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brava! Whoo! Violet, you were brilliant. Yes. Uncle chase was good, too. Yes, he was. He definitely was. You know, maybe I could get you a part-time gig as a studio musician, babe. Never mind me. I think you found your next breakout performer. Please bite your tongue. Please. Don’t worry. I do think violet’s a little too young to go on tour. Okay. Maybe, but I’m not too young to sing at your wedding. Please?

[ Laughing ] Ohh.Oh. Something tell me you’re not working on your christmas list. No, pop, I’m not. And if I get my wish this year, I’m never gonna ask for anything ever again. Sorry I’ve been too busy to cook for you lately. I’m not. Ouch.

[ Laughs ] I like your cooking. I love your cooking, actually. Mm-hmm. But I was in the mood for sushi, and you have not mastered that yet. Okay, well, I’m making dinner for you this weekend. Oh, if you insist. Only if I can help you. Deal. Any requests? I don’t know, something cozy. Maybe your bolognese? Oh, wait. I know. We can go to the store and get some ingredients. And then on the way back, we can get you a little christmas tree for in here. Uh, that’s okay. What’s okay? I don’t need a tree. Sam: We should figure out when we want to decorate the christmas tree. And what is the deal with christmas? Well, you know, fat, jolly guy comes down the chimney, and then you buy me a bunch of presents. You’re hilarious.

[ Laughs ] Seriously, tell me something I don’t know. No, I mean, like, when are we gonna go to the quartermaines versus my mom’s? And what about sonny and nina? I don’t know. I think we have too many family members. That is not an answer, detective. Hmm. Oh, gus, you can just place them right on that table. Thank you!

[ Laughs ] I appreciate you. Well, hello! Well, hello, yourself. How are you? Oh, good. Oh. Mm! Wow. Yeah, I know. Yeah. Did you leave anything at the store for, like, other people to buy? Ha, ha, ha. Make fun all you want, but this is our first christmas as husband and wife, and I am gonna go all out. We do good work. Sister joanne claire would be proud.

[ Laughs ] True. We got a lot more house to go, but these two rooms look beautiful. Mwah.

[ Door closes ] No. No, no, no, no, no. This will not do, not at all. What won’t do?

[ Chuckles ] It looks like coney island in here. What, you got a beef with coney island now? Don’t worry. I’m home in the nick of time, apparently. Aw, man. Christmas is ruined.

Okay, I got this and this for avery and donna. Not sure who’s gonna get which one. They’ll love those, yeah. Yes, I thought so, too. And I got, uh, ties, bunch of ties for the guards. Nice. And, oh, got a new laptop for dex. You weren’t kidding when you said you went all out, nina. I couldn’t — can’t help myself. Oh, and I got riding boots for james. You know, he’s really into riding these days. He’s taking lessons from cody bell. Well, it looks like you thought of everything. Yeah. Now, what about amelia and wiley? Yeah, I’m not too concerned about sonny and nina, because they live down the hall, and we can stop in and see them at any time and have a drink. That’s okay. Either way, there will be enough cookies for everyone. Cookies? Yeah. I-I bought two dozen from aiden webber. Two dozen cookies? What are you doing to me? I’m trying to be good this year. No one’s good during the holidays, detective. I like the sounds of that. I will not tell santa.

