going to shower. Stephanie mentions that she heard from Doug and Julie and that they said they can come over for Thanksgiving around 5 so they are fine on time. After Chad goes to shower, Stephanie sees Chad’s phone ring with a call from Gwen and questions why she’s calling Chad.

Julie is startled to find Everett in the Horton house as he wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving.

Paulina questions Chanel thinking Holly has it bad for Johnny. Chanel says she does a terrible job at hiding her crush. Paulina asks about them being related. Chanel explains that they are technically now stepsiblings but not related by blood. Paulina brings up Johnny and Chanel having a history of being in a love triangle but Chanel insists this is nothing like those times because this is not serious. Paulina points out that she’s looking pretty glum about it. Chanel says that’s just because things have been going so well for them and she doesn’t want any complications. Paulina calls that understandable. Chanel says even if it just silly, she doesn’t need an angsty teenage girl looking at her boyfriend while staring daggers at her.

Johnny tells Holly that it’s so sad what happened to Nicole and EJ, losing their baby the way they did. Holly wishes they at least got to meet their baby brother. Holly says he should probably go so he’s not late to Thanksgiving dinner with his girlfriend. Johnny asks if Holly has any plans. Holly says EJ is at the hospital with Nicole, Kristen took Rachel out, and Stefan is visiting Gabi in prison so she has no plans. Johnny then tells her that she does now.

Julie questions who Everett is and what he’s doing in her dining room. Everett informs her that Doug let him in and apologizes as he introduces himself as Everett Lynch, the new editor of the Spectator and he’s here to tell her story which Julie questions. Everett explains that he’s new in town but saw Tom and Alice’s plaque in the town square, so he knows the Horton family and that Julie and Doug are the living matriarch and patriarch of the city. Everett says he’d love to do a feature on them both for the paper. Julie responds that she’s surprised because his last feature was on Leo Stark, who deserves to be in an institution. Julie adds that he went to great lengths to glorify Leo’s crimes in that feature article and now he appears on Thanksgiving, full of hubris and sure that she and Doug will want to give him an interview to fulfill whatever his vision is. Julie informs him that they are not going to give him a word to print about them in his paper and adds that she plans to cancel their subscription. Julie argues that the Spectator has been going steadily downhill ever since it was stolen by Xander and Gwen from Jennifer and Jack. Julie declares that the only thing that would save the paper is a new regime and new ownership that cleans house.

Chad returns to Stephanie and jokes about taking the fastest shower in the world. Stephanie hands him his phone and informs him that he missed a call from Gwen that she just happened to see. Stephanie questions why Gwen is calling Chad as she thought he hated her. Chad claims that he does hate her and doesn’t know why she’s calling. Stephanie questions if he’s not curious about the message she left and notes that she is. Chad listens to the message and then claims that Gwen was just calling to wish Thomas a happy birthday tomorrow since they were close when she was his nanny. Stephanie tells Chad to finish getting ready as she exits the room to see what’s going on. Chad then pulls his phone out and calls Gwen back to tell her that the contracts are signed and the money will be transferred tomorrow. Chad thanks Gwen for selling him her half of the Spectator and reminds her to keep it to herself, because he doesn’t want Stephanie to find out why he’s doing this to get Everett Lynch out of their lives.

Everett explains to Julie that Leo’s gossip column was very popular. Julie argues that he had no moral integrity. Everett says he’s still finding his footing and hoped an article on Doug and Julie would help him find his balance. Everett assures that he wants to restore Jack and Jennifer’s legacy in making the Spectator a respected institution. Julie decides to believe him and says something about his face makes her want to believe him.

Brady and Tate eat together at the Pub. Brady jokes about Tate finishing quick. Tate mentions having another dinner with Theresa later. Brady gets a text from Marlena about his second dinner with her since John is out on a case. Brady mentions wanting to send Nicole a text since the accident and he feels horrible. Brady asks if Tate has reached out to Holly but Tate thinks she would prefer a little space right now.

Paulina tells Chanel that she knows it’s no fun to have another girl looking at her man but she needs to remember that Johnny is beyond lucky to have her. Chanel then gets a call from Johnny. Johnny says he hates to do this but he’s afraid he’s not going to be able to make Thanksgiving with her at her mom’s. Chanel asks why not. Johnny explains that Holly is at home alone and really upset about Nicole’s baby. Johnny suggests maybe they can hang out later. Chanel says maybe and that she totally gets it. Johnny says he knew she would. Chanel says he’s a good guy so he’s going to be there for his family when they are hurting since he has a really big heart and she knows Holly needs him right now. Chanel starts to say something but then stops and just sends her condolences to Holly. Johnny repeats that he’s really sorry about tonight and says he’ll call her later. They hang up and then Abe arrives. Abe wishes Chanel a Happy Thanksgiving and notes there are four places at the table so he asks if Chanel’s boyfriend will be joining them. Chanel responds that he was supposed to, but something came up.

Holly tells Johnny that he didn’t have to do that as she would be okay alone. Johnny tells her it’s okay and that Chanel was very understanding. Johnny says he’ll make it up to them so it’s no big deal. Johnny knows EJ gave the cook the day off, so he suggests they go to the kitchen to see what they can throw together for Thanksgiving dinner which Holly agrees to.

Tate explains to Brady that when Nicole went missing, he tried to comfort Holly but he misread the moment and asked if they were going to kiss. Tate complains that he was just trying to make her feel better and he didn’t make any big moves, but women can be hard to read. Brady jokes that it doesn’t get any easier. Tate says he tried texting Holly, but she’s ghosting him. Brady suggests trying to actually call her. Tate doesn’t think she will pick up. Brady advises Tate to not give up as he thinks Holly could use somebody to lean on. Tate says he’s probably right. Brady tells him to just respect her boundaries. Tate points out that he didn’t kiss her. Brady insists that he’s no better at navigating relationships. Brady suggests that if Tate doesn’t think Holly will answer her call, he can try bringing her a slice of pumpkin pie which Tate calls a great idea.

Chad and Stephanie go to the Horton House where Julie greets them and says she’s thankful they are there. Julie asks about the kids. Chad points out they are outside on the swing. They joke about their dinner. Chad brings a pie that he says he helped the kids make. Stephanie assumes that Doug is cooking in the kitchen. Julie says he’s actually taking a nap after the turkey trot wore him out, but he’ll be down for dessert. Chad jokes about it wearing him out too. Everett then walks in and says everything is going smoothly in the kitchen. Everett is surprised to see Stephanie and Chad as he wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving. Stephanie greets him. Julie explains that she invited Everett to join them for Thanksgiving dinner since he has no family in Salem, so tonight, they are his family. Chad questions Julie and Everett knowing each other. Everett says maybe in a previous life, but they just met as he asked Julie if she and Doug would be willing to do a profile for the Spectator. Everett says that Julie has been very kind while Julie says that Everett has been very helpful in the kitchen while telling stories of his early days in journalism as she calls him very charming. Stephanie suggests Chad and Everett go check on the turkey while she helps Julie out here. Chad questions why they both have to check on the turkey. Julie asks them to put the side dishes in the oven, so Chad and Everett head to the kitchen. Julie apologizes to Stephanie and asks if she’s upset that she invited Everett to dinner. Stephanie then informs Julie that Everett is her ex-boyfriend. Julie assumes their breakup was amicable. Stephanie says it was abrupt and confusing. Stephanie adds that Everett is a nice guy but she doesn’t think he’s convinced that she has moved on with Chad. Julie understands that can be difficult and apologizes as she had no idea. Julie doesn’t see how she can ask him to leave now. Stephanie assures that she can’t. Julie jokes that Thanksgiving dinner this year will be awkward.

Abe, Paulina, and Chanel have Thanksgiving dinner. Abe praises the buttermilk biscuits as the best he’s ever had and says everything was delicious as he thanks Paulina. Paulina is just so glad he could join them. Abe calls it a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Abe asks what Chanel has been up to. Chanel explains that she just got back from visiting Lani in Maryland and that she stopped to visit Eli and the twins. Chanel shows Abe the pictures on her phone. Abe comments on the children, then stops and thanks Chanel, saying he doesn’t want to see anymore because it’s hard for him to see pictures of his daughter and grandkids when he doesn’t really remember anything about them. Chanel understands that would be hard and apologizes for upsetting him. Paulina asks Chanel to give them a minute. Chanel says the Bakery is a mess from all their holiday orders so she can go there to do some cleaning, but Abe asks her not to go and insists that he’s okay. Chanel tells him that he doesn’t have to be okay as they get it and they are here for him. Abe doesn’t want her to miss dessert. Chanel says they have plenty at the Bakery so she’s heading there now. Chanel assures that they are thankful Abe is there. Chanel then exits.

Johnny and Holly have sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner. Johnny helps her wipe gravy from her face as she smiles. Tate then walks in with slices of pie and says he comes with dessert as Holly looks annoyed.

Chad, Stephanie, Everett, and Julie go to the dining room. Everett thanks Julie for including him. Julie apologizes for it taking so long since Doug is still resting and the kids are playing. Stephanie says she will get the kids when the food is ready. Julie suggests they all sit at the table. Chad pulls out Julie’s chair for her while Everett does the same for Stephanie, which annoys Chad as they sit down.

Tate apologizes if he interrupted their Thanksgiving dinner as he was just hoping to talk to Holly for a minute. Johnny tells him it’s no problem and that he only brought dessert for two anyway. Johnny decides if Holly doesn’t mind, he’s going to run over to Chanel’s for dessert since Holly is no longer alone. Holly claims that’s fine. Johnny wishes them a Happy Thanksgiving and exits. Tate apologizes for his timing. Holly responds that she’s actually glad he’s here. Tate asks if that means she forgives him for acting like a total idiot the last time they saw each other. Holly responds that she does but on one condition. Holly then tells Tate that she needs him to help her break up Johnny and Chanel.

Abe hopes he didn’t do anything to make Chanel leave. Paulina assures that she’ll be fine and she’ll be back later. Paulina encourages Abe to try his pie, so he does and calls it his favorite. Paulina thinks back to the last time she kissed Abe and scared him off. Abe asks where she went. Paulina admits she was very tempted to kiss him but remembered the last time she did and what a mistake it was since she scared him off.

Julie suggests pouring the wine while waiting for the others. Chad pours Julie’s wine while Everett pours Stephanie’s. Julie gets a text from Doug, saying he’s getting some more rest so they can go ahead and enjoy the wine and that he will make a toast when he gets there. Julie asks who wants to go first. Chad and Everett speak up at the same time but Chad stands up first. Chad toasts to Julie and Doug because he wanted them to know how grateful they are for them, for their kindness, warmth, and welcoming them in to their home. Chad says he and the kids love them so much and they mean a lot to them. Julie responds that they love them too. Chad toasts to his beautiful girlfriend Stephanie, saying his life is so much better with her in it and the kids too. Chad tells her that they love her and appreciate her so much as she just means so much to them. Chad tells Stephanie that he loves her. Chad stops and imagines firing Everett from the Spectator at the table. Stephanie calls out to him so Chad guesses he zoned out and blames being exhausted from the turkey trot. Chad then toasts to his family and to new friends as he sits back down.

Abe tells Paulina that when she kissed him before, he was overwhelmed and he knows that he hurt her feelings. Paulina understands he was overwhelmed and that she was rushing him which was selfish, but she’s not going to do that anymore because it’s Thanksgiving so instead of wishing for more, she’s determined to just feel very grateful for what she has now in his wonderful company. Abe responds that he feels that way too. Abe then stops and admits that he wanted to kiss her too and he still does. Abe and Paulina then kiss.

Chanel leaves the Bakery and runs in to Johnny in the town square. Johnny says he was hoping to make it to her mom’s for dessert. Chanel says he still can but she left to give Paulina and Abe some alone time. Johnny says he’s glad he ran in to her then because she’s the one he wants to be with. Johnny apologizes for not making it for Thanksgiving dinner. Chanel repeats that it’s okay and she understands. Chanel asks how Holly is. Johnny responds that he left her in good hands.

Tate questions Holly wanting him to help her break up Johnny and Chanel. Holly responds that she’s going to make it happen whether he helps or not, but it would go a little faster with his assistance. Tate questions if she really wants to do this and points out that it’s not very nice. Tate knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but Johnny is way too old for her. Holly argues that they could’ve been friends again but declares that she’s no longer interested. Holly tells Tate to never help her again with anything and keep his stupid opinions to himself.

Chanel tells Johnny about her day at the Bakery and how a customer waited an hour for her to make ten boxes of cookies. Johnny calls it unbelievable how generous she is with her time and talents. Chanel thinks she was just in a really good mood because she knew she was seeing him for Thanksgiving as she hugs him. Johnny repeats that he’s sorry for missing Thanksgiving dinner. Chanel states that they are together now and that’s all that matters. Chanel tells him how glad she is that they found each other again. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving and then kiss.

Tate reluctantly agrees to help Holly but makes her apologize for saying his opinions were stupid. Holly says she was just upset but didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. Tate blows it off and says he’s over it. Tate tells Holly that she’s his friend, so he wants to see her happy. Holly hugs him and calls him the best. Holly says she will be happy and over the moon once Johnny sees how wrong Chanel is for him. Holly declares that by the time Christmas comes, Johnny will be sharing dessert with her.

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Days Update Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Abe walks through the town square with flowers and runs in to Paulina. She calls the flowers beautiful. Abe says they are for a friend but assures he’s not seeing anyone else. Abe congratulates Paulina on the election. Paulina points out that she never would’ve won if Abe hadn’t appointed her in the first place. Paulina would like the chance to thank him properly. Abe asks what she has in mind.

Sloan then tells Eric that she went to see Melinda and there’s something he needs to know. Eric asks what it is.

EJ hugs Nicole in the hospital as she asks why God keeps allowing this to happen. EJ says he doesn’t have the answers she’s looking for, but promises they will face this challenge together and come out stronger. Stefan storms in and calls EJ a son of a bitch, demanding he drop the bogus murder charges against Gabi now.

In the interrogation room, Ava answers the call from Clyde in prison. Ava asks what he wants and says he shouldn’t be calling her here. Clyde says he hears she’s been naughty and went out to commit herself a murder. Clyde asks what they are going to do about it.

Eric asks Sloan what happened with Melinda and if it’s bad news. Sloan says it’s actually great news and the best news. Sloan then announces that tomorrow, they are getting their baby. Eric is surprised it’s so soon. Sloan declares it’s a holiday miracle as they will have the baby in their arms tomorrow morning. Eric remembers it’s Thanksgiving. Sloan adds that they have a lot to be thankful for as she kisses Eric.

EJ asks what the hell is wrong with Stefan and tells him to have compassion for his grieving wife. Stefan asks where EJ’s compassion was for his wife and says that she’s rotting away in prison because of him.

Ava claims not to know what Clyde is talking about. Clyde says that he heard she put a bullet in Gil, but warns that it won’t get her out of their pact. Ava complains that being sexually assaulted wasn’t a part of their pact and says Gil tried to rape her. Clyde asks if she wasn’t just playing hard to get. Ava calls him disgusting. Clyde threatens to have another one of his boys visit Tripp. Ava argues that she held up her end of the bargain. Clyde points out that she didn’t get the evidence room keys from Harris, so they still have a problem.

