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by Michele & Cheryl

Jada from Days


-The music playing in Paulina and Abe’s scene could be heard while Stephanie was shown

-Paulina cried without any tears.

-Nicole’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Jada could be heard talking to Rafe while Nicole was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Sloan while Jada and Rafe were shown.

-Chanel cried without any tears.


-Theresa could be heard talking to Alex while Maggie was shown.

-The music playing in Kristen and Brady’s scene drowned out the scene.

-Brady could be heard talking to Kristen while John was shown.

-Alex could be heard talking to Theresa while Maggie, Sarah, Xander, and Konstantin were shown.

-John’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Theresa could be heard putting glasses on a table while Maggie was shown.


-Tate could be heard talking to Aaron while Holly and Sophia were shown.

-Harris could be heard sighing while Tate was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking on the phone while Sloan was shown.

-Nicole didn’t hear EJ yelling about the test results even though she was in the room with him.

-Sloan and Melinda could be heard talking while Holly was shown.


-The music playing in Sarah’s scene could be heard playing while Stefan was shown.

-Ava could be heard talking to Harris while Sarah and Xander were shown.

-Marlena could be heard talking to Maggie while Sarah was shown.


-The music playing in Theresa and Tate’s scenes could be heard while EJ was shown.

-Thomas could be heard talking to Abby’s grave while Theresa was shown.

-Johnny could be heard talking on the phone while Julie and Paulina were shown.


Alex from Days

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Days Transcript Friday, May 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


I don’t want to hear any excuses, Rolf. I want those DNA results now. Well, how much longer do you need? Okay, well, the second you get them, let me know. Oh, damn it. What? Oh, some greeting. Sloan, what the hell do you want? Did you get the test results yet? I’m working on it. I told you the truth, EJ. Jude is Eric and Nicole’s biological child.

But hey, run all the tests you want. Oh, believe me, I will. Well, when you find out that I was right, do me a favor and ask yourself this one question. Do I really want to test the strength of my relationship with Nicole by her finding out the truth?

Aren’t you worried that she’ll go running back to Eric the minute she finds out they created a child together? Thanks for letting me know. Uh, if you need anything else, um, Just give me a call, okay? There they are, two of my favorite ladies. Uh, who are your other favorites? Well, my daughter Sydney, of course, and my mother, whom I have called for Mother’s Day, otherwise I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

So, are we ready? Yes, sir. I’m ready for some eggs benny and strawberry cheesecake. Ooh, that is quite the combination. Uh, are you sure you’re okay going to the bistro? Yeah, no, the restaurant didn’t have anything to do with what happened on New Year’s Eve. I was actually really enjoying my time with, with everyone before what happened.

Well, shall we? Yes. Ladies first. Hi. Ah! My goodness, such nice manners, my son.

Maybe you did a good job on me after all. Maybe I did. I know you were doubting him there for a while. Yeah, well, doubt, you know, kind of goes with the job description. As a parent, I gave your grandmother lots of things to wonder about how, uh, she went wrong with me in my teens. In my twenties. In my thirties.

She never gave up on you. Just like you never give up on me. Never. You are my one and only son. And I will always be there for you. And I’m always gonna fight for what is best for you. Even if you and I don’t agree on what that is.

This is for you, Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you so much. Art loves you too. He made you that picture. Dad and I talked about bringing her, but she’s too young to understand. Maybe next year. But it’s okay. Dad says you’re not really here. You’re in our hearts, so that’s good, because that means I have you with me wherever I go.

Yes, you do. We all do. Happy Mother’s Day, Abby.

Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma.

I know you’re here all the time watching over us. I know you saw the fire. And I know you see me doing my best to rebuild your home. Beautiful house. Trying to make it everything it always was.

You know, it would be a help if you could give me just a hint on how to open the time capsule. It’s driving me crazy.


I know mothers besides you in heaven with all the saints and the angels. Where you belong.

Julie? Happy Mother’s Day. And the same to you, Paulina. Not feeling like such a wonderful mother these days, but,

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Especially not today. The children adore you. As do your grandchildren.

As does everyone who knows you, Paulina.

Bless you for saying that, Julie.

Bless you. Well, I’m glad you two had a great day. Yeah, that place is pretty cool, isn’t it? What? Come on, it’s dinner in a cave. Okay, okay, um, I get it, I get it. Well, tell Sid I say hi, okay? Uh, no, no, nothing new to report here. I will. Okay. Happy Mother’s Day, by the way. Mom. Yeah, I love you too. Ciao. How’s your mom?

She’s great. Yeah, I, uh, I made reservations at Trattoria Luvi, which is this exclusive restaurant in Amalfi. I’ve m mo’d Sid the money to take her. Oh, what a good son. Well, you know, I try. Hey, speaking of which, aren’t you You about to be late to meet your mom for lunch? Um, actually, I decided to cancel. Why?

Are you feeling okay? Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, God, this is gonna sound awful. I just, I can’t take seeing my mom today.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Doesn’t sound awful. You’re just being honest. Yeah, but I still feel guilty. You know, Mama, she’s like this ferocious lion and she’s always protected me. Like, all through my childhood, she would go toe to toe with anybody who tried to hurt me or didn’t treat me right. And so I know how much she loves me.

But it’s just that now that I’m pregnant, you know, her decision to leave isolation and put us at risk, it just I get it. Okay? I get it. And so I just really can’t sit across from her right now and make chipper small talk. You know? I’m mad. And she’s just gonna fuss around and try to make everything better, and she can’t.

And that’s just gonna make me more mad. You don’t have to explain yourself to me, okay? I love my mom. But sometimes I feel like we’re both better off being on separate continents. Did you No, no, she’d be on the next flight back to Salem. Yeah, that’s why I didn’t tell her. Wish me luck. I am going to call my mom now.

And tell her that I am not coming. Okay. And Jules hand painted this little card. It was so adorable. Oh, a future artist that one. Yes. And Carver leaned in to give me a kiss on our video call this morning. Oh! Warmed my heart. So, are you and Chanel going to get together to do something special today? Mm, we’re going to lunch at the bistro.

Ah, love you. You know, I really should get going before I wind up.

Speaking of. Chanel, honey, are you on your way to the restaurant? Yeah! Oh, um, Mama, I’m actually sorry. I’m not gonna make it today. Oh, what’s the matter, baby? I’m feeling a little queasy, and so I’m just gonna stay in bed. Oh, of course, of course. I understand. You take care of yourself, sweetheart. I will. Okay.

I’ll talk to you later. Mm hmm. All right. Bye bye.

Happy First Mother’s Day, Mommy. Just made you a special breakfast. Oh, my. How sweet. Well, I would have served you in bed if you hadn’t gotten up so early and gone. Uh huh. You know, Jude’s an early riser. Mm hmm. I brought you some snacks to nibble on before the main course. I think I would rather nibble on you than the main course.

Oh, baby, I am the main course. Sleeping? Not yet, but soon. Good thing I’m a patient man.

Mom. I’m not an idiot, okay? I get what you’re saying. You’ve told me like a thousand times. Well, then make it a thousand and one. Can we just order, please? I’m starving. Okay, well, I don’t know about you, but I am in the mood for trout. You have got to be kidding me. What? What? What do you mean, what? Is that why you were so gung ho to bring me here?

Because No! Are you kidding? No, I brought you to one of the nicest restaurants in town because I wanted to treat you on Mother’s Day. Which I’ve been saving up for, by the way. I had no idea that they would be here. Holly, I wasn’t born yesterday. You wanted to come here so you could see Tate on the sly. On the sly?

Seriously? Yeah, seriously. Why else would you want to come to the bistro on Mother’s Day? Mom, do you even hear yourself? What? I didn’t know he was gonna be here. Besides, I didn’t make the reservations. EJ did. Guilty. You’re dead?

Yeah. I’m good, buddy. I’m just really proud of you. You know that? How strong you are. And how wise you are. Or knowing that mommy’s always with you. She’s always right here in your heart. She definitely is. But I still like coming to visit her here. We can come whenever you want. Charlotte’s with us next year.

She can help pick flowers. Yeah. And I bet mommy would love that. You know, I know that we didn’t get to be a family as long as we all would have wanted. But I am really grateful for the time that we had together. Me too. I love you, Thomas. Biggest discount. I love you too, Dad. Biggest day. Well,

I suddenly have no Mother’s Day plan. Is Chanel okay? Oh, yes, yes. She’s just feeling a little under the weather. Not up for going out today. That’s a shame. It, it isn’t, uh, Not radiation poisoning. Oh, that’s a relief. Doctor gave her a complete physical, said she is fine. Sure, it’s just a little spring cold, you know.

And you know those can take you by surprise. Yes, of course. And it is allergy season. I am sure when she’s feeling better, the two of you will have a belated celebration. But she’s okay, which I hope is soon. I’m sure it will be.

So how’s the new job? It’s going great. Chad’s surrounded by a good team. For the, for the most part. Leo. Yeah, he’s the exception. I was gonna tell Chad that Lady W accepts payoffs. It was not a payoff. Leo did not ask me for money. I offered to help a friend out, is all. Yeah, well, good friends don’t do things like that.

Look, Leo is a hot mess. And he just got dumped. Yes, by a felon who’s serving hard time. Still shred him to pieces. I don’t want him to lose his job right now, too. Look, please. Please just drop it as a Mother’s Day gift to me. Only for you.

Thank you. I’m still gonna keep an eye on him. I get it. But, I think Leo’s troublemaking days are truly far behind him. Scene.

Gosh, I thought there’d be more people here today. I hope they don’t close as quickly as they reopened. Yeah, me too.

Wait. Stefan DeMera was running drugs out of this place. You want it to stay open? Oh, no, no, no. I have no love for that man or Clyde West and the two of them are gonna go to hell for all I care. I mean, there are good people working here trying to make a decent living, you know? And it’s not like there are many decent restaurants on every corner in this town.

Yeah, that is accurate.

How’s your job going? Yeah, it’s good. Yeah. Well, at least you have a job. Yeah, what are you gonna do now?

I’ll figure something out. And when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Ooh! Holly, they have your eggs benny. I don’t see any strawberry cheesecake. Oh, they have that too. I checked the menu online. Okay, I know what I’m getting. Me too, but first, a toast to the guest of honor. Moi? Mm hmm. To my lovely wife, the most wonderful mother I know. Besides my own, which I have to say, otherwise I’ll get struck by lightning.

Thank you, honey. Holly, do you have anything you would like to say? Yeah, I do. Um, Mom. I know that this has been a really rough year for you. And I’m sorry for my part in that. For making you worry about me and scaring you to death. But you helped me and you quite literally saved my life. So for that, I’m extremely grateful you’re my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you, my darling girl. To my lovely wife. Cheers. Love you both. Love you.

It’s kind of a strange Mother’s Day for me for obvious reasons. Yeah, I get that. I’m just glad your dad made us that appointment with that specialist and that not too many people know I’m pregnant. Yeah, I mean, lots of couples wait a while to tell people anyway. It’s not unusual.

Hey, what is it? You Well, it’s just what I, uh, I feel guilty for what I’m feeling right now. Guilty why? Well, we talked the other day about how A new life is always a blessing, no matter what. And we talked about sweet Felicity, and how she has Down Syndrome, and how she is just so great, and she must bring so much joy to her family’s lives.

But, well now Now, now what? Well, now Children with birth defects could need lifelong care. And obviously that depends on, you know, what those defects are. But I read that that could put a lot of stress on a marriage. And we just started our marriage again. And I just, I hope that you and I can both be strong enough to handle whatever is it.

Perfect about our baby because I don’t want anything to change between us. Nothing will change between us. Okay. I promise.

Nothing will.

He’s finally asleep. President took him that long. He was fighting it all the way home. This is for you. Oh my gosh! You didn’t have to. Of course I did. It’s Mother’s Day. Topaz? It’s Jude’s birthstone. Here,

let me help you.

I love it. It, uh, represents joy and good fortune. I googled it. There’s a lot of things that Jude’s brought into our life. It’s perfect. Thank you, Eric. This has been the best day. Yeah, well, there’s more to come. There’s more? Well, a whole lot more. So,

prom? What about it? Aren’t you excited? Sure, yeah, I guess so. Oh, come on. It’s a rite of passage. How was your prom? I didn’t go. You didn’t go to prom? I don’t know why I thought you’d be like prom queen or something. Yeah, no. I was too cool for school. Or at least I thought I was. I was dating somebody older.

He was definitely not in high school. What did grandma have to say about that? You don’t want to know. Actually, I think my father really came down on me for that one. Huh. What are you doing this afternoon? You want to go tux shopping? My schedule is wide open. Tux shopping? That’s what you want to do on Mother’s Day?

Absolutely. What color is Sophia’s dress? I don’t know. You don’t know? We need to find out. I don’t know. You need to get a matching bow tie and cummerbund. Really? That stuff has to match her dress? Well, it doesn’t have to. It’s just, you know, it’s nice if it does. So, tell me about her, the rum date. She’s just this girl in a couple of my classes.

That’s all I get? I don’t really know her that well, Mom. And yet you asked her to prom. Yeah, just kind of happened. Okay, so who’s taking pictures of the two of you? Are you going to go pick her up from her house? Mom, you’re thinking way too hard about all of this. Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll stop with the questions.

I’m just really glad that you’re not going with, you know who. Yeah. I’m so glad that you’ve moved on. It’s not like I had a choice.

So, Holly, did your mother tell you she just wrote her first article for the newspaper? She did. About the homeless. Is it scary going out at night to talk to them? No, it’s not scary. It’s sad and humbling. You don’t go alone though, right? No, gosh, no. I don’t go alone. Eric goes with me to take pictures. Oh, that’s good.

I can’t wait to read your article and see your name at the top. Oh yes, it’s called a byline. Very exciting. Yeah, it’s almost as exciting as being district attorney and CEO of a major corporation all at the same time. It’s a balancing act, certainly. Well anyway, um, when all of us come up for air, EJ and I were talking about getting away.

You know, maybe going to Chicago for the weekend, or flying to New York, seeing a couple shows. What do you think? Um, yeah, but not until after prom. What? The junior senior prom. Honey, um, I’m sorry, but that’s, that’s not happening. We’re not going to prom.

Nah, you beat me! You let me win! I did not. Give me a break, dad. I know you chose not to block me on purpose. There are my two favorite fellas in the world. What about Uncle Doug and Eli? Darling, all the men in my life are marvelous. Happy Mother’s Day, sweetie. Thank you, sweetie. Where’s our darling Charlotte?

She went to a princess brunch. A princess brunch? Oh, how royal. Yes, she dressed up as the queen. But us peasants were thrilled to join you for brunch. Well, I’m thrilled, too. So, sweetheart, what have you been up to today? We visited mommy today. Of course you did. Well, I talked to my grandmother today, and I told her about all of the reconstruction we’re doing at the Horton house.

They’d be so proud of everything you’re doing, Julie. Well, thank you for saying that. I can’t wait to move back home. Me too. May 3. I mean, Aunt Maggie is a wonderful hostess, but as they say in The Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home. Should we do it now?

Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt Joy. Oh, oh, thank you very much.

Goodness, this is wonderful. Charlotte and I made it for you to hang up in your new house. Well, I will, sweetie. I know exactly where I’m going to put it. It’s perfect. Thank you, darling. Hey.

Having kids. In general. Okay, that’s gonna change the dynamic in any relationship. Yeah, I know that, Johnny, but our situation, it’s Happy Mother’s Day! Oh, my God. Wait until you see what I brought. Uh, what are you doing here, Mom? I didn’t hear the Well, Harold, he was outside trimming rose bushes or something.

He let me in. Look what I have! Soup, crackers, and a special tea blend that helped calm my stomach when I was pregnant with you. I’m going to make a party. everything for you myself. Uh, is it all right if I go rummaging around in your kitchen? Look, no, Paulina, that is totally unnecessary. Very, very necessary.

My baby’s having a baby. We’ve got to take care of her. Yes, and I agree with you, but look, Chanel, right now she’s very tired, and we thank you for bringing all of this stuff. It’s very generous, but right now she needs to rest, okay? And I think it would just be better if we all hung out another time. You know, I’m sorry.

No, no, no, no need to be sorry. I, and I promise you, I won’t stay very long. So how, how about I just visit you for a few minutes? I’d rather you didn’t.

So mom, is there anything new with you and Alex? Not really. So it’s over? I don’t know. Can we talk about something else though?

What do you mean I’m not going to the prom? Honey, the last time you went to a nighttime event, you almost died. You can’t be serious right now. I’m very serious. I’d be too worried about you, and besides, you’re grounded, and you know that. But mom, I already have a date. No, you don’t, because you and Tate are no more.

I’m not going with Tate. I’m going with Aaron Green. Who the hell is Aaron Green? Well, maybe if you were involved in my life a little bit more, you’d actually know. Holly, that was uncalled for. Your mother I wasn’t talking to you. Hey, watch it. And I am involved in your life, which is why I’m catching on to your little game here.

Oh, that nice little Happy Mother’s Day speech you gave me to butter me up so you can go to prom? No! No way, because I didn’t think you would say I couldn’t go. My God, this is so unfair. Perhaps we should save this until we get back home. That is a great idea. Let’s go. I, I can’t believe this. So what, I’m just gonna be grounded forever?

Why can’t you just let me live my life? Thomas,

I think you are the best looking, and the brightest, and most important, like your mother and your father, the best person I know. I’m very proud to be your auntie. I’m proud of you, too. Oh, thanks.

Dad, Uncle Roman said I could go check out the kitchen when I’m done. Um, can I go back there? Okay, yeah. Stay with Uncle Roman. Don’t touch anything. Roger that, Dad.

Watches too many movies, that one. Oh, don’t they all? He really looks like you. But I think personality wise, there’s a lot of Abigail in him. Yeah, he sure does. And so does Charlotte. She’s starting to look more like her mom every single day.

This must be a really difficult day for you, darling. Yeah. I miss her today. I mean, I do every day, but she just never goes away. Nope. Never does. I miss my son David today. Of course, he’s gone forever now, but Those mothering feelings, they never go away. I’m so very lucky I have grandchildren to, to love and to nurture and, and as fate would have it, your children and you too, Chad.

And we thank God for you. We’re so lucky to have you. Happy Mother’s Day, Julie.

You don’t want me here? What I want is for you to stop trying to fix everything. What’s happening to me right now, it can’t be fixed. Oh, well, we don’t know that. You’re right, Mama, we But what we do know is that when you heard I was lost in that snowstorm, you decided to make the snap decision to leave isolation, commandeer a snow plow, and expose me to radiation.

And now we are dealing with the consequences of that. I feel more terrible about this than you can imagine. My guilt is off the charts, I, it’s killing me. Mama, I love you, but there is no way that you are going to turn what’s happening to me right now into your own personal tragedy. What? Oh, oh, no, I would never ever do something like And yet you are.

And that is why I didn’t want you here.

Look, Mama, I I just need some space, okay? Johnny and I need space. So I hope you can respect that.

Of course. I understand.

Now I’ll, uh, show myself out.

This is such B. S. Okay, honey, keep your face down. Dammit, mom, I have been working really hard at school. My grades are up. You even gave me my phone back. But what? I can’t go spend one night with my friends? It’s gonna be the biggest night of the year. Everybody’s going to it. Not everyone. And, and honey, you’re, you’re a junior, you can go next year.

But I’m sorry, this year it’s a no. No, it’s not. Sit down. You are being totally unreasonable. And you are making a scene. I hate you, mom. I really, really hate you. Damn it. Let her stew. No, I can’t. Oh my god, what a drama queen. You know, you don’t always have to comment, mom. Is that girl not being obnoxious and rude?

You are so lucky to be rid of her. This has been such a nice morning. I’ve had a good walk, a good breakfast, a good time with my hunky handsome husband. Go away! Holly, Holly, stop following me! Leave me alone! Honey, can we just talk about this please? You know what? You’re a total hypocrite. You screw up your whole life and here you are having a grand old time living in some mansion.

Me? I screw up once and I’m punished for eternity? You’re the worst mom on the planet.

Oh, great. I just broke my mother’s heart on Mother’s Day. I’m a horrible daughter. No, you are not a horrible daughter, okay? Look, you stood up for yourself, right? You stood up for yourself and you were honest. And your mom needed to hear that. Yeah, but did you see her face? How, how hurt she was. Hey, you did the right thing.

It’s not like you told her you never want to see her again. You just told her that you needed some space and you do. Yeah. I just, I hope she doesn’t get too worked up about it, you know? Your mom’s a big girl. Yeah. Yeah, she is. She’ll be alright. She knows I love her, and I just, I’m going through a lot right now.

And Johnny, I mean, since we’re being honest, You know, I really appreciate you being here for me and listening to everything I’m going through and you’re saying all the right things. But at the same time, you haven’t really told me how you feel about it. I, uh, thought that I did. But I’ll tell you again.

It’s your body. And I support whatever you decide.

What I do know is that We Created this baby out of our love for each other.

And that means a lot to me. Yeah. It means a lot to me too. And, I just, I really hope that, If, Everything isn’t okay, even though I, I hope and pray that it will be. But if it isn’t, And I pray that we will, we will be all right because our love will get us through it. Right? Yes. Yes it will. I believe that with all my heart.

Okay. Okay.

Dear Lord, please watch over my daughter and her baby. Amen. And let my stupid mistake hurt them. They didn’t do anything wrong. This is all my fault. Oh, Heavenly Father, I beg you. Let Janelle’s baby be healthy and strong.

You know, you are the glue that keeps this family together. And because of you, the Horton Legacy will live on. Oh boy. You, uh, you don’t know how much that means. Having you and the children living in the same house with us, that has given Doug and me some of the sweetest days of our lives. Well, we are blessed to have you, that’s for sure.

You know, Charlotte was, uh, really young when Abby died and, um, while having you there,

to love her, and to mother her, it just, uh, meant, uh, meant a lot. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. We will keep the memory of Abigail alive for her. For Thomas, too. I promise. Holly,

what’s going on? Mom’s being a total hypocrite. She’s got a bug up her ass because I made one mistake. I’m not perfect like you ever were. Honey, I never said I was perfect and this isn’t about me. Nicole, can I steal Holly for a few minutes? Give you two a chance to cool off. Yeah, fine, but I’m waiting right here.

Hey, what’s the matter? What’s going on? What’s going on is mom won’t let me go to prom. Eric, could you talk to her, please? And just tell her she’s making a big deal out of nothing. Holly, you almost died. That’s not nothing. Oh my god! Okay, yeah, it’s fine. I screwed up. Once. So what? That means she gets to lock me up in a tower like I’m Rapunzel for the rest of my life?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. She’s just trying to keep you safe. Listen, my sister Sammy, she was your age. She and my mom Things are different now, Eric. It’s not how it was in the Stone Ages.

So, my daughter shouted in public that she hates me. Happy Mother’s Day, right? Yeah. Well, what happened? I told her she couldn’t go to prom because of what happened on New Year’s. Oh. Yeah. You know, um, You’re a mom. And if you knew you could lose your child, wouldn’t you do everything you could to prevent that?

Somebody’s calling. Uh huh. Uh, would you mind knocking him while I just make a bottle? Yeah, sure.

Rolf, tell me what you know.

You’re sure? There’s no doubt that this baby is Nicole and Eric’s.

I’m sorry too.

More sorry than you know.

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Days Transcript Thursday, May 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


What’s this? Happy Mother’s Day. To the most amazing mother in the whole world. The whole world? Open it. Wait, it’s not Mother’s Day yet. Right, but you’ll be on duty tomorrow morning. Go on, open it.

Oh! World’s best mummy. Victoria picked it out herself. She pointed right at it and said, That one, da. Oh, she’s talking now! Yeah, but she swore me to secrecy because she only speaks to me, so Is that so? Yeah, fourth sentences. And yet here you are, betraying her confidence. Please don’t tattle on me. Neither.

Well, please tell her that mummy says thank you. I’m gonna bring this with me tomorrow night, show it off. Tomorrow? Yeah, we have dinner at my mom’s, remember? Oh yeah, the Mother’s Day dinner. Can’t wait to see Constantine again. I’m I’m Not exactly dying to see him either, but we did say that we would go. So I trust that you will dust off your best fake smile, and be your most charming, polite self.

Don’t count on it. Xander, please! Okay, okay, okay, I’ll do my best. And speaking of celebrating mothers, did you reach out to your little favorite? Mother’s Day in Scotland was in March. Yeah, but still, you, you could have, you could phone her. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. Come on, don’t you think it’s a little bit weird that I have, I’ve never met your mother?

In all the years that we’ve known each other, I, I haven’t even spoken to her on the phone. You, you never talk about her. Some things aren’t worth talking about. I’m gonna go check on my daughter, okay?


lilies! How beautiful! Oh my goodness. I used to grow them in Greece, where I would like to take you. In fact, I would like to take you all over Greece on our honeymoon. Honeymoon? Constantine, you know our marriage will be in name only. That does not mean I cannot repay your many kindnesses by showing you the most beautiful islands in the world.

Oh, Marlena. Hi there. Maggie, is this a good time? Uh, yeah. I was just here with Constantine. He brought me a bouquet of flowers. Sweet. Um, you know, I’m wondering if you could, um, come over. There are a few things I want to talk to you about regarding the wedding. Oh, okay. When? Would right now be alright? Now?

Uh, yeah, I suppose so. Good. I will see you soon. Alright, she’s coming over. Yes, she is. I just hope she’s able to listen to reason about the man she is planning to marry.

Everywhere I go, there you guys are. You know, you guys are like birds on a dog, you know that? All right, believe me, this is the last place we want to be. We’re here about the book. But, there’s nobody here. Well, you never know. People pop out of these tunnels all the time. Well, the not so secret tunnels are being fumigated, so talk.

Okay, well, the book we found at the bistro is encoded, and Clyde wants the images electronically so there’s no physical drop off, which means, obviously, apprehending him is going to be a problem. Dammit. Okay, look, we don’t know if he would have shown up anyway. He probably would have sent one of his flying monkeys to pick the damn thing up.

Okay, so what happens now? We’re going to the police station. Which is where you come in.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No way in hell. You guys have already had me go to the police once. I’m not doing it. You can leave. Okay, Stefan, we need your help. I don’t care. Okay, let’s just Would you listen, please? We found what looks like blood on the outside cover of the book. Blood? Yes. So I’m going to take it to the lab to have it analyzed, and I just don’t want anybody on the force to know that Clyde spoke to Ava about the book.

So here’s the story I’m telling, and here’s the story you’re going to back me on if anybody asks. Let’s hear it. It’s pretty easy. You just stumbled across the book on your day to day at the bistro and you gave it to me because I’m a detective. More or less true. Okay, it’s better this way. Stefan, we can get what we need.

Can we count on you? I’m in.

It’s plausible I definitely could have stumbled across the book and I want that son of a bitch stopped once and for all. Yeah. And he will be. We are gonna get him this time. We just need to work together and get Clyde on the ropes. If Clyde Wesson’s going down, I want a ringside seat.

And wait. So I see. I, I hope our little angel understands. Oh, our little angel is nothing if not understanding. Oh, she told me to tell you, you’re welcome, mummy. And I love you madly. I love her madly. So, um, you said that it was, um, that Mother’s Day was in March in Scotland. Sarah, please. But I was just wondering if, you know, maybe you reached out to your mom back then.

Look, baby, I, I can tell that this is a sore subject, and I don’t want to push it, but don’t you think that Victoria should get to know both of her grandmothers? In this case, no. I don’t. And you would be in complete agreement with me, Sarah, if you knew my mum, so can, can we just drop that? Okay. I’m sorry.

It’s obviously very triggering to talk about your mother. Yeah, it is. Sarah. Victoria is very lucky to have Maggie as her grandmother. She’s the best there is. And the only one our little girl needs. Okay. Now, I need to dash. I’ve got some unfinished business to take care of. With Stefan? Yeah. I need to find out if he is the one who set me up to take the fall for Harris shooting.

He’s not just gonna admit that to you. Yeah, but I have a plan. Don’t worry, it’s nothing illegal. And if it turns out it was him? Then he’s going to be very sorry.

Thank you for coming so quickly. You say you wanted to eat, you’re just seeing me. Fellas, not working today? Well, we just wanted to talk to you first. All of us. Wedding plans? The three of you? Please sit down.

Maggie, this is about Constantine.

What is this? An intervention? Kind of. There are some things you need to know, Maggie. Well, let me guess. I need to know that Constantine is a bad guy, he’s using me, and I shouldn’t be marrying him. All of which I’ve heard before. I thought we were past all of this. I wish that were true, but it’s not. I don’t want to hear any more.

You know, I can’t believe that you lured me over here for more of this. I’m not interested in anything you have to say, any of you. Maggie? This is very serious. And you need to listen.

Who let you in? Ava and Harris, on their way out. What do I get for not escorting them out myself? Great. Take it this isn’t a social call. Because our last one went so well. What did you expect? You came at me with some cockamamie story about how EJ called you to put out a hit. Ridiculous. Yeah, well, especially given what I know now.

You were on Clyde Weston’s payroll. By coercion. Well, whatever you got there, it’s been gnawing away at me. I mean, what if I’ve been focusing on the wrong DiMera? What if you were the one who set me up?

Thank you for my mug, sweet pea. I know that daddy did help though. He loves us so much, doesn’t he? What do you say with him and his mummy? If you find anything out, you have to tell me, okay? But now it is time for our walk. So, what do you say? Should we go out and feel the spring breeze? Aww. Who could that be?

Who’s there? It’s Constantine. Constantine?

Sarah dear, may I have a moment of your time?

So, Um, You were telling me that Constantine has been brainwashing you? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Well, explain how and why. Well, Maggie, I realized that after I had spent a little time alone with him that I was missing time, so to speak. Something wasn’t right, so after I discussed it with Doc, she and I kind of figured out what he was up to.