[ Chuckles ] No, what I meant by that was not only are aiden’s christmas cookies absolutely delicious, but he’s using the money to pay his way to paris. He wants to go to pastry school. Isn’t that really cool? What’s that? Pastry — pastry school? What? You haven’t logged that thing in yet. Well, no. If I had, it would have been long gone by now. Am I dating the grinch and I didn’t know? No. Do you not celebrate? I do. Then why don’t you want a christmas tree? Because it’s — because why? It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? You got to water it, decorate it, sweep up all the pine needles. Oh, the horror. Besides, christmas is for kids anyway. Yeah, exactly. It’s the one time of year that we’re reminded of all that childhood magic. Yeah, if you had that kind of childhood. You should absolutely sing at our wedding. Really? If not at the ceremony, definitely at the reception. Whoa, whoa. Are — are you two sure? I mean, you’re absolutely positive about this? ‘Cause she — she’ll remember this. 100%. Okay. That’s a lot of percents, daddy. She’s got you there. Kid’s got me everywhere. I’m so excited for you. You’re gonna have to pick a special song for such a special day. Will you help me, grandpa? I’d love to. When are you gonna have your wedding? Oh, you would fit right in in bensonhurst. Is that a place where they have weddings? Oh, frequently. Is that the place where you’ll have your wedding? We haven’t figured that out just yet. Violet, weddings take a long time to plan. Sometimes you have to pick a date that’s more than a year away. You’re gonna wait a whole year?! I’ve been gone a pretty long time. Aren’t you happy to see me? Yes. Oof. I sense a “but” in there. But christmas is fun, and you don’t like fun. I-I like fun. Occasionally. And luke was a-a big believer in fun. When’s the last time? I had fun? Um, I had fun, uh, uh, at the luau with brook lynn. Luau? There was a luau at the metro court. Oh, and you went? I’ve got photographic documentation.

[ Chuckles ] I want to see that. How are you, leo? Pretty good. Did you see any animals on your trip? I did. You should look in your photo ark book — uh, uh, red deer and peregrine falcons. I will. Zoo or natural habitat? Okay, fine. I saw the falcon in captivity, but the deer I saw in nature. Cool. You should check it out. I will. The house looks pretty. “The house looks pretty.” Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] You know that expression — beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. Tracy, what is not beautiful about all of this, tracy? Where to begin? Buckle up. There’s way too much garland. Way too much garland. Ah! Too many ornaments.

[ Gasps ] And the tree is in the wrong place. Face it. If my son were still in his right mind, you never would have been given free rein.

So, instead of taking years to possibly regain mobility, I could be walking with full body support in a matter of weeks.

[ Scoffs ] Man. This sound like magic. It could be, pop. Uh, hey, hey. Downsides. Well, it is an experimental procedure in the early stages of human trials. So there are a lot of unknowns and absolutely no guarantees. That’s a nice way of saying a lot of things could go wrong. Yeah, pop. But what if it all went right? Ned is ned? No more eddie maine? Well, I think that eddie is always gonna be a part of ned. But, yes, your son’s memory is fully restored. When? Uh, a week ago, I guess? A week? Yeah, give or take. Yeah. And no one thought to tell me. I guess it makes sense. I’m only his mother. Well, I mean, I th– I think that we assumed that — that he might want to tell you himself, you know, in person. Uh, face to face. Mano a mano. Mano — mano a mama.

[ Laughing ] That’s a good one. Are you done? Yes. Yeah. I guess it’s really lucky I came home, because I might have gone to my grave thinking that my son was lost to me forever. Okay, speaking of which, tracy, if — if ned did not prompt this visit, why did you fly all the way home? We haven’t picked a date just yet, but we promise it’ll be way sooner than a year. Like way, way sooner. You mean it? As if I could wait any longer to marry your uncle. So give me a ballpark. Violet! Hey. What? I just want to know how long. And would it be longer if there were two brides and two grooms getting married? Oh, no. We’re not. No. What’s wrong? Um, you know, that — that star on top of the tree is crooked. It needs to be fixed right away, don’t you think? Absolutely. Is there a tree doctor in the house? Dr. Violet reporting for duty. I don’t know, doctor. This is a very complicated christmas tree surgery. Are you sure you’re up to it? As sure as I’ll ever be. Alright. We’ll take it. Pick up or ladder? Of course pick up. Well, hurry up. The patient doesn’t have a lot of time. You ready? 1, 2, 3. Oh! You didn’t have a christmas tree growing up? Uh, we did. We did all the rituals, followed all the traditions. But it was all kind of for show. Like we were playing make-believe or something. And christmas was not a happy time in our house. Why not? Look, I mean, if you’re not comfortable, you don’t have to tell me, but I love you. And this is a part of you. So… if you do want to share it, I would like to hear. It’s not all that original. My, uh — my dad was a selfish sob that just cheated on my mom all the time. And you knew? He didn’t exactly try to hide it. I’m so sorry. That’s awful. The worst part is that she stayed with him. Why do you think she stayed with him? He was successful. He gave her a good life. But I really just don’t think she was strong enough to stand on her own. That must have been really hard for you and your brothers to watch. For me, yes. My brothers, not so much. They — they grew up to be just like our dad. I was the only one that didn’t play along. And your brothers didn’t like that. That’s why they beat me up. Oh, the, uh, final arson report came back on anna’s house. Anything interesting? Yeah, you could say that. They found shreds of fabric in the bushes that tested positive for the accelerant used to start the fire. And dna was a match for this jameson forsyth guy. Aka the dead guy with the key. Right. And because there was incriminating evidence against him in that report, anna thinks he stole it. What she doesn’t know is that he might have put it in this locker before he was murdered. So anna still doesn’t know about the key. No, and I was going to tell her. What stopped you? The M.E. Get this — forsyth’s body is gone. What do you mean his body is gone? It just disappeared from the morgue? Basically. The wsb had it confiscated.

