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Hey Justin, what’s the news? No, I can talk, I’m just, I just finished my rounds. Oh, my God. Okay, I’ll be right there.

I still don’t understand what happened, but who cares? This is the best day ever. No transplant list, no surgery. You’re going home soon. It’s a true miracle. Now, having you all here for me, now, that made all the difference too. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. And, bonus, we got to see your face. Even if it did take you almost dying to get them here.

Just seeing Lonnie free, when the twins, they got so big. Well, the four of them, they’re one big happy family again. Oh, it just warms my heart. Now, I just have to work on getting the FBI headquarters moved here to Salem, so Eli can work locally. Well, good luck with that. Abraham Carvel? You wouldn’t be underestimating me now, would you?

I really

need to talk to you. I really need your help. This is not a good time. You need to go. Now! Well, what do you know? I would be assassin.

And you’re not going anywhere. You would be Stefan lured me to the loading dock. Made me believe that I got a text from you. And when I got there, he shot me twice at close range. Just about as close as we are right now. You shot him? Ava, you know Clyde. He didn’t really give me a choice. You bastard!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. You

lying son of a bitch. I didn’t have a choice. Either I took out Harris or Clyde was going to kill Gabby and you knew he would follow through with it. Actually, there was a choice for both of you. What? Ava, I begged you to come clean with me. What? No, you didn’t. You dodged the truth. You said that you were in danger.

You didn’t want me caught in the crossfire. And how did that work out? Maybe none of this would have happened if you would have just told me the whole story. Tripp and Wendy, they might not have been kidnapped. You’re right. I should have trusted you.

I should have trusted you.

Sarah, what are you doing here? It’s so late. Justin called me. Then you know I’m being released. Yes, you’re getting out of here. But how, how did it happen? Well, it was Harris. Yeah, since he can’t positively ID me as his shooter, Justin convinced the judge to let me out on, on bail. Wow. I can’t believe that the DA’s office didn’t give any pushback on that.

Yeah, right? DiMera setting a Kyriakos free at the request of his Kyriakos lawyer. I have to call Justin back. I, I hung up on him and then I basically flew here. Oh, well he’s downstairs posting my bond as we speak and as soon as that’s done, I’m out of here. And you’ll be home. I’ll be home.

Yeah. At least Lonnie is now free to come and go as she pleases. Oh, thank God. And hopefully we’ll see a lot of her and those grand babies. Even if Eli’s off saving the world. Well, you know, we can visit them now. Maybe this summer. Oh, yeah. Johnny and I will go with you. Yeah. Oh, well, that, that, that sounds great, great.

But now, before we make family plans, what about you newlyweds making plans to spend some time alone together? Yes. Have you even been home since the wedding? Uh, just to get some clothes. Oh, but go home right now. Go home right now. Rest. I’m sure your butts must be dragging on the floor by now. Don’t worry, all right?

I will get. We’re home and we’ll both get some sleep. I promise. Oh, good man. He’s a keeper, Chanel. Don’t I know it. Alright, bye bye, Mama. Love you. Love you too, baby girl. Oh, and you too, my sweet, sweet son in law. And the next time we see you, you’re going to be at home. Amen, amen. Okay, now. Listen to your mother and go, go, go, go, go.

Oh, okay, okay. Ha ha ha. Oh. Oh. Love those two so much. But I thought they’d never leave. Ha ha ha. Now get over here, husband. Give me some sugar. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

Oh, my darling husband. Oh, I cannot wait to be roomies again. Oh, me neither, and I promise you I’m not going to hog the bed, or leave the dishes in the sink. I believe that when I see it. Oh, I’ll see this.

Hey, hey. Oh, hey, you two. I hope that we’re not interrupting. Oh, are you kidding? Oh, I’m so happy to see you both. We are even happier to see you looking so strong and healthy. How’d they let you in here this late? You forgot, my sister is Chief of Staff. Oh, yes, of course, connections, connections. Oh, you just missed Chanel and Johnny.

Uh, we, uh, ran into them at the elevator. Yeah, we got to congratulate them on their marriage. Isn’t that the best news? Well, I don’t know, I beg to differ, because I think the best news is that you’re well again. And they’ve got his memory back. I remember everything, partner. Even back to the old days, all the shenanigans that only we know about.

Wow, that sounds intriguing. We were in our twenties. Our brains weren’t fully developed. Well, I’m just glad that you came. But you barely caught me here, though. I am going home tomorrow. Correction, we are going home tomorrow.

No, as much as it was crazy last minute, we were so worried about mama, our hospital wedding. It was, it was perfect. Well, at least it was to me. It was simple and sweet and just, we didn’t have to deal with all that extra hoopla. Yeah, no, it was, It was perfect for me too. No pressure to perform in front of everybody.