And then we, we started working on some new techniques to try to deprogram me. To, to mentally prepare me for the next time he would try this so I’d have a way to fight it. How did you fight it? John was able to fool Constantine into thinking that he was under his control, which he wasn’t. Maggie, he ordered me.

To steal the signed prenup out of your safe so he could burn it. And what he didn’t know was I already took the original prenup out of the safe and I replaced it with a duplicate fake when he wasn’t around. This is your original prenup. That’s the real deal right here.

I can’t believe this is true.

Yeah. We wish it were true. We’re sorry to have to tell you that. I still don’t understand though. How is he brainwashing you? He’s in possession of a card. It’s a red card and it’s got an ancient pagoda on it. Oh yes. He said it reminded him of his daughter, Katerina, that she apparently carried it with her as part of her Halloween costume the year she died.

No, no, no, no. Just more lies. Another fabrication, Maggie. It is actually the same card, the same device Stefano used to brainwash me years ago. That’s right. And we have no idea how Constantine got a hold of it. Now I know why he was so panicked when he thought he had lost it. He was frantic, searching for it.

He must have had a reason. His whole plan depended on it. Oh, John. Maggie. When he Ordered me to steal the prenup out of your safe. I witnessed the whole thing. Me as a John Black of sound mind. He stood right in front of me. He held that card out. He thought he had brainwashed me and he ordered me steal the prenup pawn.

Stealing. That lying bastard.

Uh, well, actually, Victoria and I were just on our way out. I promise I won’t be long. Ah, but first things first. Hello, my little one. Ah, have you heard the news? I am going to be your granddaddy. Um, sort of. You’re gonna have a wonderful time with me. Yes, yes, yes. Um, yeah, she does enjoy her time with you.

Unlike most of your mother’s family and friends, huh? You know, I am so grateful to have your support. Uh, well, yeah, I mean, as you know, you didn’t have it at first, but I’ve seen how happy you make my mom. Yeah. And, um, you know, losing Victor devastated her. So I don’t want to see her spirits fall again. Such a wonderful, devoted daughter.

My mother means the world to me. She’s a very special person. That she is. And I am so grateful and lucky that you are blessing this marriage that I can have with my precious Maggie. So that I can remain here in Salem with her. Yeah. You have it. Under one condition. You have to promise me. Constantine, you have to promise me you won’t break her heart.

You think I set you up? That’s crazy. I don’t give a rip what happens to you. I think you’re lying through your teeth. I mean, if Clyde could make you move drugs for him, it’s not a stretch to think that he could order you to set me up too. Especially seeing as you don’t give a rip about what happens to me.

I didn’t set you up. Now get out of my house. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Uh, I don’t know who Clyde hired to shoot Paris Michaels. And I don’t know why I’m the lucky sap who has to take the fall for it. But I’m almost certain you were the one who planned the setup. Almost certain?

How convincing. Based on what exactly? I don’t know. Your motive? Means? You had the money to buy those posh designer trap pants that look like mine and slip that princely sum into my bank account? 50k is hardly a princely sum. I never mentioned the amount. It’s so funny that you should know it.

Hey, hey. How’d it go? I talked to Rafe and Jada. Gave them the book. And let’s just say they were avid listeners. Great. And did they buy it how you got it? Totally. I just told them that the book fell to the bottom of the wine bottle when Stefan was holding it. Oh, what a relief. Okay. And the stain on the cover?

Uh, they believe it’s blood too, but we’re gonna have to wait till the lab confirms that. Alright, well, Dill definitely had a violent streak. You know, he attacked me, so I had to shoot him. So, if it does turn out to be blood, obviously someone else faced his wrath. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty. You know, being Clyde’s enforcer, I’m sure Gil had to do all kinds of things.

Assault, murder, torture, any, I mean, anything’s possible. Yeah, yeah, you know, part of me doesn’t even care and doesn’t want to know. I know, but we gotta know. We need the facts. And hopefully DNA match to the bloodstain in our database. Yeah, but a match doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna help us find Clyde.

Maybe not. But it might help somebody else get justice.

So he came to town to give condolences to me after his dear friend died. I really thought he cared about Victor. He just saw how vulnerable you were. Maggie, your guard was down. It’s understandable. So he never forgave Victor, did he? Or me. He came here to avenge Katharina’s death and steal Victor’s fortune.

Look, Maggie, we know that he was under considerable pain at burying his daughter. But that doesn’t explain or excuse what he did. Everything he said to me was a lie.

The man came here to steal my husband’s money. And everything else that he had. Including me.

Damn him. He has messed with the wrong redhead.

Okay, so, the Salem PD has the book and, uh, all the photocopies of the pages are with your guy. Yeah, my Navy SEAL buddies. Just waiting on them to crack the code. They got this new software, so hopefully we can get a beat on Clyde’s location when he opens the files. Yeah. Gosh, this could be the thing that could bring him down, huh?

Yeah. You know, we’ll be doing the world a favor after everything he’s done. I just wish you didn’t have to go. I know, I wish I didn’t have to go either. But, I’m all in on this, Ava. I just got a check on the progress of my guys, I told them I’d be there, you know, we work as a team. I know, I know. I was just hoping that I could convince you to stay.

Cause I’m gonna miss you like crazy. I know. I’m gonna miss you, too. Aww.

You know, um, my flight is in a few hours, so, I guess I have enough time to finish this beer and, uh, take a nap.

There’s no way that in the couple hours you have left, you are gonna take a nap. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. No, you come here. Hmm. I think the 50K was mentioned in the Spectator. No, no, no. It wasn’t. I own half the paper, remember? Every word of that article had to be cleared with Chad and me by Everett. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Your own paper, writing about you as the suspect? My own paper, fact checking. Ah. Well, E. J. knew about the 50, 000. I’m sure he mentioned it to me one night over drinks. Huh. Oh, of course. You two just having a lovely drink together. Nice try, mate. I can’t prove you’re lying, but I’m sure you’re the one who set me up, and you aren’t gonna pay.

You threatening me now? You’re damn right I am.

I swear, on the river Styx, that I will never hurt your mother. And though, I know you would prefer that she would have remarried under different circumstances, please realize, I care for her very much. Yeah, um She cares for you too, but What?

When my father, Mickey, died, I, I never thought that my mom would find love again. And then she and Victor had this amazing second act. But I don’t know if she’ll find love a third time. What I do know, though, is As long as she’s with you, that can never happen. So you believe I am standing in her way? Don’t get me wrong.

I am. I’m very happy that my mom has a companion, someone that she enjoys spending time with. It’s just. Xander asked whether you would just continue living in my mother’s house forever. And that got me thinking, so I looked up green card marriages. And it could be years before you can leave. And at our age, a few years feels like forever.

Is that what you’re thinking? Yeah. Yeah. Well, when you’ve lived as long as Maggie and I have, companionship means more than anything. But make no mistake, your mother is in charge. If she ever decides to get rid of me, I assure you, dear Sarah, I will be gone.

This man has to pay. I want you to call the police. I want him behind bars. We all do, Maggie. But for what? What he’s done is despicable, but none of it’s a crime, so far. After all, Maggie, I was the one who broke into your house. Because he thought he was controlling you, like Stefano and Victor did. Yeah, and we’re gonna let him keep on thinking.

And then we’re gonna feed him just enough rope, he’ll eventually hang himself. He has to believe that his plan is playing out exactly as he expects. That’s the only way to nail him, Maggie. What I don’t understand is even without the prenup, he couldn’t have gotten any money if I wasn’t

He was planning to kill me, wasn’t he? You

know the real reason I have to leave?

Because as long as Clyde’s out there somewhere,

You’ll never be safe.

You’re doing this for me. I just, I couldn’t bear to lose you.

You know, um, when I met you at Bayview. Uh, you thought I was crazy? No, no. Yes, yes. Unpredictable. Mysterious and, you know, a little lost.

But you, um, you

changed, uh,

you changed everything for me. Hey, you changed everything for me too. You

know you make my life worth living. I love you. I love

you too. And I cannot wait for you to be back here in my arms. So, I promise I won’t be long. Okay, well you better, you better not be because I got a way of tracking down people. I don’t, uh, I don’t doubt that. Mother

has given my life new meaning. I have no intention to ever take advantage of her. I’m analogy to that. I expect no less. Your beautiful mother, her kindness and generosity knows no bounds. Choosing to share Victor’s wealth with his heirs and with the needy is so admirable.

Cherish every moment you have with Victoria. I remember Katarina at this age. I lost a daughter too, once. She shall always be with you. Yes. very much. And now I must get home. To Maggie. Goodbye my dear. Goodbye.

Maggie. We don’t have proof. But we do believe that Constantine’s plan was to do away with you After the two of you were married Sorry. And we do have a limited amount of time before his visa runs out, so that we can get him to commit a crime that we can pin on him. But right now, our number one priority is just keeping you safe.

You’ll have a lot more important bringing that dirt back down. Well, you’ve obviously given it a lot of thought. We have. So, are you in? Yes. Yes, what’s the plan? Well for starters This Is a microscopic ISA device that you can wear it as a bracelet as a necklace It doesn’t matter just as long as you have it with you all the time The time.

It will summon immediate help from Steve or I. 24 7. We also want to set up your phone so we can track you. Is that okay?

You’ve got to behave as though everything is normal between you and Constantine until then. Can you do that?

Just watch me.

Here. Don’t forget that. Yeah. Like I said, I still only be gone a few days. Hope they wipe these images tagged before Clyde calls back with exact instructions on where to send them. Yeah. Can’t wait. You call me as soon as you hear from him, okay? You call me as soon as you land. I will. Just want you

to be careful while I’m gone, okay? Yeah. You too. I mean it. Keep your eyes open. Do not relax. I’m not sure I even remember how. You be safe too, alright? Hey, I’m practically bulletproof. Right.

It’s gonna work. This is gonna work. Once Clyde’s gone, you’re not gonna have to worry anymore. Oh, hey! Hi. Anything exciting happen while I was gone? No, nothing, uh, to report. How’d it go with Stefan? Bloody bugger wouldn’t admit anything. I mean, I I’m more convinced now than ever that he’s the one who set me up.

It’s written all over his face. He’d be a terrible poker player with all his tells. Tells are not proof. Baby, maybe we should just let this go. What? Never. No. Alright, fine, fine. Just, just don’t go crazy and do something rash.

I’m not gonna let anyone find Or anything separate us ever again. I’m gonna take care of myself and my family. Don’t worry.

Is our little angel awake? Hey Victoria, daddy’s home. Xander

Cook. You’re getting a little too close for comfort there, pal.

Hello. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll accept the call. Oh, Gabby. My love, oh my God, just to hear your voice, I feel like I can breathe again. I miss you so much. Of course, of course, of course I’m coming to see you. Yes, yes. I, I, I will. As soon as I can. It’s just I’m working so hard to get you out of there. Okay, uh, Rafe and I, we’re, we’re doing everything we can to find proof that you’re innocent, okay?

And, and, and Yeah, I will. I will. I will find it. Okay, we won’t stop at anything, no matter what. And then you and I, my love, are going to be together again, soon and forever.

Ah, well, that was a little bit easier than I thought it would be. Maggie’s a lot tougher than people realize. Doc, you being here made all the difference. She trusts you. Signal’s coming in loud and clear. She just pulled into the Kuriakas mansion. Alright, so the plan’s in motion. Mm hmm. You know, a part of me gets it.

Why he was coming after me and all. I’m thinking about, if the roles were reversed, I would never be able to forgive a man who killed one of our daughters. But for him to come after Maggie, who never wronged him in any way, I Not gonna happen. Not on my watch. Or mine. Or mine. Ah,

there you are. Perfect timing. I just had the housekeeper bring this in for us. The coffee is at the exact right temperature. You see, we are in sync. Yes, we are. And she also was kind enough to arrange the lilies I brought for you. Perfect. So, how did it go with Marlena? Uh, it was very enlightening. She had a lot of ideas to share.

She’s a very thoughtful woman. You are very lucky to have a friend such as her. I can only imagine what she might be proposing. Well, let’s just say it’s definitely going to be a wedding to remember. Yes. Yes, it will be.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Here you are, ladies. So, is there anything else I can get you? Um, I think we’re good. Yeah, me too. Thanks. Alright, well, here you go. Enjoy. Thank you.

This is insane. I know, right? How is Mr. Ronald’s final project due so soon? Oh my god, and there’s that creative writing assignment, which I haven’t even started yet. Have you? Yeah, I tend to create most effectively under pressure, so, no. Good for you, because I’m like, whatever the opposite of that is. Okay, can we please take a break from studying?

Talk about something fun, like prom? Fine. I assume you already have a date? Still working on that, actually. Really? Well, who are you thinking? Tate Black.

Got you. Smart thing to do would be to shoot for the Summer League team. Summer League? Mm hmm. Slightly less competitive, but still, I can see you joining the squad. You know, if you apply yourself. Yeah, but Oh, why? Extracurricular activities, dude. You need some kind of scholarship. And you need all the ones you can get, actually.

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Making sure I’m not up to my eyeballs in student loan debt. So, you’re, like, what? You’re, like, Mr. Extracurricular? Uh, Mr. President of the SGA, actually. Yeah, VP of the Spanish club. Tight end of the football club. Wow. Busy man. A lot of responsibility. One of the more interesting things I get to do as leader of the SGA Plan prom!

Oh. That’s Joy. Well, honestly, I’m actually pretty proud of the work. It motivates me to go, since I’m throwing the whole thing together. You got a date yet? Um, working on that part. I want to ask Sophia Choi. Uh, I just don’t think she knows I exist. Like the plot of an 80’s teen comedy? Yeah, uh huh. Who are you taking, big man?

It’s great. What is wrong with me? It’s not like Clyde and Gil are geniuses. Why can’t I crack this code?

Hey. Baby asleep? Yeah. I, uh, I put a bottle in the fridge. I don’t know when I’ll be home. Tonight. Well, I’m sure Nicole will appreciate your being there. I’m sure. It’s just work, Sloane. It’s part of my job. I won’t wait up.

I love you.

Melinda, I need you to get over here, quick. And I appreciate your continued discretion, Dr. Rolf. You have all the samples then? Good, good. Now how long will the test take to complete? I’m afraid that patience is not one of my strong suits, Doctor, but you already knew that. I want those DNA results as soon as possible!

Is everything okay?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I’m sorry you had to hear that. And what exactly was I hearing? A rather indelicate display of Of indignant anger. Fair enough. Over DNA results? I just wanted to get some evidence process for a case. Well, I thought you had people to manage that so that you could focus on the case. If I’m being honest, I would prefer to focus on you.

Hey, listen, I’m worried that you’re going to burn out. You already have one job that’s overwhelming enough, but you are juggling two. I thrive on chaos. We’ve discussed this. Oh, maybe you think you do, but I’m not so sure. I’ll convince you. Give it time. By the way, Did you see the article on the map? I did.