Oh, that looks so much better. Oh, yeah. So much. Thank you, doctor.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Any time. Yeah. My mom wants us to stop by the house. She say why? You know lois. She loves a good mystery. Anyways, thank you guys so much for having us. This was so much fun. Thank you for all the help with the tree. She’s a beaut. It’s a perfect choice. Congratulations, bro. Congratulations again. I’m so happy for you guys. We are happy. I can tell. I want to know the wedding date as soon as you decide. Yes, ma’am. Welcome to the family. Are you sure about this? Sure as I’ll ever be. Just the best news you could give us. Love you, dad. I love you, too. Brook lynn: Alright. Bye, everyone. Bye, everyone. Thank you. Thanks so much. Finn: Hey, guys, thank you for everything. Yeah. As soon as you decide! We got the memo.

[ Laughter ] Good night, guys. Okay, missy. Who are you calling missy? Who am I calling missy? The girl whose bedtime was over an hour ago. Why don’t you two relax, and I’ll tuck her in? Can grandpa do it? I would be delighted. Good night, aunt elizabeth. Good night, my baby girl. I love you. Good night, daddy. Good night, sweetheart. I love you. Love you, too. Yeah. Ready? Lead the way. You know, portia — she’s the one who brought this, uh — this procedure to my attention. Portia signed off on this? Yeah, she submitted me as a potential candidate. Mm. So portia is alright with you being a-a guinea pig, no matter the dangers involved? Pop, you’re acting like portia’s pushing me into this. Isn’t she? Well, she’s my wife. She provided me with information and an opportunity. But ultimately, you know, the decision is mine. Sounds like you already made it. And if I have, would that be a problem for you? Not only did the wsb confiscate the body, they classified everything related to forsyth — the forensics on the accident, all of it. Well, clearly the wsb doesn’t want anyone knowing why forsyth was in port charles or who killed him. You know what else was on that list of confiscated things? The arson report. I don’t have access to it anymore. Okay, so the wsb knows that it was forsyth who burned anna’s house down. Since you’re getting those yankee tickets for wiley, I thought — you know, I was thinking maybe I’ll get him a baseball cap or — or a jersey so he could be outfitted for the game. And for amelia, you know, I saw this really cute lavender snowsuit, so I thought maybe that — it had a really cute fur-lined hood. What? Are those bad ideas? No, they’re great ideas, but it’s just kind of modest. I mean, look, amelia’s a little girl. She’s not gonna know the difference. But wiley, why can’t you get him a little more? Well, he comes from a really big family, okay? He’s probably gonna get a mountain of gifts. I don’t want to overwhelm him. Like my nanny used to say, if you get so many presents, no present is special. Is that it? No. That’s exactly what I thought. What else? I’m trying not to provoke michael. Luke’s legal affairs are impossibly tangled. Bobbie, to her credit, has been really tenacious. She won’t accept no for an answer, and she is also charming all of the bankers and the bureaucrats. It’s definitely a two-person job. Which is exactly the opposite of explaining why you are here. Well, in order to be more effective, I have to prove my legal standing. And luckily, luke did give me power of attorney a while back, so I came here to retrieve those documents. You flew halfway across the world so you could get paperwork that we could have just pulled and sent to you? I don’t trust anyone with my personal papers. Huh. “Huh”? What does that mean? No, nothing. Nothing. I just — I just thought that maybe, just maybe, you flew all this way because you wanted to be with your family at christmas.

