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You got married? Oh, Sloan, I am so happy for you and Eric. Yes, this will absolutely help with the adoption process. We’ll talk about everything the next time we meet. But we’ll also celebrate. Sounds good. Bye. Mayor Price. This is a nice surprise. And congratulations. I heard that you beat Clint Rawlings in a landslide.

[chuckles] You know you had my vote.

Girl, please, do not waste my time.

Excuse me?

If you think buttering me up is going to get me to give you back your old job, think again.

[intriguing music]

Yes, it’s urgent. I need to speak to Wei Shin immediately. I don’t care if he is in a meeting with the Pope. You get in there and tell him he needs to call me back right now. Do you understand me?

[chuckling angrily] Ah, damn it. I–I need to speak to someone now.

Oh, well, I’m available. But under no circumstances are we to talk about work.


Mm-mm, don’t “darling” me. I thought we were gonna go downstairs and consummate our union.

I wanted to.


I do, I do, I do. I’m just so–

[sighs] I’m just so furious at Gabi and Stefan.

Honey, I know. So am I.

It’s–it’s–it’s outrageous. My backstabbing brother and his gold-digging wife having me voted out as co-CEO of DiMera, trying to push me out so they can take over the company.

I–I hear you. I do. And we will take back everything that they stole from you– tomorrow.


Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

[sighs] Tonight is our wedding night. So you–you are gonna put aside everything, and you are gonna focus on me, because I’m pretty sure I could take your mind off this for a little while. Pretty sure.

[chuckles] Fine.

Thank you.

But just wait until I get my hands on Li Shin for giving them the deciding vote, that son of a bitch. I–I could kill him for this.

Grr, grr.

[both laugh]


[tense music]

You heard what Li said right before he died, right?

Yeah, I did.

He said Gabi did this. She murdered my brother.

What are you doing?

I’m arresting your wife for the murder of Li Shin.

You can’t do that.

Well, it’s, uh–it’s my job. I can arrest both of you if that’s what you prefer.

You’re jumping to the wrong conclusion. My wife had nothing to do with what happened here.

The evidence says otherwise.

Evidence? Have you conducted an investigation? No. And you’ve been a cop for, what, five minutes? Where’d you get that badge from, a Happy Meal?

Mrs. DiMera was seen by two witnesses standing over her mortally wounded ex-husband’s body with a bloody knife. Those two witnesses also heard her say that she needed to get rid of the bloody knife. On top of that, Mr. Shin identified Gabi as his killer right before he died. So even a rookie like me knows that I have more than enough probable cause to make an arrest.

Well, then you’ll be arresting an innocent woman because I didn’t kill Li Shin.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So, my handsome husband, I’m guessing you agree to get back into the newlywed spirit.



I agree.


And I apologize for allowing anything to distract me from my beautiful bride.


You will have my undivided attention as soon as I make a few calls to counter this brazen betrayal. Just–just a few minutes, please, that’s all I ask.

[chuckles] You can have all the time you want– tomorrow.


OK? But tonight, you are mine. You understand? I want you, Mr. DiMera, and I will not take no for an answer.

Am I looking at another hostile takeover?

Mm. Well, that’s up to you. I mean, you can resist, and I’ll just have to use force. Or you can just surrender to my desires willingly and just say yes.


Yes. Mm.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Mrs. DiMera?

Oh, I sure am. Now that you’ve made a– an honest woman out of me, why don’t we kick things up a notch?

Do you have something specific in mind?

[laughs] You bet I do.

[both chuckling]

I was not trying to butter you up.

So you don’t want your old job back?

Are you offering it to me?

Hell no. I need a district attorney who can deliver, not one who’s a constant disappointment.

When you fired me, you said it had nothing to do with job performance. You said it was because you just don’t like me.

Well, I still don’t.

And I still think it was a huge mistake you made when you got rid of me.

And why is that, Ms. Trask? Because you got me that high profile conviction you said you would? Oh, wait. Never happened.

I’ve put a lot of criminals behind bars.

[scoffs] Tax evaders and jaywalkers.


But the truly dangerous ones, the ones that need to be locked up for the citizens of Salem to feel safe, well, you bungled every chance you had.

That is a gross misrepresentation.

Oh, you–you talk a big game. But actually, all you did as DA was a whole lot of nothing. Case in point: that high profile conviction that I just mentioned, you went on and on about how you were gonna nail Li Shin, how you were gonna get him to confess to– to trying to have Stefan DiMera killed.

I would have! But he bugged my office!

Oh, in other words, he played you, w-which proves my point. You got this whole tough, take-no-prisoners act down. But that’s all it is, blusters and empty promises. Bottom line, you failed to hand me Li Shin, even though you swore that you had him dead to rights.

[intriguing music]

I’m–I’m sorry, Wendy. We did everything we could to save him.

I know.


Want some alone time with him?

No. I have to get out of here.

Wait, wait. Where–where you going?

To make Gabi pay for what she did to my brother.

[dramatic music]

Well, I’m gonna get this to the lab.

You know my fingerprints are on that knife, but that doesn’t mean that I stabbed Li.

I’m sure they’ll find other prints on there too, the real killer’s prints.

Yeah. We’ll see. All right, let’s go.

You do realize that she’s the commissioner’s sister, right?

I do. And?

And how do you think he’s gonna feel when some overzealous neophyte marches her downtown in handcuffs?

Guess we’re gonna find out.

No, no, please, please. No, no, no, don’t. Stefan, please, don’t– don’t let them do this to me. Don’t let them lock me up again, OK?

Hey, Gabi, listen to me.

[breathes deeply] I know you’re scared. OK? Everything’s gonna be fine. I will follow you down to the station, and we will get this sorted out. I will not let anything bad happen to you, I promise.

I love you. I love you so much.

I love you too.

All right, all right. Come on.


It’s all right. It’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be fine.

[moans] Mm, right there, EJ. Oh, my God.

[sighs] I needed this.

[chuckles] Is there anything else you need?

Well, I don’t want to push it.

Oh, don’t be silly. There is nothing I want more than to have my wife satisfied.

Hm. Well, I did suggest doing something naughty down in the secret room.


Mm-hmm. But maybe we’ll be a little more comfortable in bed.

[both chuckle] That’s if we make it there.

Mm-hmm. Mm. Mm.



Well, I’ve noticed that you haven’t appointed anyone to fill my position.

Just haven’t found the right person yet.

Ooh. I think what you mean, Madam Mayor, is that you haven’t found anyone as capable, qualified, and as cutthroat as I am. And clearly, the ADA that is currently doing my old job on an interim basis isn’t cutting it. Otherwise, you would have made her permanent by now.

And why is that your business?

You are not my boss anymore. In fact, you technically work for me. And as a citizen of Salem, I am very concerned with how this city is being run.

Mm. You want to say your peace?

Mm. Mm-hmm.

Well, I have a town hall the third Tuesday of every month. Now, you just call my office. Call my office for the details.

[tense music]

Oh, I’m gonna tear that bitch’s eyes out.

I know you want to hurt Gabi right now, but that is not what Li would have wanted.

She never stopped messing with him– his head, his heart. She tortured my brother, and all he ever wanted to do was love her.

You want to know who he loved? You. Wendy, he was so proud of you, how smart you are, how talented and independent you are. He saw what an amazing future you had ahead of you, and he’d hate it if you throw it away by going after Gabi.

Li did not deserve this. He did not deserve to die.

[soft dramatic music] I’m gonna track down that psycho and make her pay for what she did.

I–I understand wanting revenge, Wendy. I do. I’ve been there, OK? And I wish to hell I hadn’t given in to that impulse. OK, I still deeply regret going after Kayla because I thought she killed my mom–

But she didn’t! Ava’s alive.

[whispers] Li is gone. He was my big brother.

I know how much he meant to you.

[sobbing] He always looked out for me, especially when we were young. I mean, you know how scary my father is. Whenever I did something stupid, which was, like, all the time, Li would step in and take the blame. Oh, my God, I have to call my father. Tripp, how am I going to do this? How am I going to tell him that his son is dead?

I’m–I’m gonna help however I can, OK? You–have him–have him come over to our place. I’ll give you room to talk, to grieve.

My father doesn’t grieve. I’ve never even seen him cry.

OK, then you’ll just talk.

No, he won’t want to. All he’ll want is retribution.

We told Harris what we know. OK? They’re gonna do their investigation.

But what–what do they need to investigate? Gabi practically confessed. I–I–you saw her. She was standing over Li with that knife and said she needed to get rid of it.

And we got there, and so she couldn’t. OK, now the police, they have the murder weapon and our testimony, and plus, your brother named Gabi right before he died.

Wh-what, s-so what, I’m just supposed to sit around and wait for Rafe to put his own sister away?

[spluttering] Like that’s gonna happen.

Wendy, I promise you, the cops will do their job. OK, they’re going to get justice for Li.

Hey. Where’s your partner?

He caught a case, actually, while I got stuck transferring a prisoner to Statesville– a homicide.

Oh, who was it?

Li Shin.


Stabbed to death at his sister’s apartment.

Oh, my God. Wh–what else do you know?

Uh, nothing yet. We’ll know more when Harris gets here. He’s bringing in a suspect.


[footsteps approaching]

[tense music]

And that’s what we know so far, Commissioner. Collected this at the crime scene.

CSU’s at the apartment now.

Yeah, I told them to let Wendy and Tripp know when they can get back inside.

OK, thanks. I’ll, uh–I’ll– yeah. I’ll be back.

Hey, hey, hey. Are you OK?

Um, well, my sister’s a suspect in a homicide, so, um, no. No, I’m definitely not OK. Yeah. I need to speak with her.

Rafe, Rafe, maybe– maybe I should handle this interview–

Jada, I got this. OK?

[soft dramatic music] I appreciate your support. OK.


Cuffs? Really? Th-that was not me.


Say something.

Detective Michaels read you your rights?

Yeah, he did, before he forced me to come down here for no reason.

OK, you know that you have the right to remain silent?

Yes, I know, Rafe. I don’t have to answer any of the cops’ questions.

OK. So right now, I am not speaking to you as a cop. I am speaking to you as your brother. You’re in serious trouble, OK? Now, off the record and just between you and me, what the hell did you do?

[phone alert chimes]

Oh, my God. Li. Wendy, I–I just saw the news about your brother. I am so sorry.

Are you? Really?

Let’s just go, OK?

You’re not sorry about Li. Not at all. I know damn well you’re just another one of the vipers in this town who wanted to take him down. Well, he’s down for good. Happy now?

[both moaning softly]

[knocking on door]

Let’s–let’s ignore that. I’m sure it’s just a delivery person with some fruit– a fruit basket, if you will.

A–a fruit basket?


[chuckling] OK.

A wedding gift from my mother. She called me three times to let me know that it was coming. I’m sure it’ll keep.



[knocking continues]

Oh. God. OK, you know what, it could be Holly. She forgets her keys sometimes.

I wouldn’t want to keep my stepdaughter out in the cold.



Oh, uh, Mayor Price, we weren’t expecting you.

Well, I called, but you didn’t answer your phone. Now, I’m sure–I’m not sure if you heard the news, but the good people of Salem have just voted me in for the next term.


Oh, congratulations. But you came all the way here to tell us that?

No, I came here because I heard you were out of a job. How would you like a new one?

[hopeful music]


I’m sorry, Paulina, but this is going to have to wait. Nicole and I have agreed to put aside all business talk until tomorrow.

Why? Are you busy?

Well, as a matter of fact, we are. It’s–it’s our wedding night.

[gasps] You two jumped the broom?

[chuckling] Yes.

Figuratively, yes.

Oh, congratulations.

Thank you.

We–we were just in the middle of…celebrating. So perhaps we could find some time to talk tomorrow.

Oh, well, I don’t like to postpone urgent business matters, but what you two need to do is, uh, urgent as well. So I’ll just make the exception.

Um, wait. P-Paulina, hang on a second.

[hopeful music] You came all the way over here to offer EJ a job?


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I mean, the mayor came all the way over here. The least we could do is hear her out.


I heard that the police, uh, arrested Gabi DiMera.

You and Gabi are exactly alike, a pair of power-hungry predators who screwed my brother– literally– to get what you wanted.

[spluttering] I didn’t–I–I didn’t–

You didn’t what, Melinda? What, what, you–you don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, then let me jog your memory. You used sex to try to get a confession out of my brother, which made me sick to hear about and makes me even sicker now.

Li, he played me as much as I played him.

Oh, the only difference is, he actually liked you.

[scoffs] God only knows why.

[tense music]

I liked him too. And I swear, Wendy, whatever happened between us, I would never wish this on him.

I didn’t do anything.

Gabi, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me the truth.

Rafe, this– this is the truth. Oh, my God, wh-why would I do this? Why would I ruin my life?

I was just briefed by Detective Michaels.

I don’t care what he said.

OK, well, you need to.

Why? I am innocent.

You need a lawyer.

No, I need my brother! Rafe, I swear to you on my daughter’s life, I did not kill Li!

[dramatic music]

OK. All right, tell me what happened.

Where’s my wife?

Uh, she’s in with the commissioner.

I need to see her.

Stefan, let Gabi talk to her brother. If there’s anything that Rafe can do to help her, he will.

So Li sent me a text asking me to come over to his sister’s apartment. And when I got there, the door was open, he was lying on the floor, and he had been stabbed.

With this knife?


Detective Michaels told me that Wendy Shin and Tripp Johnson saw you standing over Li’s body, holding this knife, saying to Stefan that you needed to get rid of it. Why were you holding the knife?

Because I pulled it out of Li’s back. I was trying to save him.

[sighs] OK. So now your fingerprints are all over the murder weapon.

I know, I know. I realize how stupid it was. But I–in the moment, I panicked.

Harris also told me that Li named you as his killer before he died. Why would he do that?

I don’t know. I don’t– maybe he was c-confused, d-delusional. All I know is that there must have been somebody else in that apartment. A-and whoever that was stabbed Li.

Did you see anyone exit?

They must have left right before I got there. Please, please, Rafe, you have to believe me. Please.

I believe you.

Thank you. Thank you. OK, well, that’s everything. Th-that’s–that’s everything that happened. So can I please go home now?

Gabi, you were accused of murder.

OK, but–so I’ll call a lawyer or something. I’ll make bail. I–

This is a very serious crime. I mean, all the evidence points to you. Honestly, this–this looks bad, really bad.

OK, so maybe you need to think about why that is.


Rafe, come on. I have been down this road before. Abigail lied on the stand, and I went to prison for a murder I didn’t commit.

So you’re saying that you’re being set up?

That is exactly what I’m saying. I am saying that somebody is framing me for killing Li.

OK, let’s start over. You said that you got a text from Li asking you to come over. What did he want?

Well, first of all, I–I mean, yes, I got a text from Li, but I don’t know if it was from him. It was from his phone, but it could have been anybody.

OK, can we just assume that it was Li? OK? Why did he ask you to come over?

Well, he always wanted me to come over to see him. He was obsessed with me.

Gabi, why did he want you to come over tonight?

[soft dramatic music]

Um, he was upset with me.

About? Gabi?

Does it even matter?

Yes, it matters!

[sighs] If you even want to have a chance of getting out of this, you need to tell me everything.

My wife didn’t do this.

If that’s true, then–

There is no if!

[panting] What I would like to know is why the hell the two of you are standing around in here instead of out there looking for the son of a bitch who really did this to Li?

OK, listen, I know you’re upset. There’s no reason to yell, especially at my partner. Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee or something?

What I’m gonna do, Detective, is get on the phone and call the best damn lawyer I can find.

Smart move, ’cause she’s gonna need it.

So you and Stefan enlisted Wilhelm Rolf, a fugitive wanted by this department, to convince Li that you’d been kidnapped by Megan DiMera?

Look, the plan was to get Li on tape confessing that he was trying to get Stefan killed.

Yeah, so you could use that tape and get his shares?

Yes, and–and he did sign over the shares to us. But then he texted me a few hours later saying that those shares were fake and that if I wanted the real ones I had to come over to talk to him alone.


And then, when I got there– I told you what I saw. That is it. That’s the whole story.

So you created this whole scheme, this whole thing, just so you could screw over EJ DiMera?

All right, let’s hear it. What job have you come to offer me?

Ah, well, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I fired that snake Clint Rawlings. His position is available for your consideration.

You want me to be deputy mayor?

You’re available, qualified. You’d be doing important work.

[clears throat] Paulina, I’m flattered, but it’s a no.

Whoa, wait a minute. You don’t even want to think about it? I mean, come on, you served as mayor once.

It was a long time ago. And now my focus is on taking back DiMera.


Uh, well, uh, allow me. Allow me to come at this a different way. Giovanni and Chanel, now, I’m sure you know that my beautiful baby girl and your handsome young boy have reconciled.

I am aware that they are giving it another go, and they have my total blessing.

Oh, mine too. Mine too. But, well, since they’re back together, that kind of makes us like a–a family. And certain members of your family have greatly disappointed you, while others, like me, are looking out for you.

I appreciate that.

Mm-hmm. And right now, you need a job. I need you to come work for me. Now, I’d say–I–I’d say that would be a win-win for the Price-DiMera family.

[chuckles] Oh, you are good.


You are good.

And so are you, EJ. Now, you’re a man who gets things done. You spent years running a multi-million dollar corporation. Now, that’s exactly the kind of experience I need in my administration. Now, all we have to do is just put our heads together and find a way to make this happen.


[hopeful music]

I won’t deny trying to manipulate Li for my own ends. But I had genuine feelings for him. And I am terribly sorry that he’s gone.

I don’t want your damn condolences.

Well, you have them. Not only am I sorry that you lost your brother, but I am sorry that I let my ambitions blind me from what could have been between us. I put my professional goals before my personal desires, and I truly regret that.

[soft dramatic music]

You’re telling me you think you two had a shot at an actual relationship?

Maybe. I mean, there was definitely a spark. And–and I’d– I’d like to believe that that really could have become something real. But now I’ll never know.

[cell phone rings]

Uh, Dr. Johnson. Thank you, uh, for letting me know.

[cell phone beeps] Uh, the police are done at the apartment if you want me to take you home.

I am definitely done.

[breathing shakily]

EJ–EJ screwed over Stefan first. He knew that his brother was brainwashed to hate me, and he said nothing.

So he could hold onto power?

Yeah. EJ wanted Stefan out of the office, but Li wanted Stefan dead. He tried to pull the plug. He tried to have him assassinated by Harris Michaels. He got what he deserved.

OK, this almost sounds like you’re justifying his murder.

No, I didn’t mean that he deserved to die. I meant that he deserved to lose his shares.

And you came up with an insane scheme to make that happen. Damn it, I told you to stay away from him.

Well, maybe I would have if he was in prison. But, no, he was out free, and he owned a piece of my husband’s company.

Right, so you did the sensible thing, which was to invent a kidnapping.

Well, I–I wouldn’t have done that if you would have done your job. You know, you didn’t get the confession out of Li, so I did what I had to do–

Oh, so this is my fault now?

I’m not saying it’s your fault.

You just said that!

I’m not blaming you. Can we please just not fight? I am scared out of my mind, and I need you on my side.

I am on your side.

Then help me, Rafe! I can’t go back to prison, not– not after what happened the last time. I can’t, OK? And Arianna? I can’t put Arianna through that again. Please, I’m begging you. Please, you have to help me.

OK. It’s gonna be OK. It’s gonna be OK, all right? I am going to help you. All right.

[sighs] So Li–Li named you in his killing, right?

OK, that does not help.

Well, actually, it might help you, OK? You blackmailed him, right? You blackmailed him so you could get his shares. How did that make him feel?

Well, what do you think? He was shocked. He was hurt.

And angry?


Right, right. Exactly. So he had motive to set you up.

For his murder? You’re–I–you think– you think that he would go this far to punish me?

You just said that he was obsessed with you. His obsession already had made him do crazy things. The guy–the guy was lonely. He was unstable. He was unemployed. And then when you and Stefan, you took those shares from him, I mean, maybe his whole life was just built on trying to get you back, and then when you did that to him, you humiliated him.

So he had somebody stab him in the back so that he could frame me?

In his sick mind, maybe it was poetic justice. You had taken everything from him–everything– except the ability for him to exact revenge.

So–so what, the– the final move in his life i-is gonna be to make sure that I am in prison for the rest of my life? You think a jury’s gonna buy that?

Well, not without proof.

So go find it.

I am going to try my best. But you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that that might not happen. I believe you, Gabi. I believe you are innocent. But as it stands now, it is gonna take a miracle to convince anyone else of that.

Thank you, Susan, for the lovely fruit basket. I–uh, yeah. Su–sure, uh, I can call you Mama Banks. Well, thank you for the beautiful gift. And–and please tell Roger thank you from us. And I’m sure EJ would have loved to say hello, but he’s not here. He actually got a new job tonight. And I think he’s gonna make all of us really proud.

My sister says she didn’t kill Li. And I believe her.

OK, well, we’ll follow the evidence, and hopefully it’ll turn out that you’re right.

Yeah. Or I’m in denial and Gabi’s going down for murder.

Let’s take one step at a time.

[tense music]

All right. Take this down to forensics. We already know Gabi’s prints are gonna be on the handle. And hopefully, with any luck, someone else’s will be too.

[sighs] Did you tell Rafe what happened?

Yeah, he wasn’t too happy about what we did to Li. But he believed me.

Well, that’s because he loves you. And he knows you’re telling the truth.

The evidence against me is pretty damning.

It is. But I have complete confidence that once the investigation is finished, you’ll be in the clear.

[laughs humorlessly] I hope so.

Hey. I know so. Like I told you before, I’m not gonna let anything bad happen to you.

I just wish I knew what actually happened. Someone tried to make it look like I killed Li. But I didn’t. So who did?

Look, we don’t have to do this. We can get a room at the Salem Inn or we can even stay at my dad’s.

No. I need to go inside. I just–I need to see it.

OK. I’m right here with you.

[somber music]


I really did like you. And I’ll miss you.

[sniffles] Rest in peace, Li.

[footsteps approaching]

If you’re still crying about your old job, I–I think you need to move on. I sure have.

What are you talking about?

I just hired a new DA.

[dramatic music]

I put a call in to Belle. She’ll be here as soon as she can.

Thank you.


Stefan, I don’t know if she can get me out of this.

Hey. You convinced your brother of your innocence. All you need to do now is convince the DA.

[door closes]

[chuckling] Good luck with that.

What the hell are you doing here?

Hello to you too, Stefan.

Just so you know, this doesn’t change anything at DiMera. You’re still out, and we’re still in.

Oh, this isn’t about DiMera. I have a new job.

Somebody actually gave you a job?

Mm. Paulina Price. I’m the newly appointed district attorney.

You must be joking.

No, not at all. I accepted the position this evening. And I am greatly looking forward to making you, Gabriella, my very first conviction.

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Days Transcript Monday, November 6, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Thank you, Everett, for urging me to open up and… for listening. It really helped.

I hope this Chad guy knows how lucky he is. Come here.

[unsettling music]


Chad, hey. What are you doing here?

I was passing by– I was, um– I was on my way home. So are you gonna introduce me to your friend here?

One lava cake to go. Sorry it took so long.

That is okay. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. ,::,

Did you and Wendy enjoy dinner?

We did. It was delicious.

Good, I’m just still trying to get the feel for running the place, you know?

Well, you’re doing a great job. Everything was fantastic, and Wendy loved it too. She would have said it herself, but she had to step out to get a hold of her brother. Oh, and she said to say thank you for the family discount.

Oh, yeah.

I, uh–I wish we could have comped the entire meal, but as your mother knows, we need to run a tight ship around here. It’s our goal to avoid even the slightest hint of impropriety.

Hey, Wendy.

Oh, Harris, hi.

Hi. I heard we’re gonna be working together at the Salem PD.

Yeah, I’m running the IT department. Today’s my first day.

That’s great. I mean, if your fake passports are any indication of your skill level, I think we’re gonna be in good hands.


Is everything okay?

Oh, it’s just… I’ve been texting my brother, and I still haven’t heard back from him, so I’m a bit worried. He’s kind of having a bad day.

[dramatic musical sting]

[foreboding music]

Oh, my God. Is Li…

He’s dead.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Sorry, Chad. This is Everett Lynch. Everett, this is Chad DiMera.

Pleasure to meet you.

Yeah. No, I’m sure I’ll feel the same way here in a minute. First of all, how do you, uh– how do you guys know each other?

I’m her boyfriend.


I’m sorry, what?

Whoa, whoa. Um… Wow, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I totally misspoke.

[laughs] I feel like such an idiot. Um, I think I’m still getting used to the idea that Steph and I aren’t together anymore.

You two were a couple?

Um, Everett’s the guy that I told you about from Seattle.


Mm. The one who ghosted you?

Yes, but there’s a whole–

Yeah. No, no, no. No, it’s fine. No, Stephanie, actually– she, um– she told me all about you, that you guys were in a serious relationship, and then one day you just straight-up disappeared without a trace, no explanation, no nothing, like a coward.

Chad, I appreciate you defending me, but you don’t understand.

Don’t understand what? That this guy treated you like dirt and then ran away without the decency to tell you why?

That’s not what happened.


I never ghosted Stephanie, at least not intentionally.

Thank you again, Mom. It was a really great meal.

You are welcome. It’s my pleasure, babe.

And mine. Come back anytime.


I will thank you to refrain from speaking to my son in the future.

I was just being friendly.

Friendly, right, to the guy you threatened to kill.

Only to keep you in line. He’s safe as long as you remember Clyde’s your boss, and you keep doing whatever he tells you. Lucky for you, Clyde’s real happy with your job performance so far.

And why wouldn’t he be? The customers are all happy with all the changes I’ve made. The new menu’s a hit. Profits are great.

Are you forgetting that the restaurant profits are not the one that Clyde cares about? This little place, nah, it’s a perfect front for drug distribution and money laundering. That’s what you need to keep focused on.

Listen, I can run a drug operation at a five-star restaurant in my sleep.

You better hope that that’s true, because if the police ever get wind of what’s really going on here, you and your son will be the ones who suffer the most.

Okay, listen, I know the score, Gil, so just back the hell off, okay?

Is there a problem here?

[dark music]

I got the lava cake.

Ooh, yay. I cannot wait.


Oh, did you want one too?

Oh, don’t even joke about that, Tripp Johnson. You know I take my desserts very seriously.

As one should. So did you, uh, get in touch with Li?

Uh, not yet. I keep texting him, but I haven’t heard back.

It really sucks what Stefan and Gabi did to him.

Yeah. I mean, what kind of psycho fakes her own kidnapping to try to blackmail someone? It makes me sad, really. I thought Gabi and I were kind of friends, but she really stabbed my brother in the back.

How did this happen?

Did you get my voicemail?

I did. You said you were headed here, but you didn’t say why.

Because Li sent me a text message saying that all the stock certificates he signed over to us were fake, that if I wanted the real ones, I needed to come here and talk to him alone.

[sighs] He lied to you, Gabi. They were real. They were authenticated in the shareholders’ meeting.

Oh, my God. He tricked me?

Yes. Yes, he did. He…

[sighs] I used those shares to fire EJ, Gabi, and as soon as the meeting was over, I rushed over here, and I… I knew things were gonna be bad, but I did not realize they would be this bad. Why did you do it? Why did you kill Li?

[suspenseful music]

So I had just mailed a letter to Stephanie. We were old-school, and we used to write each other real letters. Um, anyway, I was crossing the street, and a car ran right into me.

He spent a year in a medically induced coma.

And when I came out of it, I-I was just total wreck. Um, took me forever to recover, both physically and mentally. Um, my memory was really spotty.

By the time he remembered me and tried to reach out, I had already moved to Salem, and he didn’t have my address.

Tracking you down was really not easy, but I–I had to try. I mean, I couldn’t let her think that I just left without any explanation, you know?

Mm-hmm. So then you came to Salem to tell her what really happened?

Yeah, yeah. And honestly… I was foolish enough to think that we could just pick up where we left off.


[uneasy music]

Sounds like the two of you were arguing.

Uh, you know what, it’s my fault. You know, sometimes I just get a little too passionate about food, and then I have to remind myself that Gil here is the boss, and so whatever he says goes.

Well, yeah, I’m the boss, but I’m not quite the tyrant she makes me out to be. You have to remember that I need to answer to people as well, and I don’t wanna upset them.

Yeah, well, then you should listen to Ava. She has some great ideas.

Oh, I never said she didn’t. Now, Ava–Ava has a very valuable skill set. Some might even say a unique skill set. All I know is, she’s gonna make this business a huge success.

I couldn’t agree more.

Well, I need to get back to my office. Detective Michaels, good to see you again.


[soft ambient music] Do you–do you like working for this guy?

Meh, he’s not so bad. Why do you ask?


Um, I don’t know, something about him rubs me the wrong way.

That was such a great dinner. Thank you. But I feel kinda bad about leaving Li at home by himself. He doesn’t normally like to show that he’s hurting, but… today he sure didn’t hide how upset he was.

And why wouldn’t he be?

Yeah. Why wouldn’t he be? I mean, he lost his shares in the most humiliating way, and he is definitely not looking forward to telling that to our father. But I think it’s mostly about Gabi. The way she used him, it’s hurtful.

Well, to be fair–

Oh. No, I know.

[laughs] Okay, he did awful things to her too, but… he’s finally trying to put this whole obsessive thing with her behind him.

Oh, yeah? Well, that’s good.

It is. And don’t tell him I told you this, but he’s been in therapy with Dr. Evans, and he kind of had a breakthrough. I mean, he finally told me that he’s ready to move on with his life and… now I’m just worried that another betrayal by Gabi is gonna cause him a huge setback.

You’re really protective of him.

Yeah, well, he and I do bicker a lot, it’s true, but… he’s my brother… and I love him. I hate that he’s so miserable.

Well, then let’s get home and cheer him up. And who knows, maybe we can, uh, share this little, you know, lava cake with him so…

That is really sweet of you. Well, I mean, it’s coming out of your half, so.

[both laugh]

Stefan, what–what are you talking about? I didn’t–I didn’t kill Li. I showed up here, the door was open, and I found him like this.

Why are you holding the knife, Gabi? I-I-I just panicked. I don’t know. I thought– I was trying to help him by pulling it out, and then you showed up.

Okay. If that is true, then–

It is true. Of course, it is! I swear to God.

Okay. Gabi, I’m not sure how smart it was for you to pick up the knife. Your fingerprints are now on the murder weapon.

I know. I just–I freaked out. I didn’t know what else to do, but I didn’t kill Li. You have to believe me.

[sighs] I do. Okay? I do. But the question now is, Gabi: if you didn’t stab Li, who did?

[ominous music]

Mmm. That’s delicious.

It is. It was a boxed cake that I had in the freezer. Gosh, you know, we didn’t have any time to get something special. Sweet Bits, this marriage was so last minute.

Well, it wouldn’t have made any difference to them. They didn’t eat any.

Maybe they wanted to get right to the honeymoon.

Makes sense. And speaking of brides, I need to go home and see mine. I wanna tell Kate about these, uh, impromptu nuptials.

Give her my best, please.

Good night, Roman.

All right. You two take care. Good night.


[door clicks shut]

You’re awfully quiet. You okay?

No, not really. Last time we spoke, you were feeling very optimistic about getting custody of Rachel with the help of your friends. Judging by your demeanor, I’m guessing that didn’t go so well.

You could say that. They screwed me over.

I have no idea who did this. There was nobody else here when I got here.

You searched the place?


Well, thank God for that, because if the killer had been here when you walked in, there’s no telling what would have happened.

You’re right. I mean, I just– I wish I would have never come here in the first place. Of all the rotten luck.

[eerie music]

Was it though?

Oh, well, come on. It’s not good luck, Stefan.

What I’m saying is, what if luck wasn’t in play, luck in any capacity? Look, you didn’t come here because you wanted to. Li lured you here under false pretenses. He wanted you here at his place.

So you’re saying Li lured me here so that he could set me up for his murder? That’s nuts. What is this, his body double or something?

Li’s certainly taken extreme measures before.

Are you hearing yourself? Are you–how could he possibly stab himself in the back? Could he do that?

No, no. You’re right. Never–never mind.

But hold on a second, because maybe you are… on to something. I mean, this doesn’t feel right. So maybe somebody is trying to set me up.

So you want to get back together with Stephanie then?

No. No, no. No, no. That–that came out wrong. Of course, I don’t wanna get back together with Stephanie now. I mean, she’s–she’s involved with you now. But obviously, that’s what I was hoping for when I–when I thought it was a possibility, if that makes sense. Anyway, Chad, I just wanna tell you, you are a very lucky man, okay? Steph is such an amazing woman.

I agree.

Anyway, after I recovered, I mean, just for months, I would say to myself, you know, “I need to find Steph. Reunite with her.” But, um, nonetheless, now that I know you guys are dating– or, I guess, not just dating, right? Um, Steph, you were saying last night, um, you two actually– you live together.

Last night?

Everett came by the apartment before you came home.

You didn’t–you didn’t tell me that part, did you?

Gil’s arrogant, he’s bossy, he wears so much cologne, it gives me a migraine, and he’s a pain in the ass, if you wanna know the truth, but he’s basically harmless.

You sure? He just seems off somehow, a little too slick for me.

Yeah. Yeah. I know, but nothing I can’t handle.

Well, I’m sure you’re right.


Am I being overprotective?

I don’t know, maybe a little, but it’s kind of nice to have somebody who’s got your back.

Well, Jada said that I’m being overprotective and maybe even a little jealous.



Really? Is that true? Wait a minute, you jealous of Gil? Gil and his musky aroma? Huh? No?

[laughs] Okay. Come on, Gil is the last person that I would ever be attracted to.

That’s good to know.

So what’d you come in for? You hungry? We got great specials tonight.

Actually, I came to see you. I mean, in case you forgot, I made you a promise, and I’m here to make good on it.

Okay, let’s think for a minute, all right? Who would want to frame you for murder?

I have no idea, but I just realized, if this is a setup, we need to get out of here right now.

You’re right. Of course. Come on, let’s get out of here.

Wait, wait. What are we gonna do with this knife?


What’s going on? Why are you– Aah!


[dramatic music]

So yeah, Gabi and Stefan, they were just leading me on the whole time, making me believe that they were just gonna make Kristen look like an unfit parent, but that wasn’t their agenda. Their agenda the whole time was just getting Kristen’s shares of DiMera. That’s all they wanted. They weren’t gonna help me out with Rachel at all.

Brady, I’m so sorry.

It’s okay. You told me. You warned me. You said, “Don’t trust them.” You were right. But I was desperate, and I just want my little girl back.

I know, but to lie to you like that and to use a child. I mean, that’s reprehensible.

Yeah, it’s pretty shameless, but there’s nothing they won’t do to get what they want. And they say they want Kristen’s shares, but I’ll tell you what, I-I think they want a majority.

That means they’ll be targeting somebody else.

Exactly. And I pity whoever their next victim is.

Oh, my God, oh, my God! Li? Li! Li, can you hear me? Please help him, Tripp.

[cries] What have you done to him?

Nothing. Oh, nothing. We had nothing to do with it. Then why are you holding the knife? Why did you say needed to get rid of it?

Wendy, I know this looks really bad, but you are jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Oh, I don’t think so. I think it’s pretty damn obvious. Gabi killed my brother.

No, she didn’t. Li’s still alive.

[dramatic music]

When I came home last night, you didn’t say anything about your ex-boyfriend showing up on our doorstep.

I know, but it wasn’t like I was trying to keep it from you. We just didn’t have a chance to talk. It was just bad timing.

Anyway, um, it really doesn’t matter, okay? As I hope I made it clear earlier, now that I know you two are in a relationship, I’m–I’m completely backing off.


[laughs] I’m so sorry I was standoffish. Um, my bad. I just got the wrong impression of you two, I think.

Totally understand. And just by the way, um, this wasn’t planned. We just we totally ran into each other.

Mm, yeah, no. And you seem like a very nice guy, and what happened to you was awful, so best of luck.

Thank you.

Yeah. When do you head back to Seattle?

Oh, I don’t. Uh, I don’t go back to Seattle. I’m actually sticking around Salem.

[strange music]

What kind of promise?

Well, you know, remember a few weeks ago, we–we, uh–we kind of had a moment.

Why are you being so cryptic? We kissed.



Yes, we kissed, but we decided not to jump into anything romantic until our lives were back on track.

Yeah, and I must admit, that was uncharacteristically mature on both of our parts.

Wasn’t it? Not only mature, but now I am gainfully employed. And if we recall, I made a promise to you that I would take you out to dinner once I got a job. So… I would like to, uh… set up a date with you… you know, if you’re still interested.


What? Did–did I just put you on the spot? Because if you wanna change your mind about it, it’s–

No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. It’s just, um…

[sighs] I’m just afraid that my job’s gonna end up being a problem.

Well, how?

It’s just–it just seems like it’s gonna be, you know, all-consuming, and I– I wouldn’t want my obligations here to end up hurting you.

Come on, Ava. I know what I’m getting into. Yeah, we both got jobs, new jobs with crazy hours, but, I mean, this is not a lifetime commitment. I mean, we’re talking about one dinner… and possibly a dessert.

Whoa, wait. Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You didn’t mention dessert, okay? Well, now I’m talking. All right?

I was reluctant to bring out the big guns.


So what do you say?

I say let’s do it.

Great. How does, uh, tomorrow work?

Oh, that’s just perfect, actually, it’s my day off. both: Yeah.

Then it’s a date. I’ll pick you up at 😕

Okay. Oh, you know what, actually, maybe, um– maybe I should just meet you at the restaurant. Three roommates and my place, it can get a little chaotic.


You said he was dead.

I thought he was. He didn’t have a pulse.

It’s weak, but it’s still there. He’s still breathing.

Thank God.

Save the act. You clearly wanted him dead.

No, I didn’t. I found him like this, I swear.

Someone call , okay? We need to go to a hospital right away.



[tense music]

So you’re moving to Salem?

There’s nothing left for me in Seattle. Not only did I lose Steph, I lost my job, so there really was no point in staying.

But why here? Why Salem?

Oh, it’s not because of Steph, honestly. Um, this job popped up, I was perfect for it, and they just– they hired me on the spot.

He’s gonna go work for “The Spectator.”

Oh, yeah. I see. Okay.

Yeah. I hear they have a stellar reputation. But if I’m being honest, I just sort of needed the job. I gotta start paying all these medical bills. Turns out, being comatose for over a year, pretty expensive.


I bet.

Anyway, um, I have an early morning, so I’m going to take off.

Good luck.

Thank you. Thank you. Um, and I know this might be too much to ask, but I honestly, genuinely hope the three of us can be friends.

I think that would be nice.

Okay. Um, see you around.

[uneasy music]



How do you like working at the Salem PD, huh?

Uh, I like it, you know, even though I got off to a pretty rocky start.

No, what happened?

Jada and I were tasked with hunting down Dimitri Von Leuschner and Leo Stark, and we almost got ’em, actually, on Halloween night, but they–they managed to get away.

Oh, damn. That’s too bad. But I’m sure you’ll get ’em eventually.

Yeah, it’s just, you know– it’s just really frustrating.

I know. I know, but try not to let it trouble you too much. You know, you’re smart, you got great instincts, and you’re gonna be a great cop.

Thank you.

[phone beeps] I appreciate the support. Sorry, looks like they need me back on duty, says there’s been a stabbing incident.


[sighs] Maybe we should just go home and wait for the police to contact us.

It’s best for us to wait here, that way they see we have nothing to hide.

I should probably go wipe the prints off the knife, right?

No, no. Gabi, Wendy, and Tripp saw you holding the knife. If you wipe it clean now, you’re tampering with evidence. It’ll make you look more guilty.

I already look guilty thanks to whoever’s setting me up.

Listen to me, you have nothing to worry about. Whoever’s trying to frame you for this, it’s not gonna work. Li is alive, okay? He will tell the police who did this to him. He will clear your name.

[suspenseful music]



Wendy, stay back, stay back.

No, he needs to know I’m here. He needs to know he’s not alone.

Okay, just give us some room to work, okay?

[sighs] Li, it’s me, Jing-Wen. I’m right here by your side, okay?

[monitor beeping evenly]


Yes, it’s me. You’re in the hospital right now, but you’re going to be okay. Tripp is going to take good care of you.

Don’t leave me. Don’t leave me.

I won’t. I won’t, I promise. Okay, I’ll stay right here by your side, just like you’ve always stayed by mine. Li, can you tell me what happened? Tell me who did this to you.

[grunting weakly]

[monitor flatlines]

You and Detective Michaels looked mighty cozy. I hope you didn’t let anything slip about a little operation.

Oops. Wait, was that supposed to be a secret?

[gasps] Oh, no. I probably shouldn’t have said that our sugar packets are filled with cocaine.

You do understand, Ava, that if you ever do let anything slip, you’ll be putting a target on the good detective’s back right along with the one on your son’s.

Oh, my God, this isn’t my first rodeo, Gil. I know the score.

Good. Well, come with me. There’s a shipment coming in, and I need you to supervise out back.

Yeah, I’m coming.

[dark music]

[phone beeps]

“It would be nice,” huh?

What would?

For us to be– for us to be friends, you, me, Everett. That’s what you said.

I was being polite.

Okay, then let me be really, really direct right now. I don’t think it would be nice at all. I think it would be awkward as hell, and it actually reminds me a lot of what we just went through with Alex.

This is totally different, Chad.

How so? Alex lusted after you, and so does Avri–Ev– whatever his name is, obviously.

What a crude way to put it.

Okay, I’m sorry, you know what? They both think that you’re an amazing woman, and they’d really love for me to be out of the picture so they can make a move on you. There, less crude? Better?

In the case of Everett, as he just explained to you just now, he was in a catastrophic car accident and spent a year in a coma, so I think we might both try to have a little compassion for him.

Pfft, okay, fine, whatever. Yeah, sure. I have compassion for the guy. Okay? I do. I’m sure he’s been to hell and back, but that doesn’t mean I need to be pals with the guy, especially when he shows up out of the blue on our doorstep, and he thinks he’s still your boyfriend.

He doesn’t think that.

That’s what he just said!

And he apologized for that. He said he misspoke, and he was obviously very embarrassed by it. And why are you suddenly trashing him when you just said that you apologized for being standoffish and that he seemed like a nice guy?

I was being polite.

So you didn’t mean it?

Okay. You know what? You know what, Stephanie? Yes, I’m sorry for everything that he’s been through. I am–I am–I am sure it’s been terrible, the car crash, the coma, losing his job, losing you, but I sure as hell am not gonna be charmed by some guy who’s clearly still in love with you.

You know what, Chad, having someone still in love with me, someone who thinks that I’m the most amazing woman they’ve ever known, as you put it… it feels good, actually, especially since–

Especially since what? What, I’m a jerk now and I don’t appreciate you because I don’t wanna get on a bended knee and beg you to marry me?

You know damn well I understand why you don’t wanna marry me, that having lost your wife not all that long ago in such a tragic way, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

I’m sorry. Okay?

[sighs] I’m sorry, all right? I’m sorry for being so hard on you about Everett, and I’m sure that it is very hard for you too. You know, this guy who’s been gone for, you know, whatever long, and he shows up and somebody you were clearly obviously once in love with. I’m sure it’s very hard. And… yeah, he seems like a nice guy too.

He is.

[haunting music] I’m going home.

[monitor flatlines]

This can’t be real.

[cries] I thought he was gonna be okay. I mean, we were just talking, and then all of a sudden…


I’m so sorry, Wendy. We did everything we can.

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he’s gone.

[somber music]

Listen to me, you have nothing to worry about. Li will clear your name, I’m sure of it.

God, I hope you’re right. I can’t believe I thought he was dead. I-I feel so bad about that. I could have gotten him help sooner.

Gabi, that is not your fault. You were a wreck, walking in on him like that. You couldn’t feel his pulse.

Yeah, I’m just glad Tripp got here when he did, and he got him to the hospital. But yes, you’re right. You’re right. We have to stay positive. Everything’s gonna work out.

[knock at door]

Gabi, Stefan.

I hear you’re working for Salem PD now.

Yeah. Yeah.

I take it you’re here on the assault?

Yes, I am.

Did you talk to Tripp? How’s Li?

I’m afraid Mr. Shin didn’t make it.

Oh no. No, no, no. Oh, my God. No.

Are you sure?

I just got off the phone with the hospital.

Did he identify his attacker before he died?

He did.

Oh, thank God. Okay.

He said it was you.

[dramatic musical sting]

What? No, that’s not true.

Gabriella Hernandez DiMera, you’re under arrest for the murder of Li Shin.


[dramatic music]

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Days Transcript Friday, November 3, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[door clicks open]

Good, you’re home.

Yeah. Well, I got the message that you wanted to talk. It sounded urgent.

[soft dramatic music]

It is.

Okay.So what’s going on?

But before you get married to Sloan and you start a family, you have to look into your heart, see how you really feel. Darling, that’s only fair to Sloan.

[sighs] Okay. Look, Eric, whatever it is you want to say, just say it.

This calls for a celebration.

And how nice of EJ to provide the champagne. Here is to–

[door opens]

What hell kind of a game are you two playing?

EJ, how nice of you to join us. Gabi was about to propose a toast.

Here’s to your shotgun wedding.

And your early retirement. Enjoy it, brother.

You had your fun with that stunt downstairs, but you need to stop. Enough of this asinine charade where you pretend to take over DiMera. You know damn well that isn’t happening.

Oh, but it is.

Oh, and there’s nothing pretend about it.

See, Li turned his shares over to me and Gabi, and that makes us majority shareholders, which means you’re out.


[tense music]

Thanks for calling to check on me Dr. Evans.

Well, our session was very productive, but it was also very intense. I just wanted to see how you’re feeling

Good. Grateful. Without you I might never have made the connection between what happened with Xiao Xing and my desperate need to hold on to Gabi.

Well, you should be very proud. You made a lot of progress, but there’s a lot we have yet to work on.

Even though my fixation with Gabi is a thing of the past?

You know, I’m glad you’re feeling so positive about it, but you’re really not out of the woods yet. I think we need to work some more on it. In fact, you know, your feelings for Gabi–

I have no feelings for Gabi. Not anymore. She’s as good as dead to me.

[tense music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So EJ, now that Li has signed his shares over to me and Gabi, there’s nothing preventing us from calling an emergency shareholders meeting and ousting you as CEO.

You actually tricked that poor man into believing you’d been kidnapped.

Ah, poor man? He tried to kill my husband. He admitted it on tape.

A tape you use to blackmail him into giving you his shares.

EJ, I did what I had to do. Isn’t that the DiMera way?

Oh. Oh. You, Gabriella, are no DiMera.

Oh, but she is, EJ. She’s my wife.

She’s a scheming bitch, and you’re the idiot she has wrapped around her gold digging little finger. How ashamed father would be to know that you’re co-mingling with such inferior stock.

Says the product of father taking a turkey baster to an unhinged Elvis fanatic.

Oh, oh, oh. Easy now. Wouldn’t want my husband to spill some blood on that nice suit of yours, at least not before you and Nicole take some lovely wedding photos.

[dramatic music]

Well, Eric, you’re starting to make me nervous, okay? Can you just please say whatever it is you wanted to say.

What I want to say is that… I want us to get married today.

[soft dramatic music]


[laughing] Okay. Well, what brought this on? I mean, what made you think you want to get married today of all days?

Hey, listen, if you’re happy I’m– I’m happy for you. I mean, this is what you want, right? Not just because of the baby?

I do love EJ.

Is it so wrong for us to– for me to want to spend the rest of our lives together?

No, but it just seems a little… spur of the moment.

It is still what you want, right?

More than anything.

Then what are we waiting for?

Johnny and Holly are putting away the food.

Ooh, great. Hopefully EJ and I can enjoy some of those sliders after he finishes setting Gabi and Stefan straight. He just went upstairs.

Yeah, a real class act, those two, hijacking your wedding with some bogus claims that they’re firing EJ.

Right? You better beef up security when you and Stephanie tie the knot.

[tense music]


Everett. What are you still doing in Salem?

I–I live here now.

[soft dramatic music]

You live in Salem? Since when?

I just accepted a job here.

Okay. That makes no sense. When we were together in Seattle, you were this hotshot newspaper reporter, hustling like crazy to land big stories so you could move to a major market like New York or DC. Why would you want to work in Salem?

Well, I got a good offer. This guy named Xander Cook just hired me to be the new Editor in Chief at “The Salem Spectator.” Apparently, the previous editor suddenly just left town.

Yeah. My cousin Gwen. I heard she took off, but… I still don’t get it. Why would you want to work at a local paper? That seems like a big step backward.

Yeah. Restarting my career after the accident hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d hoped.

You couldn’t get your old job back? By the time I recovered, they’d already filled the position. They offered me freelance work, but not exactly going to pay the bills. This gig at “The Spectator” may not win me a Pulitzer, but it does offer a pretty decent salary and chance to start fresh.

Yeah, in my hometown.

Will that be an issue?

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed you and Stephanie were getting married. I obviously upset you.

No, no, no. It’s– it’s fine. Yeah. But back to the fiasco at your wedding. EJ told me that he wasn’t on the best terms with Gabi and Stefan, but I had no idea it was that bad. Just when you think they couldn’t sink any lower.

[tense music]

You may have Li Shin’s shares, but the board will never approve my removal. The board has nothing to do with it.

Yeah, the shareholders decide. I’ve called a meeting for this afternoon, and once we give you the boot, we can get started on remaking Stephano’s company as we see fit.

You conniving snake.

EJ, you’re going to want to watch the way you talk to my wife, because you’re going to be looking for a job soon. You might need her to write you a letter of recommendation.

Li, I realize that your feelings for Gabi are heightened. That’s one of the things we need to work on.

Of course, and I can hear the concern in your voice, Dr. Evans, but I can assure you that I was speaking figuratively when I said Gabi was dead to me. What I meant was– is what I’ve said before, that I’m eager to put this toxic relationship with my ex-wife behind me.

Good. I look forward to our next session.

Me too.

Goodbye, Li.

Goodbye, Dr. Evans.

[suspenseful music]


Wendy, I didn’t hear you come in.

What are you doing with that knife?

Listen, we love each other. We’re starting a family together, building a life. I mean… isn’t that all the reason to make it official?

[gentle music]

It would strengthen our chances with the adoption agencies.

That too. So tell me, what are we waiting for?


Nothing? Does– does that mean…



Let’s do it.

[laughs] Let’s get married.

You said you forgave me, but obviously that never happened, so this is some pathetic attempt at getting revenge.

Pathetic? We’re about to take over DiMera, and you’re about to be out on your ass.

Yeah. EJ, I would actually head over to the office and see if there are any personal effects you might want to pick up.

Yeah, the movers are coming, and if there’s anything left of you– I mean, your stuff, it’s going in the trash.

[tense music]

You won’t get away with this.

We already have.

I was going to start prepping dinner, just thought I’d check the recipe on my phone first.

[soft dramatic music] Why are you looking at me like that?

Well, for one thing, you left a voice message telling me that you needed help.

I did?

[laughing] I don’t even remember. And honestly, I’m fine.

Yeah. You didn’t sound fine when you left that message. Hey, you had therapy today, right? How did it go?

Great. Dr. Evans, she’s amazing.

Okay, Li, drop the act and tell me what’s wrong.

Oh, my goodness. Don’t you look handsome?

Thank you.

What’s the occasion?

I am going to a wedding.

Oh, a wedding?


Who’s getting married?

I am.

[soft dramatic music] Mom, I wanted to ask, will you do Sloan and me the honor of officiating? Mom, will you please marry us?

I thought this day would never come, especially after I lost our baby. Finally, here it is. I am going to be Mrs. Eric Brady… And there is nothing that Nicole or her baby can do to stop it.

So Gabi and Stefan got Megan and Dimitri’s shares?

And last night they got Kristen’s.


I’m not exactly sure, but unlike your brother, I’m not worried about it.

That’s good.

Is everything okay?

Sorry. Yeah. Yeah, I just–I left a message for Stephanie earlier. I wanted to see if she got back to me.

Oh, well, we missed her today. And when I made that crack about you two getting married, the expression on your face turned dark.

Did it?

Just like it is now.

[somber music] Chad, is everything okay with you two?

Why would you living in Salem be an issue for me?

Oh, no. I’m not saying it would, just… with our history–

That’s exactly what it is: history. And you have a right to live wherever you want, obviously.

Right, obviously. But even so, I’m just saying that I will totally respect your boundaries. I mean, I know you’re-

you’re living with somebody else now. Speaking of which, I take it he was cool when you told him you ran into your ex?

Actually, Chad doesn’t know I saw you.

Gabi tricked you into thinking she’d been kidnapped?

It was all a ruse to get my DiMera shares.

But how did she trick you? What did she do?

It doesn’t matter. It’s done now. Wait till father finds out about it. I can just hear him. “Damn you, Li. “You let that woman make a fool of you. I’m ashamed to call you my son.”

Hey, forget him.


He’s a tyrant. We both know that. His expectations are absurd and outdated.

Maybe so. But if I fail to meet his approval, he doesn’t listen to me. He doesn’t care what I think or how I feel. He just swoops in, takes over, takes control of my life and ruins everything.

What are you talking about?