Paulina informs Abe that she’s hoping Thanksgiving dinner at her place tomorrow with Chanel and Johnny, so she would love for Abe to join them. Abe calls it a tempting offer. Paulina says there will be a seat at the head of the table for him. Abe agrees to talk to Steve and Kayla, who said he’s welcome to have Thanksgiving dinner with them. Paulina tells Abe that’s fine if he prefers that and to just let her know which Abe agrees to do. Paulina says she’s off to buy some groceries. Abe says he’ll be in touch and congratulates Paulina again on her victory as mayor, calling it very well deserved. Abe then walks away.

EJ apologizes to Nicole for having to witness that. Nicole says it’s fine. Stefan tells Nicole that he shouldn’t have come charging in like that and he apologizes. Stefan adds that he’s truly sorry for her loss. Nicole thanks him. Stefan realizes that they are both suffering now and sadly, there’s nothing anybody can do to stop that. Stefan points out that EJ does have the power to stop his wife’s suffering. EJ questions going back to that. Nicole tells EJ to just go outside and talk to Stefan. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole says she needs to be alone for a little while anyway. EJ promises he won’t be long and steps out with Stefan.

Wendy works at the police station as Harris arrives and greets her. Harris thought she was going to take some time off. Wendy says she thought about it but decided that she’d rather be at work than grieving in the apartment where her brother was brutally murdered. Harris understands and says he’s sorry for her loss which she appreciates. Harris guesses that she doesn’t know about Ava. Wendy asks what about her. Harris informs her that Ava’s new boss Gil Carter attacked her at their apartment and tried to sexually assault her but she fought him off. Wendy asks if Ava is okay. Harris says that she will be but Ava shot him in self defense, so Gil is dead and Ava is now in custody. Wendy immediately calls Tripp but it goes straight to voicemail. Wendy decides that she will go find Tripp at the hospital. Harris calls that a good idea because Ava will need all the support she can get as Wendy exits the station.

Ava asks how Clyde knows she didn’t get the keys. Clyde reminds her of what it’s like to be a boss and talks about being three steps ahead. Clyde says he sent Gil to make sure that she got the keys for them, not for things to get rough and kinky between them. Ava tells him to go to Hell. Clyde complains that she cost him one of his best lieutenants and he won’t be easy to replace. Clyde adds that he might be able to forgive her if she does what he needs her to do. Clyde warns Ava to either get the keys or Tripp is going to pay the price. Ava questions how the hell he expects her to do that as Harris returns to the room and asks if everything is okay.

Sloan tells Eric that she can tell something is worrying him and asks if it’s about baby proofing the house. Eric says of course not so Sloan asks what’s wrong since they should be excited about bringing home their baby tomorrow. Eric assures that he is excited, but he can’t stop thinking about Nicole losing her child. Sloan agrees that’s awful. Eric apologizes as he knows it’s difficult for her when he brings up Nicole’s name. Sloan knows they haven’t been the best of friends, but knowing what it feels like to be a mother, her heart really does go out for her and EJ. Sloan states that they are about to be parents now and Eric is going to be a father like he’s wanted his whole life, so they shouldn’t focus on anything else but that their dreams are coming true, not Nicole’s nightmare.

Abe goes to visit Nicole in the hospital and brings her the flowers, saying he had to come see her.

Wendy finds Tripp at the hospital. Tripp thought she was at work. Wendy says she found out something he needed to know. Tripp asks if it’s about Li. Wendy says it’s about Tripp’s mom and reveals that she’s in police custody.

Ava tells Clyde that she has to go. Clyde asks if he heard Harris come in to the room which she confirms. Clyde says they are good for now then, but warns that they will be conversing again soon and that she better get those keys because her son’s life depends on it. Harris asks if she’s okay and who was on the phone. Ava claims that she called a criminal defense lawyer, who was asking for a crazy fee and got testy when she tried to negotiate. Harris hopes she won’t need a lawyer because he will do everything he can to make sure Rafe and everyone else knows that she killed Gil in self defense. Ava appreciates him more than he knows as she doesn’t think she’s ever had anyone stand up for her like he does. Ava feels like she just complicated his life more. Harris says it’s alright as he just wants her to be okay.

EJ and Stefan go to the park. EJ tells him to get this over with so he can get back to his wife. Stefan understands they are grappling with the loss of their baby and he’s sorry as that’s terrible. Stefan thinks he should focus on that instead of his grudge against he and Gabi. EJ jokes that Stefano always said he was good at multi-tasking. Stefan calls him a child as they argue. EJ argues that Gabi’s fingerprints were on the murder weapon and Li named her as his killer while Stefan insists that she’s being setup, probably by him. EJ declares that he’s done with this conversation and warns him to stay away from he and Nicole or he’ll have hospital security throw him out. Stefan stops EJ and says he’s not done yet until he hears his offer. Stefan tells EJ that he’ll give him what he really wants, his old job back. Stefan says all he has to do is say the word and he’ll call an emergency shareholders meeting to reinstall EJ as co-CEO in the morning. EJ asks what if he asks Stefan to step aside to make him sole CEO. Stefan says if that’s what it takes to get Gabi home, fine. Stefan admits he thought they could outmaneuver EJ but they were wrong and he won. Stefan tells EJ that he can take Stefano’s empire and his shares, he doesn’t care as long as Gabi walks. EJ gets a text that Ava has been brought in to the police station for killing a man. Stefan asks what he’s talking about. EJ responds that he’s gotten bored with the constant struggle over running DiMera and he’s come to realize there’s more important things than stock prices and reports, like making Salem safer for their children by putting away hardened criminals like Ava and Gabi. Stefan calls him a sick bastard. EJ asks if they are done yet. Stefan remarks that he’d say karma would come back and bite him in the ass, but it looks like it already has if he asks his wife. Stefan then walks away.

Nicole thanks Abe for the flowers. Abe says he’s so sorry about her baby. Nicole asks who told him. Abe informs her that it was his son Brandon, who is also Nicole’s half-brother. Nicole admits Brandon has been calling nonstop but she hasn’t had the strength to answer. Abe adds that Brandon wanted him to tell her how much he loves her and that he’s there if she needs him. Nicole is glad he sent Abe. Abe brings up that Nicole told him once that they used to be very close and that he was like a father to her. Nicole says he used to call her his bonus daughter as he was always there for her in the worst times of her life. Nicole is sure Abe doesn’t remember but says she does and that it’s so comforting having him here. Abe asks where else would a father be at a time like this.

Sloan apologizes to Eric for sounding so selfish. Eric says it’s alright and that she’s right. Eric says as sorry as they both are for EJ and Nicole, they can’t let their sorrow ruin their joy. Eric assures that he’s really happy. Sloan thinks she knows something that can help them focus on their joy and suggests thinking of a name for their baby. Sloan asks if Eric has any thoughts. Eric admits he’s been thinking about a couple of names and hopes that she likes them too. Eric asks what she thinks about Samuel. Sloan questions naming their son after his sister Sami.

Wendy informs Tripp that according to Harris, Gil tried to rape Ava and she shot him in self defense. Tripp says he has to get down there, so he exits with Wendy.

Harris takes Ava out of the interrogation room and says he’s hoping to get the case thrown out, but until then he has to do everything by the book, so he has to take her official statement.

Eric asks Sloan what’s wrong with naming their child after his sister. Sloan remarks that word around town is that his sister is kind of a hot mess. Eric says that she’s earned her reputation but she’s the most kind and loyal person he knows. Sloan brings up Eric telling her before that Sami and Nicole didn’t get along, so she asks if Sami didn’t approve of Nicole. Eric says that it goes way deeper than that. Sloan asks how deep, so Eric reveals that Nicole did the worst thing you can do to a mother and stole Sami’s baby which shocks Sloan.

Nicole tells Abe that when she was told her son died, it was like someone flattened her heart. Nicole says she and EJ had big plans and dreams for their son. Nicole tells Abe that she used to be a terrible person, who lied, cheated, and hurt people, so she wonders if this is karma and she wasn’t supposed to bring a child in to this world. Abe stops her and calls it just a horrific tragedy, but not a punishment. Abe encourages that she has a good heart and she’s not alone as she has her friends and family which includes him. Nicole hugs Abe as she cries and thanks him.

Ava gives her statement, telling Harris that Gil was out of control and violent, so she truly believed that she had no choice but to shoot him. Wendy and Tripp arrive at the station. Tripp hugs Ava as she thanks Wendy for bringing him. Wendy says she’s glad she is safe. Harris says he’ll let them talk and go talk to Rafe in his office about the charges. Ava guesses Tripp was told what happened. Tripp asks if Gil hurt her. Ava says he tried. Tripp remarks that he’s lucky he’s dead or he’d kill him, himself. Ava tells him not to talk like that, especially in the police station. Ava insists that he doesn’t have to worry as she is fine. Ava warns that Tripp is the one that needs to be careful, because he’s a doctor with a brilliant mind and future, so she needs him to stay out of this. Tripp says not until he knows she is safe and free. Tripp decides he will hire her the best lawyer in town and makes a call. Ava looks over at the desk and sees Harris left his keys behind.

Stefan goes to prison and meets Clyde. Stefan says he was on his way to see Gabi when one of Clyde’s flunkies said he wanted to speak with him. Stefan tells him to talk quick, repeating that he came to see his wife. Clyde comments on always being in a rush. Stefan asks what he wants. Clyde says they have so much in common these days, pointing out that Gabi is right on the other side. Clyde remarks that he thinks it’s a damn shame what EJ is doing to Gabi. Clyde questions how EJ got to be district attorney anyway, saying it seems like yesterday that they were partners in a lucrative drug operation. Stefan says he doesn’t have time to go down memory lane with him. Clyde comments that it’s touching to see how much he loves Gabi and that it would be such a shame if something happened to her on the inside. Stefan asks if he just threatened his wife. Clyde says he’s just speaking the truth about what a dangerous place prison can be. Clyde adds that he would be willing to offer Gabi his protective services, if he got something in return.

Abe and Paulina run in to each other again in the town square. Abe admits that he hoped he would catch her coming out of the store and that he came looking for her. Abe explains that he was visiting his friend at the hospital and stopped by to see Kayla, so it turns out that Kayla is working for Thanksgiving and Steve is out of town on a case with John. Paulina jokes that she’s his only option then. Abe decides he would love to spend the holiday with her and Chanel. Paulina assures that the offer still stands and asks Abe to help her carry the groceries to her car.

Sloan questions Eric about Nicole switching EJ and Sami’s daughter with the baby she planned to adopt. Eric confirms that she did and that baby died but by that time, she had already grown to love her. Sloan questions Nicole continuing to raise Sami’s daughter as her own. Eric says they did until learning the truth. Sloan questions how Eric could forgive Nicole for what she did to his own sister. Eric responds that he believes in forgiveness, saying he needs it himself. Eric knows Sami has done terrible things in her time which Sloan asks about. Eric says back in the 90s, there wasn’t a DNA test in his family that Sami didn’t tamper with. Sloan questions Eric forgiving Nicole because Sami did bad things too. Eric acknowledges that Nicole was desperate to be a mother and still suffering from the loss of her child. Eric remarks that sometimes, desperate people do desperate things.

Tripp finishes a call and tells Ava that Belle refused to take her case. Ava is not surprised since Susan is part of her extended family. Tripp says it’s fine since Belle isn’t the only solid lawyer in town. Tripp then calls Justin. Ava then grabs the keys off the desk. Harris returns and announces that he spoke to Rafe about the whole situation, so he doesn’t see any reason to have to book Ava tonight and she is free to go home. Ava hugs him and thanks him while holding the stolen keys in her hand.

EJ returns to Nicole in the hospital. Nicole tells him about Abe visiting and how it was nice to see him. EJ says even with Abe’s memory loss, he can still tell what a special person she is and the connection they have. Nicole asks how it went with Stefan. EJ says he begged him to drop the charges against Gabi. Nicole asks if Gabi is guilty. EJ says all the evidence points to her. EJ adds that Stefan also offered to make him CEO of DiMera again, but he refused. EJ imagines Stefan is relaying the bad news to Gabi now.

Stefan questions if Clyde wants to be paid to protect Gabi. Clyde explains that he suffered a significant loss recently and needs another man on the outside. Stefan refuses to be his henchman. Clyde says he has it all wrong and he wouldn’t insult him by asking him to be his lackey. Clyde suggests Stefan become his partner and he’ll make sure nobody comes close to laying a finger on Gabi. Stefan questions the exchange. Clyde thinks it’s time for the DiMeras to get back in the drug running game.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan told Eric they were getting tomorrow. He was happy about it, but he couldn’t help thinking about Nicole losing her baby. Sloan felt bad for Nicole and EJ, but she wanted to focus on their new lives together. EJ was trying to comfort Nicole when Stefan burst in the room. He demanded EJ drop the charges against Gabi. EJ wanted him to have some compassion for Nicole. Stefan wondered where EJ’s compassion for his wife was. He reminded EJ that his wife was rotting in prison because of him. Stefan finally calmed down and offered his condolences. Nicole wanted EJ to talk to Stefan outside because she wanted to be alone. Clyde called Ava. He let her know that killing Gil didn’t get her out of their arrangement. She told him that Gil tried to rape her. Clyde thought he was playing hard to get. He threatened Tripp and reminded her to get the key. Harris walked in the interrogation room while she was on the phone with Clyde. Clyde threatened Tripp again before she hung up. She lied about talking to a defense attorney who charged too much. He said she might not need an attorney if he could prove she killed Gil in self-defense. She appreciated what he was doing for her.

EJ and Stefan argued about Gabi in the park. Stefan offered to reinstate EJ as co-CEO. EJ wanted to be sole CEO. Stefan agreed to it if he could get Gabi back. He offered his shares to EJ. EJ got a message about Ava’s situation and rejected Stefan’s proposal. He said he was bored with the drama at the company. He wanted to put hardened criminals like Gabi and Ava in prison. Stefan told him that karma would get him. He said it already did because of what happened to his wife. Sloan apologized to Eric for sounding selfish about Nicole’s situation. Eric thought she was right. He didn’t want EJ and Nicole to ruin their happiness. She wanted to think of baby names. Eric wanted to name the baby Sam. She was surprised he wanted to name the baby after his sister. He thought she was the most loyal person he knew. Sloan remembered Sami and Nicole didn’t get along. She wanted to know why. He told her that Nicole stole her baby. Harris took Ava to get her statement. She looked at his keys on the desk. Tripp and Wendy walked in the station. He would have killed Gil himself if he knew what he did to his mother. Ava assured him that she was okay. She wanted him to stay out of it, but he refused to stay out until he was free. Stefan met Clyde at Statesville. Clyde wanted to work with Stefan, but he didn’t want to do it. He reminded Stefan about Gabi being in prison. Clyde could protect her if he helped him. He felt the DiMeras should be back in the drug business. Tripp talked to Belle about representing Ava. She refused to represent her, so he called Justin. Ava took Harris’ keys. Harris told her that she could go home.

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Days Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris drew his gun and burst in Ava’s apartment. He found Gil on the floor with a gunshot wound in his chest. Ava told him that Gil was dead. Harris checked his body and confirmed he was dead. Ava was shaken up and Harris wanted her to tell him what happened. He took the gun away from her. Harris wanted to know why Gil was in her apartment. She lied about why he was there. Ava told him that he tried to attack her. Harris noticed that her blouse was torn. She explained he tried to do it when she was trying to get away from him. He had a bad feeling about him from the beginning. Harris felt like he should have trusted his instincts. Sloan was on the phone with Melinda. They talked about the baby when Eric walked in the room. He heard part of her conversation. Sloan ended the call. Eric wondered what she was talking about. She lied to Eric and said the mother had doubts about giving up her baby. Sloan assured him that she didn’t change her mind. He wanted to see Nicole at the hospital. Sloan went to see Melinda. She spent time with the baby. Harris and Ava arrived at the police station. She was afraid no one would believe her story. He assured her that he believed her. Harris planned to prove her innocence. He left the interrogation room to check with the CSI team. Ava received a call from Statesville.

