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Teresa. Hey. Hi, there you are. I wasn’t sure you’d be up for meeting so early. Yeah, well, exercising is really the only way I can clear my head these days, and if I don’t do it early, well, I, I won’t do it at all. Hi, little Jude. Oh, God, he’s so cute. Makes me think so fondly of when Tate was little. Yeah, I know parenting a teenager can be challenging.

Yeah, that’s putting it mildly. Wait till you hear the latest.

Come on, sweetheart. Everything is okay. Your grandma loves you so much.


Oh, did Victoria wake you? Oh, no, no, no. I was up anyway. Well, our little Victoria is, uh, not a happy camper this morning, and she’s letting all of us know it, aren’t you, darling? I remember when Katharina was our age, I tried everything in the world to get her to stop crying. Any suggestions? Well, walking around the room and singing to her might help, it usually does.

Might I try that with Victoria? Mmm,

something smells good. Yes, it’s steel cut oatmeal with a homemade blueberry compote. You do know the way to a man’s heart. Good morning. Good morning. Again. Again.

Last night was perfect. Staying here, at home, with you. You mean you don’t miss your super cozy jail bed or the sound of snoring cellmates? No. I don’t miss that at all. Nor do I miss being awakened at 5. 30am by some nasty guard shining a flashlight in my face saying, Open Adam! Well, I do hope you can manage getting used to being awakened by a kiss.

I can definitely get used to that. I was thinking maybe I could get used to going back to bed with the woman I love. That is, if those delicious breakfasts could be reheated. Oh, yeah. Breakfast. Yeah. No, your idea is better.


Wife. Good morning. It is, isn’t it?

Where the hell are you, Stefan? The car’s waiting, the flight’s in an hour. Dammit, if you screw this up, just get here now, Stefan. What is going on with your brother and Val?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

My brother, Stefan, is being infuriatingly elusive. He’s not answering my calls. He’s not responding to my texts. Well, I mean, it is awfully early. Maybe he’s asleep. Yes, but he knows it’s urgent family business overseas, so he should have set his damned alarm. Okay. Well, is there anything I can do? You just being here is all I need.

Okay. Okay. Okay. It’s all I ever need. Good morning. Hi, honey. Oh, you’re beautiful. It’s kind of early for you to be up, isn’t it? Yeah, well, I couldn’t sleep. Thanks to you. Holly, look, EJ was just Nope! Mom, enough making excuses for him. Tell me, EJ, why did you have to be so cruel? Why did you have to have Tate arrested?

So, um, Tate, he’s back at the halfway house? Yeah. And there’s a restraining order against him so now he can’t go anywhere near Holly Jonas.

You know, it’s got me thinking though. About what?

I think it’s for the best. And I know they’re still young, but, you know, maybe they’re just not really good for each other. Like how Brady and I weren’t good for each other back in the day. Well, there was a lot of love between you two in the beginning. True. And we did make a really good kid together. Even if he does make some poor choices.

Okay. Okay, I’m sorry, I think that’s my cue. Hey, I know things are stressful right now, but Tate is a great kid. And like you said, I think he’s gonna come out of this stronger and wiser. All right. Yeah, I hope so. We’ll talk soon, okay? Okay. All right. Hey, how are you holding up? Mom,

I’m losing it, I swear. I’m barely holding on. I know. Your dad said that he spoke to Nicole. Yeah, he told me too. I was so pumped when I heard that Holly was out of her coma, but she doesn’t even remember anything from that night. Nothing. I know it’s a blow, but we are not giving up. We are going to clear your name.

I was so sure she was going to tell the truth, too. But I didn’t give her those drugs that I tried to tell her not to take them. I know. But your family believes you. Well, I guess that tells me now. Still stuck in here with no way out. What are we gonna do, mom?

You definitely have the magic touch constitution. I think she just likes Greek alibis. That’s all , do you not? My little angel. Huh? I’m very impressed with how you are with her. You’re very kind and gentle. Well, that’s because I adore this little one. As I adore her grandmother.