[ominous music]

I lost the first woman that I ever truly loved because of father. Her name was Xiao-Xing.

What? You never told me that. You were just a little girl at the time. Why would I burden you with it? Actually, I haven’t told anyone… until today.

Dr. Evans?

She helped me see that there’s a direct line from that loss to my obsession with Gabi. And so when I left our session, that revelation–it… lifted my spirits, gave me hope… Made me think that I could actually let Gabi go. That was then. And now…

And now, what?

Now I wish that lying bitch nothing but pain and misery.

The moment I learned Rolf had you on ice, I should have told him to rip Jake’s heart out of your chest.

See EJ, that’s why I’m such a better chess player than you are. While you’re sitting here second guessing yourself, I’m always five moves ahead.

This match is far from over.

Hmm, the only thing sadder than a mediocre chess player is one who doesn’t realize he’s been bested.

Enjoy your extended honeymoon.

And you two enjoy your little victory, because I promise you, it won’t last. Not only will I be back on top at DiMera, but I will make sure you pay dearly for what you have done. My next move… will end you.


Well, then.

Stephanie wants to know that I’m committed to a future with her, and I get that, but I just can’t make any promises to her right now.

I’m sorry about that. I didn’t realize you were still struggling to move on, and I just thought that you and Stephanie were so happy.

We were, but now we’re barely speaking.

That’s too bad. You know, it seems like you’ve been honest with her about Abigail and your lingering grief. And Stephanie loved her, so she should understand.

She does. I thought she did. In the beginning of our relationship, we were open and honest, and we talked about everything. But now she just seems disappointed and hurt, and she’s shutting me out, so I don’t– I don’t know what’s going on with her.

[soft dramatic music]

You didn’t tell your boyfriend you ran into me?

It’s not like I was keeping it from him. I just didn’t get a chance. Okay? I had an early meeting this morning, and last night when he got home–

Look, I know you two are having problems. I saw you two arguing at the pub, remember?

That was no big deal.

You ran out in tears.

You really shouldn’t spy on people, Everett. It’s creepy and weird.

You’re totally, totally right. And if it’s any consolation, I couldn’t hear anything you were saying.

Yeah. No, it makes me feel so much better knowing that you were just watching us through the window.


And then you followed me home.

Listen, I only did that because I wanted to get you alone so I could explain to you how badly–

That you want me back.


Look, I really don’t want to have this conversation right now.

Well, then, why don’t you tell me about the conversation you had with your boyfriend, the argument?

That is none of your business.

I disagree.

You disagree?

Steph, I may have dropped out of your life for a few years, okay? Very, very, unintentionally, as you now know, but I– I still care deeply about you. And I know for a fact you don’t like to keep things bottled up. So I give you my word. I will not judge you. I’m not going to criticize you. I’m not even going to tell you what to do. I will just listen like I used to. I’m a good listener. You know I am. I don’t know, maybe it’ll ease the burden of what you’re going through. Talk to me, Steph.

I mean, I love Stephanie. I–I– I do. But after officiating your wedding today, I can’t imagine exchanging vows with anyone other than Abigail, so… Look at me, I’m– I’m a self-pitying idiot. I’m sorry.

No, stop. No, you’re not. I understand. My situation with Eric isn’t the same as yours with Abigail, because he is– was the love of my life, much like Abigail was yours. But now he’s– he’s happy with Sloan, and I’m happy with EJ. But… when someone has your heart like that… I know it’s– I’m not sure if it’s possible to fully let them go.

Ever since you were a little boy, you’ve been so thoughtful about your decision-making process, always weighing the pros and the cons.

Mom, I know this sounds impulsive, but I swear it isn’t.

[gentle music]

You know, a couple of hours ago, you told me that EJ and Nicole were getting married today. So do you expect me to believe that your rush to marry Sloan had nothing to do with that?

Mom, I admit… As I have admitted to you in the past, a part of me will always love Nicole, but I’m not going to let it stop me from living my life.

Nobody wants you to do that. I just want you to be very clear about what you’re feeling and why you’re taking this very big step.

I am clear. I’m sure about this decision. Mama, I really want to marry Sloan today, So would you please marry us?

I will.

Thank you.

No disrespect to your new guy, but why would he ask you to move in with him and his kids if he was still mourning his late wife?

You make it sound like Chad was keeping something from me. He wasn’t. He was up front with me about Abigail from the very beginning.

Right. Meaning?

Meaning I knew how much he loved her, and that he’d never get over losing her, but I also knew that he hoped he could see a future with me.

Right. Sounds, um, risky.

It was, for both of us. But we decided to take a leap of faith.

[gentle music] And yes, we’re going through a rough patch, but that’s all it is, and I’m confident that we can work through it. Chad’s a wonderful man, and what we have is worth fighting for.

Yeah. Well, thank you for sharing all that with me.

Well, Salem is a small town. Now that you live here, you probably would have heard anyway.


And look, I hope you don’t think that I took this job at “The Spectator” just because you live here. The last thing that I want to do is make your life more complicated.

I believe you.

So what would you say if I treated you to one of those ridiculous pumpkin spice lattes you love? You do still love them, don’t you?

I still do.

Do you want my two cents?

If I said no, would it stop you?

Probably not.

Okay, then, shoot.

Look, I know we all wish we had some magical power that we could use to keep the people we love from leaving us, but obviously we don’t. And when someone precious to us leaves us, whether it be divorce or death… we have a choice. And we could choose to stop living… Or we could take a chance at happiness and grab it with both hands.

[tender music] And I know that’s what I’ve done with EJ, and I think that you should do the same with Stephanie.

I have a very wise sister-in-law.

I don’t know about that, but I am pretty good.

[laughs] Listen, I know this is a cliche, and you’ve probably heard it a million times, but I think that Abby would want you to find love. And she would want you to be happy.

I’ve heard it a lot, but for some reason, right now, it’s registering. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Where are you going?

I’m going to go make things right. I hope it’s not too late.

Good luck.

Congratulations, son. I mean it, okay? I’m really happy for you.

Do you mean that? Because I know you don’t like Sloan.

Look, if she gives my chowder another chance, all is forgiven. Okay?

There’s the spirit.


[doorbell rings]

Oh, I’ll get it. Well, here comes the bride.


Hi, everyone.

Sloan, you look lovely.

I second that.



Brady, come in. Perfect timing, you can join us.

Uh, okay. What’s going on here?

Well, Eric and Sloan are getting married, and Marlena is about to get everything started.

Dad, this is a wedding?

It is, and I could really use a best man– that is, if you’re interested.

Brother, I’d be honored, of course.

Thank you.

All righty, let’s get this party started.

[tender music]

Hey, how did it go?

Gabi and Stefan called a shareholders meeting.

They can’t do that.

Thanks to Li Shin, they can. He gave them his shares.

What? They have the power to oust me from DiMera, and there’s not a damn thing I can do to stop them.

[tense music] That damn simp.

I feel so stupid.

I’m freaking furious. Look, I hate that Gabi did this to you. But Li, what you said about wishing her pain and misery–

Don’t worry. As much as I’d love to see Gabi get what’s coming to her, it’s not coming from me. I’m not going to retaliate.

Good, because she’s not worth it. Okay, Gabi has taken up enough of your time and energy. You should focus on your work with Dr. Evans.


[sighs] I plan to.

[gentle music]

I love you so much, big brother. Whatever you need, I’m here.

Thanks. That means a lot to me.

[phone beeps]

Oh. It’s Tripp. We were supposed to have dinner tonight. I’ll just cancel.

No, no. Don’t do that.

Well, I want to stay here with you.

No, no. Go. Be with your boyfriend.

Are you sure?

Absolutely. At least one of us should be happy.

How do I look?

Oh, like somebody that’s going to take over a multibillion-dollar company.

With you by my side. Are you sure you don’t want me to go to the office with you?

No, no, no. You stay here, relax. When I get back, we’ll pick up our celebration where we left off.

I can’t wait.

[suspenseful music]

Ooh. Ow, the baby just kicked really hard.

Oh, he’s probably just as angry as I am at his Uncle Stefan and Aunt Gabi.

Uh, or she’s certainly not happy about something.

[chuckles] She.



Do you, Sloan Mia Sara Petersen, take Eric to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do you part?

I do.

And do you, Eric Roman Brady, take Sloan to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish till death do you part?

[soft dramatic music]


Yeah? Yes, yes.


I do.

May I have the rings, please?

Eric, would you put this on your bride’s finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring… I thee wed.

Sloan, put this on Eric’s finger and repeat after me. With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring, I thee wed.

All right. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce that you are husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

Okay. So that is a done deal. Eric is once again a married man.


How do you feel about that?

Fine, fine. Okay. Um, here’s hoping his new wife treats him right.

[soft dramatic music]


[moans] Our first time making love as husband and wife.

Did it feel different?

Oh, I felt– I felt more connected to you.

I felt it too.

[soft dramatic music]

Are you sure?

What do you mean?

Well, there was that one moment in the wedding. Eric, are you sure this is what you really want? Like, if you’re having second thoughts about getting married, about marrying me– This is exactly… exactly where I want to be. You as my wife. I love you, Sloan Petersen. Sloan Petersen-Brady, I mean.


I love you, Eric Brady.

It appears Gabi and Stephan’s coup is complete. The shareholders just voted to oust me as CEO.

EJ, honey, look at me.

[gentle music] We will do everything we can to take back what those two grifters stole from you…tomorrow. Okay? Right now, what do you say we go down to the secret room and consummate our union?

Why, Mrs. DiMera, what a naughty suggestion.

Oh, my goodness. You ain’t seen nothing yet.


Don’t tell the baby.

[laughing] Thank you, Everett, urging me to open up and for listening. It really helped.

Well, I hope this Chad guy knows how lucky he is.


[tense music]

Li, hey. Tripp and I just finished dinner. I’m calling to see if you want anything from the Bistro. Okay, that’s a lie. I’m calling to check up on you. Look, what Gabi did to you sucks, but I know you’re going to put her behind you and find the woman who’s right for you, someone who will love you and only you. You’re a great guy, Li, and you have your whole life ahead of you.

[dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

[knocking on door]

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Days Transcript Thursday, November 2, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


I should, uh– I should probably get into a tux or something–

No, no. Wear what you have on. It’s fine.

What? It’s a wedding.

Nicole and I have done this before, and we’re not standing on ceremony. We have all the elements that matter-

license, champagne, sliders, something called “pig in blankets.” I don’t know.

Ooh, those are good. Interesting for a wedding reception, but-

Well, there’s no accounting for the tastes of a pregnant woman.

[both chuckle] Nicole’s due date is drawing near, and, uh, we decided last night that today was the day. And I don’t want my child born out of wedlock.

Why? It’s never stopped you before. Oh-hoh-hoh-hoh! Huh? Huh?

Yes, yes, yes. But now I have a chance to do things right this time. Nicole and I have been through a long and tortuous journey to get to this day, and the path is finally clear, and…

[breathes deeply] I want to make the most of it.,::,

[soft dramatic music]

My dad and Nicole are getting married today.

Eric? Eric.

Nicole. Hey, hi.

[chuckles drily] You were a million miles away.

Actually, I– I was right here. I was…thinking about you.


Johnny, he told me that you and EJ are getting married today. Congratulations.

So what was all that about before? You’re–you’re really not cool with the wedding?

[groans] Not exactly.

Why not? Why–why don’t you want my dad to marry your mom? You have some kind of problem with my dad or something?

No, no, no, he-he’s been great to Mom and me.

Okay, then why aren’t you happy for ’em?


Because what?

Because if your dad marries my mom, I’ll never have a chance with the man of mydreams.

Did I just hear you right, Gabi? Did you just say you’ve been kidnapped?

Yes. I’m scared to death.

Where are you?

I can’t figure out where I am. Please, you need to help me, Li!

Why are you calling me and not Stefan?

[sighs] Because he can’t do anything. Look, I know that you hate my guts, but if you ever loved me, please.

Okay, I’ll call the police right now.

No. You can’t. Uh, they said–

[phone beeps]

They? Who did this to you, Gabi? Gabi, you still there? Gabi?

[dramatic music]

Thank you for making it on such short notice. Your cooperation is crucial to our success.

[sinister music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Well, the baby will be here soon, and EJ and I decided last night that we would like to be married before that happens.

So today’s the day?


[chuckles] And in retrospect, we–we probably shouldn’t have sprung it on Holly the way we did.

Holly’s not happy?

[soft dramatic music]

It’s just-

something about us getting married is bothering her.

She doesn’t like EJ?

No, I mean, she likes him–a lot. You know, and he-

he always turns on the charm when she’s around.

Yeah, I bet he does.

It just surprised me… Until she explained what she was feeling.

What’s that?

It seems that Holly has been holding out hope all this time, you know, for you and me. That we would find our way back to each other.

[exhales deeply] You’re in love.

Oh, God, I feel so stupid. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

It’s okay, all right? You can talk to me. And besides, I think I might kind of get what’s going on here.

You do?

Yes. I was at the pub earlier, picking up some food for the reception, and I overheard Tate talking to my Uncle Eric.

About me?

Mm-hmm. Said something about you being into some older guy.

[laughs incredulously] He said that?

It’s okay, all right? You can talk to me. After today, I’m gonna be your big brother.

[exhales deeply] Yeah, you are.

So who’s this dream man?


[laughs nervously] You’re not gonna believe it.

Okay, try me.

It’s– it’s your dad.

[clears throat]

Well, I am glad that, um– that at least one of us is doing well in the romance department.

Chad, I’m so sorry you and Stephanie have hit a rough patch.

Yeah, me too.

Are you sure you don’t want to ask her to join?

No. No, no, no. Even if I did, I, uh– I doubt she would come. She’s, uh–she’s not all that happy with me at the moment. And plus, you know, being at a wedding when I’ve just made it clear that I’m not ready for marriage might be a little much.

Yeah, I get that. Also, Chad, if it’s– if it’s difficult for you to be around this wedding, I– I’ll bribe a judge or something.


No, no. Oh, you don’t gotta do that. I’m, um–no, I’m happy to marry you and Nicole. I am. But if I’m gonna do it, I should probably start working on getting ordained, especially if you want to get actually married today.

[tender music]

It means a great deal to me that you’ll be part of this.

Yeah. We’ve had some, um– some real bad times, you and I.


But we’ve had some good ones too.


You’re my brother, and I love you very much.

I love you too.

Oh, God, look at us. The old man, he’d be beaming right now, huh?

I know. And then he would order his spies to find out if we’re plotting against him.



That he would.


Why would I help you?

Because you owe me.

[sinister music] Damn it. You helped Megan brainwash Harris Michaels to kill me, or have you forgotten that?

I also kept you alive for four years, and you never once thanked me.

Thank you.

And the only reason I got involved in the Michaels business is because Megan assured me that it was what Stefano would have wanted.

What my father would have wanted is for you to help me nail Megan’s right-hand man, Li Shin, so he could finally release his hold over the DiMera legacy, and his stock shares will finally be consolidated back into the family.

I see your point.

Then you’ll do it?

Long live the DiMeras.

I’m sorry that Holly’s upset.

It’ll be all right. Like I said, she adores EJ. It’s just…

[soft dramatic music] She misses you.

I miss her too.

I know you two were really great together. It’s just a shame that you and I couldn’t be great.

Hey, listen, if you’re happy, I’m– I’m happy for you. I mean, this is what you want, right, not just because of the baby?

I do love EJ.

Listen, I’m not asking you to justify anything to me.

Well, I disagree, ’cause I think we need to talk about it. Look, EJ and I have a long history, and most of it was pretty bleak. You know, we were once crazy in love, and then we ended up hating each other–

Yeah, I’m well aware of that, Nicole.

And when we first got together, it was because, you know, I was pregnant. And then I lost the baby, and then… you know what happened after that.


And now that she’s out of the picture, EJ and I are finally, finally seeing each other clearly.

And you like what you see?

Well, he’s far from perfect. But so am I.

If you hadn’t gotten pregnant, or that baby had been mine, would you be marrying EJ today?

Probably not. But this baby is EJ’s. And I’m finally gonna give birth to a healthy child. And it just seems like a sign that EJ and I were meant to be. Ah, anyway, gosh, how are you doing? I mean, any more progress about the adoption since we last spoke?

Yeah, um, a little. Just– it’s gonna take a while.

Yeah. Well, you and Sloan will look better on paper once you tie the knot.


It’ll speed things up.

Yeah, that’s what Sloan said.

Yeah. Well, listen, um… I’m happy if you’re happy. Uh, I should get going.

Yeah, me too. Um… Nicole?


Good luck.

Thanks. You too.

[laughing] Wait, your dream man is my dad?

Quiet. I–I shouldn’t have said that. It’s just a stupid crush, really. I mean, he’s good-looking and British and rich and lives in a mansion. He’s like Mr. Darcy.

Oh, well, my dad is no Mr. Darcy, I can promise you that.

Well, not the Colin Firth version. The one I saw in my head when I read the book. But nothing’s gonna happen, obviously. It’s just a stupid crush, like I said. And once he marries my mom, I have to get over it– forever.

So you’re really cool with all this?



I’m–I’m over it. I get that having a crush on a way older guy who’s in love with my mom and having a baby with her is, like, totally inappropriate.


EJ, hi.

Sorry, am I interrupting?

[clears throat]


Where’s Rolf?

I sent him off to work on phase two. Did he take the bait?

Gobbled it up like the shark he is.


[dramatic music]

Where are you, Jing-Wen? I’m at the apartment, and I need your help. Wait. I just remembered you have a new job, which means you’re at the police station. Uh, forget I called. I’ll figure this out. Damn it. Just have to look for Gabi myself. Rolf. What are you doing in Salem?

I have something very important to discuss with you.

It’s gonna have to wait. I’m on my way out.

I suggest you make time to hear what I have to say.

I’m dealing with an emergency right now. Gabi’s been kidnapped.

I know. That is why I’m here.

[sinister music]


Megan Hathaway-

ah, excuse me, I should say Megan DiMera– is the one who kidnapped her.

Megan took Gabi? Why?

Megan wishes to assume her rightful place as the head of DiMera Enterprises. Her plan is to use Gabi as leverage so that she can take possession of Stefan’s shares of stock.

Are you serious?

Oh, yeah. But given Megan’s current status as a fugitive from justice, she requires an ally. She is determined that you should be this ally. I come here as her emissary.

So if Megan’s the one who wants something from me, why did Gabi call me for help?

Because Gabi’s life depends on your cooperation.

I don’t understand.

Megan knows how much you care for Gabi, and so do I. You and Megan came to me as allies when you asked me to brainwash Harris Michaels, but the two of you wanted Stefan dead for different reasons. She wanted the company, and you wanted Stefan out of Gabi’s life so you could have her for yourself.

Okay, look, that was a while ago. I never should have joined forces with Megan, and I never should have tried to have Stefan killed. What I did was wrong. It was depraved.

Not to mention criminal.

I realize that now. That’s why I’m going into therapy, so I can let go of my unhealthy obsession with Gabi.

You think that will work?

I know it will. I saw Dr. Marlena Evans today, and I had a major breakthrough.

I hope this isn’t a bad time.

No. No. I’ve always got time for you. You know that.

[laughs] Well, it won’t take very long.

It’s okay. I’m on a break.

Good. Um, I spoke with Belle.

How did she seem to you?

She wanted me to tell you that you don’t have to worry about her.

Easier said than done.

[chuckles] She, uh–she misses Shawn, but she is glad to hear that he’s in rehab, and he’s making progress.


She’s doing really well under these circumstances.

Good. Now, what about you?

[soft dramatic music] Tell me why you’re really here.

Uh, I–I was just saying that mom thinks this dress is, like, totally inappropriate for the wedding, but I like it.

You should wear what you want. I’ll smooth it over with your mother.

Thanks, really. Also, I’m sorry about this morning.

Holly, it’s okay. We told you rather abruptly that we were getting married today. It’s fine.

Yeah, still, I should have been cool with it, and I wasn’t. But I am now. I’m totally fine, and I’m happy for you guys, honest.

That means a great deal to me, and it will to your mother as well. I’m gonna go get changed.

All right. I’ll be up in a sec.

Thanks so much for not saying anything to him.

Come on, I would never do that. And besides, you’re over him, right?

Yeah, I am.


It’s just– well, I know I should want to be with somebody my own age, but high school guys are, like, the worst.


The ones I know, anyway.

Well, I would say maybe stick with high school guys until you’re at least .

[both chuckle] Ah, look at me, already being the protective big brother. Um, well, listen, I should probably go help my dad get ready, okay? Okay.

[playful music]

[sighs] I can’t believe I told him I was into his dad. Ew. But what was I gonna do? There’s no way I could tell him the truth.

[footsteps approaching]

Ooh, tell who the truth about what?

It’s good that you’re seeing Dr. Evans for your little problem. So by all rights, you should be sitting in a prison cell right now f–

For trying to have Stefan killed. I know what I did, all right?

[sinister music] And I’m gonna change. For starters, you can tell Megan that she can get someone else to do her dirty work.

Oh, so you don’t care what happens to Gabi?

Of course I do. You’re gonna take me to her right now.

This breakthrough of yours, I have to say, I’m not convinced.

Where’s Gabi, damn it?

Oh, my God, stop shouting. I’m right here, for crying out loud.

Oh. You’re all right. Gabi, thank God you got away.

Eh. You dumbass, I tricked you.


Oh, you didn’t know that you were being played?

[chuckles] You fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

I–I don’t understand. Who was playing me?

Oh, well, maybe this will help you out. Stefan! You’re on!

[sinister music]

I never should have joined forces with Megan, and I never should have tried to have Stefan killed. What I did was wrong. It was depraved.

Not to mention criminal.

I realize that now.

[recorder beeps] H-how did–how did you– Your call. You set me up.

You must be pretty disappointed in us, Li, seeing as you’ve been such a model citizen up until now. You want to give us a moment?

Of course.

Nice work. Li. You got a choice to make right now. Option A is Gabi takes this recording to her brother.

Rafe, you know, my brother, the one that’s still furious that you got away with what you did to Stefan. He’d love another crack at you. And a taped confession could really help his case.

You can’t do that.

Which is why we think you’ll prefer option B. It’s the, uh, easy way.

The easy way?


You just sign your DiMera shares over to us. It’s so easy.

Are you kidding me?

Or you can hang onto your shares and go to Statesville for a very long time. Your call.

I swear, Mom, you didn’t just hear me talking to myself.

Okay, then what did I hear?

I was, eh…running my lines.

Your lines? For what?

I guess I didn’t tell you. I’m gonna be in the school play.

Oh! That’s great. What’s the play? I mean, I hope it’s a big part. I hope we get to see you up there doing your thing. Oh, hi.


Hi. both: Mwah.

Oh, my God! You can’t see the bride the day of the wedding!

Well, it’s a bit late to be worried about that.

Yeah, but she has her dress now. I mean, she doesn’t have it on, but still, it counts.

Well, I guess my daughter is superstitious all of a sudden.

Well, if Johnny doesn’t remember where he put the rings, she might have reason to be.

Oh, relax. I was just putting you on. It’s all under control.

Okay. Well, I’m gonna go get dressed. Will you help me?

Sounds good.


Can’t wait.

Ooh, whoa.


Watch your step there. See? Everything is safe and sound.

Why didn’t you just put them in your pocket?

I thought they were supposed to be in the place where you were having the ceremony. I’ve never been a best man before, okay?

And you’ll never be mine again…

[tender music] Because this is going to be my very last wedding. Nicole and I have been to hell and back, but I– I feel it in my soul that this time, she and I are finally going to live happily ever after.

[scoffs] Come on, can’t a guy just come in and say hi to his mom without having an ulterior motive?

Hm. Answering a question with a question. That’s always been a tell for you, you know?

[soft dramatic music] What is it? Tell me what’s going on. Eric?

[sighs] Nicole and EJ are getting married… today.

I see. But you knew this was coming.

I did. I–I told her that I was happy for her.

And did you mean that?

Yeah, of course I did. I want her to be happy. It’s just that I have a really hard time believing that EJ is that guy. I know I– I just need to pray that I’m wrong.

Sounds like you still have feelings for her.

We have a long history together. I guess there’s always gonna be a part of me that cares for Nicole. But that ship has sailed. I mean, Mom, she’s about to give birth to EJ’s baby.

Yeah. How do you feel about that?

[chuckles wryly] When I thought the baby could be mine… I just couldn’t help imagining how things could be.

Sounds like you’re saying that if this baby were yours, you would have reconciled with Nicole.

In a heartbeat.


Where is everyone?

Uh, you’re looking at ’em. We’re it. And they put us all to work. Best man.

Maid of honor.



I mean, I, uh, figured we’d be light on DiMeras, but I thought your mom might have some friends at least.

Yeah, well, no time to invite anyone since her and EJ decided last night they were getting married today. But Chanel’s gonna be here, right?

Um, no, unfortunately. She is visiting her sister Lani in prison.

Oh, well. What a shame she has to miss the wedding.

Well, I, uh, got my cheat sheet. I’m ready to go for the ceremony.

Great. Where’s the, uh, bride and groom? both: Right here!

[tender music]

[both chuckle]

[sighs] We did it.

Stop crowing. Give me that recorder.

[sinister music] I can’t believe you did this to me. I thought your life was in danger. I was scared to death for you.

That’s what we were going for.

You two disgust me. You deserve each other.

Did you hear that, honey? He says we deserve each other.


I happen to agree.

Get out of here!

Delighted. Thank you for this. Now let’s go claim what’s ours.

We’re here today to unite my brother EJ and Nicole in matrimony. Marriage is a sacred institution, a tradition of partnership and dependence on one another to navigate the sometimes stormy seas of life. Marriage requires work, commitment, sacrifice. And a healthy marriage always needs a solid foundation. On top of that foundation, we can build trust, intimacy, and all of the beautiful things that make a marriage worthwhile. EJ, Nicole, are you ready to proclaim that foundation of love for one another in the sight of these witnesses? both: We are.

[both chuckle]

Wonderful. Do you, Elvis Junior DiMera, take this woman, Nicole Stella Walker, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in matrimony, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live?

I do.

[tender music]

And do you, Nicole Stella Walker, take this man, Elvis Junior DiMera, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to live together in matrimony, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live?

I do.

Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[whispers] Holly.

[mouthing words]


[soft dramatic music]

Did you hear what you said? You said that if this were your baby, you would-

you would be with Nicole in a heartbeat.

Why is that surprising? I mean, I wouldn’t be with Sloan while Nicole was raising our baby across town.

Then it really is about the baby?

It doesn’t matter. The baby’s not mine. I mean…I’m happy with Sloan. You know, what I said, it was an impulse. I mean, isn’t it natural for somebody to have– I mean, to have feelings for somebody that they’ve loved for so many years?


You’re doing that thing again, the–the question with a question business.

Can you just– can you just give me a–a tip? Just anything, Mom, so I can put Nicole behind me.

If you are truly committed to Sloan, then your–your feelings for Nicole will just– just fade. But–

But what?

But before you get married to Sloan and you start a family, you have to look into your heart, see how you really feel. Darling, that’s only fair to Sloan.

Okay. Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed to hear.

Oh, honey. Mm. I love you so much.

I love you too.

Nicole, are you okay?

Uh, I-I’m sorry. The–the baby is doing somersaults in here. I thought it was gonna turn into a contraction. But yeah, i-it didn’t. Um… where were we?

Um…where were we? Uh… yep, got it.

[chuckles] Um…

[clears throat] Do you, uh, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to live together in matrimony, to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live?

[sighs] I do.

[both chuckle]

Hey, Sloan, it’s me. When you get this, let me know. There’s something that we need to talk about.

[soft dramatic music]

Uh… oh, rings.



Thank you. Uh, rings. Yours. Yours. And, uh, Nicole, place EJ’s ring on his finger and say, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

With this ring, I thee wed.


[tender music]

Now you.

With this ring, I thee wed.

EJ and Nicole, having proclaimed your love and commitment to one another in the eyes of us three loved ones–four loved ones…

[laughter] And with the power vested in me by the Universal Life Church, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Now go get her, Phoenix.

Come here, Phoenix.



You crawled out from under your rock just to do this to me?

My allegiance is and always has been to the DiMera family.

Well, from now on, my allegiance is to myself. I’m gonna–I–

Good day, Mr. Shin.

[tense music]

Oh, Gabi, you made a huge mistake when you chose Stefan over me. No one makes a fool of me. No one!

Hey. Uh, excuse me, missy. Mm-mm-mm.

It’s all right. It’s sparkling cider. If the bride can’t imbibe, then the rest of us will join you in solidarity.

She can’t even have one glass of champagne? Fun reception.

I hope this isn’t about what you were telling me earlier.

No, I’m fine about that. I’ve totally moved on. Trust me.

[indistinct chatter]

I mean, since, um– since the best man is a little bit occupied at the moment, I would like to make a toast to my brother.


Which brother?

Oh, look, it seems that we walked into a celebration we weren’t invited to. What a shame.

Nicole and I were just– we were just married.

Oh. Wow. Well, maybe third time’s a charm. Well, congratulations to you and to us.

For you? What for?

For dumping you, man. You’re fired.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[gentle music]

[inhales sharply]


Mm, now, that’s a hell of a way to wake up.

Mm, well, I can think of a better one if you’re up for it.



With you, Gabi, I’m up for anything. Why are you in such a good mood?

I’m always in a good mood.

[laughs] Sorry.

That’s not funny. OK, fine, yes, today I am in an exceptionally good mood. But that’s because today’s the day we put our plan into action.

Yes, we are finally gonna get Li Shin.

[dramatic music]

Thank you again, Dr. Evans, for seeing me on such short notice.

Well, I know how eager you are to get started,::, on our first formal session.

I am. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to get over Gabi.

Hey, hope I didn’t wake you.

No, no, you didn’t. I’m actually already at the pub. My dad suggested I take an early shift, get some work done before school. What’s going on?

Oh, I just had to tell you about this dream I had last night. You were in it.

You–you dreamt about me?

Yeah, it was completely crazy. I asked you to help me get Johnny away from Chanel. And then Chanel ended up wilding out and killing you.

Oh, no. Poor me.

Yeah, poor you. And then she tried to kill me. She was, like, totally furious with me for going after her boyfriend.

[suspenseful music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Mm, revenge is sweet.

Mm, and ever so satisfying.

And you, even more so.

High praise.

So any ideas on how to make Li’s shares ours?

Well, just what we were talking about yesterday. We were able to secure Kristen’s shares by prying them from her grubby little hands by threatening to blackmail her about, you know, her abusing her daughter.

Hmm, which involved proof that we manufactured.

Yeah, well, you’re not having second thoughts, are you?

[inhales deeply] No.

OK, good, because even if your conscience is slightly off about Kristen, but you’re definitely more in, like, ruthless mode about Li, right?

%. Son of a bitch tried to kill me.

Right, so he deserves to be punished. And if we happen to profit from it-

Even better.

Right, so we just need proof that he was planning your demise. And then we can–

Force him to fork over his shares.


Why don’t you tell me about some of your previous relationships, how you felt about-

about the women? You did–you did have serious relationships before you fell in love with Gabi, didn’t you?

[dramatic music]

[sighs] Only one.

OK, tell me about her.

Her name was Xiao-Xing. We met in high school. I know it might seem silly to call going steady a serious relationship.

No, not if it was important to you.

It was. We spent every moment we could together. We’d sneak off during lunch so we could find someplace and be alone. And we’d…talk, and we’d kiss and discuss our future… How we’d–how we’d get married one day and have lots of children. I thought she was my one true love. I thought we’d be together forever.

What happened?

My father happened. He found out how I felt about her, and that was that.

Wow, like you said, pretty crazy dream, both of us getting murdered by a jealous Chanel all because you wanted to make a play for Johnny DiMera. Wait, but you said Chanel tried to kill you too. Did she–did she succeed, or–

Hey, I got to go. Bye.

Hey, sorry to interrupt you.

No, you didn’t. It’s all good. I mean, it was nothing important.

Oh, really? It sounded kind of important. You said some girl was trying to kill you.

Oh, God, no, not really. It was just a dream I had… about this girl from my school who’s, like, super jealous of me.

That sounds kind of serious. Hey, she’s not bullying you or anything like that, right?

Oh, no, not at all. Like I said, she’s just jealous because she thinks her boyfriend is into me.

And is he?

I’m not actually sure.

OK, would you want him to be?


Oh, my goodness, look at that. Perfect timing.

Just the two people we were looking for.


Why is that?

Nicole and I have some– have some news.

EJ and I are getting married… today.


Tate, I heard you were in town.

Uncle Eric, it’s good to see you, man.

You too. Gosh, and I see my brother has put you to work.

Yeah, remind me not to pull any more fire alarms.

That’s good advice. Hey, I’m sorry about what happened at school, getting kicked out. But coming here, that must be a big change.

Yeah. Yeah, it sucked, to be honest. Low-key, leaving all my friends was a little bit depressing. But…

Yeah, well, I know it’s gonna take some time, but I’m sure you’re gonna make some new friends at Salem High.

Yeah. Yeah, I actually already made one.

Really? That’s great.

Yeah. Yeah, it is. I just–can I be honest with you?

Of course.

I– I kind of want it to be more.

Wait, what? You guys are getting married today?

Wow, that–that– that is some big news.

We’ve been dragging our feet long enough. And this baby will be here before we know it, so…

And we’d rather not add a high chair to the seating chart, so here we are.

Yeah, I mean, wow, this–this is– this is so great, you guys. Dad, I’m–I’m– I’m really happy for you.

Thank you so much, son. Thank you.

Thank you, Johnny. Your blessing means a lot to us. And, honey, we’d love yours too. So what do you say? Are you OK with this?

[dramatic music]

Oh, man, this totally sucks, Holly. I mean, I really wanted to be your boyfriend. But now that our parents are getting married, it’s kind of like we’re siblings, you know, stepbrother and stepsister.


So… don’t you think that might be a little incestuous?

Ew, no. Look, I get that maybe it’s a little weird. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be together. What about Josh and Cher in “Clueless”? They were stepbrother and stepsister.

Former stepbrother and stepsister. Their parents were divorced, remember? Besides, that was a movie. This–this is real life. Otherwise… I would be totally into it.

Holly? Honey, you didn’t answer me. Are you OK with us getting married?

Actually, I’m not. I don’t think it’s such a good idea.

So should we go downstairs and get some breakfast?

I thought we were strategizing.

We are, and I do my best thinking on a full stomach.

Ay, Dios mío, poor hungry baby. OK, listen, how about this? How about we come up with a plan and then I’ll give you a reward?

Why do I get the distinct feeling that that reward’s not gonna be food?

It’s gonna be great. Do you want it or not?

Yeah, definitely.

OK, attaboy, start thinking.

OK, so the best way to get proof that Li was in on the plan to kill me is obviously to get it from one of his coconspirators, right?

Right, right, but the thing is, Harris never saw Li, so we can’t use him.

Right, and Megan’s in the wind, so the best way to get it is to get Li to confess.

Yeah, but Li’s not stupid. I mean, he’s a lot of things. He’s definitely not stupid. He’s gonna know that he’s being played, and we’re gonna have to just be very shrewd.

OK, well, it’s a good thing we know what his Achilles’ heel is.

What’s that?

His obsessive love for you, of course.


Li, you said that your father found out about your relationship. I’m assuming that you’d been keeping it a secret.

Yes, I was, from him. I was afraid of how he’d react.

And why was that?

Xiao-Xing was working-class. And as you know, our family was not. I knew he’d never approve of my relationship with her. But I never expected him to do what he did.

What did he do?

One day… I was looking for Xiao-Xing. And as I told you, we’d always sneak off during lunch. And that day, it was to this little area behind the math room. And I waited for her. She was late. And when she finally came, she told me that she had to break up with me, that she and her family were moving to a province far away and we’d never see each other again.

[sighs] I– I remember, in that moment, feeling like I couldn’t– I couldn’t breathe. And for days after that, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. And my–my father, he eventually became… impatient with my dark mood. And one day, he lost his temper. And he yelled at me, and he berated me, and he told me that I was dishonoring him, all because of a girl who never really cared about me. And that’s when he told me what he did.

What did he do?

He found a note that I had written to her. That’s when he realized the depths of my feelings for her. So he went to her and he told her that if she ended her relationship with me, then he’d offer her father a really good, well-paying job as a foreman in a factory , miles away from where we lived. He said she accepted immediately, that that’s how much our relationship meant to her.

Maybe that wasn’t true. Maybe your–maybe your father just made up that story.

Well… I don’t know, because we never-

we never spoke again, she and I. And after my father told me the truth, he expected me to just get over it, to just get over her. And the truth is, I did. Eventually, I just buried my feelings down for her, never even mentioned her name again.

[scoffs] That is, until now.

So… when you found out what your father had done, that he had deliberately broken up you and Xiao-Xing, how did that make you feel?

[dramatic music]

Powerless. She was the best thing in my life, so sweet and beautiful. My father just took her from me.

I imagine you wanted to make sure that… nothing like that ever happened again.

Well, at the time, I thought it couldn’t happen again, because I would never love anyone the way I loved Xiao-Xing. And I never did… Until…


G–Gabi, right. And when we became involved, I started feeling the same way for her as I had with Xiao-Xing. But also, I–I was afraid that someone would take her from me… Just like my father had with Xiao-Xing.

Someone like?


OK, so–so we prey on Li’s obsession with me and– which, by the way, I did– I pitched that to you. I don’t know if you recall. And we use that weakness to get him to confess.

Except for one thing. Li knows that you hate his guts, so he’s gonna sense that something is up.

Good point.

So maybe we need to take a more… unconventional approach.

How unconventional?

Nothing too crazy, maybe something involving a certain asset who could maybe nudge Li in the right direction.

Interesting. And how do we acquire that certain asset?


So this friend who you wish could be more, did you meet her in class? I mean, we’re talking about a her or–

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely a–definitely a her. And no, we met before classes even started. Actually, I met her the first day I got here, in the–in the park.

That was fast. But that’s great. What’s she like?

She’s awesome. She’s awesome. I mean, now that I think about it, you– you probably know her. She’s–she’s Nicole’s daughter, Holly.

You don’t think it’s a good idea that EJ and I get married?

No, I don’t.

OK, look, it’s getting late. Maybe you guys can start getting ready.

Yeah. Yes.

Right. Right, we should. And can you do me a favor and run an errand for me after you get changed?

Of course.

Thank you.


Bye, see ya.

OK, what’s going on? I thought you liked EJ. Don’t you?

No, I do like him, OK?

OK, so then what’s the problem? Why don’t you want us to get married? Sweetheart, you know we’ve been planning this wedding for a while now. I thought you were happy about it. Did something change? Sweetheart, you can talk to me. You know that, right?

It’s because of–

Because of what?

Because of… Eric.


Don’t you worry. The asset has been contacted and should be arriving in Salem any moment.

Oh, really?


How are you so sure about that?

You forget you’re talking to Stefan DiMera here?


OK, OK, maybe that came off a little more unnecessarily arrogant than I had planned. But I am sure because I put out feelers and should be hearing back anytime.

Oh, all right, then, Mr. Stefan DiMera. Speaking of feelers, do you have any idea what we should do while we wait?

I think I could come up with a few ideas.

[both laugh]

So you were afraid that Stefan was going to do exactly what your father had done to you, that he was going to take away your girl.

[dramatic music] So I imagine you did everything in your power to make sure that wouldn’t happen… Which included hiring someone to kill Stefan.

So you think… everything I did to try to keep Gabi, it was because of what happened with my father all those years ago.

I think your obsessive behavior, even though irrational, comes from that early trauma that you suffered, the loss of that. And I think we may have gotten to the core of your problem.

Hey, Steph, it’s me. I just– I’m sorry to bug you. I know you had an early-morning meeting. Yeah, we just didn’t get to see each other this morning, so I thought maybe we could talk.

[knock at door] Call me– call me back if you can. OK, bye.

[chuckles] Hey, EJ, what are you– Come on in. What are you doing? What brings you by?

Well, I’ve been meaning to stop by for ages, see the new place. It’s–ah, it’s quite cozy, isn’t it?

[scoffs] Yeah. Yeah, compared to where you’re living.

[laughs] Well, as long as you are happy here. I would have brought you a housewarming gift, but there was no time. I’m afraid I’ve come on a rather urgent matter.

Is everything OK?

It’s more than OK. In fact, my life is about to change, much for the better, actually.


This is about Eric? That’s why you don’t want me to marry EJ?

Well, I–I mean, you know how much I care about Eric. I have ever since I was, like, a little girl. He was my stepdad, but he felt like my real dad. And I don’t know. I just loved him is all.

Honey, I know you do. And–and he did too. I mean, he still does.

I guess.

Of course he does. And just because I’m not married to him anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t have a relationship. He’s always there for you. You know that, right?

I do. But you guys loved each other so much. It’s, like, childish, I guess. But I always thought you two would get married again one day.

It’s not childish, honey. In fact, I used to think that too. No, but that’s not gonna happen, right, because Eric has moved on with Sloan and I have moved on with EJ. And the three of us, you, me, and EJ and– ooh, and your little brother or sister…

[chuckles] We’re gonna be a family.

So you’re into Holly.

Yeah. Yeah, she’s great. I mean, don’t you think so?

I do. I love that girl. I mean, we–

[chuckles] We spent a lot of time together when I was married to her mother.

Right, yeah, and I was-

I was sad to hear about it when my dad told me about the divorce. You guys seemed like the perfect couple to me.

Yeah. So did– did you ask Holly out?

Oh, no. Nothing’s gonna happen there.

Why not?

[sighs] OK, if I tell you, Uncle Eric, you just got to promise not to say anything, OK? If Holly found out I told you, she’d just– she’d be totally pissed at me.

OK, she’s not in any kind of trouble, is she?

Oh, no. No, no, no, nothing like that. It’s just, she’s into this guy, but he’s totally wrong for her. I mean, for one thing, he’s just, like, way too old for–

[sighs] Wow. I haven’t thought about Xiao-Xing in so many years. But… talking about it today made me feel… better, somehow lighter.

I’m glad.

And maybe now that I understand my behavior with Gabi, the desperation, maybe now I can… finally be free of the hold she’s had over me.

I hope so. You should be so proud of yourself for having the courage to be so open about your feelings, about your pain.

[dramatic music] I hope you continue your therapy. I hope you continue to be as open as you have been today. And I hope you’re determined to drop these destructive patterns that you have.

Oh, I am, Dr. Evans. I’m determined. This whole time, I’ve just been telling myself that I can get over Gabi and I can do it on my own. I was trying to convince myself that that was true. But I know now that it wasn’t. I know I needed help and still do. But today… because of you, for the first time, I actually think I can get over Gabi.


I got to hand it to you, that was a– that was a great way to kill time.

I told you I’m full of ideas.

[sighs] Any word?

Not yet.

Oh, well, then round two?

What, are you trying to kill me? I thought Li was the target, huh?

[phone beeps]

Oh, wait, is that what I think it means?

Oh, pay dirt. All right, no time to waste. Got to go pick up the asset.

OK, go, go, go, go. Go get dressed. Go get that asset.

I’m going to get that asset.

Johnny, hey.

Hey, hey.

You need a table?

How are you? Actually, no, thank you. But I do need something else. Listen, I know it’s a little early in the day, but I was hoping I could get, you know, a tray of sliders, maybe a few pigs in a blanket.

[laughs] Of course. I think we can manage that.

All right.

What’s going on? You having a party?

No. Actually, my– my dad and Nicole are getting married today, so…



Well, that’s– that’s great. Yeah, Nicole, she always did love those sliders.

Yeah. Yeah, my dad said he just wanted to make sure she had everything she wanted today.

OK, so how many you think you’re gonna need?

Sweetheart, I know how you feel about Eric. But in time, hopefully you’ll have just as close of a relationship with EJ. In the meantime, can you find it in your heart to come to our wedding? I mean, I don’t want to pressure you, but… I would really– be really sad if you didn’t come.

[sighs] Of course I’ll be there, mom. I know this day is really important to you.

Thank you. You know you’re, like, the best daughter in the world, right?

Yeah, you’ve told me only, like,million times.

Well, it bears repeating over and over and over.

[both chuckle] Listen, I have to go because I made some alterations to my dress at that shop at the square. Have to make it a little more baby-bump friendly. So I’m gonna go.

Do you want me to come with you?

No, that’s OK. You can use that time to get ready. Why don’t you wear that green taffeta dress, you know, we got at that little boutique on Magnolia, the name of which I can’t remember, but it’s really pretty?

I was thinking of the black one, actually. We got it at the same place.

Yeah, black one, isn’t that a little, like, you know, fitted and tight?

No, it really isn’t. OK, fine, the green one, whatever.

[chuckles] I will see you at the wedding. Mwah.

Yup, see you at the wedding.

Mm-hmm. Love you.

Love you.

You and Nicole are getting married today?

[laughs] We are. We are. Nothing–nothing extravagant, just a small gathering at the house, just the two of us and Johnny and Holly, of course.

Wait, what about Tony and Anna?

They’re out of town, unfortunately. And of course, I’m not on the best of terms with Stefan and Gabi at the moment.

Oh, yeah, were you ever?

My point is, I would like to have at least one of my brothers there. And I’d be thrilled if it were you. And of course, we’d be delighted to have Stephanie as well.

Yeah, Stephanie and I, we’re not really in the best place right now.

Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What happened?

We got into a fight. So I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen.

A fight? What–what was it about? Sorry, never mind. None of my business.

No, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s– you know, it’s Abigail.


Stephanie feels threatened by– by me not being able to move on the way she wishes I could. And I still feel attached to Abby or, I don’t know, at least the memory of her. And, you know, I just can’t fully commit to anyone else.

Yeah, I get that.

Yeah. Anyway, like I said, though, she had a– she has an early-morning meeting, and I don’t really know what the rest of her day looks like, So I can’t speak for her. But me, I’m– I’m happy as hell. I’ll be there.

I’m glad. I’m glad. Because honestly, we can’t have it without you.

What do you mean?

We want you to perform the ceremony.


[laughs] Yes.

You want me to marry you and Nicole?

Yes. As you know, I’m not a religious man. And honestly, I think a priest would have some reluctance setting foot in my house, let alone consecrate my marriage.

You got a point there. What about a justice of peace?

Too impersonal. This is an important day, and I want to be surrounded by people we love. And even more than that…

[sighs] All right, it’s my wedding day. I’m allowed to be sappy, so I’m going to tell you just this once.



[dramatic music] I admire you, Chad. I know it’s a bit odd. I’m the older brother, after all. But the fact of the matter is, I look at you as a role model. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but… when all is said and done… You are the type of man that I wish I was.

Oh-ho-ho. I’m touched. I really am. And it would be an honor to marry you guys.

Excellent. Excellent. Well, everything is set. Now all I need is my bride.

My dad and Nicole are getting married today.

Eric. Eric.


Hey, Holly.

Oh, hey, Johnny.

Wow, you look great.

You think so?

Yeah, that’s a great dress.

Oh, thanks.

Yeah. Listen, what was-

what was all that about earlier? You really–you’re not cool with the wedding?

Not exactly.

Why not? I mean, why don’t you want my dad to marry your mom?

[phone ringing]

Why are you calling me? What do you want, Gabi?

Li, I need your help, please. I’ve been kidnapped!

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Days Transcript Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


[shouting, screaming]

Ugh, I hate that I let you talk me into watching these stupid zombies, blood and guts and blech!


[phone rings]

It’s the hospital. Eric Brady. Oh. Yeah, I understand. Thanks for calling.

[somber music]

What is it?

I can’t believe it. He died.

And fade to black.

Did all of those people really have to die?

Uh, it’s a horror movie.

And there are five more “Scream” movies if you want to have a Halloween night marathon.

Yeah, no offense, but I think I’ll pass. Ten bloody murders in one night is plenty for me.

Actually, it was seven.


Yeah, Chanel doesn’t love the scary flicks.

Then she’s missing out. I’m super into ’em, and I totally love the “Scream” movies. If you want to watch another one, Johnny, I’m down.

Really? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

I’m not a kid, Chanel. Besides, there’s so much more to the movies than just the kills. I mean, what about how the danger brought Gale and Dewey together?

Yeah. Sure, always nice to add a little romance with your horror.

I couldn’t agree more.


You know, um, fear and sexual arousal are very closely linked in the human brain.

Hmm. Well, my human brain just reminded me that I have to get to the bakery, because I have to prep for tomorrow. So I will not be getting any sleep tonight.

Are you sure you have to go?

Unfortunately. Walk me out to the car?

Oh, you mean in case Ghostface is waiting out there for you ready to stab you multiple times?

Oh, hilarious.

Don’t worry. I can take care of that guy.

[jazzy music]

Hmm. Maybe a little danger can bring me and Johnny together, too.

I hope you don’t mind that I slipped into something more comfortable.

No, of course not.

[thunder booming]

Oh, sounds like there’s going to be a storm tonight. You’re welcome to stay. Not that I’m expecting you to stay.

Well, I do appreciate the offer, but I’m trying to take John and Marlena’s advice to heart.

You mean that we shouldn’t try so hard?

Yeah. Are you OK with that?

OK with what? Just spending time together, just hanging out and seeing where that will take us? Yeah, that sounds good to me.

[both chuckling]


[phone rings] Mm. Oh. I won’t get that.

Well, maybe you should. It might be important.

Oh, OK. Unknown caller. Ooh. Hello?

[thunder booming] Are you serious? Oh– Oh, OK. Uh-huh. Yeah. Well, thanks. Keep us posted.

[phone beeps]

Everything all right?

That was Commissioner Hernandez. A homicidal maniac just escaped from Bayview.

[ominous music]

[thunder booming]

“Pet Semetary,” huh? Aren’t you coming to bed?

I, uh, thought I’d give you some space, sleep out here.

Chad, I hate that we had that fight.

Yeah, me, too.

Can we talk?


I was– I was laying alone in bed, and I realized something. I think that you and I weren’t actually meant to be together, after all.

What, Steph? Don’t say that.

No, it’s OK. Breaking up is for the best. But I do love you, Chad. So I want to give you something to show you how much.

Give me what?

I’m going to bring Abigail back to life.

[dramatic music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Steph, what the hell are you even talking about?

OK, I know it sounds crazy. But my parents found this diary a long time ago on one of their adventures.

What diary?

It was written by this man named Gideon in the s. He wrote about how his wife died tragically. But he was able to cast a magic spell to resurrect her. And that’s what I’m going to do, with a little help, to bring back the love of your life.


[knock at door]

I’ll get it. Mom, hi.


Did you bring it?

Yes. And everything we need to cast the spell.

OK, Kayla, you’re a doctor. You don’t seriously believe in any of this.

Well, being someone who just recently came back from the dead, I do believe in the power of love. So I have the solution already. I just need something of Abigail’s.

I don’t– I don’t have anything.

Here. It’s Abigail’s wedding ring. I found it hidden away in your closet.


No, it’s OK. I’m glad that you kept it. Because tonight, you’re going to get to put it back on her finger.

[thunder booming]

Eric. Who died?

Mr. Dorsey, the former parishioner I visited– visited in the hospital.

[thunder booming] I can’t believe he– I need to pay my last respects.

Well, I’m going with you.

Tate, where are you?


[screams] Damn it, Tate. What took you so long?

I was giving candy to the trick-or-treaters. What’s the, uh– the emergency? What’s the big favor that you need?

I need you to put this on, then go around to the French doors in the living room and stalk me.

Stalk you?

Is that a problem?

Uh, I just thought you didn’t want me going all stalker-y.

I said I wanted to be friends, and friends help each other out, right?

[sighs] What do I do once I’m at the door?

Not much. OK, first, I’ll act all scared and run to Johnny. Once he comes back, you just let him see you and chase you off. Then I go into his arms and let him comfort me.

Seems like a lot of trouble to get a boy to like you.

Do you want to be my friend or not?

Fine. Fine. I’m putting on the mask. OK? Oh, god. Ugh.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here.

Whoa. This is a real knife.

Well, obviously, I didn’t have time to go to the Halloween store, so I just grabbed it from the kitchen. Now, come on. Let’s see what you got.

Argh. How do I look?

Like someone a girl needs saving from.

[light jazzy music]

This is the second breakout in a month from that loony bin!

Yeah, I wonder who got out this time.


[light bulbs buzzing] Oh! Oh, damn! Can anybody else in this town besides me do their jobs? Oh, I don’t know, who do I call to read my first? The health department for not securing Bayview? Maybe the power company, so they can get the lights back on. Oh. Oh! Oh. Ugh. Abraham? Abraham. Oh, my god. Abraham. Who did this to you?

I did.

[dramatic music]


I sure hope Chanel doesn’t mind me borrowing this.

Oh, he’s still alive. But you could have killed him.

Now, why would I try to kill my own husband?

He’s not your husband.



Oh, Abraham. Oh, you’re OK, Abraham. I got you. Oh, are you OK?

Yes. Yeah, I am, I am, I am. Ugh.

Oh, thank god.

This is going to– this is going to sound strange, but– I remember.


I remember everything.

You mean you remember me?

Oh, I remember you, Whitley King. You’re the lunatic who kidnapped me and tried to make me believe that you’re my wife.

[thunder booming]

[tense music]

[elevator dings]

[light bulbs buzzing]

Hmm. Where is everybody?