Hmm. Your, uh, tip to Chad, uh, really got some serious reactions. Hmm. For a minute there I thought you were going to say clicks. Well, the news certainly made a lot of people very unhappy. I’ve heard that there’s, uh, serious talk of a possible resignation. Please tell me you are not going to add mayor to your current list of job titles, EJ?

If I get the call, who am I to deny the people what they want? And it’s not like I haven’t done it before. Oh, no, that is the worst possible answer. EJ. Oh. Hey, guys. Hi, wow. Yes, I know that aroma. That is chef’s special tea blend. You got it. I thought you were a coffee drinker. Yeah, well, it’s, uh, it’s not for me, actually.

Chanel’s just feeling a little bit under the weather. Well, I’m sure that will help whatever ails her. Fingers crossed. Mm hmm. All right. Mm hmm. Well, I should get going because this article is not going to write itself. Mm, well, you will be careful out there. I promise. Good. Mm hmm. And you, no more jobs. Mm hmm.

Yeah, it promises,

Hey, hey, thought you could use a little, pick me up. Ah, you thought, right? Yeah. Thank you. So, any luck? Hmm. Now I’ve gone through all the standard codes, we, the ones I’m familiar with and, and a few that I picked up out in the field and nothing. Nothing. Okay. So what next? Well, I sent the encrypted message, uh.

Encrypted file to an old Navy buddy. Now, it’s just, um, It’s just a waiting game. Who am I taking? No one. Dude, prom’s not really my thing. No, no, do not knock it until you try it, bro. This one’s gonna be different, okay? Like, way better than the last blast thing that’s in all the trophy cases. Wow, that’s quite the bold statement.

Well, it’s true. The difference is what I bring to the table. It is for sure going to be the biggest night of the year. Okay? I put like literally my lifeblood into it. Ah, speaking of blood, I need volunteers for the student blood drive. So what period might you be free? None. Dude, I faint at the sight of blood.

If someone sees that, I risk losing my hard earned street cred. Um, you can pass out cookies and juice then. Oh, come on. Oh, come on! Volunteering is good for the soul, okay? And maybe you could meet new people. It is time, little bird, for you to expand your social circle. It’s time for you to fly, young falcon.

Yeah. Fly! I’m good, man. Seriously, meeting girls right now is not my priority. Damn, I really hope Holly didn’t just ruin the rest of the female species for you.

So, so you’re gonna ask Tate Black to the prom? Why not? He’s cute, he’s hot, and he’s smart. Yeah, yeah he is, but don’t you already have like five guys that have asked you? Closer to ten, but I don’t know, I guess I’m just not feeling any of them. You sure? Because I heard one of them covered your entire front porch with flowers.

Oh my god, my mom loved it. Dad, not so much. Gotta admit, that’s pretty bold. Bold schmold. Besides, there’s something, I don’t know, alluring about Tate. Yeah, that’s one way of describing him. You know what? I’m just gonna make a move and ask him. Why not? And you said that you were totally over him, so you’re okay with it, right?

Yeah, sure. Mm hmm. Not too convincing. So seriously, if you want me to stop, it’s all good. Just say the word. It’s fine. Really, Sophia? It’s good? Okay, cool. Glad we squared that. We’re totally squared. So, now you, is your mom even gonna let you go? I got the feeling she’s been backing off her tyranny vibe a little bit.

Yeah, she has. I mean, she gave me my phone back, so there’s that. And she’s cool with us hanging, but I don’t know, in terms of prom, there’s nobody I really want to take, so probably not. Yeah, but we’d have so much fun. I mean, you really don’t want to go. Thank you for getting here so quickly. Oh, no problem.

And not that I don’t love seeing you, but where is my godson? I’m going through withdrawals. Wow, he’s getting so big. Right? So, lay it on me, how bad is it? Well, it is bad. I already told you about Eric finding out that I was sponsoring Leo’s semi lavish lifestyle. Huh? He put the kibosh on that right quick.

Well, at least your money flow issues are over. Oh no, that is the least of my concerns. Well, what else? After Leo got the Dear John letter from Dimitri, he got stupid wasted, and uh, he tried to extort EJ. I’m, I’m sorry, he, he did what? He also told him about the baby switch. Holy, uh. Yep. This is, uh. A nightmare.

I know.

I’m just curious, man. At one point, you’re super interested, and then boom? Just go sideways. Holly made a mistake. There’s nothing more to say. Nobody ruined anybody. Well, and then she didn’t say anything to correct the mistake for, like, a long, long time. Bro, she was in a coma. I understand, but I’m talking about after all that.

I mean, dude, what do you want me to say here? We all make bad choices. I’m not gonna be a guy that just holds a grudge. Besides, Holly and I have talked it out. I don’t know. I don’t know. The fact that you even give her the time of day is like Because I’m not a jerk. Not a jerk? I think you just nailed your yearbook superlative.

Your football game, on the other hand, that is not so super. Go.

Got a lot of work to do, Mr. Black. A lot of work to do.

Oh, wow, I didn’t realize how late it was getting. I should bounce. Uh, I’ll come with.

Where did Ava go? Did she like, go AWOL? I guess we just leave some trash. Oh, I only have plastic, sorry. No worries, I got you. Thanks. Hey! On our way out, we have to stop by that vintage shop on 3rd. They have this incredible collection of retro prom dresses. Uh, yeah, I’m gonna have to pass. Sorry, I really should keep working.

Oh, come on! That paper will be there when you get back. You need a mental pit stop, a blessed respite. Okay? It’ll be fun! And we can catwalk around the store, work it like Kendall and Gigi. Yeah, I am, okay. You know you want to! Bye! 30 minutes tops, though. Okay, not even. Yes, I see the notes. Please proceed with the preview for Q3.

I need those on my calendar by the end of the week. No half measures, Rita. Now, in terms of the Titan stock, I want you to monitor and push through the buy order when it hits my price point. Yes, max out the order. And text me if anything unusual happens. Okay? How’s Chanel feeling? Uh, actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.


Dad, I need a favor.

Okay, okay, I think you’re right. We just wait and we see what your contact can do. And in the meantime, Just keep things status quo. Status quo? Status quo is me losing my mind because I can’t decipher this thing. If we can’t decipher this, this is useless. Okay, okay, I know, I know, alright? But look, isn’t having it the most important thing?

If we’re smart, yeah, and we use this bait. Okay, okay, then try not to stress so much. I, I’m gonna stop stressing when Clyde’s back in custody, making sure that guy never escapes again. Okay. All right, look, why don’t we just stop talking about this until we hear from everybody, okay? All right? Maybe we just need to focus on each other.

Go ahead, pick it up.


Have I missed you? Shockingly, no. The book? No, I haven’t found it. Yeah, and I’ve searched the place twice. Yeah, I did look there. Yeah, you know, now that the restaurant has reopened, it’s getting a lot trickier rummaging around without arousing suspicion.

Okay, well, unless you can come up with the place you want me to look next, you’re just gonna have to wait until I can find it.

Yeah, Clyde, I hear ya. I hear ya loud and clear. Alright, so once I do find it, what comes next? A favor,

of course. Anything for my son.

Okay, Chanel and I haven’t told anyone this, okay? She doesn’t even know that I’m telling you, but she’s pregnant.

I’m going to be a grandfather? Possibly, yeah. Possibly. What’s going on, Johnny?

Somebody’s ready for tonight. Hey. Yeah, I also have some snacks for later. You know, I stuffed them in the side of the bag. Oh, smart man. Oh, by the way, the Metro knows our location, so we’re good to go. Great. You hesitated. Did I? What’s up?

Alright, I guess I was just wondering how Sloane was doing because she wasn’t very happy with us last night. We had a fight, which actually led to a very deeper conversation. It was very enlightening. How so? It made me realize that I was making the same mistakes with Sloane that I made with you, and I regret them deeply.

I am in both relationships.

Leo, Leo, Leo, how could he possibly think that this was a good idea? I mean, it’s E. J. DiMera for God’s sake. I know, I know. Exactly what did Leo tell him? Everything. So he knows that I was involved? Because if he does, that’d be very, very bad. I might as well be dead. Look, your name wasn’t mentioned, and if there’s even a hint at your involvement, you know I’ve got your back.

I’m gonna cover for you. It’s the least I can do. Have you had any contact with him? No. Who, EJ? Yeah. Uh, aside from him showing up at my house, demanding I return his child, uh, threatening to arrest me. No, other than that, very little contact. He actually said all of that. Yeah, but then he sort of backed off.

Backed off? Well, once I told him the truth, that Eric is Jude’s biological father.

Oh my god, I Sophia, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you when I threw the ball. Yeah, you sure threw it hard. Yeah, and like way wide of me, dude. Yes, I know. I feel so terrible. Well, you should, because you did see me and Holly. In fact, I saw you catching a look at her right as the ball left your hand. Girl, I didn’t even see him looking at me.

Well, he was. And that’s why the ball landed on my face. And I’m gonna have a shiner for the prom!

What’d he say? He said he’s calling me back in 48 hours and I better have the book by then. And? And I’m supposed to scan the pages and then I’m supposed to send it to some dark web email account and then after that I’m supposed to destroy the book. What? Yeah. And then he’s gonna send me specific instructions on how to do that as well.

So I make sure that I follow his directive. Yeah, but this book is the bait. If there’s no meetup, there’s no chance of hooking him.

I don’t understand. If EJ knows everything now, then how do you still have Jude? Once I mentioned Eric’s name, it was like some switch and EJ just flipped. I mean, at first he was in denial, but then he knew. Deep down? Yeah. He knew. I mean, he still took DNA samples to test anyway. That’ll just confirm everything.

This is a lot to process. It could pan out a lot of different ways. Yeah, prison being one of them. You could lose everything, Sloan. It’s not gonna happen. At least I don’t think it’ll happen. How can you be so sure? I persuaded EJ to keep the information between he and I. Told him it would be in both of our best interest.

Pointed out that, if Nicole knew, it was her and Eric’s baby, both of our respective relationships would be over. And I know that is not something he wants.

Well, um, this conversation took a turn for the deep. Yeah, it seems to be my ways these days. Especially when the stakes are higher. True. Yeah. Either way, I just, I just want to acknowledge the mistakes that I made. And I want to say to you, I’m sorry.

Here, don’t be sorry. We all, we all make mistakes, right? And the whole goal is to move forward and learn from them and, and, and, You know, hope that the next relationship is better and stronger, and we’re trying to do that now, right? Right. Right. And I want you to know that I am pulling for you and Sloane to really get through this.

Oh, yeah, yeah, we will. I mean, I’m too far not to. Yeah. Yeah. So she knows, right, that we’re working together? Yeah, she actually took it much better than I thought she would. That’s how I want it. Yeah, EJ knows, and I was encouraged by his response. Yeah, he’s happy that I’m happy. Which is how it should be.

Yeah, and there’s, see, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Right, I mean, I’m just delivering a story. Intrepid reporters. Colleagues.

And then when Kayla said it was going to be a high risk pregnancy because of the radiation explosion. Which never should have happened. How could Paulina have been so irresponsible? She was just being a mom. Johnny, don’t. The woman needs to be held accountable. Okay, a mother would not have risked exposing anyone to radiation, let alone her own daughter.

She knew the dangers and she didn’t give a damn. I know exactly why she did it, okay? What, because she thought she was doing the right thing? Yes, actually. Oh my god, don’t tell me you are a Paulina Price apologist. Oh, come on, dad. That’s not fair. Obviously, I’m sick about the entire situation, okay?

Especially because I would have found Chanel on my own. It’s not like there was an avalanche. She just, she wandered off and got her foot stuck. She wasn’t even far from where I was. I would have had her back at the cabin just a few minutes later. You know, the worst thing that would have happened was she would have been just a little bit colder.

But now, now,

now, our baby could have serious birth defects. Or worse, might not even make it. And I’m just, I’m just in shock. Okay, I’m just in shock and I don’t, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do. Okay, I’m

Chanel isn’t going through with the pregnancy, is she?

I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Clyde has won. Again. No. No. Not by a long shot. He has no idea who he’s dealing with. You know, I have never, ever felt so out of my depth. You can email him, like he asked. Use it to track him. How? We can tag the images. Meaning what? Meaning once Clyde downloads the files from the email, we can trace his IP address and find his location.

Okay, well you make that sound easy. No, no, it’s not easy. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let this guy keep running. Speaking of running, I need, I need to run back downstairs because, because Roman took a chance on me by letting me move in and giving me this job. And so I need to show him how diligent and part Not to mention beautiful.

And sexy.

Thank you. Okay. Oh my god, I know where the ice machine is at the pub. Sophia, I am so sorry. Yeah, you said that already. What, what can I do here? Just buy it for a minute. Here, let me look. You know what, it’s really not. You’re kidding. You’re kidding. Don’t even say it. Let me take you To the hospital? Oh. Yeah, that’s, I mean, I was, I was just gonna say home, but, but if you think the hospital’s Oh, my nose.

Oh my gosh. It’s broken, isn’t it? No, hey, it’s huge. You don’t know if it’s broken yet, okay? Well, I can feel it actually getting bigger. Spelling’s supposed to go up before it goes down. Thank you, doctor. It doesn’t matter if it’s broken or close to broken. I’m gonna have a black eye. And nobody’s gonna want to take someone with a hideous looking shiner.

Say that, Sophia. Or I guess you could take me. I mean, you don’t have a date, right? You know, maybe before we go, you, you can put your bag in my car. I’m sorry, what? I’m confused. About what? You had time to go shopping before we did our job before coming here. And I thought you knew what they say about assuming.

They’re hygiene kits. I thought we could pass them out. That is incredibly nice of you, Nicole. Well, you know, maybe you thought the extent of my charity work only involved the soup kitchen. Oh. But. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. Yeah? Because your ladling is legendary. Second only to my philanthropic ability to throw a tea party.

Oh, a tea. Yeah, I know you do. I remember. Thank you. But, maybe what you don’t know is that my work that I did with the DiMera Foundation was about raising funds for the citizens of Salem. But that work, it You know, it didn’t mean as much to me. It wasn’t as personal. A personal connection, you know? Like this has.

This is genuinely useful. It is. We’re here to tell a story they don’t have a platform to tell. Mm hmm. Exactly. And when I was on the streets? Oh, God. What I wouldn’t give to have a bar of soap and a toothbrush. Wait a minute. Here we go. What do you mean when you’re on the street?

Uh, we, uh, we haven’t made that decision yet. But you must have at least talked about it. Yeah. Yeah, we have. And from what I can tell, Chanel is leaning towards keeping the baby, no matter what. And I’m gonna support her, whatever she decides. Mm hmm. Okay, but what do you want? I want answers. I just, I want answers and that’s why I need to ask you this favor.

Okay, you took care of Holly by getting her in front of the best doctors in the world. And that, that’s what we need from you right now. I, I just want to get Chanel in front of all the experts so that we can figure out what’s going on. Of course. Thank you. And Kayla said that we might not know the extent of the damage until the second trimester, or maybe maybe even later, and by then it could be too late.