Well, I think reheated breakfast was really good. I agree. But I am glad that we got a little bit of, uh, extra time under the covers. You were the perfect appetizer. That’s very useful. I know this is gonna sound really corny, but This feels really nice. Oh, clearing dishes? Yeah, clearing dishes. It’s just, it’s us doing the simplest tasks together.

You know, having breakfast in our own home and clearing dishes as a team. Yeah, only one thing can make it better, having our daughter home. Yeah, I’m missing her too. Let’s go get dressed. We’ll go to my mom, we’ll grab her, we’ll deal with this later. Yes!

Mmm, crispy bacon and eggs. You know, this is our first sit down breakfast as husband and wife. This go around, anyway. Yeah, well, this go around, my love, is forever. And beyond. I’m leaving. You know, I’m not actually feeling all that hungry. At least not for breakfast. Yeah, well, I don’t mind. Cold. Eggs and soggy bacon.

That is my wife. So easygoing and so beautiful

Well, that was a way to build up an appetite. The best way, maybe. You know, if we keep this going, we might be able to cancel our gym memberships. That would be an added benefit. Sure.

You know, I keep thinking about How lucky I am to have you as a husband. And you’re not only sexy and handsome, you’re also really just so kind. I keep thinking about how you were there with me in the hospital day and night while I was being there for Mama. Speaking of your mom, and look, I mean, what happened with her, that’s like off the charts.

Amazing, right? Yeah, it’s more than amazing. It’s more than luck. It’s a miracle. And Abe? Getting his memory back at the same time? So was that. I guess call it the power of love, I guess. Your mom. She never gave up on him. Yeah. Just like you and me, we never gave up on each other. I mean, yes, we went through our very dramatic breakup.

Mm-Hmm, , and then seeing other people and all of that, but well, speaking for myself, you are always in my heart and my dreams. Same here. I actually used to dream about you all the time. A lot of my dreams took place in, uh, Italy. After our first wedding, I would look over at you. I’d go, Ti adoro, amore mio.

And you’d look back, and you’d go, Anch’io ti amo. And then I’d wake up, and I’d really wish that it wasn’t a dream. Wow. It’s not a dream anymore. It is so very real. And perfect.

It’s amazing. Isn’t it? How fast a child can grow and change right before your eyes. Oh, yes. I watched my Katharina become an incredibly kind and loving soul. I often try to imagine. What she might have become today. A mother. A wife.

Sarah, darling. Good morning, mom. Constantine. We just got Victoria quieted down. She’s been quite fussy this morning. Sandra! You’re here! Oh my goodness. I am indeed. When did you get released? Uh, last night. And there’s my precious girl. I’ll, uh, take my daughter in there. Thank you. Of course. Oh, my darling girl.

Sh Daddy! God, I’ve missed you. Well, uh, I have some errands to run. I I should get dressed and get on with my day. Enjoy your family time. Thank you for helping with her, Constantine. Thank you. Well, isn’t this a surprise? Isn’t it?

Holly, come on, let’s talk. Holly.

About last night I already know what you’re going to say and I don’t want Actually, no, you don’t. Yes, I had Tate arrested. But I decided not to press charges. What? You didn’t? No, I did not. Oh my god. He’s actually back at the halfway house. Oh, thank God. All I could think about was him sitting alone in some jail cell again.

Well, he’s not alone, and he is not in jail. He’s in a very safe and supportive environment. And Holly, there’s, there’s more that you need to know. What more? Part of the agreement to allow Tate to go back to the halfway house is that he needs to wear an ankle monitor. An ankle monitor? No! And there’s a restraining order that says he can’t come within 100 feet of this property or you.

My God, I can’t believe this! Mom, he didn’t do anything wrong! I know, but honey, it’s for the best. How is it for the best? And why the hell can’t things just go back to normal again? I, I just want to see my friend. Hang out with him. This isn’t fair. I mean, if you only knew. If we only knew what? If If you only knew how sad this makes me.

For Tate. He doesn’t deserve this, EJ. He just doesn’t. Oh,

is that a smile I see, my wee baron? It sure is, because she loves the sound of her da’s voice. She missed you so much, Xander. Not nearly as much as I missed her. Uh. Thank you again so much, Mom, for watching her last night. Oh, it’s always a pleasure, you know that. Although, I gotta tell you, this morning, she wanted no part of me.