I’ll go find a nurse and see where they put Mr. Dorsey.

OK, I’m going wait here.


[ominous music]

[sighs] Oof. Hate hospitals at night. There’s something so creepy about them.



Jeez. Jumpy much?

Nicole. No, I just didn’t– didn’t see you there.

Clearly. I didn’t think you’d be one to scare so easily.

Yeah, well, Halloween’s kind of got me on edge a little bit. Anyway, what are you doing here?

Oh, picking up another prescription. There’s just so many to keep track of these days.

Yeah. Is that supposed to be like a dig?



Oh, my god.


What? Why?

Listen, I don’t have time to explain. But you’d both better come with me if you want to live.

What is going on?

Come on!


Come on!

Johnny! Johnny!

Holly, hey. What? What is it?

There is someone outside. He was watching me.

What? Where?

Outside the French doors.

OK, just stay here. I’m going to go check it out. All right?

Sure. I’ll stay here all alone, by myself, during a creepy storm on Halloween night while some crazed stalker’s on the property!

OK, OK, all right. Just, you can come with me, but stay close.

Don’t worry. I will.



[ring clatters]

[eerie music]

[liquid trickling]

We call the soul of Abigail Johanna Deveraux DiMera. Rest thou now in the reaper’s grim grip, though one’s love here still holds fast. Memento mori, amor aeternus est. Death is not forever. Love is eternal. Though ye have passed through the veil and into the light, we call ye in the name of this man’s devotion to cross back into this darkness.

OK, that was, um, dramatic. I don’t think it worked, though.

[knock at door]

It did work. That must be Abigail.

Looks like the storm’s been banging against the doors. Maybe that’s what spooked you.

I saw a man, Johnny. What, you don’t believe me?

It’s not that I don’t believe you, OK? It’s just that sometimes, after you watch a scary movie, shadows can start to look like serial killers.

They weren’t shadows. Someone is out there. Look, I’m going to lock the front door. Oh, my god!


Holly! Hey, hey!

[gasping] Go! Go!

I’m not Whitley King. She’s Whitley King.

No. No, no, no. She’s my wife, Paulina Price.

Oh, uh-uh, hey, sweetheart, she just smacked you over the head with that rolling pin. She must have scrambled up your brains.

You know who I am. I am your beloved Paulina, and I’m here to rescue you from this homicidal maniac.


[ominous music]

What is going on, Eric? Who is out there?

Oh, you know I came here to see Mr. Dorsey, the old parishioner, a friend of mine.

The man you visited a few days ago?

Yeah. He died.

Oh, no.

But the thing is, he isn’t dead anymore.


I was standing next to his bedside saying a prayer to save his immortal soul. And then he tried to bite me.

Bite you? Like a zombie?

Yeah, like a zombie. The thing is, I was lucky I got away.

So– so what you’re saying is that there’s a zombie that’s running loose around this hospital?

That would explain the lockdowns.

The hospital is on lockdown, because Mr. Dorsey isn’t the only zombie out there. I saw at least five other zombies out there when I was running to get back to you.


What is so funny?

Oh, come on, guys. Zombies? This has to be some kind of elaborate Halloween prank. Eric, are you in on this?

Sloan, listen to me. You can’t–

Sorry, I just– let’s just see what really–

No, don’t! Don’t open that door! You cannot go out there!

Don’t worry. If they turn me, I’ll make sure to eat Nicole first.

Are you insane?

[thunder booming]

[gasps] What was that?

They’re out there.

That door’s not going to hold them forever.

[zombies growling]


I hope I got here in time. I found these pages under some files.


Yeah, they were torn out of the diary.

What do they say?

Well, Sweetness, it’s kind of shocking. Because it looks like his wife, Emily, wasn’t the gentle soul Gideon so fondly remembered.

[thunder booming] She was something else.

What do you mean “something else”?

He called her a rotting, murderous corpse.



It’s a good thing I found these pages, huh?

Well, it’s too late, because we already performed the ritual.

Oh, no.

Yeah, but it didn’t– it didn’t work, though, right? I mean, Abby’s not here.

[thunder booming]


Wait, do you hear that? It sounds like wet footsteps.

Listen, if the spell did work and Abigail is on her way here, the only thing to do is send her back to her grave.

Wait, what– what are you– what are you doing?

Listen. According to Gideon, you’ve summoned an abomination. Whoever or whatever comes through that door may look like your dead wife, but it won’t be Abigail.

So– no, no! You’re just going to shoot her?

Chad, you heard what it says in the diary.

No, I’m not going to stand by and just watch this happen.

Close your eyes. I’ll make it quick.


[gun clicks] Oh!

[tense music]

Give me the gun.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Chad! Chad! Stop, Chad!

Don’t do this, man!


Steve! Oh! Oh. Steve! Oh, god!

Steve. Steve, can you hear me?

What– what happened? The gun– the gun didn’t go off! You heard! I didn’t– I didn’t do anything.

It was Abigail.



I saw her.

What– what do you mean you saw her?

It was dark, but I could just make it out. She was– she was covered in mud, and her face and her body were rotting!

What, no, no, that’s not possible.

She grabbed Papa, and she snapped his neck, and then– and then she was gone.

[thunder booming] Mom, is he–

He’s– he’s not breathing, and his heart has stopped.


How– how could this have happened?

Chad, we have to get him to a hospital.

I can’t. I have to go. I’m so sorry. I have to go. I have to go find Abigail.

[breathing heavily]

[zombies growling]

Oh, my god. They’re going to bust through the door. What do we do?

I think you– I think you have to get at their head. It’s the only way to stop him.

This isn’t happening.



[zombies growling] They moved on. They’ll be back. They’re hungry.

For human flesh?

This is all my fault. I did this.

Yeah, that sounds about right to me. What is it that you did, exactly?

I wasn’t talking to you. You know what? Why don’t you wait in the hallway and let the adults talk for a few minutes?

Oh, yeah. I’m sure you’d love to see me as a zombie snack, Nicole, but I’d rather hear your confession.

I’m sure. Look. I– I don’t know how to say this, but a few months ago, I made up this lie that there was a virus running rampant in the hospital so that I could get a swab from your cheek for your paternity test.

OK, so?

So now, there’s a real virus. So I tempted fate or god or whatever, and now, my baby is never going to be born, or worse, it’s going to be born a zombie baby.

[scoffs] Zombie baby?

Oh, scoff all you want, but you’re going to die in here. And the last thing I want is to die with a guilty conscience. My baby deserves better.

Nicole, I appreciate your honesty. It means a lot.

If we’re all going to die in here, then I have a confession I’d like to make, too.

What kind of confession?

Eric, that baby that Nicole’s carrying– it’s not EJ’s. It’s yours.

[dramatic music]

I’m Paulina Price, your wife. Here, I can prove it. Our wedding day. Best day of my life. Well, some of it was.

[thunder booming]

This is not you in the picture with me. She is.

Let me see that.

[gasps] What the hell?


Oh, you really are delusional, Whitley.

You switched all the photos, didn’t you? Oh, Abraham. You got to know she’s lying. She’s–

What’s the matter, Whitley? Cat got your tongue?

Why you– wait. Cat? Who put all these cats in my apartment? Oh!

[light bulbs buzzing]

What are you saying, Sloan?

What I’m saying is, I– I switched the paternity test at the hospital. I made it look like EJ was the father of Nicole’s baby.

I’m the father?

So that means this baby I’m carrying is ours.

I guess it is. You know how much I wanted a child.

How could you do this, you heartless bitch.

I was afraid of losing you, Eric. I’m sorry.

Damn you, Sloan Peterson.


Eric, Eric. What is it, Eric?

I don’t know. I was running away when one of the zombies attacked me. He must have bitten me. Augh!




I’m infected

Oh, my god.

From what I’ve seen, it won’t take long before I’m one of them.


[thunder booming]

I almost caught him, but uh, I lost him in the rain. Hey, I need to get you to the hospital, I think. You’re probably going to need stitches. Hey, are you OK?

No, I’m definitely not OK. Are you still on hold with ?

Yeah, apparently, Halloween is a busy night for them.

[loud thud]

What was that?

It came from upstairs.

No one else is home.

You know what?

What are you doing?

He’s going to need a lot more than stitches when I find him.

Wait, Johnny! Oh, great.

[ominous music]

Don’t scream.

[panting] Tate?

What happened to your arm?

What do you mean what happened to my arm? You cut me, you freak.

I did not. I just got here.

What are you talking about? You just came through the foyer.

No, I didn’t. I tried to come in through the French doors like we talked about, but it’s all muddy outside, and I didn’t want to ruin my shoes. So I circled around and came in through the kitchen.

But if you didn’t slash me, then who did?

[knife slashing]


[breathing heavily]

I couldn’t find her…

Oh, my god. What happened?

It was Abigail. She came back. She killed my mother, too.

Hey, there’s no one upsta– Holly, what happened here?


[knife slashing] No! Johnny!

[gasping] What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you kill him? Who are you?

Chanel? Why?

Let me tell you a little story, Holly, about when I was in college and I was just a little older than you. You see, like you, I was in love with an older man, and his wife, she tried to come between us.

What– what happened to her?

That bitch? Well, she’s dead now, too.

Why kill Johnny? What did he do to you?

Don’t act like you don’t know.

Because of me? I’m the reason?

I know you wanted him. And I could tell he had feelings for you, too. You two both had so much more in common than he and I did, and you both loved those scary movies.

You really believed he had feelings for me?

You didn’t think I was just going to roll over and let you have him, did you? He got what he deserved. And now, it’s your turn.

Call my daughter, Chanel. She’ll tell you these are not my damn cats. Oh, I’m the one, the only Paulina Price.

If you’re Paulina Price, then why are you wearing that?

What– oh!

[gasps] No! No! This isn’t right.

You escaped from Bayview tonight, and you came to my apartment to hurt us both, to kill us.

Oh, no! No! That wasn’t me! That was you!

Don’t you worry, Paulina. I will protect you from her.

Oh, thank you, Darling.

Oh, Abe, Abe. Please, it’s me. And I don’t know what she did to you, but I’m Paulina. Abe, you– please, please! You have to remember!

[phone beeps]

Rafe, it’s Abe. We have that lunatic Whitney King, who escaped from Bayview and came here to hurt us. Now, she needs to be locked up where we’ll never see her again.

That’s right.


I don’t feel so good.

It’s OK.

We have to get help.

I can go look for a doctor.

You can’t go out there. There’s too many of them.

Well, we can’t stay in here. I mean, what if you turn?

There’s only one choice.


Eric, what are you doing? Eric.

There should– there should be enough sedative in here to do what needs to be done.


Oh, my god. What are you doing? Eric.



Please, I need you to kill me before I kill you both.


No, I don’t want to turn into one of them. I don’t want to end up eating you both… or– or my unborn child.


I can’t. I– I can’t lose you. I’m sorry.


Hey, easy. No.

If you really loved him, you would do what’s right for him and his unborn child.

Are you– No!


Oh! Oh! You bitch. You killed him.

I had to. I couldn’t just sit back and watch the man I love turn into some undead monster.

Abby did this? Are you sure?

She murdered my parents.

[tense music] I shot her… over and over and over again, but she didn’t even flinch.

It’s just so horrible.

Don’t worry, Chad. I saved one bullet. For you.

Stephanie, what are you doing?

I tried to make you happy. I tried to love you. Your obsession with Abigail did this. I don’t know if she’s dead or alive, but either way, you can wait for her in hell.

Stephanie, no.

[tense music]


[gasping] It was just a nightmare.



Are you really going to make me chase you around like a scared animal?

I thought you couldn’t stand the sight of blood.

I thought so, too. Turns out, now that I’ve had a taste of it, I just can’t get enough.

[gasping] This is my worst nightmare.

No. Oh, no.

[thunder booming] He didn’t deserve this.

Finally, something we agree on.

What are you doing? Ah! No! What did you do?

As you die, I will leave you with this thought.

[thunder booming] I will always have Eric’s baby to remind me of the love we shared. Eric, I will take good care of our baby. I promise.

[thunder booming]

Oh, my god. Eric. Eric.

What? What is it?

I thought–

You thought what?

I thought– nothing, never mind. I’m sorry I woke you.

No, it’s OK. I was having the craziest dream.

What were you dreaming about?

I don’t remember. I’m suddenly really hungry.



But Abe, I love you.

Throwing yourself at me is only going to make things worse.

We belong together.

[sighs] I thought we were going to be able to do this the easy way, but it looks like we’re going to have to do this the hard way.


[thunder booming]



You know, you’re a beautiful bride. I just– I just wish I could remember that day.

Oh. Our wedding day. Ah. It’s me and you.

Who else would it be?

I don’t know.

Are you all right? You know, we were watching the movie, and you just dozed off.

Oh, well, I’m better now. I dreamed that you forgot who I was again. But you do know who I am, right?

[chuckling] Yes, of course. You are the one and only Paulina Price.

Damn right, I am.

[chuckles] Whew! Too much scary stuff. But being here with you now is it’s treats and no tricks.

Well, Happy Halloween, Paulina.


Happy Halloween, Abraham.

[eerie music]

[thunder booming]

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Days Transcript Monday, October 30, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


I know. Me too. And please tell your dad that I’m so sorry to miss the first meal at his new place.

[chuckles] Yeah, another time. Oh, I don’t know exactly. Um, it’s just an emergency patient, somebody who’s in crisis. Yeah. Okay, no, it will be. Okay, see you soon. Bye, honey. Oh, love you, too. Bye.

[door opens]

[cell phone beeps, knock at door] Oh.

Dr. Evans? Thank God they got in touch with you.

[sighs] I know it’s late, but… I think I’m losing my mind.

[dramatic music]

Whoa. I knew Brady was going to be upset, but I was not prepared for that.

Well, I mean, come on. We told him we’d get him back custody of Rachel, and instead, we got Kristen’s shares, and he got squat. What’s not to be mad about?

Do we at least get points for owning up to what we did?

I-I mean, not really. I mean, I do feel sorry for him. I’d be horrified if Will and Sonny kept me away from my daughter. But you know what? That’s behind us now.

Well, not really. There’s more of that to come.


Oh, yeah. When he catches wind of what we’ve done, it’s going to register on the Richter scale.


Oh, those bastards.

Oh. Bad day?

[exhales deeply] Yes, Nicole, a very bad day.

Okay. What happened? Who are the bastards?

Gabi and Stefan.

[scoffs] Surprise, surprise. Okay, what did they do now?

They got their grubby little hands on Kristen DiMera’s shares.


With the result that their camp and my camp are deadlocked in a tie.

Okay, so you’re tied. So that doesn’t mean they have control.

Not yet, but don’t you get it? All they have to do is get one more shareholder on their side, and I’m as good as dead!

[exhales deeply]

You know, Stephanie and I-

we weren’t on the same page, and it turned into a fight.

Mm. Well, I sensed it was getting tense when I walked the kids upstairs. What was it about?

What else?




Abigail. And, honestly, Kate, I don’t know what to do. I mean, I can’t go chasing after her. We’re just going to get in the same fight again.

Well, there’s no point to that.

No, there isn’t.

[light music] I’ll just go get the kids.

No. Okay, look…

[sighs] In the first place, you’re upset. They’re going to know something’s wrong.

And in second place?

In second place, you need to vent. I mean, I think you and Stephanie both need to-

to talk to someone, a neutral party. So you, me, Stephanie, and whomever.

No, I’m– [sighs] No. I think I just need to be alone for a while.

[knock at door] Um, Pop, I-I have to go. I think we have some trick-or-treaters.

[soft music] Yeah. Love you, too.

[phone beeps, clatters]

[candy clatters] Oh, my God.

[ominous music]

Hey… Stephanie.

[chuckles] Happy Halloween.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

I swear to God, they are going to pay for this.

Here we go again.

We had a balance of power, and that bitch’s greed is going to end up toppling the company. And Stefan–Stefan lets her lead him around by his knob.

Okay. O-okay.


Do you even know why Kristen signed over her shares?

She wouldn’t say, which leads me to believe that it’s blackmail.

Ah, blackmail, in this family.

And Kristen won’t tell me, because then I’ll have a hold over her, just like they do. Well, I’m going to find out what it is, and I’m going to bring her to her knees. After everything I’ve done for that bitch!

EJ, no! Sydney sent you that from Murano–you love it. And what, you were just going to smash it?


Because Stefan and Gabi did to you something you would have no problem doing to them? Don’t you remember telling me to warn you when you start to go to a dark place?

I never said any such thing.

Well, maybe you should have.

[dramatic music]

Please have a seat.

Um, I’m so grateful you could see me tonight. I just didn’t feel like I could, uh, wait another day. I, um…

Go on.

Well, I-I can’t sleep.

[clears throat] Well, I mean, sometimes I can, but then the nightmares wake me up. And I just… pace the floors, you know… ruminating… being hard on myself… wondering how everything in my life went so wrong.

How long has this been going on?


Well… I’m very glad you called me. Do you have any idea… what happened that you began to have these symptoms?

Yeah, o-of course. It’s when I know I lost the woman of my dreams.


[gasps, screams]


[laughing] Gabi, that–Relax. That’s just some guy in a costume.

No, that’s not just a costume. That is a zombie costume!

Is this why you won’t watch “The Last of Us” with me? You–you do realize zombies aren’t real, right?

Well, you missed a lot the years that Rolf had you on ice.

Are you telling me there was a zombie apocalypse in Salem and no one has mentioned it?

Close. A couple years ago, on this very night, in this very square, I came face-to-face with a very undead Nick Fallon.

Where did you– How– [sighs]

I can’t believe it’s you.

I know. It’s a shock. I… I must be the last person you expected to see.

Why are you here?

Here in–in Salem? Isn’t it obvious? I came to find you.

So… I was right. You and Stephanie did have a problem.



Yep. Well, I was hoping it was a minor one.

It wasn’t. It was anything but.

[light music] Remember the dinner I told you about that was, um-

that at our place?

[scoffs] The one where Steve and Kayla were pushing you to marry Stephanie?



Um, you were there when she got back from work, remember?

Yeah, I do.

Well, after, um-

after you left, we finally had a chance to talk one-on-one about getting married.

Okay. So how did that go?

You know, I thought it-

I thought it went-

went okay, you know. I told her I wasn’t ready, for all the reasons I told you.


And she seemed to go along with it. She said she wasn’t in a rush. So I thought that that’d be the end of it. Turns out she was just telling me what I wanted to hear.


[sighs] So she was hurt and disappointed because you weren’t ready to get married.

Mm-hmm. You know, and I-

and, I mean, honestly, I-I see her side of this. I do. I get it. Abigail looms over everything.

[sighs] I don’t know. Maybe I–maybe I just moved on too–too fast. I just don’t think she understands what it’s like to love someone like that.

To love and lose someone like that.

Right. I mean, she–you know, she was with Alex, and that was-

that was over pretty quickly, and, um, it wasn’t all that serious. And then there was this-

this guy in, um, Seattle. But Abby… She was my wife.

[sighs] She was the mother of my children. You know?

Yeah. So Stephanie doesn’t have her past looming over her like you do.

Not even close.

[ominous music]

You mind if I come in? Please. Look, um… I came a really, really long way to see you, all right? Just give me a few minutes, a few minutes to explain. Please. Thanks.

First… let me explain how I felt when you disappeared on me, when you didn’t answer my calls, my texts, when you decided we were done. And–and not only didn’t have the balls to tell me in person, you didn’t have the balls to tell me at all!

Look, look, you have every right to be upset, okay?

Oh, thank you for your okay on that!

But there’s another reason for what happened. Okay, first of all, I never, ever ghosted you. And I never wanted to break up with you, okay? There’s a reason for all this.

And you’re going to tell me? Well, you’ve had long enough to come up with a story, so what is it? You were–you were abducted by aliens? Joined a cult? Oh, wait. I got it. You were in a coma.

Yeah. Yes, actually, I was.


Oh, check it out.

Oh! Stop.

So Nick Fallon, undead Nick Fallon bumped into you in Horton Square.

Don’t be flip. You were dead, and here you are.

There’s a difference, okay? My thing was more like a-a hibernation, and everybody in Salem knows about it, whereas Nick-

you’re saying that he came back from the dead and no one has mentioned it?

I might have been the only person to see him. It only lasted one day-

him being alive.

Wow. How did Nick get a one-day pass?

Well, he had help from Marlena Evans, who was, at the time, possessed by the Devil.

Sounds like undead Nick has friends in low places.

So what you’re saying is that… you’re not over Gabi.

I thought I was. Gabi and I were in love. It–it was mutual. But I knew that if Stefan were revived, then that would be the end of us. So… I did everything I could to make sure that she didn’t know that he had been, that he was alive. And when Gabi found out what I had done, what I was capable of doing… We were done in her mind, but it was different for me.

Look, I-I should, uh-

I should tell you something. And I can’t reveal my source, but… I do know that you had nothing to do with a plan to brainwash Harris to go after Stefan. What are you thinking?

I’m thinking that, um… it’s important that you know that what you just said… who you learned that from, whatever source… it isn’t true. I was in on the plot against Stefan.

Thank you. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose this. I’m sorry that I lost control.

It won’t work.

What won’t work?

This ultra-rational persona that you pull out every time I try and talk you off a ledge for whatever. You use it as a cover to do exactly what you said-

screamed you were going to do-

get revenge, bring them to their knees. And there’s nothing I can do to stop you.

I understand that maybe I overreacted.


But I don’t think you can expect me, after I’ve been stabbed in the back by my brother, a sister, and a money-grubbing interloper, to shrug my shoulders and say, that’s life.

[sighs] God. The DiMeras-

you’re like the-

the Montagues and the Capulets both at the same time. And I just–I can’t believe that I’m bringing a baby into this family.

Hey, we are.

[dramatic music] What? What are you thinking?

Sometimes… Sometimes, EJ, I-I… I feel like we are finally a “we.” But just now… our baby and I–it just-

it felt like we didn’t exist. Nothing did, except your hate, anger, and revenge. And what’s scary is… yeah, s-sometimes we are a team… a couple. But then to–to cite yet another example of why I feel like I’m invisible to you is… is when you decided that Ava needed to pay for what you thought she did to your mother, and then just like that, you-

you’re full DiMera again. And–and our-

[sighs] Our baby and I… Factor into nothing. I love you, EJ. I do. But, um, I am responsible for this baby that I’m carrying. And sometimes I just don’t know if I can trust you to be the father that he or she needs.

[inhales sharply] All right, well, now you know why I acted like a total scaredy-cat wuss.

No, no, no, you, my love, are the total opposite of a scaredy-cat wuss. You are tough and strong and fierce and just about my favorite human being on the planet.

[scoffs] Just about?

All right, you are my favorite human being on the planet, bar none.


And if any of those undead creatures come after you again, they’re going to have to go through me first.

Oh, my hero. Well, you know, I’m actually more concerned about EJ coming after us after he finds out that we have Kristen’s shares, therefore pushing him out for good.

Okay, well, if we’re going to want to get ahead in this fight for votes with EJ, we got some serious work to do, because as of right now, he’s got Theo, Tony, Johnny, Chad on his side, and I don’t see any of those guys flipping on him anytime soon.

Well, you actually left a name out… Li Shin.

So I assume you wanted Stefan out of the way so you could have another chance with Gabi?


[clears throat] I was ready to go to the limit to make that happen. I did horrible things. And I was ready to do more, and I still lost her. And now… I can’t live with the man I’ve turned into.

[exhales deeply] So… this has been brewing for a long time.

Yeah, it has.


[sighs] You know, on Abigail’s birthday…


I, um… I was going to take the kids to go and–and visit her grave. Stephanie said she wanted to join. And I told her I, um-

I didn’t want her to.

[sighs] How did she react to that?

She–she seemed to understand, you know. I know. I know, she was-

she was hurt. She felt excluded. And today… you know, she comes out, and she’s wearing this costume, and it’s the exact same costume Abigail wore last Halloween.

Oh, my God.

So, when I saw her in it, when I–when I–when I saw Stephanie in it, I, um… I didn’t know what to say. You know, she could see that I was upset. So I told her-

uh, I told her that Abigail wore the same one last Halloween. And, um… you know, then we were both very grown-up and–and-

and sensitive about it, but, you know, we both knew that something really bad had just happened.

Uh, so that’s why she wasn’t wearing a costume when she got here.

Yeah, and then-

uh, you know, then we get here, and we’re around the kids and around everyone else, and–and, you know, we have to pretend like everything’s fine, which we both hate. And I tell her what her dad said, and I ask her if it’s true. And after a night of pretending… it all just kind of spills out, you know. She wants to get married. And I don’t. And then, we weren’t all that, uh–all that, um… grown-up and sensitive with each other.

[sighs] Honey, I am so sorry. I-I’m sorry for both of you.

I–Mm. Look, I just wish-

I wish I just-

there was a way for me to make her understand that there’s not some–some timetable that I can follow that leads to a wedding. You know? Maybe I just… maybe I just moved on too soon. Um… The truth is, I’m, um… I’m scared, ’cause I don’t want to lose…

[voice breaking] Another person that I love. And I, um–and I-I never said this to her, but I’m-

I’m–I’m scared that she just wants to… nail it all down because of–of what happened with this guy in Seattle, who, you know, she thought it was a real deal, and he ghosted her. I get it. But I’m scared that she just wants to–to get married so that never happens again.


A coma? Right. You know, abducted by aliens may not be plausible, but at least it’s not as tired as a coma.

It’s the truth.

[sighs] Do you remember the last day that we saw each other?

Vividly. I asked you to mail something for me, and I never saw you again.

That’s because I was hit by a car… right after I left the post office.

That sounds convenient.

Well, it was actually anything but convenient. If I’d been hit on the way to the post office, they would have been able to trace me to you because of the return address on your package, but all I had on me was my cell phone. And apparently… it was destroyed in the accident. I didn’t have an ID on me, so… they had to put me in a medically induced coma in order to save me. I know. It sounds so farfetched and ridiculous, but that’s… that’s the truth. And after they revived me, not only did I have physical issues… but I lost my memory. I couldn’t get them to contact you because I couldn’t remember you. And ever since then, I’ve been working on myself, you know, trying to get better, learning to–to walk and talk again, figuring out who I am, figuring out who you were. It was… hard… to say the least, but… do you know… what the one good day, the one good day in that whole mess was?

[chuckles] It was the day I remembered how much I loved you.


Everett, what the hell?


You–you can’t just show up at my door after all this time and–and expect things to be the same!

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m–I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry. I… Hoping things might be the same is–is–is the only thing that got me through all this. Steph, that’s why I’m here-

to–to tell you that you may not realize it, but… you saved me.

Okay, reality check…


I thought you dumped me. I moved on. I-I don’t live here alone. I’m with someone new.

I know.

You know?

I-I found out that you-

that you moved back to Salem and that you–you run your company from here.

So you’ve been spying on me?

No. No, no, no, no. Nothing like that, all right? I-I came by earlier. I rang the doorbell. When I heard a dude’s voice, I-I took off.

Chad answered, but no one was there. We thought it was a prank.

Well, after that, I sort of had to know what I was up against, so I followed you two to-

What’s that restaurant called, the Brady Pub?

You followed me?

Only so that I could catch you alone so I could tell you all this. Okay, Steph…


I want you back so badly. I don’t know how serious it is with that guy. I only saw what looked like an argument. Just give it to me straight. You married? You engaged?

No. Definitely not.

[dramatic music]

Stephanie knows that you’re a substantial person. She knows that you’re loving and you’re caring, and I don’t think there’s any way that she would compare you to someone who ghosted her.

Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe–maybe not on a conscious level, but she–she thought that she… um, you know, misread me and my intentions the same way she did with the-

with the guy in Seattle.

[light music] I mean, when I moved in with her, I thought that it… that it–it felt right. And now I’m thinking that maybe it was, um… it was too soon… you know? Should I have held off? All I know is that, um… that this fight left, uh-

left a lot of stuff up in the air for us. She wants me to, uh, move on from Abigail so we can go forward. I can’t go back. And I can’t go forward. So, you know, it’s, um… I’m just…

Feeling like you’re trapped, right?

Most people thought he was an evil man. But never for one second did I doubt that his family was the center of his world… his raison d’etre. And I owe that to our baby, and I owe that to you.

It’s just… scary, EJ, because not too long ago, you wanted to elope that night, so you go get a marriage license, and you want to fly to Italy to get married, with Holly and Sydney there. And then…

[chuckles] A funny thing happened along the way to the airport. You had to have someone killed.

[sighs] I mean…

You’re right.


You’re right. I lose track of what really matters or what’s really important… Which is you and the baby. But I will not lose track of that… ever again. I swear.


Oh, that’s like Lucy swearing she won’t pull the football.

I’m asking for a leap of faith here. Nicole, I still have the marriage license.


I’ll call them up and tell them to get the jet ready and that I’m flying to Italy to get married, and there’s nothing in this world that is going to stop me this time.

I’m not getting married on Halloween.

But you will marry me.



You better be telling me the truth… that DiMera Enterprises is just a job. It is not your life. Look, your… your dysfunctional family isn’t going to change, EJ, so you have to.


[chuckles] God, this would be so much easier if I could just forget the fact that you’re such an accomplished liar.

[chuckles] Nicole, think about it.

[clears throat]

[chuckles] I’m agreeing to marry the one person on this planet who isn’t scared of me and can see right through me, and I hate that. Well, I love you so much… that I am signing on for a lifetime of it.

[both chuckle] Come on, Walker, don’t be a sore winner.


What about Li Shin, huh?

Well, d-do you need a reminder? I could perhaps… see my way to exploit certain animal urges I seem to stir in him.

Okay, first of all, I admire your confidence. I do, because you have pitched this to me numerous times, and I have shot it down every single time, okay? Let’s use our imagination for a second and think about if Li does actually still have feelings for you. You realize you are willingly putting me back in the crosshairs. Or have you forgotten that Li tried to kill me in order to clear a path to you?

Oh, my God, Stefan DiMera, you are a genius!

[both chuckle]

[dramatic music]

So, uh, Dr. Evans, tell me… since I imagine you’ve dealt with a lot of patients dealing with obsessions… has it ever before led to the confession of a felony?

Not that I recall.

Hmm. Well, I know the rules as well as you do-

that what I say here as your patient is confidential… even admitting to a crime.

If it’s a crime that’s happened in the past… yes, but if it’s something that’s about to happen, well, then… that’s quite different. Are you suggesting to me that you’re planning to do something to get Gabi back that could be criminal?


[stammers] Dr. Evans, please, you have to understand, that’s–that’s why I’m here. It’s because I don’t want to do anything like that ever again. I don’t even want to think about it. What I want to do is, I-I just want to move on. I don’t want Gabi in my dreams. I don’t want her in my thoughts. I’m desperate to get past her. But… without your help…

[dramatic music] I don’t know how I can.

And I agree with you, but do you mind telling me why I’m a genius?

‘Cause you just reminded me that Li tried to kill you to get to me! We need leverage on the man-

the same kind of leverage we used on Kristen. He just gave us a way to get it.

Okay, okay, I see what you’re getting at. And it could work, except we’re missing one very important piece.


Yeah. Some would say it’s necessary, essential even.

Details. Details.



So how can I help?

You already have. You listened. It’s going to be up to me to fix… Once I figure out how to get started.

[both chuckle] Probably involves me going home. So I should go up and get the kids.

Hey, wait. Um, they’re probably still watching that movie, ’cause they had a lot left. And, you know, honestly, we would love to have them here with us tonight, which means you could go home and have some privacy with Stephanie. What do you think?

I think that is a lovely offer, one which I will accept. I’m just going to go and say good night, then.

Okay. Oh, honey.

[light rock music] It’s going to be all right.

Thank you.

[sighs softly]

You’re not engaged?

[dramatic music] Does that mean-

It doesn’t mean anything… not for us. It’s been years, Everett.

[clicks tongue] I get it. All right, this is, uh… it’s a lot to take in all at once. You’ll have questions. You’ll–you’ll need time. You just need to know, okay? That for me… I love you as much as I did the day I left for the post office. And I always will.

[exhales sharply] Okay, um… your boyfriend’ll, uh… he’ll be home soon. Um… I’ll take off. Um, take care, Steph.

You too, Everett.

[breathing deeply]


Mmm. Okay, so you don’t want to get married on Halloween. How about tomorrow? Do you have any objections to November st?

None that I can think of.

Mm, that’s it, then. Tomorrow… I make you mine.



All right.


That means you’re mine.

Mmm. Oh.

[both chuckle]

Thank you for seeing me so last minute. I’m very grateful.

We will start tomorrow with a formal session.

[dramatic music] You going to be all right tonight?

Yeah, um… I already feel a little better.

Good. You’ll have to put in the work, and it will take time. But I’ll be right there with you. And we will work together to help you close this chapter of your life.

And start a new one… without Gabi in it.

All right, we want proof against Li. Here’s my theory. We want it bad enough, we’re going to find it, all right? That’s what we do. That’s what winners do. Come on, baby, we do our best thinking in bed. I’ll race you–oh!

Oh! I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going.

It’s okay.

Sorry, uh, do I know you from somewhere?

No, um, I don’t think so.

I-I guess I must have you confused with somebody else. Um, I’m sorry. Happy Halloween. Okay?

Are you sure you don’t know that guy? The way he was looking at you…

I’ve never seen him before in my life.


[door opens]



The kids are, um-

are going to stay over with, uh, Roman and Kate.

Oh, okay.

Look… I’m really sorry. Do you want to talk?

I think we’ve done enough talking for one day.

Okay, you’re probably right. Um, I’m going to get ready for bed, then.

[keys rattle]

[exhales deeply]

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of 10/23/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Sloan from Days


Theresa’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Sloan was able to break into DiMera mansion without anyone seeing her.

Nicole and EJ managed not to see Sloan switch the test results.


Tripp should have heard Ava and Gil (Clyde’s henchman) talking in his apartment.


Brady shot down the idea of co-parenting Rachel with Kristen. You would think he would have been willing to do it so he could see Rachel.

Kristen’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


Maggie shouldn’t be surprised that Xander was going after full custody of Victoria. Maggie was the one who told Sarah that Xander was going to do that if she didn’t tell him the truth.

Sarah heard Konstantin say Xander’s name, but she didn’t hear anything else.

Sarah wasn’t doing anything, but she needed the nanny to put Victoria down for her nap. What was keeping Sarah from putting her down?


Gabi suddenly felt guilty about setting Kristen up for abusing Rachel. Gabi should have thought about the way she would have felt if the shoe were on the other foot before they went through with the plan.

Why was Stephanie surprised that Chad wasn’t ready to get married? He just lost his wife. What made her think he was going to suddenly be ready to marry her?


Maggie from DOOL

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Opinions For The Week Of 10/23/23

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Konstantin and Theresa

We are confused with Theresa and Konstantin’s plan. They fixed Victor’s will so everyone would think Alex deserved his money. We don’t understand Theresa’ role in the plan. She wanted Alex to have everything. She could have fixed the will so Tate could get the money. She made sure her son didn’t get anything. She believes she’s going to marry Alex and get access to his money. Alex doesn’t seem attracted enough to marry her, so she has an uphill battle ahead of her. We’re curious to see what Konstantin will do to Maggie. He might go after her money. It might be good to see her involved in a big story.

Speaking of Maggie, she went off on Xander because he wants to sue Sarah for full custody of Victoria. She warned Sarah that would happen if she kept the truth from him. She shouldn’t have been surprised by that. Maggie warned her that he would go after her for lying to him. She didn’t want to listen to her. Maggie got what she deserved. Xander put Maggie in her place for lying about the baby. She needed a reality check. Maggie apologized to him. It won’t be long before she kisses up to him again.

Sarah yelled at Xander for the lawsuit. She knew he wanted custody of the baby so shouldn’t be surprised. Xander wanted to make things work, but Justin ruined that for him. She showed her evil side, and he didn’t back down. Sarah thought yelling would get her way. She found out the hard way that wasn’t the case. We hope he doesn’t back down and let her have custody. Xander has rights, but she didn’t care about them.

We watched Days of Our Lives and rolled our eyes at Stephanie. She got mad because Chad didn’t love her the same way he loved Abby. Did she really think Chad would forget about his love for Abby? Abby was Chad’s first love so he wouldn’t forget about her. Stephanie expected him to get over Abby. She knows Abby meant everything to Chad, but that didn’t matter to her. She thought he was going to forget the way he felt about his wife for someone he just started dating. Stephanie is something else. She expects all men to desire her. Chad would be a first-class jerk if he got over Abby as fast as she wanted him to do it.

Speaking of Stephanie, what was up with Steve? He was no different from Stephanie. He talked to Chad about Stephanie. He expected Chad to marry Stephanie or leave her alone. Did he forget that Chad was married to his niece? Why would he want him to move on so fast? What if something happened to Kayla? Would he move on that fast? If Stephanie was murdered, would he want Chad to move on with Abby that quickly? We feel like he wouldn’t want that to happen. He would have expected Chad to slow down with the relationship. Chad already moved in with Stephanie too fast and now he’s expected to marry her.

Gabi needs help. She was willing to let another mother get in trouble for child abuse. She and Stefan wanted Rachel to tell the judge that Kristen was abusing her just so they could get her shares. Child abuse is nothing to play around with, but she didn’t care. She wanted the shares and that’s all that mattered. Gabi let Brady think she would help him by getting proof that Rachel was getting abused. He believed it and they went through with their plan. As a mother, Gabi shouldn’t do something like that. She could have been in the same position if Will and Sonny wanted to do that to her. They blackmailed Kristen and she caved. She signed her shares to him, and they made the video disappear. They shouldn’t have done that to Kristen or Brady. We feel like the writers are setting up Gabi’s demise by having her act that way. We won’t be disappointed since she’s acting up.


Stefan and Gabi

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Days Transcript Friday, October 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Oh, it’s a great idea. He just walked in. I’ll tell him. Okay, honey. Love you too. Bye.

[phone beeps] That was John. He would like us all to have supper at Grandpa Tim’s, at his new place tonight.

Ah, that’s terrific. Yeah. That’ll give us a chance to celebrate.


Celebrate. Yeah, it looks like I may be getting my little girl back thanks to Stefan and Gabi.

Hey, how’d it go with Kristen? Did you get what we needed?

Oh, yeah. Brady played her perfectly. Got it all on video. How’d it go with Rachel?

Great. Kid gave a star performance. I’m uploading it to the computer now.

You don’t seem too happy about it.

Well, you know, I was gung-ho about making this video, and it never occurred to me that maybe we’d sunk too low. But now I’ve seen it. And, Stefan, I mean, if anybody ever accused me of abusing Arianna in any way, I would–

You would lose your mind. I get it. And if I’m being honest here, I agree with you. This–this is low.

[soft dramatic music] Gabi, here’s what we need to focus on. This whole thing– it’s just a means to an end, right? It’s just a strategy to get Kristen to give in to our demands, right, so we can finally oust EJ and be in control of our company. Now, these videos, they’re never gonna go any further than Kristen seeing them and realizing she has no other choice but to sign those shares over to us. Okay?

Yeah. Oh, I know. It’s never gonna go public.

No. No, no, no, no, no. It’s never gonna come to that, ever. And Rachel will not in any way be harmed by this.

Good. Because she’s just an innocent little girl. And I mean, I feel sorry for her because she’s got a crazy mother.

Let’s just focus on the positive here. And that is we’re almost done with this. And when we are, we will have achieved our goals. Because when Kristen gets a load of these videos, her shares are as good as ours.

Well, I did not realize how late it was. If we stayed any longer, we could have just made our lunch roll all the way over into dinner.

Mm-hmm. It’s been far too long since we have broken bread. I’m glad we could find the time.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna head home. Do you need a lift?

Actually, before you leave, I was wondering if we could discuss an important business matter.

[chuckles] You finally stopped beating around the bush. Oh, let me guess. This is about my company shares? Hmm?



Steph, talk to me.

What exactly did my dad say?

He just–he said that– he said that you made a commitment to me and my kids. And in his mind, that means you’re ready to get married sooner rather than later.

I wish my parents would just back off. God, this is so embarrassing.

You don’t have to be embarrassed, Steph.

[soft dramatic music] Is he right?

Yes, he is.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Steph, why didn’t you tell me you were ready to get married?

Because I was embarrassed, just like I am now. You overheard me blurting it out to my mom, so I downplayed it. And I was right to, obviously, since you looked so relieved when I did. And then you said that you liked the way things were, that you didn’t want to rush into anything.

Because I thought– I thought that you felt the same way.

Honestly, I was disappointed.

Then you should have said something. We have to be able to talk about this type of stuff, Stephanie.

I didn’t want to pressure you after everything you’ve gone through. I–I know that you’re still mourning Abigail, but–

But what?

Since it’s all out in the open now, Chad, I have to say, I’m– I’m a little confused. If you didn’t see marriage anywhere on the horizon, why did you invite me to move in with you and your kids?

[melancholy country music]

Because it–it– you know, it was the next natural step.

And what’s the next step after that?

Marriage. Eventually.

Look, I get that there’s no set timetable for this stuff. But, Chad, I can’t– I can’t help wondering now that we’ve moved in together, are you having second thoughts about us?

I’m sure you’re aware Gabi and Stefan are building a power base.

Mm-hmm. Yes, I heard they somehow obtained Megan and Dimitri’s shares.



They did it by threat of death. After Vivian shot our nephew, those goons stood over his bleeding body– in our home, no less– and refused to call an ambulance until he signed over the shares.

I weirdly kind of respect that.


Okay, I’ll admit, it was pretty ruthless.

Ruthless and deceitful and out of control. And now that they have a taste for blood, who knows who they’ll target next? It could be any one of the DiMera shareholders, including you.

[suspenseful music]

Wow. Not only are you a brilliant director, but you are a hell of an editor. Look out, Hollywood.

You married a woman with many talents.

Don’t I know it.

Hey, I gotta finish this. And the quicker I finish this, the quicker we can blackmail Kristen into handing over her shares.

You’re right. All right. EJ’s probably at it as we speak. And if he gains control before we do, we’ll be left out in the cold.

Yeah, and their little lunch date put our post-production into a rush. So what if he already won? What if she’s handing over her shares, or at the very least, deciding to vote with him?

No way. Kristen’s way too smart to give up anything without incentive. And this–this is incentive.

He’s just as likely to blackmail her. He could be pulling a gun on her in a dark alley.

Maybe you should work faster.

Oh, my God.


After you left, Stefan– he came by and filled me in.

I’m almost afraid to ask. What did he say?

He wanted me to provoke a fight with Kristen, so I did. I met her up at the square, and I riled her up. And Stefan caught it all on video.

What have you gotten yourself into?

I don’t think I should give you the details.

Tell me.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

[tense music] We’re gonna make it look like Kristen has been abusing Rachel.


Okay, what do you think?

Gabi, it is a cinematic masterpiece and… quite frankly, pretty disturbing.

[tense music] Kristen’s gonna freak. And she is gonna make sure she does anything and everything she can to make sure that doesn’t get in front of a judge because she would for sure lose custody.

I still feel a little uneasy about framing the woman for child abuse.

Well, that’s in her hands now. Okay? She gives in to our demands, no one loses their daughter.

What about Brady? I mean, he’s gonna want to show this to the judge. He wants his daughter too.

Okay, I do feel a little guilty about that. But Brady’s a big boy. If he wants custody of his daughter back, he’ll find another way.

Please tell me that I heard that wrong.

I know, I know, I know. It’s extreme. It’s extreme, but I’m desperate, and I don’t care. I don’t care. I want my girl back, so…

It’s a terrible lie. Look, I’m no fan of Kristen’s. You know that. And I think she can do unspeakably terrible things, but I do not believe she would ever hurt her daughter.

I agree, I don’t believe– I don’t believe she would hurt her physically. I agree with you. But emotionally? We know her handiwork. ,::, We do. We watched as she turned her against Chloe. And she’s slowly gonna turn her against me too. It’s gonna happen.

Then use that in court, the truth.

No, the truth, it doesn’t work. It’s not strong enough. It’s not strong enough. Okay? What will work is Gabi and Stefan are going to make this video of Kristen being Kristen with some other footage. And it’s gonna show that Kristen is a danger to her daughter. Period.

I don’t believe this. This is unethical. What’s more, it is not who you are.

Kristen plays dirty all the time. You know what she told that judge? She told that judge that I had killed Philip, knowing damn well that I was innocent of that.

And now that Philip is unequivocally alive, I thought you and Belle were gonna pursue that in court.

No, no, we can’t. I mean, there’s no point to it. It’s not a slam dunk anyway because the judge is not a fan of the fact that I, you know, stuck a gun in Kristen’s face and kidnapped my own daughter.

And how is the judge gonna feel when he finds out this is all a made-up story on your part? And how is your daughter gonna feel when she realizes you have framed her mother? Brady, Brady, you’re gonna lose your little girl, honey.

What are you saying, EJ? You think that Stefan and Gabi are gonna shoot me in the back and force me to sign over my shares?

They’re certainly capable of it. Look. I’ll admit that, with your help, I could get ahead of them, oust Stefan, and take control of the company– with the family’s best interests, of course. But my main concern right now is your well-being. Help me help you take the target off your back.


Transfer your shares to me, temporarily, of course, ensuring your safety.


[clears throat]

And then I told Chad if he wasn’t in it for the long haul, he needed to tell Stephanie.

You didn’t.

I don’t want to see our daughter get hurt again.

Neither do I, but it’s not our place to interfere.

I was just trying to get Chad to step up. That’s all.

Well, you possibly made things worse.

Well, I hope not. I should go back over there.

Wait, wait, wait. Are you–are you kidding me? No. The best thing you can do is butt out.

Listen to me.

[soft music] I am glad that I moved in with you. Okay, and I am glad that I get to wake up every single morning, and I get to see your beautiful face. And I’m glad that you’re there for my kids. They adore you. But I have to admit. I am– I’m really caught off guard here because I thought that– I thought that things were going well. Yes? No?

A lot of it’s been great, of course. But on top of this whole embarrassing marriage issue that– there’s been other tension between us lately. And I can’t help but think if maybe it all ties back to the same problem.

Which is?



I don’t see what’s so funny.

Oh, my God. You are seriously trying to convince me to hand over my shares for my own protection? That’s pretty audacious, EJ, even for you.

Okay. Okay, fine. Keep your shares. But you must help me neutralize Stefan. I’ll call a shareholder meeting. And if you vote with me, we can remove our brother from the company.

Oh, God, and I’m supposed to trust you? If memory serves, that hasn’t always worked out for me so well.

I admit that I have let you down in the past. But it’s come to a point, Kristen, where you can no longer safely play both sides from the middle anymore. You are going to have to make a choice.

[tense music] Kristen, I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but you know me. And we have helped each other before. So why not again? I’m extending you an olive branch, Kristen. I suggest you take it.

All right. I guess we can put our differences aside.

So I have your vote?

Mm-mm. You have my ear. I need time to think about this.

Understood. Understood. But don’t take too much time. I have a feeling Stefan is ready to make his move.

The love Chad and Abigail had, it’s not gonna be easy for Stephanie to compete with that.

No, it’s not. Listen, when I thought that I lost you all those years ago, I don’t think I ever managed to get over it. And all those years went by, my heart always belonged to you. I think part of me died the day that you were taken away from us.

[soft music]





Thank you.

Thank you? Thank you for what?

Thank you for my life. I was nothing without you. You gave me everything.

I’d still give you everything. You listen to me. We’ve always gotten our strength from each other. Do you hear me? You take what you need. You take what you need from me.


[monitor beeping] I… I love you, sweetness.


I love you too. Shh.

[monitor flatlines] No.


Okay, are you upset about earlier that– that I brought up that you were wearing Abigail’s costume?

I wasn’t upset, Chad. You were. And just the look on your face, it drove home the point for me in a way that I can no longer ignore.

It drove what point home?

I’ll never escape my cousin’s shadow.

Okay, you know what? Look, I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings, okay? But you can’t expect me to never bring up Abigail’s name. All right? She was–

The love of your life. I’m well aware. And I’ve tried really hard to respect that. But to be honest, you haven’t made it easy.

What does that mean?

You pulled away from me on her birthday, and then you excluded me when you took the kids to the cemetery.

Because I thought that we needed to do that as a family.

And what am I, Chad? You know what? Never mind. I understand. It hurts, but I understand. But, Chad, it’s just– when you add all of this stuff together, it feels like I’m not wanted in my own home, like I don’t belong there.

What–that was never my intention to make you feel that way. I want to build a life with you. I just need–I just need a little bit of leeway.

How much is enough, Chad? Because I’ve been trying, but it feels like I’m walking around on eggshells all the time. And I’ve tried really hard to respect your feelings, but I’m just–I’m not getting the same consideration in return.

You’re not the one whose wife was brutally murdered.

[tense music]

The judge isn’t gonna figure it out. Because Gabi and Stefan, they said they’re gonna make the video as real as possible.

You’re putting a lot of faith in those two. Do you think that’s warranted?

They seem highly motivated to make this happen.

Well, good for them. Because the person who is going to lose here is you if this goes wrong.

I know–look, I know. I know it’s risky, okay? I do. I do. But I don’t know what to do, okay? This is the only way I’m going to regain custody of my kid. And I need to check with Stefan to see if everything’s running smoothly. Excuse me.

[phone line trilling]

[cell phone beeps]


Hey. I was just checking on the status of the video. When can I expect it?

We’re almost done. We’ll be right over.

Great. Thanks. It’s all good. They’re on their way.

Well, I’m not sure how much longer we can put off Brady.

Well, then we should call Kristen.

Did someone say my name?

Actually, yes, we were just talking about you and how you hadn’t returned yet from your lunch with EJ.

Yeah, but we thought maybe we’d have to go rescue you.

No, there’s no need. I had a very, very nice lunch. Although, he did talk my ear off at the end.

Let me guess. He wants to get his hands on your DiMera shares?

[laughs] To be honest, yes. He was worried you would beat him to the punch.

What’d you say?

Well, he made a very strong pitch as to why I should throw my lot in with him.

Oh, well, you know, before you make your decision, I think you should hear our pitch. Pretty sure it’s gonna be very persuasive. Why don’t you have a look?

[tense music]

Rachel, tell me, so who did this to you? Who gave you that black eye?

My mommy did.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure.

What the hell is that?

Why does my daughter have a black eye? If either one of you have laid a finger on her–

Relax. It’s makeup.

Fine! But why? Why would you do this? I mean, is this just some kind of Halloween joke? Because I assure you, having my daughter accuse me of hurting her, that is not funny, not at all.

[tense music]

You’re right, Kristen. It’s a very serious accusation.

No, it is completely reprehensible, not to mention ridiculous. I would never hurt my child.

Are you sure about that?

She’s my daughter, which means I will discipline her any way I see fit. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! You guys set me up! I mean, you made it look like– Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me?

I think you know.

Oh, you son of a bitch.

Brady, look at me. You’ve got to put a stop to this.

I know you don’t approve. I know you don’t approve. I respect that. I do. And I don’t like stooping to Kristen’s level, but I don’t know what else to do. Do you understand that I’m miserable? I want to see my little girl. Do you know I have not been allowed to see my little girl since Kristen took custody? Do you know that?

I’m so sorry this is happening to you.

Do you know what Tate called me the other day? An absent father. “You’re an absent father.” You know what the worst part about it is he’s not wrong.

[soft music] He’s not wrong, and that’s why I need– I need to make sure that I do right by Rachel. I need to be there for her.

You are there for her.

Not anymore, I’m not. At least with Tate, I could call him every other day when he was in California. I could visit him when I could. But with Rachel, Kristen has frozen me out of her life.

I understand. But this is not the way to fix it.

Then what–then what am I supposed to do? My little girl is in town. She’s in arm’s reach. She’s right down the road. And I can’t see her, and I’m her father. When do I get to see her again, Marlena, when she’s , after Kristen’s polluted her mind to the point where she doesn’t even want to have anything to do with me anymore? She’s not gonna want to be a part of my life by then.

That’s not going to happen.

It isn’t gonna happen because I’m gonna fight like hell to make sure it doesn’t happen! I’m gonna get my little girl back. To me, the ends justify the means.

Delete this right now!


Kristen, we’re happy to. It’s no problem. All you have to do is sign over your shares. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to turn the video over to Brady.

[tense music]

Oh, my God. So he is in on your twisted plan?

Sort of. He’s under the impression that we’re going to give him the video, so he can take it to the judge and get custody of Rachel.

Yeah, but what he doesn’t know is that we’re giving you a choice. See, this video can go away forever if you do what we want.

Wow. You’re double crossing him?

I think you should be grateful. I am giving you an opportunity here.

How dare you.

Take your time. Or you know what, actually, I wouldn’t take that long if I were you.

Well, it’s obvious this video has been doctored. And what judge is going to believe such a disgusting farce?

Okay, Kristen. Kristen, look at me. You finally have everything you’ve always wanted. Are you really willing to risk it all? So ask yourself. What’s more important, your DiMera voting power or a long-lasting healthy, happy relationship with your daughter?

I hate that you and Stephanie were on your own for so many years.

[soft music] I’ll always regret not being there.

I know. And I’ll admit it was hard. But then one wonderful, miraculous day, you walked back into my life.