EJ tried to comfort Nicole at the hospital, but she rejected him. Holly arrived with her favorite pizza, but she snapped at her. EJ suggested that Holly go home. He promised her that he would keep her informed. Nicole told him that she needed to sleep, so he left her alone. He waited in the lobby and Chad arrived. He heard about the baby and offered his condolences. Chad comforted EJ. He was concerned about Nicole. Chad talked about how he felt when he left Abby. EJ and Chad talked about Chad losing Grace. They talked about how it felt not spending time with their children before they lost them. Eric went to Nicole’s room. He saw that she was resting so he decided to leave. She told him not to go. Nicole told him that he was a man of God and wanted to know how God could do that to her. Eric tried to console her, but she was heartbroken. EJ walked in the room and saw them hugging. Eric left the room. EJ told her about Chad’s visit. Johnny was happy that Chanel returned home after visiting Lani. He told her what happened with EJ and Nicole’s baby. Chanel wanted to do something for them. They decided to make dinner for them. Holly arrived at the mansion and was upset about her mother. She told Johnny what happened at the hospital. Johnny comforted Holly. Chanel walked in the room and saw them together. Holly didn’t expect her to come home so soon. Johnny told her that she could hang out with them. Holly wanted to go upstairs. Chanel let Johnny know that Holly had a crush on him. Johnny told her that she was wrong about that. He told her that Holly had a crush on EJ.Chanel was skeptical about that.

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Days Short Recap Monday, November 20, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe talked to Harris about Gabi’s case. He’s convinced his sister is innocent and wanted Harris to investigate her case on the low. Paulina overheard them talking and said they couldn’t do it. She threatened to fire both of them if they went through with the plan. Rafe understood her position and agreed to drop it. She wanted them to work on the drug cartel situation. Paulina wanted them to shut it down. They agreed to investigate the drug cartel. After Paulina left, Harris agreed to help Rafe investigate Gabi’s case. Harris felt they should focus on the drug cartel too. Maggie thanked Konstantin for getting Victoria back. He kissed her and she pushed him away. She was horrified that he kissed her. Konstantin said he would go back to Greece immediately. Maggie informed him that it wasn’t necessary, but he said he needed to go. She walked away from him. He beat himself up for messing up his plan. Konstantin wondered if he could fix it after all. Xander and Sarah were ecstatic to have their daughter back. He told her that he wanted to drop the custody battle. She was surprised by his decision. He didn’t want to take their daughter away from her. Xander wondered if they could co-parent Victoria. Sarah agreed to that. They were about to kiss when Maggie walked in the room. She apologized for interrupting them. They told her the good news about the case. Maggie was happy about the news. Konstantin prepared to leave the mansion. Sarah was shocked that he was leaving. Maggie and Sarah talked him into staying. He pretended to think about it before changing his mind.

Theresa left a message for Konstantin in Alex’s office when Brady overheard her. He wanted to know what she didn’t want anyone else to know. She lied to him and said she was talking to Stephanie about sleeping with Alex. Theresa didn’t want anyone to know about it. They argued when Alex walked in the room. He told them about Victoria’s kidnapping. Brady was thankful and hoped the kidnapper was punished. Theresa was uncomfortable about the conversation. Gil arrived at Ava’s apartment and told her that he wanted her to steal the key to the Salem PD’s evidence room from Harris, He told her that one of the dealers got arrested and they needed to get the evidence, so the dealer didn’t flip on them. She told him that she couldn’t do it because Harris would get suspicious and blow the investigation. Gil told her that he would have to tell Clyde that she refused to do it. He offered her another alternative. Gil told her that he would keep quiet if she had sex with him. She refused and pulled away from him. He ripped her shirt and got rough with her. Gil told her that she didn’t have a choice. Ava pretended to give in and grabbed his gun. He didn’t think she would shoot him, so he continued to approach her. Harris was outside the door. He burst into Ava’s apartment with his gun drawn when he heard a gunshot. He found Ava holding a gun while Gil was on the floor with a gunshot wound.

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Days Update Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny is on the phone with his sister Sydney and tells her that EJ is at the hospital with Nicole and they are both taking it pretty hard. Johnny tells her that she wouldn’t be intruding and he’s sure EJ would love to hear from her. As Johnny hangs up, Chanel arrives and surprises him. They hug as Chanel informs him that her plane just landed a couple hours ago. Johnny is glad to see her as he missed her and asks how Lani is. Chanel says she’s good, considering she’s still on track to be released at the end of the year. Chanel asks how EJ’s wedding was and says she’s sorry she missed it. Johnny responds that the wedding was fine, but he has some pretty bad news as something terrible happened to EJ and Nicole last night.

Nicole lays in her hospital bed. EJ joins her side and says he just finished a call with Rafe, who said they still haven’t found Dimitri. EJ promises that he will not let this go and that Dimitri will be brought to justice. Nicole asks what difference it makes because nothing matters now that her baby is gone and nothing is going to bring him back.

Sloan calls Melinda and asks how the baby is. Melinda says he’s in better shape than her and kept her up all night. Melinda understands it’s Sloan’s first time being a mom. Sloan calls it also her first time stealing another woman’s child. Melinda reminds her to stay positive. Sloan asks if Dr. Pierce said how Nicole is. Melinda feels that’s not focusing on the positives, but notes that he didn’t say and she didn’t ask about Nicole. Sloan says that she’s sure Nicole is devastated about the baby and it’s all her fault, right as Eric comes home.

Ava warns Gil to stop there or she will end him. Gil doesn’t think she will. Harris then knocks on the door and says he knows he’s a little early. Harris then hears a gun shot and bursts in to see that Ava has shot Gil in the chest. Harris asks Ava what happened. Ava responds that Gil is dead and she killed him. Harris checks Gil’s pulse and confirms that he’s dead. Harris sits Ava down and says this is the second body he’s found in this apartment and assumes this is not connected to Li’s death which Ava confirms. Harris asks Ava to tell him what happened. Ava responds that Gil showed up at her door out of the blue. Harris has Ava put the gun down and asks why Gil showed up at her door. Ava thinks back to Gil asking for the key to the police department’s evidence room. Ava then informs Harris that Gil wanted something from her, so Harris asks what he wanted.

Sloan tells Melinda that Eric is home so she has to go and hangs up. Sloan tells Eric that she just called Melinda for an update on their son and they still don’t have an exact date for his arrival, but it should be soon and she’s excited. Eric questions who she said was devastated and that it’s all her fault. Sloan tells Eric that she didn’t want to bother him with it, but Melinda said that the birth mother is having a difficult time with her decision to give up her child but she knows it’s for the best and she is going through with it, it’s just difficult. Sloan can’t help but feel really guilty. Eric encourages that she has nothing to feel guilty about as they are going to give this baby a wonderful life.

EJ asks Nicole if there’s anything he can do to make her feel more comfortable. Nicole says no. Holly then arrives and asks how Nicole is. Holly brought Nicole her favorite pizza but she says she’s not hungry. Holly mentions hearing that Nicole hasn’t eaten since yesterday, which EJ confirms. Holly encourages her to eat just one slice but Nicole yells that she said she’s not hungry.

Chanel tells Johnny that it’s so awful and that EJ and Nicole must be going through it. Johnny calls it a nightmare and wishes there was something he could do. Chanel says all he can really do in times like this is just be there. Johnny supposes she’s right. Chanel suggests they make dinner for EJ and Nicole and take it to the hospital. Johnny calls that a great idea and thinks they’d really appreciate that. Chanel says she’ll go to the kitchen to see what they can make. Johnny thanks Chanel as she just got back and she’s already jumping in to help his family. Chanel tells Johnny that he and his family are important to her, so she’s happy to do it. Johnny calls that one of the many reasons he loves her as they kiss.

Holly apologizes to Nicole for upsetting her. EJ tells Holly that Nicole is just exhausted and needs to rest, so he suggests she come by another time. Holly tells Nicole that she will stop by again later. EJ thanks Holly as she exits. EJ asks Nicole what he can do. Nicole admits that she’s tired and just wants to sleep.

Sloan sees that Eric bought five different kinds of diapers. Eric talks about all the styles and brands. Sloan is sure they’ll work and asks about getting the crib set up. Eric thought he should go to the hospital to check on Nicole. Eric asks if she’s not okay with that. Sloan agrees that he should go since what happened to Nicole was really terrible. Eric calls it a terrible twist of fate.

Harris asks Ava what Gil wanted. Ava responds that he initially claimed that he came to discuss work but then he got handsy with her and started coming on to her in a disgusting way, so she realized why he really came. Harris sees that Ava’s blouse is torn and asks if Gil tried to assault her. Ava confirms that he did and that he just kept getting closer. Ava says she tried to push him away but he wouldn’t, so she grabbed his gun. Harris questions why he had a gun. Ava says she doesn’t know and that he just attacked her. Ava begins to panic, asking what she has done. Harris hugs her as she cries and tells her it’s okay. Ava cries that she’s so glad Harris is there. Harris wishes he trusted his instincts. Ava asks what he means. Harris responds that as soon as he met Gil, he knew he was trouble. Ava tells him that he has no idea.

Holly goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Johnny asks about Nicole. Holly responds that she’s doing awful and barely acknowledged her when she came to the room. Holly says she tried to give her pizza and Nicole snapped at her, then EJ asked her to leave, so she was only there for like two minutes. Johnny says he’s really sorry that happened to her. Holly cries that Nicole is in Hell right now and she hated seeing her mom like that. Holly says that Nicole is always so strong and now she doesn’t know how to help her. Johnny hugs Holly as she cries.

Chad goes to the hospital and hugs EJ, telling him that he just heard about the baby and he’s so sorry. EJ thanks him and says he’s so glad he’s there.

Sloan goes to Melinda’s and checks on the baby. Melinda asks what happened with Eric since she ended their call so abruptly. Sloan tells Melinda that Eric overheard the end of their conversation, so she told him that they were talking about the birth mother having a hard time letting go and Eric bought that. Melinda asks if they are ready to become parents. Sloan says almost, joking that Eric bought half the diapers in Salem and they are going to finish the apartment once Eric gets back from the hospital where he is visiting Nicole.

Eric goes to the hospital to visit Nicole and says he thought he’d stop by to see how she’s doing. Eric says he can come back another time but Nicole asks him not to go.

Harris brings Ava to the interrogation room at the police station. Ava talks about her nerves. Harris understands she’s been through something really traumatic, but tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about Gil as he can’t hurt her anymore. Ava thinks back to Gil’s warning that if she shot him, her son would be dead. Ava then tells Harris that he’s wrong as Gil can still hurt her badly. Harris doesn’t understand and questions how Gil can still hurt her when he’s dead. Ava asks what if no one believes that she killed him in self defense due to her history and since she just got out of a mental institution for shooting someone. Harris encourages that they will find physical evidence to back up her story. Ava asks what if they don’t. Harris says that Ava will have to trust the legal system. Harris assures her that he will find a way to prove that she is telling the truth, because he believes her. Ava points out that Gabi trusted the legal system and Rafe made promises but she’s still sitting in a cell. Harris argues that her case is still going to trial and she could be found innocent, but Ava says not with EJ as the new district attorney. Ava declares that EJ hates Gabi’s guts and will exploit his power to keep her locked up forever. Ava then adds that EJ hates her even more than Gabi.

Chad asks EJ why he didn’t call him last night as he would’ve came over right away. EJ apologizes and says there was just a lot going on. EJ calls it all a bit of a blur. Chad asks how he’s holding up but knows it’s a stupid question. EJ says it’s Nicole that he’s worried about as he doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to pull through this since she won’t eat and barely even looks at him. EJ adds that Holly stopped by and Nicole snapped at her. EJ wants to be there for Nicole but he doesn’t want to push. EJ tells Chad that he doesn’t know how to help Nicole. Chad tells EJ that when he lost Abigail, he was in shock for the first few days and there was nothing that anyone could have said or done to make any difference. Chad says he was oblivious and just wanted to be left the hell alone as he was mired in grief and didn’t want to be rescued from it, so he shut himself off to the world and everyone, including the people he loves. Chad states that is what Nicole is doing now and encourages EJ to just give it time. Chad says that when Nicole is ready, she’ll let him know and then he will be there for her and strong for the both of them. EJ hopes he’s right.

Eric sits at Nicole’s side and tells her that he’s so sorry for her loss. Nicole informs Eric that she asked him to stay because he’s a man of God and she needs to know why this happened. Nicole asks why God would bless her with a child and let her carry him for all these months, just to rip him away. Eric tells Nicole that there isn’t an answer, so they just have to believe it’s God’s will and they have to trust those that love them. Eric assures Nicole that it’s not her fault and she’s not alone. Eric hugs Nicole as she cries.

Melinda asks Sloan if it bothers her that Eric went to go see Nicole. Sloan admits that it does, but says it’s not that she’s jealous. Melinda says Eric is just comforting her. Sloan points out that it’s over something that she did. Melinda calls guilt a waste of time, stating that they made a decision and there’s no going back. Melinda insists that EJ and Nicole will eventually adjust to this new reality. Melinda talks them up as rich and powerful, so they won’t wallow in misery forever as they have too much to live for. Melinda points out that it’s not like Nicole is childless since she still has her daughter.

Holly apologizes to Johnny for making this all about her. Johnny assures her that her mom loves her and that bringing her pizza was very thoughtful and caring which is who she is. Holly thanks Johnny and says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him right as Chanel returns to the room. Holly greets Chanel and says she didn’t realize she was home. Chanel says she just got back and she’s sorry about what happened with Nicole. Chanel tells Holly that she and Johnny were just about to make dinner to bring to Nicole if she wants in on that. Johnny informs Chanel that Holly just said Nicole doesn’t have much of an appetite so they can save that idea for another day. Holly says she’s just going to go upstairs and listen to music. Johnny tells her that she’s welcome to stay and hang out with them if she wants. Holly says that’s okay and thanks him for the pep talk, assuring that she’s feeling better. Holly then heads upstairs. Johnny tells Chanel that Holly is so upset about her mom, so he hopes that he helped. Chanel assures that he did because when she walked in, it looked like Holly’s mind was on something other than her mom. Johnny asks what she means. Chanel then informs him that she thinks Holly has a crush on him.

Chad knows EJ is focused on Nicole, but asks if he’s taking care of himself. EJ responds that he’s fine but Chad disagrees, acknowledging that he just lost his baby. EJ then admits he’s not fine but he’s not grieving because he hasn’t fully processed that his son is gone. EJ feels it just seems too cruel that an innocent baby could have his life taken away like that. EJ calls it so strange and terribly sad that the baby existed in the world and he never even had the chance to meet him. Chad reminds EJ that he went through the same thing with his daughter, Grace, and how he never got the chance to be a father to her. Chad can’t help but think that if he just got to meet her and spend a little time with her, it would’ve brought some comfort to be able to carry a memory of her. EJ says he would’ve given anything for that, to hold his son in his arms and tell him that he loves him but now that’s just a fantasy.

Sloan tells Melinda that she’s already in love with the baby and comments that it’s almost like he already knows she’s his mom. Melinda encourages her to stay positive because this is now her son, so she and Eric are going to give him a wonderful life. Sloan acknowledges that Melinda has gone so above and beyond for her and she’s so grateful. Melinda responds that she did it because Sloan is her friend and the only friend that she’s had in a really long time. Sloan says that Melinda is kind of her only friend too. Melinda is glad that one of them is getting everything she wants. Sloan agrees that thanks to Melinda and the baby, she does have everything that she wants.