I couldn’t get her calmed down. And then Constantine sang her this Greek lullaby, and she was so calm and comfortable after that. You know, Maggie, uh, Sarah and I, I think we’d be more comfortable if she was just with you when you babysit. Huh. That’s not fair, Xander. Constantine has been very sweet and kind and gentle with her.

I mean, you’ll have you know that he raised a daughter himself, who died tragically when she was a young woman. Oh my God. Me and her? Yeah, well now you know. And it’s very painful for him to talk about her, obviously. But he opened up to me about that loss. And, and he’s, his tenderness towards Victoria is very touching.

Because of that loss, and he has a way with her, a wonderful way.

I’m texting Lonnie and letting her know that Mama’s going to be released today. She is going to be so thrilled. It’s still so hard to believe. I know it is. Hey, hey, we should throw Mama a welcome home bash. You know how she loves a party. Today? Are you sure we have enough time to pull that off? Well, we can, um, call the market that’s right by the apartment.

They have a really great party section. And then we can, can you call them and just see if they have like a welcome home banner and some streamers and balloons. And then I can call the bakery and order some pastries, of course, a few quiches. And then can you also get some groceries so that we can make sure that the fridge is stocked?

Just make a list and it’s done. Yes. Great. And then I’ll also order some flowers and see if they can be delivered with them. The stuff from Sweet Bits. Perfect. I will call Abe and see if he knows when they’re going to release her. Okay. Well, with the shortage of hospital beds, it could be soon. Um, do you want to invite anyone?

Um, let’s keep it low key for now. And then, um, maybe when you talk to Abe, you can ask him. Will do, Captain. All right. All is well in the world, isn’t it? Yeah.

Holly, honey, we know that Tate is your friend. But he broke into our home and Okay, okay, yeah, I heard you. The first and second and third time. You guys both think Tate’s some kind of delinquent just because he broke out of that stupid halfway house to come make sure I was okay. Holly, you Forget it. I’m going for a walk.

Wait, wait, whoa. Mom, I haven’t had any exercise in a long time. Okay? I won’t be gone long. Okay. But we still have a lot to do. I know. Remember, we’re having a party here tomorrow after Jude’s christening. Oh, right, yeah. Yeah, I just, I want you to help me with the decorations. And maybe you can go to Sweet Bits with me and we can finalize the desserts?

Sure, maybe later. I know, how about I go on the walk with you? No, Mom, I want to go on the walk. Honey, I just, Mom, I need to go by myself. I just want to listen to music or a podcast or whatever, okay? Okay. I’m just going to the park. Can you just text me, please? When you get there, thank you. I will. Holly, Holly, wait.

Listen, I know you resent the restraining order, but it must not be violated or there will be consequences. So please do not contact Tate. It’ll just make things worse for everyone. Got it. See you later.

Yeah, can you bump today’s status meeting until after we’ve met with the new ad hire? Yeah, I just wanna get a feel for them before the meeting. Great. Yeah, just push it right through the calendars. I’m gonna call when I’m on my way. Okay.

Today’s gonna be a good day. Today’s gonna be a good day. It’s gonna be a good day.

Oh! No, no, that seat’s taken. Yes, by me. I saw your date heading out. I would hate for you to have to sit here all alone. I am in no mood for this, and I have a meeting to get to. We have to have a little meeting ourselves, Teresa. It has been a long while since we have discussed our little venture. So tell me, how are things going with the plan to acquire Alex Kiriakis fortune?

This is not the time or the place, Constantine. I really need to get into work now. Right! For the owner of Titan, a man you claim to be in love with, but in reality are trying to screw out of his family fortune. So how’s it going?

If you really must know, I was this close to having it all. In fact, he even bought me an engagement ring that I accidentally found in the pocket of his jacket. And he was going to propose to me on Valentine’s Day, but He chickened out, so I pushed back and I moved out of his apartment. And? Did he see the error of his ways?