Yeah, or to decide who to invite and who not to invite, or what caterers to hire, and are they going to serve fish, or meat, or pasta, or vegan, or all of the above. Oh, and trying not to see people next to people that they don’t know. Oh, my God. That would have been so challenging. Oh, my gosh. With my family?

For sure. Actually, impossible. I’m pretty sure it would be impossible. Yeah, no. Who needs all that stress, right? Not me. No, not me. There’s one thing, though. What? Well, since, you know, we didn’t really have a wedding reception, We never really got to have our first dance as husband and wife. Yeah, that’s right.

And that’s also not right. No, definitely not, no. That’s why I said it. So, what shall we do about that? Well, it is a bit, you know, belated, okay? And there’s no Dance floor, there’s no band, but I’m kind of in the mood right now to uh, trip the light fantastic with my beautiful wife. So, what do you say, Mrs.

DiMera? I say, you’re on. Okay. Mr. Dupree. Oh.

It’s kind of a mess. I’m sorry. We just got back from Mom’s and I haven’t put everything away yet. This is the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen in my life. My God, I mean, look at our view. It’s stunning. I swear I’m never going to take this for granted ever again. Um, I’m going to text my mom real quick and check on Victoria.

It’s pretty late, no? Yeah. No, you’re right. Um, I’ll just, I’ll call her in the morning. I’m sure everything is fine. And Victoria is going to be so happy to see her daddy again. We’ll go tomorrow, first thing, and we’ll scoop her up. And then you can spend all day doting on her. You know I will. But meanwhile, Tonight, Is all out.


no, don’t you put this on her. Okay, we all know Clyde is the bad guy here. Okay, but he would have had our backs. We should have trusted him.

Okay, he’s fine now. And Tripp and Wendy, they’re safe. He is fine now? He was in a coma, and Tripp and Wendy nearly died. But they didn’t. No harm, no foul. Oh, I see. So because you’re only an attempted murderer, all is right with the world? Man, you’re a real disgusting piece of work. Oh, really? I’m the piece of work, huh?

Really? What about her? Huh? Do you know what she was doing when she was so lonely and pining over you and guilt ridden about lying to your face? No, no, no, no, no, Ava. What’s wrong with two people doing the, uh, what was that movie you called it? The, the, the, the whirlybird? Huh? Nothing to be ashamed of.

Yes, my Abraham and I are going home tomorrow morning and as wonderful as. Everybody has been here, the doctors, the nurses. I can’t wait to blow this joint. I bet you can’t. And you two, roommates once again, huh? Roommates once again. And then, ASAP, I’m back to work as mayor. Because I know this fair city is just going to hell on a hand basket without me.

Even so, you are not going back to work until you’re fully healed, my dear. I know, I know, I know. I got follow up treatment ahead of me. But I, I feel, you know, I feel so, so strong that I think I can face anything. I mean, it’s so amazing. I mean, it really is, but I have to admit, I don’t understand exactly what happened.

So, were you misdiagnosed with a heart condition? Um, shall we tell them? Be my guess. So I had flatlined, what my God. Um. So then the doctors brought you back, right? No, no, not, not the doctors. See, well, Abe was holding my hand, and then he put it over my heart, and then that, that, you know, that beep. Beep. Beep.

That got louder and louder. I saw this bright white light. Then that light just washed over me. I was healed.

I don’t even know what to say to that. I mean, it’s really miraculous. It was definitely miraculous. And the other miracle is that I got my memory back at the same time. Wow. Damn. That’s some story. One for the ages, right? One for the ages. Hey, hey buddy, you know what? Would you like to get a bad cup of hospital decaf?

Sure thing. Can we bring you two anything? Nothing for me. No bad decaf for me, thanks. Okay, I’ll be back soon. Well, don’t rush. We have a lot to talk about.

Now, what are those two up to? I don’t know, but I do know Roman is so thrilled that He has his memory back. I don’t know, they probably want to reminisce about some things. Right, yeah, those shenanigans that only they know about.

So, now we’ve had our first dance. And it was lovely. And you only stepped on my toes twice. Yeah, that’s, that’s gotta be a record for me, right? Yeah, I think it is. As I was saying, now that we’ve had our first dance as a couple, I was just thinking, we’re still One more thing we haven’t done yet as husband and wife.

Oh, you mean this time as husband and wife. Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, well, should we head home? Oh, to a house full of DiMeras? Not exactly. Romantic. You know. Yeah, true. So,

Do you see what I see? Ah, the lovely Salem Inn. Which I’m sure has an available room for us to have a wedded night of fun. And it is calling, aren’t it?