EJ returns to Nicole’s hospital room to find her hugging Eric. Eric stands up and tells EJ that he just stopped by to check on Nicole. Eric offers his condolences to EJ as well. EJ thanks him and says he appreciates him stopping by. Eric then exits the room. Nicole hopes EJ doesn’t think anything. EJ says she doesn’t have to explain and wants her to know that he’s here for her too, if and when she needs him.

Harris tells Ava that EJ may have it out for her, but she has the truth on her side. Ava says he has a lot more faith in the justice system than she does. Harris reveals that he may have some good news for her case since he had a bad feeling about Gil since day one, so he did a background check and found that he has a record. Ava asks if it was sexual assault. Harris says it was a drug offense which Ava feels doesn’t compare to her past as a mafia princess. Harris gets a text from the CSI team at her place and hopes it’s good news. Harris says he will keep her updated and exits the room. Ava’s phone then rings with a call from Statesville Prison. Ava then answers the call.

Johnny questions what makes Chanel think Holly has a crush on him. Chanel jokes about how Holly was hovering off the ground and staring in to his eyes. Johnny jokes about being irresistible and promises that Holly doesn’t have eyes for him, pointing out that she’s his little sister now that his parents are married. Chanel asks if he’s sure that Holly feels that way about him. Johnny assures that he is as he reveals that Holly told him that she had a crush on EJ right before the wedding. Johnny asks Chanel not to say anything since Holly said she’s over it and would be mortified if he told anyone. Chanel asks if he’s sure that her crush was on EJ and not him. Johnny insists that he’s positive.

EJ tells Nicole that Chad stopped by to offer his condolences as he only just found out today. Nicole questions EJ not telling him last night. EJ notes that Chad did ask why he never called, but he just said they were busy with a lot going on which is a half truth. EJ then admits that he didn’t call Chad because he feared that talking about it would make it real. Nicole cries that she knows exactly what he means as they hug.

Melinda gives the baby his bottle and jokes that now it’s time for her to have her bottle. Melinda talks about being so impressed with how good the baby was with Sloan and how excited Sloan is to bring him home to his dad. Melinda declares that they are going to have a beautiful family, as long as Sloan’s guilty conscience doesn’t torpedo the entire plan.

Eric goes home to Sloan. Sloan talks about mentally preparing herself and asks how Nicole is. Eric says she is as heartbroken as expected. Sloan says she feels really bad for her. Eric says he does too as he doesn’t know how Nicole is going to get through this one. Sloan then tells Eric that she went to see Melinda and there’s something he needs to know.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City celebrate Thanksgiving. The Abbotts celebrate together. The Winters celebrate together.

Jamie tries to persuade the family to push Jill out of the company so they can make Chancellor-Winters a family legacy.

Ashley tells Tucker she is going to give him the company they bought which was going to be simply Ashley as a way to make amends for the way she hurt him.

The Baldwin Fisher family have a private Thanksgiving dinner at Society and also welcome Michael and Gloria home from Singapore. Gloria tells her family she was in jail in Singapore because she stole some clothes from the wife of a diplomat after the woman caught her in bed with her husband.

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Days Update Monday, November 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Ava calls Harris and apologizes for missing dinner last night as she knows she told him that she had the night off, but Gil called her in at the last minute to go over the books. Harris knows it’s hard to make plans when running a restaurant. Ava says she has a little free time today, so she thought maybe they could sneak away to grab a drink before dinner. Harris thinks he can make that work and says he’ll pick her up at her apartment at 5 which Ava says is perfect. Harris says he’ll see her later and they hang up. Gil then shows up at Ava’s door.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander reminds Sarah that they are due in court soon. Sarah admits she totally forgot and asks how she can leave her daughter now or think about any of that stuff. Sarah declares that they have to postpone again as there is no other way. Xander asks what if he just drops the case? Sarah asks what he means and if he’s being serious. Xander points out that her daughter was taken from her today and it was unbearable, so the last thing he wants is to take her away from her again.

Maggie tells Konstantin that the way he has watched over them, he’s been like an angel sent from Heaven. Konstantin then grabs Maggie and kisses her. Maggie pushes him off and questions what on earth he is doing.

Theresa calls Konstantin and it goes straight to voicemail. She leaves a message, saying she’s calling to make sure that he took Victoria safely back to Sarah and that if the whole thing blows up, he damn well better keep her name out of it as no one can ever find out what she did, right as Brady appears in the doorway and questions what she did now.

Sarah asks if Xander is really willing to drop the custody case. Xander knows he said he was willing to go to war and he meant it at the time, but their daughter was kidnapped and he thought he might never see her again which put things in to perspective for him. Xander doesn’t want to go through that again or put Sarah through that. Sarah admits that’s the last thing she thought he would say, especially since she accused him of taking Victoria and that she was taken on her watch. Sarah thought he would use that against her. Xander says he wouldn’t do that and he hopes that she knows what happened wasn’t her fault. Xander declares that whoever took their daughter is to blame.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie and says he shouldn’t have done that as he asks if they can forget this ever happened.

Theresa questions Brady listening in on people’s private conversations. Brady points out that the office is a pretty public place to have a private conversation. Theresa remarks that a gentleman would have the decency to make his presence known. Brady argues that she hasn’t changed. Brady says he was trying to convince Alex not to hire her because he was sure she would do something to undermine the company but then he thought maybe he was overreacting, and then he overhears her saying something is going to blow up in her face. Brady asks Theresa what’s going on and what she did. Theresa then tells Brady that she slept with Alex.

Gil tells Ava that he has a rather delicate matter to discuss that he thought was best not to discuss at the restaurant. Ava asks what he wants. Gil says he wants a key to the Salem PD evidence room. Ava questions why. Gil responds that apparently, one of their lower level dealers got arrested last night and he knows not to flip, but if the cops poke around, it could broaden the investigation so the evidence needs to disappear. Ava questions why he’s coming to her with this and how she’s supposed to get it. Gil tells her from her detective boyfriend.

Rafe meets Harris at the Brady Pub. Harris assumes he’s been busy with the kidnapping and asks if there’s any leads on who took Sarah Horton’s baby. Rafe says there’s nothing yet and he was actually going to put Harris and Jada on it but Jada is at Leo’s arraignment this morning. Harris wishes Jada told him that she was going after them alone because he hates that Leo and Dimitri got the drop on her. Rafe feels the same but notes that Jada is tough and he tried to get her to take off work. Harris asks if there’s anything he can do in the meantime. Rafe says the reason he asked him to lunch is because he wants Harris to find out who murdered Li Shin. Rafe explains that EJ had Gabi charged for murder, but he doesn’t believe for a second that she stabbed Li. Harris responds that Rafe knows Gabi better than he does, so he believes him, but notes that it will be tricky since Gabi’s prints are on the murder weapon and Li named her as his killer right before he died. Rafe says he knows all that but Harris was there at the scene and saw how much blood was there. Rafe notes that Li was barely conscious so asks if he even knew what he was saying. Rafe adds that the person who stabbed Li could have been wearing gloves which leaves lots of room and he feels there’s no reason they can’t continue the investigation on the DL. Paulina then comes over and says that there is.

Ava questions if Gil is crazy for wanting her to steal Harris’ key to the evidence room and asks if he won’t notice it’s missing. Gil says that’s not his problem and suggests Ava just convince Harris that he lost it. Gil questions Ava looking so damn skeptical. Ava responds that she’s done everything he’s asked so far but he can’t involve Harris and doesn’t think this is a good idea, pointing out that Harris is a detective so he could figure out she took it which leads to all sorts of questions. Ava adds that if Harris figures out what is going on here, it could ruin the whole operation. Gil admits she makes a good point but warns that he’s still going to have to go back to Clyde and tell him that she refused to do what he asked.

Xander tells Sarah that he will call Sloan and tell her that he’s dropping the suit with no need for Eric to testify. Sarah questions if he’s really serious about this. Xander assures that he is and admits he never believed that she was an unfit mother and he was just angry that she lied to him about the baby, but he understands why she did it. Xander acknowledges that he’s done terrible things and made bad decisions, but he knows now he can’t fix a bad decision with another, especially when he never really wanted to sue her for custody. Sarah asks what he really wants then. Xander says he wants the two of them to raise Victoria together. Sarah says she wants that too.

Konstantin apologizes to Maggie again and says he doesn’t know what came over him. Maggie calls it just an error of judgment and says it’s already forgotten. Konstantin calls her very kind but says he’s not sure he deserves it since he’s taking advantage of her grief. Maggie calls him a good man but Konstantin says he’s disgusting and that he disgraced Victor. Konstantin declares there’s only one way he can make this right and that is by leaving to go back to Greece.

Brady questions Theresa sleeping with Alex. Theresa reveals it happened in Greece, reminding him of the night that she wanted to stay in Brady’s room but he went off on her. Theresa informs him that after Brady left, Alex tried to make her feel better and he did as they slept together. Brady can’t say he’s surprised. Theresa says she didn’t want anyone to know about it and that she and Alex agreed to keep it between them since they are working together now, so she doesn’t want it out there that she slept with the boss. Brady says he can totally understand that. Brady questions who Theresa was talking to on the phone if she wanted to keep it a secret. Theresa claims that she was talking to her cousin, Stephanie, because she had to tell someone and she knew that she would keep it between them. Brady asks if they just slept together the one time since they are living together now. Theresa assures they have separate bedrooms and it only happened that one time. Theresa asks why he’s so interested and if he’s jealous.

Maggie tells Konstantin that there’s no reason for him to leave and that she doesn’t want him to because she likes having him there. Konstantin calls that very kind of her but says he’s had the feeling that he’s worn out his welcome. Konstantin thinks back to overhearing Sarah complaining to Maggie about him. Konstantin tells Maggie that he needs to pack and exits the room.

Xander questions Sarah wanting them to raise Victoria together which she confirms. Sarah admits that deep down, she knew he’d be the most wonderful father but she was just so upset with him for what he had done. Sarah says the more people told her to let go of the anger, the more she dug her heels in because she’s stubborn which they joke about. Xander talks about meeting his match with her. Xander tells her that he’s truly sorry that he let it go this far. Sarah responds that she is too as she takes his hand and they get close.

Paulina tells Rafe to drop this immediately because they have made an arrest and her new district attorney is prosecuting her, so if it gets out that Rafe is still running an investigation behind his back then it will look bad for his department and her office. Rafe apologizes to Paulina but says she of all people should understand since a member of his family has been falsely accused of murder and he needs to fix it. Paulina warns him to check himself and questions if he’s bringing up her personal history in this. Paulina calls that highly inappropriate and reminds Rafe that he works for her. Rafe apologizes. Paulina states that she likes him and feels for him but warns that if he doesn’t drop this, she will be forced to hire a new police commissioner who will listen to orders. Paulina points out that she already hired Harris at his recommendation and doesn’t want to have to fire both of them for going behind her back, especially when there’s a new case that needs their attention. Rafe asks what it is. Paulina informs them that there’s been an increase in drug trafficking and rumors of a new cartel setting up shop somewhere in town, so she needs both of them to find out who is behind it.

Gil warns Ava that Clyde won’t be happy to hear that he didn’t get that key. Ava thought they agreed they didn’t want to give Harris any reason to start asking question. Gil says they don’t but he doesn’t know if Clyde will see it that way and he will have no choice but to tell him that Ava refused to get the key, so there’s no telling how Clyde will react as he could be mellow or he could ask him to pull the trigger on her son. Gil then suggests he might be persuaded not to mention her disobedience to Clyde if she does a little something for him in return.

Brady assures Theresa that he’s not jealous and his only reaction is that it won’t last between her and Alex. Brady asks why he would be jealous. Alex then enters the office and asks if everything is alright in here.

Konstantin goes to his room and listens to his voicemail from Theresa. Konstantin declares that no one is going to hear it from him and calls himself an idiot for getting in Maggie’s good graces by returning the baby but then ruining it by kissing Maggie. Konstantin questions why he would take such a risk but admits it’s still possible this gamble will pay off.

Xander and Sarah almost kiss but Maggie returns to the room and interrupts. Maggie asks how Victoria is doing. Sarah says she’s great and never better, because she and Xander have decided to drop the custody case which surprises Maggie. Sarah explains that after everything that happened, they decided to work things out amicably. Maggie calls that wonderful news and just what she wanted for them both. Maggie is sorry it took a kidnapping to make it happen. Xander jokes that they would’ve preferred to skip that part too. Sarah admits it woke them up since all that matters is that Victoria is safe and home where she belongs, thanks to Konstantin. Konstantin then comes in. Sarah tells him tha they were just talking about how grateful they are to him. Konstantin declares that he came to say goodbye because he is leaving Salem.

Rafe tells Paulina that he’ll be happy to lead an investigation on the recent arrests since the last thing Salem needs is more drugs on the streets. Paulina agrees and says she’ll be in touch later in the week. Paulina warns that this better be the last she hears about the case against Gabi because she’s given her final word on that subject. Paulina then exits the Pub. Harris tells Rafe that he’s sorry about that. Rafe says that Paulina is right that what he asked Harris to do is completely against protocol. Harris says that may be but he feels for Rafe, so if he wants him to pursue other suspects in Li’s death, he will.

Gil acknowledges that Ava is a very attractive woman and says he can tell that she likes attention. Ava argues that she’s not there for his attention. Gil brings up Harris but Ava tells him not to talk about him. Gil grabs Ava and tells her that this is not optional. Ava tries to push him off and escape but he grabs hold of her and says this doesn’t have to be unpleasant and that they are so alike. Gil says they could be really good if she just gives them a chance. Ava says she hasn’t thought about it like that and maybe he’s right that they have more in common than they thought. Ava tells him that maybe they can be more than business associates. Gil suggests combining business and pleasure. Gil starts kissing her but she pushes him off and pulls a gun out, asking who is playing now. Gil asks what the hell she thinks she’s doing. Ava calls it pretty obvious that she’s making sure he doesn’t rape her. Gil argues that he’s not a rapist. Ava tells him that when he says it’s not optional and she’s trying to run away, he’s a rapist. Gil asks if she’s going to shoot him now. Ava says that depends on whether or not he makes a move. Ava warns him to go ahead and test her to see how much she wants to blow him away. Gil doesn’t believe she would do that. Ava asks if he’s sure about that. Gil points out that if she shoots him, Tripp is dead.

Rafe thanks Harris for the offer but says he can’t ask him to jeopardize his job or the entire department. Harris asks what he’s going to do then. Rafe says he does have a lot of faith in Belle, so he’s just going to have to believe in her. Rafe notes that Belle has gone against EJ before so he’ll just have to have faith that she can beat him at his own game. Harris tells Rafe that if he changes his mind, he can just say the word. Rafe appreciates that but admits that Paulina is right that it wouldn’t look good if he went behind EJ’s back and that they do need to get drugs off the street. Rafe mentions arresting a dealer last night and feels there are more out there. Rafe tells Harris to start investigating that which he agrees to do. Harris adds that he knows Rafe took a chance on hiring him, so he will do whatever it takes to earn his position. Harris then exits the Pub.

