Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of December 4, 2023

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Holly and Johnny


Why would Johnny ask Holly to help with his anniversary party when he knows Chanel thinks she has a crush on him?

If Darius could find Dimitri, why did the police have trouble finding him?


Nicole questioned Kayla about the test results. If she didn’t think the test results would be accurate, why did she want her to do them?

Kayla said there wasn’t enough DNA to test against the baby. Nicole’s DNA should be on file at the hospital because EJ’s was on file.


Wendy wanted to stay in the same apartment her brother was killed in. You would think she wouldn’t want to keep getting reminded that he was killed in her apartment.

Why did Ava and Harris choose to eat their food in dim lighting?

Chad’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

Rafe has a house, but he continues to hang out with Jada at her place.


Stefan shouldn’t have been surprised that Vivian didn’t want to help Gabi. She would still be in Salem if Gabi didn’t throw her under the bus.

Chad should have made a better effort to cover his tracks when he bought Gwen’s half of the paper. You would think he wouldn’t have made it easy to get caught buying the paper.


EJ knew that Nicole had a difficult pregnancy so why would he tell her they could try to have another baby?

Why did the adoption lawyer call Eric and not Sloan about the baby?



Eric and Sloan

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