Excuse me, miss? You all right?

I’m fine.

You sure?

That voice. It can’t be. Steve? And I count my blessings every day that you came back to me. I honestly thought I would live the rest of my life with never knowing true love again.

What if the same is true for Chad? That he could never get over Abigail.

It’s impossible to answer. We just have to let them figure it out for themselves. And all we can do, as Stephanie’s parents, is be there for her, no matter what happens.

I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.

I know you’ve suffered a great loss, Chad. And I hate that I may be coming off as insecure or impatient, but I have my own baggage. And while it may not compare to yours, I refuse to make myself small in order to be in this relationship.

I’m not asking you to do that. You need to tell me how you feel, though, Stephanie. I’m not psychic.

I’m not asking you to be. I just need you to acknowledge that this isn’t easy for me either, especially after… No, never mind.

What do you mean never mind? Tell me.

No. It just–it doesn’t compare to what you’ve gone through. What happened to Abigail, oh, my God, is such a tragedy for you, for the kids.

Steph, I don’t give a damn that it doesn’t compare, Stephanie. I need you to talk to me. I need you to tell me. Stephanie?

Mm. I was alluding to what happened with that guy in Seattle.

Okay. The guy that ghosted you?

Yeah. But like I said, it just–it seems terribly insensitive for me to seem like I’m feeling sorry for myself about that. Nobody died. It was just hurtful. And you’ve heard it before.

It’s not insensitive, Stephanie. It was obviously something that was very painful for you.

It was. I thought things were going really well. I was falling hard for him. And I thought he felt the same way. Just when things started to get serious, he suddenly disappeared on me. And I guess, deep down, I’m worried you’re going to do the same thing.

What? Stephanie, I would never do that to you.

I got my heart broken before because I misread the situation. I don’t want to make that same mistake again. But it looks like I already have misread the situation. I thought you wanted to marry me.

I do. Hey, Stephanie, I do, eventually.

I wish I could believe that.

You can believe that. Stephanie, I love you.

Yeah. Just not as much as your dead wife.

[dramatic music]

I tried to drop off a little Halloween bag for your daughter today, and Kristen wouldn’t let me visit with her.

See? She’s being unreasonable. At least my son got to spend a little time with Rachel the other day. And I think he tried to talk me up to her. I don’t think it worked, though. I’m sure Kristen’s already hard at work turning her against me.

She wouldn’t do that.

She’s already doing it. Do you understand that if I let Kristen raise Rachel, she’s gonna warp her mind the same way that Stefano warped Kristen’s? I am not gonna let that happen.

I remember when Kristen came to Salem. Stefano had everybody believing that– that John was the evil one.

That’s why I know you understand more than anyone why I need to keep my little girl out of Kristen’s grasp.

I do understand. And I hate what Kristen is doing right now. And I hate what it’s doing to you because this is not who you are.

[cell phone beeps] Oh, I’m sorry. It’s the hospital. I’ve got to get there. It’s a patient.


Brady? I hope you get your daughter back. But this is not the way to do it.

[tense music]

I think you’re making the right decision.

Oh, is that so?


I think Dimitri had the right idea when he tried to pump the two of you with lead.

Our intention was never to take Rachel away from you. We just want your shares.

Yeah, in fact, you can keep all the money from the dividends. We don’t care about that. All we care about is the voting power.

Yeah, you’ll still be able to support Rachel.

How generous of you.

Oh, one more thing. We need you to remind Peter where his loyalties lie.

Just so you know, this is not gonna give you enough power to control DiMera.

Not yet.

Yeah, and in the meantime, it’ll stop EJ from ousting Stefan.

All right. Let’s get this done, huh? The sooner we get those certificates signed over to us, the sooner we delete the videos.

What is the problem?

This is all just a bit too hard to swallow. You know, every fiber in my being just wants me to take my chances with the judge and tell the two of you to go to hell.

Okay, it took a while, but we finally found a suitable film for Charlotte and Thomas out of Roman’s vast array of Westerns and action films.

Yeah? Which one?

“Labyrinth.” It’s the ‘s movie with David Bowie, yeah?

Uh-huh, it’s like it’s a drive-in Saturday. So where’s Stephanie?

[soft music]

Stephanie’s gone.

[tense music]

Damn it.


Ah, Kristen, there you are. Look, I don’t mean to press you for an answer but–

EJ, just stop. Just stop. I don’t have them.

[tense music]

What do you mean you don’t have–

You lost. You lost, EJ. I signed my shares over to the demonic duo.

Why would you do that?

Because I had no choice.

Okay, where’s the video?

Well, the video has been deleted.

What are you talk– deleted? What are you–un-delete it.

Well, no, we can’t. It’s gone for good.

How could you even let this happen? What are you talking about?

No, we made it happen. See, that video was never for you to use against Kristen. It was for us to use against her.

You double-crossed me? Is that what you did?

It’s nothing personal.

Hey, it’s nothing pers– it’s nothing personal.

No, Brady, Brady!

You son of a bitch. Stop, stop, stop. There’s no point now, no point. Done.

All right. Get out of here. Get out, both of you. Get out. Get out of here, man! Unbelievable!

[soft music]

What happened?

You know, we weren’t on the same page. And it turned into a fight.

Okay. Well, I sensed when I walked the kids upstairs that things were getting tense. What was it about?

What else?


Yup. Abigail.

It’s okay, Papa. I know you didn’t mean to cause any trouble.

But I did. I can hear it in your voice.

Chad and I had a long talk. It didn’t go well.

[sighs] Should your mom and I come over there right now?

No, I’m–no. I think I just need to be alone for a while.

[knock at door] Papa, I have to go. I think we have some trick-or-treaters.

Okay, I love you, little sweetness. We’ll talk soon?

Yeah. Love you too.

[soft music] Oh, my God.

[tense music]

[soft music]

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Days Transcript Thursday, October 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


I trust you have settled into your new home, then and you are making inroads with the young Mr. Kiriakis?

[tense music]

Inroads? Forget that. I’m playing the long game. The last thing I want to do is scare him off.

Of course not. I understand. Especially after you went through all the trouble of making him Victor’s long-lost son and heir.

[sighs] Yeah. Especially after that.

[chuckles] And for thatI am very grateful. God knows neither one of us wanted it to be Xander.

[tense music]

No, Sloan. I don’t want you to hold back. I want you to throw a colossal spanner in the works. Well, it’s an expression. I just–it just means that I want you to hit Sarah with both barrels and it her with every barrel that you can. This hearing coming up I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get custody of my daughter.

[knock at door] Just let me know if you need anything else.

[phone beeps]

[Xander sighs] Maggie! Well, this is a pleasant surprise! How are you?

I am fit to be tied is how I am. How dare you try to take my granddaughter away?

[tense music]

You know, I always love this time of year especially when the kids were little.

Yeah, you loved it because you liked raiding Stephanie and Joe’s candy haul.

That is not true!

It is.

Okay, wellmaybe a few times.

[soft upbeat music]


Wow, look at you.

You are so cute.

Those are great costumes. You’re such a scary witch!

[Kayla chuckles]

What a nice surprise!

I know, right? I had the pleasure of picking up these two sweethearts from school and bringing them over here to have an after-school treat.

That’s because my dad and Stephanie are home working.

[mouth full] Okay, Steph?

[clearly] Steph, how’s this? “Titan regrets the decision to disrupt their habitat “but will have the turtles transported “to a nearby sanctuary while a new location for the plant is being scouted.”

That’s pretty goodbut don’t say decision. It implies culpability. Just say Titan regrets the disruption.

That’s a good catch. Got it.

[doorbell chimes]

Ohcould you please get that? I’m just putting on some finishing touches on my costume.

Yep. No problem. Probably have an early batch of trick-or-treaters.

[laughing evilly] Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

[suspenseful mysterious music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

[suspenseful music]

Konstantin? Hello?

I-I must go.

[phone beeps] Well, if it isn’t the lovely Sarah and even lovelier with a baby in her arms.

[chuckles] I don’t feel so lovely on three hours of sleep.

Every new mother is lovely.

[Sarah chuckles] And who is this little angeleh? I haven’t had the privilege of being introduced. My name is Konstantin. And you are?

[Sarah chuckles]

[baby crying]

This very loud, little angel is Victoria.

Oh! Named after Victor, of course. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. And how happy he would be to know that you are here in this world, hmm?

I’d like to think so.


Although he wasn’t always very happy with her father. And I couldn’t help but overhear when I came in you were talking about him– about Xander.

[Victoria crying]

Now listen, Maggie–

No! You listen to me. You are not only trying to get full custody of Victoria which is an outrage but you have the gall to call Sarah an unfit mother!

She is unfit. She tried to deny my child her father.

That doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not she could take care of her child! She is a wonderful mother!

Oh, she wasn’t very wonderful to me, was she? She lied to me. Let me believe that my daughter was Rex’s. And come to think of itso did you.

[suspenseful mysterious music]


Was it trick or treaters?

[clears throat] No, no, nobody was there. It must have been some kids playing a prank. EJ said the same thing happened to him last night. Hey, how’s it going with that costume in there? You need some help? It’s kind of taking, uh… * Forever *

No, I think I’m fine.

[mouth full] Forever!

[chuckling] I think I’m finally finished. Ta-da.

[soft dramatic music] Well, what do you think?

Yeah, it’s nice.

It seems you don’t like it. Oh, did you want to wear matching costumes?


Sorry, I didn’t think to ask.

No, no, no, it’s not that.

Chad? What? Tell me what you’re thinking.

It’s nothing. It’s the last Halloween I spent with Abigail she–she wore a costume exactly like that.

[Alex groaning]

Alex! What happened to you?

[Alex groans]

[intense music]

[Theresa gasps]

[Alex groans]

God! We have to get you to a hospital now!

No, no, no, no, no, noit’s okay, it’s okay. The only thing in need of emergency attention is this shirt. Don’t worry, it’s not blood.

[scoffs] It’s not?


What happened? Did you run into some Halloween prank or something?

[sighs] I wish. A-apparently one of Titan’s manufacturing plants disturbed the habitat of some local turtles? And anywaywe’re relocating these things. And meanwhilethis activist group shows up claiming that Titan has blood on its hands. So I’m walking out of the building to go to lunch and–

Someone just threw blood on you?

I mean, I think it’s just food coloring and corn syrup? I hope?


I mean, I guess I could pull it off as some sick Halloween costume.

[Theresa sighs]

Think it would be better to go home and change, though.

YeahI think you need a shower and a clean shirt, mister.

I think you’re right. Maybe you should come home and join me.

[soft dramatic music] I mean, this is some pretty sticky stuff. I might need some help scrubbing it off.

[Theresa scoffs]

All this timeyou knew the truth. And here I am the idiot who thought we had a real connection.

We did, but– we do.

[soft dramatic music] Xander, you know how I feel about you. And I hope you know that I hated lying to you.

Yet here we are.

Yes. Well, if it’s any consolation I pleaded with Sarah to tell you the truth. But she was so angry with you because of what you had done to Bonnie and Susan.

Yeah, she convinced herself that I was a murderer.

Well, at the very least she thought she had gone back on your word. And you had reverted back to your scheming ways. And in fact, all to be fairyou had and with terrible consequences. But honestlyI thought you should have been given a second chance. But she wasn’t changing her mind. And even though I disagreed with her, she’s– she’s my daughter, and I have to respect her wishes.

[soft dramatic music]

[Xander sighs]

Of course. I suppose you did. I’m sorry, Maggie. I shouldn’t have lost my temper and shouted at you especially now. I can only imagine how hard things have been for you since you lost Victor.

Apology accepted. Thank you, Xander.

How are you holding up?

You’re right.

[shakily] It’s hard.

[Maggie sighs] But it’s been a little easier lately. Thanks to a wonderful manKonstantin.

[ominous music]

Oh, so you heard me say something about Xander?

Yes. I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.

Oh, of course not. It’s-it’s quite all right. I was, um… talking to a friend of mine in Greece. He’s running the restaurant while I’m away.

And you were telling him about Xander? D-does he even know Xander?

Oh, he does.

[sighs] Believe me. Victor’s nephew has quite a reputation in Greece. Everyone knows that he is the black sheep of the Kiriakis family despite his misguided delusions about wanting to be the golden boy.

[both sigh]

That sounds about right.

Now I’ve heard from your mother that he is trying to take custody of your daughter?

[Konstantin scoffs]


Forgive me. I apologize. I suppose I was gossiping but I had to let my friend in Greece know that he had added another horrible deed to his… long list. I-I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Your ex-husband has hurt many people. My family included.

I-I’m so sorry.

[sighs] Thank you. But there’s no need for you to apologize. Tell mewhat are your lawyers saying? Surely they can’t believe that Xander can get custody of your pretty, little girl, huh? Huh?

Well, my lawyer is Justin.


Victor’s nephew.

A very wise choice.

And although he doesn’t think that a judge would give Xander custody of Victoria he also warned that one could.

But why? How could the judge possibly find you unfit?

Um… uh, because I lied. I told Xander that he wasn’t Victoria’s father.

[sighing] Oh.

And he only found out because of something that someone else overheard.

Oh, how unfortunate.


And I imagine, Sarah you thought that it was in Victoria’s best interest to never let Xander learn that he was the real father? Right?

[chuckling] Of courseI completely agree with you.


[chuckles] Let’s hope that a judge is as understanding as you are.

I hope so as well.

Yeah, right now, I just– I have to do absolutely everything I can to look like the perfect parent for my daughter. And… I think I know just how to do that.

[dramatic music]

I got some chocolate fudge bars! And Charlotte got threeso could I have one more?

Um, sure, sure. Here you go.


You’re supposed to put one each in each bag.

Oops. I guess I put a couple extras in somebody’s bag.


That’s because they’re the best. Right, little dude?


Yeah, well, I need to talk to your Uncle Steve about the finer points of candy distribution. Well, come here a secondwould you?

[softly] Uh-oh, I’m in trouble.

You’re not in trouble. I just want to talk to you before Stephanie and Chad get here.

Are you afraid I’m going to give them some extra fudge bars?

[chuckling] No, it’s not about candy. I just want to give you the heads-up that maybe we don’t really ask them about, you know when they’re getting married.

Oh, I’m not going to make that same mistake twice. Why? Did Chad propose?

[sighs] No, not exactly. Stephanie told me today that he finally admitted that he didn’t see himself getting married anytime soon.

[Kayla sighs]

So Abigail wore this same costume?

[delicate dramatic music] God, what a coincidence. I-I’m sorry. I had no idea.

No, no, no, don’t–sorry. It’s not your fault. And it’s just that they’re– they’re–almost identical.

Yeah, wellI rented this from the costume shop off the square so I’ll bet Abigail got hers at the same place.

Yeah, she–she always went all-out for Halloween.

Yeah, I’m sureespecially with the kids. Well, I will go change.

Hey, no, no, no. Wait. Don’t do that. You put so much effort into it. And you look– you look beautiful.

No, no, no. It’s not a lot of effort. It’s just a costume. And I don’t want to wear something that upsets the kids. Or you, either. Today is supposed to be funright? Just give me a minute.

I mean, this is some pretty sticky stuff. I might need a little help scrubbing it off. Might be in some hard-to-reach places.

Uh-huh. I don’t really think showering with you falls under roomie dutiesmister.

Oh. Well, I don’t think we are just roomies, miss, right? I think we’re a little bit more than that.

Okay, look.

[sighs] I know that we slept togetherlike, really, really fast but I think that now that we’re living together we should perhaps hold off.


Because… as I said we should get to know each other, right? You know? Like, maybe you could buy a girl a lunch.

[Alex chuckles sarcastically]

I think I said something like that, but sure, yes. I think I can do that especially considering I just inherited, like a gazillion dollars. I can spare it. I will be back.

[suspenseful music]

[Theresa sighs]

Boy. Long game, indeed.

[soft upbeat music]

Wow, don’t you look dashingCount?

I figured I’d go with a classic.

Uh, Stephaniewhat are you going as? Like, a potential victim, or–


[Chad chuckles] No, I, um, I-I just decided not to wear my costume.

Oh. Why is that?

I realized that the, uh the costume I had just wasn’t the right thing. And it didn’t really fit me.

I’m sorrybut I need to get to work.


Mm. Hey, listen, Count. Why don’t you come by the blood bank later and you can, uhdrum up some business?

Ah, yes.

Have fun with the kiddos. Bye, ladies! both: Bye.

See you.

Stephaniecome see our candy.

Wow! Whoa, you really hit the jackpot, huh?

Chad? I need to talk to you.

Well, it sounds like Konstantin has been a great comfort to you.

He has been, actually. Meeting someone who knew Victor for so long I mean, who can tell you things about him that you didn’t even know yourself?

That’s wonderful. I’m grateful that Konstantin can give you that. Well, I’m afraid that, uhhe’s not equally fond of me. I had some unfortunate business dealings with his family, you see.

Yeah, he-he mentioned itI think.

Well, he’s not here for me. He’s here for you.


And I’m glad you have someone you can lean on. Although for the recordyou can always lean on me.

I appreciate that, Xander. Your friendship means so much to me.

[soft sentimental music]

We’re more than friendsMaggie. We’re family.

[softly] Yeah.

[Maggie’s hand pats Xander’s back]

[Xander sighs] Yes, yes, we are family. And we always will be, Xander because of that beautifullittle baby.

[Xander sighs]

[Maggie laughs]

She’s really beautifulisn’t she?

Yes, she is.

[Xander chuckles] And she deserves to be loved and cared for by both of her parents. So for her sake I hope so much that you and Sarah… well, you can work things out.

Whatever you have to doit will be more than worth it if it means keeping this little baby with you where she belongs.

[Victoria fussing]

I’m hoping so. Anyway I know that my mother is very happy that you are here and you have been such a comfort to her.

That is very kind of you to say.

And I’m running late. I have an errand. And I need to find this little one’s nanny so that she can put her down for a nap.

What? I ran into the nanny upstairs. If you’d like, I can take the little one up to her.

Are you sure?

[chuckles] Of course! I am no stranger to babies.

[chuckling] Okay. And Victoria has clearly already taken a liking to you.

[Victoria cooing excitedly]

Well, I should hope so. Because I am most clearly crazy about her.

[both laugh]

Okay. Thank you so much. And I love you, little one.


[Konstantin sighs]

[softly] Thank you.

[Victoria cooing excitedly]

Yes. Agapoula mou. Yes.

[Victoria cooing]

[soft tense music] I hate to break it to you…

[whispers] But your namesake is one horrible son of a bitch.

[Victoria crying] Yes, he is. And I intend to get all his money. Yes, I do.

[Victoria crying]

You expecting someone?

Just those damn protesters who showed up at Titan earlier.

Doubt they followed you here.

Yeah, can’t be too careful.

Don’t worry. You got it all off.

Yeah, well, it would have been a lot easier if I had… somebody to help spot check.

[soft dramatic music]

I’ll tell you what.


The next time you’re doused in corn syrup and red food coloring…

[Alex chuckles] I’ll be sure to take a cursory peek.

Just a peek?

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Salem’s newest roommates.

[sighs] What do you want, Xander?

Nothing from you, believe me. But you…


I feel like I didn’t give you a proper warning yesterday so I’ll do it now. You’re making a huge mistake being anywhere near this woman.

Uh, I’m sitting right here. I can hear you.

YeahI think I can handle myself.

Don’t be so sure. Theresa is a grade-A manipulator.

[spoon clatters on plate]

Again I’m sitting right here.

The only reason someone like her offers to spend time with someone like you is because she’s after your fortune.

[mysterious tense music]

Maggie, you’re home!

Oh. Hello, Konstantin.

Aside from always being delighted to see you while you were out a gift I had made for you was delivered.

Oh, Konstantin. That’s very sweet of you. But it’s completely unnecessary.

Of course it’s necessary! You’ve been gracious enough to let me stay here. The least I can do is repay you for your kindness.

Oh. Oh, heavens. My kindness doesn’t need repaying. and even if it did, I mean you gave me that beautifullovely photo album. And it helped me feel so much closer to Victor seeing him in those pictures.

I’m glad those photos brought you so much comfort. Just like I hope this gift will.

[delicate dramatic music]

Oh, my goodness. What is this? What is this? Oh, my God. Oh.

[Maggie sighs softly]


Hi, Kayla.

Hi, Sarah.

Now a bad time?

No, never. Not for you. It’s wonderful to see you. How’s little Victoria?

Oh, she’s amazing. And I am exhausted.


Oh, yeah. I remember those first few months. They are brutal.

[chuckling] Mm-hmm.

But it’s to be expectedright? And you do not look exhausted.


You look great.

[chuckles] You’re sweet. You’re lying, but you’re sweet.

[chuckles] Not.

[Sarah chuckles] Where is that little beauty? Did you bring her in for a checkup?

No, um, she’s at home. Um, I came in because, uh there’s something I was hoping you could help me with.

Sure. If I can, I’m happy to. What do you need?

[soft dramatic music]

A job.

[soft upbeat music]

What’s going on?


[sighs] I’m sorry I brought up the subject of marriage the other night. But I didn’t realize it at the time. Kayla just told me that Stephanie said you told her you didn’t see yourself getting married anytime soon.

Right. I mean, Steph and I, we– we–we talked about it. She feels the same way I do.


It seems like we’re on the same page about it.

Are you? I don’t know, man. I think you may need to turn to a new page.

I-I didn’t know that you had decided to stay in town.

Um, yeah, yeah. I-I am definitely staying. Um… I don’t know how much you’ve heard, but.. Xander is suing me for full custody of Victoria.

Oh, no. Wellyou can’t really be worried that a judge would grant that?


[sighs] I didn’t think so, but Justin said that one very well could because I lied about her paternity. Oh, Kayla, I’m so sorry. I’m just–I’m doing everything in my power to make sure that I look like the best parent possible for my daughter. I mean, hell, I am doing everything in my power to be the best parent for my daughter. But you know now Rex and I are getting a divorce. And my situation is just a lot more precarious now.

[somber music]

I see.

And Xander…

[sniffles] Will probably use anything and everything. So, umI just want to be prepared. And showing the court that I am gainfully employed would really help my prospects.

Well, are you sure you’re ready to come back to work? I mean, you have a newborn.

Um, yeah, yeah. I, um, I-well–

[sighs] I was-I was hoping that I could just start off as part-time and then slowly work my way up to full-time hours.

Well, you know what? Now that’s something that’s going to work. I have a doctor who just resigned. He was working part-time.

[Sarah sighs] So as long as you’re ready to start pretty soon?

I will start as soon as you want. I’ll start right now.

No, no. You don’t need to do that. No, listen. I’m getting my assistant to get the paperwork together. We’ll email you, okay?

[Sarah sobs happily] All right.

Thank you, Kayla.

Hush. Listen, I’m sorry you’re going through all this. But I’m happy to have you back.

[Sarah chuckles]

Thank you so much. I’ll see you soon.


[Sarah sniffles]

[Kayla sighs]

Oh, for God’s sake, Alex. Don’t listen to him. Ugh.

[clears throat] Our living situation has absolutely nothing to do with money. And not that it’s any of your business but I asked Alex out before I even knew he was Victor’s son.

My, my, what an unbelievably lucky coincidence. Emphasis on unbelievably.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Just I wouldn’t be surprised if you somehow had some inside information about Victor’s will.

Xander, get lost, huh?

How would I know what’s in Victor’s will?

Well, I couldn’t say. But I do know where there’s a will in this case, Victor’sthere is a way.

Oh, for God’s sake.

Listen to me, Alex. You need to watch your back with this one. Theresa comes across all sweetness and light but she can turn on you on a dime. Let’s not forget she wanted our cousin, Brady, so badly that she accused me of raping her. Falsely, I might add. I still went to jail for it.

And I have worked so, so hard to make amends. I mean, look at me. I’m a totally different person now.

Mm. So you say. But to me you look like the same conniving witch you’ve always been. Word to the wiseif it were me I’d guard that fortune with my life.

Oh, my goodness. It’s beautiful.

[gasps softly] Oh. How on Earth did you have it done?

It was very simple, really. I found an artist here in townI brought him a photograph and he was able to bring Victor to life.

He certainly did that.


You both did. Oh, I just can’t get over it. It’s too much.

This is nonsense! It is never too much! Victor was such a wonderful man. I want you and everyone else to-to-to- to feel his presence here.

[somber tense music]

Steph and I are on the same page. You think we need to turn the page? Uh, I’m sorry. I-I-I don’t know if I understand what you’re getting at, Steve.


Stephanie may have told you that she doesn’t want to get married right now. But she’s moved in with you. She’s gotten close to your kids. I mean, anyone can see how committed she is to you and your family. And if I know my daughter that means she’s hoping for marriage. Now, I understand your situation is complicated. You’re still grieving Abigail. My heart goes out to you. But if you’re not willing to give Stephanie everything she wants to give you right now then you need to end it.

Just give me a minute to explain.

Okay, hold on a second. You need to end itnot just for Stephanie’s sake but for Charlotte’s and Thomas’, too. Okay? Because the longer you let this thing go on the more painful it’s going to be for those kids.

I would never do anything to hurt my kids.

That’s right. That’s right. As a parent, you never want to see your kids hurt. And that’s exactly why I need to protect Stephanie. So Chad, if you’re not in it for the long haul you need to tell her. You need to tell her now.

Hey, you two. How’s it going? Is, uh, is something wrong? Is everything okay?

No. Everything’s good, baby girl. I’ve got to go.

You know what? I got to go, too. So nice to see you bothyour children. Oof. Beautifully behaved. Well done.

[Marlena and Chad chuckle]

Thank you.


I’ll walk you out.

Happy Halloween, Count.


[bittersweet music]

[soft dramatic music]

Hey! Hello, darling. What a surprise! What are you doing here? I didn’t leave anything at the pub, did I?

No, nothing like that. And I wish I was here just to give you a nice surprise. But–

Uh-oh. What did you do?

I’m afraid I might have caused a problem between Stephanie and Chad.

[Kayla sighs]

[somber music]

Hey, hey.


Would you mind watching the kids just a little bit longer? Not too long. I just want to talk to Stephanie.

Sure, yeah, of course. Hey, kids. How about going and looking through Roman’s old movie collection?

Halloween movies?

Yes, of course. Come on. Nothing too scary, I promise.

[suspenseful music]

Okay, what’s going on? Did something happen between you and my dad?

Yeah–no. I mean, it’s– it’s not really about him.

What is it? What are you talking about?

I’m going to ask you something. And-and I want you to be honest with me.

Sure? Go for it.

Were you telling me the truth when you said you didn’t want to get married?

Dude, I get that you think you’re helping. But honestlyyou’re just being rude. So if you don’t mind, Xander we would just like to enjoy a peaceful lunch.

Keep hanging out with herand this lunch might be the last peaceful thing you canenjoy, dude. Whatever. It’s your funeral.

Oh, Sarah. Hey, I’m glad I ran into you. I was going to try and track you down this afternoon but you saved me the hassle.

What do you want, Xander?

I just thought maybe we could, you know grab a coffee?


Talk about this custody thing?

That’s not a good idea.

Oh, because you’re nursing? Well, maybe just a herbal tea or something?

That’s not what I meant. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to talk about custody without our lawyers present.

[Xander sighs]

Sarah, can’t we just–

No. No, we can’t. I’ll see you in court.

Alex, I hope you didn’t take any of what Xander just said to heart.

Are you kidding me?

[scoffs] Hell no.

[soft dramatic music] Everybody in my family knows Xander blames everybody else for his problems.

[Theresa sighs] Like I said beforeit’s just jealousy that I wound up as Victor’s heir and not him.

Yeah. That is what it is.

[chuckling] It’s jealousy.

[sighs deeply] I mean, thank God he’s not Victor’s son, right?

[scoffing chuckle] What a total jerk.

How does it look?


It is, isn’t it? It’s exactly what this room needs.

I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you again. What an amazing gift.

No thank yous are necessary. It is my great pleasure.

[Maggie sighs softly]

Oh, goodness. I’m sure I must look a mess. I’m going to fix my makeup. Will you excuse me?

You are looking as lovely as ever. Please take a moment.

[soft dramatic music fades]

[tense music] Ah, Victor, my old friend. You may have screwed me out of your will but it is not over between us yet. Is it?

[chuckles] Why should I settle for a cut of your son’s half when I can take all of your wife’s? And the best thing is… you will get to watch all of it.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Oh, Tate. Come on, I didn’t order croissants. What–

I thought he was working as a dishwasher.

Ah, he was, but Roman, bless his heart, put him on to-go duty.

[sighs] I think he may be screwing these orders up and hoping that he’ll just get fired.

I think he might have remembered that his grandmother likes croissants.

You think I’m being a hard-ass?

[exhales sharply] I think you’re holding him accountable, which is a good thing, and it would be normal for him just to rebel. But I think everybody– everybody–needs a little grace once in a while.

Agreed. I could be overparenting for trying to make up for lost time… for what I can’t give to Rachel right now. But that might be about to change.

Why? What do you mean?

[dramatic music]

Something’s come up, which may help me regain custody of Rachel and… a chance that Kristen may just lose this battle, big-time.

Hey. You haven’t seen Rachel, have you? She keeps disappearing.

Oh, it’s a big house. I’m sure she’ll turn up.

Well, I hope so. I just wanted to say goodbye to her before I leave.

Ah. Where are you going?

Well, EJ is taking me out to lunch at the Bistro. It should be nice to have some brother-sister bonding.

[chuckles softly] Okay, so let’s hear your brilliant idea. How are we going to get Kristen DiMera’s shares and throw EJ on his oh-so-British butt? Uh, brother-sister bonding, huh?

Yeah, you seem surprised.

Well, I just–I didn’t know that you and EJ were buddy-buddy these days.

[chuckles] Well, I am happy to say that we are putting aside our old grudges and getting closer all the time.

[sniffs] All right, Rachel, you have three questions left.

That’s not fair. I would have won yesterday if Holly hadn’t dragged me out for stupid math tutoring.

[chuckles] Okay. But you were this close, and I have no doubt you are going to get it right today.

Okay, okay. Can I have a hint?

Huh, okay. Um… uh, it is big, like, really, really big.

Is it a giraffe? Wait. A hot-air balloon.

Oh, my God! It is a giraffe in a hot air balloon! Ding, ding, ding, ding!

[imitates cheering] Somebody get this super-smart little lady a full ride to Harvard! Oh, and a Happy Meal, right?

What do I really get, Uncle Stefan?

Okay, all right. It is really, really, really cool.

Is it a JoJo Siwa picture with her autograph?

Uh, I don’t know what a JoJo Siwa is, but I have a feeling you’re very warm. So warm, in fact– Hey, somebody, turn on the AC in here, will ya? Hoo!

Is it Taylor Swift tickets?

How–what– who–how–this– Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! Yes! That’s exactly what it is!

How did you? Even Mommy can’t score Taylor tickets.

See, that’s the thing, Rachel. I didn’t do anything. You’re going to do the doing.

Wait, what?

There’s just one small condition that has to be met.


I’m sure Clyde would not appreciate you going behind his back to try to influence me.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry, okay? It’s just–look, I don’t want any part of this. Gil, please, I am begging you. There’s got to be another solution here.

You want your son to keep breathing? This is it. There is no other way.

Ava. You, uh–you seem upset. Is something–something wrong?

No. No, I’m fine. I’m fine.

Who’s this guy?

Oh, uh, this–this is Gil Carter. He’s the new owner of the Bistro… and now my new boss.

Oh, the eyeholes keep moving. Oh, I can’t see. And now I can’t breathe! Ugh! This is the worst Halloween costume since– since that Danish beefcake asked me to wear a Nixon mask and call him a terrible, naughty, no-good boy until he had tears streaming down his face. He could have used a friend.

Leo, might I remind you that this was your idea?

Well, I didn’t know it was going to trigger my heretofore latent claustrophobia.

Hmm. Well, if you can think of another way that we can stealthily access your Salem Inn room, grab some cash, and skip town like, you know, proper fugitives–

Believe me, I am eager to get my custom Italian suit, crocodile-skin loafers, but we don’t have another costume option. Ugh, I hope no one sees us wearing these sheets and thinks we forgot our pointy hats. That’d be a big fat yikes.

Relax. It’s a great idea. They’re going to just think we’re ghosts. This costume is–well, it’s as old as Halloween itself. But, hey, um, perhaps it’s not claustrophobia that you’re feeling. Perhaps you’re just, uh, a little bit nervous.

Why would I be nervous? Just because if we get recognized, my entire life becomes a dumpster fire?

Yeah. Yeah, that.

[chuckles] Listen to me, Leo. You do realize that you have an out here. Remember, I am the fugitive. You, my darling, you are just along for the ride.


I need you to ask yourself… is this really what I want to do? Because this might be the last chance you get to change your mind.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

So Gabi says that she and Stefan are going to help you get your daughter back, and you didn’t ask how or why?

Mm. I’d rather not know any more than I need to. You know, plausible deniability and all that.

[laughing] Okay, that’s a strategy. But, you know, I’m–I’m– I’m fond of Gabi. But I can’t help but wonder if maybe there’s something in this for her.

I would guess that, most likely, Kristen probably pissed Gabi off. And as far as Stefan is concerned, we all know that as sure as the sun rises in the east, that one DiMera’s probably stabbing the other in the back. But, Marlena, I don’t care about any of that. I don’t want to be involved in it–all that palace intrigue. I… I just want my daughter back.

[dramatic music]

I call BS.

[gasps] Please don’t tell Mommy I said that.

I won’t say a word.

But I still call BS.

Look, kid, I’m just trying to help you here. I–

[sighs] All right, look…

[clears throat] I know how much you and Holly love Taylor Swift. And online the other day, I saw an ad for a Halloween costume contest. And the grand prize– front-row seats to the Taylor Swift concert. And my first thought was, bing! My niece, Rachel–she is so creative, she’s going to win this thing, hands down.

But my mom– she wouldn’t let me be a pirate wench. So now my costume’s so stupid.

Well, don’t you worry, my dear. You are in luck, because we have a fashion designer in residence. You got this in the bag.


Yes, well, EJ and I are on fine terms lately. He’s just so thrilled that his mother is alive that he wants to go out and celebrate.

With you?

Yes, with me.

[chuckles] Look, he was upset that Susan had to leave town, and, uh… well, apparently I remind him of her.

Oh, wow. Paging Dr. Freud.

All right, just, whatever the reason is, I’m just so happy that my brother and I have gotten close again. All right, well, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to continue my search for Rachel.


Okay, well, to state the obvious, Kristen’s not going to willingly sign those shares over to us, right?

Right. So how are we going to make that happen?

Through her Achilles’ heel, of course.

And what would that be?

Who would that be.

Oh, yes, Rachel, of course, the apple of her eye. You know, actually, I just remembered. Harold did say something about taking Rachel out to carve a pumpkin.

Oh. Well, that was very sweet of him.

Yeah, he’s crazy about her. I mean, who isn’t, right? Go, enjoy your lunch. I’ll tell her you said goodbye.

Okay. Thank you.

Well, uh, congratulations. I knew you’d get something, but I had no idea that you, uh, applied for the Bistro.

Right. Well, you know, you and I talked about how maybe I could find a job in the culinary arts, and this sort of just, uh– it sort of fell in my lap.


I’m sorry, and you are?

Oh, I-I’m sorry. This is my friend Harris Michaels.

And I’m Detective Jada Hunter, his partner.

You’re cops?

We are.

Well, it’s a pleasure to meet some of Salem’s finest. And thank you for everything that you do for our community.

You know, and I got to say, I just love your restaurant. So you will be seeing plenty of me.

[chuckles] And, hey, maybe you could consider putting the French onion soup back on the menu?

[scoffs] Of course, anything for the boys in blue.

And girls.

Right, and girls. Now, if you’ll excuse us, I was just about to give our newest team member a little tour of the kitchen.

If I was going to leave you, love of my life, high and dry, would I be here right now wearing these ridiculous sheets? Now, come on, you big handsome lug, let’s do this!

Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. I just–I got to– I got to get this out. Um, when you very bravely sprung me from that hospital, you didn’t exactly have a chance to pause and think all of this through. So let’s just– let’s just pause now. Okay, um…

[chuckles] Leo, not too long ago… you were promised a cut of the Von Leuschner fortune. And now here we are with $ and change and, uh… well, two bedsheets to our name. Darling, it’s not lost on me that this is not the deal that you signed up for.

It was never about the money, ever. It was about you making me happier than I’ve ever been.

I know, but–

There’s no buts. There’s no buts. Shut up. Now kiss me.


Good for Ava. That’s a plum job for someone fresh out of Bayview. Sorry, I didn’t mean–

No, no, no, I get it. I-I didn’t think Rafe would hire me either, so…

Oh, come on. You have a résumé, a skill set.

Yeah, Ava does, too, but–

But what?

I don’t know. Something with that guy Gil just felt off.


What do your instincts say?

I think you’re being protective of Ava. I mean, you cared about her enough to bust her out of Bayview and traveled halfway around the world to help her find Susan Banks.

Okay. So, in other words, you think I’m just– I’m just being overprotective.

Or maybe I want to give Gil the benefit of the doubt. I do like his restaurant.

Yeah. I’m probably just being overprotective.

[dramatic music]

Why didn’t you tell me you were tight with the cops?

You didn’t ask.

This is not good for business. Damn it, I don’t need law enforcement sniffing around this place.

Okay, let’s not forget– you and your boss, Clyde, strong-armed me into taking this job. If I cut ties with Harris now, how’s that going to look? Rather suspicious, no? So, if you want me, you’re stuck with him.

[gasps] Or here’s a great idea. Why don’t you find someone else to run your little drug-front operation? Then we can all live happily ever after.

Honey? Are you sure that… Gabi and Stefan aren’t doing something illegal here?

Oh, I don’t– Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t care. I’m–I’m–I’m desperate right now. I want my kid back, and that– that family-court judge– she–she had an ax to grind when she gave Kristen full custody of–of my kid. There’s nothing I can do about it. My only recourse is if–if Kristen goes off the rails and does something to jeopardize Rachel. That’s it. I don’t want her to do that, and she’s not going to do that. But you know her. She plays dirty. And if I want to fight her, I have to do the same. Right?

I don’t know. Are you sure the two of you can’t work out some sort of a-a co-parenting agreement?

A co–there’s no– We’re talking about Kristen. There’s no co-parenting. There’s no good faith. There’s none of that. I don’t care what Gabi and Stefan are up to. I know they have their own agenda, but as long as our interests align, I’m going to take whatever–whatever help I can get to get Rachel back.


Hey, where’s little Rachel? Do you have any updates?

Oh, yeah. You’ll be happy to hear she’s trying on concert outfits as we speak.

Okay, good. We can talk. Listen, our plan– we need to step it up. Kristen just told me EJ is taking her out to lunch to celebrate that his mother’s not dead, and we both know what the first topic of conversation is going to be.

Her DiMera shares.

Right. So we need to get sway over Kristen before EJ does, and we need to do it quickly.

Okay, well, Rachel’s game, so, uh, what are we waiting for?

Are you talking about me?

Hey! I was actually just telling Gabi what an incredible team you two are going to make. Why don’t I leave you ladies at it? Hmm?


Okay, so I want to be a vampire princess who’s also a pop star, like this girl I saw on TikTok.

Oh, well, you know what? I was thinking, yeah, something else.

But… Whoa.

Check this out. Oh, yeah.

[groans] Please be here! Please be…here!

What? No. This feels a little too–

Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy?


You know what this reminds me of? That time my writer friend Denise and I pitched this show to a big studio. Standing in front of all the big suits, and I say, it’s “Ghostbusters” meets– you’re not going to believe this–“Magic Mike.” You should have seen their jaws drop.

Huh. Well, I just can’t believe we waltzed right past Detective Hunter in the middle of the square, completely unnoticed. By the way, why was she with Harris Michaels?

Maybe they’re having a thing. Who cares? We just need to keep our wits about us and stay one step ahead of them.


All right, so what do you think– we head up to Stark’s room?

Yeah, I can imagine that the hotel management wants that crime-scene tape removed.

You think a fresh set of eyes is going to do some good, huh?

[sighs] Well, you have a history with the Von Leuschners, so you probably have an angle that we haven’t seen yet. And besides, Leo and Dimitri, they could be long gone from Salem by now. And if they fled our jurisdiction, then it’s on to the next case for us.


I assume you’re here regarding the plan.

I am. First, I need assurance that you’re in– like, inin.

Inin, yeah. I’m in, ,%. I’m compelled to ask you a question, though. Uh, should I be worried about what’s in this for you and Gabi?

No, not at all. I mean, it’s… it’s family stuff. I could get into the minutiae of it all, but that would bore you.

Yeah. All right, spare me the details. That’s fine. I do want to tell you I appreciate this, though… you helping me get my daughter back. I really do. And I know that you and I– we didn’t get off on the best foot after your… comeback.

Couldn’t agree more. Usually kidnapping and trying to un-brainwash me with an ice-cream scoop and a waffle iron would be a deal-breaker.


But if you hadn’t have done that, I wouldn’t have gotten my life back, so I’m grateful.

[dramatic music] Well, time is of the essence.

Right. Tell me what you need me to do.

Kristen’s on her way to the Bistro. I need you to intercept her.

Got it. Tell me more.

This is so much fun.

Isn’t it? But you have to make sure you keep your face very still. It’ll be worth it, I promise.


[chuckles] You know who you remind me of? You remind me of my little girl, Ari. She loves Halloween. I wonder if they celebrate Halloween in New Zealand. Well, anyway, you are finished, and I have to say, you look amazing.

I really do.


So… you think you can pull this off?

Are you kidding me? Pick a fight with Kristen and make it look real? I do that in my sleep. I can pull this off.

[dramatic music] You know Rachel loves me. You know she needs me in her life. You know that.

Brady, I know that. I know how you’re feeling right now.

[scoffs] I know what it feels like to be kept from our daughter.

Right, so, please…

Look, I’m not finished.

Tell the judge–

I’m not finished. I’m not finished. I’m not finished. I also know what it felt like to watch you try to replace me in Rachel’s life with Chloe Lane.

Oh, my God, Chloe– I did not do that.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, and uh, you and I don’t agree on much… but we do agree on what’s best for Rachel. Now… I listened to the judge lay out your case against you. And… as much as I-I once loved you… I had to agree with her. Now, I’m going to abide by her ruling.

Kristen, Kristen–

You’re going to listen to me now. I am going to abide by her ruling, and I hope that you do, too. And please do not worry. You will get to see your daughter.

[sighs] Your visits will have to be supervised, of course.

I’m not gonna have super–


Kristen. Kristen.

Oh, hello, Kristen.

Marlena, what are you doing here?

I-I brought a little Halloween goody bag for Rachel.


[chuckles] Well…

I’d like to give it to her myself.

Oh, well…

[sighs] She’s moved on from glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, and I don’t allow her to eat candy. But it was very thoughtful of you.

Well, I– I came all this way. I’d like to see my granddaughter. I… I miss her.

Yeah. Well, she doesn’t miss you. Goodbye, Marlena.

Wow, it looks so real.

Yeah, that’s the point.


I can’t wait to show Mommy it.

Well, actually, I was thinking we could surprise Mommy. You know, one second. Let me just make sure that we did everything right to enter this contest. Oh, no!


Oh, it says here that you can’t have help with your costume from anybody but your parents.

Does that mean I can’t enter the contest? But I want those tickets!

I know, I know. Don’t worry, Rachel. It’s okay. There’s always a workaround, right?

Do you have your wallet?


Do you have your phone?

You know I don’t have my phone. You saw me toss it in the lake.

Slipped my mind. Do you have your keys?

Keys? Keys for what? We don’t own anything!

Good point. I have my estranged aunt’s debit card. This is for emergencies only… or if we want to have une soirée of high-society culinary delights, perhaps at the Café-du-Whatever on the Champs-Elysees.

That sounds lovely, darling, but we really have to go.

Okay, do I at least have time to use the bathroom before we become international fugitives?

Yes, but quickly, quickly. Go.

[object clatters

Do you see what happens when you rush people?

Quickly, Leo!


[exhales deeply]


When Clyde Weston pulls you in, the only way you’re getting out of the arrangement is in a body bag.

Okay. I will do my job. But I can’t do anything about Harris. Look, I mean, I can– I can tell him I don’t like to, uh… eat where I work, and that’s true.

You raise a good point.

About what?

The cops. Maybe this fraternization thing you’ve got going on isn’t such a bad thing after all. Maybe we can actually make it work in our favor.

Wait a minute. The crime-scene tape– it’s been tampered with.

Well, maybe housekeeping got impatient. Wait, you don’t think Leo would be stupid enough to show up here again, do you?

We’re about to find out.

[dramatic music]

[sighs] Damn it!

Was that pitcher there the last time you were here?

No, it wasn’t. Still damp. We must have just missed them.

Wait a minute. What about– what about those two ghosts, the ones we passed in the lobby a few minutes ago?

Let’s go.

Okay, we got to grab the burner phones, the SIM cards, and then we vamos!

Wait, wait. We need sustenance, too. I’m starving. And we have to get hair dye, remember.

Okay, okay.

Kristen, hi.


Uh, can I have a word?

Uh, yes, but I am on my way to lunch.

Well, it won’t take more than a minute. Promise.

All right.


Um, I want to say thank you for allowing Tate to see Rachel the other day. He said he had a great visit with her.

Well, I am so glad that he enjoyed it. Though if you’re asking to tag along next time, the answer’s no.

No, that’s–that’s okay. I actually–I wanted to talk to you about something else.

Okay, would you just please make it quick?

Sure, I’ll make it quick. Um, I got an email from Rachel’s teacher. Apparently Rachel has a D in math.

Yeah, and that’s why I got her a tutor.

Yeah, you got her Holly Jonas. No, don’t get me wrong. Holly Jonas is a– is a sweet girl, but is that the best you could do? Really?

Rachel just needs a little brushing up on some of her learning gaps.

Well, that’s because you put her in a mathematical level that she’s not ready for.

Okay, she’s too smart for regular math.

Kristen, she’s struggling in math.

Okay, so what are you saying? What are you saying? That our daughter isn’t smart?

No, of course I’m not saying that.

She takes after your side of the family. Just saying.


So now if we are through with this–

Hey! We’re not through yet.


All right. Are you ready, Freddy?

No. Where’s the rest of my costume? I can’t be a black-eyed pea without the pea part.

Right, yes, I have to sew it still. But I’m a great seamstress– very fast. You’re going to be the prettiest black-eyed pea in the whole wide world, okay? Okay, well, are you ready for your close-up? Great.

[camera shutter clicking]

Kristen, listen to me.

No, no, no, you listen to me. I have custody of Rachel now, not you. And I will make the decisions on her schooling. I thought you understood how this worked, Brady.

Jada! There.

Wow. Well, that was quick. You always so fickle?

I prefer to call it flexible.


But I’m not quite clear on your relationship with this Harris guy.

Makes two of us.

[grunts] But I get the impression you two are pretty tight, which means… we get the inside track on what’s going on at the Salem PD. And if their nose is all up in our business, you’ll know. You’ll make sure to know.

[dramatic music]

Word to the wise– Harris Michaels is a trained assassin. If I were you, I would tread very carefully.

Duly noted. Word to the wise to you– don’t go spilling your guts to your “cop/trained assassin” friend. Just remember… Clyde’s got eyes and ears everywhere.

Dimitri Von Leuschner and Leo Stark, you’re under arrest!





Oh, my God, Dimitri! We actually did it!

We did it! We did it! And you know why? Because you are brilliant, as I’ve always said– and fearless.

You are fearless, DVL, aka MP. Although I’m sad they were out of that hair dye. I was really looking forward to my Zac Efron moment.

Darling, you can have your Zac Efron moment. You can have your Jude Law moment. You can have whatever moment you want. It is all yours for the taking.

Ah, you know, I’m feeling a memoir coming on.


I can see it now. I’ll be a guest on “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon holding up a copy of “Overcoming Contempt, Disrespect, Ridicule, and Scorn with Chutzpah and Grace: The Ascent of Leo Stark.”

Except there is no contempt. There is no scorn. And why? Because we did it.

Uh, yeah, we did! Although I realize I was remiss just now.

How come?

Well, when I write my memoir, aside from attributing my ascent to–to my chutzpah and grace, I must also add the love and devotion of one Dimitri Von Leuschner, because you, my love, are the main reason for my revivification.

Oh. Is that so?

It is so. And it is about time I show you just how revived I am.

Look– Hey, listen, Kristen, listen. I-I know we’re not getting along lately, okay? And I know that we may hate each other’s guts right now, but we do have one thing in common, right? We want what’s best for Rachel. Now, you have full custody. But, remember, I was a single parent to her for many years. I was the one packing the lunches. I was the one taking her to the parent conferences. I was the one making sure she was early for ballet practice, minutes most of the time.

Brady, Brady, what is your point?

My point is, Tate– he told me that Rachel was very upset the other day. Apparently she didn’t want to do her homework, and you made her do, like, pages worth of extra problems or something.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Pages worth? Seriously?


Come on, Brady. She’s exaggerating.

No, I don’t think she is. And if you keep this up and keep punishing her like that, it’s not gonna go well.

Don’t–don’t–don’t– don’t accuse me of punishing my daughter! Jeez! There are consequences if she doesn’t do her homework.


I am a trained social worker. I know what I’m doing, Brady.

Oh– I don’t think you do.

What? Don’t– She’s my daughter! Which means I will discipline her in any way I see fit!

[softly] Perfect.

Rachel, tell me. So who did this to you? Who–who gave you that black eye?

My mommy did.

Are you sure?

Yes, I’m sure.

You wouldn’t make up something like that, would you?

No, never. How did I do?

You were perfect.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne



Thank you for calling me back, Mrs. Eckert. Yes, I was very excited about the personal chef job, but I found another opportunity.

[soft dramatic music] Well, let’s just say that they made me an offer that I can’t refuse. Absolutely. Thank you.

[phone beeps] Damn you, Clyde Weston.

[phone rings]


[phone beeps] Good morning.

Morning. I got your text. What’s up?

Oh, nothing. I just wanted to wish you a good first day at the Salem PD.

Well, thank you. Um, it feels like it’s been about years since I’ve been at the police academy, so I–I hope I know what I’m doing out there.

You’ll be great.

You OK? You sound a little stressed.

Me? No, I’m–I’m fine.

Ava, you’re– you’re gonna get a job. Something’s gonna come along soon. I promise.

Yeah, here’s hoping. Hey, you be careful out there, OK?

Will do. Hey, I’ll–I’ll call you when my shift ends, OK?

Sounds good.

You got a job?

Thanks to you. You encouraged me to talk to Rafe, and it turns out, he did have a spot for me. And you were also right about him needing help dealing with the criminals in this town.

[soft country music]


May I help you?

[suspenseful music]

You’re Ava Vitali, right?

Who’s asking?

I’m a friend of Clyde Weston’s. He asked me to stop by to see how your son is doing.




Are you OK? Is it your arm?

No, I tried to not sleep on the spot where the guy cut me, but now I have a stiff neck. Oh.


You may be the doctor, but I think I can help with that.

Mm. Oh, my God. Wendy, that feels amazing. Oh, if you could just move.

[groans] A little to the right.


Oh, yeah. Ooh. Now back to the left.



[groaning] Oh, you really give a great back rub. Great everything.

Well, it really is the least I can do to thank you for getting me out of that horrible hospital. And you should know that this is just the beginning of my expressions of gratitude. There’s a lot more magic where that came from.


Have I told you how happy I am? We’re together. We’re safe.

Hidden away where no one will ever find us.

[tender music]

[door slams]

Rise and shine, boys. You’re under arrest.

[suspenseful music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Put your hands in the air. Now!

And get out of the bed, slowly.

But we’re naked.

Well, I’m sure it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

And I’m sure you’re wrong because, you see, Dimitri has a magic penis.

Great. Well, he can put on shows for the other boys at Statesville for the next to life. Now get the hell out of the bed now.

All right, all right.

Wait. Dimitri, the sheet, it’s– it’s tangled. I can’t–I can’t see. Help me. I can’t breathe! Dimitri! Help! Whoa.

Hey, whoa.


Hey, it’s OK. Bad dream?

Oh, my love, it was horrible. I was terrified.

What happened?

Well, you and I were here sharing an intimate moment, and we were– we were interrupted in the most awful way.

By who?

The police.

[dramatic acoustic music]

Thank you again for coming in.

Ugh, listen, I was happy to give you my statement.

Yeah, just sign at the bottom there.


I’m sorry this happened to you.

[scoffs] You know, I still can’t believe it, that Dimitri would handcuff me to a hospital bed while Leo Stark helped him escape.

Yeah, I’m just glad you’re all right.

Thank you. Listen, I know that you are not supposed to comment on ongoing investigations, but since I am, sort of, right in the middle of the whole thing, can you make an exception?

Well, what do you want to know?

Do you have any leads on catching these two bozos?

[sighs] Not yet. We’re a little short staffed at the moment, which I am working on.

So Rafe actually hired you?

Well, you sound surprised.

Well, I suppose I am.

Well, if you didn’t think Rafe was gonna hire me, why’d you tell me to ask him for a job?

Well, because I knew the Salem PD could use someone like you, someone who had the skills and intelligence, but I also thought the vetting– the vetting process would be more involved and your past employment would probably raise a few red flags.