Brady tells Alex that everything is fine. Alex says they need to talk strategy about bringing Basic Black under Titan because it’s huge for them and he wants to time it perfectly. Brady says he’s due in court for Sarah because he’s been asked to testify against Xander since he led him to believe his baby was dead, so he doesn’t think Xander is fit to be a parent. Alex then points out that Sarah did the same thing to Xander and if Chloe didn’t overhear, Xander would’ve never found out the truth and would’ve lost out on something that’s rightfully his. Theresa sarcastically remarks that it would’ve been terrible.

Sarah questions why Konstantin is leaving. Konstantin says he believes the time has come for him to go. Maggie says she tried to convince him to stay. Konstantin says she’s been far too generous already so he must get going. Sarah stops him and brings up that Maggie was planning on asking him to stay through Christmas and she admits that she told Maggie that she didn’t think it was a good idea because she was worried that Maggie was getting too dependent on him. Maggie calls that silly since she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Sarah points out that the truth is that they all depended on Konstantin today and he came through which Xander agrees with. Sarah says that Konstantin risked himself for their family, so she thinks asking him to stay through Christmas is the least they can do. Maggie agrees unless Konstantin has to get back to Greece and his family. Konstantin admits there’s no reason for him to hurry back, so he would be grateful to stay with them. Maggie calls that wonderful and says they are happy to have him. Konstantin says he’s very happy to know that he will be spending the holidays with all of them, adding that with Victor gone, they are practically the only family he has. Konstantin then goes to unpack his bags.

Brady gets a call and informs Alex and Theresa that he will have time to strategize after all since Justin informed him that Xander apparently dropped the custody case. Theresa questions why he would do that. Brady reveals that apparently their baby was kidnapped today, but she was found safe and sound. Alex calls that insane, asking what kind of maniac steals a newborn baby. Brady notes that whoever it was got away. Alex hopes they find him and nail his ass to the wall.

Konstantin returns to his room and says that worked out perfectly. Maggie comes in and tells him to make himself at home. Konstantin tells her that he’s very happy to stay through Christmas, but he’s not so sure that this is what Maggie wants and asks if Sarah put her on the spot. Maggie says not at all and that she’s delighted he is staying.

Sarah tells Xander that she just got off the phone with Justin, who was surprised. Sarah is glad they convinced Konstantin to stay. Xander acknowledges the bad blood between them but says they definitely owe him after today. Victoria wakes up so Sarah says it sounds like someone needs some attention and then asks Xander if he’d like to do the honors. Sarah knows he held her when she was born but asks if he wants to get better acquainted. Xander says he does and picks up Victoria. Xander declares that he’s so looking forward to getting to know her, but he already loves her with all his heart.

Ava warns Gil to stop there or she will end him. Gil doesn’t think she will. Harris then knocks on the door and says he knows he’s a little early. Harris then hears a gun shot and bursts in to see that Ava has shot Gil in the chest.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

The Abbott’s celebrate Thanksgiving, since Jack doesn’t want to invite Devon and Tucker to the house for a drink, Ashley decides she will meet Devon and Tucker for a drink at the Athletic club.

Kyle tells Audra and Tucker that he has changed his mind again and wants to help them take over Jabot. Kyle plays Tucker a recording of Ashley telling him and Diane that she wants to fix his relationship with Devon so that Devon can persuade him not to take over Jabot. Kyle later tells his mother about his meeting with Aura and Tucker. Kyle tells Diane that he is going to save Jabot from Tucker.

Nikki figures out that vodka was in the IV Claire was putting on her. Nikki sees a bottle of vodka Claire left in her room. Nikki goes into the bathroom to pour out the bottle, but she only pours out half the bottle and drinks the rest of the bottle. Nikki cries as she lays in bed because she has ruined years of sobriety. Nikki wonders why Claire would do such a horrible thing to her. Claire returns to Genoa City and tells Victoria and Victor that Nikki had a seizure and Aunt Jordan took her to the hospital. Victor tells the jet pilot to get ready and then they head to get Nick. The pilot tells Victor the plane will be ready in thirty minutes. Victor talks to Claire’s Aunt Jordan and asks her to tell the doctors Nikki has MS. Aunt Jordan tells Victor the doctors figured that out and gave Nikki anti-seizure medication. Nick, Victoria, and Victor head to Oregon with Claire. Nikki is asleep upstairs in the room at the Blue Lake house when she hears someone knocking on the door downstairs and calling her name. Cole Howard opens the door downstairs and looks for Nikki. He says he got her text message about Victoria and wonders if Victoria is all right.

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Days Update Friday, November 17, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Chad walks through the town square and makes a phone call, saying he knows he’s the last person they expected to hear from, but he needs their help. It is revealed that Chad called Gwen, who is in Alamainia. Gwen responds that Chad must be really desperate if he’s calling her since he hates her. Chad states that hate is a strong word. Gwen says this must be a really big ask and what he needs. Chad responds that he wants something that only she can give him.

Stephanie questions Everett saying that she really gets around. Everett apologizes and calls it a stupid blurt as he didn’t mean for it to sound disparaging. Everett guesses it’s just weird for him to hear about her dating other people. Stephanie reminds him that she thought he ghosted her. Everett blames the coma. Stephanie says she’s very sorry that happened to him and she’s relieved that he’s okay. Everett wishes he was okay before she started dating all these other guys. Stephanie tells him that her relationship with Alex was very brief and not that serious. Everett questions why that is since Alex is an attractive guy with an inheritance so he’s a catch. Everett then asks Stephanie why she dumped Alex.

Alex is on a call at Titan, saying that Maggie is not in charge anymore so he wants to see the sales figures for the last six months of Bella Magazine and mentions hiring Theresa Donovan so he wants to set revenue goals. Brady arrives and tells Alex that he came to accept his offer to bring Basic Black to Titan if he’s still interested. Alex assures that he is as they hug.

Xander finds Sarah at the hospital and says he knows what she’s up to as he questions what she’s trying to pull now. Sarah notes that he sounds upset. Xander confirms that he is as he just found out she’s calling Brady to testify against him in court. Sarah asks if Xander can call Eric to testify, why can’t she call Eric’s brother. Sarah then tells Xander that he should know that she will do anything to protect her daughter.

Theresa sneaks in to the Kiriakis Mansion to join Konstantin in the living room. Theresa doesn’t think this is a good idea but Konstantin doesn’t care. Konstantin tells Theresa that she made her bed and now she knows what she has to do. Konstantin then instructs Theresa to take baby Victoria. Theresa questions taking her where. Konstantin tells her somewhere that Sarah can’t find her. Theresa argues that there has to be a better way because she doesn’t steal babies, especially not Maggie’s granddaughter. Konstantin pulls out his phone and threatens to call Alex to tell him that Theresa has been lying to him. Theresa stops him and tells him not to make that call. Konstantin asks if she can kidnap a kid then. Theresa comments on Konstantin just wanting his hands on Maggie’s money. Konstantin complains about Victor leaving him out of his will and feels he’s now taking what he deserves. Konstantin says he’s not going back to Greece empty-handed and he must win Maggie over. Theresa questions how he will win her over by stealing Sarah’s baby. Konstantin tells Theresa to just play her part and then Alex will never find out the truth that he is not Victor’s son and that Xander is.

Xander argues that Victoria is not just Sarah’s daughter, she’s their daughter. Sarah regrets making her with him. Sarah says that Xander will get to spin his side of things by dragging Eric in to court which will open the door for Brady to talk about Xander’s behavior towards his family and all the misery he has caused in Salem. Sarah says if he thinks he has a case to make her look like an unfit parent, he can wait until the judge gets a load of him.

Chad tells Gwen that he knows he judged her harshly for what she did to Abigail and what she did to his family was personal but this call is strictly business. Gwen says she’s listening. Chad mentions hearing she hasn’t had the best luck squeezing money out of the Von Leuschners. Gwen says it’s an ongoing enterprise. Chad guesses she could use some cash and declares that he’s willing to give her a whole stack of it in exchange for her half of the Spectator.

Stephanie thought Everett said it was weird to hear about her dating other people, so she questions why he’s asking about her relationship with Alex. Stephanie jokes that he must be trying to take over Leo’s column. Everett says it’s strictly off the record and it may be hard to hear about her dating other guys, but admits part of him is curious about what her life has been like since they parted ways. Stephanie gives in and tells Everett that she only got involved with Alex because Everett had disappeared and she was desperate to feel wanted and desirable. Stephanie notes that they didn’t last very long because Alex was a player and when she decided they were done, he had a little trouble letting go. Everett asks if that’s why Alex was saying Chad was jealous. Stephanie admits it was really awkward for awhile. Everett asks if that’s how it is now with them. Stephanie doesn’t want to go there but Everett says it’s obvious that Chad was threatened by Alex’s inability to let go, so maybe that’s how Chad perceives him now. Everett adds that unlike Stephanie and Alex, they were seriously involved so he has to assume that Chad is even more threatened by him.

Gwen doesn’t get why Chad would approach her to buy part of the Spectator when Xander is local to him. Chad says he has his reasons. Gwen guesses that Xander turned him down. Chad asks Gwen for her price. Gwen says she’s not there yet since she stabbed her father in the back to get her stake in the Spectator, so just selling it for quick cash is like adding insult to injury. Chad points out that she could tell Jack that she’s selling to Abigail’s husband. Gwen asks if this is about honoring Abigail’s legacy. Chad says that’s part of it. Gwen questions there being more which Chad confirms. Chad explains that the offers has more to do with the new editor-in-chief.

Stephanie tells Everett that he said he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable but then he keeps bringing up Chad and how he’s jealous or threatened. Everett says he’s just concerned about her because there seems to be a pattern of possessive behavior with Chad that she is not willing to acknowledge. Everett says he doesn’t want to make things harder for her but sometimes, it can be helpful to get an outsider’s objective point of view. Stephanie mocks the idea of him being objective. Everett admits he may be a tiny bit biased, but he cares about her and might have insights that are worthwhile for her to hear. Stephanie agrees to hear them but bets that she’s way off base.

Xander argues with Sarah that what happened with he and Brady is irrelevant to their case. Sarah argues that Xander trying to pass off Brady and Kristen’s baby as hers is very relevant, shows his lack of character, and was a crime. Xander knows she’ll never understand that he did that to spare her the pain of losing a child. Sarah remarks that now he’s here to cause her that same pain again. Xander calls it a totally different situation. Sarah complains that there’s always rationalizing with him and why he does the worst things, but he let Brady believe that his baby was dead and let him grieve. Sarah declares that once the judge hears all this, there is no way that Xander or his lawyer will be able to convince anyone that he should be anywhere near their child.

Brady tells Alex that he’s glad the offer still stands. Alex talks about Brady being kind enough to bring him on board with Basic Black when Maggie cut him loose, so he feels he kind of owes it to him. Alex adds that there may be one issue as he reveals that he put Theresa in charge of Bella Magazine and asks if that’s going to be a problem for Brady.

Theresa picks up baby Victoria and hopes by the time she wakes up, this nightmare will be over. Maggie returns and sees her from behind, questioning what she is doing. Theresa then runs out of the mansion with the baby. Maggie looks down and sees Konstantin on the floor. Konstantin pretends to wake up and asks what happened. Maggie shouts that someone just took her granddaughter and questions who would do such a thing.

Gwen assumes Chad considers Everett a problem which Chad confirms. Chad explains that he recently moved to Salem and he’s also Stephanie’s ex. Chad notes that Everett swears they are old news but he just hired her to do PR for the paper. Gwen guesses that Chad wants Everett out of the way. Chad responds that he’s willing to pay a whole lot of money to make sure that he is. Chad states that now Gwen knows his motivation and asks if they can make a deal.

Everett tells Stephanie that he would like to say he’s not trying to insult Chad at all, he just thinks Chad is being unfair by asking her to be patient with him while he sorts out his feelings for his late wife, when he’s the one who asked her to move in with him and his kids while at the same time, having an issue with Stephanie being friends with her exes. Everett feels it’s the Chad show and all about his dead wife and his problems with the other men in her life. Everett argues that they both know to have a healthy relationship, there has to be a take and give which he says their relationship had. Everett declares that in this relationship, she’s doing all the giving and Chad is doing all the taking. Stephanie tells Everett that he’s wrong. Everett asks if she’s really sure about that.

Brady questions Alex putting Theresa in charge of Bella, arguing that he can’t trust her. Alex says he knows her reputation but feels he needs someone like her on his team. Brady guesses he’s looking for an ally. Brady tells Alex that if you turn your back on Theresa for a second, you’re at your own peril.

Maggie helps Konstantin up as he claims he was hit in the back of the head. Maggie says she didn’t see their face. Konstantin tells Maggie to call for help while he goes after them. Maggie argues that he’s in no condition but Konstantin says not to worry about him as he exits.

Sarah tells Xander that Brady can tell the judge about the time Xander shot him and also about Xander kidnapping Nicole and Holly. Sarah then gets a call from Maggie, who tells her that Victoria is gone. Sarah asks what she means. Maggie explains that she came in to the study and someone was taking her and that Konstantin went after them. Sarah tells Maggie to call police and says she’s on her way as she hangs up. Sarah then stops and accuses Xander of doing this which he questions. Sarah tells Xander that Victoria is gone and accuses Xander of setting it up so that she looks like an unfit mother. Xander insists that he didn’t and calls that insane. Xander tells Sarah that she can hate him but they have to get to the house as their daughter needs them. Sarah agrees and they rush out of the hospital together.

Gwen tells Chad that if he called her yesterday, she would’ve told him that the Spectator was her link to her father and Salem and she would never consider severing that link, but this morning, she read an article by Everett about the romance between Leo and Dimitri. Chad guesses it didn’t move her. Gwen says she lost her lunch over it and remarks that Everett is a skilled writer to portray Leo in such a positive light. Gwen states that the timing works in Chad’s favor. Gwen tells Chad to make her an offer that isn’t insulting and the Spectator will be his.

Everett tells Stephanie that he’s glad to be wrong in this case. She asks if he’s sure. Everett says he’d much prefer to think her relationship with Chad is making her happy. Stephanie responds that she likes talking to Everett, but she doesn’t want their talks to always go down the hole of what’s not working in her relationship with Chad because that’s not fair to him. Stephanie calls Chad an amazing guy and says no relationship is just black and white. Stephanie adds that Everett has only been hearing about the bad stuff when she vents. Chad then walks in and questions what she’s venting about.

Sarah and Xander go to the Kiriakis Mansion and ask Maggie about what happened. Maggie explains that when she came back, Konstantin was unconscious on the floor while someone in a hoodie was taking Victoria but she doesn’t know who as she never saw their face. Maggie adds that they must have been strong enough to knock out Konstantin with the fireplace poker. Maggie blames herself and says she should’ve never left the room and waited until Sarah got back to bring flowers to Victor, then maybe this horrible person wouldn’t have gotten away. Sarah starts to cry as Xander goes over and hugs her. Sarah questions who would take their little girl.

Alex thinks Brady might be exaggerating a little bit. Brady thinks he’s understating if anything and can’t believe he isn’t getting through to Alex on this. Brady stops and questions if Alex is in love with Theresa. Alex says no and insists they are just friends. Brady suggests that Alex keep a close eye on his friend. Alex assures that he can handle himself. Brady adds that it’s not just about Alex anymore as he’s Victor’s heir and the face of the company now. Brady warns that if Alex decides to get in bed with Theresa, that increases her ability to wreak havoc on a whole new level.