that there’s still tension between you and michael. It should not be that way. Well, it could be worse. I mean, he is perfectly pleasant when we’re all together. There’s a difference between pleasant and welcoming and even, you know, accepting. Okay, all I can hope for — all I can hope for is that things get better with time. I mean, it certainly has with willow, right? I mean, look where we’re at. I know it’s new, but I treasure that relationship. Willow is a special person. And for me to have her in my life, I have to keep the drama at a minimum. So this is me, sonny, letting michael set the pace. Okay, you know what? I’m going to talk to michael on your behalf. No, no. Please. You can’t do that. Well, we got another piece of the puzzle from the medical examiner. Oh. Do tell. Forsyth had a burn scar on his leg. Oh, let me guess — approximately four months old? Lines right up with anna’s house burning down. I’m assuming the wsb took those notes, too? What, are you a detective or something? No, I’m a P.I. Even better. Oh. Hey, you were really smart not to log that key in. Well, if I had, they would have been all over it. Wsb, they must not know that this key exists. Are you gonna tell anna about it? No. Not yet. I want to look into it for myself first. Wait. Your own brothers beat you up? It was kind of a thing in our house. Fun for the whole family. Hey, how can you joke about this? ‘Cause I’m here, aren’t I? They didn’t break me. But why? Why did they want to hurt you? I mean, was it because you protected your mom? No, my mom and I weren’t close, actually. I never understood her. I was always disappointed that she didn’t leave my dad, who to my brothers was king. God, they worshiped him. It was so obnoxious. They were just these arrogant, win-at-any-cost, just jerks. Well, it sounds like I chose the right brother.

[ Chuckles ] You would have had even less use for them than I did. By the time I was 12 or 13, all I wanted was to get out. So that’s why you enlisted. The day I graduated high school. Uh, look, I’m sorry. You — you just asked me why I didn’t want a christmas tree, and here I am opening a vein. Hey. No. I’m glad you told me. You are? Yeah. Makes me love you even more. “But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, happy christmas to all, and to all a good night.” Ho, ho, ho! You know we’re not supposed to read this until christmas eve, right? We’re jumping the gun a little bit. Grandpa, do you think the christmas tree is happy now? Most definitely. Especially since you fixed the star. You were so right, violet. It is a special tree. We made it beautiful. We certainly did. It takes kind heart to do that, you know, to make a home for a less-than-perfect tree. That really is the true spirit of christmas. I just love christmas. Me, too. It is a beautiful tree. Flaws and all. Shh. You think it has ears? You never know.

[ Chuckles ] Maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere. How so? Well, the point of the christmas tree isn’t that it’s perfect. It’s what it represents. Love and light and warmth. Hot cocoa.

[ Laughs ] That, too. When I look at this tree, I see the joy in violet’s face and chase and brook lynn decorating and your dad, so happy to have his family together. Tell me. I don’t want to say it. It might help. This might be my dad’s last christmas.

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[ Sighs ] Thank you. Thank you, pop. Now, I’m not saying I’m good with the risks involved, but, son, if it gives you hope, if it gives you any chance of recovering what you lost, it’s worth a shot. That means a lot. Okay. Okay. Timeline. What’s your timeline? Mm, as in when the procedure would get started? Yeah. Somewhere around january or february.