Son, I’ve got this. We’ll get you the answers you need, access to the best doctors in the world, but you have to understand there is no magic wand here. I know, I understand that, it’s just it’s the what ifs that are killing me. Of course they are. And by the time you get answers, it might be too late for any decisions to be made.

Dad, please. Look, you and Chanel are young, just starting out. That means you have time on your side. You can have a healthy baby, several of them, but in the future, Johnny, this is just too risky. You can’t have this baby right now.

Dad, there’s no way that I’m going to tell my wife what she can and can’t do with her own body. Johnny, that child is a demure first and foremost. So what? What does that have to do with anything? Alright, calm down. No, no, no, no. I’d really like to know what you meant when you said that that baby is a Demera.

Because I’ll be honest, it sounded just a little twisted. Okay? The Demera bloodline doesn’t guarantee perfect offspring. And I’m a little shocked that I actually have to even point that out to you. That is absolutely not what I was implying. Okay, alright. Well, maybe you should just hold off on your advice for now if it’s going to be about superior genetics.

Okay? It was not about that at all. And it was not my intent to upset you.

Okay, look. Obviously, this is a, uh, difficult subject for both of us to talk about. Dad, I just, I just came to you because I need your help. As my dad. Okay, so that Chanel and I can make the best decisions for our family. You know I will. But I urge you some to think long and hard about the choices in front of you.

About your marriage and what you both need. And that is all I have to say. Well, I just pray that your persuasive argument with EJ worked better than it did with Leo. Leo. Every time I hear his name I want to get mad. Ugh. Then I feel exhausted. Because I am constantly putting out fires. I can’t tell you how many times the truth has been just on the verge of coming out.

And somehow I’ve just kept it together. Yes, you did. And you’re still here. But for how long? I don’t know.

You know, Eric is working with Nicole now. The one that got away. He’s always gonna love her. I mean, yes, I have his baby, but that’s not enough. Melinda, I don’t think anything is ever enough for Eric. I mean, after everything I’ve done for this family, was it worth it?

Beginning to think maybe it wasn’t.

Well, I, I, I did what I, I had to do to survive. Even if I wasn’t proud of it. Nicole, I had no idea you lived in your car. Well, on and off. You know those Misty Circle movies. Barely kept me afloat. Yeah, I mean, I knew you had a rough time, like, growing up, but I didn’t realize how bad. Well, I’m just grateful that I was resilient enough to come out of it with my sanity.

Well, I don’t want to come with my sanity. Anyway, but I’ve been really lucky since then. People have been really nice to me and you are on top of that list. And I have had some great opportunities and have great friends. And I have an amazing daughter. And that’s why I want to pay it forward and pass on the blessings that I was so lucky to receive.

Oh boy. Why are you looking at me like that? Like what? Like I have two heads or something. Come on, I mean, you just impressed me with how much strength and resilience you have.

Yeah, well, we should get to work. Yeah. Yeah. What? What? What? What? Nothing. Nothing? Nothing. It’s just Really? You just feel like you want to say something. It’s just When you think you know everything there is to know about somebody, you still surprise me.

It’s a simple yes or no question, Tate. You know what? Yeah, I think you guys should go. Together. It sounds really fun. Oh, yeah? Mm hmm. Sophia already has a super cute dress picked out. That’s 100 percent fucked. I’m all for it. Okay, then. I’m, I’m down, yeah. Cool. Hey, hey, Aaron. Why don’t you and I go together?

That is, that’s a great idea. Yeah, hell yeah, yeah, let’s, let’s do it. Well, we can double date. I mean, come on people. Best night ever! Oh, hey. Wow, that was fast. I just got Adlai covering for me right now. Oh, man. It’s crazy. It’s crazy how much this little book holds.

How’d you get food on this? Well, it’s sticky. You think that, um, you could have wine on it from being in the bottle where it was hidden? That’s impossible. I mean, that wine bottle is fake. There’s no wine there. Okay, it’s sticky. Okay.

That’s blood.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


There she is.

Oh, my goodness. Here they are. My darling. Hi. Hi, Mom. Constantine. So nice to see you all. Hello, Angel. Oh, my angel. I was late. Uh, no, not at all. I’m just waiting for Justin’s call. Speaking of. Hello, Justin. Good morning. Um, yeah. Yeah. So when will we all gather? That’d be great. Mm hmm. Okay. Thank you. Talk soon.


So, um Victor’s will has finally cleared probate And his estate will be Distributed according to its terms. Well, that is excellent news Well, it’s definitely a relief to have it resolved Finally, I’m sure. Oh my goodness! He’s already hurt as well. And he must be over the moon. Rejoicing in us as we speak.


Hmm? Uh,

Hey, Justin. I’m good, thanks.

Probit’s been completed. Okay.

Oh, wow, um, Yeah, no, I, I, I knew it was gonna be a lot, I just Okay, I will wait to hear from you. Well

Victor’s estate. It’s worth more than I even imagined. As is my inheritance, obviously. Oh, my God. That is, that’s such great news. I am, I’m so happy for you. Oh, my. Wow. We’re going to be set for life. I mean, you’re going to be set for life.

Morning, Kristen. There you are. Is, uh, is Rachel ready to go? Oh, well let’s hope so. She’s upstairs changing her outfit for the third time. I’m not sure who she’s trying to impress. Hold on. Hey, Rachel! Rachel, your daddy’s here! Hurry up, or you’re gonna be late! Oh my goodness! Here they are! My darlings! Hi! Hi, Mom.

Constantine. So nice to see you. If you don’t wanna wait, uh, I can have Harold take her, or one of the drivers. No, no, no, no. I, I, I wanna take her to school. Okay. Well, in that case, uh, why don’t you join me for some coffee? Uh, Rachel, uh, she had a blast at the aquarium. Yesterday and uh, she really loved having her daddy there too.

Yeah, it was uh, it was fun. It was fun. I mean, I would love to be able to spend more time with her if I could. Of course you would. Of course you would and I know Rachel wishes that too. And Brady, you know, it’s certainly in the realm of possibility.

Little early for visitors, isn’t it? Top of the morning, who goes there? It’s Steve.

Hey John. I asked Steve to come by. Yeah, why’s that? What’s going on? Because we have a plan. And I think it’s time that we let Steve in on it.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. It’s

not necessary, Doc. We got everything under control here. Constantine is a dangerous man, and I want you to have backup. Now I know there is some Tension between you and Steve right now. But that’s exactly what Constantine wants. So are you going to let him drive a wedge between you after 40 years of friendship?

Listen, John. I don’t blame you for hating what I did. I hate it too. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make up for it. So will you please tell me what’s going on with you and Constantine?

Don’t do that. What? What did I do? Don’t, don’t tell me that it’s within the realm of possibility for me to spend more time with our daughter. Well Brady, it’s true. It’s true what? What? If, if what? If I just forget about her? The fact that you, you know, have put me through hell all those years and we just kiss and make up.

Oh, if I forget about the fact that you used our daughter as a way to get back at me for acting sanely from your insanity. Okay, Brady, you know, I am so sorry that you can’t let go of your resentment of me. The way I feel about you goes way beyond resentment, but let’s not do this. I don’t want Rachel to come down here and see us fighting again.

Can we stop? We can stop. I will let go of the subject of us. Good. So.

Oh, Rachel, um, said that she got me a, uh, a gift, a souvenir from the aquarium. She, uh, she did, she did. I actually have it. Um, it is a very nice keychain. Oh, that is so sweet. I’m going to treasure that. I hope it wasn’t too expensive, assuming that you paid for it. I, I, I paid for it. I did. Funny thing is, it’s just Rachel wants to pay me back when she gets her allowance.

Well, I will make sure she does. And, um, speaking of money, I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be hitting you up for child support after this month. I know that you were left out of your grandfather’s will. Mm hmm. Chris and I will continue to make those payments because I can’t pay you back. And I’ll continue to accept the visitation scraps that you’re willing to give me.

Because I know sooner or later you’re going to screw up, like you always do. And I will regain full custody of my daughter. Oh, Alex, I am so happy for you. I mean, I know that you were, you were expecting a really large inheritance, but this is, this is exceeding your expectations. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. Wow.

Amazing. You know what? I know that we’re due at Titan, but I think I think we need to celebrate. Yeah, you think so? I think we need to as well. In fact, I’m gonna take the day off, and I’m giving you the day off too. Yeah, well, you don’t need to work today or ever again for that matter, Mr. Heir to the Fortune.

Question is, what the hell am I gonna do with the fortune? I mean, obviously, besides buy myself a mansion. A yacht. A private plane and tickets to outer space. Well, you could donate it to charitable causes. I’m kidding, of course I’m gonna do that. I have a few other ideas what I’m gonna do with it as well.

I bet you do.

I’m sure Alex is very pleased with his inheritance. But as for me, How about it? For sake at all, just to have Victor back. Of course you would, Maggie. Because you’re not a greedy mercenary person. I’ve been very fortunate. I have more money than I could ever need, which is why I intend to share my wealth.

As I’m sure Victor expected I would. What do you mean? Oh, it’s a decision I made long ago. That if Victor was predeceasing me That I would become a philanthropist. I would donate the bulk of my inheritance to all worthy causes


Turned me back into the pawn What? When? And how? When we were back in Caracas, you remember Megan Hathaway? She used a card to brainwash us. How do you know that? It, uh, it came to me in a memory. And what turns out, Constantine has that same card. Well, how did he get it? I have no idea how he got it. I have no idea how he knew how to use it.

All I know is the night that he lured me to the park pretending to be a new client, that’s when he pulled it out on me. My God, John, why didn’t you tell me any of this before? I didn’t remember anything until it happened again just the other day. And

right when he pulled that card out on me, and he dropped me back into the pond for the second time, that’s when Doc unexpectedly showed up, so all he could do was quickly pull me out of it. That’s when Doc and I kind of figured out something was going on. I asked John what he remembered about the conversation with Constantine, but He didn’t remember it.

So I knew that he had lost time. She knew something was happening. But she also knew that there was a way for me to fight back.

Fight. This is cause for a celebration. And I, I don’t know a better way to celebrate than with a little caviar and champagne, which I’m gonna go get right now. Wait a second. You can’t have champagne. But you can, and I can have sparkling cider. Okay, then I will get some sparkling cider as well. Okay. I’ll be back soon.

Show those flutes. Yes, show the flutes, I will. Thanks, baby. They say the best things in life are free, but I just happen to be shallow enough to like a few things that aren’t. So, Mr. Alex Kyriakos, heir to the massive fortune, we’re gonna do a lot more than drink bubbly to celebrate. Right. Mom. I am so proud of you, but not at all surprised that you’d be so generous.

Well, don’t give me too much credit. I obviously have been very fortunate not to need any more money than I already have. So, Justin is going to significantly up my charitable donation and underwrite several social programs. Very generous, as Sarah said. Baby. You know, I still feel terrible that Victor He split all of his assets just between Alex and me.

While everyone else was, for whatever reason, I can’t even begin to fathom what’s left out of his revised will. I mean, I want to respect his wishes, but I also think that it’s right that I should share a significant portion of my wealth with his other heirs. Like Beau and Phillip and Brady and, you know, Xander and Justin.

Maggie, no! You, you can’t do that.

Well, thank God you figured that out. But you’re going to fight back? How? And how can you two be sure that Constantine turned John into the pawn a second time? You want to take this one, Doc?

On the night that Constantine put John in a trance, he was still not himself when we got home. He seemed to be in a fog. Distracted. Anxious. John, come sit down. Sit down, right now, sit down. Right here, with me.

Lean back. I want you to be aware of your breathing. Take deep breaths. Go ahead. Easy, just easy, deep breaths. That’s good. Okay, let yourself go. Start to feel yourself relaxing. With every breath you take, double your relaxation. That’s good. Let it all go. Let everything go. Back to your breathing. Deep breath.

You’ll hear me. You’ll remember everything we talked about. Okay. You’ve done this before. Now when you feel that you’re ready, just gently raise your hand.

Breathing. Keep breathing. You’re doing fine. Good. Okay. Let it go. You’re there. You’re there. I want you to think back to earlier.

I want you to tell me what happened with Constantine.

And possibly, because it happened so recently, the Hitlerism was effective. And I was able to take John back into the room with Constantine from before I came in and Oh, God. I can see everything. I remember everything. That’s good, that’s good. Easy, easy. Easy. You’re doing fine. Tell me what happened.


He produced a red pagoda card.

He waved it in front of my face and I, I just lost, I lost all control.

And then all I could, all I could do was Just listen to his voice as he started talking about Maggie. What’d he say about Maggie? What’d he want you to do? He told me that my mission was to steal the signed pre nap that he and Maggie had out of the Kiriaka safe. Son of a bitch. I knew it was only a matter of time till he would try to take control of it again.

The question was, when was that going to happen? So we’re prepared.

What I meant to say was Was, was, was what? That Maggie should donate her entire inheritance to you, Constantine? Don’t be ridiculous. I signed the prenup. Not a penny will be mine. I, I, I just don’t think that Maggie should part with her entire inheritance without giving it a lot of thought. I have given it a lot of thought, Constantine.

Mom? For years. I mean, in fact, even before Victor died. I thought, what will I do with this inheritance if I survive him? Regardless of any of that, Who exactly are you to weigh in on Maggie’s decision, Constantine? I mean You’re not related to her. You’re just some Johnny come lately in her life. She’s only marrying as a bloody favor so you don’t have to leave Salem.

Sanders! I’m sorry, Sarah. I’m not gonna stay quiet about this one. This guy has the nerve to tell Maggie not to give her money away after she’s just finished explaining that it’s her heart’s desire. And we all know it’s a noble heart’s desire. thing to do, especially since you’re already a very wealthy woman.

Who the hell is he to criticize a decision? Hello Constantine. Explain why you said what you did. Please, I need to know. So defend yourself. Explain yourself.

God, what the hell is taking him so long?

Oh, hello there. Oh, Alex, I am so happy to see you. I am even happy to see you. Tell Rachel that I’ll be waiting for her in the car. Oh, I’ll tell her. Damn, you are looking sexy. Thank you,

So you say you prepared. We began preparing John to resist the power of the card. To be honest with you, we weren’t sure it was even possible at first. Look, we’re aware that there are great advances in deprogramming techniques. You’re, you’re both aware that they’ve been very effective in Harris’s case.

So I contacted my colleagues over at Bayview and um, with their help, we’re hoping the same techniques Can work for John. So, Doc and I, we, we tried those techniques on me. Right here. You’re doing great. You’re doing great. Continue breathing.

Continue relaxing. You’re doing great.

All right. I want you to listen to me right now. I’m gonna tell you something important.

Whenever you Are confronted or approached with a pawn card. You will have a mantra. You can repeat it to yourself.

The mantra is a positive presence defeats a negative past. A positive presence defeats a negative past. Past. Past. Past. And then last night, Maggie called us over to tell us about her engagement to Constantine. But of course, we already knew about that from the groom to be, but we really acted surprised.