I don’t know. No, I’m not really focused on him these days. I’m focused on my son, because he’s going through a terrible time lately, so I don’t really see much of Alex Kiriakis. Well, that is unacceptable, Teresa. And we must do something about it. Xander,

do you want some tea? Oh, no thank you. My hands are happily full right now. Well, can the two of you stay for breakfast? We’ve already eaten. Oh. Yes, we had reheated porridge and it was delicious. Delicious. Oh, Sander, it is so good to have you home. I know it’s largely due to Justin. He worked so hard on your case.

I haven’t been exonerated. Mm, yet. Right, but bail has been posted, so here I am with my three favorite girls. Ooh. Oh, thank goodness. Do you mind my asking what changed? I mean, how did you finally make bail? Well, it turns out that Detective Michaels couldn’t identify me as his shooter. But We have faith that the real shooter will be revealed eventually.

Yeah, I’m sure he will. And then once this chapter is closed, you can move on with your life. And you can live that life. That’s the plan, then. Yeah. That is the plan.

Yeah, that’d be great if you could just meet me at the apartment, Steve. That’d be awesome. Yeah, okay, awesome. Uh, I will see you there. Thank you. Um, Steve is in, so that’s gonna be a help. He also said that Kayla is planning on going home from the hospital with your mom and eight. Oh, perfect. All right, and the flowers and the orders from the bakery are being put together as we speak.

For calm before the storm.

Hey, is everything okay? Oh, just seeing if we’d heard from Holly. Oh, honey, you know she’s going to text me and not you. Right. Right. Thank you. Nicole, I, I hope I’m not alone in worrying about Holly’s friendship with Tate. I know she claims that’s all it is, friendship, but Seeing them both together. I know.

And whatever happened between Holly and Tate on New Year’s, it ended up with her being in a coma and him in a halfway house. Sad. Tragic, actually. Although, thank God we have Holly back. Though I think it’s best that we keep those two apart.

Jude, you keep kicking this blanket off, you’re gonna catch a cold. Hey. Fancy seeing you guys here. Look who’s up out and about. That’s great. Look at you, Jude. Oh, I can’t believe how big you got. Hey, he’s smiling at me. Yeah, he obviously likes you. Well, I like him too. Yes, I do, Jude, because you’re the cutest.

Hey, um, I ran into Teresa earlier. She told me what happened with Tate. Oh. So then you know that it’s really bad? Well, which part are you talking about? All of it? Oh, Eric, if I could only take back New Year’s Eve. God, how I wish I could. Brady, I know you want to believe Tate. And so do I. Maybe Maybe Holly isn’t like Maybe she’s just confused.

No, look, I know you love Holly. I know you think of her as a daughter. And I love her too. And I understand why she wouldn’t want her parents to think that she’s using, but You have to understand my kid’s in custody, Eric. And she is putting her selfish needs to get approval from her parents ahead of my kid’s freedom.

What? What are you thinking? I talked to Holly the other day. I also felt like she might be hiding something. I just I didn’t want to push too hard. I’ll talk to her again, I promise. You understand anything that you could do, I mean, I would be very grateful. Brady, this is all about family. I know you’d do the same for Judith.


mean you wish you could take back what happened on New Year’s Eve? You mean being drugged? Yeah, but see my memory’s fuzzy so I don’t know how that happened still, but I know Tate’s being blamed I mean for pushing drugs on me and it’s just so wrong and now I can’t see him or even talk to him because there’s This restraining order that says he can’t come within a hundred feet of me I know your mom and EJ are just trying to keep you safe.

But I don’t need to be kept safe from Tate. Eric, he’s a really good person, I swear. And all these awful things that mom and EJ are accusing him of, blaming him for what happened on New Year’s Eve, none of it’s true. Okay, what is true, Holly? What do you remember? Holly, someone might see us. My mom almost did.

By the way, my parents are both addicts, so there is no way I’m taking those, and neither should you. Oh, come on. They’re just some ADHD meds I got from someone at school. Everyone does it. Yeah, well, not me, and I didn’t think that you did either. Really? Because I offered you weed like your first day in Salem.