Oh, yeah, it did, as did the fact that I was committed to a mental institution. But Rafe knows that my working for Megan wasn’t my choice.

Yeah, well, as a member of that Megan Hathaway survivors club, I can certainly know what you’re talking about. That woman could create havoc.

Yeah, she doesn’t control me anymore. I was completely deprogrammed at Bayview, and I’m still seeing Dr. Evans on an outpatient basis.

Yeah, no, I know. I know you’re not a danger to anyone anymore, but I also know Rafe is a bit risk-averse.

So even though I’m better now, you think that Rafe is taking a chance on me?

Well, no, I don’t think so. I–well, I do know, though, that your past associates and current associates could give him pause.

Who–who are you talking about, Kate? I mean, who am I associating with that might– might be a problem?

Ava. Ava Vitali.

Oh, are you the son of a bitch that hurt Tripp, slashed him with a scalpel? You know, maybe I ought to do the same thing to you.

Heard all about the famed Vitali temper. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.

Oh, you hurt my son, I won’t regret a damn thing.

I’d dial it down if I were you, lady. But for the record, I never laid a hand on your son.

[suspenseful music]

Mm, you keep doing that, we’ll never leave this bed.

I would love that, but I do need to get up and look for a job today.

Oh, man, look no further. I think you found your calling.

This isn’t work, OK? I like taking care of you.

And I appreciate it. I mean, oh, man, do I appreciate it. Oh.

Now does that feel better?

[sighs] So much better. And there has to be some way I can repay you.

Well, my neck is fine, but there are some other spots that could use some attention.

Well, I’m at your service.

[sensual electronic music]

So you’re not the creep that Clyde sent to attack Tripp?

I’m more middle management. That said, I’m more than willing to get my hands dirty.

Listen, you lay one finger on him, I swear to God–

Here’s the deal.


You stay in line, you’re good. You don’t, Clyde’s got plenty of people on his payroll who have no problem putting your boy in the ground.

Here we go. It’s just a bad dream.

But it seemed so real. Rafe was here pointing his big gun at us.

I know, but you’re safe. I got out of that horrible hospital and all the way to this no tell motel on the outskirts of town, where no police officer will ever think to look for us, all thanks to you.

[soft dramatic music]

So what’s our next move? We can’t stay here forever.

Yeah, I know. These sheets are like sandpaper.

No, lover, we can’t stay here because the police are gonna be looking for us, and if we hang around, it’s only a matter of time before my nightmare becomes our reality.

So what should we do?

We’ve got to get out of Dodge.

Well, I can’t believe that I let an imbecile like Leo Stark get the better of me.

Well, don’t– don’t blame yourself. He wasn’t acting alone.

Yeah, but, you know, it’s embarrassing. Being married to Steve all these years, I have seen my fair share of bad dudes, and that I couldn’t handle these two jokers?

Yeah, well, like I said, don’t blame yourself. I mean, it’s Stark and Dimitri Von, whatever the hell his name is. I mean, these guys are two particularly slippery weasels.

I just want them caught.

Well, their mug shots are everywhere. And the minute they come out from whatever rock it is they’re hiding under, someone is gonna see ’em, and they’re gonna call it in. I mean, that’s if one of our officers doesn’t nab him first.

All right. Well, listen, keep me posted, all right?


Oh, oh, and by the way, I meant to ask you, do you have any leads on the guy who attacked Tripp at the hospital?

Oh, no. Not yet. A junkie with no ID. And good luck with that.

And the hospital security camera footage didn’t help?

Well, we didn’t get a clear shot of his face. And even if we did, I mean, it’d be a challenge to know where to even start with that.

Yeah, you don’t know who he is, you don’t know where to look, right? And you’re short staffed.

Yeah, listen, I understand. Tripp is your stepson. I wish that I could make that case my top priority, but–

I understand. Hey, it’s not the first time that someone on drugs has attacked a member of my staff. I just would like to see the guy off the street and get the help he needs.

You and me both. The truth is, random crimes are much harder to solve, and perps with no motive are much harder to find.

I–I know Rafe and Ava have history, but I don’t see why that matters whether he hires me or not.

Well, I think he might have questions about your relationship with her.

Why? Because their relationship ended badly?


[chuckles] She used her ties to the mafia to try to make Rafe look like a dirty cop.

[sighs] Yeah. That was a long time ago.

OK, well, look, if I was the police commissioner, I think I would question hiring an officer who was cozying up to someone, to a woman who tried to ruin my life. You know, and I’m not even exaggerating there. She nearly destroyed Rafe. And I’m not even bringing up what she did to Steve Johnson.

OK, I’m not really into this whole gossip thing.

Oh, this isn’t gossip. This is a warning.

OK, but I thought we were talking about my job.

Yeah, yeah, well, you’ll need to be careful if you get a job as a police officer. You need to be careful if you become romantically involved with Ava.

Ava and I are just friends.

Does she know that? Because you broke her out of Bayview, and then, you took off on the lam with her to London.

Yeah, to rescue Susan Banks.

Mm-hmm, putting your life on the line, that’s a rather grand gesture for someone you don’t have any feelings about.

I–I did feel for Ava. She felt like she had nobody on her side. She needed help, I helped her, and that’s it.

Mm. Well, in my opinion, she didn’t deserve your help.

Well, you know what? You are entitled to your opinion. I should get going.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, look, I like you. I’m rooting for you. I mean, I’m happy that you’re living upstairs. I’m–I’m happy you have a job. And after everything you’ve gone through in life, to be rebuilding your life, that’s a big deal. I don’t want to see Ava derail that for you.

That’s not gonna happen.

OK. Look, you rescued her because that’s what you do. But she’s not a victim. She’s a predator.

Kate, please.

Look… I know that because she either is obsessed about a man or she is using a man. She used my son to launder mob money through Titan.

OK, look, Ava’s told me everything about her past, and she says she left it behind. And don’t you think it would be a little awkward considering her friend is now a cop?

[soft country music]


Look, I understand that Clyde needs a new business partner, but I made it very clear that I’m not interested.

And he made it clear that it’s a done deal. You owe him for screwing up his plan.

By accident. I didn’t know that Clyde was planning to force EJ to take over his new empire.

It doesn’t change the fact that you got in the way. Thanks to your interference, Mr. DiMera is no longer an option, which means you need to step up and take his place.

I am telling you, I can’t do that.

I thought yesterday’s incident would be enough of an incentive. Maybe you need a little more convincing.

Mom, is everything OK?

[tense music]

Hey, yeah, baby, everything’s fine. This is–

Gil. Gil Carter.

I’m Tripp.

Nice to meet you, Tripp. Your mom was just telling me about what happened to you at the hospital yesterday. I hope you’re OK.

Oh, yeah, yeah, it could have been worse.

I’m sure.

Listen, when I came in, I heard you tell my mom that she might need some more convincing. About what?

Well, you know the Bistro here in town?

Sure. Yeah, I love that place.

I’m the new owner, and I was hoping that your mother would be my manager. I am so impressed with her skills as a businesswoman, her love of food. I’ve offered her the job several times, but she seems reluctant to commit.

Oh, Mom, this sounds perfect for you. Well, what’s– what’s the problem?

You know, Ava, if you think I’ll treat you differently because of your past, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve had my own brushes with the law, and I’m a big believer in second chances.

Hey, I’ve made my share of mistakes too. You know, I wouldn’t be practicing medicine if someone in my family hadn’t given me a shot to get my life back on track.

Nothing matters more than family. Am I right?

[chuckles] OK. All right. I’ll take the job. Yes, OK? Thank you, Mr. Carter.

Mom, that’s amazing. Ah, congratulations.

Oh, hey.


That’s amazing.

Oh, hello, Kate.


I’m just picking up breakfast.

Oh, I heard what happened at the hospital. Are you OK?

Yes, I just have a bit of a bruised ego. But I’m fine.

So is it true? Did Megan’s psychotic son actually handcuff you to a bed?

Yes, he did. But it was only for a few minutes. I heard he had you prisoner on a boat for longer than that.

God, I still can’t look at a fish without getting nauseous. Please, you have to tell me that the police have tracked him and Leo.

Well, not yet. But Rafe is on it. And he is certain that they’re gonna be caught and put in jail where they belong.

[soft country music]

Winter is coming. The cold is murder on my skin. I say we go west. LA.

[gasps] No, Maui. You’d look very hot in a hula skirt.

Yes, be that as it may, but might I suggest somewhere outside of the country, somewhere where extradition isn’t a possibility.

I agree, my little dim and then sum, but to do that, we need help.

Mm, and I know just the person to help, my dear mother.

Um, no.

What do you mean, um, no?

We’re on the run, honey bun. We have to be stealth, fly under the radar.

Your point being?

Your mother is about as stealth as a fireworks display. She’s all about attracting attention, which is the last thing we need.

All right, well, then do you have a better idea?

Ah, well, there must be someone in this horrid little hamlet who can help us, a friend, another family member.

The only family member that I had a connection with in Salem was my dear Aunt Kristen, and the last time I saw her, she was pointing a pistol at me. And your only friend was…



My BFF. Last time I saw her, she told me to BFF myself.

Which brings us back to mother. She adores me. She will do anything I ask.

Which is probably the only thing Megan and I have in common. But she’s also a fugitive. We have no idea where she is.

Well, then we’ll have to track her down.

Given that the ISA, CIA, FBI, and every other law enforcement agency on the planet has failed to do so, we have to assume that that is going to take us some time. So we’re gonna have to be on the move, and to do that, we’re gonna need cash.

Then we will pool our funds, and make a plan, and stay right ahead of the police.

[tense music]

How’s it going?

Oh, still no tip on Leuschner or Stark.

You look like you could use a break.

Well, yeah, I have the same caseload and no partner to share it with. I could really use some help.

I agree. That’s why, Detective Hunter, I want you to meet your new partner, Harris Michaels.

[soft dramatic music]

Well, Mayor Price signed off on the hire, so you are officially a member of the force. Welcome aboard.

Well, thank you. I appreciate the opportunity. I do.

Well, we are glad to have you. We’ll get you a gun and a badge. We’ll get you started, as long as you’re still OK with it.

Yeah, when Rafe told me that you were gonna be my new partner, I–I did take a look into your file, and it’s not all pretty.

I know. No, it’s not. But I was hoping this job would give me a chance to start fresh and– and do some good. Look, I don’t want to make any waves. If you don’t feel comfortable, teaming up with me–

I already told the boss here that I think you are more than qualified. And besides, I like the idea of a Navy SEAL having my back.

Well, I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you, Detective Hunter.

First thing to learn, call me Jada.

Jada it is. So you said our first assignment is to find the person who delivered Susan Banks to Edmund Crumb in London. Is that–is that correct?

I did say that, but decided we’re going to focus on something that’s a little closer to home. We need to find these two punks and make them pay.

[soft dramatic music]


And $..

Huh. You know, I thought we had a bit more working capital.

So did I. Where’s the rest of your cash, Mr. Heir to the Von Leuschner fortune?

Well, as you know, my inheritance is in jeopardy at the moment. Besides, who carries cash?

People on the run from the law.

Last I checked, you were one of those people, sweetheart. Where’s your cash?

You expect me to bankroll us, Thelma? Do you know how much newspapers pay these days?

Apparently, enough to buy a $ packey of lotion from the vending machine.

FY eyeball, it was moisturizer. If I don’t nourish my skin three times a day, I start to grow scales. Is that what you want? To cuddle up next to an iguana?

OK, OK, this is hardly an insurmountable problem, Leo. We just need to get our hands on some money.

And I know just where we can find it.

Leo Stark, he’s a real piece of work, isn’t he?

Oh, you mean Nurse Leona. That was his disguise so he could come and grab a wheelchair and roll his boyfriend out of the hospital.

[chuckles] Oh, my God. They’re a couple from hell, aren’t they?

You and Leo go way back, don’t you?

Well, yes, I did take over one of Vivian’s plots to have that lowlife falsely accuse Sonny of sexual harassment.

[sighs] Don’t even remind me. I don’t want to think about it.

Oh, well, don’t you just miss the intrigue and the scheming just a little bit?

No. Yes, a little, I do. But I am happy being married to the ex-police commissioner. You know, it’s probably better than living on the other side of the law, right?

[soft acoustic music]

Oh, Mom, I’m so proud of you. Congratulations.


Thank you, Mr. Carter.

Please, call me Gil.

Oh, thank you, Gil, for giving my mom this opportunity. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m sure I won’t be.

Have you been in the restaurant business for a while?

I have, actually. But what we’re gonna be doing at the Bistro, exciting stuff.

I’ll bet.

Yeah, I’ll be counting on your mother to keep the operation humming along. Why don’t we head over there now, start figuring out our game plan?

Sure. Love you, Tripp.

Love you too.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, you too.

[suspenseful music]

Was someone here?


Yes, my mom’s new boss.

She got a job?

Mm-hmm. And a good one too. She’s the new manager of the Bistro.

No way. That’s amazing.

I know.

Wait, so do you get a family discount? Because I could totally eat there every night.

I thought you liked my cooking.

I love your cooking.


But I also love pretty much everything on their menu.


[laughs] Seriously, Tripp, that is amazing news.

I know. I know. I’m really happy for her. She was stressing a lot about finding work, so.

So was I, but I think I happen to have a solid lead on a job myself.

Mm, tell me?

No. I don’t want to jinx it. But I’ll tell you if I get it.

When you get it.

[tender music]

[sighs] Hey.

Hey, you. How’s the arm?

It’s good. It’s good. It’s healing well.

Good. I–I spoke to Rafe, and he is not optimistic about catching the person who did that.

Yeah, I’m honestly not too worried about it.

Well, I am. In fact, I have security on the alert if he shows up here again.

Well, thank you for looking out for me. On a happier note, my mom got a job.


Mm-hmm. I thought you said yesterday you weren’t even sure if she was staying in Salem.

Well, this was too good to pass up. She’s gonna be managing the Bistro. I just met the new owner. He seems like a super nice guy.

Manage a restaurant? Wow. That’s a lot, long hours, lots of stress. I mean, are you sure that Ava can handle that?

Well, she was a little nervous, but it’s right in her wheelhouse. And it’s honest work. Look, I know you and Dad are concerned about me getting too close to my mom, but like I told you, she’s better now. She’s really dedicated to getting her life back on track, and getting a legit job is a really important first step.

Agreed. But listen, promise me that you will stay cautious. If anything happens or if she seems untethered or something, make sure that you call me or your dad.

I will. But I’m telling you, this job, it’s gonna be good for her.

[soft dramatic music]


Is there a problem?

Yeah, you know, I don’t appreciate you threatening my son.

Why don’t you focus on the positive?

What’s that supposed to mean?

You went straight from the loony bin into a steady job. Like any job, there’s going to be parts you like and parts you don’t. You’re going to be making good money. We’re going to be serving good food.

Yeah? With a side of illegal pills. It’s not a restaurant. It’s a drug front.

Keep your voice down.

I–listen, Gil, we got a problem here. I mean, if you haven’t noticed, my heart isn’t into this, OK? I gave up this kind of business a long time ago, and I’ve got no desire to get back into it. So why don’t you allow me to propose an alternative?

What are you talking about?

I handed my family business over to my cousin Angelo. We’re still tight. So I’m sure that he could recommend somebody who is much more qualified and much more motivated.

You’ll need to speak to Clyde about that.

Maybe not. Gil, come on, you seem like you’re much more reasonable than Clyde, and frankly, a lot smarter too. I consider myself pretty sharp. So why don’t we put our two heads together, come up with a way to let them know that this just isn’t going to work out?

So Leo busted Dimitri out of the hospital yesterday. And–and what? Still no leads?

We have a tip line set up. But so far, no one has called to report seeing them.

Maybe because they’re already long gone.

Yeah, or they’re holed up somewhere in town. We just got to figure out where to look.

Maybe we should start from the beginning.

What do you mean? Go back to Leo’s room at the Salem Inn?

Yeah, well, the manager’s been bugging me to take off that crime scene tape from across the door.

All right.

And maybe with a fresh set of eyes, we might find something that we missed.

It’s worth a shot.

All right.

All right.

In my room at the Salem Inn, I have an envelope stuffed with money.

And here I was thinking that you were but a lowly newspaper man.

I’m a lady, and it’s petty cash. The Spectator gave it to me for minor expenses, pencils, stamps, things like that.

And what do you actually use it for?

I pay off sources. Occasionally, I get a gelato.

That’s my boy. How much is there?

Enough to get us out of town. Problem is, Commissioner Hunky Hernandez probably has our pretty mugs plastered all over town.

Wait a minute. You think he’s hunky?

Darling, focus. We have to figure out how to get from this dump to the Salem Inn in broad daylight, get that moolah without being seen.

I’ll do it. You’ve taken enough chances for me.

No, no, I’m not gonna to risk losing you.

Well, we have to do something. I mean, as much as I’d love to jump back into that bed and hide under the sheets, we just can’t do that.

Maybe we can.

[dramatic music]

[keyboard clicking]

OK, I’m clicking on the file. Why won’t it open?

[clicking] Oh, now the screen is frozen. What the hell? My God. This–

I heard the Department needs a new IT person. Looks like I got here just in time. What’s going on?

Well, my screen’s frozen. Oh, look, now a bunch of ads are popping up.

Can I take a look?

Yes, if you would, please.


[keyboard clicking]

What do you think? Have we been hacked?

Oh, no, this is just some very annoying spyware. Here, I’ll remove it. Done.

Wait. That’s it?

That’s it.

Wow. Oh, fantastic.

[chuckles] I’m so glad we didn’t get hacked.

Oh, you could have been, easily. Your computer is basically a sitting duck. You have no anti-spyware software, obviously. I’m guessing you haven’t installed anything to protect against viruses or malware. And I’ll bet your password is your birthday.


Yeah, you need to up your tech game.

Yeah, OK. Well, then you’re hired.

I’m sorry?

Yeah, yeah, the IT job, it’s yours.

But–but you haven’t even interviewed me or–or seen my resume.

Well, I’ve seen enough. I just saw what you did.

And that was impressive enough to hire me on the spot?

Yes, it was. I mean, there’s also another reason.

And what’s that?

Well, I figure if you’re working for me, then you won’t have the time to make phony passports and help fugitives escape.

[sighs] It’s perfection.

Don’t you think it’s a bit on the nose?

That’s what makes it so brilliant. Today is the Horton Town Scare.

The what?

It’s Salem’s Annual Halloween festival. The square will be packed with people in costumes. Who’s going to bat an eye at a couple of ghosts?

Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps the police officers on patrol?

I’ll tell you what, this doesn’t work, you can ghost me.


If this doesn’t work, we might both end up dead.

Oh, well, then you can haunt me.


I’m glad that one of us finds this amusing.

Trust me. Casper, we are gonna to get that money, and we can float right on out of Salem.



So you’re sure that that arm is OK?

It’s fine. I promise, OK? How’s your day looking?

Ah, well, you know, I’m just behind on my charts. And in fact, I haven’t even– I haven’t even started the report about what happened to you yesterday.

Yeah, I–I keep going over the interaction with that patient in my head, just trying to figure out what I did or said to make him come after me.

I doubt you said anything.

Well, I tried to draw his blood. That’s when he got mad. Maybe that was my mistake.

You were only trying to help him.

And failed.

Listen, Tripp, when someone is under the influence of drugs, they’re not thinking clearly. I mean, for all you know, he was hallucinating. He may have looked at you and saw Freddy Krueger.

Yeah, and felt the need to defend himself. I mean, I–I get that. I just wish I knew for sure.

I know. As doctors, we want answers. But unfortunately, we don’t always get them. And when something like this happens with a patient, we may never know his motive.

[soft piano music]

You want to negotiate, haggle with the vendors over the price of artichokes. As far as you being the face of this fine establishment, that’s settled. Not up for discussion.

OK, listen, if you would just–

Whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m gonna make a one time exception and keep your suggestion between us. But I’m sure the Clyde would not appreciate you going behind his back to try to influence me.

OK. Look–look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, OK? It’s just, I don’t want any part of this. I am begging you, Gil, please. There has got to be another solution here.

You want your son to keep breathing, this is it. There is no other option.


[sighs] Hey, you–you seem upset. Is something wrong.

[tense music]

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Days Transcript Monday, October 23, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


This gets more and more exciting, doesn’t it?


I mean, we’re soon to be parents.


According to Melinda, it’s practically a done deal.

This is the best news ever.


Oh, and how was your visit with Mr. Dorsey at the hospital?

Good. Good. Thank you. The doctors are hopeful for a speedy recovery. I’m sorry I was so late. It’s just–I had to step out of the room while they performed the procedure.

Oh, you waited there alone the whole time?

No. Actually, I wasn’t alone. Nicole was there.

[solemn music]

Hold on, let me write that account number down.

No, no, no, no, don’t write on that!

[doorbell rings]

Theresa? I thought it would take you a week to pack.

[suspenseful music]

Brady! Oh, my goodness!



I just wanted to…


Come see you. Check up on you, see how you’re doing.

Oh, how sweet of you to do this.

Well, I heard a rumor.


That Victor’s friend, Konstantine Meleounis, he was staying here. Is that true?

Yeah, he is. And we had the most wonderful day.


Yeah, I took him on a little tour of Salem. And when we got back here, he cooked this amazing meal-

all Greek delicacies.

Mm? Mm-hmm.

But sadly, he is leaving tomorrow.

Oh. Is he upstairs packing, or?

No, he went back to town to walk off his dinner. He loves it here in Salem. He wanted to take in some more sights. Hmm.


[solemn music]


[knocking on door] Feldman’s here already?


Damn it! Konstantine, I told you to stay put in Greece until you heard from me. What the hell are you doing here?

Let me in, and I’ll tell you. After all, we don’t want anybody knowing that we are friends now, do we?

[suspenseful music]

[soft orchestration] announcer Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”


Hm. I got to admit, I was surprised to hear that one of Victor’s friends from the old country just popped in without notice. You weren’t expecting him, right?

No, not at all.

Well, he certainly seemed to have brightened your day a little bit.

Well, he has. I mean, mainly because of his connection to my precious husband. I mean, through Konstantine’s stories and that photo album, I’ve gotten to see a handsome young Victor, who’s got his whole life ahead of him. Hmm.

I guess it’s nice to see you smiling again.

Aw. Aw. Well, that’s thanks to Konstantine. Do you know that he came all this way just to lift my spirits?

[ominous music]


What exactly are you doing here?

What kind of friend would I be to the late lamented Victor Kiriakis if I didn’t pay a condolence call on his widow?

You came here to see Maggie?

I brought her an old photo album filled with pictures of a young Victor. I made her a lovely dinner. It’s the least I can do after all. But I also came to catch up with my new friend Theresa. Tell me, dear, are you still trying to get your hooks into Victor’s long-lost son?

Who did you think I was when you were opening the door?

Now why is that any of your business?

Just curious.

What can I do for you, Xander?

Not much, cousin. Just resign as CEO of Titan and give Maggie her job back immediately.

[dramatic music]

I’ll have to call you-

call you back. Did I do something wrong?

No. No. I’m sorry. It’s just that this isn’t scrap paper.

Well, what’s in it?

Just everything we need to know about our baby’s genetic makeup, all in one document.

You got them to print you out another one?

Yeah. After I lost the last copy. But if our baby gets sick, this could prove to be helpful.

True. But there’s another reason to protect this like the precious document it is. It names me as the father of our child. And given that I absolutely adore the mother of our child, it makes me ecstatically happy.



Me too.

Mmm? Good.


Nicole has a funny way of just showing up wherever you seem to be, doesn’t she?


No, it’s just-

it’s just that it’s weirdly coincidental. What was she doing at the hospital, anyway? Is the baby OK? Everything’s-

Yes, the baby is fine. She was just refilling a prescription. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just that I should have never mentioned her. Because every time I mention Nicole’s name, it just upsets you.

Yeah. It seems it does. That’s-

because I’ll admit I’m envious that she’s pregnant. That she can carry a baby to term.

Sloan. As we discussed before, we’re about to be parents. And like I told you, just like I told Nicole before she picked up her baby’s DNA report, that I don’t need to pass along my genes to a child. I just need to love-

Wait, what did you just say? Nicole picked up her baby’s DNA report? You said she was there to pick up a prescription.

Yeah, she did, but she asked the nurse if she could get another copy of the original baby’s genetics because she lost the original.

Oh, my God.

[suspenseful music]

Hey. Are you OK? I mean, you’re starting to look pale.

Am I?

Yeah, by the way you reacted. Why do you even care about the genetic report in Nicole and EJ’s baby?

Oh, I–I don’t. I don’t care. I just–I just thought that Nicole would be, you know, more careful with something that’s so important about her baby. I just–I hope that she takes everything a little bit more seriously with the rest of the pregnancy, that’s all. Um… Oh, I got a text. I–I have to go. It’s a client. He just got arrested. So now I got to go get him a bail hearing and-

Oh, my God, is it that big of an emergency? I mean, like right now?

Yes, right now. We’re on the clock. And if I don’t go right now, then he’s going to have to spend the night in jail. And that just would not be a good thing.

All right. Do you need a-

do you need a ride?

No, I don’t even know how long I’m going to be there, how long it’s going to take. But I’ll call you, OK? Ah, just think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think!

[inhales] OK. OK. I still have the copy of the report that shows that EJ’s the father. And then the envelope couldn’t have been that different that they give Nicole. If I just-

I get there. I swap the envelopes. I just pray to God they haven’t opened it.

Now why don’t I keep this with my documents in the wall safe?

Good plan.

Also, sorry about writing numbers on it before you stopped me.

One, two-

And baby makes three.


Would you mind if I took a gander at this before we lock it away?

As if you haven’t memorized everything in it anyway.

Well, that may be true, but I wouldn’t mind reading over it again. Can’t have too much information when our new child is concerned.



[phone ringing]


Excuse me.


Oh, I forgot to call that investor back. Ahh, I need to-

I need to take this.

Of course.

EJ DiMera.

[ominous music]



Well, it’s obvious that Victor and Konstantine shared a lot of memories together.


But Granddad never mentioned him to you, did he?

No. I haven’t-

not that I recall, no. But you know your grandfather. He didn’t like to deal with the past. But it’s clear that there was a real bond between them. I mean, it went back to when they were kids. Did you know that Victor loaned Konstantine money to open his own restaurant?

[laughs] Yeah, I’m sure with a hefty interest rate, right?

No, he forgave the loan. And he wouldn’t even accept a single payment, or even free meals.

OK. That doesn’t sound like Victor.

Oh, tell me about it. But I think that shows how important Konstantine was to him. I mean, you know, after so many years of loving that man, Victor was always so unpredictable.

I think we can both agree on that.


But I’ll tell you what this latest revelation, Maggie. It certainly seemed out of character for him.

Oh, you mean about the fact that Alex was his son?

Yeah. That’s exactly what I mean. And honestly, I still can’t believe that he kept that a secret from all of us, for all these years.

You’re wasting your time, Xander. See, the job is mine. Get it? If my dad couldn’t talk me into giving it over to Maggie-

Your dad? Which–which dad?

Go to hell.

Oh, that was a silly question because obviously, you’re talking about your fake dad, the one that’s still around. But let’s talk about what your biological father wanted-

your biological father who did not name you CEO in his will. So don’t you think you should honor his wishes? I mean, if I were his son, that’s-

that’s what I’d do.

[suspenseful music]

Well, in answer to your question, exhibit A, my packed suitcases. I’m going from here straight to Alex’s apartment.

You’re moving in with him?

You catch on quick, huh?

And you certainly don’t waste any time, do you?

From what I remember, neither do you.


[clicks tongue] Victor, Victor, Victor. Leave it to you to blow up everything in your last will and testament.


Room service!

[dramatic music]

Who are you? You don’t work for the hotel.

Where is it? There it is!

Hey! What are you doing? Give me that!

What the hell? I’m supposed to be in this will! Victor left me nothing?

Not your favorite day, was it?

It got better as the day went on as I recall-

for both of us.

This was a lovely surprise.

Well, thank you. I was driving by. I saw your lights on. I thought, oh, I’ll just pop in and see you.

[laughs] I’m glad you did. How is everything going?

Oh, fine. Fine, except for worrying night and day about-

about Belle. Have you spoken to her?

Recently? No, I haven’t. How’s she doing?

Well, to hear Belle tell it, she’s got everything under control.

Only after her husband left the country and went into rehab.

Yeah. I’ve been trying to spend some time with her, but, you know, who wants her mother hovering all the time? I thought maybe you could check on her.

Of course, I can. I’m happy to help.

Good. And I’m sorry, if you and Sloan are in the-

where’s Sloan?

Yes, we’ll touch base again at the end of the week. Good night. Well, now that I have that all sorted, shall we take another look at this report again?

Yes. But first, I’m going to check on Holly and see if she needs any help with her homework.

Meanwhile, I’ll get started on mine.

[laughs] And let me know if you find anything new and surprising.


[blows kiss]

[ominous music]

[sighs] Well, Alex certainly didn’t waste any time, did he? Stepping into the role of Victor’s son.

Mm-hmm, he certainly staked out his claim at Titan.

Yeah, he also quit Basic Black without any notice whatsoever. I heard he offered you a position in the company.

Oh, he did. I turned him down, obviously. Alex and I are like oil and water. I mean, it’s somewhat surprising considering how well his father and I got along.

[gentle music] Hm.

I appreciate your concern. Actually, I don’t. Because you’re not Victor’s son. That would be me. That is why my take on what he wanted is the only one that counts.

He did not want you running this company, Alex.

Then why did he give me controlling interest?

Perhaps so you could show some character, not run his widow out.

OK. Yeah, yeah. First of all, when it comes to challenging character issues, you’re a joke. Second of all, I happen to have, A, the character to be staying in this very modest apartment while I’m allowing Maggie to run the Kiriakis mansion-

which I own–as she sees fit.

Wow, what a guy.

[laughs] What do you want? What do you–you’re here to beg for a job?

Oh, no, the last thing I want from you is a job, Alex. I’m just here because I still can’t believe this insanity. Oh, so Victor tore up his old will and what? Wrote a new one that cut the rest of us out just to give you half? You tell me, why the hell does that make any sense?

[suspenseful music]

For the record, I was interested in Alex before I met you and before I read a single word of Victor’s will.

Perhaps. But after you got a sneak peek, you were like a heat-seeking missile.

Well, I didn’t want to take any chances. And then when Alex and Brady came back, I purposely asked Brady if I could stay with him. And as expected, he turned me down. He was harsh, cruel, actually. And I let it all play out right in front of Alex.

You knew he’d take pity. Well played.

Well, it helps when you know the man is about to inherit a fortune, and he doesn’t even have a clue.

Hm. My father helped give that man a start. Without that seed money, there never would have been Titan. Victor would never have amassed his fortune. I’m the one who talked him into writing a new will-

and still, he left me out of it.

Are you done ranting? Or do I have to call security to haul you out of here?

Depends. Do you want your friends Alex and Brady to know you’ve been reading Victor’s will?

Who the hell are you, anyway?

I am Konstantine Meleounis.

You are the one who’s supposed to help find Victor’s letter.

Alex and Brady are on what you Americans might call a wild goose chase, but not for much longer.

How did you know to come here? How did you know the will was here?

I didn’t. I had a man watch the place. And when the head of the ISA showed up with a battered briefcase, I made an educated guess. I needed to just how generous my old friend decided to be.

Yeah, well, it turns out he wasn’t really very generous with anyone, was he? Except for his wife and his son.

[scoffs] A son he didn’t care enough about to even acknowledge when he was alive. And who is this young man, anyway? And where is this so-called letter that explains everything?

I have no idea.

[suspenseful music]

This must be it, right? The one on top? And it hasn’t even been opened yet. Why don’t we read it together-

shall we?


Victor’s long lost son is-

Xander Cook?

Mm. Never saw that coming.

Nor did I. But I do know that Victor had an affair with his brother Titus’s wife. And the product of that affair was-

Xander? This can’t be right. Xander is Victor’s son?

Apparently so.

Oh. And Victor left him half of everything? I mean, do you even understand what a piece of garbage this man is?

I understand that quite well. My father did business with him. Papa was getting older. His judgment had slipped. And Xander robbed that old man blind. And now this criminal, he’s a gazillionaire and I get nothing? Oxi!

I mean, just the irony that there’s two Alexanders in this family and this waste of space is the one who’s going to get the huge payday. Why couldn’t it have been the handsome, charming Alex?


Maybe it still could be.

It is a pity that your friend Alex will never know what we have done for him.

Xander, if you want to know why Victor waited until his last will and testament to reveal that I’m his son, hire a psychic. I moved on.

Well, that’s easy to do when you’re on the receiving end of a fortune.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I have the money. I have the job. I also just found out that the man that I thought was my father my whole life isn’t really my father.

Oh, give me a break, Alex. You know your place in the family is barely changed at all. You’ve always been loved and accepted, unlike me. I mean, I’ve always been treated like the black sheep, like I’m barely even qualified to landscape the ground.

Aw, poor you.

Yeah, poor me. Do you have any idea what I’d have done to have Victor acknowledge me the way he finally acknowledged you? No, he always treated me like I was an outsider, like-

and worse, I was an embarrassment. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for you, Alex. As far as I’m concerned, you are one lucky bastard.

Sloan, she just left. She had to go deal with a client’s bail situation.

Oh. At this time of night?

Life of a criminal lawyer. I know she’ll be sorry she missed you.

Well, no, she won’t.

[laughs] She’s uncomfortable around me.

Maybe because she knows that you don’t like her?

No, I just don’t know her all that well.

Mom, maybe we can fix that. I know a lot of people don’t really like Sloan. But I know her better than anyone. She’s got a big heart, and she makes me happy.

That’s all I care about. So then she’s fine with me.


[ominous music]


[doorbell ringing]

Harold? Harold!

[sighs] I suppose even the help are allowed a dinner break.

[dramatic music]

I can’t tell you how good it is to see you optimistic about the future. And if that’s because of Sloan, then I am grateful.

Thank you.

I’d also love to have a beautiful little grandbaby.


You know? And you deserve this. You deserve to have someone love you who is true and loyal. And that-

that seems to be Sloan. You also deserve to have a child.

[gentle music]

I love you.

Hello? Hello?

[suspenseful music] Looks like the Halloween pranksters showed up early this year.

[door shuts] Nicole? Uh, OK, what was that noise?

[sighs] Maggie, here’s what I don’t get. Granddad knew that it would be shocking for all of us. I mean, he knew that it would be devastating for Justin, for you, for Alex-

knowing that Alex was his long lost son. Yet he just left us all to sort it out? I don’t understand. I don’t understand why he would just let Alex’s true paternity remain a secret all these years.

I wish I had the answer for you. But you know, if God granted me one more minute with that man, that is the exact question that I would ask him-


Oh, I get why you and every other shallow idiot in this town thinks that I should be eternally grateful for my good fortune. Just kind of hard to see it that way when your whole damn world’s been turned upside down.

You know, when I came over here, I thought you’d be gloating. I wasn’t expecting a pity party.

No, I’m not looking for anybody to feel sorry for me. But if you think for a single second that I would have traded Justin as my dad for Victor’s money, you don’t know a damn thing about me. You call me lucky? At least you know who you are. You know who your parents are. And I find it highly unlikely that you will ever be told that you are all wrong. And that your life was a lie.

Don’t tell me you’re having second thoughts.

No. Of course not. Doesn’t mean I don’t feel somewhat guilty about it, though.

You feel guilty? For robbing the swine of his birthright?

Hell no. Xander can live on the streets for all I care. It’s Alex.

What is there to feel guilty about Alex? We made him rich!

We also made him fatherless.

What do you mean it still could be Alex?

This letter from Xander’s mother talking about her affair with Victor and the child it produced, well, it’s sort of vague.

Vague? How?

I’m just saying that it wouldn’t be that hard to substitute “Anjelica Deveraux” at the bottom of the letter.

Anjelica is?

Alex’s mother.


And see, I know enough about their past to know there’s nothing in this letter that would contradict it.

So Alex becomes the heir and-

Xander ends up with nothing?

He would squander all the money away, anyway.

Agreed. But why Alex Kiriakis? Why make him the wealthy man in Xander’s stead?

We have a connection going. We’ve already talked about going out. He seems real interested. And if I can make something happen fast, something between us before he learns that he’s the heir, then he won’t have to question me going after him for his inheritance.

That is quite a plan.

It would be so simple. I wouldn’t even have to tweak the will. All it says is that he leaves half of his inheritance to the son he never acknowledged-

no name. I can make this happen.

You mean, we can make this happen.


I have access to equipment. I can bring you a brand new letter, one forged so well that no one will question it. We both bring something to this equation, Theresa. And when it comes to Victor’s fortune, there’s more than enough to go around. Partners?

[suspenseful music]

Alex asked me to move in with him, but getting him to pop the question, well, I don’t know how long that’s going to take. So I can’t promise you when you’re going to get your payday.

Then I’ll just have to find a way to stick around for a while.

Little bit of advice, cousin. Maybe keep the sob story about your parentage to yourself. No one likes to hear billionaires whine about their hurt feelings.

Xander. What are you doing here?

I was just leaving. Why are you here?

She’s moving in.

[laughs] That’s who you thought I was when I came here earlier? Why am I not surprised? Victor has a new rich son, and Theresa’s already on the case.



Do not listen to him. He’s jealous. And wishes all this happened to him instead of me.


How was your walk?

It was lovely. I passed by these in the park and thought of you.

Daffodils. They’re my favorite.

I believe Victor told me that once.

I can’t believe you remembered that. I also don’t believe that they were blooming in the park in October.

[laughs] I had the feeling I would not get away with that story. You are too clever.

You bought them for me.

It was the least I can do after I spent the night. Oh, Maggie, meeting you and seeing the town Victor called home, it has been magical. However-

However what?

My time here has come to an end, Maggie.

Oh. Does it have to?

I never planned to stay more than a day or so, so.

Plans change.

[stammers] I mean, if there’s nothing urgent for you back in Greece, you’re more than welcome to stay with Victor’s family as long as you like.

A night was one thing. Asking to stay longer would be such an imposition.

You didn’t ask. I offered. Having you here, it would be a pleasure.

Oh. Oh, hi.

Hey, you’re back quicker than I thought.

Well, sometimes these things just work out.


Hello, Marlena. Nice to see you.

Hello, Sloan. Nice to see you, too.

I was just walking my mom out.

Yeah. But you know what? We were just actually talking about you before you came in. Eric was telling me about all the wonderful things coming up in your life.

Glad to hear it.

But we’ll have to get together. You know, why don’t-

why don’t you both come to supper?

Yeah, I would like that.


Good. Good. I’ll–I’ll call you with some dates, and we’ll-

we’ll get it set up.




[door shuts]

[suspenseful music]

Oh, did you finish your homework?

Oh, I was interrupted. And now I have to take another work call. So I’ll get to my homework a little later. In the meantime, I’m going to put this precious document with very important information about our soon-to-be-born little one into the safe so we don’t lose it again.


And no one will have access to it but Mommy and Daddy.

Ooh. Excellent plan, Daddy.



[suspenseful music]

[shredder whirring]


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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of 10/16/23

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Stephanie from DOOL


Stephanie forgot Abby’s birthday. She acted as if she was close to her, but she forgot her birthday.

Kate talked to Marlena about her kids, but she didn’t mention Billie and Cassie. Did she forget she had daughters?

Stephanie shouldn’t have been surprised that Chad doesn’t love her the way he loved Abby. She knew that Chad was in love with Abby so there’s no need to be surprised that he doesn’t love her the same way.


Kayla pulled strings to get Talia a job at the hospital, but she was ready to go back to California.

Clyde is managing to do a lot in prison. He helped Edmund kidnap Susan. There’s no reason why they should have met each other.


Stefan was upset that Gabi chased Vivian away as if she hadn’t gone for a long time. She was in prison, so he wasn’t seeing her.

Dimitri was shot and was going to be arrested for attempted murder, but he didn’t have a cop outside of his room at the hospital.


Leo didn’t know Dimitri was going to be on the run so how did he know to have a blonde wig with him?

Rachel could be heard talking to Stephan while Tate was shown.


When did Steve have a problem with Theresa? Theresa said she couldn’t stay with Kayla because Steve had a problem with her.

Emily O’Brien (Gwen/Theresa) was talking with her British accent.



Steve from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Opinions For The Week Of 10/16/23

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Chad and Stephanie from Days

Stephanie got what she deserved this week. She got shocked when Chad pulled away from her. She didn’t remember Abby’s birthday. Stephanie is Abby’s cousin, but she didn’t remember her birthday. You would think she would have remembered her birthday because they are family. Lucas took the time to call Chad from prison to acknowledge Abby’s birthday. We loved the look on Stephanie’s face when Chad pulled away from her. She didn’t know how to react to that. We felt that she should have remembered that. Chad wasn’t perfect either. He pulled away from her, but he moved on with his life. He didn’t wait a year before he moved in with Stephanie. He doesn’t have a right to get upset about her birthday now. He went to the park and talked to her picture about missing her. He didn’t prove that by moving in with her cousin less than a year after she passed away.

Was anyone else ready to throw something at the screen when Sarah yelled at Xander? As you know, Xander wanted to sue for full custody of Victoria because Sarah lied about the baby’s paternity. He and Sarah talked once she learned he didn’t kill Susan. They seemed to work things out until Justin told her that Xander wanted to sue for full custody. We don’t get Sarah’s anger about it. She got mad at him because he wanted the baby. Is she the only one entitled to change her mind about something? He had no way of knowing that she was going to come around about the baby. Sarah’s high and mighty attitude is going to make things worse for her. She made the situation worse than it needed to be. We are looking forward to a big custody battle. Hopefully the case won’t take place offscreen the way other things seem to be happening on the show. We waited a long time to see a juicy court case on the show. Xander didn’t roll over once Sarah went off about him going after the baby. He wanted Sloan to go after Sarah once she told him off.

We’re not sure how we feel about Tate yet, but he said something that made us cheer. He put Brady in his place when he told him about working at the pub. Tate was being a brat about working at the pub to pay off his debt. He needs to own up to his mistakes. Causing destruction in school isn’t okay no matter who does it. Tate informed Brady that he only cared about him because he lost Rachel. We cheered as he told him that. He reminded Brady that he wasn’t around for him. Brady sat there with his mouth open. There wasn’t anything else he could do because Tate was right. We know that Brady chased after Chloe and Nicole, so there was no time for him to check on his son. Tate did that to get out of working at the pub, but we loved hearing him put Brady in his place.

Nicole and Eric’s conversation made us want to roll our eyes. She drove it home that Eric always wanted to have a child that was biologically related to him. He mentioned that he wanted a child with his mother’s eyes and had Brady features. Eric also said he wanted a child to love. Nicole must have forgotten that he has two adopted uncles. The Bradys embraced them as if they were blood related. Nicole got lucky that she conveniently got pregnant because the only option she had to have another child was adoption too. We didn’t like their scenes because it’s obvious that she only cared about him having a biological child because she’s pregnant with his baby. It would be funny if EJ turned out to be the father of Nicole’s baby after all. We know that won’t happen because the writers need her with Eric, but it was nice to dream about it.

Salem university needs to close for good. Dimitri escaped the hospital by handcuffing Kayla to his bed. There should have been a cop outside his room because was shot. The police wanted to arrest him for trying to shoot Stefan and Gabi. Leo was able to get a wig and scrubs to sneak him out of the hospital. Rafe and Jada were at the hospital and still didn’t see Dimitri sneak out of the hospital. For some reason, they left Dimitri alone, allowing him to escape from the hospital. The security guards should have been around, but no one was there. He was leaving in a wheelchair and the hallway was empty. The hospital’s security team is a joke.


Eric and Nicole from DOOL

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Friday, October 20, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Thane and Suzanne


Theresa, hey.

Hey yourself.

Did we have plans that slipped my mind, or…

[giggles] Oh, as if you would forget that you had plans with me.

Mm, that’s a very good point.

[clears throat]

What’s in the bag?

Gosh, I thought you’d never ask. For you. Something you are desperately in need of.

[playful jazz music]

God, this is such a nightmare, Justin.

Sarah, you need to stay calm.

Calm? How can I stay calm? I am a sleep-deprived new mom, and just when I thought things were starting to thaw between Xander and me, I find out he is suing for full custody of my child. I know. I know that she is also his child, but… we have to stop him, Justin. I mean, please tell me that we can stop him.

[tense music]

Why are you here? We don’t have an appointment.

So what?

So you can’t just show up to my apartment anytime you feel like it.

You took my case, and you took my money, and you told me you’d be available to me whenever I needed. So give it to me straight, Counselor. Do I have a chance of winning full custody of my daughter or not?

[dramatic music]


Oh. Hi.


What are you doing here?

I’m here to visit a friend, a former parishioner. But the nurse is in the room with him right now. You?

Waiting for a prescription.

Yeah. Right.

Well, since we’re both waiting, do you want to do it together?

Yeah. Sure, why not? Please.

Ooh. [both chuckle]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

It was very kind of you to give me a tour of Salem.

Oh, believe me, it was no trouble. Once you’ve seen the dock and the Brady Pub and the Horton Town Square, you’ve pretty much hit the high spots.


Salem is a–it’s a typical American town.

Victor Kiriakis didn’t find it typical. He traveled the globe, and yet he settled here, where he found true love… with you, Maggie. And that alone makes this place very special indeed.

[dramatic music]

Don’t think I’ve ever seen Sarah so furious.

Well, what did you expect? I mean, you’re trying to take the woman’s baby from her.

Victoria is my baby t– hey, whose side are you on?

I’m on yours– as long as your checks don’t bounce. Look, they don’t call it a custody battle for no reason, OK? And if you’re gonna see this through, you’re just gonna have to ignore the fact that Sarah’s furious. Look, did she care about your feelings whenever she told you Rex Brady was Victoria’s father?

No. Thanks for the reminder.

Mm-hmm. I’m also gonna remind you of your goal, which is to have full custody of Victoria. And my goal is to make sure that happens.


Well, keep in mind that you have a lot going in your favor. You have an excellent reputation as a doctor. You grew up here in Salem and come from a good family. Xander is an outsider with a criminal record, and I’ll be sure to let the judge know all about his past.

Is that it, then? We’ll win?

Well, let me finish. We need to anticipate what Xander and Sloan may use against you.

Like what?

Well, for starters, this isn’t the first time that you’ve lied about a child’s paternity.

So Tate’s gonna be working here at the pub?

Yeah, yeah, he’s gonna be working back in the kitchen, washing dishes until he pays for the damages he caused at his– his old boarding school.

Wow. Kid sounds like a real piece of work.

Takes after his mother, unfortunately. Although I will say this: I think maybe he inherited some of her good qualities.

And what are those?

Oh, come on. Theresa is definitely smart as a whip, and she’s got a whole lot of drive and energy.

That’s true. You know, Kayla tells me she’ll be directing all that drive and energy here in Salem from now on. She’s staying here indefinitely.

Yeah, as a matter of fact, she wanted to move in here, but I had just rented out the last available room to Harris Michaels.

Well, that’s too bad. Kayla was hoping you could keep an eye on her.

I don’t think I’d worry about Theresa. Yeah, she’s got a knack for getting into trouble, but… she’s also got a gift for landing on her feet.


You bought me…dishes?



Well, you said at dinner the other night that you were using paper plates, and that is just– [tsks] That’s not civilized, is it? And now that you are CEO of Titan, you’re not gonna have time to shop for housewares, so I thought I’d assist.

[laughs] That’s very thoughtful of you, Theresa. Thank you.


I suppose I have been using this place like a bro pad.

Mm, mm-hmm. And you are CEO. You have an image to maintain.

Hmm. I suppose I do. Why don’t we eat some leftovers, we can talk about my new image, and we can christen these new plates?

Oh. I’d love to christen your plates.


[dramatic music]

So how are things going with the adoption process?

It’s going well, thanks to Melinda Trask.


Yeah, she’s helping us out. Sloan and Melinda, well, have gotten kind of friendly over the last couple of months.

Yeah, well, they both have a lot in common. Because they’re both driven and tend to be ferocious. I guess those are good qualities in a lawyer, right?

Yeah. I suppose. Anyway, well, you know Melinda, she’s starting her own private practice, and she said that she has a lot of time to devote to our case.

That’s great. That’s great. Really, I’m happy for you… and for Sloan. And hopefully things work out and you’ll get to be the father that you always wanted to be.

So to win custody of your child, you’re gonna have to be as underhanded and unscrupulous as Sarah, who was prepared, before the truth was discovered by your ex-fiancée, to let another man be the father to your child.

Right. So…what’s our plan?

Oh, it’s simple, really. We just have to illustrate to the Salem family courts that Dr. Sarah Horton is a pathological liar and mentally unstable.

Right, but I mean, that last part wasn’t really her fault.

Oh, come on, Xander. Please, I’ve done my research. The woman was running around town for months thinking that she was a dead DiMera heiress. And before that, she was a little girl. I mean, if that’s not mentally unstable–

Yeah, I see how… it could look that way, but she only behaved like that because she was drugged, so…

You know what? I’m the lawyer here, OK? I need you to listen to me. You cannot go around making excuses for Sarah’s behavior now or in the past or ever, you understand? If you want full custody of your daughter, then we are going to have to demonstrate unequivocally and emphatically that Sarah Horton is an unfit mother to her.

How can the court hold it against me for lying about the paternity of my first child? Mackenzie was switched at birth with Rachel Black.

Yes, technically you weren’t lying to Eric when you told him that he wasn’t the father. But when you led him to believe that Xander was the father, you, in fact, were deceiving him.

But that’s because Eric was with Nicole, and he didn’t want to damage their relationship.

Well, whatever the motivation, the court could view that as depriving the child’s father of his paternal rights.

Look, I know that I made a mistake with Victoria– choosing to marry Rex and try to pass her off as his. But I thought that I was protecting her. And I’ve seen the error of my ways. I know that I was wrong. Rex and I are getting a divorce. Doesn’t that show contrition?

Yes, yes, it does. But I’m afraid Sloan may try and spin it as “too little, too late.”

Damn it. Of course she will.

And, Sarah, there’s something else– your…mental health issues.

I have no mental health issues. And I only ever did in the past because I was drugged.

I know that, but I wouldn’t put it past Sloan to try and use it against you.

Well, she’s not gonna succeed, because in spite of how angry Xander is and in spite of all the stupid, reckless things he has done in the past, he does have a conscience– as far as I’m concerned, anyway. He knows the hell that Kristen and Gwen put me through. He–he knows how much I suffered because of them, and it broke his heart. So that is why I know that he will not let Sloan Petersen use that against me. I’m sure of it.

So did Trask mention how long the adoption process would take?

Well, I guess there’s really no way to know, unfortunately. But, you know, we’re not going through an agency, so we’re gonna start interviewing birth parents.

Oh. Well, how do you do that?

Well, verbal networking. You know I just learned, in some states, you can actually advertise in newspapers?

That sounds iffy to me.

Well, once we find a prospective birth parent, it’s a lot more straightforward from there.

Oh. If I may butt in, but… you could use a surrogate, couldn’t you? And then that way, the baby would be your biological child.

You know, I will admit that when I thought about having a child of my own that it would have… my mother’s eyes. or even my Grandpa Shawn’s smile.


I just realized that having a child of mine and passing on their genes is not as important as passing on my love. [dramatic music]

I get it. I do. But still, I would have loved to have met that kid with your mother’s eyes and Grandpa Shawn’s smile. [laughs]

Yeah. Well, I will admit, when I thought about having a child of my own, a son or a daughter, they would resemble the Bradys in some sort of way. But then I accepted that having a child was not in my cards.

The only reason Sarah took leave of her senses was because she was drugged.

Mm-hmm. And you can be absolutely sure that those drugs aren’t still in her system?

Well, the hospital seems sure. I mean, they hired her back.

Well, she’s Dr. Tom Horton’s granddaughter, right? And the Hortons are still in charge of the hospital, are they not?

[sighs] Look, I don’t– I don’t like this. In fact, I hate it– slandering Sarah for something that was in no way her fault. Besides, Sarah would never do anything to hurt our daughter.

No, she wouldn’t intentionally. But think about it. I mean, Sarah is postpartum right now. I mean… if her hormones reactivate the drug, what if she starts thinking she’s Renee DuMonde again or Joan of Arc? What happens to that sweet little baby?

Nothing happens. Sarah’s totally rational. She has been for some time.

Are you sure about that? She married Rex Brady and divorced him two days later. Does that sound rational to you?

A psychiatrist and a neurologist both said that she was fine.

You are starting to sound more like Sarah’s defense attorney than a father that wants full custody of his child. Look, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure that Victoria is in your care. But you have to decide if you have the stomach for it.

I understand why you want to believe there are lines that Xander would never cross, but custody battles tend to bring out the worst in people, even people who once loved each other very much.

This has all been set in motion because I didn’t tell Xander I was pregnant.

Sarah, he had just kidnapped two women, one of whom was my wife. And everybody thought Susan Banks died as a result. You did what you thought was right in order to protect your child. And it’s my job to convince the judge of that.

[sniffles] [sighs] God, I have to get home to check on Victoria.

OK. I’ll see you back there.

Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I’m gonna have to check with Henderson, or we’re not gonna have any dinner.

Tell Henderson to give the cook the night off. I will be making dinner tonight.

But you’re our guest.

Please. Victor used to come into my restaurant and say, make me dinner, Konstantin. You know what I like, huh? I would like to make the exact same dinner for you tonight. It would be my pleasure.

Are you sure?

Are you hungry? I hope so, because you will have a Mediterranean feast you will never forget.

Mmm. Mm-mm. This proves it.

Proves what?

That even as leftovers, Julie’s Place is a feast fit for a king– or queen–provided it’s on the proper plate.

Mm-hmm. Speaking of royalty, how are you adjusting, you know, to being son of the great late Victor Kiriakis?

[chuckles] It’s been surreal, actually, kind of hard to process. Mainly because my dad, Justin, is such a great guy. And it was really sad for the both of us that he isn’t really my father, even though he is in all the ways that matter.

Of course he is.

It’s just completely baffling to me and not to mention extremely frustrating that Victor isn’t around to do some explaining.

That is very frustrating…

You know? It is frustrating.

To say the least.

Anyway, enough about me. What’s going on in your world?

Well… I’m very happy to be here with you having dinner on these lovely plates.


And I’m loving Salem. My son’s here now, so… I guess it’s home.


I just– I just wish I was just a bit calm about my living situation, you know? I don’t know where I’m gonna live. Got any ideas? [quirky music]


So are you not happy at the Salem Inn? I mean, I know it’s basically a hotel, but you got decent monthly rates, from what I’ve heard.

Yeah, they just get kind of annoyed if you can’t pay those rates, so…

Mm. I thought you were some big hotshot fashion designer.

Hotshot? Well, business isn’t exactly booming, you know, with the supply chain thing and all that. And the money that I had saved, I put into an investment bank, and that went under. So…[chuckles] I’m what you call strapped.

Oh, my God, Theresa, I’m sorry to hear that.

Yeah, well, you know, I wish I could live with John and Marlena and Tate, but I don’t think that Brady would like that too much. And then I did ask Uncle Roman if I could just stay in one of those cute little rooms above the pub, but then there’s this guy Harris that just took up the last vacancy, so–

Oh, that’s too bad.

And then I asked Kayla if maybe I could stay with her– but then, you know, Steve, he’s not really that fond of me, so…

Yeah. Forget them. Forget all of them. [dramatic music] Move in here with me.

Hey, Mom.

Oh, Sarah. Honey, is something wrong?

Yeah. Something is very wrong. I just found out that Xander is suing for full custody of Victoria.

He what? I can’t believe it.

What are you doing?

Oh, I’m gonna call and talk some sense into that young man.

No, Mom, please. Please don’t do that. He might try to use it in court.


I don’t know, but Justin said that he could use anything and everything to try to prove that I am conniving and crazy and just basically an unfit mother. He’s determined to take Victoria away from me.

Oh, honey, I’m so sorry.

Well, you told me not to lie to him, and I didn’t listen. You were right. I made a very stupid choice, and… God, I’ve made such a mess of things.

Oh, don’t say that. Oh, Sarah, you did what you thought was right at the time. Now, Justin, he is a wonderful lawyer, and he cares very deeply about you. He’s gonna see to it that you don’t lose that baby.

I am sorry. I did not mean to interrupt.

Oh, no, it’s all right. Konstantin, this is my daughter Sarah Horton.


I am Konstantin Meleounis.

It’s nice to meet you.

The pleasure is mine. You are just as beautiful as your mother.

Oh, wow. Oh, thank you. I’m flattered. [laughter]

And did she tell you I’m making dinner tonight?

No. No, she didn’t. I will get out of your hair.

Oh, don’t be ridiculous. You will eat with us. I made enough for the Greek army. [laughs] And Greeks like to eat. Please.

Actually, that sounds lovely. I’m just gonna–I’m gonna go check on my daughter, and I will be right down.

Excellent! The more, the merrier. [laughter]

I mean it, Xander. I want to know tonight, OK? You’re either all in, or you’re not. If you’re gonna tie my hands, I’m just gonna give you your retainer back.

[knock at door]

Oh, finally, we were starting to get worried.


Oh. Not Xander, he’s a client. But Eric and I.

OK, well, my flight was delayed, so I came here straight from the airport.

I’m gonna need to speak with Melinda alone. Think about what I asked you, and get back to me. But don’t take too long.

Yeah. I’ll think about it.

What’s his problem?

Never mind him.

Wait. What are you doing?

I’m gonna call Eric, because we’re gonna want to hear the news together.

Don’t call him yet.

Why not?

I need to talk to you without him being present.

What’s going on?

Well, we’ve run into a little bit of a snag.

What kind of snag?

Well, put simply, securing a private adoption for you and Eric could prove problematic.

What? Why?

Well, remember that messy feud you were in with Paulina Price and her daughter?

That wasn’t messy.


I thought that they should pay for their part in the wrongful death of my mother, and I sought legal channels to see that through.

You also covered up for your brother when he used illegal tactics against them. You defended them in court.

He had the right to a defense.

The adoption lawyers that I consulted with are worried by the fact that in your defense of him and in your own actions, you seem to be condoning them. And–

You know, this is just a full–

Let–let me finish, all right? They are concerned about what role a man like Colin will play in your child’s life.

Colin is in prison. Colin’s not gonna be in my child’s life. Melinda, listen to me, please. You have to help us get this baby. I mean, Eric is desperate to be a father. I have to be the one that makes that happen for him.

Here’s that prescription you were waiting for. Sorry for the delay.

That’s OK. Thank you so much. Oh, excuse me. Maybe you can help me with this. My fiancé and I had a genetic analysis done on the baby I’m carrying, and I managed to lose the hard copy. Is it possible to get another one?

Absolutely. You and your fiancé are entitled to anything in your records. Should I make a hard copy for you too, sir?

Me? Oh. No, no, no. We’re just friends. I’m not the father of this baby.

Huh. Yeah. Eric is all excited about him and Sloan adopting a baby, so… But–

You still have a bad feeling about it?

Well, yeah, but what the hell can I do? I mean, he seems to have convinced himself that she is the one.

Ah. I need a glass of wine. No, actually, make that a vodka on the rocks.

All right, coming right up.


What’s going on, baby? Bad day at the hospital?

Well, it didn’t start out that way, until the day took a turn and I was handcuffed to a hospital bed.


Here you go.

Ah, thank you! Sláinte.

Roman, Kayla just told me that son of a bitch Von Leuschner handcuffed her to a hospital bed.

Wait, wait. Where are you going?

Where do you think I’m going? I’m gonna give that man a beatdown!

No, no, no, I don’t– I don’t want you to do that.

Why not? Why not? First he keeps Kate prisoner on a damn boat. Then he handcuffs my sister to a hospital bed.

No, I’m fine, really. I’m fine. I think Dimitri didn’t want to hurt me. He just wanted to get away. And then Rafe and Jada showed up right as he and Leo Stark were getting away.

What, Leo? That little con man was involved in this too?

Yeah, just–just let the police handle this, please? I’m fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I’m getting better all the time.


Look, why don’t you just stay here and have a drink with me, OK? In fact, why don’t you get him anything he wants? It’s on me. In fact, get yourself something too, OK?

She’s handcuffed for a couple minutes, and now she sounds like Ma Barker.

No, I just–I just want to enjoy this drink. And then I want to have dinner, and then I just– I just want to forget about this day.

Well, maybe you can forget about it, Sweetness, but I’m gonna make Dimitri Von Leuschner regret ever laying a hand on you. [dramatic music]

No, no, no, no, no. Alex, I couldn’t possibly. I hope you didn’t think that I was… hinting at staying here.

No, no, I was not at all. And to be honest with you, I’m not too crazy about living alone. I think I’d like having you as a roomie.



Why is that?

Why is that? Well, first of all, you make pretty decent company. And you have great taste in plates.

That I do.

Hmm. Theresa, look, I know what happened between us in Greece, though impressive, was also very impulsive and probably a bad idea. But maybe we can just take a step back, slow it down a little bit, get to know each other a little better. What do you think?

I think that if you’re serious about this offer, I would be a fool…


To say no.

Well, Theresa Donovan, you are a woman of many things, but foolish is not one of them.



Say hello to your new roommate.

Oh. Hello, roomie.

[laughs] All right. Well, I’m gonna go to the inn before they charge me for another night.

Yeah, go for it.

You save some closet space, now, for me, mister.

Got an empty closet for you in the second bedroom.

Oh. All right.


See you later, roomie.

Oh, I’ll see you. [groans]

What a lovely dinner, Konstantin. And this baklava is so delicious.

I’ll let you in on something. There was phyllo dough in the freezer.

Always. Victor made sure of it. He loved baklava. Which I haven’t had it since– Since he left for Greece. Thank you very much for this.

As I said, it was my pleasure. Now, if you ladies will excuse me, I think I will take a walk around this very interesting city, try to burn off some of these calories.

Would you like for me to go with you?

Oh, I’ll be fine. Finish your dessert and enjoy your charming daughter. I won’t be long.

Enjoy your walk. [sighs]

What a lovely man.

Yes, he is, isn’t he?

I’ll go print out that DNA report and be right back.

OK. [chuckles]

Well, that was kind of–


Yeah, something like that. [both chuckle]

Yeah. And what she didn’t know is that at one time, we actually thought you could be the father.


Well, anyway, that’s– that’s over now. And you and Sloan are gonna have a baby of your own, so…

Right. I mean, yeah, hopefully. You know what she forgot to tell me is that if my friend, if I could go visit him. You know, I’m gonna go check in on him, so… It was–it was good to see you, so take care of yourself.

You too. [sighs]

Will you please calm down?

You don’t get it. It’s bad enough that I lost Eric’s baby and that I have fixed it that he doesn’t know that Nicole’s baby is his. God, if I’m the reason that we can’t adopt–

Hey, listen to me, OK? What Eric doesn’t know won’t hurt him. And you doctored those DNA results so good that Nicole believes that she’s carrying EJ’s baby, right? There’s nothing to worry about there.

Yeah, what if my nutty brother just messes this up?

He won’t. And what I just told you is the opinion of one lawyer. Look, I will do whatever it takes. I will get you and Eric a baby.

You sure?

You can count on it.

You’re such a good friend, Melinda.

[chuckles] I’m not being a good friend. I’m–I’m–I’m– This case will be my first success in private practice, right?


I have to go. I’m so exhausted.

Keep me posted.

I will. I will.

Mm. Oh.


You were gone a long time.

I’m sorry about that.


I didn’t get in to see my friend until, what, about an hour and a half ago. And did I miss Melinda?

Yeah, she just left.

What? Why didn’t you call me when she showed up?

She just got off the plane. She said she was tired. She couldn’t wait for you.

OK. Well, what’d she tell you? Any update with the adoption?

Yeah, she said that everything was looking good. It’s all smooth sailing. And before you know it, you’re gonna be a daddy.

Mm. Mm.

Oh! [dramatic music]

Oh. Wow, that took a while.

I wanted to make sure I had the entire report. And I do. Here you go.

Well, If it isn’t my favorite cousin, Justin.

Xander, keep on walking.

What, without thanking you for telling me that Sarah’s baby was mine and not Rex’s? Oh, wait, I can’t do that because you kept your bloody mouth shut, didn’t you?

Xander, Bonnie and I both thought it was Sarah’s place to tell you, and we actually tried to convince her to do that. So did Maggie.

Well, seems like Sarah doesn’t put a ton of stock in advice from any of you.

And she regrets that.

Oh, she does, does she?

Yeah. She’s actually pretty much a wreck about what she did to you.

She’s a wreck? I’m the one she dumped. I’m the one that she divorced and lied to about my baby for months. Do you have any idea how that feels?

Yeah. I do. Alex’s mother lied to me about being his father when she knew all along it was actually Victor. At least you found out the truth while Victoria is still a newborn. Alex is an adult. You have Victoria’s whole life to do right by her.

Yeah, well, we both know what you mean by “do right.” You want me to settle for every other weekend unless Sarah decides I’ve been a bad boy, and then I won’t even get that.

Xander, you and Sarah both need to stuff your anger and put Victoria’s interest first. Think about that.


[phone beeps]

Hey, Sloan? Yeah. I thought about what you said to me. And I want you to do whatever you have to. I don’t care. Just as long as I bring my little girl home with me.

It does my heart good to see you enjoying yourself.

Mm. I kind of like having an old friend of Victor’s around. Makes me feel closer to him.

I can understand that.

Mm-hmm. It’s kind of a miracle, though, isn’t it, that Konstantin just showed up when he did?

Well, anybody that puts a smile back on your face is OK with me.

Oh, well, he certainly has done that. I’d be smiling a lot more often if you weren’t so stressed.

I’ll be fine. It’ll all work out.

Of course it will. But for now, how about you getting some rest while our little angel is sleeping?

Yeah, I think I will do that.


Night, Mama. Love you.

Love you. [sighs]

Good night, sweetheart.

[sighs] Extra blankets, extra pillows, and Theresa Donovan in the second bedroom. I really hope this isn’t a bad idea. Huh.

[knock at door]

Bellman already?

[tense music]



Damn it, Konstantin. I told you to stay put in Greece until you heard from me. What the hell are you doing here?

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Days Transcript Thursday, October 19, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Okay, so let’s hear your brilliant idea. How are we going to get Kristen DiMera’s shares and throw EJ on his oh so British butt? Okay, well, to state the obvious, Kristen’s not going to willingly sign those shares over to us, right? Right. So how are we going to make that happen? Through her Achilles heel, of course.

And what would that be? Oh, yes, Rachel, of course. The apple of her eye.

Well, I don’t know about you, honey, but I had the best time ever shopping with my little girl. I had the best time, too. Well, maybe we should make it a weekly occurrence. What do you think? Can’t we do it every day? Oh, I wish we could, but, uh, guess what, you have school and piano lessons and swimming lessons.

So, you’re finally back, you little brat. Hey, Holly, is there a problem? Actually, yeah. Someone needs to set her straight, or I’m going to break her face.

Great. A welcoming committee. Yeah, have a seat, bud. Listen, I’ve got some great news for you. Your great uncle Roman here, he has generously decided to give you a job here. It’s going to be a great way for you to start paying back that sizable debt of yours. Welcome to the family business, sir, Tate. You are now the aftermath…

Maintenance manager. Huh? Oh, that’s, that’s, uh, commonly referred to as, uh, the dishwasher. And, uh, you’ll need some good gloves because I hear it’s, it’s pretty tough on the hands. Oh, yeah.

For God’s sake, what is taking her so long? Rafe, she’s like five minutes late. I know, I know, it’s just security in this place is a joke. I’m not going to be happy until Von Leutschner is out of here and in a cell. Uh, sorry to keep you waiting. What’s up? Yes, we, uh, are ready to take Von Leutner back to the city jail, but we need you to sign the release form.

Uh, I’m sorry, I, I can’t do that.

So, are you gonna do it? Are you gonna bust us out of here? Me? Why is it all on me? Well, uh, for one, because you are not handcuffed to a bed and because you literally just said so! Oh, I like this. I like this a lot. You get yourself arrested for attempted murder, I come to say goodbye to the love of my life, and you snap at me like I’m the incompetent help!

And for the record, I didn’t say I would get us out of here. I posed a rhetorical question. How do we get you out of here? Okay, I’m sorry. I misheard you. And another thing, what do you think I am, an escape artist? I run a gossip column. How would I know about sneaking you out of a hospital? Because you are clever, and you are resourceful, and Leo, you are damn right brilliant.

It is up to you to make sure that we have a happy ending.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No, we’ve already spoken to Von Leutschner’s doctor who said that the creep is ready to be transferred. That may very well be, but we have a strict protocol that we follow here. And Dr. Watkins is already left for the day. And the doctor who actually did the examination is the only person who is authorized to sign that kind of letter.

Kayla, you know the things that this guy has done. We can’t take a chance on him getting away again. Well, I suppose I could look on the roster for a different doctor, but What about you? I am swamped. Kayla, please. The place is not secure and, and this guy needs to be behind bars. Stat.

You don’t think I would do anything for us to sail off into the sunset together? Wake up every morning in each other’s arms, picking out china. Okay, that’s great, but I really need you to focus right now, sweetie. You are my only hope, you are my only way out of here. Without you, they are going to toss me in a cell and throw away the key.

Leo, you are my savior. I know, I know, I know! And now is the moment. I must ford every stream. Go where the brave dare not go. And so I ask myself. What would Lucy and Ethel do?

Kate, to be serious. I do want to say that I am glad you’re on board here. With us at the family pub. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go call your grandma Kimberly and uh, tell her the good news. Thanks, Ro. Good news. Is he kidding? Tate, you need to give it a chance, okay? But it doesn’t make any sense. Dad, I mean, do the math.

I’ll be in my 30s by the time this job is done paying the damages to that stupid school. It’s not just about the money. It’s about you. Here we go. Yeah, here we go. Here we go. Okay, you pulled the fire alarm. You caused the damage. Did you really think that your father was just going to let you skate on this?

Washing dishes? Dad, it’s embarrassing. It’s not embarrassing. It’s a job. I understand that boarding school may not have been the perfect choice for you, okay? And maybe your parents could have listened a little better, alright? But you gotta find a way to take a different path, maybe start over, okay? I’m really loving the father son moment here, Dad.

Excuse me? Especially after two years of only seeing you at sports weekends. But hey, now I’ve got my own personal Atticus Finch. You need to watch the way you talk to me right now. Do you think I don’t know what’s going on? You hear? Why all of a sudden I am the center of your world? It’s because you don’t have Rachel anymore.

So you’re making do with me?

Holly, it is not a good idea to make threats to a DiMera in the DiMera mansion. Okay, cool. So she gets to get away with being an annoying brat who takes what isn’t hers? Darling, why don’t you tell me what the problem is, and we will see if we can resolve it. She used all of my shampoo. I did not! You did too!

It was full this morning and now it’s down to like an ounce. Are you serious? This is about shampoo? I had to buy it. It’s Taylor Swift’s brand and it’s super expensive. Now it’s practically gone. Yours are way that the boys won’t like you if your hair isn’t perfect, but they won’t like you anyway. Okay, Rachel, Rachel, that is enough.

God, this fight is over. But she started it. You know what? I always wanted a little sister, but after living in the same house as you, I’m now praying my mom’s baby to be a boy.

Okay, tell me more. What does that look like? How do we get Rachel to force Kristen’s hand? I’m not quite sure, but we do know that her little Rachel is the one thing that Kristen values more than anything else on this planet, more than money and power. So whatever we do, it’s got to make Kristen feel cornered.

Desperate. I can only think of one way to accomplish that. What would that be? Stefan, we have to kidnap that little girl.

Kidnapping. Right. Well, that would certainly get Kristen’s attention. It’s the only idea I have, Stefan. I’m not saying it’s not going to work. I’m just saying, isn’t it a little overdone? Didn’t Brady and Eric try the exact same thing when they were trying to get their hands on that damn orchid and it didn’t go too well?

Are you nixing my idea because it’s unoriginal? No, I’m… Not to mention, there are risks involved, consequences. Such as? Such as you and I in jail cells for the next 10 to 20 years. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Then there are the moral implications. Rachel is a little girl and I can personally attest to the fact that kidnapping can be traumatic for the victim.

Well, actually. Rachel is a DiMera, okay, and in this family kidnapping is like a rite of passage. It’s like a quinceañera. Okay, Cavi, I, I think it’s over, Q. But there is a germ of an idea there. We have established that Kristen’s one vulnerability is her daughter, right? And the fear of losing her again.

Exactly right. So what was the name of that judge who awarded Kristen custody? Maybe she can use an influx of cash. Wait, you want to bribe her? I want to help her realize her dreams, Gabby. Just like I want us. To realize ours.

Rachel, you need to remember that Holly is a guest in our home. Until Nicole blows it with EJ. Hey! And Holly, you need to remember that Rachel is still a little girl. And if you both don’t stop bickering, I am gonna knock your heads together. Just kidding. Trust me, she never kids. Rachel. Ever. Rachel! All right, you know, why don’t you go into the kitchen and ask Cook for those delicious oatmeal cookies, hmm?

Go on. Hmm? And then you need to get straight to your math homework. Okay, okay, I’m going. Ah.

Polly, I will replace your shampoo. And wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to ask your mom for it, that you could buy it with your own money? And where does that money come from? From me. For services rendered. You see, I want you and Rachel to be on better terms. You want to pay me to get along with your kid?

Not exactly.

Look, son, I, um, I could’ve, I I should’ve seen more of you when you were in California. I I know that. I’m, I’m sorry. That’s, that, that is on me and I, yes, I miss Rachel like crazy, but I’m definitely not. Pivoting to you because I lost custody of her. Yeah, maybe not on a conscious level. Hey, don’t, don’t, don’t try to shrink your dad.

I’m trying to play catch up here with you and…

God, I love you. I… I love you. And it’s because I love you that I’m trying to instill some self respect in you to take responsibility for your own actions. That’s why I want you to have this job here. Right. I get that. Look, I know I messed up, and I’m really sorry about all that, but I’m telling you, making me work here is a waste.

Dad, I’m gonna be terrible at washing dishes, and I’m gonna be miserable the entire time. Is that what you want? No, you, no, what, God, what I want is for you to take responsibility for your actions. Okay. Okay? Okay. That makes sense. But um, what if I did something for you? Something really important that could, uh, change your life.

For the better. Whoa. Like what? You miss Rachel like crazy? Because you’re not allowed to see her, right? So… What if I helped you with that? Go on. Maybe the judge said that you can’t see her, but she never said that I couldn’t. So I could, uh, you know, talk you up a little bit. Tell her how much you miss her.

Hey, maybe even get her to admit that she misses you too. Good idea. Huh?

Wow. I’m just, I’m gonna ask you a question that I’ve asked your mother. Numerous times. What’s in it for you?

Okay, I have an idea. Let’s just get Dimitri and take him out of here. We’ll deal with the hospital bureaucracy another time. I mean, what are they going to do? Arrest us? I just, yeah, I like the way you think. Yes. Okay, alright, I found von Leuschner’s chart. Everything seems to be in order, and Dr. Watkins notations are here.

Great, so can we take him now? No, I still need to examine him. But I’ll make it quick. Listen, after what happened to Kate, I want him out of here as fast as you guys do.

Hey, I want to help, I just don’t know Wait a minute. This is a hospital. There must be lubricant around here somewhere. Is that really all he can think about? For your hand and wrist so you can pull out of the handcuff. Darling, there are 27 bones in the human hand. You’re going to break every last one of them if you try that.

What do you need that hand for? You have me. Keep thinking.

What if I call in a bomb threat? They’ll evacuate the building and while they’re out front waiting for the all clear, I’ll roll you and the bed out the back. If you call in a bomb threat, they’re going to evacuate all the patients first. I am one of those patients, sweetie. Keep thinking. How about I call David Copperfield?

You want to call a fictitious character? He’s a magician. He made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Maybe he can make you disappear too. Darling, I’m afraid that your ideas are getting worse and not better. And oh look, we’re running out of time. Okay, okay. What if I pick the lock? You know how to do that? No, but I can try.

We’re just gonna need like a bobby pin or something.

A paperclip! It’s gonna have to do.

Dr. Johnson! Lovely to see you. You do something different with your hair, it’s most becoming. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave, please. Why? I need to examine the patient before the police come and take him to the jail. Can I just have a few minutes to say goodbye? No. Pretty face. Heart of stone. Ugh. Okay.

Let’s see what we have. Hey! Surprise.

You think I need an ulterior motive to help my dad? . T Your mother practically invented the concept of ulterior motives, and I think you just ripped a page out of her playbook. Okay, fine. Yeah. I have an ulterior motive. Yeah. You’re not getting out of this job. Not that, no. I, uh, I need a reason to go to the DiMera place and Rachel’s it.

Holly Jonas sent me a text saying that I am dead to her. Ugh. What’d you do? I, uh, accidentally told her mom something Holly didn’t want her to know. I see. And you need an excuse to… Go over there and grovel. Something like that, yeah. So, I’ll help you with Rachel if you help me with Holly. What do you say?


I seem to remember your mother banging on about you being on the honor roll. What kind of grade did you get in math? An A. There was a Mickey Mouse class. Yes, but you still got an A. Which means you are more than qualified to help Rachel. Wait, so you want me to tutor her? Like I said, I will make it worth your while.

And then you can buy all the shampoo you want. I’m gonna be able to afford anything I want after my mom marries your rich brother, so thanks, but I don’t need your money.

But, maybe, maybe what? Maybe I’d do it if you could help me score some points with, well, there’s this boy and the thing is, You like him. No, I love him.

A little while ago you said kidnapping was too risky because it’s illegal. So is bribing a judge, and you know who’d know? The judge. Okay, if you say so. What are you, what are you doing? I noticed something about you. And that is you do your best thinking when you are turned on. Oh yeah, clever observation.

So, we’ve established that bribery won’t work, so maybe you can help me tweak it. this in a way that we can dangle custody over Kristen’s head with minimal risk. Hmm. Lower. Minimal risk. I got it. Hold on. No, we don’t need the judge to pull this off. We only need the person most affected by Rachel’s custody order.


Why didn’t we think about this before? Brady would do anything to get Rachel back, and Kristen knows that. And she also knows that if Brady had something on her, he would be back in that courtroom so fast that her head would spin. Right, so we need something that’s gonna make Kristen look like a bad parent.

Negligent. Cruel. Reckless. So we manufacture some kind of proof. Show it to Kristen and then threaten to take it to Brady. Unless she signs the shares over to us. You, my love, are a genius. Guess what we cannot celebrate just yet. What do you mean? The plan’s good, but it’s not complete. Yes, Kristen, Kristen’s got a lot of faults, but she’s actually a good mother, okay?

So we have nothing on her. True, but I know you, and I know that you will come up with something.

Oh. Ah. You want to use my daughter to get what you want with some boy? I really don’t think that’s a good idea. What? You think it’s, like, unethical? You really don’t want to get on my nerves. Sorry. It’s just, you have something of a reputation for, well, arranging things. I could really use the help, and I’d make your kid a math whiz.

Hmm. Well, before I, uh, commit to anything, why don’t you tell me this boy’s name? It’s your nephew, Johnny. Johnny. Okay, Johnny is not a boy. And he’s about to become your step brother. Well, my mom and his dad aren’t married yet. Besides, didn’t you marry your own brother? Alright, Tony and I aren’t blood related.

And neither are Johnny and I. Aren’t you a little young for him? Well, we totally get along. He even told me living here has been more bearable since I moved in. Oh. That’s not exactly comparing you to a summer stay. It sounds like this love affair is pretty one sided. So far. But I know he’d be interested if he thought about it.

He’s just… He’s distracted right now, so he sees right through me. Oh, and this distraction is… His ex wife, Chanel. They’re just starting to get back together, so I could use the help before it gets too far along. Well, I don’t think that I have much influence on Johnny. And you really don’t think you can make this happen yourself?

Well, Chanel isn’t my only problem. My mom almost found out about how I feel thanks to this jerk, Tate Black. But tell me how you really feel.

Kimberly was really happy that Tate’s gonna be working here. And, uh, she thinks you’re doing the right thing. And I agree. Isn’t it a wonderful day? Is it? Yeah, it is. Did you see the news? The police are at the hospital and they’re transporting Dimitri to the county jail. So he’s finally gonna pay for what he did to you.

Well, no, he won’t be paying until he’s in the seventh circle of hell, but it’s a start.

Okay. Right, a nurse is on her way down here from the fifth floor with a wheelchair so we can get Von Leutschner out of here. Fifth floor. Fifth floor.

Well, I mean, I’m sorry, Brady, I just can’t relate, you know, because my teenagers were absolutely angels. And everyone knows what an exemplary mother I was, right? And as you know, Sammy practically raised herself. Yeah, I know. I know I’m not the first parent to deal with an angry child, okay? But, think about that little boy that you…

He thought I hung the moon, and now he’s my severest critic. The worst part? I agree with most of what he’s saying. No, no, you can’t do that. Don’t do that. I mean, parents make stupid mistakes just like kids do. And you just, just have to move on. Anyway, uh, is Tate, is he already working? Cause I was gonna go in the kitchen and say hi.

No, he actually headed on over to the DiMera’s. Are you okay with that? He’s going to see his sister Rachel. Apparently, Tate’s gonna help me with my custody arrangement. Really?

Okay. Well, as they say, may God go with him.

Christopher. It’s, it’s Tate. Oh. I’m so sorry. Um, you will always be Christopher to me. My gosh, you’ve grown up. Hi, Holly. What are you doing here? I, uh, I came here to see Rachel. I haven’t seen her since I got back from California. Oh! Oh, well I’m sure Rachel would love to see you. Um, how long are you here in Salem?

I actually moved back. Oh, that’s wonderful. You know what? I am gonna go get Rachel. She’s gonna be so happy to see you.

So, you’re here to see your little sister. Sure. And what part of you’re dead to me didn’t you get? Look, I know I messed up. And I’m sorry. I didn’t know I was talking to your mom. I mean, when I told her that you were in love with someone. Yeah, and she came this close to finding out who it was. I had to lie to her and say I only said that because I wasn’t interested in you.

Right. So, who is it? Who are you in love with? Sorry, sorry, none of my business. No, it’s not. But, whatever, I don’t care. Everyone’s gonna know sooner or later. Just don’t spread it around, okay? Okay, I won’t. It’s… Johnny Demura. Johnny? Isn’t he, uh, isn’t he a little old for you? I didn’t ask for your opinion, did I?

No, no, sorry. And look, I know texting you that over and over again hasn’t done me any good, so I took the first excuse that I had to come here and tell you it in person. Just so you know, that night that I saw you in the park, I I was in a bad spot, okay? I’d just gotten kicked out of school, my parents were furious with me, and…

I didn’t want to be here. In Salem, I mean. And then I met you, and… Everything else didn’t seem so bad. Okay, that was, that was lame. But, But look, Your mom bought your story, so you’re fine. And if I see her again, I’ll back it up. Promise. Look, you’re the only friend I have in this town so far. I’d really like to start over.

If that’s okay. Please.

Okay, well what about, um, Yeah, that’s not gonna work. You seem to be out of ideas. Maybe I should nuzzle you again. I’m not in the mood. Okay, well here’s an idea, Gabby. Maybe you could fake it. You could try that. That’s it. That’s it. We’re gonna fake it. Huh? Yeah, we don’t need Kristen to look like a bad parent.

We just need Rachel to be in some kind of trouble that Kristen can be blamed for. So we engineer. Exactly. Oh, we might need help. I mean, Rachel really only trusts us so much, so we might need somebody to help us. So, Brady? I’m sure he’d be happy to lend a hand, so we cook something up that makes Kristen look bad.

We show her. We tell her. We show her the proof. We tell her it’s either the shares or she loses Rachel. Of course, this plan requires us to stab Brady in the back after he helps us out, and… Kristen is going to insist on destroying that evidence. That’s true. So what now? Do you have another plan? What do you think?

Where is the nurse with that wheelchair? What’s taking Kayla so long? Let’s prove this. Let’s just go get him. Yeah.

We can’t have you calling her for help. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Can we? How did you get out of this handcuff anyway? Hm. Let’s just say my boyfriend is very good with his hands. And he should be back any minute now to bust me out of here. Well, you’re not going to get away with it. How do you think you’re going to get past security?

Nurse Leona, at your service.

So, Tate’s going to infiltrate the DiMera Fortress to get you to Rachel? That is really good of him to do that. Hold on. He has an ulterior motive. He wants to score points with a girl.

Oh, and, uh, another thing, if your mom ever finds that, uh, that blunt you had, blame me. I mean it. Okay. Fine, whatever. We’re good. Does that mean we can be friends again? Friends? Right. Yeah. And I’m not gonna try to kiss you again. I promise I still feel pretty embarrassed about that. Yeah, well. Don’t be. Let’s just move on, okay?

Okay. So, uh, handshake, then? Well, that is weird. I can’t find Rachel.

You’re not supposed to have us until after dinner. Well, it’ll be our little secret. And speaking of secrets, I’ve been thinking about that time we played 20 questions and how much fun it was. I guess so. And maybe we should play again except this time. I’ll have the secret and you do the guessing. You have a secret for me to guess?

Oh yeah, and it’s a good one.

So, are you here to see my father or Marlena? Actually, I’m here to see you, with a question. How would you like to get your daughter back?

What the hell? What happened? Von Leuchner handcuffed me to the bed. That’s what happened. He took my phone and I couldn’t reach the call button. And then he just, he just willed himself out of there? No, no. Uh, Nurse Leona did it.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


It’s a team, I don’t even know it.

Sorry for falling apart like this. It’s okay. It’s understandable. Jenna? Honey, what’s wrong? Hey, um, my sister, she’s, she’s leaving Salem. She’s actually on her way to the airport right now. What? But she just got a job at the hospital. I thought she was happy. She was, uh, up until recently. Oh. So it’s, is it about Sean?

And sleeping together? The repercussions thereof? You knew about that? Well, Marlena told me. Hey, look. No judgment whatsoever, but I think it probably is best for Marlena, Belle, and Natalia too, that if they’re just not in close proximity for a while. Yeah, I get that. I just, I just wish it didn’t end up this way.

Of course not. It has been great having your little sister with you. Jada, I’m here for you. Always. Rafe is too. Always.

So, how long can I expect the silent treatment for? Oh, you mean since you turned my mother into the police and now she’s on the run? What? What is? What’s the big deal? What is so awful about Vivian going off to spend her golden years in her homeland? With the rolling hills and the olive groves, having her manservants be late to her deep tissue massage?

Come on, I did her a favor, please. And can we just focus on the positive here? We have Dimitri and Megan’s shares. And, Tremor, please. Now that, that vile, good for nothing nephew of yours is headed straight to the penitentiary.

I brought your favorite, banana pumpkin with un petite espresso caramel infusion. Not only just, it’s a vanilla something earlier. Did you remember the chocolate sprinkles? They’re mixed in there just the way you like it. Oh, you are too good to me. Mmm. Mmm. It’s got that real je Well, are you planning on sharing it?

Let me think about it. No, you don’t deserve it. Why not? Because we could have had it all, you big handsome dummy, and you ruined everything.

All done. Got my father set up an assisted living home. Honey, that’s wonderful. Did you like it? He was sold the minute he found out they had a karaoke machine and a Saturday night dance party. And I swear, he’s probably getting ready to bust out his bell bottom pants and ruffled shirts. That is great to hear.

Hey, best part, just a short drive up the road here so I can drop in on him anytime I want. We all can. Super. Wonderful. I’m glad they found some room for him, especially since we’ve got a full house with Tate moving in. Yeah, isn’t it great having so much family around, Doc? You know, it would be almost perfect if Belle wasn’t going through such a rough time.

Hey, you think maybe you can cut off work early and we can go in and check in on her? You know what? I don’t have anybody else the rest of the day. That could work very well. Oh,

Marlena, I need your help.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I just wanted to make sure you arrived safely. No, no, no, no, you and Roger have a lot of catching up to do. I love you too, Mother. You know, it’s amusing how ruthless and dare I say Machiavellian you two are normally, but when it comes to your mothers you turn into little saps. You’re gonna have to forgive my wife, E.

J. Charming, as she is, she doesn’t quite understand the bond between a mother and a son. And in case I haven’t mentioned it already, I was elated to hear that Susan is still alive. Thank you, brother, um, for what it’s worth. I’m, um, I’m sorry that your mother was forced to go on an extended vacation, as it were.

Me too. So, Vivian only shot Dimitri to protect you and Kathy? That’s right. The thing I’m failing to understand is, what made Dimitri snap? Why did our nephew suddenly decide that he wanted the both of you in an early grave?

I didn’t realize you were so angry with me. Of course I’m angry! Even through the Botox, can’t you see my facial muscles compressing? I expressly told you not to kill Gabby and Stefan, and your headstrong ass went ahead and tried to do it anyway. Yes, Leo, and I told you that I did not plan for any of that to happen.

It just… Just what? What did you plan? Because you threatened them, Dimitri, with a gun! Now the love of my life is going to prison. Where does that leave me, huh?

Look, I’m gonna have to go. Uh, somebody just walked in. Yeah, we’ll talk later. Bye. Paulina, what can I do for you? Oh, come on, Elena. You can rescue me from my frustration and misery. That’s what you can do. You see… My husband, he is, he’s on the brink of getting his memory back, and I need you to push him right over that edge.

Hey, Tink. Listen, your old man was thinking. Uh, maybe Mom and I, we could stop by your place later with some of your favorite takeout? What do you think?

No, no, no, no, I, I, no, I understand. No, no, no, no, don’t, don’t be sorry. You need your space. I get all that. I just… We just want you to know that we are here for you if you ever need us, honey.

We love you too, kiddo. Yeah. Bye bye, baby girl.

Hold on.

Hey, Abraham. Get your buddy in here. All right. What’s going on? Well, I’m sorry to drop in unannounced like this, but, uh, I was just wondering if I could speak with your daughter, Bill. Uh, no, because I’m afraid she doesn’t live here, but I actually just got off the phone with her. Oh, that’s right. That’s right.

It’s your, it’s your son who lives here. You know, it’s hard to keep track of everyone. You know, it is. So what do you want to speak to Bell about? I, uh, it’s just that I was, uh, I was wondering if she could help me file for divorce.

So you want to divorce Paulina? Hmm. You know, I was kind of under the impression things were getting better between the two of you. Yeah, they were. Last night, I went over to her place for dinner, and when I got there, she suggested that we decant the wine. Right. So, without thinking, I went over to a particular cabinet and put out the decanter.

You remembered where it was? Paulina certainly thinks so. She’s, you should have seen how excited she was. She just, she just went on and on about it for the rest of the night. Okay. So because of that you, you, you want to end your marriage? Let me ask you something. Why would you be upset with Paulina if she thought you were getting your memory back?

I’m not upset with her because of that. Or anything else. I… I’m ending my marriage to Paulina. Because I’ve come to care about her. So much. And I’m divorcing her. For her own good.

Abraham insisted that it was just a lucky guess that he knew where that decanter was. But, it had to be a memory, right? Well, it could have been his subconscious. See? See? You get it? Now, well, how can we unlock electroshock, or one of those, uh, what do they call it? An ayahuasca retreat? Listen to me. From a sense I have of all the anxiety that you’re in and all the pain you’re going through, I think maybe you could benefit from some therapy yourself.

So Michaels is going to be my new partner? Yeah, well, it’s an unorthodox hire, I know. And Mayor Price still has to sign off on it, of course. And you, if you don’t think it’s the right fit. He was a Navy SEAL. I’m sure he’s more than qualified for the position. Besides, he practically saved your life in London.

Oh, okay. I’d like to think I could have handled Edmund P. Crumb on my own. Thank you very much. Aww. Did I bruise your fragile male ego? Wow, this is what I get for trying to cheer you up. I’m sorry. That’s okay. Anyway, speaking of, uh, Mr. Crumb. I did speak to Harris already about your potential first assignment together.

I want you to figure out who kidnapped DJ’s mother after that car crash and, uh, shipped her off to Mary Old England.

I know that our nephew has always had, shall we say, homicidal tendencies. But surely you two must have done something to set him off.

Just a little while ago, I was about to hand over the shares to you. But then I got to thinking, and knowing you two grifters, it wouldn’t end here. No, no, you would hold what I did to Gwen over my head for as long as you can profit from it. So really, the best thing that I can do right now is nip this in the butt.

Now, Leo did say that I shouldn’t be going to these extremes, but I’m just gonna have to figure out how to understand. Listen, you can keep the shares. We have plenty. Don’t… Please. Nice try. Listen, if it makes you feel any better, you two are gonna make absolutely beautiful corpses. Well, EJ, we made the noteworthy discovery that…

Dimitri was only with Gwen so that he could inherit the von Leuschner fortune. Once we found out that he was sleeping with Leo behind her back, well, we had a chat and we discussed and… We thought, why don’t we blackmail the son of a bitch? So, in exchange for our silence, we decided to… Demand a cut of his family fortune.

But that’s all a moot point now, seeing as Demetri’s in police custody, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? Gwen is on her way to find the family fortune and get her hands on it, and that leaves me and Gabby empty handed. That is unfortunate. Oh, dammit, I just remembered I have an errand I need to run.

Let’s pick this up later, shall we?

Why did you lie? I was looking forward to telling EJ we had Dimitri and Megan’s shares. Because it works out best right now if EJ is none the wiser. At least until we can figure out and strategize on how best to put these shares to use.

Really? I’m the love of your life? Well, who else would it be, a big dope? Oh, I do know about that, uh, stockpile of Pedro Pascal photos on your phone. Oh, well, that’s just a silly crush. And sure, there’s no shortage of tall, dark and brooding zaddies I would happily lather in coconut oil. Okay. But you’re the only one I love.

I love you too.

You know I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. You, Dimitri, you were my fairytale prince. The one who found my glass Louis Vuitton spring collection slipper at the mall. Slid it on my foot.

Never in a million years did I think something like this could happen to me. I was so No, we were so Close. And then you screwed it all up to a damn fairly well. I know. I know. I let my ego get the best of me and I made a royal mess of everything. I’m sorry. Sorry? Sorry isn’t good enough. I screwed over my best friend, my only friend, to be with you.

Now she hates me. You know Gwen left town, right? Yeah, I heard that she’s in Europe lobbying for the Von Mueschner inheritance. Well, I hope she gets every last euro. And or pound, and or Swedish krona, or whatever else. She deserves it after the way we treated her. But it’s my money. Well, what good is it going to do you?

You’re probably going to spend the next 20 years in prison.

Not if you help bus me outta here,

Mr. Crumbs, where he can’t remember the man who called him about Susan. Susan can’t remember anything until she was dropped off in London. Doesn’t sound like we have much to go on then, does it? Well, except for the fact that I have my best detective on the case, so I’m not worried. Excuse me.

Hernandez. Oh, that’s great. Yeah, I’m on my way. Well, that was Dimitri von Leuchner’s doctor, and apparently the lowlife is well enough to be transferred to a holding cell. Hmm, want some backup? Yeah, you know what? I think I might need someone to keep me in line. Right. Well, let’s go because we don’t want this man to slip through our fingers like his mom did.


You want me to help you… escape? Yes. Yes. We still have some time before the cops come and transfer me to jail. So we’d either spend that teary eyed waxing sentimental or we can look at this as a golden opportunity to run away together. I mean, we could. We could do that. But no, no, we can’t. We’d be on the lam for the rest of our lives.

What about that fluffy little dog I’ve been talking about getting? Or my very regimented skin care routine? Yes, I know all about your love for creature comforts, and I understand that this is a huge ask, Leo, but you did just say that I am the love of your life. Leo, look at me. We can still have our happily ever after.

We just need to act, like, right now. Buongiorno, buongiorno. And I must say, you are looking rather well, nephew. Obviously on the mend. Uncle EJ, uh, what are you doing here? I thought you could use a little pick me up. Chocolate peanut butter. Harold said it’s your favorite. Yeah, that’s, uh, that is strangely kind of you.

Why strangely? I mean, I know you and I haven’t exactly been close, but you are my nephew. And when I heard that Stefan’s demented mother, whom should be surrounded by padded walls, shot you in the back, I was rather appalled. Nuh uh. Nope. As both a cinephile and a former understudy in my theater camp production of My Fair Lady, I have a very keen eye for bad acting.

So, Mr. Pretty Sexy English Accent, why don’t you tell us the real reason you’re here? Well, since Dimitri is headed for a rather lengthy stay in prison, I thought there was perhaps a discussion to be had about his and his mother’s demure shares. You may not be Be aware, dear nephew, but the corporate bylaws restrict shareholders from voting if incarcerated.

So, I thought, while you’re up playing Yahtzee in Statesville, that it would be best if I took possession of said shares. As your uncle, your family, I promise to have your best interests at heart.

Well, dear uncle, I am touched. But unfortunately, you are just a little too late. You see, I no longer have the shares.

As we discussed, now that we have Dimitri and his mother’s shares, that doesn’t give us an absolute majority. But, it puts us on equal footing with EJ, so if he so much as wants to move a mop bucket from the janitor’s closet, he needs our votes. Yeah, but, Myanmar, we are on the same boat. We can’t captain the ship if we’re in a deadlock.

Right, so the key is… How do we beat the deadlock? How do we get the upper hand? Look at you going all el jefe. Okay, so we have four votes that we outright own. EJ has two. Two plus Chad, Tony, Theo, right? And Johnny. And I don’t see any of those clowns switching sides any time soon. I could still work my magic on these.

Hard pass. Okay, okay. So they have seven votes. And… So do we. But then we add in Kristen, Peter, and Steven, which we know they’re solid. I’m not so sure about that.

You know, maybe I’m not following you, partner. You see, Paulina, She loves you. A divorce is the last thing she wants. Well, maybe it’s the thing she needs. I don’t want my wife to live in disappointment. Maybe she needs to find someone who will. Doesn’t have this kind of baggage.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, maybe, maybe you’re right. Maybe Paulina would be better off with, with someone else. And I just happen to have the perfect guy in

mind. I need therapy. My memory’s just fine. I know it is. I’m just concerned about your fixation on Abe’s memory. What? Hello? He is my husband. Of course I want him to remember our relationship. I understand. The thing is, I wonder what would happen if you were to focus on the relationship you have right now.

I, I, I understand that your dates have been going very well. Hmm, yeah. Well, they’d be even better if he remembered. You know, our Florida trip, for example. Oh, one night Abraham put me out for this amazing lobster dinner. Oh, he, he was so debonair in his crisp white shirt, khakis. How long’s it gonna take, Marlena, before it all comes back to him?

Paulina, I think you need to prepare yourself for the idea that Abe may never get his memory back.

What am I supposed to do, throw my hands up and surrender? Abe and I have created years of memories together. I’m supposed to pretend it never happened? No, you’re not. You, you get to cherish all those memories. But Abe doesn’t have them. And you’re going to have to be okay with that. No, I can’t be. Now, I’m a very stubborn woman, Marlena.

And when I, when I set my mind to something… Listen to me. You have to find your way to acceptance, because if you don’t, you’ll be pressuring Abe to remember. And when he doesn’t, he’s going to feel as though he’s let you down. And as far as I’m concerned, that could be the beginning of the end of your relationship.

Who is this guy you think would be perfect for Paulina? My dad. Your dad? My dad. Yeah. It’s a long story, but let’s just say that we have recently reconnected. Why do you think he and Paulina would be the perfect match? Oh, he’s got a lot going for him. Uh, this guy. How old is he? I mean, no offense, John, but…

You’re not exactly a spring chicken. He’s only 97. Only 97? A young 97. A man can’t even cook. And he’s got this really mean soft shoe here, and he’s a fabulous singer, and he’s got his own place, and I’m telling you, I really think Paulina would like him a lot. Are you out of your mind? What makes you think that Paulina’s gonna be up for sitting around watching reruns of Gunsmoke and playing bingo?

Hey, man, I’m Carmen. If I didn’t know you well enough, I’d… So you feel a little jealous?

Your shares, what happened to your shares? They’re gone. I gave them away. To who? Gabby and Uncle Stefan. Why the hell would you do that? Well, since Dimitri is still recovering from his wounds, and the last thing he needs is to have to explain himself to the pompous, callous likes of you, I will be as concise as possible.

Is this okay with you, my love? Oh, please proceed. Dimitri had no choice. Those two creeps were blackmailing him, which is why he pulled the gun on them. And after he was shot, lying on the floor of the mansion, basically dying, and because they are altogether terrible, amoral, and altogether loathsome people, they said they wouldn’t call an ambulance until after he turned over his shares.

Those bastards. Yeah, I’m sure you’re horrified people can be so corrupt. Actually, I am, and in the best interest of not wasting any more time, I am out of here. Oh, well, thank you so much for stopping by, dear uncle, and thank you, again, for that yogurt. A little piece of advice for prison, find the biggest, meanest guy you can see, and crack him that way they’ll know not to mess with you.


Well, that was unnecessary, and a total waste!

I don’t think we should lose sleep over Steven, okay? I’ve had him wrapped around my finger for years. That may be, okay, but I’m actually more worried about Kristen and Peter. See, Peter’s like Kristen’s lapdog. He votes in lockstep with her every single time. I just don’t see Kristen turning on us. Not when EJ’s the alternative.

They’ve had a very rocky relationship. True, but with Megan and Demetri’s shares out of the way, Kristen’s holding a much more attractive hand. And EJ now has a lot more time and energy to devote to getting my sister to align with him, right? We could be screwed. So we need to make sure Kristen is feeling very…

warmly… toward us.

Or… we just… take her shares… the way we took Demetri’s. Oh, Marlena,

I can’t lose my Abraham. He’s the love of my life. Then you need to stop worrying so much about the past. And, and focus on your future. Start, start making new memories with him.

Okay. Okay. I’ll take your advice and, and back off. Cause all I want is for my precious husband to have peace of mind. To be happy. And I’ll do my damndest to help him get there. Or, I’ll do anything for that man.

You’ll pardon me if I’m hearing correctly. Although you’re talking a big game about letting Paulina go, I don’t think you’re ready to do that, especially if you’re threatened by the possibility of a 97 year old man sweeping her off her feet. Okay, okay, okay, okay. You’re right. Maybe I’m not ready to let her go.

Especially because I… Because what?

I think I, uh…

I think I’m falling back in love with her. It’s music to my ears. Do you know what that means? If you file for divorce, you’re only gonna hurt the both of you. What if I’m never going to be enough for her? What if I’m never going to be the man I once was? Abraham, I have known Paulina for a long time. All she wants is you.

With your memories, or without. Really? You think so? Now, I know so. You and Paulina are meant to be together, and that, my friend, is a fact.

You know what? Maybe you were right. Maybe I shouldn’t have ratted out your mother. She could have been useful right now. Really? What? What are you saying? We bring her back here, have her empty a clip into Kristen’s back, and if by some medical marvel she’s still alive, we refuse her medical attention until she signs her shares over to us?

Well, it worked before. I do not want my sister to die. Okay. Fine. Fine. We need to find a way to exploit her weak spot, okay, like we did with your nephew. You two. God, you make me sick. What is your problem? My problem? I just paid a visit to our nephew, Dimitri, in the hospital, and he told me that you two forced him to hand over his shares on pain and death.

So? So. Dammit, I thought we called a truce. Hmm? Are you going to, I don’t know, invade Poland? Cut the holier than thou act, Junior. Don’t sit here and pretend like you didn’t go to that hospital with the same exact intention. You’re just pissed because we beat you to the punch.

I give up. It’s Jennifer Coolidge’s Vanity Mirror. How did you not guess that? You said Eastern European cities. Did I? Yes. Okay, you win. Thank you. For the now melted yogurt. Oh, you know I can’t stay mad at you. That cute little twinkle in your eye. So, does that mean that you might help bust me out of here?

Thereby subjecting us to a lifetime of fake passports, driving Italian sports cars, lunging from one rooftop to the next. Okay, James Bond. At the risk of sounding insensitive, what exactly is keeping you in Salem? I mean, what… Do you have to lose? Well, My dear old mother is in Statesville. You told me you hated her.

I do, but my therapist and I are working very hard to reframe that. Right. Okay. Well, uh, You don’t really have any other friends here now that Gwen is gone. What about my career? The gossip column. Yes, of course, of course. Um, well, surely you can give up Lady Whistleblower. But I love her. And what about all my adoring fans, my little whistles?

Okay, let me ask you this. Who do you love more, Lily Whistleblower or me?

Mr. Von Leutzner? Hope we’re not interrupting.

Okay, what time are we going over to Belle’s? Uh, it’s not gonna happen. She said she wants to be alone right now, but I told her her mom and dad are here for you whenever you need us. I’m so sorry she’s going through all this. Yeah, so am I. But she’s strong. Just like a mother. She’ll be all right. Tell me about your, uh, last appointment.

How’d it go? It wasn’t really an appointment. I, uh, had a visit from Paulina. She’s kind of going through it with Abe and I, I just, I told her just to stay in the moment. Oh, that’s interesting. Because Abe showed up here and I kind of gave him the same advice. No. Oh my gosh. Look at us. We’re working as a team and don’t even know it.

We’re a team, baby. Always have been. Always will be.

I was really happy to get your call, eh? Well, I’m so glad that you agreed to meet me here. Right. About the other night, I’m sorry if I seemed a bit, uh… Overzealous about the possibility of your memories coming back. That’s a lot of pressure to put on you when you have enough on your plate. You were pretty intense.

But I do admire that about you. I admire your passion. Your determination. Thank you for understanding. Um, so, why did you want to meet up? Well, I thought that I would take you to the bistro for dinner. Um, right now? But, well, Abe, that’s really, uh, it’s kind of early. Yes, yes, and I saw that they have an early bird special.

Well, that’s for, that’s for old married couples. So that’s what we are. Married? Yeah. But old? Hell no! Alright, I stand corrected. I stand corrected. So we can do… Something else? No, no, no, no. It’s okay. I do love me a good deal. Shall we? Please. Yes. Oh, you. Oh, you don’t forget that. There we go. You two are not going to push me out of the family business.