And then Maggie got called away on a meeting, Doug left as well, and that left Constantine and I alone. Unpredictably enough. He pulled out that card and ordered me to steal that prenup.

So what happened? Did you get it? Oh yeah.

So I handed over the prenup to Constantine and he looked it over.

So then he took out a lighter. Set the print up on fire and he burned it in a trash can.

That is all she wrote. So your technique didn’t work.

To the contrary.

Thank you, Maggie, for allowing me to defend myself. Oh, so to speak it is. Sand here.

I love what a big heart you have, Maggie. I apologize for overstepping. I respect and admire your the nobility of your plan to donate your fortune in the most honorable of ways. Well, thank you, Constantine. For clarifying your reaction.

Oh, sorry. I’ll take care of him. Oh, no, no. Please let me. Any minute, I will take care of you. My little angel here. Well, it is time for my walk. I shall be leaving as well. At the risk of repeating myself, Maggie, I just want to say how proud I am of you. Thank you.

Man, who’s going to take you to the garden? Come on.

Like hell he’s proud. I mean, my God, how can your mum not see through that greedy son of a bitch? Shh. Well, it was only obvious to me that he was horrified at her plan to give away her money. No. No. It was obvious to me too. Pretty thrown by it. Thrown? I was more than thrown. I was appalled. And then, well, Maggie gives him the opportunity to defend himself.

And he trots out some lame half assed apology and everything’s fine. He’s a grown man, Sarah. A dangerous one at that. You heard my mom. He is not gonna get a dime from her. I mean, there’s a prenup for one thing. Still. Still what? I don’t think that’s gonna stop him. Baby, come on. He signed a legal document that stipulates he will not get anything from my mom.

Nothing. How is that not going to stop him? I don’t know. I just have a very bad feeling about this. Chill the flutes.

Did you forget your key? Hi.

Oh, hi, Brady. I, look, I, I, I should have called. I’m sorry. I wanted to talk to you and I was driving by and I was just hoping that you might be alone and at home. Well, I’m not going to be alone for long because, um, Alex is actually due back any minute now. Um, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, actually. What?

Um, may I? Looks like you’re celebrating something. Yeah, um, the champagne is gonna be for Alex, of course. He just found out that his inheritance has come through. Ah, yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s great. Good for him. Not so good for you, though. I know. It’s really unfair that, um, Victor left everything to Maggie and Alex.

Yeah, I try not to think about that. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Okay. What, what is, what is it? Therese, I, uh, look, I just, I just came from the DiMera mansion and Alex, uh, He showed up and he and Kristen are hanging out.

Really? Really. I don’t know. He just waltzed right in like he owned the joint and just walked right up to her. A little bit of a fat sloppy kiss on her. Right in front of me, actually. I see. Well, you didn’t come home the other night. And, uh, given what you’ve just witnessed, they They’re obviously sleeping together.

Obviously, yes. And that doesn’t upset you? No. No. I’m over her. I mean, I The only reason I give her the time of day is because we share a daughter. Okay? Couldn’t care less. Are you upset? Me? Are you upset that Alex and Kristen are currently, uh, an item. Yeah, I am, actually. I mean, I broke up with him, so really I’m to blame, but God, this might have just been the biggest mistake of my life.

One of the biggest, anyway.

Oh my God, Alex, that was, uh, some performance. Have you ever thought of trying your hand in acting? That wasn’t acting, Kristen. Anyway, the reason why I’m here is to ravish me. Actually, I told Theresa that I was going to run out and grab a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate being the new heir to a rather large fortune.

And then it dawned on me that the best thing Champagne is undoubtedly in the DiMera wine cellar, which I will pay for, of course. Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ll go fetch you a bottle. Oh, Well, but, you know, before you go, though, it also occurred to me that right now, at this moment, I would much rather celebrate like this with you.


look, I, I admit that Constantine’s reaction to my mom wanting to give away her inheritance was a bit off. Off, Sarah. It was more than off. It was outrageous. To you. But not to her, obviously. Um, can we please get off the crass subject of money and just talk about how lucky we are to have each other and our wonderful little girl?

I’m sorry if my grave scene right now made you think that I’m not the one. Extremely grateful to your mom for being so caring and generous with us over the years because I am very grateful And I’m even more grateful to be sharing my life with you Because you Are the love of my life You’re the love of my life So, I mean what you’re you you’re

in love with Alex Is that why you’re sorry you broke up with him? I don’t know if I’m in love with Alex. I’m not even sure if I know what that means. I’ll tell you what I think it means. It usually means when you have a romantic attachment to somebody and they are just incredibly important to you and and it feels like you can’t live without them.

Then yeah, I am. I’m in love with Alex. Sort of, anyway. Sort of. Well, especially because he’s heir to this big fortune now, right? So, okay, sorry, that was cynical. Uncalled for. I’m perfectly aware that you don’t have a mercenary bone in your body and that you’d be perfectly comfortable living in severe austerity.

Who the heck is that? Who’s that, Alex? I guess he did forget his freaking key. Teresa, I I’m out.


So I know this whole thing started, you know, about trying to make Brady and Theresa jealous and all, but Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I am thoroughly Enjoying the ride.

I am thoroughly enjoying the ride as well. But, you know, I can’t go any further. You know, it’s just a fun ride. Oh, I know. Because you only have eyes for Brady, right? Well, he is the father of my child. And, um, the And you and Teresa? You only have eyes for her? Yeah, I care about her, yeah. But that doesn’t necessarily stop me from succumbing to your many charms, Miss DiMera.

Oh, Alex. It’s coming with.

How can you say your techniques worked? John, you still sold the prenup and let Constantine burn it. Not yet. Partner, that prenup right there. The one that Constantine burned was a fake that I gave him. Little did he know, I broke into the Kiriaka safe earlier that evening.

I stole the original prenup and I replaced it with a fake, and that is the one that I gave Constantine. And that is the one that he burned.

Brilliant, huh? Yeah. Brilliant.

Here we are. Our little angel is quite calm now. She actually gave me a couple of smiles. Well, that’s because she adores her nana. Oh, I adore her. Her precious girl. Um, mommy, we have to, we have to get going. But, um Before I do, I want to talk to you about Constantine. Okay. Um, well, Xander and I We’re talking, and um, we were just wondering what happens after the wedding.

I mean, I know that it’s a marriage in name only, so he can stay in the country, but then what? Hmm. Well, I’m not sure I know what you mean. I think what Sarah’s trying to say is that we’re concerned on your behalf, Maggie, about how Constantine’s going to support himself. I mean, is he going to get a job? Or is he just going to continue to live here?

Off of you? Forever?

Nice to see you, lady. Mr. Millionaires, what are you doing here? Theresa, I need your help to, uh, to, uh, help me get a, um, a wedding present. Wedding present? Yes. Who’s, who’s getting married? Well, I guess you’re the last to know that Maggie and I are engaged. What? Yes, we are going to be tying the knot, as you say.

Well, I hope I am not disturbing you. You know, Teresa, we can talk about this later, huh? Yeah, sure. I’ll text you later, um, about wedding gift ideas. No, by all means, um, continue your discussion. I was on my way out anyway. Are you sure? I am sure. Okay, thanks for coming by Brady. I’ll talk to you soon. Right.

Well, soon. My God, how do you just show up here with no warnings? I’ll tell you why. Maggie just announced that she’s giving most of her fortune to charitable causes. And to some of Victor’s heirs, including Brady. So what? So what? So, you’re giving me Alex’s half is now only more urgent. Because I need my cut as per our plan.

Yeah, well, I’m not sure that that’s gonna happen. Well, you better make it happen, Teresa. And you better find a way to get Alex back into your bed and keep him there. If not, there will be consequences. I will have to say, this is not a good idea. This is better than going to the gym. Really? Yeah. Really? So you’re telling me that making love to me is better than what?

A few miles on the treadmill? Uh huh. 30 minutes or so on the elliptical? Infinitely better. Wow. High praise. Wow. What are you doing? Are you in the media? No, no, not, not that. But I am thinking I should probably head home. Oh. I told Teresa I was running out to grab champagne and caviar. So, yeah, she texted me a few times.

She’s wondering where I am. Okay. Well, I guess you just have to go. Yeah, I probably should.

Although, um, Although, um, what? I mean, I Could tell her that, you know, It’s taken me a very long time to drive and all this traffic to find them Finest champagne and finest beluga caviar. Uh huh.

I mean, what do you, can I say that? Yeah. I can say that, right? Yeah, you can. Okay. You know what else? What? You can say that. Now, what else do you want to say? I just, I don’t think there’s much of a rush. Well, I don’t think there’s much of a rush either. I hate it.

Well, this is something to celebrate. Yeah. You conned the con. Yeah, but I don’t feel much like celebrating. I wanted to believe that Constantine had forgiven me, but now I, I know that not only did he plan to have his revenge on me, but also we were right all along about his intentions about coming to Salem.

Yeah. He wanted to take everything that Victor had. His money? And Maggie. Now we’re going to have to tell her all about it. Uh huh. All about how he lied about his feelings for her. And his intentions to steal Victor’s inheritance away from her. If she adores him, she’ll be heartbroken. Yeah. Hand loaded for bear.

Knowing Maggie, that bastard won’t know what hit him.

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Days Transcript Monday, May 6, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hey. Hey, you. Mind if I join you? Not at all.

So, what are you working on? Oh, an exposé on the unfortunate exploits of Mayor Paulina Price. Unfortunate exploits. Uh, you mean during the Smith Island snowstorm? Exactly what I mean. Take a look.

There we were. The three of us waiting for Chanel’s blood test results. Chanel, Johnny, and I. And then Kayla comes in and tells us that Chanel is pregnant. Oh my god. If something happens to that precious baby, I’ll never forgive myself. Paulina, please. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. How can I not be hard on myself?

Oh, Abe, I made a stupid, impulsive decision to try and save my daughter and now what I did, it could have tragic consequences. Oh, Ava, Ava, Ava. Your heart, your heart’s in the right place. And now my heart is just broken. Oh. Well, not only for what Chanel is going through, but what she and Johnny, they’re both going through.

Oh, hey, what have I done? What have I done? Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh.

Hey, little guy. What’s going on? Trying to keep me up all night. Hey. Well, uh, maybe he needs his pacifier if he still uses one. Uh, yeah. Let me see if it’s right here. Oh, no. Oh, okay. Well, maybe one of his toys here. Hey, Nicole. Hi, Johnny, Chanel. But, uh, you two were out late, huh? Yeah. Oh boy, is everything okay?

Yeah, uh, we just, um, it’s been a long day and we’re just exhausted. Uh, goodnight. Cool. Good night.

I’m being serious. I dare you not to touch a fry until we make it home. Oh, man. Oh, that’s a tough one. Who am I not to take a dare? Although, shouldn’t this go both ways? Hmm? Yeah, I guess it should. Okay, so whoever caves first and eats a fry will have to let the other one Make the decorating choice tonight.

Oh, okay. Okay. Okay, you’re on. Alright. Yeah.

There it is. Hello. Looks like you’re heading somewhere fun. Uh, yeah, we’re actually heading home. Home? Don’t you live here? Not anymore. I just moved in with Rafe. Ah, well, congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. Yeah. So, how’s your little boy? Ah, he’s great. Yeah? Yeah. Good, good. And Sloan? Uh, busy.

Yeah. Um, you know what? I gotta get going, so y’all have fun.

Okay. What the hell does that mean, Sloan Hoffright?

It means that Jude is Nicole’s baby. But not yours. Not what? He’s Eric’s. Eric is the biological father. No. No, it’s, it’s, it’s not possible. It can’t be. I hate it as much as you do, EJ, but swear to God it’s the truth. Yeah. And why should I believe a lying kidnapper? What would I have to gain from lying about something like this?

Look, I know this is a shock, okay? But you and I, we want the same thing, right? We both wanna save our marriages, so if you wanna hold on to Nicole and not have our lives blow up, you’ve gotta keep this secret to yourself.

I extends through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

Sweetheart, you were panicked that Chanel was lost in a blinding snow storm. You did what you needed to do. What I thought I needed to do? To be a hero. Not only to be my daughter’s savior, but to prove to her and the rest of the world that Paulina Price is fearful. Indomitable. She would lay down her life for her child.

But Abe There was also my ego. I thought that if I could save her, I would be perceived as a hero. Like I said, but now all I feel is terrible guilt and regret. Go

on, say it, say it. I told you so. I deserve to hear that. You’re not gonna hear it from me. Come on. Let’s get you to bed. It’s been a long day and there’s nothing we can do about it right now.

I can check in with my baby. Mm hmm. That’s what I can do. I’m calling Chanel so she can hear again how, how sorry I am and just how very much I love her. Oh, that was awkward, huh? No, I’m sure Nicole just thought we were tired, like we said.

Ugh, it’s Mama. Not answering. Is that, is that mean? No. It’s okay. We’ll call her back tomorrow. Yeah. I feel bad. It’s just, I know that she’s hurting right now, but I’m just too tired and too confused to talk to her right now. She’s gonna understand. I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that I’m pregnant.

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, me neither, but, but when I first found out, God, I was so, so excited. You know, just, just picturing us as, as parents. Just knowing that we made a baby together. Just makes me feel so close to you, you know? I feel that way too. So excited after Kayla broke the news to us. Yeah. Before we realized there could be a problem.

I, Johnny, I wasn’t even sure that I was ready to have a baby this soon. And, and I know that you weren’t either. You’re right. I wasn’t. But now that it’s happening, I mean, I, Chanel, I love you so much. And the idea of having a baby with you, it just feels awesome and amazing. And just. Picturing you holding our baby.

What? The fact that there could be problems. It gives us a lot to think about. And we, we do have options, you know?

I must say I am appalled at the depths of your deception. Especially since you know damn well there is a DNA test proving that Nicole’s baby is mine. I have the results in my safe, in fact. I switched the results.

You what? I switched the results for obvious reasons. No. No, no, no, no. You couldn’t have. This is just another one of your sickening lies. How I wish it were. Well, I don’t believe you. So we’ll just have to do another DNA test, won’t we? Great. Go for it. I’ll swab the baby and I’ll give you Eric’s toothbrush.

Wow. You know, I thought you were scum before. Oh, shut up! You know, lashing out at me is gonna get you nowhere, EJ. You know, now that you know the truth, you and I, we’re on the same team. We’re gonna have to work together to avert disaster. Because if Eric and Nicole ever find out that they’re sharing a child, that’s it for us.

Game over. Get it?

Mayor Price claims her actions were justified because she believed her daughter was in danger. Did she refuse to elaborate further? Yeah, Chad called her. She blew him off. It’s not like her to rebuff the press. I know. And it seems like a huge blunder on her part. It seems really obvious that it would be in her best interest to At least try to defend herself.

Tell her side of the story. Maybe we wait a couple hours before we publish. Try to reach out to her again. I, I wish I could do that, but in fairness, she, she’s had ample chance to respond. Are you, is that, are you okay? I used to do PR for Mayor Price, and I happen to like her. She hasn’t used me in a while, but I know, well, I mean, she’s great, and I, I totally understand what you’re saying, but Steph, I can’t hold off on publishing this and allow another paper to scoop us.