Theresa sits in the park with baby Victoria, promising that she’ll be home soon. Theresa talks about it being a beautiful day and how she used to take Tate to the park. Konstantin rushes up to her and says he needs the baby now. Theresa calls him a sick son of a bitch while he calls her the monster who kidnapped Sarah’s baby. Theresa argues that it’s only so Konstantin can reap the benefits of returning her. Konstantin demands the baby. Theresa remarks that the baby is just a prop in Konstantin’s scheme to get Maggie’s money. Konstantin argues that they each have their own cash cow to milk as he demands the baby be handed over. Theresa then slowly hands over baby Victoria. Konstantin declares that he needs one more thing and asks Theresa to punch him in the face so that it looks like he fought to get the baby back which she then does.

Stephanie jokingly asks Chad what she doesn’t vent about. Chad doubts anything she could do could drive Everett away. Everett talks about Stephanie being a great person and an extremely gifted publicist, noting how she spun things to make Leo a positive character. Everett admits PR is not his thing which is why he has Stephanie on his team. Everett remarks that he hopes Chad doesn’t mind him stealing Stephanie away to do some work for her.

Brady guesses everything he said about Theresa fell on deaf ears. Alex says he listened and appreciates Brady looking out for him. Brady understands finding things out the hard way and tells Alex not to come crying to him when Theresa screws him over and makes his life miserable. Theresa then appears at the office and asks if someone said her name.

Maggie questions why the police aren’t here yet as Sarah cries that she doesn’t understand this and questions where her daughter is or if someone hurt her. Xander promises that she will be alright and he will see to it that their daughter is brought home safely. Xander decides he’s going to make good on his promise. Konstantin then returns with baby Victoria and says the child needs her mother as he brings her back to Sarah.

Brady tells Theresa that if she came in earlier, she would’ve heard more than just her name. Alex says he’s very glad they are both there and informs Theresa that Brady is bringing Basic Black back to Titan. Alex notes that there will be a lot of overlapping with Bella, so he will need them to play nice and asks if that can happen. Theresa says she doesn’t mind working with anyone. Brady says the same, pointing out that if they can co-parent a teenager, they can make this happen. Alex is glad and says he will get the lawyers to make things official, adding that Theresa has a file on his desk for HR. Alex jokes that he knows they are both excited to get to work together. Alex then takes Brady out of the office. Theresa complains about Konstantin and remarks that the baby better be home and safe with her mother.

Xander finishes a call with the police and says they will be sending detectives over to get statements, especially Konstantin’s. Konstantin claims it all happened so fast that he doesn’t know how much help he will be and that he didn’t get a good look at their face. Sarah points out that he chased the person and caught them. Maggie asks what they wanted and why they came here. Konstantin responds that they wanted to ransom her granddaughter. He says he doesn’t want to frighten her but notes that as Victor’s widow, she’s a target and needs to increase her security which she agrees to do. Maggie insists that she’s taking Konstantin upstairs to treat his wounds. Xander tells Konstantin that they will never be friends, but he’s grateful that he saved their little girl. Sarah adds that she is too. Sarah declares that she’ll never forget that he brought Victoria back to them as she hugs Konstantin.

Chad thanks Everett for asking him how he feels about him working with Stephanie. Chad admits he didn’t react that well at first but he thinks Stephanie is a total pro and he’s lucky to have her. Stephanie thanks him for saying that. Chad admits that he was annoyed by trying to turn Leo in to a folk hero but says that must be how good he is and that he’ll be good for the paper. Chad adds that it means a lot to him because the Spectator is really important to him and his family. Everett says he appreciates Chad being cool with all of this. Chad states that it’s just about boundaries which three adults should be able to understand. Chad asks if they understand each other. Everett shakes his hand and says definitely.

Theresa calls Konstantin and it goes straight to voicemail. She leaves a message, saying she’s calling to make sure that he took Victoria safely back to Sarah and that if the whole thing blows up, he damn well better keep her name out of it right as Brady appears in the doorway.

Maggie takes care of Konstantin and says she wanted to show his appreciation for the man who saved her granddaughter, calling him a hero. Maggie points out that he didn’t stop for a second to think about himself and then brought back Victoria. Maggie doesn’t know where to begin to thank him. Konstantin says she has welcomed him in to her home which is more than enough. Maggie says the way Konstantin has watched over them, he’s been like an angel sent from Heaven. Konstantin then grabs Maggie and kisses her.

Sarah tells Xander that she never felt more helpless in her life, then Konstantin walked in with their daughter in his arms. Xander calls it a miracle. Xander then gets a text from Sloan that they are due in court soon. Sarah admits she totally forgot and asks how she can leave her daughter now or think about any of that stuff. Sarah declares that they have to postpone again as there is no other way. Xander asks what if he just drops the case?

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Days Short Recap Friday, November 17, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad called Gwen to ask for her help. Xander wanted to know what Sarah was trying to pull in their case. He found out that Sarah called Brady to testify for her. She told him that she did it because he got Eric to testify. Konstantin wanted Theresa to kidnap Sarah’s baby. She wanted to know where to take the baby. He wanted her to do it or he would tell Alex what she did. Sarah and Xander continued talking about what they planned to do to each other in court. Chad knew Gwen had trouble getting the money she wanted from Dimitri’s family. He offered to give her money. Gwen didn’t understand why Chad wanted her to sell her half of the paper. Chad wanted to know how much she wanted. She hadn’t decided yet. Sarah planned on telling the judge how Xander passed Kristen’s baby off as his. He told her that he did that to spare her the pain of losing her child. She said that he was doing that to her again. Theresa took Victoria out her bassinette. Maggie saw her, but she was wearing a hooded jacket. Therea ran out with the baby. Maggie noticed Konstantin on the floor. She told him what happened to the baby. Konstantin told her that someone hit him from behind.

Sarah told Xander about the things Brady planned to say to the judge about him. Maggie called her and told her that someone took Victoria. Sarah accused Xander of kidnapping her. She thought he set it up so she could look like an unfit mother. Xander denied kidnapping her. Xander and Sarah arrived at the mansion. Maggie told them what happened. She apologized for allowing it to happen. Sarah cried in Xander’s arms. She wondered who would take their baby. Konstantin ran up to Theresa demanding the baby. She thought he wanted to reap the benefits of finding the baby. He demanded that she hand over the baby. Theresa gave the baby to him. He wanted her to punch him. She hesitated until he started talking about her. Theresa punched him in the face. Sarah wanted to know where her daughter was. She was afraid she was hurt. Xander wanted to go look for her. Konstantin brought Victoria back to Sarah. Xander told Konstantin that the police were going to question him about what happened. Konstantin said he didn’t see the person’s face. He warned Maggie that people would be after her now that she’s Victor’s widow. Xander and Sarah were grateful that he saved their daughter. Maggie helped take care of Konstantin. He kissed her. Sloan called Xander about the custody battle. Sarah couldn’t do it and wanted him to postpone it. Xander considered dropping the case all together.

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Days Short Recap Thursday, November 16, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Stephanie got into an argument over Everett. He didn’t like how he got her help with the paper. She didn’t see the problem. Xander and Sarah argued about the custody battle. He thought she wanted him to drop his custody suit. Xander didn’t have any intention of dropping the case. Maggie overheard her conversation. Sarah asked her to babysit Victoria. Stephanie couldn’t believe Chad wanted her to drop a lucrative client. He didn’t think Everett was interested in work. Chad believed that Stephanie used Everett to get him to commit. Steve talked to John about investigating Konstantin. Sarah talked to Maggie about getting close to Konstantin. She thought she was getting too close too fast. Konstantin overheard their conversation. Maggie didn’t think she was seeing him too much. She told Sarah that he was Victor’s friend, and she was going to look out for him. Maggie wanted her to mind her business. Steve told John about his suspicions of Konstantin. John wondered if Steve thought he was after Maggie’s money. He felt like he was after it.

Chad went to see Xander. He wanted him to sell his half of the paper to him. Konstantin went to see Theresa. He said he was ready to tell Alex the truth about his paternity. Everett met with Stephanie and told him about her argument with Chad. Xander wondered why Chad wanted the paper. Chad explained why he wanted the paper. He wanted to keep it in the family. Chad told him the Hortons weren’t pleased with the way the paper was going. Xander felt like it was going great. He wanted Chad to keep Everett if he sold the paper. Chad didn’t see a point. Xander figured he didn’t like Everett. Sarah apologized for butting in her business. John agreed to investigate him. Theresa didn’t understand why Konstantin wanted to reveal the truth. Theresa reminded him that it was his idea too. He felt like she was taking too long to get married. He thought he could get Maggie’s half of the fortune. Xander turned down Chad’s offer because he wanted to gain custody of his daughter. Sarah backed down from Maggie. Theresa refused to let Konstantin take advantage of Maggie. Konstantin wasn’t taking advantage of her. She reminded him that Maggie loved Victor. He felt like he was getting closer to her. Konstantin didn’t like how Sarah tried to talk her out of getting close to him.

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Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Days of Our Lives logo

Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole talked to EJ at the hospital. She wanted to know why there wasn’t much done for her baby. He tried to calm her down but it didn’t do any good. Leo tried to convince Dimitri to get on the submarine. Dimitri didn’t want to leave him behind. When Leo got off the phone, Rafe warned Leo that he was going to pay for what Dimitri did. Leo said he wasn’t going to betray Dimitri. EJ told Nicole that he was going to light a fire under Rafe to find their baby. He got a call telling him Leo was arrested. He was going to find out what was going on with the baby. Melinda talked to Dr. Pierce so he could check the baby. Sloan and Eric talked about their baby. She assured him the baby was healthy. He said he realized that their baby was born on the same day as Nicole. Sloan pretended to be shocked that Nicole’s baby was born. He said Nicole and EJ should be with the baby. She flashed back to Dimitri telling her and Melinda about Nicole’s baby. Dr. Pierce told Melinda he only met with her because of Sloan. He said he didn’t meet with her to do something unethical. She bribed him to help her. After he checked the baby, he said the baby was okay. She wanted him to deliver bad news to the parents of the baby. Dimitri called Sloan. He told her Leo was arrested. He wanted her to help Leo. Leo told Rafe that he wasn’t going to say anything against Dimitri. He wondered if Dimitri was cleared of his charges since Gabi was arrested for Li’s murder. When Rafe didn’t answer Leo assumed Dimitri wasn’t clear. EJ showed up and wanted to know where his baby was. Sloan told Dimitri that Leo tried to stiff her the last time she represented him. He told her Leo was a good man who didn’t deserve what was happening to him. She agreed to help Leo.

EJ told Rafe that Dimitri took his baby. Leo said it was a misunderstanding. EJ threatened Leo if he didn’t tell him where his baby was. Dr. Pierce refused to do what Melinda wanted. He said he could lose his license. She said he would figure out a way to do it. He said the parents would be devastated. She said she didn’t feel good about it. She said he would be making another couple happy. Leo said he didn’t know where Dimitri was. EJ asked if Dimitri was holding his baby for ransom. Rafe said he would handle it. EJ said he was the D.A. and had every right to question Leo. Sloan said he didn’t. She said she wanted to speak to her client in private. Rafe and EJ left so they could talk. Leo asked if Dimitri mentioned Nicole’s baby. Sloan said he never mentioned it. Melinda told the baby that Sloan was going to be happy. She said she felt bad about what she was doing to Nicole. She talked about what happened with Haley and how she had to give her up. Dr. Pierce went to Nicole and EJ. He said a man showed up at the hospital earlier that night. EJ said the baby was brought to the hospital. She wanted to know what was going on. She asked if her baby was okay. Dr. Pierce said her baby died. Leo asked if Dimitri left town. Sloan said she believed so. He was relieved. She said was going to do her best to get him out of his predicament. Melinda called Sloan and told her Dr. Pierce agreed to help them. Nicole said it wasn’t possible for her baby to be dead. She said it was fine when Dimitri had him. Dr. Pierce said the baby died because of injuries during the crash. He gave her a blanket. She said Dimitri wrapped the baby in the blanket. Nicole broke down in EJ’s arms. He comforted her over the loss of the baby.

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Days Update Thursday, November 16, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Alex is working out at home as Theresa walks in. Alex apologizes if he disturbed her but she says he’s not at all.

Chad and Stephanie eat at the Brady Pub. Chad comments on her not eating much but Stephanie says she’s not that hungry. Chad opens his tablet and asks if Stephanie saw the crazy editorial that her ex wrote about Leo. Chad comments that he knows Everett is new in town and doesn’t know Leo’s story but figured he would’ve asked questions before writing something like this, questioning what kind of idiot would come up with the idea of making Leo Stark a folk hero. Stephanie then reveals it was her idea.

Everett goes over his article on Leo for the Spectator while at the office with Xander. Xander calls Sarah and asks how Maggie is doing today. Sarah responds that she’s much better. Xander is glad but assumes that means they are moving forward with the custody hearing with no more postponements which Sarah confirms. Sarah then questions why he’s really calling and if he considered what she said yesterday about his flawed legal strategy. Sarah asks if Xander is waving the white flag or if he’s actually reckless enough to have Eric testify that she’s an unfit parent.

Steve finds Konstantin in the town square. Konstantin mentions picking up breakfast for Maggie. Steve comments on hearing about a big store sale and reveals that he knows Konstantin purchased the tablecloth there and questions why he lied.

Alex tells Theresa that he should hop in the shower, but first asks if she’s thought any more about her offer. Theresa thanks him for giving her the night to think about it. Theresa then tells Alex that she would love to run Bella Magazine again, but their living working situation could get really messy. Alex points out that they are just roommates and friends. Theresa remarks that they were friends with benefits. Alex thinks they are mature enough to figure it out and asks if working at Bella will be strange or awkward for her. Theresa assures it won’t be and that she wants the job. Alex then congratulates her on the job and hugs her.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie for calling her an idiot then and questions the article on Leo being her idea. Stephanie says she didn’t suggest the love story angle but calls it brilliant. Chad questions why it would be a good idea to defend Leo of all people. Stephanie questions Chad not knowing and says the majority of Spectator readers loved Leo’s gossip column, so they miss him. Stephanie says the last thing they want readers to do is blame the new editor or lose interest. Stephanie knows Chad is upset not about Leo, but about Everett. Chad asks how he’s supposed to feel when the first thing Everett does after moving to town is hire her to represent him. Chad adds that every time he turns around, Stephanie and Everett are together, reminiscing about the good old days and talking about their relationship problems. Stephanie responds that she doesn’t know what he wants from her. Chad declares that for starters, she could’ve said no to taking Everett on as a client.

Everett pulls out his phone and starts to text Stephanie but puts the phone down.

Xander tells Sarah that she can’t honestly believe he’s going to stop fighting for her daughter. Sarah argues that she thought he’d want to save face rather than risk being humiliated because Eric is a hostile witness, who is more likely to say something bad about Xander than her. Sarah adds that Xander’s argument that she’s a bad parent because she lied about her baby to Eric is the height of hypocrisy when Xander was part of that lie. Xander brings up Sarah lying to him about his baby being the whole start of this. Sarah says none of that matters now. Xander says it matters to him and says she wasn’t being reasonable. Sarah responds that she doesn’t want him in her life or Victoria’s. Xander guesses he will see her in court then and hangs up. Sarah tosses her phone as Maggie walks in and guesses it was Xander. Sarah complains that Xander is impossible for going ahead with this sham of a custody hearing. Maggie asks what she can do. Sarah asks her to watch Victoria for her since she got called in for an early shift at the hospital and then she has to go to court. Maggie assures that she would be delighted to watch her granddaughter. Sarah hopes Maggie didn’t have plans. Maggie says she was going to go Christmas shopping but she can do that anytime and hopefully with Sarah and Victoria. Maggie adds that she could also use some help in getting something for Konstantin. Sarah questions if Konstantin is planning to stay through Christmas.