Nobody said we were. I think he’s projecting. Are you projecting? You know, we were just trying to make sure things were fair. We are happy to continue working side by side. I don’t believe you. Not for a second. And just remember, two can play at this game.

He’s gonna go for Christian’s shoes. Well then, no time to waste. That’s right.

I just had a brilliant idea.

And to what do I owe this pleasure? Detective Hunter and I are here to escort you to a cell at Salem PD. But he’s still recovering from a gunshot wound. Yeah, well, he’s also accused of attempted murder of two law abiding citizens. One of whom happens to be the Commissioner’s sister. And according to his doctors, Mr.

Von Leuchner has made a full recovery and is fit to stand trial. Yep, soon as Dr. Johnson signs a release, we’ll be on our way. Okay. Okay, well we still have a few minutes.

How do we get you out of here?

Okay, so let’s hear your brilliant idea. How are we going to get Kristen DiMera’s shares and throw EJ on his oh so British butt? Okay, well, to state the obvious, Kristen’s not going to willingly sign those shares over to us, right? Right. So how are we going to make that happen? Through her Achilles heel, of course.

And what would that be? Oh, yes, Rachel, of course. The apple of her eye.

Well, I don’t know about you, honey, but I had the best time ever shopping with my little girl. I had the best time, too. Well, maybe we should make it a weekly occurrence. What do you think? Can’t we do it every day? Oh, I wish we could, but, uh, guess what? You have school and piano lessons and swimming lessons.

So, you’re finally back, you little brat. Hey, Holly, is there a problem? Actually, yeah. Someone needs to set her straight, or I’m going to break her face.

Great. A welcoming committee. Yeah, have a seat, bud. Listen, I’ve got some great news for you. Your great Uncle Roman here, he is generous.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Sean resigned? I’m as surprised as you are. What’s he gonna do now? Well, he’s leaving town, moving closer to his parents. I guess there’s a good rehab facility out there. I see. Well, at least he’s getting the help that he needs, wherever that may be. Yeah. What are you thinking? Oh. I know Sean promised that it was just a one night stand, what happened with he and my sister, and that it will never happen again.

But, I still can’t help but feel a bit relieved that the two of them are going to be very far apart from each other.

Wait, Mrs. Brady.

Look, I just wanted to say, um, when you walked in on me talking to Sean at the police station, that was just a one time thing, okay? You never have to worry about me dropping in on him ever again. Yeah, I know. Because Sean just left town.

Happy birthday, my love.

God, look at you. You’re still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.


I know you’ve been gone for a while now. But I

still miss you.

Every minute. Of every day.

You’re still with me though.

I hear.

You know, we have um, we have a good birthday planned for you. Julie’s gonna, gonna meet me at the cemetery with the kids.

Spoiler alert. I brought you flowers

and then the kids say I made you a few things.

Remember the good times?

How happy you made us all.

How grateful we are. We were for the time that we did have with you.

We should’ve,

we should’ve had more though. We should’ve had so much more time.

I have, I’ve tried. Believe me, I have tried to get rid of this anger.

Because I know that is what you would want.

But I

can’t. I can’t. Because every time,

I think about how I found you that night.

I think about how you were taken from

us. And I think about Clyde Weston and what you.

To us.

How can that son of

a bitch live with himself? Oh, Ava? Ava Vartali? Yes? It’s so nice to hear your voice. Uh, listen. Little Birdie told me that your baby boy had an accident at work today. And, um, I think you should know. It wasn’t no accident. What? Who the hell is this? Well, uh, you’ll find out soon enough. Cause you and I, we got a lot to talk about, mama.

Why? Why did you attack my son? Well, I think you misunderstood. Um, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do the deed myself. You see, at the present time, I happen to be locked up. You’re in prison. That’s right. You do catch on fast. But like I said, we need to talk in person. So why don’t you mosey on down to Statesville and ask to see prisoner number 49.

9 2 4, a. k. a. Clad Westin.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Clad Westin. Why would you attack my son? Answer me. I await your arrival, Miss Vitale, when all will be revealed. Hey,


where are you going? Um, I, uh, I have to take care of something. I’ll be back. Wait,

Sean left town? Wow, I, I had no idea. Just to be clear, Sean and I are still together. He just went to go spend some time with his parents and get the help that he needs. Yeah, of course. But, you’re not going with him? Not that it’s any of your business, but no. I’ll be staying here in Salem for the foreseeable future.

So listen, if you could just do me a favor. Yeah, anything. Just stay away from me, okay?

Talia and Sean, I know how upsetting that was for you. Never mind me. He cheated on his wife. Yeah, Bell’s the one that’s really going through it. Well, the alcohol clouded his judgment. And hers. But, uh, he realizes he has a problem and he’s dealing with it and that’s a good thing. In the meantime, I need to find you a partner and considering we are understaffed, I’m gonna need to hire someone new.

Yes? Uh, excuse me, Commissioner. Uh, do you have a moment? Is

Belle okay? Why do you ask? Well, because she was in earlier, and she just seemed off. You know, and I, I know that she’s been having problems with Sean, but I thought that you told me he was doing okay and that she was encouraged. She was. She was. Um, but then things have gone, uh, rather badly. They’ve gone from bad to worse, in fact.

And it just makes me so sad because she’s, she… She has supported him. She has stood by him. During his, uh, drinking. During his depression because of his father and his grandfather and now… And now what?

Now he’s cheated on her. Let’s tell you, Hunter.

I know, Mrs. Brady, that this is bad. Listen, Talia, listen. I don’t blame you for what happened. Okay? Not entirely, anyway. I know that this is on Sean. Right. Having said that, though, I’m sure you can understand why I just don’t want to be around you. But it’s going to be hard. It’s going to be hard to avoid each other in Salem because it’s a really small town and, you know, I get the sense that you probably don’t want to be bumping into me either, so why don’t we just agree to just steer clear of each other, okay, like, forever.

Okay, I’m here.

What the hell is going on? Ms. Fatale, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Oh, cut the crap. Why’d you have my son attacked? Right to the point, huh? I do lack that in a woman. Okay. Why did I have you sign up tech? Because you screwed up my plans. You see, I’m trying to build a business empire from in here. Oh, an empire, huh?

Of what? Toilet wine? Blue cigarettes? No. Pharmaceuticals. And we were all about ready to launch. When you nearly destroyed the entire operation. And how’d I do that? Well, you see, I couldn’t really run a business from in here, so I needed a partner on the outside. Oh my God, can we please get to the point?

Well, let’s just say that this partner was less than a willing participant. But, I found the means to force him to do my bidding. Until, of course, you stole my leverage. Leverage? What leverage? What the hell are we talking about here? We’re talking about the partner I just lost. Who happens to be a close personal friend of yours.

Mr. E. J. DeMare.

Chad, what brings you by? Uh, you know, Thomas and Charlotte wanted to see Rachel. Apparently her toys are much, much better than theirs. Yes, I think she got a new hole last week. Right. Anyway, I thought it would be good for the kids to have a play date. Yeah. We just came from Abby’s grave. Of course. Today is her birthday, isn’t it?

Yeah, you remember. She was my sister and all. I

miss her too.

Mr. Michaels. What can I do for you? Well, I was hoping to have a word with you. Your assistant said now might be a good time, but I don’t mean to interrupt. No, you’re fine. I was actually just about to go grab some lunch. So, excuse me. So, Amanda, what’s up? Uh, you know, I’m a bit reluctant, um, given the circumstances and, uh, my recent history and not so recent history.

You know what, I think this is just a mistake. Wait, wait, what’s a mistake? What’s on your mind? Well, I’m here because, um,

I wonder if there’s any possibility that maybe… Harris, why don’t you just say it? I need a job.

I still can’t believe the, uh, the news about your, your mother. I mean, You must be so happy, so relieved. I am. I, I just… I just wish that she could have stayed. Did she go back to Memphis? Couldn’t wait to get back to Roger and tell, tell him the good news. That, like the king himself, the rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated.

Yeah, I envy you. Yeah, I mean, your mom may have gone home, but, uh, but she’s out there. Somewhere, you know, she’s just a, she’s just a quick flight away. Yes, that’s, that is true. And Chad, how I wish that were the case with Abigail. I know today is especially difficult. Her birthday. Yeah, it is. You know, let’s um, focus on the good news.

You got your mom back. I do. I do. And, and, honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment that Harris Michaels brought her through those doors.

You need a job. Oh, you mean here? Yeah. Yes. Here. I mean, although I may not have experience with law enforcement, I was talking to Kate Brady. Uh, you know Kate, right? Yeah. Yeah. We’re acquainted. Okay. Well, um, she actually mentioned, um, that, you know, the training and the skills that I do have, that I could be maybe of some value to you.

Ah, I see. Right. So when you say training, you mean in the Navy? Yeah, that’s, that’s exactly what I mean. Yeah. I went to the police academy before, then I went to the military, and that’s when I became a SEAL. Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, I’m sure you have quite the skill set. Yeah. I mean, you used it, uh, in those special ops you did for Megan Hathaway, right?

You kidnapped John Black and Steve Johnson. That’s no mean feat. Yeah, that’s uh, not what I was talking about when I said I was qualified. Yeah. So, um, I thank you for your time, Commissioner. Yeah, well why are you rushing off so fast? I was enough.

So, do we understand each other? You and I are just gonna do everything we can to stay as far away from each other as possible because I really just need you to stay away from me. Talia, are you okay? Hey. Hey, I couldn’t hear what Belle was saying to you just now, but I can’t imagine that it was anything good.

No, it wasn’t. But I mean, I get it. She has every right to hate me. Yeah, well maybe she does. But she has no right to be cruel to you. Okay? Listen. I’m gonna go talk to her, okay? No, please don’t, okay? I don’t want to cause more trouble than it already is. So please just leave it. Okay.

Whatever, fine. But listen, Talia. Sean was complicit in what he did. And at some point, Belle’s gonna have to realize that you did not mean to hurt her. And I know, I know this sounds cliche, but please believe me when I say that this will get better, okay? It’ll get easier in time. Yup. I know it will. Because…

Jayna, I won’t be here.

Tripp? Hey. I didn’t expect to find you here. Ah, but here I am. Uh, how’d it go at the unemployment office? Well, I filed my claim. Mm hmm. And then I got the hell out of there. You know, I think that place has the DMV beat. Hands down, worst afternoon ever. Which is why you are definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Well, after the day I’ve had, I can definitely say the same about you. But why are you even here? I thought you had to shift at the hospital. I did, I did. But then I got the hell out of there. And so, if you want it, that means we could. Wait, wait, wait. What about your mom? She’s not here. When’s she coming back?

That’s hopefully not too soon. Yeah, that’s not too reassuring, Tripp. I’m sorry, I know. I don’t know where she is. Uh, she did leave in kind of a hurry, though. Is something wrong? I hope not. Uh, but she did seem kind of rattled. Uh, I don’t know. She has something to take care of. I have no idea what it was.

DJ. What are you talking about? What leverage? You really need me to spell it out? Okay. I had his momma on ice in London. Oh my god. It was you. You handed Susan over to Edmund Crumb.

How? How’d you do it from in here? Providence, Miss Vitali. Providence. An associate of mine just happened upon an injured Susan right after the crash. He flew a kite my way. Wasn’t very difficult to find that Looney Tunes ex husband of hers in London, so I just had her labeled fragile and shipped her on over.

And what, so you just, what, sat on her for about a year? Well, let’s just say that, um, finding investors was a little more difficult than I anticipated. But, lucky for me, Cronus took the side with Susan. Well, no problem to have him keep her under wraps until I did everything lined up, you know, then I was going to use her To force him to run my business But why AJ Well He and I did some business together back in the day And last time I got out of here.

I pitched teaming up again. Did he? Shopping down. Mr Posh Spice in his fancy mansion, but I found the incentive to, uh, Force his perfectly manicured hand. Until you stole my leverage. I think the word you’re looking for is… Rescued. So?

Because I messed up your little plan accidentally. You decide to try and kill my son? It’s fatality. Discretion is appreciated. Oh, you can shove your… I did not try to kill you, son. That was a warning. Because I need someone to replace EJ. And that someone’s gonna be you, mama.

Okay, we’re inside. We’re seated. Now tell me everything. And no, I am not gonna wait until we order. Uh, Jada, I… No, no, no, no. Don’t Jada me. I want you to tell me what you meant by you’re not going to be here. Look, it’s just, I was thinking it’s probably best that um, I go back to California. California? But you’re, you’re settled here.

And you have a good job, a great job at the hospital. Yeah, I know. And look, don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful to Kayla for setting that up for me. But look, I still have connections at Stanford. I graduated top of my class. I mean, it has to mean something, right? Of course it does. But it also means something here, too.

Listen, don’t let Belle run you out of town. You deserve to be here just as much as she does. I’m not so sure about that.

Michaels, I was just giving you a hard time. Yeah, you’re gonna have to be able to take that around here. So, you mean… You’d be an invaluable asset to Salem PD. Especially since we are severely understaffed. So, I’m hired? Well, no. I mean, I have to run it past the mayor. Especially considering the fact that you’d be a pretty unorthodox hire.

This would also probably put you back in the headlines. But, um… As long as the mayor doesn’t have a problem with it, I’m open to see you on PD.

I guess we’re pretty lucky then that their Harris Michaels blew into town. I suppose that’s true. But, none of this would have happened if Ava hadn’t remembered seeing my mother escape the car before it exploded. And, as much as I hate to admit it, I also have Ava to thank for bringing my mother back home to me.

Ugh. So, ketchup or hot sauce? Hm? To muscle down the, the hat? Or did, I mean, there’s no way you could have eaten it dry. Or did, was it crow that you had to eat? Yes, yes, yes. Enjoy it while it lasts, brother. So, then, um. Are you actually turning over a new leaf? Are you and Ava square? I’m not going to do anything drastic if that’s what you’re asking me.

But I don’t think square is the word I would use. Ava may have brought my mother back to me. But she is also responsible for my mother disappearing in the first place. I lost a year with my mother, Chad. And I won’t forgive her for that.

You want me to run your new drug empire? You used to run banks for the Philly mob, didn’t you? That was a long time ago. I’m going straight. Trying to put my life back together, and that starts with getting a legitimate job. Well, I’ll set you up with a legitimate job, alright? That’s not a problem. I got connections at the Bistro.

The Bistro? Mm hmm. What, in Horton Town Square? That’s the one. It’ll be a front, but… You’ll look the part. And none of your loved ones will be any of the wiser. Speaking of What? Well…

You know, I expected you to put up a little bit of a fight about this, which is why I sent my friend to visit your son. But like I said, that’s a warning. And if you don’t… Do what I ask you to do.

We sum to dead man.

You know what, this might be about Harris Michaels. Why do you think that? Well, when I got here, he, uh, was here. And they were a little friendly. Oh, friendly. Yeah. Which is a euphemism for more than friendly. Yeah. So you think there’s something going on between them? Well, my mom tried to deny it, but then, uh, she ended up telling me that the two of them are planning to have dinner.

Oh! Mm hmm. Good for them. Mm hmm. And, you know, they say the best relationships start out as friendships. Oh. Yeah. I mean, look at us. Oh.

What’s wrong? It’s nothing. Wait, wait. Is that a bandage in my hair? It’s nothing, really. Tripp, what happened? I was attacked at work. You were what?

So, a patient attacked you at work. You need to be bandaged up. And sent home early, and I don’t hear a word about it? I’m telling you now, and honestly, it’s really not that big of a deal. Trip, you got stabbed. It wasn’t a stabbing, okay? It was a minor cut. Really, the artery’s severed. Oh, how comforting. So?

Was this guy facing charges? They arrested him, right? Actually, he kinda got away. My God, so he’s still somewhere out there. What if he comes back? He won’t. Okay, hey, look. It was just some junkie, right, that went a little nuts. Okay, it’s not like he was out to kill me.

So, if I don’t agree to help you… Yeah, uh… I’m no fancy lawyer like our friend EJ, but from my perspective, I, it looks like you’re trapped. Oh, I’m trapped, okay. It’s pretty interesting coming from a guy who’s sitting here in prison. Oh, well, don’t let these four walls fool you, you know. I think I’ve proved that I can get to anyone on the outside.

And my friends would only be too happy to pay your son a visit on my behalf. Once again. So I don’t have a choice. If I want to keep my son safe, I have to run your business.

I do believe you finally get it.

And I would keep my pretty little mouth shut about this arrangement if I were you. Which, I don’t think should be a problem. You do strike me as a kind of woman who’s really good at keeping secrets.

Yes, sir. Ray, Bob, I do believe this is the beginning of a very profitable friendship.

Oh, I really, uh, I really appreciate this commissioner. Now that I’m working with the Salem PD in an official capacity, maybe there’s still a chance I can get that confession from EJ DeMera after all. Yeah, well, I won’t deny that that thought crossed my mind as well, but, uh, I have something else in mind for you.

Talia, don’t say that. Of course you deserve to be here. Yeah, well, I don’t agree with you. Okay, and even if I did deserve to be here, how can I have a life here now? I mean, I literally work at the hospital with Belle’s mother. Don’t even get me started with Chanel. I thought that was going to be something and now, seeing her with Johnny, you know, that hurts way too much.

So please, can we just face it that Salem was just a failed experiment for me. Tell you, listen, I know you’ve had a lot of disappointment here, but listen, I’m still here. I’m your big sister and I love you. You ride or die. T right. And trust me, I love you too. Okay. But. This isn’t something I just thought about in the spur of the moment.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, okay? So please, please just try not to talk me out of it anymore. This is something that I really need to do.

I’m gonna go



Jada. I know this has been hard for you. Talia’s grown up a lot in these past few months, and if she says that it’s time to go, then I believe her. It’s time to go. It’s not necessarily forever. Maybe, maybe she’ll take this time, and when she figures things out in her head, then maybe she’ll come back. Yeah.

Yeah, maybe she will. Yeah.

Hey. Hi. You’re heading to Cali? Yeah. I booked the last seat on the last flight tonight. Well, we’re gonna miss you. We will. Although, I can’t say I blame you with this Midwestern winter coming. Yeah. Yeah. You left to the airport? Um, no. Thanks. Um, I have a car coming. Okay.

So, um, you got everything? Yeah, I think so. But I know if I forget something, I know you’ll mail it to me. Yeah. You know, I got you, sis. And besides, it’s not like mom wouldn’t buy you two new things if you had anything you left anyway. You know. So, um, I’m gonna go. I’m gonna miss you so much. I’m gonna miss you too.

Be safe, okay?

Oh, looks like they approved my unemployment. That’s great. What’s the bad news? In order for my benefits to continue, I’m going to have to show meaningful proof that I’ve been searching for a new job. I was the head of the IT department at DiMera, okay? I can’t just find a health wanted sign in the square.

He just wants you to put something down. Don’t worry too much. Hey, think of this as a bonding opportunity. You could, uh, pound the pavement with my mom. Your mom? Yeah. She’s looking for a job too.

Ava. Oh,

hey. You okay? Yeah, yeah, I’m,

I’m, I’m, I’m fine. Okay, that’s good, because I have some news. Yeah? Just got a job at the Salem PD. Ray fired you, huh? Wow, that’s, that’s crazy. It’s great. Yeah, I couldn’t, I couldn’t believe it. And he’s already assigned me my first case. Really? Yeah. What is it? He wants me to find the person who delivered Susan to Edmund Crowe.

All right, well, I should probably, um, round up the kids. Promise them ice cream. Celebrate their, their mom’s birthday. Right? Chime. My heart breaks for you. And you may not want to hear this right now, but I wish to hell that I killed Clyde Weston when I had the chance. Especially when I’m around your wonderful children.

And mother cruelly taken away from them. From you.

Actually, I, I don’t mind hearing that. I am often, concerned with anger.

Really is a shame that, Belle and Sean, Showed up last year before we had a chance to take that bastard out. It would have been quite fun watching him bleed out in that cemetery.

Well, what do you know? Looks like this is going to work out after all.

Sorry for falling apart like this. Alright, it’s okay. It’s understandable. Jenna? Honey, what’s wrong? Hey. Hey, um, my sister, she’s, she’s leaving Salem. She’s actually on her way to the airport right now. What? But she just got a job at the hospital. I thought she was happy. She was, uh, up until recently. Oh. So it’s, is it about Sean?

And sleeping together? The repercussions thereof? You knew about that? Well, Marlena told me. Hey, look. No judgment whatsoever, but I think it probably is best for Marlena, Belle, and Vitalia too, that if they’re just not in close proximity for a while. Yeah, I, I get that. I just, I just wish it didn’t end up this way.

Of course not.

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Days Transcript Monday, October 16, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Good morning, love. Thanks for letting me sleep in so late. I was up until about 3 a. m. dealing with that miserable PR crisis. You were dead asleep when I came to bed last night, so we didn’t get to end the night the way we usually do, but maybe we can start the day

that way. I wasn’t. Expecting to come face to face with Susan Banks, alive. You saw her? I just know. Must be such a huge weight off of your shoulders knowing that you aren’t a killer after all. I’m just so glad she made it. I spent so with guilt over what happened to her. Which I’m sure shocks you since you think I have no conscience that I’m a terrible person.

I don’t think that’s it. I never thought that. It was just, with everything that happened, or what I thought had happened,

I was just afraid to let you back into my life. But now, am.

I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.

This whole thing has just got me so emotional. I’m, I’m so sorry. I know that you’re with Chloe. No, I’m not. Chloe’s moving back to New York with Phillip. She and I are over. But that doesn’t change anything between you and me, Sarah, I, my God, you tried to deprive me of being a father to my own child. You did everything in your power to keep the truth about my daughter from me.

And I regret that now. Maria

is, she is just as much a part of you as she is me, and depriving you of our beautiful baby. It was, it was, it was so terribly unfair. I know that now. I know I was wrong.

Well, I

guess we both know what it’s like to want something so much

that you’ll do anything to hold on to it.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hey! Hello. Oh, hey! Hey! Oh my gosh, welcome back! Thank you, thank you. It’s good to be back. Ah, I heard that London was, uh, an adventure. Yes, yes. I still can’t believe all that happened. I mean, Susan Banks is still alive, which got my mom off the hook for murder, obviously. And not only that, my mom is doing really well now, mentally, in that they released her from Bayview.

That’s a lot to take in, right? Definitely. Yeah. Thank you. Well, um, now that your mom is free, is she going to be staying around Salem for a while? Um, she’s, I don’t think she’s made a decision yet. Uh, she just kind of wants to take a minute to catch her breath. Probably wise. Yeah, just hope that, uh… What?

What do you hope? Well, that just whatever she decides to do, it just gives her some sort of stability. You know, some peace of mind. Because after everything she’s been through the last couple of years, the last thing a mom needs is more drama.

I’ve wanted to do that for quite a while. Yeah, same here. Even though I just told my son that… My feelings for you were not romantic. I was telling Dr. Evans that my feelings for you were strictly platonic.

Well, we, we met at

the time,

right? Yeah, just at the time. Mm. So you were… You’re admitting to me that you shouldn’t have kept me in the dark about my daughter.

Yeah. Yes, I am. Sandra, it wasn’t, it wasn’t some random decision on my end. Yes, I, yes, I know that it was wrong, Mal. I, I do. But at the time, it felt completely justified. I, I mean… Charlie, you understand that, like No! No, Sarah, I don’t, because Look, I know I’ve been a screw up at times, far too many times, I’ve made some terrible decisions, but when we were together, every choice I made, good or bad, smart or stupid, I made because I loved you, and you You know that.

So how could you not know that I would also love our daughter with all my heart? I would be a good and loving father to that little girl, our little girl. Not only would I never place her in danger, I would protect her from danger with every cell of my being. Sarah, how could you not know that?

Susan Banks was being held captive by Edwin P. Crumb, her ex husband. Crumb, currently in Scotland Yard’s custody, claimed in his statement that shortly after the deadly car crash, which supposedly killed his ex wife, he received an unsolicited phone call from a person who then delivered Miss Banks to him.

Crumb denies acting in concert with this individual and claims not to know the individual’s identity. Well, Mr. Crumb, you poor stupid mook, you do speak the truth. Yes, sir. There’s no way you’d know who arranged that little reunion with B. J. DiMera’s mama. And even if Scotland Yard and Ray Fernandez and the Salem Keystone Cops put their collective pinheads together, I’d still never figure it out.

It was yours truly who accomplished that. What the hell did you accomplish, Clyde?

Chad, what’s going on? It’s nothing, I’m sorry. It’s not nothing, clearly. What’s, what, what did I do to make you pull away from me like that? It’s not you, it’s just me. I’m, I’m sorry, that sounds so cliche. Chad, it’s okay. You can tell me. What’s wrong?

It’s Abigail’s birthday today.

Oh, Chad, I’m so sorry. I forgot it was Abigail’s birthday today. That was thoughtless of me. Of course this day would be hard for you. Yeah. It’s, it’s been, um, much harder than I thought it would be. And, and what makes it even tougher is that it was about this time last year that we found out who, uh, took her from us.

That was Clyde Weston and I almost killed him and there is a part of me that still wishes I would have shot that son of a bitch when I had the chance.

Lucas, why don’t you just mosey along? Yeah, I’ll keep it moving. No problem. You’re the last person I want to cross paths with today anyway. Well, why’s that? You got another one of your Alcoholics Anonymous punch parties to host? Actually, it’s my niece Abigail’s birthday today. You remember Abigail, don’t you?

I mean, you must. You’re the one who murdered her in cold blood.

Yeah, my mom was worried, you know, when she got back from London, that they were gonna send her to Statesville or back to Bayview. But, uh, they discharged her. Which is great, but that just means that she had nowhere else to really go. Yeah, and I, I know you want to be there for her. I, I understand that. Yeah, but I can tell by the look on your face you’re not too thrilled about it.

Her staying with Wendy and me, I mean. Well, I, I have to admit that I am concerned. And so is your dad. I mean, why wouldn’t you be, given your history with my mom? But, okay, she really is doing better. I mean… She’s gotten treatment. She’s going to therapy. She seems committed to doing whatever it takes to get her life back on track.

They’re sending an OD patient into the ER. I have to go.

You know, we’ve got feelings that are more than platonic, I, um,

I’m thinking that maybe we should just, uh, Yeah, okay.

Say no more? I mean, it would be better if…

Okay, you’re right. You’re right. Just to put this… on hold. Until we get our lives back on track. Before we, uh, start. Something. Right? Right? Mm. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. We should, uh…

Just… Stay over there. Mm hmm.

Hey, Mr. Galvin, uh, you told the ER nurse that you took some pills. Tell me what exactly what they were just my regular meds, and I’m fine now. I don’t need to be here I’m not hurting anybody my concern is right now that you might be hurting yourself, okay? So we’re just gonna draw a little blood and see what’s going on with you, okay?

You’re not taking any of my blood, but I’m gonna take some of yours

Maybe maybe I should have known that in spite of all of your Screw ups as you call them That you would never actually put your own child in danger. But the truth is, I didn’t.

I shortchanged you and for that I am, I am so truly sorry. But right now, You’re shortchanging me if you’re not even going to at least try to see it from my perspective.

I didn’t, I didn’t want my daughter to grow up with a father that could end up in prison or dead and, and I could, I could never live with myself if something happened to you that affected our child. I had to protect her. Can you understand that? I suppose I can.

It’s just, when we were, the way I felt about you, Sarah, I, I just wanted you to be happy and to give you a good life and I, I can see now I got so desperate to make that happen that I, well I made the kind of terrible choices that, that caused me to lose you. The best thing that had ever happened to me, you know, the love of my life.

I loved you too, Xander.

I did.

Things were good between us. You had my whole heart. And you did make me happy. You… You made me so happy.

Don’t you know that walking away from you was the hardest thing that I have ever done?

Oh my God, what’s going on in here? Ah, I’m okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. A patient got paranoid while I was trying to draw his blood and grabbed his scalpel. Did he run off with it? No, I grabbed it from him, but not before he cut me. The cut’s not too deep though, he just missed the artery. Well, I’m sure the security will catch him.

Here, sit down and let me fix that up. God. Um, like,


I know we’re both kind of disoriented right now. Okay, I’ll speak for myself, okay? Oh, God. Look, I just… I don’t know where my life’s headed right now. You know, here I am, I’m just staying with my grown son on his couch with his girlfriend, and I just… You know, I’ve got no money, and I don’t have any idea what kind of a job I could even get.

You know, the only work experience I have, well, let’s just say the only thing on my resume is, um, Mob Princess, and I’m not really interested in that line of work anymore. Yeah? I don’t know, maybe not knowing exactly who you are, it’s um, could be a clean start. Right? An opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Yeah. Yeah, I suppose. God, I don’t even know. I don’t have an idea as to what to do. All right, let’s, uh, let’s think for a second. Okay. Yeah. So, if you can do anything in the world, anything, what would it be? Hmm. Well, I do love to cook. There you go. And a lot of people love to eat. So, maybe you can find a way to feed people for a living.

Yeah. Maybe I could. Yeah. I’ll think about it. Yeah. What about you? If, um, if you could be anything in this world, what would

you be? So, I mean, I… I just have to wonder, even though I know that I did the very best I could to try to get them through some difficult times, was there, I mean, was there more that I could have done for my now adult children when they were kids to, to make life easier for them now? Kate, we both know by now that all we can do is our best.

And… The way that our children turn out sometimes is just in the hands of the gods. For lack of a better way to say that. But I think we can be optimistic. And we can just hope that they find their way. Yeah, I, yes, of course, I just… I guess I’m just feeling abandoned, you know, with Philip going off to New York, Rex is back in Chicago, Austin’s in Europe, and Lucas…

Oh, Lucas, my precious son, who had, who had so much promise.

Well, listen, Lucas, just for the record… I didn’t intend to kill Abigail Demare. You pathetic psycho. Why does it matter what the hell you intended to do? You went to the mansion with murder in your heart. You wanted, you wanted to murder another innocent woman, didn’t you? But that wasn’t personal. Belle Brady would have just been, you know, collateral damage because EJ made the big mistake of telling her my business and I had to send him a message.

You sick bastard. How do you live with yourself? How, how do you get through one day knowing all the pain and the suffering you caused? My niece is gone. She had her whole life ahead of her. How are you still alive, man? You don’t deserve that. How do you live with yourself?

Clyde Weston is locked up in Statesville where he belongs. And maybe it’s… Cold comfort, but at least you know that he can’t hurt you or anyone you love ever again. If I had killed him, I wouldn’t be here for my kids. Thomas and Charlotte who are my heart.

Chad, so many people love you. Need you.

And I hope you know I’m one of those people.

I’m sorry I pulled away.

It’s okay. You don’t need to apologize for that. Or for anything. Especially not today. I’m gonna, I’m

gonna go to, uh, Abby’s grave for, uh, a little while. Yeah, of course. I’ll come with you. Uh, Uh, I would rather you not.

I just, I just needed, I just needed to be me and the kids today. I hope that’s okay. Of course. I totally get it. I’ll see you later then? Yeah, I’ll see you later.

Well, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t get all choked up over Chad’s loss. You see, him and his brother EJ? Not such upstanding citizens. It was Chad trying to kill me. And when I tried to return the favor by choking that little sumbitch, EJ put a bullet in me. And here you are, still alive, sucking all the oxygen out of the room.

And what, are you thinking you can change that, Lucas? I’d like to see you try. You don’t have the guts for that kind of thing. As I recall, you had your mind set on killing Orpheus and you wimped out. You just lost your nerve, didn’t you? I didn’t kill Orpheus because I thought that he killed my mother.

Turns out my mom was alive. But Abigail’s not coming back, is she? So I don’t have to show you the same mercy, do I? Do I? Do you think you’re scaring me, you little miss head? You couldn’t kill a stuffed deer with a cannon at five paces! And let me remind you, I got clout in here and on the outside, so I’d be really careful about who I threatened if I were you.

I don’t care what you say, I’m not scared of you. Well, you should be, because I don’t have to hurt you to hurt you, you know what I mean? And I’m guessing you wouldn’t want to be mourning yet another loved one.

Uh, security says the patient is no longer in the vicinity. I guess they didn’t catch him. Damn. Okay, well, you are good to go. Well, thank you. I guess I’ll go back to work. Uh, uh, uh, nice try. No. You know hospital policy. If you are a victim of an assault, you need to either be admitted or go home. I know. I’ve already missed all those days when I was in London.

Well, you’re gonna miss one more. Go home and get some rest. Go on. Go, go, go. Okay. I’m going. I’m going.

Well, you know, like we were talking before, um, I got a room at the Brady Pub, so I gotta figure out how to pay rent.

And I was talking to Kate and she seems pretty convinced that the Salem PD could use somebody with my skill set. Well, do you want to be a cop? I’m a cop, a consultant, I don’t know. I mean, I did go to the police academy before I enlisted. And a lot of people go from the military to law enforcement, but obviously I’m going to have to talk to Commissioner Hernandez to see what he thinks.

Okay, well make sure you don’t use me as a reference because I am not his favorite person. Well, if I get the opportunity to work with the Commissioner, I’ll try not to hold that against him.

If it’s any consolation, the moment that Bonnie and my mom found out that I was pregnant, they thought that I should tell you the baby was yours. In fact, my mom was very upset with me for keeping it from you. She has always been on your side. She’s always reminding me that whatever choices You did make.

You did love me. Maggie has a heart of gold. Yeah. Yeah, she does. And,

just so you know, Rex had nothing to do with the decision that I made. That was all me. I chose to keep you.

But now…

With Susan being alive, and seeing how affected you are by that.

I think that I’ve, I think that I’ve made it clear that that changes things for me.

Victoria is your daughter. You were there for her, and for me, the moment that she was born. Xander,

you were her father. And I want you to be a part of her life.

Hello? Yes, I’ll accept the call. Lucas, is everything alright? Yeah, Chad, everything’s okay. Um, I just, I know it’s Abigail’s birthday today, so I was just calling to check up on you, see how you’re doing. That’s nice of you, Lucas. Um, I appreciate that you remembered. Of course I did. You know, I wish I could be there with you and the kids today.

But, um, I just hope you’re around people who love you. You know? I mean, you do have a lot of people who love you. You know that, right, Chad? Yeah. No, yeah. Yeah, I do.

Hey, Mom. Hey! Oh my gosh, I’m so glad to see you. Bad time? No, no. Actually, I have a few minutes. Um, what’s with all the security downstairs? Crazy, I know. There was an incident with a patient. Actually, he assaulted Tripp. What? Oh my god! Is he okay? He is fine. It was just a minor cut, but still. I had to send him home.

He didn’t want to go, but it’s hospital policy. So, so, what about you? What are you doing here? Um… I, uh, well, I was hoping to take my mom to lunch. Oh, well, I would love that so much, but I can’t. I can’t take that long a break. We are swamped, and I’m already down one doctor. Oh, well. I guess today’s one of those days I’m gonna just keep hearing no.

What do you mean?

Today is Abigail’s birthday.

Um. I offered to go with Chad to visit her grave. But he told me he didn’t want me there.

Listen, Chad, I know you probably don’t want to hear this right now, but um, I ran into Clyde Weston before I called you, and it gave me a chance to tell him what a waste of a life I think he is. Okay, listen, Lucas,

I’m gonna say what Abigail would tell you if she were here. You need to get out of that place in one piece. Okay, so, so that Thomas and Charlotte could spend some more time with their Uncle Lucas. So, I, I, I need you to steer clear of Clyde Weston. Do you understand? He’s the one who should steer clear of me.

No, Lucas. Don’t do anything stupid. Listen man, I gotta go. My time’s up. You take care of yourself, okay Chad? You too.

So, um,

Yeah? Maybe, um, maybe once I get a job I can, I can take you to dinner? Oh, I’d like that. Mm. And I know that we, uh, Decided to hold off on anything but friendship for now, but I don’t think a hug would be crossing any boundaries. Do you? No. Hey, you

guys. Oh. What’s going on? Tripp, hey. I thought you were, you were gonna be at work. I was, but I, uh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d still be here. Yeah, no, I was just, uh, just leaving. Yeah, um. Take care, Harris. Yeah, you too.

So, what did I miss?

Sarah, I’m just, I’m so happy we were able to, to work this out. I just, I mean, happy isn’t, doesn’t even describe how I feel right now. You know what, Wyatt?

Why don’t I go get our little girl and introduce her to her daddy?

I’m sorry. Oh, this is Justin. I have to take this. He’s representing me, so just give me a few minutes. I’m going to tell him that I’ve decided to share custody with you, and then we can figure out where we go from here. Hey, Justin. No, I’m, I’m so glad that you called. I, I wanted to talk to you. I think I’m going to change my mind.

Wait, what?

Uh huh. No, I understand. Mm hmm. Thank you.

Justin just told me that you filed for full custody. And that Sloane Peterson is going to make the case on your behalf that I am an unfit parent.

Sarah, listen to me. I was, I was very angry when I made that decision. To be fair, you were keeping Victoria from me. I couldn’t bear it. I thought you were being unreasonable. Oh, you thought that I was being unreasonable. Well, if you thought I was unreasonable before, you just wait till I get you into court.

We don’t have to go to court. We just agreed that we can share custody. We can work this out. The hell we can! We agreed to share custody before I had all of the information and you were going to try to take my daughter away from me. Well, if you want a fight, Xander, now you have a fight. Sarah, No, I have heard enough.

My God, I thought that you had changed. Sarah! No! If you have something to say, say it to your lawyer who can tell mine. Now get the hell out of here. I don’t want to see your face until I have to see it in court.


See, this is exactly what I was worried about when Chad and I first started dating. That no one would ever be able to take Abigail’s place in his life. Sweetie, you know what I think? I think this is a very sad day for Chad. He was traumatized by Abigail’s death. I

think you need to be patient.

I know he loves you. I believe that.

But what I don’t believe, is that he’ll ever love me as much as he loved her. Abigail was the love of his life.

Happy birthday, my love.

You’re still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on.

I know it’s been a while since you’ve been gone,

but I still miss you. I’ve ruined it. Of the day.

Um, I’m sorry. Tripp, where are my manners? I know I’m your mother, but I really, I should check with you before I have a friend stay over so long. A friend? Really? Heh. I bet you’re staying here at Good Power Salem for a month. Okay. All right. All right. I will admit, there is an attraction. And full disclosure, Harris and I might have dinner soon.

What? What? What, what, what is that look? It’s dinner, okay? What is it?

What just a patient, an addict came in, strung it on God knows what and I tried to help him and just got a little violent. Oh my God. It’s, it’s okay, it’s okay, I’m fine. Alright, alright, the cut isn’t too deep and I’m, I’m taking some antibiotics just to be sure. Good. Hope they caught the guy. Not yet.

I’m gonna go change. Just give me two seconds. I’ll be back. Hello?

Uh, Ava. Ava Vitale?

Yes. So nice to hear your voice. Uh, listen, a little birdie told me that your baby boy had an accident at work today. But, I think you should know It wasn’t no accident. What? Who is this? Well, uh, you’ll find out soon enough. Because you and me, we got a lot to talk about, Mama.

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Days Opinions For The Week Of 10/9/23

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Theresa from Days

This week wasn’t as exciting as last week’s episodes. The writers dealt with the aftermath of last week’s reveals. We will get into detail about the stories for the week.

For some reason, the writers decided to recast Theresa in the middle of her storyline. The writers decided to use Gwen in the role. The actress is known for playing Gwen. Now we have to get used to her playing Theresa. She still has her accent and for some reason she is sporting a blonde wig. The writers should have given us more time to adjust to her being the character. She was shoved at us too fast. She needed more time so we could get used to her. They never had to stretch her story if they weren’t going to keep the other Theresa in the role. We don’t think we will get used to Emily O’Brien playing the part. Changing her hair isn’t the only thing that will help us get over the fact that Jenn Liley isn’t playing the part. Here’s a question for you. Was her role that vital to the show that she had to be recast like that? We don’t think she needed to be part of the show like that anymore. The show needs more Bradys, but we don’t need her playing the part. We barely got a chance to see the fallout with Gwen/Leo/Dimitri when she was pushed into another storyline.

Brady is suddenly acting like he’s the doting father. He wasn’t around Tate when he grew up, but he’s acting like he is father of the year. We were waiting for Tate to tell him that he wasn’t there for him. He lost Rachel so now he wants to act like he’s the greatest father in the world. We know that he doesn’t care about him. He only cares now because he’s in Salem. We hope that Tate tells him about himself so he can realize that he should have been more involved in his life. Tate is going to be a handful the same way he was when he was a teenager.

We were surprised by Alex’s attitude towards Justin. Last week, he was ready to write Justin off as his father. He acted as if Justin didn’t raise him. He surprised us this week when he had a conversation with Justin. They straightened things out when Justin went to see him. He accepted him as his father. We applauded him for doing that. We thought he was going to keep acting that way towards him. Alex even wanted him to let him know if he gets too big for himself. We liked that. Alex didn’t get too bigheaded yet. Hopefully he won’t get out of hand now that he’s in charge. His conversation with Stephanie probably played a role in his decision to accept Justin as his father.

Belle decided to give Shawn another chance. She wanted to work things out after he was with Talia. We didn’t expect that to happen any time soon. She just found out that he was with her, and she was willing to work on their relationship. There must have been something about her conversation with Philip that made her want to work things out with Shawn. He threw her for a loop when he said that he was going away. He decided to leave town and be with his mother. He didn’t want her to be with him. We weren’t sure what to think about that. You would think that he would want to wo work things out with her, but he wanted to work on himself first. That might be a good thing, but she was willing to fix their relationship. We know Belle decided to leave and we’re not sure if Shawn was fired or not, but there was no reason to write them out that way. They needed a better way to write them out of the show. They are legacy characters and shouldn’t be treated as if they don’t matter to the show.

What is wrong with Susan? Why would she want to defend Xander after what he did to her? He kidnapped her and she begged EJ not to go after him. You would think that she would want him to get revenge after what he did to her. He robbed her of her chance to see her family and she acted like it wasn’t a big deal. We get that the writers want us to forget that he hasn’t been redeemed, but we didn’t forget that. He didn’t pay for his crimes and he needs to in order to be properly redeemed. She was also singing Ava’s praises. Ava didn’t save her because she felt like she should be with her family. She saved her because she wanted to clear her name. Susan is very gullible to think that they cared about her other than to clear their names. It’s too bad that EJ won’t decide to go after them anyway.

Speaking of Xander, he wanted to go after Sarah and sue for full custody of Victoria. He told Sloan how she’s a terrible mother because she was keeping a father away from his child. Does this sound familiar? Sloan is doing the same thing to Eric. He wanted the judge to see that Sarah wasn’t perfect because she lied about her baby’s paternity twice. Sarah would deserve it if Xander won the custody battle.

Sarah found out that Susan was alive. She realized that Xander didn’t kill Susan. She had to rethink things because she knew he wasn’t a killer after all. She will probably expect Xander not to go after the baby. She may know the truth about Xander, but that doesn’t change the fact that she lied to him about the father of her baby. She shouldn’t be let off the hook because she found out what really happened to Susan.


Susan from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Friday, October 13, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, thanks for the update, Melinda. Okay. Talk soon. Anything new? Oh, Melinda’s just saying there’s always red tape when it comes to private adoption and that shouldn’t be a problem. Blah, blah. Okay. Oh, she also said that she can help speed up the process once we have our marriage license. Which is in the works, right?

Well, before you know it, we’re gonna be an old married couple with a kid. Aww. Listen, I’m gonna run down to the pub, grab a coffee, you want me to bring anything back for you? No, I’m good, thanks. I’ll just have a yogurt. Okay. I’ll get it. What the hell are you doing here?

Well, good morning. How nice of you to invite me over for breakfast. I didn’t invite you over for a cozy little chat over croissants. Oh, we’re in a mood. You’re damn right we’re in a mood. What the hell were you thinking going behind my back and telling Sarah that she needs to set me free? I was going behind your back to tell Sarah to set you free.

Well, you’ll be happy to know she took your advice. And she asked me for a divorce. Ah! Ah! Max. Oh my God, you know, this is the best news I’ve had in ages.

She’s already asleep? Oh, Mom, you have the magic touch. I I was up half the night with her. I know, I know, my little girl has her days and nights all turned around. Problem is, is that I’m on the same schedule as the rest of the world. But… From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me a few minutes of me time.

No. I love you too, mama. Alright, bye.

Hi, can I help


Oh! Ain’t you so sweet, are

you? Susan?

Yeah, it’s me. Lovely, I’m just enjoying this really beautiful morning. Would you like a lollipop? Like sand through

the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hello? Hey, good morning. Harris, I didn’t recognize your number. Yeah, uh, no burners for me. I got a new phone. I’m going back to being a semi respectable citizen. Me too. So, how was your first night as an official non, uh, Bayview resident? Oh, well, um, clean sheets, uh, a knife that actually cuts, and… Time with my son, Heaven.

Glad to hear it. Oh, and I’m glad to hear that you found a place at the pub. Yeah, now I just gotta find a way to pay for rent. You know, I haven’t seen many help wanted signs for a washed up CEO whose most recent job was mercenary slash hitman. Don’t say that about yourself. You literally saved my life at Bayview.

You saved Tripp’s life in London, and you helped bring Susan Banks home. You know what I’d call you, Harris? A hero.

Lollipop? Sarah! Did you? This, uh, this is incredible. Oh, did they have the bear claws? Yes, they did. Oh my God, I haven’t shown any of these sweet fit bear claws for some, I don’t know. Is it really you? Would you like to see my ID? You know, all you need to say is, Hello, welcome back. I’m so sorry. I’m so sleep deprived.

I genuinely thought I was hallucinating. Oh my god. You’re alive. Yeah, I thought that we established that. What happened? When did you get back? Oh, sweetheart, it’s been all over the news. Where I have a newborn. I’m so sleep deprived I A baby! You got a baby! That is so wonderful! You’re alive!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I I, I need to go sit down. Okay. Sarah, are you, are you alright? Do you need a hand? Hey. Oh. I

just realized that I’ve… I’ve been so angry at Xander, blaming him for your mother’s death, and, and now he… Now? Now you’re not angry anymore, right?

Like I said, what the hell are you doing here? I have a meeting with my lawyer. Sun’s not your lawyer. She would have told me. Please tell me you’re not his lawyer. As a matter of fact, I am. So what’d you do this time? Why don’t you jump into conclusions? Not only did I do nothing wrong, I happened to be the injured party.

Often the case. Oh, Kay, come here. Aren’t you gonna go grab some coffee? You should have told me.

Yeah, I should have. I’ll leave the two of you to your meeting. See you soon.

Well, he seemed a wee bit ticked off, didn’t he? You know what? You’re going to stop talking about Eric. And now I want you to tell me why you think I can help you win full custody of your daughter.

Nope. Mom, damn it. It’s not the best news because I don’t want a divorce from Sarah and I don’t want to turn my back on my daughter. You mean Xander’s? No, I mean my daughter. And I don’t appreciate you going behind my back and telling my wife that she’s leading me on and ruining my life. I’m defending you.

I don’t need defending. It was my idea to step up and help her raise Victoria. Yes, so Xander wouldn’t find out that Victoria was his baby, but now he knows. It doesn’t make a difference. Of course it makes a difference. Are you kidding? This is Xander Cook’s child. Okay. Do you think he’s just gonna step aside and let you be father to the baby?

It’s not his call. Well, there’s more than that. Sarah, despite her saintly demeanor, has it bad. And I mean really, really bad for that bad boy. And I think you deserve a hell of a lot more than a wife who is hot for the gardener. Stop. That’s enough. Okay! Look, do you think that I want to say these things to you?

Because I don’t. I just hate seeing you hurt like this. And the longer this, this, this charade goes on, the worse and more painful it’s going to be in the end for you. And that’s what I care about. I care about you.

So Sarah is giving you an out. Take it. Agree to the divorce. Let her go.

Well, that’s uh, very nice of you to say, but I don’t think most people would agree. Okay, well you are a hero to me.

My son’s here, I gotta go. Okay, I’ll see you around. Okay. Hey, good morning sunshine. Okay, what can I make you for breakfast? I’ve got bagels, croissants, I can make you eggs anyway. Honestly, I usually just grab a protein shake on the run. Okay, well that’s what you usually do, but this morning is special. Come on, let me take care of you.

Let me thank you for, uh, for everything you did for me. You don’t have to thank me. Hey, you’re my mom. I don’t have to thank you? Mm mm. Tripp, if you and Wendy hadn’t helped me and Harris get out of the country, I would be dead right now. It’s a little bit more than a card on Mother’s Day, you know? Oh, you know, I, I also want to make, uh, breakfast for Wendy, too.

That’s very sweet, but no, she was actually up and out early this morning. She had a job interview. Oh, right, right, right. Well, I hope she gets that job. She probably will. She has a really great resume, and she’s really, really smart. Crazy capable, so. Mm hmm. So, uh, just how serious are things with you two?

Very serious. Oh. Yeah? I’m in love with her. Yeah? Yeah. I’m so happy for you. How about you? What do you mean? Well, how serious is it between you and this Harris Michaels?

Eric? Eric Brady, right? Yeah. Uh, Harris Michaels. I’m sure you, uh, heard about me and none of it’s been good. How do you know who I am? Well, actually your dad rented me your room, upstairs, and I found these pictures in the desk drawer and I brought them down so you can give them back to you.

What’s that? Is that your, uh, is that your daughter? Uh, no. Actually, it’s my brother Brady’s daughter, Rachel. I, uh, I set these aside. I must have left them behind.

Of course, Sarah’s still angry. It’s just great that you’re alive, Mother, but that doesn’t change the fact that Xander Cook kidnapped you and you lost almost a year of your life as a direct result. But… Uh, uh, uh, there is no but. Oh, but, you know what? Sarah thinks Terry’s won, right? Right, Sarah? Yeah. There is.

He’s not a murderer. Not this time. Terrific! With your CV, you, you need to self pedal your judgment. Susan, I, I am so thrilled that you’re alive. I… I need to get back to my baby, so I, I, I will tell my mom the good news. Oh. Yeah.

She found out that Xander hadn’t killed me. Really, really hard.

You know, the first time you talked to me, you said you wanted parental rights. And now you want full custody? Yeah, that’s right. Uh huh. You know, Eric’s not the only one who remembers what you’ve done. And Sarah, she’s, she’s a loving mother. A doctor. A real pillar of our community. Yeah, and my big sin is that I kidnapped Susan Banks and she ended up dead, but now we all know that Susan is alive and well and just as annoying as ever.

So Sarah can’t exactly call me a murderer in open court, can she? And I realize that, and maybe that helps whenever it comes to parental rights, but Xander, I mean, you still kidnapped her. But more than that, the baby was just born. I mean, do you know how extreme that’s going to be to take her from Sarah now?

Well, not if she’s an unfit mother. Unfit. Sarah lied to me. She told me flat out that I’m not Victoria’s father. She put another man’s name on the birth certificate and married him to keep me away from my kid. And it’s not the first time. She did the exact same thing to your boyfriend, Eric Brady. You’re my God’s son.

Who would keep a child from knowing their own father? I’ll tell you who. A monster.

There’s nothing between me and Harris. Well, except friendship. Well, I heard you call him your hero. Well, he is one. He saved my life. And yours. Tripp, I know that you don’t really like him, but No, look, we’ve come a long way since the exploding pizza box in Seattle. And I know he didn’t just help you. He risked his own life to save yours.

And mine. And I’m, I’m very grateful for that. But But, but what the two of you met at Bayview when you escaped that place together, you went to London, dodging bullets. It’s all very. Intense. Yeah. And we got through it together. We bonded. Sure wasn’t more than that.

Yeah, it was my, my fault. I assumed that it was your, your daughter. No, it’s all good. It’s understandable. You have kids? Uh, not that I know of.

You have been a little bit of a, a blur. Hmm. And if, you know, if you’re worried about me staying here. Just so you know, I’ve been in treatment with your mom, and she’s, she’s been a big help. She swears that I’m no longer a threat, you know, a menace to society. Well, my mom is seldom wrong about those things.

And my dad, well, he’s an ex cop, so I’m really not worried about him. Yeah, no, I know. I grew up in Salem. Really? Yeah. I know people think it’s kind of strange that I’m sticking around after everything that went down, but… You know, it’s really the only place I’ve ever been able to call home. And now I’m…

Kind of starting over trying to figure out who I am and who I want to be

Yeah, I know Eric did mention something about that to me he was just very big How exactly did Sarah keep him from his daughter the same as with me? She told him some other guy was the father Well, who did she say was the father? That’s not important, but you’re gonna marry the guy You know how much he wants kids you can imagine what that did to him Yes, I can.

Well, my point is, this woman has a history of lying to keep men away from their own children. And you think that makes her an unfit mother? Well, don’t you? Well, it doesn’t really matter what I think. But I do have to admit, I think this gives us a good play in court. Especially if we draw a male judge. I don’t want to leave anything to chance.

I want you to go for the jugular, that’s why I hired you. You really hit this woman with guts. Yes.

Yes, I do. It’s not a question of me letting her go, is it? It’s exactly what it is, okay? Sarah married you, the fool Xander. You married Sarah for love. She no longer has any use for you, so she’s moving on. My fear is that you’re going to spend the rest of your life pining after that sanctimonious… Okay, okay, stop, stop, stop.

Mom, you’re not helping. Okay?