What the hell, Stefan? I’m just trying to point out here that none of us are saints. I don’t know. Harris, Look, it’s not like what he, I was only pretending to be in a relationship with Stefan to protect you. You know that. Right? And he and I, we just, One night we drank too much and it was stupid and I, Yeah, I don’t, I don’t care.

That was then, this is now. Hey, you know what? You should be grateful. I didn’t tell him about this before now, especially when this Neanderthal tried to break my neck. He tried to kill me for the second time. And of course, he made me promise to take the fall for our misdeeds. Why the hell would I do that?

Why would I take the blame for everything and you get off scot free? Because she didn’t try to murder me twice. You know I got news for you, pal. I go down for this, I’m taking her with me. Oh no! No, Stefan. Our agreement stands and you’re going to pay the consequences. You’re going to turn yourself in for drug trafficking and money laundering.

And then you’re going to confess that it was you and only you that was acting as Clyde’s partner. And that Ava was coerced, she was threatened, and an unwilling participant.

And why would he do that? For a real good reason. You get a lighter sentence than you would for attempted murder of a police officer. So you’re gonna take the fall for the crimes.

And the man who shot me will remain unknown forever.

What’s it gonna be?


Oh, hey. What’s wrong?

I, um, had a dream. After we fell asleep together. It started out and it was like I was in a, um, in a park, but I couldn’t find you or Victoria. Then I saw you head into a tunnel in the distance and you were holding her, but I couldn’t get to you. And then, later, when I was finally in the tunnel, you were gone.

Hmm. Well, I’m here now. And Victoria is safe at my mom’s. It was just a dream. Yeah, but I know why I had that dream. It’s because the charges against me haven’t been dropped. I could still be charged with attempted murder and go away for a very, very long time, Sarah. I just, I couldn’t handle it. But being away from you and Victoria again, I I just couldn’t handle it.

Am I glad to hit back? I am damn glad to be back, partner. I met your times at the pub, man, arguing about the cubs and the bears. Reminiscing about the old days. Yeah, talking about the time back when you were a job. Partners sniffing out the clues, taking down the bad guys. You know, my, uh, my heart beats for my wife and family.

But my blood, my blood will always run blue. Amen to that.

I am so happy to see you like this. You’re a wonderful energetic self. I’m pretty worried about you. Oh, so was I. But God had other plans. For me and for Abraham.

But you know What?

Truth is, you know, now that we’re going to be living together again, I don’t know. Well, I was always worried that, uh, you know, I wasn’t really Abe’s type. What are you talking about? He adores you. Oh, no, no, no. I know that. But, uh, well, being in my presence all the time, now, Especially after such a big break from me.

Well, Avis, he’s, you know, he’s mellow, easy going, you know. In case you haven’t noticed, I, I got a pretty big personality.

And, uh, you know, I, I, I’m a real handful. I don’t walk in the park, sister. I mean, and the truth is, I never thought I was Roman’s type. I mean, he’s a mellow. He’s easy going. Oh, no. And full too. Oh, just like me and Abe. Oh, I guess we both ended up with our exact opposites, huh? Yeah. I guess someone up there, uh, knew better than we did.

Yeah. It was someone up there’s took real good care of me, beating cancer, surviving a failing heart, and I just feel my heart, it feels so strong now Kate, I feel like I can face anything. But that’s always been the case. And everyone who knows you and loves you always knew that. Now you know it too.

Well, while you’re thinking about it, one more question. Why Zander? Because he’s a believable suspect. Ex con. Thug for hire. Used by Kristen. By you. Right. Believable. Yet totally innocent, and you were willing to ruin his life. You shot me twice in cold blood, and Zander take the fall. Maybe I’m letting you off easy with this deal.

You better take it. Stefan, before I change my mind.

What’s that, Stefan? I can’t hear you, you’re gonna have to speak up. All right, time’s up. Ava was as deep in this as I was. I don’t give a damn! So here’s what’s gonna happen. You have until tomorrow morning 9 a. m. to turn yourself in, or this deal is off, and you’re not gonna like what happens.

Okay, uh, let me get this straight. You just put your hand over Pauline’s heart and the room’s just filled up with white light. Right? I mean, so what? I mean, do you have divine powers now or something? Hey, what is it you’re not telling me here?

It’s about Lexi Okay Yeah, I know this sounds bizarre and please Please don’t share this with anyone But I saw her You saw Lexi? She’s the one who brought the miracle to us Pauline was dying A white light came and in that light was Lexi. Paulina saw her too. She thought Lexi was there to take her to heaven.

But Lexi said we both need to, to live. And that’s when Paulina’s heart started beating again. And my memories came flooding back. Wow.

Hell, I mean, I don’t know what to say here, okay? I mean, I guess the only thing I can say is, God bless Lexi for giving Pauline her life back and giving you your past back. Yeah, now that I have my past back and I have my memories of, you know, The many years I was with Lexi, and how much I loved her. I, uh, Well, I feel something that’s disturbing.