Konstantin asks Steve what he’s lying about. Steve explains that Konstantin gave Maggie a tablecloth that he claimed came from Victor and that he had it flown in from Greece, but he found the price tag, proving that he lied. Konstantin then admits that he lied so Steve questions why. Konstantin claims that Maggie was having a terrible day, missing Victor, so he wanted to lift her spirits. Konstantin adds that it was too late to have something shipped from Greece by the time he found out about their anniversary, so he admits to telling a white lie. Konstantin says he didn’t feel good about it but after seeing how excited Maggie was when she saw the tablecloth, it was all worth it. Konstantin asks Steve not to tell Maggie. Steve agrees not to because he doesn’t want to upset her but warns that it better not be a pattern of hurting her. Konstantin assures that he would never because Victor was so important to him and so is his widow. Konstantin adds that Maggie is very lucky to have friends like Steve as he then walks away.

Xander tells Everett that he saw he turned off comments on his Leo Stark article, but congratulates him on views skyrocketing in the last 24 hours. Xander says he apparently made the right decision in hiring him. Xander talks about Everett following his ex to a new town and taking this job. Everett notes that he was in a coma for a year and says he’s happy to have a job. Xander brings up finding out that their long term viability is in question. Everett admits he was surprised to learn about the paper’s recent financial woes, but he’s glad he had the good sense to hire the best PR firm in town as Stephanie really delivered big time.

Stephanie questions Chad telling her that she should’ve turned down a potentially lucrative client because he doesn’t like that they used to date. Chad says she can do whatever she wants but he thinks that there are other PR firms that Everett could’ve hired and a thousand other towns he could’ve moved to, so he questions not thinking there is an ulterior motive. Stephanie remarks that it couldn’t possibly be about the quality of her work. Chad says he knows she’s the best. Stephanie responds that Everett knows it too and he’s comfortable with her, but obviously Chad is uncomfortable working on this project so she’s happy to keep their projects separate. Stephanie accuses Chad of being jealous. Chad feels that’s what Stephanie wants and that she’s using Everett to pressure him in to making a commitment. Stephanie argues that he doesn’t know her at all then because he’s dead wrong. Stephanie doesn’t want someone who has to have their hand forced and wants someone who loves her. Chad responds that he does love her but decides to end the conversation before saying something he regrets. Chad tells her to enjoy her breakfast and exits the Pub.

Theresa asks Alex when she can start. Alex says he just has to call the board. Theresa talks about being ready and having so many ideas. Theresa tells Alex that it feels so good to know that someone finally believes in her again.

Steve goes to see John, who shows him the family tree gift he got from the kids for his anniversary. John says it’s so nice after not knowing his past to now be able to look at the family tree and reflect on everything he and Marlena have built. Steve says he has a lot to be proud of. John says Steve does too and suggests they take their wives out this weekend as things are kind of quiet on the Black Patch front. Steve says it’s funny he mentions that because he thinks they need to investigate Maggie’s new friend.

Maggie tells Sarah that she doesn’t know what Konstantin’s plans are for the holidays but he’s welcome to stay and talks about how he’s gotten her so many gifts since he arrived. Maggie tells Sarah about the tablecloth that Konstantin said he had shipped from Greece which Sarah calls very kind of him. Maggie says that’s why she wants to repay his kindness. Konstantin comes to the mansion and listens from outside the room as Sarah remarks that letting Konstantin stay here is pretty generous. Maggie then asks Sarah if she has a problem with Konstantin. Sarah says no but points out that Maggie just lost Victor and is getting awfully close to Konstantin and she thinks it’s a little too fast. Konstantin continues listening in as Maggie questions where this is coming from. Sarah talks about Konstantin being a stranger before Victor died and now he’s living with them. Sarah says it’s great that he brought her comfort but he has a life to get back to in Greece. Sarah adds that Konstantin is showering Maggie with gifts. Maggie asks what’s wrong with that. Sarah is starting to feel like maybe he wants something in return from her. Maggie questions if she thinks Konstantin is trying to get her in bed. Sarah says it’s not that. Maggie appreciates her concern but says Konstantin is not a stranger since Victor grew up with him and out of respect for Victor, she will extend the hospitality that Victor would want for his friend. Sarah talks about how Victor was savvy and careful with his friends and warns that maybe Maggie should be too. Maggie tells Sarah to mind her own business.

Steve tells John about busting Konstantin about lying over the tablecloth. Steve talks about how Victor died, Maggie inherited half of the estate, and suddenly this guy that they’ve barely heard of shows up and makes himself indispensable to Maggie. John asks if Steve thinks he’s just after Maggie’s money. Steve feels it sounds like a headline to him.

Everett goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Stephanie. Everett says he was going to text her but it’s better to say in person. She asks if something’s wrong. Everett says no and thanks her because Xander was thrilled with the editorial. Everett tells her that her strategy was brilliant. Stephanie remarks that she’s glad someone thinks so.

Chad goes to the Spectator office. Xander asks if there’s something he can help him with. Chad asks if his new editor-in-chief is around. Xander tells him that Everett just went out for a coffee. Chad says that’s good because he hoped to speak to Xander alone. Xander asks what this is about. Chad then asks how Xander would like to sell him his half of the Spectator.

Theresa calls her mom Kimberly and informs her that she’s going to be running Bella Magazine again as Alex Kiriakis put her in charge because he knows she did a really good job. Theresa tells her that they are not sleeping together but they are roommates and he’s her boss. Theresa acknowledges that Alex is quite attractive and admits she likes him a lot. Theresa then hangs up as Konstantin arrives at the door. Theresa questions what the hell he’s doing here as he barely missed Alex. Konstantin assures that he waited until he saw Alex leave and tells her not to worry because this will be his last visit which she questions. Konstantin declares that he was thinking about telling Alex that he’s not Victor’s son and that Theresa has been lying to him all this time.

Everett asks Stephanie what idiot could possibly find an issue with her PR strategy. Stephanie says she doesn’t want to debate who is and isn’t an idiot. Everett assumes it’s Chad that took issue with the editorial. Stephanie explains that it’s personal for him because he has a long and sordid history with Leo Stark. Everett asks if Chad can’t bear to read anything nice about Leo. Stephanie admits she wasn’t a huge fan of Leo but a large part of the readers loved him. Everett asks what Chad’s problem is then since he works for her firm and should know that part of the job is putting personal feelings aside to do what’s best for the client, the company, and more importantly for Stephanie.

Xander questions Chad wanting to buy him out of his interest in the Spectator and asks why. Chad says that the Spectator was Jack and Jennifer’s baby and was important to Abigail. Chad says it would’ve been Abigail’s and some day would’ve been their children’s. Chad adds that keeping it in the family would be nice and that the Hortons and Deverauxs are not thrilled with the direction the paper is taking. Xander points out that Gwen and Leo are gone now, so he’s determined to restore dignity to the paper. Chad didn’t think so based on the editorial he read this morning. Xander says that was meant to be provocative and that he told Everett to make this a place for real journalism. Xander hopes that if he did sell to Chad, he would keep Everett on. Chad asks why that would matter to him. Xander states that he promised to give Everett a fair shake. Chad questions Xander always being a man of his word. Xander thinks Chad doesn’t care about the paper or Abigail’s legacy, but that he wants to get rid of Everett because he hired his girlfriend and he doesn’t like it.

Sarah tells Maggie that she didn’t mean to overstep and she was just trying to be helpful, bringing up when Maggie gave her unsolicited advice about Xander. Maggie acknowledges that Sarah often did the opposite and now they are going head to head in court. Maggie says she has learned to let Sarah make her own decisions and tells Sarah to let her make up her own mind about Konstantin.

John tells Steve that as devil’s advocate, they are private investigators so they see the worst in humanity all day. John suggests maybe Konstantin is just fond of Maggie. Steve responds that he’s fond of Maggie too but he didn’t abandon his life and move in with her. John points out that Konstantin did help out Alex and Brady in Greece. Steve questions John giving Konstantin the benefit of the doubt when he’s never met him. John brings up Konstantin being fond of Victor for loaning him the money for his restaurant. Steve argues that they’ve only heard that story from Konstantin and they know the shady dealings that Victor had over the years. John agrees that they only have Konstantin’s word and admits that it would be nice if they could hear it from Victor, then suggests maybe they can.

Theresa questions why the hell Konstantin would tell Alex the truth when this is his plan too and asks if he doesn’t want his inheritance. Konstantin argues that he’s not a young man so by the time she gets with Alex, he could be as dead as Victor. Theresa questions why he would want to expose the truth to the world, pointing out that they would wind up with nothing. Konstantin argues that she will be with nothing, but he will have Maggie’s half of the Kiriakis fortune.

Alex goes to the Brady Pub and runs in to Stephanie. Alex notes that he hasn’t seen her in forever. Stephanie jokes that he’s busy running the world and mentions seeing his new roommate Theresa in the lobby, noting that she’s glad Theresa stuck around Salem. Stephanie then introduces Alex to Everett. Everett acknowledges Alex as the long lost son of Victor and CEO of Titan. Stephanie notes that Everett is the new editor-in-chief at the Spectator and that he’s new in town. Alex asks how Everett knew that Theresa was Stephanie’s cousin. Stephanie informs Alex that they used to hang out back in Seattle. Everett remarks that it’s one way to put it. Alex then realizes Everett is the guy that Stephanie said ghosted him. Everett jokes that his reputation precedes him.

Chad questions why it matters to Xander why he wants to buy the paper. Chad hands Xander his offer and says it’s way above market value. Xander responds that he cares about more than just money these days as he’s currently in the process of trying to win custody of his daughter. Chad questions him suing Sarah for custody. Xander explains that he feels having a job and a steady income will help him in the eyes of a judge, so he’s not willing to risk that for anything and declines Chad’s offer.

Sarah tells Maggie that she’s right that she can choose who she wants to spend time with and she’s sure that she wouldn’t let herself be taken advantage of. Maggie says certainly not by Konstantin because she knows he’s a good man. Sarah says if she says so and then decides she doesn’t want to argue. Maggie knows this isn’t going to be an easy day for Sarah and that it will painful for her to face Xander in court. Sarah states that it’s what she has to do to keep her daughter safe. Sarah says she should get going and tells Maggie that she loves her. Sarah thanks her for babysitting. Maggie assures they will be fine. Sarah talks about Victoria being a great napper so Maggie will get plenty of peace and quiet.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she knew he was after Maggie’s money. Konstantin remarks that at least one of them is making progress. Theresa says that stops now because she’s not going to let him take advantage of Maggie. Konstantin asks if she’s threatening him. Theresa asks why she wouldn’t threaten him after he came in threatening her. Theresa adds that Maggie has been very good to her and was a friend to her when she had a drug problem, so she’s practically family. Konstantin complains that he’s merely being kind to a lonely widow. Theresa argues that Maggie is still grieving Victor as they were madly in love. Konstantin assures that he’s very aware. Theresa argues that he thinks she’s taking too long with Alex but it might be years before Maggie is ready to move on. Konstantin is not so sure and says they’ve been growing quite close, but notes that he heard Sarah trying to turn Maggie against him as she suspects he’s up to something. Konstantin says that’s where Theresa comes in because he knows what he needs to do to earn Sarah’s trust and keep Maggie’s. Konstantin declares that Theresa is going to help him if she doesn’t want him to tell Alex everything.

Maggie watches over baby Victoria. Konstantin comes in with flowers and says he loves to see her smile. Maggie comments that he always knows the right kind of flowers to bring her but says it’s too much. Maggie mentions that she was talking to Sarah about all the gifts he gave her already and says she cannot accept the flowers. Konstantin then says the flowers aren’t for her, but for Victor, as he thought she might want to go visit with him in the mausoleum since she was so busy yesterday. Maggie mentions that Henderson is off today and she is babysitting. Konstantin offers to look after the baby while Maggie is out there. Maggie feels that’s a lot to ask. Konstantin says he’s no expert but points out that Victoria is sound asleep and Maggie will be nearby if they need anything, though he doubts they will.

Steve asks John what the plan is and if he’s going to hire Susan Banks to try to get answers out of Victor’s ghost. John brings up the last time Steve was in Greece and how he dug up all sorts of things about Victor’s life that they never knew. John suggests they do more digging, ask some friends and do research on Konstantin. Steve asks if he wants to go to Greece to investigate Konstantin. John asks why not get the full story.

Everett tells Alex about his coma. Alex tells him it was great to meet him and he has to get to the office. Alex then jokes with Everett that he knows from experience that Chad doesn’t like Stephanie spending time with her ex. Alex then exits. Everett questions that experience so Stephanie informs him that before she got with Chad, she dated Alex. Everett jokes that Stephanie really gets around.

Chad walks through the town square and makes a phone call, saying he knows he’s the last person he expected to hear from, but he needs their help.

Xander finds Sarah at the hospital and says he knows what she’s up to as he questions what she’s trying to pull now.

Theresa sneaks in to the Kiriakis Mansion to join Konstantin in the living room. Theresa doesn’t think this is a good idea but Konstantin doesn’t care. Konstantin tells Theresa that she made her bed and now she knows what she has to do. Konstantin then instructs Theresa to take baby Victoria.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 17, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Y&R logo



Recap written by Eva

Nate tells Devon, Jill, and Lily the details of why he was fired from Newman Enterprises. Nate tells everyone he has learned the importance of family and he will not betray his family again.

Lily tells Devon she has seen proof that Tucker gave Mamie the money to invest in Chancellor-Winters. Devon, Jill, and Lily tell Nate they will think about letting him return to the company.

Nina continues to pressure Chance to quit his job at the police department…she even uses Abby to put on the pressure. Summer comes by Chance’s table at Society to say hello and Abby notices something going on between them. She later asks Summer what is going on between her and Chance.

Claire continues to drug Nikki by putting the drugs in an IV. Nikki awakens and pulls out the IV and tries to figure out how to get out of the locked room. Claire’s Aunt Jordan finally arrives at the house in Blue Lake and wonders if Claire is going soft on her just as they are about to get everything they have ever wanted from Nikki.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 16, 2023

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Daniel and Lily tell Jill that Tucker gave Mamie the money to invest in Chancellor-Winters. Lily wants to tell Devon, but Daniel thinks they should wait to tell Devon until they find out Tucker’s plan.  Audra tells Tucker that Kyle decided not to betray his family. Tucker tells Audra he knew this would happen and now Jack will confess everything to his parents. Tucker also tells Audra that Jack will use Kyle as a mole to find out his plan. Kyle confesses to his mother that he almost betrayed his family and Jabot all because he was upset that Jack wouldn’t give him the Co-CEO job. Diane thinks Kyle should become a mole to find out Tucker’s plan but not tell Jack he almost betrayed his family.

Nikki finds a way to get out of the locked room and goes downstairs but Claire catches her and drugs her again.  Claire tells Nikki that the Newmans are awful people who don’t care about anyone. Claire tells Nikki she will soon have the answers to her questions, but she won’t like those answers. Nikki dreams that Victor is with her and tells her that he will help her get out of there.

Victoria decides to quit Newman Enterprises because she thinks her daddy doesn’t trust her anymore.

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Days Update Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Days of Our Lives Update

Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Holly starts to light up a joint in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, saying she could really use this, but stops when Johnny walks in. Holly says she didn’t know he was home. Johnny tells her that he just got back and that as he came in, he saw Tate leaving, looking pretty upset. Holly informs him that they sort of got in a fight over the fact that Tate had the nerve to make a move on him while her mom is missing. Johnny agrees that sounds inappropriate but questions her mom missing. Holly explains that EJ was on the phone with Nicole when the line went dead and he thinks she was in an accident.