Aren’t you gonna run it by Chad first? Well, to be honest with you, it’s my call as the editor in chief. Chad actually started the story and he asked me to finish it, so I feel pretty certain he’ll approve of my decision.

Voicemail? Damn. Well, she’s probably sleeping. Oh, no, Abe. I’m sure my daughter is angry as hell with me right now, and I don’t blame her one bit. Oh, she’s not angry, Paulina. I think that she and Johnny are just trying to process everything. Right. Trying to process that not only is Chanel’s pregnancy at risk, but something may, may go wrong with their baby.

All thanks to me. Oh, Felina, you know, I keep telling you. Don’t make things so hard on yourself. I mean, what’s done is done. And all we can do right now, for Chanel and Johnny, is be there for them. Pray for the best. Yeah. You’re right. Yeah. So right now, why don’t we just table this discussion, get some rest.

Yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s Yeah, that might, that might be best. Oh, that’d be wise. Okay. Um, but you know, first I think I’ll take a hot bath. That usually relaxes me. I love you, Paulina. Well, I’m glad someone does. Cause you know, right now I’m not feeling very lovable.

When you say we have options, I assume you’re talking about. Terminating pregnancy. Chanel, hey, look at me.

I love nothing more than to have a baby with you. Have lots of babies with you. It’s just, because of this radiation issue, it complicates things. Obviously, I mean, we don’t even know what the risks are. Right. And uh, Kayla says that we might not know until after the baby is born. Which complicates things even more.

Oh, Johnny, I love you. I love you so much. And just knowing that I’m carrying our baby, I just Oh, Heather, how I wish we could just be happy. Oh, I wish We could just be happy. DJ?

Honey? Is Is everything okay? One

of my favorite customers, a girl named Felicity. She has Down Syndrome, and she comes in to Sweet Bits every morning. And she watches me knead the dough, make the donuts, the long johns, the eclairs. The eclairs are her favorite. Yeah, yeah. No, I’ve, uh, I’ve seen her in there before. So intently watching you do your thing.

Yeah, intently. Yeah, that’s the word. Yeah, but Johnny, she is just, she’s so sweet. And she says that she wants to be a baker one day and have her own bakery. And so, I’m going to hire her as soon as she’s old enough. And, you know, even though, I don’t know. Our family has probably had to make some sacrifices for her.

I’m sure that that can never outweigh the joy that that sweet girl must bring into their lives. I’m sure it couldn’t.


Even with this radiation scare, And even if Kayla says that there could be something wrong with my life

My feeling right now is So what? Maybe he or she or they might be imperfect But who is it? And I think that as long as They have us to love them and to care for them, and they love us back, then that would still be a blessing. Right? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely a blessing.

I am already loving this so much. Sharing the space with you. Hey, this is our space, okay? This home, it’s yours now, too. Yes, it is. Yeah. I mean, how lucky are we, huh? To be so happy and so in love. I am so grateful, and I am not taking you for granted. What are you thinking? Just Eric. You know, when we ran into him earlier, he just, I don’t know, he just seemed so unhappy, so down.

Yeah, he did. Yeah. I don’t know, it’s so strange, too, because I know how, like, I know how thrilled he was to be a dad. I don’t know, maybe, maybe he and Sloan are just having, like, marital problems. That’d be my guess. Yeah, she is Seemingly an extremely difficult woman. To put it mildly. Yeah, well. I just hope everything works out with him.


Hey, Vic. Hi. Did you talk to Leo?

Yeah. He was wasted. He could barely stand up, let alone have a conversation. So he didn’t I don’t know. Do you have anything to say about your accusation? Um, well, I kind of responded by passing out. You know, by the end of it, I kind of felt sorry for him.

EJ, you You seem rattled. Oh, no, uh, it was It was just a long day at the office. And I had to deal with some, um, Unexpected issues. And I assume you also had a long day since you’re still up and working. Let’s, come on, let’s go to bed, shall we? EJ, wait, wait.

There’s something I need to tell you.

And I I should have told you this before, but um, Remember, you know, when I told you about the article that Chad assigned me about the homeless of Salem? Yes, and I said I was feeling better after you told me that you wouldn’t be walking the streets alone, that you’d have your photographer with you. Yeah.

Um, but what I didn’t say was that Was that photographer is, uh, Is Eric.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Hello? Stephanie, it’s Abe Carver. Have you seen the Spectator article on Paulina? Yes, I just read it. I tried to call Paulina and warn her, but, um, it went straight to voicemail. Yeah, well, what were we going to do about damage control? At this point, not much. It’s already out there. It would help if Paulina did release a statement explaining why she did what she did.

And where is Paulina? Why isn’t she calling me about this? She’s, she’s taking a bath right now. She hasn’t seen the article. Stephanie. Do you think this scandal is going to hurt her political career? Abe, I hope not, but time will tell.

Chanel, you have the biggest heart of anyone that I have ever known. It’s one of the many reasons that I fell in love with you. And I agree with you. 100%. I think that any new life is a blessing. And I think you and I are totally going to nail this parenting thing. Yeah, well speak for yourself, okay? I happen to be a very immature and self centered and not great mom material.

What? I patently disagree with that. I just got finished telling you what a great big heart you have. Remember that? Mm hmm. Okay, and as far as being irresponsible and immature, Chanel, you own your own successful business. Okay, you show up, you wake up every single day without fail at 4 a. m. to go to work.

If anyone’s irresponsible or immature, it is you. Probably me. I mean, my only job title is trust fund baby. I don’t know. Stop. No, you are so mature. And you have a great work ethic. You just, you have to find your calling. That’s all. You have so many talents, Johnny DeMera. Well, thank you. And with this baby coming, maybe it is time for me to find my calling, as you put it.

And grow up fast.

EJ, listen, um,

I will quit this job at the Spectator if that’s what you want. I mean it. No, no, it’s, it’s, it’s fine. I’m not uncomfortable with you and Eric working together as long as you’re okay with it.

I am. And it doesn’t, it doesn’t bother me. And I’m sure I, I will be assigned a different photographer with my next story. It’s just business. And, and I know that I’ve known him forever. And we have a bond of sort. But that relationship is in the past, EJ. You are my present.

And my future. Yeah. Hmm,

that’s interesting. It doesn’t really look like your taste though. I mean, judging by the other artwork in your house. Yeah, uh, right, um, well, it actually is not. It’s Jordan’s, and uh, I think she got it at an art fair or something. Oh. And she didn’t think to take it with her when you broke up? She wanted me to have it.

Okay. Well, how about you have it in the closet now? Okay? Okay. How about me? Better?

Oh, yeah. Definitely. You know, now that I think about it, you haven’t really told me much about Jordan or your relationship with her. Well, all you need to know is that she was Clyde Weston’s daughter. And she’s certifiably insane. So then I can guess that it didn’t end well for you guys. No, no, it uh, in fact it did not end well at all.

Well, we sure knew how to pick them. Yeah, we did. But the good news is, we have improved immensely in that regard.

Um, so I’m just, I’m just walking this through, but, since you work for the Spectator, is there a conflict of interest issue at all if you take on Paulina as a, as a client again? Are you telling me I have to choose? Between the two, work for Paulina or quit working for you. Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah.

I’m not saying that at all. The last thing I want in the world. It’s for you to leave the spectator. I’m just, uh, I’m flagging it. Well, I appreciate your concern, Everett, but I’m a professional. I can assure you that I won’t cross any boundaries. Of course you won’t. You are the utmost professional. I’m sorry if I, if I put you on the defensive.

I think, uh, I think we’ve been talking too much about, like, work related stuff, right? Yeah, yeah. There has been a lot of that lately. I know. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

I was thinking How would you feel about doing something Just you and me, um, not work related, maybe fun related. Fun related? Too soon, it’s too soon. I guess it depends on what kind of fun you’re talking about. Yeah, um, look, I know we need to take this slow, if there even is a this. I don’t blame you at all for being cautious with me, for being guarded.

Okay, I don’t want to pressure you at all, in any way. I know that. I mean, it’s been really, really confusing for me. Everything that’s happened.

I guess I’m just, I guess I’m just feeling a bit self protective right now. That’s what you should be. I totally get that. And just so you know, when we do this fun related thing, whatever it is, um, It can be whatever you want it to be. We can be friends, or It can be something more. If you’re not ready, I totally understand.

Yeah. Okay. That sounds fine. Yeah? Mm hmm. And, uh, I am partial to fun, so You are partial to fun. Huh. So what did you have in mind? Well, I was thinking, um, you know, we used to play pickleball in Seattle? Mm hmm. What do you think of that? Mm hmm. Yeah, no, that was, that was really fun. Especially for me, because I usually, uh, kicked your butt.

Oh, wow. Okay. Little bit of an overstatement. Little bit of an overstatement. I, I won that one match, I’m pretty sure. There was that one. Do you want to give this another go? Sure. Let’s do it. Okay. So, there are actually, um, ports on the other side of the park. So Check our calendars? Yeah. Oh,

wow. Oh. You know those, uh, essential bath oils Marlena gave me. Oh, that really did the trick. Oh, and at least now I feel, uh, ooh, somewhat relaxed. Ah, and you know, I thought about what you said, Abe, and, you know, you’re right, you know, it was probably just a sleep, you know, when I got her voicemail, so I will not read any more into that than that, you know, when she didn’t take my calls.

Oh, and I just, you know, I need to stay positive in general, and just have faith that everything will be all right, and, oh, you know. Well, if it turns out otherwise, we’ll just deal with it because we’re tough. We’re resilient. For all we, we all love each other. We all love each other with our respective hearts.

Hey, Abraham. What’s wrong? I hate

to be the one to show you this. A radioactive mayor?

I’m sorry, baby, for calling so late, but I feel just terrible now, sweetheart. I love you so much, and I hate that I’ve caused you to be sad, put your pregnancy in any kind of jeopardy. It’s killing me. In fact, please forgive me. Please call me back.

Mama sounds upset. Yeah, she does. She does. I just, it’s, it’s complicated because I, I love my mom and I hate that she’s so miserable right now, but also I just, I can’t deal with the drama tonight. You think she’ll understand? Yes. Yes, I’m sure she will. And hey, you need to start thinking about yourself, okay?

And This little baby of ours. And I’m here for whatever you need. And, although I hope, and I pray, that we receive reassuring news from the doctor.

Even if we don’t, then we are going to handle that. Together.

Yes. Yes, we will. Okay.

Sloane, I, I hate what Leo did to you. And what I don’t like is that you didn’t come to me about it.

I’m sorry, Eric. It was wrong. It was. No more secrets, alright?

No more secrets. Ever. Promise. Where’s Holly? Did she go to bed already? She did. She had a little bit of a rough night. Just overwhelmed with all the schoolwork she has to catch up on. Oh, I’m sorry that she’s struggling with that. I know. But I think it’s important that she not overdo it. Not put too much pressure on herself.

And I think it’s just as important, by the way, that Holly’s mother not overdo it. You are a working woman now, so I hope you’ll heed that advice, young lady. Uh, excuse me, look who’s talking. Okay, okay. Uh, how about we both not? Overdo it. So, maybe we should think about a vacation. Oh, that sounds like a lovely idea.

But maybe we should wait, since I just started a new job. And we should probably wait for Holly to get out of school. But, you know We’re the only ones here, cause everyone went to bed. So. Yes. Ow! Oh, I’m so sorry, I think you had a horse in my watch. I’m sorry. You

know, I am so happy to finally have these out of stores where I can see them every day. They look great. They do. They do, right? Yeah. You know, when I lived above the pub in my little room, I hardly had any wall space to hang anything. You know, all I could hang was like little pictures with frames. But now, it’s really starting to feel like home.

Yeah. This is my phone. Oh my God. My divorce papers.

It’s over, Rafe. It’s, it’s, it’s finally over! Oh my gosh! It’s great news! Amazing news! Oh my God. By the way, since I knew it was going to happen, I got you your favorite champagne to celebrate. Oh my gosh, that’s so thoughtful of you! I already chilled it. Oh! Hiding it over here. Okay. Yeah. Ah, excuse me. Voila.


Okay. Wow. To

us. To our beautiful future. And to our great good fortune in finding each other. Here, here. You know, it’s kind of ironic that I’m celebrating my divorce more than I even celebrated my marriage to Bobby. I mean, I fell for him hard. I did. I mean, but then really quickly, he just turned really cold and very distant.

I don’t know. It was just like someone like flipped a switch. But now I’m so incredibly relieved. That I do not have to worry about him. I am finally free. I am free from him. Mentally and legally. Yes. And I I’m incredibly relieved.

Because I love you. And I love you. You are my one and only.

Okay, you ready to hear my pickleball availability? Um, can we figure it out later? I have a deadline for another story. Oh, okay. Yeah, just um, call me when you have your schedule figured out then. I will. See you later.

Is everything alright? Fine. But if I don’t get ready, I’ll become very grouchy. Oh, yeah. Well, I definitely want to avoid grouchy you, so, uh, I’m out of here.

Hey there. Hi. Drinking alone? I’m just having a beer after work. You and me both. Mind if I join you?

Sure, have a seat.

My name’s Bobby. Alana.

Well, I just spoke with Stephanie and she’s going to help us come up with a statement. To explain your actions. But, Abe, this article, it’s just, it’s just telling it like it was. I mean, like it is. Clearly I was in the wrong. Irresponsible. Reckless. And it’s way past time that I face the music.

So? We have a lot to think about. A lot to be happy about. To be worried about. Yeah, that too. But, we are going to face those worries. With strength. Hm? And with love. Right.

But for now, I think we should just close out the rest of the world. At least for tonight. Yeah. Yeah? Yeah, let’s do that. Okay.

I am so grateful for you, Johnny.

I’m so grateful for you, my love.

You know what, EJ, I, I think that maybe we’ve been taking each other for granted lately. I never take you for granted. You know what I mean, okay? Listen, Look, we do talk a lot to each other, and we have meals together, and we watch TV together, and we discuss our kids, and how certain people drive us nuts together.

Oh, yes.

But what we haven’t nearly been doing enough of It’s pretty warm going. Mm hmm. Yeah. Watch your step. So we’re good now? No more secrets, right? Yeah. For sure. Open and honest.

Open and honest about everything. Right? Yeah. About everything.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of April 29, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Ava from Days


-The music playing in Ava’s scene could be heard while Tripp was shown.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Alex while Brady was shown.

-Kristen could be heard talking to Alex while Brady was shown.

-Brady could be heard talking to John while Kristen was shown.

-Brady told Rachel that Kristen was dating a guy named Alex as if Alex isn’t related to her.


-Marlena could be heard talking to Everett while Paulina was shown.

-Everett’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Maggie could be heard reacting to flowers while Johnny was shown.

-The music playing in Konstantin and John’s scenes could be heard while Maggie was shown.

-Maggie could be heard talking to Julie while Chad was shown.