If you could just tell me that you see and you accept the fact that she is never going to feel for you, would you feel for her? Mom, it’s…

Ah, hello, Sarah. We were just talking about you. Hello, Kate. So, Rex told me that you want a divorce. Sad. Cause I know exactly how hard you tried to save this marriage. It is sad. Well, when an inconvenient marriage is no longer convenient, what do you do, right? Mom, do you need to leave? Sarah and I need to talk, please.

It’s fine. It’s fine. But right before I do, I’d like to say something. Could you leave him the hell alone? Oh, I… Oh, no. I’ll go. I’ll go. Um, a little love? Okay, I’m just gonna see myself out.

Sorry about that. No.

She has a point, Rex.

I asked so much from you and gave nothing back. Sarah, we have been over this so many times. No, I know, I know.

You’ll never guess who I saw in the square. Susan Banks.

Seems like I’m the last person in Salem to know that she’s back and… Not dead.

I did see the news. I was going to tell you. What was your reaction to that?

Well, um, I realized that that leaves Xander more of a leg to stand on in court. Obviously. So is that a change of mind? About the divorce?


I do, um,

I think your mom is right. I think it’s time for all of us to move on.

You could see Sarah’s eyes light up when she realized that Xander was innocent. Xander Cook is not innocent. As you were one of his victims, you should know that more than anyone. You need to stop getting yourself all worked up. We agreed that you were going to leave Ava Vitale and Xander Cook alone.

Mother, I know, I know you have a big heart, but those two are not stray kittens. They are dangerous people who have done terrible things. Oh, just like you have. And I can’t. You know what? I won’t forget that Xander felt very badly about kidnapping Manny. He treated him real nice. Oh, well that makes all the difference then.

I mean, it’s not really kidnapping when they’re nice about it, right? I, you know, I do not like it when you get sarcastic like that with me. It just, it gets me suspicious. Suspicious? Yes, about what you’re thinking. Mm hmm. And now, right now, darling, you are gonna swear to your mama, on your mama’s life, that you will never harm…

A single hair on their heads. I wouldn’t dream

of it. You’re not the only one who’s trying to figure things out. Yeah, starting from scratch. It was actually nice of your dad, you know, to give me that room without a security deposit, but I do have to find a job. You know, actually my dad said the other day he was looking to hire some help. Yes, and it turns out he hired a 16 year old kid.

Uh, I think grandson, is that, is that it? No, no, no, he’s actually his great nephew. Great, yeah, wow. Well, I’m never gonna get the, uh, Brady family tree. That makes two of us. Good morning, Eric Harris. Hey, did you sleep well? Um, I did, thank you. Are you as happy as I am that they arrested Dmitri von Leusner? And what about Vivian, shooting him in the back?

Too bad the cops didn’t put her in jail before she skipped town. Well, considering they have Ray Fernandez there, that’s never gonna happen. Hey, you should go out. You should go there, down to the station and apply for a job. Police station? Yeah, why not? Uh, because I was just in a mental institution? Yeah, well that’s just a blip.

I mean, you’re looking for a job, they’re looking for serious help, so… Hey, I could give you a recommendation. Tell them how you saved me from that disgusting fishing boat. Yeah, but I just left the country on forged documents also. So, it’s… Yeah, but you also saved Susan Banks, and Rafe didn’t even know she was still alive.

I’m telling you, unlike the incompetent folks at that police station, you actually get things done. Okay, well, Rafe, Ava and I did have some help from Susan.

You better be telling me the truth, Elvish, because I’m not going to be here to keep an eye on you. What are you talking about? Why won’t you be here?

Well, can’t you the divorce, I’m just going to go back to Chicago. You can send the divorce papers there. Yeah. I accept. I’m really sorry. You have nothing to be sorry about. This is my idea, the whole thing. And I don’t want to drag it out. It’s not good for you, me, or Victoria.

I just hope… What?

Maybe it’s not my place to say, but… I just hope you’re not going to get taken in by Xander.


So, do you think if I do sue for full custody that I can win?

I’m going to be honest with you. This is going to be an uphill battle. I mean, Sarah is the child’s mother. She’s a practicing physician. She doesn’t have a criminal record. I mean, look, if you cannot see yourself co parenting No, no, I as long as she stays married to that idiot Rex Brady. I mean, my God! What kind of woman can lie to a man that she says she cares about like that?

I mean, as far as I’m concerned, a woman like that doesn’t deserve a second chance.

Yeah, so do you have any big plans for today while I’m at work? Oh, I don’t know. You know, this is the first time I’ve had a day to myself since, uh, I don’t even know when. You know, I certainly didn’t have even two seconds to myself in Bayview or London. Yeah, I know you and Harris shared a room in London.

He slept on the chair. That is not in my business. Okay, Drew, will you please stop worrying? Okay. Harris voluntarily committed himself to Bayview. He’s determined to leave his past behind him, okay? He is really a different person now. I hear you. But, you did become pretty dependent on him at Bayview. Yeah, and you know what I’m like.

But, after these last few months, I would like to believe that I’m finally a different person too.

Hey, listen, um, I gotta get going, but like I said, if there’s anything I can do, you know, like introduce you around town, whatever, just let me know. Thank you, I might take you up on that. Nice to meet you. You too. Thanks.

Mall security guard, huh? Yeah, well, what’s, uh, what’s wrong with that? Well, there’s nothing wrong with it. I just think it’s probably something else that you’re better suited for, that’s all. I mean, seriously, you should go down to the station. I can put a good word in for you with your new neighbor, Jada Hunter.

Have you met her yet? It’s stressful. She’s the only confident detective on the whole force. Yeah, I don’t know. I mean… Hmm. I’ll think about it. But thank you. And, uh, I gotta go.

So, this is goodbye. Not forever. No, not forever.

I’m gonna go pack. Say bye to Victoria. Thank you for being the best, best friend in the world.

Oh. You be happy.

You too.

Mother, you can’t leave. I just got you back. Oh, but have you forgotten I have a husband waiting for me in Memphis? I certainly try to. Oh,

look at that. Going Edmund P. Crumb on me, huh? Oh, did you just compare me to Edmund Crumb? Oh, besides being tall and British, you and chain you to a bloody wall, am I? Well… Out of fairness, um, he didn’t do the kidnapping himself. So he claims. Assuming he is telling the truth, who handed you to him?

I want to see my daughter. Rex is upstairs with her right now. Can you just have the decency to give him time to say goodbye? Goodbye?

I told Rex that I want a divorce, and he agreed. So, he’s going back to Chicago. Why?

Because of you.

Okay, I’m off. Let me know if you need anything. Okay, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. Okay. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Um, do you want a matcha chiana or a sabuco for dinner tonight? Surprise me

Hey, Tripp is your mom here? Harris, we were just talking about you. Oh, yeah. Yeah Yeah, I was just saying that how grateful I was to you for saving my mom’s life Uh, and mine, but,

but what? Uh, she’s been through hell more than once. Hello? I’m in the room. Yeah, no, go ahead. She just doesn’t need to be dealing with anybody else’s baggage, you know? Okay, didn’t you say you had to get to work? I’m just saying. Okay, have a good one. Go save people, all right? See you later, Mom. Sorry about that, Harris.

Oh, it’s, uh, it’s okay, I get it. Your son just being, uh, protective. Yeah, yeah, and, uh, he knows that I’ve been known to, uh… To… To what? Um… To get obsessive about a guy and then get real stupid. Hmm. Well, I think we might have, have that in common. Yeah? Yeah, I was a little obsessed over Hope, and I thought it was a fine idea not to tell her her husband was alive.

By the time I had a change of heart, it was too late. I can’t really blame that one on being brainwashed. Right. Well, I guess we both know what it’s like to want something so much that, um, you’ll do anything So hold on

to it.

Harris texted me to say that he was happy here at the pub and everybody had been welcoming and kind. Those are his words. Oh Wow, I’m very glad that he’s feeling comfortable. As a matter of fact, you just misdemeanors left. Oh, I wasn’t really looking for him, I wanted to talk with you. I want to see how you’re doing with Philip, leaving town, moving to New York.

Well, the only thing I can actually feel is dread since he’s leaving for New York with Chloe. But, um… I am accepting that it’s his decision, and there is nothing I can do about it. Hey, Mom. Hi, Marlena. Hi, Rex. Hey, what’s this? Don’t tell me you’re leaving town. I am, yes. I’m going back to Chicago. Oh, Rex, no!

Why? Honey, just because you’re leaving Sarah doesn’t mean you have to leave Salem. I mean, Marlena and I were just talking about this. Rex, come on, this is… This is kind of hard on me, you know? I mean, just finding out that Philip is leaving for New York with Chloe, I mean… You mean, Philip is going to New York to live his own life?

The nerve of that guy! Okay. Very funny. Nice. Coming here to break my heart. And you’re snippy, too. Hey.

I love you. And I know my leaving is making you upset. But smile, because Sarah and I are getting a divorce, and that’s exactly what you wanted.

Facts. I

brought you a skull. It’s a peace offering. I know I need to respect your professional judgment. It’s just that Xander, he pushes all kinds of buttons in me. No, Eric, I get that. I get that, obviously. But, um, he told me something that I didn’t know. That Sarah Horton kept you from your child?

Yeah. It’s just not a part of my life I’d like to revisit. But

I mean, you guys can get along now, like you’re all friends, right? Yeah, yeah, of course. It’s… Listen, I understand why she did what she did. But the pain of what happened was all because of the result of a lie. And looking back on it, it’s not easy to forget the pain that she not only caused me, but everyone.

You asked Rex for a divorce because of me?

I… Realize that you were going to make my life a living hell as long as he was with me, sir. Well, I wasn’t expecting to come face to face with Susan Banks. Alive. You saw her? Just now. It must be such a huge weight off of your shoulders to know that you’re not a killer after all. Yeah. I’m so glad she made it.

Spent so many sleepless nights racked with guilt over what happened to her, but I’m sure that’s a shock to you, since you think I have no conscience, I’m a horrible person. I don’t think that, Xander. I never thought that. It’s just…

with everything that happened, or what I thought happened, I was just… Scared to let you back into my life.

But now,

here you are. Here I am.

I sat at that cliffside all night long after your crash. And I don’t remember seeing anything or anyone. Hmm. Well, that is a shame. Because it doesn’t help solve the mystery of what mean, mean, meanie dragged me to the home of that screwball crumb. No, don’t… Well, Elvis, sweetheart, you’ve been running yourself ragged, thinking that your mama was gone all those months, and I just…

Sweetheart, I don’t want you to drive yourself crazy anymore. I don’t want you to do that. How could I not? Mother, someone forced you into captivity and I want to know who the hell it was and why in God’s name they would put you

through that.

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Days Transcript Thursday, October 12, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey. Hey, Alex. What are you doing here? Can’t a father stop by to see his son?

Excuse me. May I help you? I apologize for showing up unannounced. Your valet Henderson told me I would find you in here. I’m sorry, but who are you? My name is Constantine Miliones. I was a close, personal friend of your late husband. You and Victor were friends? Lifelong friends. I’m here to offer my sincere apologies to you for the loss of such a great man.

I can only imagine how hard this must feel for you and your family.

Yeah, Teresa Tate is fine. He is settling in the guest room. Yeah, no, no, listen, I’ll tell him that you said goodnight. Yeah, no, I will. I gotta go. Okay, I’ll talk to you later.

Chloe, hey. Hi, uh, can I come in? Yeah, yeah, sure, of course. So, what’s up? I came to say goodbye. I’m leaving Salem.

You’re leaving town with Chloe? I know this must seem sudden. Well, yeah, you could say that. You just got back. Are you and Chloe back together? Just friends. Friends leaving town together. Not… Together, together, just, uh, you know, at the same time. To the same city. I will admit, I still have feelings for Chloe.

Does she still have feelings for you? She does. But, she just ended things with Xander, and… I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Oh, so going to New York is… Is about each of us getting a fresh start. Hmm. And hey, New York’s not that far away. We’ll be back! You and Sean can visit whenever you want. Well, that’s not gonna happen.

Why not? What do you mean? Well, I guess I don’t know where things stand with Sean and me. You see, he… Cheated on me.

I really appreciate you arranging this on such short notice. I um, I need to get my life back on track. Especially after all the mistakes that I’ve made.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So, are you moving to New York because of what happened with Xander? Yes, and no, but it was definitely a part of the decision making. But mostly I just. I feel like I need to hit the reset button and be close to Parker. Yeah, well he’s gonna be psyched to have his mom in the same zip code, that’s for sure.

Not as psyched as his mom will be. You know, Theresa and I, we don’t, uh, we don’t agree on much, but we do agree that it is nice to have Tate with us. Oh yeah, how’s that going? He’s a teenager, you know, so, we’re working through it. It’s fine. Well, that’s good. It’ll be good for him to be around you. Yeah, I, um, I’m hoping.

When do you leave? Tomorrow morning. Oh. Uh, with Phillip. What?

Yeah, Phillip is moving to New York as well.

Uh, so. Sean’s been cheating on you with his partner’s sister. Well, he said it only happened once. Just like a, I don’t know, a drunken one night thing. But, I mean, I believe him. He doesn’t really have a reason to lie to me at this point. So, are you guys trying to work things out? Uh, actually, we’re not. No point.

No point. I don’t think that there’s anything that we could do to get this back on track. I think my marriage may be over. Uh, Talia, are you, uh, you looking for your sister? No, um, actually, I came to see you. I figured we should probably talk, seeing that now your wife knows about us. Yeah, you, uh, you heard about that.

Yeah. So where do you guys stand? You think she’d be able to forgive you? I don’t know. Belle’s This might be her breaking point.

How you doing? Nice and chilled. Yep. I,

um, just want to state the obvious. You are still my son. In every way that counts. And nothing will change that. I hope you feel that way too.

I do. Of course I do. I’m sorry if I didn’t react well when I first found out the truth.

But now that I’ve had some time to process it, I need you to know that I love you. Very much. I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for my brothers. I’m very relieved to hear you say that. Come here. I love you, Alex. I love you, too. I love you, too. Now, um, What about Maggie? What about it? Well, I heard you took her spot as CEO of Titan.

Yeah, I did. I’m Victor’s heir. Uh huh. So, does that mean you’ll be staking your claim to the family home next?

Thank you.

You have a lovely home, Mrs. Kiriakis. Thank you. It feels kind of empty, though, without my husband. Victor spoke of you often. I know how much he loved and he cherished you. Thank you for saying that. Mr. Melionis. Oh, please, Chris. Constantine. Constantine. Yes. But surely, you didn’t come all this way just to…

Share condolences. A letter or phone call felt too impersonal. Besides, I have something for you.

Sean, I’m so sorry that you have to go through this. Maybe after your wife is done with the shock and the anger, you guys can move past this. Nah, it’s, it’s a lot more complicated than that. God, I just hate the thought that I’m the one responsible for breaking up your marriage. No, listen, my marriage was on rocky ground before you even entered the picture.

And so, if this is the end, the blame falls directly

on me. Some people would say I had this coming. Who the hell would say that? Jan Spears. Jan Spears is a jealous psychopath. Okay, then. My sister, Sammy. Oh, come on. Sammy would not want your marriage to fall apart. Oh, right. After I slept with EJ, she warned me that karma was going to bite me in the ass one day.

You know what? Who cares what Sammy or Jan thinks? Even if they’re right? I mean, come on, Philip. I cheated on Sean with EJ DiMera. Hell, I cheated on him with you. You and Sean weren’t married when we were together. We were engaged. We were basically kids then. And didn’t you tell me that you and Sean were separated when you slept with EJ?

We were on a break. That’s the defense you think I should use? And, and what about the guy in Maine? Belle, I know Sean. I promise you he hasn’t been sitting around waiting to even the score. Look, I can see that you’re hurt and angry. Why wouldn’t you be? But you can’t give up on your marriage. Sean’s in a dark place, but you can help him.

Go talk to him, Val. Right now.

Okay. Okay, I will, but only because you’re so insistent. I am! Because I know you two are meant to be together. Well, am I gonna see you again before you leave for New York? Probably not. What’s been really nice, having you back after all this time. And I am so proud of you for getting our life back together.

Sean can do it too. Now, go tell that jerk you still love him.

So, you’re giving Phillip another chance, huh? No, we are not. Moving to New York, both of us at the same time, but like I said, we are not a couple. Yeah, yeah, but there’s a chance that you two might end up getting together, right? Could happen. I mean, sure, yeah, it could. You know, he still loves me, and I still have unresolved feelings for him.

And I would understand why you’d think it’d be crazy for me to even consider that, considering everything that he put us through. But at the end of the day, I hope that you trust me to make the right choices.

All I’ve ever wanted is for you to be happy. That’s it. I shouldn’t be surprised. I mean, you two were high school sweethearts, and you… You never really get over your first love. I don’t think that’s true. I do. Because you were my first love. And I don’t think I’m ever gonna really get over you.

What is that warning about Greeks wearing gifts? I assure you, this is no Trojan horse. Please, open it. Thank you. My goodness. A photo album? It belonged to my parents. Oh. It’s beautiful.

Oh, these pictures. Oh, is that Victor? It most certainly is. Oh. I’ve never seen a photo of him at this age. He was so young and handsome. There are many pictures of him in there. Our families were very close. Hmm. He had such style. Well, and that twinkle in his eye. I wanna thank you for letting me see this. I appreciate it.

It is yours to keep. I hope it brings you comfort for days and years to come. It’s such a special gift. I, how can I ever repay you? Do you know Victor loaned me money when I started my restaurant? I didn’t know that. And when I tried to repay him, he wouldn’t accept a penny. He wouldn’t even take the free meals I offered when he visited.

So, let’s consider it even. Besides, I would consider your smile payment enough.

You’re making it sound like I just kicked Auntie Maggie to the curb. Well, didn’t you? No. I offered for her to stay on and come work for me. Huh. How gracious of you. More gracious than Maggie was when she fired my ass. Oh, so who can blame you for, you know, wanting a little payback, right? No, no, no, no, that’s not what’s going on here.

Then what is it? Like I said, I’m Victor’s heir. I know this business. I belong at the top of his company. Yes, Maggie was his wife, and despite our differences, I know she and Victor loved each other very much. And I would never do anything to intentionally hurt her.

So you were sincere when you offered her a job. Of course. And as far as the mansion goes, Victor left half of it to me. He left the other half to Maggie. So even if I wanted to give her the boot, I couldn’t do it. And I don’t, I don’t want to. You believe me, right?

Yeah, I do. I believe you. Alright, thank you. And I, I’m sorry if I was, uh, you know, so accusatory. I didn’t really know how it all went down, Alex. Hey, I get it. I get why you’d be worried. But, I’m telling you, it’s not like I just found out that Victor is my bio dad, and now I’m suddenly swimming in this pool of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

Now there’s an image. I’m still me, alright?

I’m just trying to come to terms with this, new reality, like everybody else.

Seriously, Mom? You really gonna pretend you don’t see me sitting here? What I would really like to get ensnared in Chloe’s web again.

I really want you to know that I’m sorry for, uh, everything. You have nothing to apologize for. Um, are you forgetting that all the hell that Kristen and Rachel put you through? Come on. No, I haven’t forgotten that, but Brady, you tried your best in an impossible situation. Yeah, but my best wasn’t good enough, because here we are again, saying goodbye.

Listen. I want you to know that I don’t regret a single moment of our time together. Really? Come on, not a single, I mean, what about the times that Kristen threatened you? I mean, multiple times, right? Okay, maybe a moment or two, but seriously, sitting here with you as a friend, I’m so grateful for all of it.

And you will always be here, in my heart. Always. And you will be fine.

Listen, Sean, we both made bad decisions that night. I mean, you were hurt about your grandfather and your dad, and I was hurt about the breakup with Chanel. You add alcohol to that and stir it up, and… Yeah, it’s a perfect recipe for disaster. Exactly. So, Sean… How about you give yourself the same grace that you’re giving me?

You’re a great guy, okay? And everybody knows that except for you.

I hope I’m not interrupting.

Belle. I need to speak to my husband, do you mind? Yeah, no, no, of course. I was just leaving anyways. Bye, Sean.

Tell her she came here to apologize. I’m not here to talk about

Talia. Okay. What is it you want to talk about? You and me. I am hurt and I hate what you did. But I would like to try to forgive you. And get this behind us so that we can try and save our marriage.

Look, okay, um, I’d better get going if I’m gonna be ready to leave tomorrow. I have so much packing to do. I’m

gonna miss you. I’m really gonna miss you too.

Hey, you fill up my vest, will ya? Really? You mean that? Yeah, really. No, no, of course. No, I do. Listen. I want you to have the best life. Whatever that means. And if you can find it in your giant heart to forgive Phillip, then maybe I’m not ready too, but he must be on the right track.

Chloe is the reason that you were in a mental hospital halfway across the world. Chloe didn’t do anything wrong. Oh my God. Well, no, because she never does. But the people who get involved with her, their lives end up in ruins. That’s not true.

Phillip. You did terrible things. She made you crazy. Literally. And I’m better now. Okay. So why risk relapse by running off to New York with her? You’re, you’re barely back on your feet. And I know Chloe. I know her. She will drag you down again. Look, I know it’s easy to blame Chloe for how things ended up last time.

But she didn’t make me do all those unspeakable things to her and Brady. And we’re not running off to New York together. Okay, so what do you call it? Two friends, with history, getting a fresh start. History. Okay, so is that what they call toxic baggage these days? Because that’s what you share. And if you value yourself at all, you will call off this trip before it’s too late.


I hope I didn’t make you sad. No, no. This was, this beautiful. Seeing Victor so young, I, I felt like I was, I was getting to know a whole new side of my husband. I’m glad I could provide you with a small glimpse into his past. Yeah. But you can’t say that man didn’t have a lust for life. Oh, he embraced life like no man I’ve ever known before or since.

I really should be going. You aren’t heading straight back to Greece, I hope. Oh, no. This old body cannot handle jet lag the way it used to. So then, you’re staying in Salem? For a while, at least. Victor told me so much about this strange and special place. I’m excited to explore it. Where are you staying? I was hoping you could help with that.

Would it be possible for you to recommend a decent motel that is not too expensive? A motel? Oh no, no, no, no, no, I won’t hear this. No friend of Victor Kiriakis is staying in a motel. You’ll just, you’ll stay here. Oh no, I could not impose. Have you seen the size of this place? Trust me, it’s not an imposition.

But you don’t even know me. Tonight, I have felt closer to Victor. Since, I don’t know, since I lost him. And that’s thanks to you, Constantine. So, you are staying here in Victor’s home. And I won’t hear another word to the contrary.

Now that we’ve established that you won’t be forcing Victor’s widow out into the street, I was wondering if, um, if I’m moving back in? You are lord of the manor. Or at least half of the manor. Doesn’t make much sense staying in a modest apartment when you co own a sprawling estate. You want me to move back in?

Yeah. It would be nice to have you there. Sheesh. Most parents can’t wait for their grown ass kids to move out. Well, technically, I’m the one who’s freeloading. I’ll think about it. In the meantime, just keep an eye on things over there for me, huh? Well, there’s not much to keep an eye on. It’s just Maggie and Bonnie and me in a big, old house with a full staff.

I will think about it. Got it.

Alice, um, I’m proud of you. For what? For not swimming in a pool of gold coins. It’s heady stuff to be handed all that money and all that power at your age. I’ve seen it up close, how it can corrupt. How it can change a person. And I can tell already that you’re not letting it go to your head. I’m trying my best.

If you ever start to look at me, and not recognize me, you’re gonna let me know. Right? Dad. I’ll let you know, son. I promise. I gotta get to work.

Thanks for the beer. Pleasure.

Oh, hi. Hi, Marlena. Hi. I thought I heard voices out here. I’m assuming you had company. Yeah, yeah, I did. Uh, Chloe, Chloe was here. Oh, honey, are you all right? I just found out that she’s, uh, she’s moving to New York. With Philip. We’ve, we’ve been over for a while, but I’m gonna miss her. I know you will. You’ve always had a very, very special relationship.

Yeah. Sorry. That’s the office.


The plans are made, Mom. I’m going to New York. Liz, Chloe. Yes? You are aware that she just broke up with, uh, Xander Cook, right? So? So? You don’t think there’s a possibility this is just an elaborate ploy to make him jealous? Chloe’s done with Xander. She told me she’s over him, and I believe her. Well, there’s your first mistake.

Look, Chloe and I were taking things slow. Believe me, I have no interest in feeling how I felt last time. I hated who I became. I won’t let that happen again. How do you know? I know, because… Mom, I learned my lesson. You don’t have to worry about me. Of course I have to worry about you. I worry about you because I’m your mother.

And because I love you more than anything. I know. And I know you just want the best for me.

I thought that I had lost you forever. I watched you struggle through this whole past year and then come out of it. Only to find out that you’ve lost your father.

If you and dad hadn’t helped me get the best care possible. I could have ended up in prison. Or locked away in Bayview. Well, Victor and I did what we did because we loved you and we believed in you. And I still do. I love you too. More than you even realize.

Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Uh,

I wasn’t expecting this. Yeah, neither was I actually. I was ready to… Give up, but I think that if we put in the time that maybe we can get through this, you know, we’ve come this far, haven’t we? I think our marriage and our family deserve a chance to heal. Yeah. Uh, Belle, I can’t tell you how, how nice it is to hear you say this.

That you want to, that you want to forgive me and that you want to work on our marriage. But, um, I’m not going to be here to do that. Let me

get this straight. You, you quit Basic Black to go back to Titan and I got to hear about it from HR. And then I get to hear about my grandfather’s will from Bonnie of all people? I meant to call you. Call me? I think that’s a face to face scenario. You’re absolutely right, and that’s what I should have done.

I’m, I’m sorry. It’s just that things have been a little chaotic recently. So, you’re Victor’s son? How about that, huh? How about that, yeah. Listen, when I found out that he left me half of his estate, I felt like I owed it to the old man’s memory to go back there and run Titan properly. But yes, I should have let you know right away.

Yeah, well, especially considering I hired you right after Maggie gave you your walking papers, right? I know, I know. But I’m gonna make it up to you, and I already figured out how. This should be rich. It is. Almost as rich as I am. That’s, that’s, that’s good. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Basic Black’s exclusivity rights with DiMera Enterprises. It’s ending soon, right? That is correct. You should come on over to Titan. We will make you a better deal than you’ve ever had with DiMera. And then you will be a part of the Empire. Think about it. Victor’s son and Victor’s grandson back together again.

Wow. First you… You stabbed me in the back, and now you want to own me. You really are Victor’s son, aren’t you? Okay.

Hello? Hello there. Oh, Justin, you’re home. Um, I’d like for you to meet, um, Constantine… Meliunas. Meliunas. He’s, he’s, um, Constantine was a very dear friend of your Uncle Victor’s. Oh, Justin Kiriakis. Nice to meet you. A pleasure. I’ve heard so much about you and your family. Yeah, well, uh, so you’re, you came to offer your condolences?

Yes. All the way from Greece. But he’s going to be staying with us for a while.

So, Philip just told me about your plan. And? And?

If my son’s happy, then I’m happy. Thanks for saying that, Mom. Yes, thank you, Kate. So, I’m sure you have a lot of details to iron out before you depart, so I will let you get to that. I’ll stop by to say goodbye to Mara before we leave. You better. Hmm.

Did Chloe… Yes? Be careful of my son’s heart.

Oh, wow, that went a lot better than I expected. Yeah, it did. How’d it go with Brady? Uh, he wished us both well. Really? Even me? Even you. Wow. Generous of them. Thought we were gonna get nothing but grief. I think we should consider this a good sign. I agree. Oh, I almost forgot. I saw Belle. Oh yeah? How’s she doing?

Not well. You know that rough patch she and Sean have been going through? Yeah? It just got a whole lot rougher. You’re going away? Yeah, I found an outpatient rehab center near where my dad’s being treated. Oh, okay. Well, that makes sense. You would want to be near your mom and your dad. Yeah, Ben and Ciara are both there.

I’ll be able to spend some time with my little nephew. Yeah, that’ll be good. You’ll have your whole family there to support you. So, how long are you thinking? Like, six weeks? I mean, I can give up some of my caseload. It might be hard, but I think I can do it, even if it’s just for a little while. Or, I can, I can put in a leave of absence like you did, probably here at the Salem PD, we can get a short term rental.

Belle, I’m, I’m not gonna be gone for just a couple of months. Oh. Okay, well, how long are you thinking? I don’t know. As long as it takes for me to get my head on straight. But the thing is, I, um, Like, I need to do this without you.

Oh wow, poor Belle. I mean, I knew that things were rocky between her and Sean, but I never thought he’d do something like this. She’s pretty messed up over it. But, I convinced her not to give up on Sean without a fight. I’ll be sure to check in with her before we leave tomorrow. Who knows, Belle’s talk with Sean goes well, maybe we can all have a going away breakfast.

A last blast gang send off. I’d like that. So, we’re really doing this? Yeah, looks like it. No expectations. No promises. But a whole lot of hope.

So you don’t want me to go with you? Look, if, if you’re there, my focus is going to be on trying to, to save our marriage. And what I need to be focused on, trying to save myself. And you don’t think that I can help? It’s, Bella, I don’t, it’s like they, it’s like they tell you on an airplane. Right before you take off.

You know, in case the, uh, the cabin loses pressure, you’d… Put your mask on yourself first, yeah? Look, I can’t be worried about whether or not our marriage has oxygen when I can’t breathe myself. So you can’t breathe when I’m around, that’s what you’re saying? No, no, no, Bella, it’s not… I’m not… I’m not saying this right.

I… I just need some… I need some time away to work on my problems. If you and I are gonna ever stand a chance of rebuilding our marriage.

I’m sorry. I hope that you, uh, I hope you understand. Yeah, I get it. I don’t like it, but I get it. I think what I don’t understand is why you can lean on your mom and your sister but not me. I’m your wife. I know, Susan. This is not about me choosing them over you. It’s not. It’s about me showing up for them.

Showing up for them and facing what it is that I’ve done. When I left my dad and I came back here, I just… I just spiraled down, and not only did I, did I not see the damage that I caused, I left, I left my sister and my mom there to pick up the pieces, and I just feel like I need to be there with them, you know, to help myself heal.

And when you do that, are you gonna come home to me?

Yes. I want that more than anything.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Right, well, um, still, I’m, I’m, I’m glad to see you and I know the move can be hard, you know, leaving your friends behind. Yeah. Yeah, but I did just, I did just meet this really cool girl in the park, so. Oh, wow. That was fast. Yeah. Yeah, but I thought… What? Never mind, never mind. I just feel really stupid, but you don’t, you don’t need to hear it.

Oh, come on, Tate. Why did you feel stupid? Because, um, I kind of thought she was into me, but she shut me down pretty quick. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I mean, turns out she’s into someone else, so… Hey, Mom. Tarlas, don’t be discouraged because I’m sure you will meet plenty of potential girlfriends here. Yeah, yeah, it’s just, it’s just a little weird being the new guy in town, you know.

But, this girl Holly did give me her number, so… I’m sorry, did you say Holly? What are you

watching tonight? Uh, tonight, we’re watching… Welcome to your childhood. I have been working on a secret blend of salt and… Chanel, uh, look who’s joining us. You remember Holly, right? Yeah, are you guys back together? We are. That’s wonderful! I’m happy for you. Really happy. But also kind of surprised. I mean, you guys got a divorce, right?

I figured your relationship was totally over. Uh, yes, it was. But, um, Chanel decided to give me another shot. Hmm. But aren’t you into girls now? Oh, uh, girls, boys, I’m into both. Well, that’s a bummer. Excuse me? Oh, no, no, sorry, I meant, um, It’s a bummer for the dating pool in Salem, because you’re such a catch, right?

You know, Holly is right. By the way, you are a total catch. And look who caught you. Again. Look at me.

Um, Dr. Evans. What are you doing here? I came to thank you personally. Susan filled me in on what happened. How you and Ava had realized that she was alive, and how you rescued her from Crumb. She thinks you’re a real hero. Okay, uh, I’m not sure the Salem PD would agree with her, but thank you. You’re welcome.

And if I can vouch for you in any way, at all, please call on me. I appreciate that. But right now I’m more concerned about Ava. I think there’s a good chance she could be sent to prison.

Hello, Ava. How you doing? What did the doctor say? You okay? Oh, yeah, I’m just fine. Good. I’m glad to hear it. As am I. Because now Mother can finally press charges against you for attempted murder.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

What was this girl Holly’s last name? It wasn’t Jonas, was it? I don’t know. She never said. Well, what does she look like? She’s, uh, she’s hot. Very helpful tape. Sorry. Yeah. It’s okay. Oh, I know. Got my phone here.

Is this her? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s Holly. Why do you have a photo of her? Because she’s my daughter.

So, are we good to go here, G? Yes, uh, movie’s all set, so. Mom, I better get out of your hair. What? No, stay. Watch the movie with us. Are you sure? I don’t want to crash your date night. Hey, the more the merrier. And there’s plenty of popcorn. Yeah. Okay. Just, uh, you know, slide over, make some room for Chanel. No problem.

Okay. Thanks, Holly.

This is gonna be fun. Thanks for including me, guys.

Eva was already in a lot of trouble before the two of you went down the lab and you, you put a lot on the line for her. I, I mean, what else was I going to do? Somebody tried to kill her at Bayview. I had to step in. You did more than step in. You escaped from Bayview. You helped her evade the police. And then you helped create an international rescue mission.

I would say you’ve done quite a bit for her. Yeah, I… Like, one thing did lead to another. But Ava was worried that, you know, nobody would believe her side of the story. She knew that E. J. DiMera sent that hitwoman, and the only way to stop him from going after her again was to prove that Susan was alive. So you forged two passports, and you fled the country, and then you went about going on the run, avoiding the police, at your own risk.

I feel like there’s a question in here somewhere. There is. I’m curious. Why you did all that for Ava?

Press charges? I am the reason your mother is standing right here. You’re also the reason she went missing for a year. And you know damn well I wasn’t in my right mind when I did that. Unlike you. You, who knew exactly what you were doing when you sent that hit woman to bathe you to assassinate me. I didn’t know such a thing.

Oh, you lie. You’re such a liar. Prove it. Prove it? Yes. Hey, hey, hey. What’s going on here? Commissioner Hernandez, my mother is ready to make a statement about how Ava tried to kill her. Uh, uh, uh, actually, mm mm, I’m not, I’m not, yeah, I will not press charges against Miss Ava Daly. Would

you like a lollipop?

Uh, that thing I said about that girl, Holly, uh, being hot. I meant that in like a totally respectful way. It’s okay, Romeo. I get it. Dad mentioned that you had a daughter with Daniel. I guess I just, I forgot her name. In my head, she’s still like a little kid or something. Tell me about it. But to my dismay, she is all grown up.

Feels like it happened overnight. Yeah, what a crazy coincidence. I mean, what are the odds? Welcome to Salem. Hey, but since it happened, do you think you could put in a good word for me? Never mind, I mean, what’s the point, right, if she’s in love with this other guy? Um, I’m sorry, wait. Uh, first you said she was into someone else.

Now you’re saying she’s in love? Yeah, that’s what she said. What, did you not know? No. She hasn’t mentioned anything. I wonder who she’s talking about.

Okay, mid movie review, what do we think so far? Oh my god, I’ve heard of Clueless, of course, but I’ve never seen it before. And when you said it was almost 30 years old, I thought it might be in like, black and white or something. Oh my god, Johnny, we are old. Um, wow, okay, well it’s not like we even grew up on that movie anyway, but actually, Holly, Color was introduced to film in its infancy, like a hundred years ago in the uh, silent era.

See, they actually used to Oh, okay, okay, Mr. Movie Buff. We’re here to have fun tonight, remember? Not help write a film studies dissertation. No, that’s really interesting, Johnny. And so far, I’m loving it. Alicia Silverstone and Paul Brett, they make such an amazing couple. Don’t you think? Uh, even though it’s It’s a little creepy that their characters are practically related.

Oh, come on. They’re not related. Not really. They’re step siblings. They didn’t even grow up together. Exactly. And there’s nothing wrong with that because they’re perfect for each other. Okay, okay. I stand corrected. Although, I’ve always kind of had my eye on Jeremy’s sisto. Sisto? You trying to make me jealous right now?

Maybe. Oh, whoa. Oh, my God. Are you all right? Yeah, no, just the, uh, wow. Chanel, that, uh, the popcorn is pretty heavy on the spice. Yeah, I’m sorry, that’s my fault. I like it salty and spicy. Here, let me get you something to drink. What do you want? Um, I’ll take a sparkling water. Thanks. Oh, can you grab me one too, please?

Sure. Sparkling water is all around.


Helping Ava just seemed like the right thing to do. You know, she was scared, she didn’t have anybody on her side, and I was there. It was, uh, as simple as that. It might have been simpler if she told me about Susan after our hypnotherapy session. Yes, I… I think you can understand Ava’s trust issues. Mm hmm.

The person Ava trusts is you. I mean, being locked away together… Can bond people, and to be honest, it’s, uh, pretty lonely at Bayview, and we became friends. Is that all? Uh, why, why are you asking? Well, just, um, for my part, on a personal level, it’s really none of my business. But as your therapist, I think I need to caution you.

That you seem to be in denial. In denial about, about what? About your feelings for Ava.

What are you talking about? Ava drove you off a cliff. She tried to kill you. And that attempted murder is the reason why you were held captive for a year. Oh, sweet, sweet boy. Ava. And her hungry sidekick. They rescued me. Yeah, and Ava has made her a magic. And, sweetheart, I forgive her. Oh. You know, besides, I would rather have Mr.

Commish here. You know, focus on that, that mystery man. The man that shipped me off to Edmund. Oh, yeah, don’t worry. I’m on it, Susie. Alright, that’s it. Let’s go get some grub, hun. Mother, please, is there anything I can do or say that can get you to reconsider? Nope, nothing. Oh, Susan, thank you so much. You, you have no idea what this means to me.

Aw. Aw, lollipop? Yes. Alright, Alice darling, let’s go. Chow down! You’re a woman.

Yeah. So. Mr. Krish. What you waiting for? Yeah. Slow your roll, Vitaly. I’m not out of the woods just yet.

I hope tonight hasn’t been too much of a bust. First getting booted from your mom’s place, and then… Pauly crashing our movie night. It’s never a bust when I’m with you. And I am so loving watching Clueless again. Yeah, yeah, me too. And what a treat! Right, I mean, an actual color film produced in the black and white 90s.

Yeah, you know, I’m kind of glad your mom kicked us out tonight. Me too. Although, I have to say, it has been a lot more lively around here than normal, right? I mean, so many people moving in and out of this mansion in the last year. Oh, including Holly. Right, right. But, uh, she’s cool though, right? Yeah. Yeah, she is.

I mean, pretty low bar, though. All she has to do is not try and kill anyone. Yeah. Yeah, when you put it like that, um, I hope my murderous family is not deterring from the point that I’m actually trying to get at here. Okay, which is? Well, I was just wondering if maybe you’d like to be the next person to move in.

You know, Brave the Demerit Dungeon. Oh, and you put it that way. No, but seriously though, what do you think? Well, gee, I’m, I’m really glad that we’re back together and we’re having fun. But, I, let’s just not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Okay. Fair enough. How about a compromise then? Maybe, after we finish this movie, you and I could slip up to my room and start practicing for when you do move in.

You could be the Cher to my Josh. Unless you’d rather, I don’t know, you know, go track down, uh, what’s his name, Jeremy’s sister or

something. Oh, as if. Special delivery. Oh, hey, Molly. Um, wow, thank you very much. Thanks. Very kind. Sorry, I kind of stole your spot. No problem.

Oh! Whoa! Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Did Holly mention who this person is? This guy she’s in love with? No. Well, maybe she was teasing you. Right? Talking about a celebrity crush. You know, she’s Oh!

Michael B. Jordan, too. Yeah, yeah, she did say that she thinks the guy feels the same way about her, so. Really? Unless Harry and Michael happen to be, uh, sliding into her DMs, uh. I sincerely doubt that.

Oh, shoot, my dad’s freaking out. I gotta go. Do you need a ride? No thanks, I’m good. It was, it was nice seeing you. Good to see you too, Dave. And be safe. Yeah. Oh,

sweetheart, I am so glad I ran into you. I have the most incredible news. Oh, what’s up? I don’t even know where to begin, to be honest. Elvis! Elvis! This, this is what I have missed most. Mmm, good old American cuisine on a stick. Oh my God, Susan, I can’t believe this. You’re alive. Yeah, oh my gosh, and you’re preggish.

You know, we were just with Mr. Commission. He didn’t say anything about finally becoming a daddy. Hmm.

Are you seriously gonna press charges against me for escaping from Bayview and running off to England? No. No, I’ll see the DA’s office. It’s, uh, it’s kind of a mess ever since Trask was fired, so, uh, they’re gonna let that slide since you rescued Susan. Okay, so then what is it? Oh, is it because Harris and I didn’t get EJ’s confession because we tried?

Oh, and believe me, I want that bastard behind bars just as much as you do. Nope. Not that either. What is it? Well, I don’t know if it’s completely slipped your mind, but you weren’t exactly a free woman when you escaped from Bayview. You were there because of a court order. Yes, but I got better. Susan is alive.

Okay, well, maybe you did, but… Where you go next, it’s not up to me. It’s up to your doctors.

Dr. Evans, I really don’t want to talk about this. It…

I understand. And, I wouldn’t ask if I weren’t your therapist. But it’s important for me to know because it affects you. And, it affects your recovery. Okay, um, I’m not gonna deny that I care about Ava. We grew close in Bayview and even closer on the run, but I don’t know, the kind of feelings you’re talking about.


So, what’s going on? So, Susan decided not to press charges against Ava. And, um, well, as for the illegal passports and evading the police, DA’s just gonna let it all go. You got lucky. Because although what you did was unlawful, it led to the rescue of Susan, and, uh, well, long story short, you’re off the hook.

No one’s going to prison. So, Ava and I are free to go? No. Not quite. Well, technically, you and I have to complete our court ordered stay at Bayview, but, um… Well, you know some doctors there, don’t you? I do. I can make a call. Oh, Dr. Evans, do you think that I really need to go back? I mean, I feel like I’ve made so much progress, and…

Well, I’m sorry, that isn’t really up to me. Do you think that you could talk to my doctors about it? I’d be glad


Honey, you didn’t tell her? There was a lot going on. Well, don’t tell me what! Nicole is pregnant with my child, not Rafe’s. Oh, oh, okay, hold on. I thought that you were Mrs. Comish. You have missed out on a lot since you’ve been gone. Um, Mother, Nicole and I are back together. In fact, we are, um, Engaged. Oh! Yes!

And this little bundle of joy is your future grandbaby. Are you sure about that? Because I’m not getting any kind of familiar connection. Well then your psychic powers are on the

fritz because that child is definitely mine. You’ve even done a paternity test. What? Are you hollering around on my boy? Mother! No, Susan, and I resent that question very much. Wait, you know, well then why, why would you have to get a test to find out if the baby is yours?

Okay, because, there, and, there were some issues, okay, in Salem about the time I got pregnant, and I was high, and, Well, so was the person I was with because of these tainted biscuits. Tainted biscuits, huh? Yes. Wow, and so who was the other person, ha, on biscuits? How is that important? My God, can’t you just be happy for us?

Be happy for yourself. We’re having a baby and you’re going to have a grandbaby. That is wonderful news, is it not? Okay, yes, I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m just so happy for the both of you. You know what? To show you my congratulations to the both of you, I am going to give you my last lollipop.

And look, it’s so pretty. Here you go. You know, children are really a blessing, aren’t they? It’s about time. Okay, calm down. No, seriously, Ted, come on, where have you been? I’ve been texting you for hours. I told you, Dad, I was out. I wanted to get reacquainted with the neighborhood. I gotta say, not much has changed since I was a kid.

Because that was so long ago. Well, I, uh, I went by the park. You know, the one that we used to see the ducks at? Oh, yeah? Wait, you remember that? Yeah, yeah, of course I remember that. Huh. Did you see any ducks when you were there? Well, I, uh, I saw one chick. A, uh, chick? A girl, dad. I saw a girl. Ah. Yeah. And get this, you uh, you know her.

I do. Who is she? Her name’s Holly. She’s uh, she’s Nicole’s daughter. Chanel, oh my god, I’m a napkin. I, I don’t think one napkin is going to cut it. I’m such a klutz. You must hate me. No, no, it’s fine. You’re fine. It’s not like I’m a wicked witch or anything. Oh, wow. Now you’re gonna have to go all the way home to change.

What? No, no, you don’t have to do that. Um, I’m sure I’ve got a, uh, you know, a t shirt or something that fits, and I’m sure there’s a pair of sweatpants up there that’ll sort of fit as well. And I’m pretty sure that I remember where you keep your things. Fantastic. Okay, so, um, I guess I will just go upstairs, do a quick little wardrobe change, and…

I’ll come back. Sounds good. Um, yeah. T shirts. Top drawer of the bureau. Next to the window. Sweatpants are on the bottom. Right. Again. I’m so sorry. Hey, it is okay. I you dare start that movie again without me. Of course not. I totally ruined everything, didn’t I? You should have kicked me out on movie night when you had the chance.

Oh, no, it’s fine. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. It was an accident. An A. I was just telling Chanel I think you’re really cool. You are? Yeah. Yeah, this, uh, this whole nut house has been a lot more bearable since you and your mom moved in. Johnny, can I tell you a secret? Yeah, sure. What is it?

So I’m guessing there wasn’t anything on that tape that you could use against EJ? No. No, unfortunately not. But thanks for trying. Yeah, I know it’s kind of weird. I don’t know if he caught on or not, but he just left. But I’m just hoping that he doesn’t come after Ava again. Yeah, EJ isn’t really known for forgiving and forgetting.

No, no, he’s not. Dr. Evans, um, what did my doctors say? They agree that you’re making amazing progress. And, before your escape, they were actually considering releasing you. And now? Now they believe that you’ve learned right from wrong. And the woman that drove Susan off that cliff is not the same woman who risked her life to save her.

They think you are no longer a risk to society. So I’m free? You are free Oh my god, I’m


Well, I’ve been debating whether or not I should keep this to myself, but maybe now’s the time to speak up. Eh? Oh my god, I’m crazy. No, no, I’m not. Look, I promise, no judgment here. Okay, well, I’ve been thinking a lot about… Grandma? Grandma? Grandma! Oh my god! So happy to see you! Look at you!


my god, I, I can’t believe this.

Me neither. Wait, how is this possible? It’s a long story, but all that matters is your grandma is home safe and sound. Holly, honey, can I speak to you for a second? Yeah, what’s up? What is it? Well, I spoke with Tate Black, you know, the boy you ran into at the park earlier. Oh, so his last name is Black. Is he…

Brady’s son. Yeah, I did not put that together. Neither did he. Put together that you’re my daughter. But, uh, he told me about your encounter, and what I want to know is… Who’s this boy you’re in love with? Uh…

Um… Holly! Yeah, she’s, uh, she’s a sweet girl. I’m hoping the two of you can be… Good friends. Yeah. Yeah, well… Actually… Well, actually what? Never mind. No, no, no. Hey, hey. Well, actually what? What are you hoping to sweep her off her feet? Hoping she’ll fall in love with you? What do you have planned here, buddy?

What actually? What? Why are you being so mean about this? I mean, am I not allowed to be attracted to some girl and go out with her? First of all, first of all, she’s not some girl, okay? It’s Nicole’s daughter. Second of all, yeah, you can feel whatever you want to feel. I just… I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to act on it right now.

Cool. Yeah, I’m going to my room. No, Tate, wait. Please, come here.

I know I’m being tough on you right now, okay? I’m sorry about that. But with what happened at your school, I just wish you were a little more focused on making up for that instead of… You caused your parents a lot of anxiety and a lot of disruption. We had to go to California and bring you back here. I already said I was sorry about all that.

I know, but that’s not always good enough. That’s why tomorrow you’re going to be enrolled in Salem High. And when you’re not studying, buddy, you are going to be working. Working? What are you talking about? When you blew me off at lunch, the pub, your Uncle Roman did show up, and as a favor to your mom, he said you could work there.

Work there? Yeah. That is so not fair. I thought you were joking about that whole job thing. I’m not joking, Tate. You caused damage at your school. You’re going to pay for it because of your stupid prank. Come on, Dad. That’s like 50K. It’s going to take me forever to earn that back. Good. And you’ll stay out of trouble forever.

Now that you’re free to go, Ava, I don’t want to see you back here. Ever. Got it? You know, normally, I might have a snarky response, but… I’ll just say that I plan to walk the straight and narrow from now on, I promise. Well, I hope that’s a promise you keep. Oh, I will. Um, is there a phone that I could use to call my son?

I’ve got to ask him to pick me up, and I guess I need a place to stay. You can use the phone in my office. Well, um, I’ll be back.

Bayview is willing to readmit you if you’d like me to drive you over. You know, um,

After everything I’ve been through, you know, I’m feeling pretty good about my mental health. What do you mean? Well, I mean, I had you commit me because I thought I was going to be a danger to other people and I don’t really feel like that anymore. You know, and despite all the stress and everything that happened when I was on the run, I just, I felt like, I felt like I was back in control.

So… With your approval, I would like to end my stay at Bayview, uh, but also keep seeing you on an outpatient basis if that’s… I mean, what do you think about that? I think that’s reasonable. I’ll make the call. Thank you for everything. Yeah, I’m just curious about one thing. Your decision… To leave Bayview, does that have anything to do with the fact that Ava’s no longer there?

Not at all.

Oh, let me get a good look at you. I can’t believe how grown up you are. Why not? My mom must text you photos of me all the time. Well, yeah, she does, but… He doesn’t like seeing you in person. I’m so glad you’re here, honey. Yeah, me too. Granny Mar Mar. What? I never heard my sister calls you that. What, you don’t like it?

Well, you may call me Grandma Marlena. Unless you like sleeping in the broom closet. Deal. Grandma Marlena. Thank you. This kid’s trouble. Oh, you’re telling me. I’m gonna set up your room. I will help you.

Honey, what are you doing? Mom, you are embarrassing me. Why would you be embarrassed? Hello, you are being nosy about my love life. Right out in public. Oh, so you are in love. No, I just made that up. Why would you do that? Because that Tate guy, he tried to kiss me. He did? Yeah, but I’m totally not into him. So, I just made up a story about some boy I was in love with.

You know, to let him down easy. Okay. Well, that was kind of you. And it makes more sense than you not telling me that you’re in love. Because you would tell me, wouldn’t you? Of course I would. Okay, good. Because I feel like you and I have a close relationship, right? And you would be open to telling me something that important?

I just said I would.

All right. Do you want to go back in there or do you want me to walk five paces behind you so I don’t embarrass you? Mom. Mom. Uh, actually, you go on ahead. I’ll catch up. Seriously, Mom, I love you.

Just go. Okay.

I love you too. Hi. You alright? You look a little upset. No, I’m fine. So, something going on in there or what? Oh, right, you were upstairs? Well, you’re never going to believe this!

So… So Ava, Ava was right? You’ve been alive this whole time? Mm hmm. And thank goodness that, uh, Ava and Mr. G. I. Blues, they, they rescued me, because I would have still been locked up and, you know, chained up to that floor in Edmund Crumb’s crummy little flat. Well, I think Ava maybe has redeemed herself this time.

Impossible. Hey, Elvis, you, you, you leave that girl alone, you hear me? Grandma’s right, Dad. Okay. It’s time for you and Ava to just, just wipe the slate clean, okay? Start fresh.

I guess I’m outnumbered here. Fresh slate it is.


That’s my you tried to have Ava killed. She may be off the hook. Sure not, Elvis.

Yeah, Harris, that’s wonderful news all around. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about it, actually. Um, But I was calling because, is, is Mr. Brady around? Uh, no, he isn’t at the moment, but I’m filling in for him. Is there anything I could do for you? Well, I heard, uh, Eric’s room is vacant, and I was wondering if his dad would take me on as a tenant.

He sure. Yes, absolutely. I think he would be happy to do that, and I would be happy to have you here as well. That’s great. Thank you so much. Well, I’ll let Roman know, and we will see you here soon at the pub, your new home. Look forward to it.


Ava. So, um, Tripp’s gonna come pick me up, but I just, I wanted to say goodbye and, um, thanks. Again. No thanks required. So, um,

you headed back to Bayview? Actually, I’m not, uh, gonna go back. And Dr. Evans said she will have me released. Really? That’s terrific. That’s great. So what are you going to do now? Well, uh, since I came to Salem to keep an eye on Megan Romero, and I don’t know, now that she’s gone. Yeah. You can, um, leave town then, huh?

No. I’m gonna stay here in Salem. I grew up here. It seems like a nice place to start a life. That’s, that’s really great. You, um, you have a place to stay. Uh, well, Dr. Evans actually said her son moved out of the Brady Pub, and Kate just rented the room to me. Well, look at that. Everything’s just working out.

And, uh, for what it’s worth, um, I’m really glad you’re staying in Salem.

I guess I’ll see you around. Yeah,


I want my mommy! Shhh. I’ll get


back to your mom. I promise. What’s your name? Bella. Okay, Bella, I’m Gabby. Is this your house? No.

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