In the hospital, Nicole tells EJ that she doesn’t understand since Dimitri was supposed to bring her baby to the hospital and questions where they are. EJ admits that he doesn’t know as he’s spoken to several staff and security but no one has seen Dimitri or the baby. EJ adds that he spoke to an officer and they are putting out an APB. Nicole complains about not hearing an amber alert when their baby is being held by a psychotic criminal. Nicole remarks that God only knows what Dimitri has planned.

Dimitri tells Leo that he’s out of his damn mind if he thinks he’s leaving without him. Leo tells him that he has to because he’s in police custody. Dimitri reminds him that not long ago, he was in police custody and Leo helped him escape. Leo argues that was different since he was in a hospital bed while he’s surrounded by cops. Dimitri suggests hiring him a damn good lawyer.

Sloan informs Eric that the baby they were wanting to adopt was born tonight. Eric can’t believe it’s happening so soon. Sloan asks if he’s having second thoughts. Eric says of course not and that he’s elated as he can’t wait to meet their son as they kiss and hug.

Melinda is in her room with Nicole’s baby. Melinda tells the baby that she knows he misses Nicole but promises that Sloan will love him like her own and he’ll be with his real dad soon too. Melinda states that the baby, Eric, and Sloan will be one big happy family, as long as they can pull off this crazy ass plan.

Leo tells Dimitri that they don’t have money for a lawyer. Dimitri tells him not to worry as he’s going to figure it all out. Leo argues that there’s no time for that since Dr. Rolf is leaving on the submarine. Dimitri says that can wait but Leo insists that Dimitri has to leave Salem immediately. Dimitri declares that he’s not going to do that because Leo is the love of his life and he’s not going to let him rot in prison. Dimitri tells him to sit tight while he goes to get him help.

EJ tells Nicole that he knows Dimitri can be a duplicitous son of a bitch but he does not believe he will harm the baby, especially if he plans to use him as a bargaining chip. Nicole argues that she can’t just stay here and not do anything as she starts trying to get out of the hospital bed. EJ reminds her that she was just in a car accident. Nicole insists that she’s fine and tells EJ to just help her get dressed. EJ urges Nicole to rest and hugs her as she breaks down crying. Nicole questions how she can rest when she knows their baby is missing. Nicole cries that their baby needs them.

Eric tells Sloan that they have to get diapers, formula, and a car seat along with the things he’s already bought. Sloan encourages that he’s going to be an amazing father and that they’ve got this. Eric is glad to see she’s so confident. Sloan feels like everything is falling in to place and once Melinda makes the arrangements, they will finally have the family they’ve been dreaming of.

Melinda watches over the baby until there’s a knock at the door. Melinda says it’s showtime as she answers the door to see Dr. Pierce. Dr. Pierce admits he was not thrilled to get her call since after his case was resolved, he hoped to never see her again. Melinda asks if he’s still holding a grudge because she tried to put him behind bars. Dr. Pierce says he’s just drawing boundaries but thankfully Sloan proved he was innocent. Melinda argues that they both know he was guilty of insurance fraud. Dr. Pierce asks if that’s why he’s here. Melinda says he’s here because of what he did for money and she’s hoping for an encore performance.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room and asks Leo if he got ahold of his lawyer. Leo claims his brilliant legal team is being assembled as they speak. Leo asks if he has something to read until then. Rafe says no but he hopes Leo has assembled a brilliant legal team because he’s going to need it since he’s in such serious trouble. Rafe talks about Leo assaulting a police officer. Leo argues that he did not touch Jada. Rafe admits that Leo’s boyfriend did it and says it’s hard to keep track of who did what to whom, but it’d be a real shame if Leo went down for Dimitri’s crimes but when he’s convicted, he will spend a long time in prison. Leo tells Rafe that he’s wasting his time because he’s not going to turn on Dimitri. Rafe asks even if it’s the only way to save his own ass. Leo calls Dimitri his ride or die and admits he’s betrayed a lot of people in his life but he won’t betray Dimitri. Rafe tells Leo to suit himself as it’s his own funeral.

EJ agrees with Nicole that they’ve waited long enough and decides it’s time to light a fire under Rafe and his cops. EJ calls the police station, asking to speak with Rafe immediately. EJ is informed that Rafe is busy, so EJ says he’ll be right there. EJ hangs up and informs Nicole that Leo was just arrested so if anyone knows where Dimitri is, it’s him. Nicole wants to go with him but EJ says time is of the essence and it will be quicker if he goes alone. EJ says he’ll call her if he finds anything out and promises he won’t stop until their baby is back in her arms where he belongs. EJ kisses Nicole and tells her to just rest as he then exits.

Holly explains to Johnny that she remembered that she and Nicole share locations and then Eric and EJ both took off after she told them and she hasn’t heard from them. Holly sees she missed a text from Eric and finds out that Nicole really was in an accident and she had the baby. Johnny asks if the baby is okay. Holly says she doesn’t know as Eric just said that EJ took her to the hospital. Johnny says they need to get to the hospital then so he and Holly rush out.

Eric asks Sloan if Melinda told her how the birth went. Sloan tells him that Melinda said everything went smoothly and that the baby is healthy with nothing to worry about. Eric realizes that their baby and Nicole’s baby were born on the same day. Sloan pretends to be shocked to learn that Nicole gave birth. Eric says that’s what he was going to tell her when he got home. Sloan says she’s happy for them and that Nicole must be over the moon. Eric explains to her that she would be but Nicole was in a car accident with Leo and Dimitri. Sloan asks if they are okay. Eric says that Dimitri took the baby to the hospital, so EJ and Nicole should be with the baby now. Sloan thinks back to Dimitri showing up there with the baby. Sloan remarks that it sounds like everything worked out in the end.

Dr. Pierce tells Melinda that he only agreed to come because she told him that Sloan needed his help and he owes her one but he had no idea he was being summoned to do something unethical. He worries that this feels like a trap. Melinda informs him that she’s no longer the district attorney so she’s no longer interested in putting him behind bars. Melinda states that she and Sloan need a favor that requires a little coloring outside the lines. Dr. Pierce asks why he would do this. Melinda offers a sizable donation to his bank account. Dr. Pierce turns her down and says he’s going home but Melinda stops him and presents him with an amount number that changes his mind. Dr. Pierce then checks out the baby and says he is healthy and he doesn’t see any issues. He thought that was all but Melinda says there’s more to it than that. Melinda reveals that she needs him to change his diagnosis since he gave the baby a clean bill of health, but she needs the parents to believe otherwise and for him to deliver the very bad news.

Nicole checks the TV and complains there’s nothing on the news about Dimitri and her baby. Johnny arrives with Holly, who rushes up to hug Nicole. Nicole says she’s so happy she’s there. Holly asks her about the car accident. Nicole says two fugitives ran her off the road. Johnny asks how badly she was hurt. Nicole responds that the doctors said she’d make a full recovery but she went in to premature labor and had the baby. Holly notes that Eric mentioned that. Nicole informs them that they have a baby brother. Johnny asks if the baby is with EJ. Nicole reveals that the baby is missing and they can’t find him.

Sloan tells Eric that Nicole must be terrified. Eric confirms that she was but she did what any mother to do to make sure her baby survived. Sloan says she can imagine since she would already do anything in the world to protect their son. Sloan then gets a call from Dimitri and tells Eric that it’s a client so it might take awhile. Eric decides he will go see his mom and tell her the good news then and he exits. Sloan asks what Dimitri wants. Dimitri wants her help as he informs her that Leo has been arrested, so he needs her to get him out of trouble.

Leo tells Rafe that he’s wasting his time as he has nothing more to say without his attorney present. Leo then brings up Dimitri being accused of trying to murder Gabi, but now Gabi has been arrested for real, actual murder. Leo asks if that clears the slate. Rafe asks if he’s serious. Leo takes that as a no. EJ then bursts in to the room and grabs Leo, asking what his boyfriend did with his baby.

Eric goes to see Marlena and informs her that the baby they are going to adopt was born tonight and is healthy. Marlena hugs him and says she’s so happy for him as it’s what he always wanted, now he’ll be a father any day now.

Sloan tells Dimitri that this isn’t a good time and she can’t help him or Leo. Dimitri reminds her that she represented Leo before. Sloan complains about how she had to play a game of cat and mouse to get paid. Dimitri promises it won’t be like that this time and that he will get her a lot of money. Sloan says no. Dimitri tells her that he loves Leo deeply and he cannot leave town without him unless he knows that someone is looking out for him. Dimitri complains that Leo is in a world of trouble and doesn’t deserve it. Dimitri swears that Leo is a good man. Sloan responds that Leo is right that Dimitri should leave town. Sloan says she’ll get Leo acquitted and then he can join him in a land far away from Salem.

EJ demands answers from Leo until Rafe backs him off and tells him to calm down. EJ wants answers, asking what Dimitri has done with his child. Rafe asks what EJ is talking about. EJ explains that Leo and Dimitri ran Nicole off the road, causing her to go in to premature labor. Leo argues that he helped deliver the baby. EJ tells Rafe that Dimitri left with the baby to take him to the hospital, only they never appeared which Leo questions. EJ tells Leo not to act like he doesn’t know, believing they devised this whole plot. Leo insists there was no plot so EJ screams at him, asking where his son is and why Dimitri has not returned. Leo assures that Dimitri would never kidnap a baby and swears this must be a misunderstanding. EJ warns that if Leo doesn’t tell him where Dimitri is, he will live to regret it.

Johnny doesn’t understand why Dimitri wouldn’t bring the baby to the hospital. Nicole responds that she’s not sure but she and EJ think he may be using the baby as leverage to get out of his legal troubles. Holly asks how he could use an innocent baby like that. Johnny swears he’ll kill Dimitri if he hurts the baby. Holly asks how they can help. Nicole suggests one of them text EJ for an update since her phone didn’t survive the car crash which Johnny agrees to do. Holly talks about how Nicole must have been so scared on the side of the road. Nicole says the baby came out like a fighter as Holly assures that he will be fine.

Dr. Pierce tells Melinda no because if he does what she asks, he could lose his medical license and it’s way too risky. Melinda argues that with great risk comes great reward and they will reward him greatly. Dr. Pierce asks what happens when the parents ask to see the baby. Melinda says he can figure something out. Dr. Pierce argues that this is incredibly cruel and the parents will be devastated. Melinda says she doesn’t feel great about it, but he’ll be making another couple very happy.

Leo swears that he doesn’t know where Dimitri is. EJ asks what his game is then and if he’s using his son as a bargaining chip or ransom. Leo insists it’s neither. Rafe asks EJ to let him handle this. EJ tells Rafe that they are talking about his son and he’s the district attorney, so he has every right to question him. Sloan then arrives and says actually he doesn’t, because her client has nothing left to say. EJ questions Sloan representing Leo. Sloan asks them to leave so she can speak to her client in private. Rafe and EJ then exit the room. Leo asks Sloan if Dimitri called her which she confirms. Leo asks if he mentioned anything about Nicole’s baby since he was supposed to bring him to the hospital but EJ says they never showed. Sloan claims that Dimitri mentioned nothing about the baby.

Melinda holds the baby and talks about him being healthy and how his new mom, Sloan, will be so pleased. Melinda says she meant what she said to Dr. Pierce as she does feel kind of bad for what they are doing to Nicole, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the benefit of the child. Melinda mentions having to do that for her own little girl, Haley. Melinda cries about having to give her to her parents to raise and calls it the hardest thing she ever had to do as it broke her heart, but she did it because she knew that was what’s best for her. Melinda adds that she knows this is what’s best for the baby. Melinda calls Eric and Sloan good people and says they will be amazing parents.

Eric tells Marlena that first, he was skeptical because Melinda was helping arrange the adoption but she really came through. Marlena is so happy because Eric has wanted this for so long and it’s finally going to work out this time. Eric notes that he just hopes things work out for Nicole too. Marlena asks why he says that.

EJ returns to the hospital where Nicole asks if Leo told him where Dimitri is. EJ informs her that Leo swears he doesn’t know where Dimitri is and admits that Leo seemed perplexed as to why Dimitri didn’t show up at the hospital. EJ adds that Leo is of no use to them now since he’s lawyered up now. Nicole asks what they are going to do. EJ mentions that Rafe says he’s on the case but he’s going to have to find their son himself and promises not to stop until he does. Johnny decides he’s going with him. Dr. Pierce then enters the room and introduces himself to Nicole, saying he has news about her baby. EJ says he’s the father and asks where he is. Dr. Pierce claims that earlier tonight, a man showed up with a newborn in his arms that he said belonged to Nicole. Nicole guesses that Dimitri did the right thing after all. EJ argues that it doesn’t make sense since he was there and was told that no baby was ever brought in. Dr. Pierce guesses there was a mix up since word never got back to him. Nicole asks where her son is then. Dr. Pierce suggests talking in private but EJ says it’s fine as everyone here is family. Nicole asks what’s going on as she knows her baby was born prematurely. Nicole asks if her baby is okay. Dr. Pierce responds that he’s sorry but her son didn’t make it, leaving Johnny, Holly, EJ, and Nicole in shock.

Dimitri calls Dr. Rolf about holding the submarine but is told that it’s now or never. Dimitri says he will head to the docks then and asks Rolf not to leave without him as he hangs up. Dimitri says goodbye Leo and that he loves him.

Leo asks Sloan if Dimitri left town and is gone. Sloan says she believes so. Leo calls that a relief. Sloan says it’s too late tonight to get him arraigned but she will do her best to get him out of this predicament. Sloan then gets a call from Melinda and says she can’t talk long as she’s in a meeting with a client. Melinda informs Sloan that Dr. Pierce agreed to help them and is delivering the very upsetting news to EJ and Nicole as they speak.

Nicole argues that it’s not possible because her baby was perfectly fine when Dimitri left with him. Dr. Pierce brings up the car accident causing her to go in to labor and says it appears the infant sustained internal injuries in the crash. Dr. Pierce reveals the blanket that the baby was wrapped in. Nicole breaks down crying as she confirms the blanket was the one Dimitri wrapped him in. Nicole cries that this can’t be happening. Dr. Pierce understands it’s a lot to process and says he will give them privacy. He says he’s terribly sorry for their loss as he exits the room. Holly hugs Nicole as she cries. Johnny tells EJ that he’s so sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do. EJ asks Johnny to take Holly outside to give them space. Holly tells Nicole that she loves her and exits with Johnny. EJ hugs Nicole. Nicole cries that this can’t be happening and asks EJ to tell her it’s not real.

Eric informs Marlena about what happened to Nicole. Marlena comments on her being through such an ordeal. Eric hopes that the worst is behind her. Eric then gets a call from Holly and asks how Nicole and the baby are. Holly informs Eric of the news that the baby didn’t make it. Eric is shocked and says he’s so sorry. Marlena asks him what happened.

Nicole tells EJ that the doctor has to be wrong. Nicole talks about how she was just telling Holly how strong their son is and that he’s a fighter. EJ breaks down crying as well as Nicole repeats that it can’t be true, asking how it can end this way after everything they’ve been through to keep the baby healthy. Nicole argues that she took all the vitamins and medications. Nicole cries that she took care of herself because she knew how risky the pregnancy was, so she doesn’t understand. Nicole states that she and EJ have lost two babies before they were born, but this one made it. Nicole says it would be so unfair and breaks down crying as EJ hugs her.

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