Why would that be? Even though Lexi’s gone. I feel as if I’m, uh, Disloyal to Paulina. Abe.

Listen to me, okay? The woman you love right now, In the present, Is Paulina. Your memories of Lexi and all the things that happened that made you the incredible man you are, Those memories, they’re important too. But don’t let them overshadow what you have now. A great woman, a great love.

In the present. Yes.

Thank you for coming, Kate. I’m so blessed to have you for a friend. I got you. You know, having someone to talk to really means a lot to me. It means a lot to me, too. To know that you’re there for me. Especially since most of my girlfriends are back in Miami. Wow. I have to admit, I haven’t had very many female friends, but you know, from the men that I’ve known, in my experience, they don’t even want to listen.

Not just in your experience, darling. Oh, oh, oh, oh. And as much as these next generations, they think men and women are alike, oh, mmm. And I know, wait a minute, this is going to sound very funny. Very sexist of me. It’s a bunch of nonsense. Oh, please, I agree, 100%. For example, like, you know, like, barbecue. After a barbecue, oh, ask a woman what she’s learned, and she’ll tell you something about every couple there, how, where they live, how many kids they have, how they’re getting along with their husband, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends.

Ask a man what, what they discussed. That’s it. Barbecue. Oh my God. So true. Except, there are some exceptions. Yes, yes. There are. Like my My Roman. Yep. And now those two, I’m pretty sure that they talk about a lot more than barbecuing. Like, right now, they’re probably Talking about how lucky they are to have amazing wives like us.

Right. Like that. Yes. I’m feeling very, very lucky right now too, Kate. Uh, not just to have an amazing, amazing husband, but an amazing friend.

You know, I feel exactly the same way. Hey, one day at a time for us, okay? That’s gonna be our mantra. We aren’t gonna worry about tomorrow. Right, but it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? I mean Damn it, Sarah. I’ve been so careful staying on the straight and narrow now that I have you and Victoria in my life.

The thought of having all that ripped away again, I just

Maybe this is punishment for my past. No. No, hey. I do not believe in karma like that. I do believe that people can improve themselves. They can grow and change. And you are proving that. Yeah, but only to you, really. I This is why I think maybe that you and Victoria would be better off without me. Okay, stop.

You’ve said that before and you’ve obviously never heard my response. But your daughter and I need you here, close to us. Sarah, it’s always gonna be Now, don’t argue with me. I want you in my life. I want you in Victoria’s life because Because what? Because you’re important to me. You’re important to her.

Because I love you.

Well, did you miss us? Oh, just a little bit. So, how was that coffee? Terrible, as every test. I told you, I never lie to you. So, what were you two ladies talking about? Oh, just, you know, girl talk. Which means we don’t have to tell you. Nope. So, uh, what were you two talking about? Barbecue? No, but barbecue sounds pretty damn good right now.

What are you talking about? We’re not gonna get barbecued. No, we’re not, but we all gotta get together. When you feel up to it, Paulina, I’ll barbecue some steaks, burgers, chicken, whatever your heart desires. Oh, Noel, watch out. Be careful now. My healthy heart might desire all three. You got it. Name the date.

Yeah, whatever you feel like it. Just let us know. Oh, we will. Okay. I can’t wait. And right now though, we’re gonna say bye. Let you get some rest. Yes, absolutely. Okay. Okay. Take care. I will see you very soon. Bye. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Yes, of course. Friends. Friends. Yes. You know, lying here in your arms, This is the one place in the world that I feel like nothing can go wrong.

Ever. Yeah, I feel the same. In your arms. So, Why don’t we just stay here for a few nights and enjoy the privacy of this room? The bed. The feeling that nothing can go wrong. I’m happy.

I know. I know you’re tired. You’ve been through so much lately.

Good night, beautiful. We

have come so far, Xander. And that tunnel that you were stuck in, in your dream? There’s a light at the end of it. I promise you that. What did I do to deserve this? Oh, who cares? I’m here now. You’ve got me. I love you, Sarah. And as I have said, which bears repeating And repeating, I love you, Xander.


what happened between me and Stefan, it meant nothing. And I am so, so sorry. Don’t, don’t apologize.

You’re so calm. Aren’t you angry? I

can’t change the past. All we can do is move forward. Are you

doing this for me? Making Stefan take the blame when you know I am just as guilty. I think you know why. Yeah, I’m not so sure.

Because I love you.

And I know you love me.

I heard you say it to me when you thought I wasn’t listening in the hospital. You heard me. I did.

Do you mean it?

I meant it. I love you, Harris. What the

hell’s a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?

For everything. While she gets off scot free.

We’ll see about that.

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