That is not weed, Holly. Those are amphetamines. Very mild ones. Look, they, they just make me feel better, okay? And they give me energy. Wait, so you need to feel better and have more energy tonight when you’re with me? Tate, you don’t understand. They’ll just, they’ll make things more fun for both of us. Yeah, no, not for me.

I’m out.

You know, darling, I was wondering, with everything that’s going on, I thought maybe it might be best to just postpone the christening celebration. What? No, no, no. With everything that’s going on, we need something positive to celebrate. And E EJ, the christening is tomorrow. The invitations already went out.

It’d be incredibly rude to cancel now. And also, I just, I think this gesture will show Sloan that I am trying to Woo, get along with her. Okay. Okay. Only if you’re sure. I am. And, and I believe that this will help heal me from the loss of our baby boy. And, and I’m not sure why, but just having baby Jude here after his christening is somehow comforting to me.

I understand. I do.

So, We are definitely taking Sarah up on her offer. Of using the Horton Cabin for our private, cozy honeymoon? Mm hmm. Yes. Yes, we are. And then, later on, we can plan a more exciting, exotic honeymoon. But that’ll be after Mama is done with all her cancer treatment. But for now, I think that a little time in the Horton Cabin would do us a We could, uh, learn to play cribbage.

Cribbage? I was thinking something more like two handed poker. But, you know what? I am up for whatever. I mean, I could even try fishing. You know, bring us home a nice, big, fat, striped bass. You catch it, I’ll cook it. We make one hell of a team, don’t we, Mrs. DiMera? Yes, we do, Mr. Dupree.

You conned Alex Kiriakis before. You can do it again. You do want to be rich, do you not? Who doesn’t? Well, then get your head back in the game before you lose it all. You do understand the stakes, right? Yeah, I understand. I have to marry Alex ASAP while you snag the unsuspecting widow’s inheritance. Well, that should be no problem.

I have made myself indispensable to Maggie. Yeah, I would not underestimate her if I were you. She’s really tough. And she’s really clever. And she might be charmed by you right now. And that’s only because she’s grieving her late husband. But once she gets a whiff of the con artist you are, Oh, she’s gonna throw you out on your ass.

No, no, you are wrong. She is quite smitten with me, Mac, yes. Not only that, she trusts me implicitly. So you fulfill your part of the bargain. And you and I will be set for life.

Well, everyone should be up soon, though. I don’t know how anyone slept through Victoria’s wailing. Oh, Constantine obviously didn’t. No, he didn’t. He was very kindly helping me calm her down, as I told you. Xander. We don’t agree about Constantine. And I know I’m repeating myself, but I urge you please to understand that he’s been very kind and supportive.

He kind of makes me laugh. And he’s wonderful with your daughter, my granddaughter. Okay, now I’m gonna go get dressed and start my day. Thank you for watching our tiny again, Mama. Oh, you know how much I love taking care of her, Sarah. And I know you’re going to be exonerated, Xander. I pray that it’s very soon.

Thank you, Meg.

So, Mom’s going on about what great company Constantine is and how great he is with Victoria, etc, etc. That didn’t change your mind about him, did it? When your mum talks about him that way, I mean, all that does is reinforce my conviction that he has her completely conned. But he doesn’t have me conned.

Not only do I not trust the man, I despise him with every cell of my being.

All I know is Tate’s a good guy, like I said. And I’m just, I’m just worried about him. That’s all. I get that. Hey, listen, if, if you ever want to talk about anything, I’m always here for you, okay? No judgment. Thanks, Eric. I appreciate that. Okay, well, I’ve really got to go. I have to help mom with this little guy’s christening party.

See you, Jude. Bye, Eric. Bye.

I understand now, darling, that this christening party is something that you have to do. It is. Then I am behind you 100 percent. Thank you very much. I have to get going because there’s still so much to do. Right, enjoy it. I will. Have fun. Bye.

Gregory, are you on your way to the airfield? What the hell do you mean he didn’t show up? Did you call him? I see. Well, stay put until I get in contact with you.

Damn voicemail. Where the hell are you, Stefan? And what kind of game are you playing? Dammit.

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