[ Whistles ] That soon? What’s the point in wasting time? If I’m gonna do it, there’s no sense in waiting. Keep thinking I’m gonna get used to it, but every time my dad stumbles or collapses into a chair — it’s torture. He’s getting less and less steady on his feet every day. Sooner or later, he won’t be able to hide it. I don’t think he’s trying to. What he is trying to do, and succeeding in my opinion, is basking in his family, soaking up every ounce of joy that he possibly can. My dad said he wants this to be a good christmas. I want that, too. I want it to be a great christmas, for him and for violet — for all of you. And I do. I want to appreciate their joy, not dwell on what we’re about to lose. Then do that. I’ll try. Do me a favor, though, will you? Anything. You see me start to backslide… call me on it. Okay. But if I’m not around and you feel yourself heading towards a dark place, I want you to look at that tree. It’s all the light you need. Are you glad uncle chase and brook lynn are getting married? Very glad. Me, too. What song should I sing at the wedding? Let’s talk about that tomorrow. Right now, it’s time for dreamland. Okay? Good night, sweetheart. Good night, grandpa.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ] Grandpa? Why do you use a cane now? Well, I recently discovered that I am needing help to walk. That’s okay. We all need help sometimes. What is the tree doing in here? It’s always in the foyer. The tree is perfectly fine there, tracy. I see that nobody purchased any gifts. Well, we just put the thing up, like — a tree without gifts is depressing. These are for leo. I thought you came home just for some paperwork, tracy. I did. But you had time to go shopping for your grandson? Why are you still here? Aren’t you late for a nail appointment in bensonhurst? I don’t know how many times I have to tell — I do these myself every– of course you do. I should have known that. And recent events have necessitated my presence here. Like what? It looks so beautiful in here. You see? I agree with brook lynn. Very festive. Granny…mother. Welcome home.

[ Sighs ] It is great to see you, tracy. How was your flight? You look happy. I am. Yeah, but unusually happy. Why is that?

that’s a lot to absorb. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t just a bit overwhelming. I’d be worried if you weren’t overwhelmed. You got this, son. And when you need help, you just look behind you. You’ll see portia, stella, me, trina, all there to back you up. Yeah. I’m just not used to being propped up, you know? It’s typically the other way around. Good. Give us a chance to repay you for everything you’ve done for us. I’m scared, pop. That’s good, too, son. ‘Cause you can’t be brave if you ain’t got nothing to be afraid of. Thank you. Hey. All good? Violet is fast asleep. Thank you. It’s my privilege. Can I give you a ride home? No, I’ll grab a rideshare. Oh, I’m sorry I posed that as a question. I’m taking you home. I wouldn’t argue with her. No, I’m getting that sense. Thank you. Thank you for, um… taking violet christmas tree shopping. It was a very good day. Watching you be a father to that incredible little girl makes me insanely proud. Good night, dad. Good night, hamilton. Night. You’re beautiful. I do not want you advocating for me. That’s the last thing I want. And the thing that I want even less than that is to again be a point of contention between you and michael. I-I saw how sad you were when you two were estranged. I love michael. I know my son. He’s loving and loyal, and he could be the worst enemy you could have. He got his stubbornness from carly and his ruthlessness from me.

[ Sighs ] Well, let’s look at the bright side, okay? Michael has decided that he is going to bring willow and the kids to our place on christmas eve. That’s huge. That is a step forward, a big step. Yeah, it is. Do you want to know about you? What about me? Well, do you want to know — I can give you a little hint of what I got you for christmas. You as my wife… is the only thing that I need for christmas.

[ Chuckles ] I know that you would never let anna do this alone. So why don’t the two of you just investigate this together? Because the wsb definitely has anna under surveillance. If I involve her… it would alert the wsb. That’s why I got to go. I got to go do it myself, retrieve this thing, whatever’s in this locker, and I-I’ll take it to a secure place and — and check it out. But what if you’re also under surveillance? I just — I feel like that’s unlikely. Plus, I’ll be super careful, okay? Sold? No, it’s just the brief time that the wsb had you almost destroyed your life. I don’t want it to pull you in any deeper. Hey. It’s because of my time with the wsb that I feel like I have to do this. They’ve been grossly abusing their power. I feel like I have to hold them accountable. And to me, it all starts with that report. Good night, sweetheart. Sweet dreams. Chase and i are getting married. Whoo-whoo!

[ Laughs ] I knew it. My only question is, what took you so long? That’s q code for “congratulations.” I just wanted to make sure that brook lynn knew I loved her for her and not her money. You know what? There is a very easy way to convince us of that. Sign a prenup. Tracy! Come on. I’m just being practical. Now is not the time to be practical. We just announced our engagement, and we’re on cloud nine. If I’ve learned anything from what’s going on with my dad, it’s that the future isn’t promised. But whatever it holds, however long it lasts, I know I want to face it with your granddaughter by my side. Aww. Aww! Well, in that case, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

[ Voice breaking ] I mean it. Thank you. Means the world. Thank you.

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