-Konstantin could be heard talking to John while Julie and Maggie were shown hugging.

-Stephanie’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


-The music playing in Chad’s scene could be heard while Sloan was shown.

-Kayla could be heard talking to Paulina while Chad was shown.

-Sloan could be heard talking while EJ was shown.

-Eric could be heard talking to Jude while Paulina was shown.

-Nicole’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-Paulina cried without any tears.


-Kristen could be heard talking to herself while Nicole was shown

-Why would Nicole choose to lie to EJ about who she was working with? She should have told him the truth.

-Ava could be heard walking while Stefan and Kristen were shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to Eric while EJ was shown.

-Leo could be heard crying while Nicole was shown.


-Holly could be heard using her phone while John was shown.

-Jude could be heard crying while Holly was shown.

-It’s darker outside than it was in Thursday’s episode.

-Leo could be heard talking to EJ while Sloan was shown.

-Leo was talking like he was drunk one minute and functioning the next.


Leo from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Friday, May 3, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh! John, Marlena, thank you for coming. Always good to see you. Is, uh, can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? No, I’m fine, thanks. No. No. Okay, then. Um, I wanted you to come over because there’s something I want to tell you. Constantine and I are engaged.

Well, best wishes. Well, there’s no need to pretend that you’re pleased about it. Um. I assure you the marriage is a name only, not to be advertised as such, but we are keeping up appearances for immigration’s sake. So, I wanted my circle of family and friends to know the truth. Which is? That Constantine’s visa is expiring and I offered to marry him so he could stay in this country.

I had a prenup drawn up. Um, Constantine had no problem signing it. So I wanted you both to understand that.

I feel like I owe him. Because he was so kind to me. After I lost Victor. And also because I Because of what I did to his daughter?

Okay, Holly, you got this. You can do it. Focus. Okay, problem number three. The function of f is defined by f parenthesis x close parenthesis equals blah blah blah blah. Throw this stupid book out the window.

Yeah, Sophia. I know. Audrey had a huge house party and you weren’t invited. The nerves. Seriously? Who cares? Okay. You got this, girl. You are a badass. You can do it. Just need to focus. The function of F is defined by F.

Hey, little guy. What’s going on? Aw. Trying to keep me up all night. Hey. Well, uh, maybe you can use this pacifier if you still use this one. Uh, yeah. Let me see if it’s right here. Okay. Oh, there you go. Oh, no. I’m on. Oh, jeez. Okay, well, maybe one of these toys here might calm her down. Mom! Mom! Mom! Sloane,

hey. Hey. Hi. Uh, actually, you know what? I was just leaving. Sloane. Eric.

So, you want to tell me what that was all about? Cause, I would just love to know. Hey, why, can’t we just get him home and I’ll explain it to you on the way.

You’re plastered, not to mention untrustworthy and unreliable. Hey, that’s unfair. Okay, yeah, maybe a tad inebriated. Intoxibrated. Okay, I’m four sheets to the wind, but In vino veritas. And I have got some veritas for you. Fine. Just spill it already. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, Mr. E. C. If you want to hear it, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

And believe me, you are going to want to pay because This dish I’ve got for you This is juicy. It is gonna turn your world upside down all around. Like that strapping beefcake of a rugby player did to me all those years ago. Oh, I remember it well. We locked eyes at this all you can eat buffet. Enough!

What is it you want to tell me? Spit it out now! No, no, no, no. Like I just said, my handsome friend with the accent to die for. If you want to hear it, it’s gonna cost you, and I’m talking that big. Demirra Cashola, that chudder, that chutting. I’m not into games, Stark. So why don’t you just tell me what you came here to tell me right now, and I bet it’d be bloody good.

Oh, trust me. There is

Something happening. Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You were following Victor’s orders, John. I believe the Victor that I knew would want me to do this for Constantine. I mean, they had had their differences in the past, but eventually they became friends. Yeah, well, that’s because it was more convenient than being at war. But Constantine still held a grudge, to put it mildly, right?

But he forgave you, and Victor. John, I think we need to move forward and leave all this animosity behind us. And as far as marrying Constantine, I feel like I can afford to be generous while still protecting my interests and the interests of the Kiriakis family. You’re an intelligent woman. I’ll support whatever you think is best for you.

so much, Marlena. Ah, Vince! John! I was just telling John and Marlena about our upcoming wedding. Ah, yes, the wedding. I do hope you will both attend. So, do you swear you had no idea that you

and Nicole were going to both be working at the Spectator? No. None.

I know what it looked like, but Nicole was just trying to be friendly. Friendly are a great word choice there, because it’s exactly what it looked like. Like you guys were just getting lost in each other’s eyes. Sloane, it wasn’t long ago, you just, you just walked out the door. I wasn’t even sure when or if you were even coming back or when we were going to talk.

Do you need something to sober up? Leo, a glass of water? How about a garden hose? Garden hose? Is that a euphemism? Okay, okay, I’ll admit I am a little drunk, but it’s the good kind of drunk. The, the liberated from my highfalutin inner critic kind of drunk. I’m not sure that’s the good kind of drunk in your case.

Look, all I want for my secret is some money. Okay. Pridbrobro. Nope. Quidbropro. You want money, right? For what, exactly? How about I give you a little teaser of what I’m talking about? I’m ready. Well, it has to do with someone very close to you. Nicole? Yeah, that was an excellent guess. What about my wife? I know that she’s now a colleague of yours at the Spectator.

Did something happen there? No, are you, um, Are you a fan of the Beatles? Paul, Ringo, no wait, Ringo, John, George, and Paul is the cute one. Oh my God. So my favorite song of theirs used to be Across the Universe, and then when I was 24, Any time I would hear that song I would break out in hives, and to this day I can’t explain it.

That’s it, you’ve wasted enough of my time. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, what about, uh, Hey Jude? See you now. Paul wrote that song for John’s son, Julian. And then at the last minute, he changed it to Jude because he thought it sounded better. Do you like that name, Jude? I think it’s adorable in an English schoolboy kind of way.

Get to the point, Leo. What if I told you that you were a father? I already know that I’m a father. I have two children.

Pretty children. What are you

What do you mean?

Hey Jude. Jude what? That is not possible. How would that be possible?

I’m not going to.

We will be at the wedding, of course. Well, we haven’t set a date. We have to do it, though, before Constantine’s visa expires. Um, the sooner we get married, the sooner your immigration problems go away, for good, right? Of course, of course. But first, there are some items of interest that must be taken care of.

During photosynthesis, which of the following produces sugar? Is it A, the light reaction, B, the Kelvin cycles? Come in. Hi. Hi. How’s it going in here? It’s, uh, you know the emoji with the exploding brain? Yeah. Yeah, that’s how I feel right now. Oh, honey, it can’t be that bad. Oh, it’s bad. I mean, there’s so much to catch up on, and I had this giant energy drink because I thought it’d help me focus more, but I think it made me feel more scattered, because, I don’t know.

Honey, the, the, the one with all the caffeine in it? Those are terrible for you. Oh, look at my hand. It’s shaking like a leaf. Sweetheart, when is the last time you spoke to your therapist? Dr. Alvarez is on vacation. Mom, I’m feeling, like, really anxious and weird and I hate it. I hate being like this.

Sweetheart, I know you do, honey, and I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

You didn’t think I was coming back? Jude is my son. What do you think I’m gonna do, abandon him? No, of course not. I was just, I was just thinking you were fed up with me. I was hurt. Yeah, that’s all, you know, I felt accused of, of squandering money on Leo, you know, and all I was trying to do is be kind, help the guy out.

I get that

slow. I’m

Oh, you an apology. I’m sorry.

What for? For not being more trusting. More forgiving. So I just, I want to be a better husband for you.


Maybe you start by believing me about Leo, okay? And what, what motives I had behind helping him out. Yes. Eric, it’s really hurtful. You know, to have your husband think you’re a liar.

Uh, uh, uh, you’re lying. You’re, you’re just an obnoxious drunk and you’re trying to provoke me. Uh, first off, I am not an obnoxious drunk. I’m a fabrous, yes that is a word, and jocular drunk. Hmm, okay. Do you remember when Nicole kept insisting that Jude was her baby? The one who quote unquote died? She was convinced of it and everyone else thought she was one french fry short of a happy meal?

Of course I remember that. It was terribly painful for her. And for me. That must have been horrible, but the thing is, your son didn’t die. What? I tried to tell you and Nicole. I came here before Christmas, remember? And what did I get as a reward? A thank you card, a Pomeranian, two tickets to the Tonys? No, I got a beatdown and a black eye, and now it is gonna cost you, big fella.

You listen to me, you lying dirtbag. If you don’t get out of here right now, I’m going to give you much worse than a black eye. No, please, I am telling you the truth. You have to believe me. Your son is a liar. I swear it is the truth.

Sorry that I had to take that answer. It’s a, it’s a patient. I’ve got to go. I need to be on my way too. Teresa and I are off to a meeting. Don’t want to miss out on those stale donuts. Well, it looks like we’re all out of here, so congratulations again. John, why don’t you stay? Just for a drink. Why not? The ladies are off into the night, and I know I would love a nightcap.

And the company.

Yeah, sure. Why not? I’ll, um, I’ll see you at home. I’ll grab a ride share. Okay. See you at home.

Maggie is a real dear, is she not? Yeah, you’re a lucky man to have a woman like that in your corner. She really cares about you. Does she though? If you Care for someone and you want to take care of them in all ways Not sure what you mean. I am talking about the prenup, John. But it’s a good thing that I have a plan.

And now that we are both alone, I think now is as good a time as any to put that plan into motion.

I swear on everything that I hold dear, I had nothing to do with the baby switching. Yes, I wrote a screenplay with the exact same storyline, but that was years ago and it never went anywhere.

So you’ve known this whole time that Nicole’s and mine baby is alive. And yet, you said nothing. You did nothing. I tried to tell you! And it’s not like I did nothing, I, I blackmailed someone.

Italian made shoes, cashmere socks, a fountain pen that was very expensive and I lost and I never got to use. You think I could afford all that on Lady Whistleblower’s salary? Alas, the gravy train has been put out to pasture. Wait, that’s not right. The gravy train has left this No. The gravy train has run dry.

So it’s all dried up, has it? So now you’ve come here after having wet your beak a little too much. Trying to extort me. I am not trying to extort you, I just told you. Em. Mm hmm. Well, I just told you. I told you so, now you have to pay me. I take cash, check, Venmo. I will accept Bitcoin, but I prefer fiat.

You can see that payment in hell. Dammit.

I don’t think you’re a liar. But paying for Leo’s hotel room? Just to be nice, I’m not buying it. I can’t even believe we’re still talking about this, Eric.

What? My headache. It is clobbering right now. It came back. Can we just put a pin in it? Oh my God, there you go again. What am I doing? What? What am I doing? No, you’re trying to avoid the conversation. Because you’re paying for Leo’s hotel room. By the goodness of your heart,

I don’t buy it for one second. Unless Hold up, Miss Bossypants. I’m the one blackmailing you, not the other way around, okay?

Unless Leo was blackmailing you, wasn’t he?

Thank you, Marlena, for coming over so late, especially on such short notice. It’s my pleasure. If I can help, I’m glad to. Dr. Evans, hi. Hi, Holly. It’s good to see you again. It’s good to see you too. Um, your mom tells me that you’re feeling overwhelmed. Yeah, I am. It’s just, I have so much studying and homework to catch up on and I don’t know, it’s like the more overwhelmed I feel, the less stuff I get done and I don’t know what to do.

I understand. You know what I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed? I, uh, take a deep breath.

It just sort of relaxes the nervous system. It tells your body that you’re safe. There’s no danger near you. Do you want to try that? Yeah. Yeah,

I guess I feel a little more chilled out now. Good. I’m glad. And, and, take breaks every so often. You know, just, just go outside, take a walk in the garden, or maybe Listen to some music. And what I suggest tonight is, Go to bed early. You know, get some rest. And then you can get up early in the morning and, and, Go back to your studies.

When you’re rested.

In fact, I, I think I’m going to, uh, I’m gonna send a note to your teachers. Just remind them of what you’ve been through. I’m sure they’ll understand. But only if that’s okay with you. Oh, yeah, definitely. Thank you so much, Dr. Evans. Yes, thank you, Marlena. Glad to help. Now, go ahead. Get some sleep. Get your rest.

And, and as far as your work goes, don’t worry about catching up with everything. Just Go at your own pace.

Okay, well, I’m gonna go to bed and try to get some sleep now. Sweetheart, love you. Thank you.

I can’t thank you enough, Marlena. You said exactly what she needed to hear. My pleasure. I hope it helps.

I should, uh, I should get going. Um, actually, if it’s not too much trouble, Marlena, could you stay? I need some help, too.

Fine. Yes, Leo was blackmailing me. With who? Um, Leo, his whistleblower. He did some research, you know? And he uncovered a lot of sordid things from my past. That those sordid things were humiliating. Song, what is it? Don’t talk about it, please. It’s just gonna be more painful for me. I offered him cash to kill the story.

I thought that you would take away my law firm, if anything, if you could. And I thought that if you found out the truth, you know, you would leave me. Sona, I would never leave you over something like that. Can you please just hold me? I can’t believe I let him into our home. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.

I love you. Will you take advantage of me? No, I can’t believe that I took on a con artist as a client. You know what, there’s no way I’m gonna let him get away with this, I promise you. No, no, no, no, no, please don’t, don’t, don’t go confront him or anything, you know. He didn’t, he didn’t mean to hurt me, that’s the thing.

You know, he’s a terrible child. It came from troubled childhood. He’s a messed up person. He’s not happy with himself. He’s lonely. Well, I’m gonna kill him. What? Eric, it’s dead. No, like I said, I’m gonna kill him.

Alright, how can I help you? Oh, well, Marlena, as much as I’ve tried, I still can’t seem to stop blaming myself for Holly’s problems. Her drug overdose. How stressed she is now, how hard she is on herself. And I feel like it’s because I wasn’t there for her. When she needed me, and she felt abandoned. You did the very best you could in the moment.

That’s all any of us can do. Yeah. I know, I’m I’m gonna try to not feel guilty and just be there for my daughter. And I know we discussed this. In our first session. And that is more important to me than anything. It’s just to be there for my daughter.

You know, we can’t keep our children going through bad times, disappointments, sadness, heartbreaks, that’s just part of living. They have to go through those things. All we can do is love them. And be there for them as you said Yeah, I know you’re right That is all we can do Plan Not sure I follow you Constantine.

I thought we were just gonna have ourselves a little nightcap. Oh, believe me I will be enjoying my ouzo while you get to work. I Get to work

Now where were we you need something from me that is right I need you to break into that safe and steal the prenuptial agreement. Steal it.

I, I could have said something like, give me some money and then I’ll tell you a secret, but no dumb cop here. Tells the secret, then asks for the money. Who does that? What does that even say? Who cares? I just need to pee. Oh, my head is literally pounding right now. Oh, wait, wait. Maybe that’s E. J. here. To give me some money.

Well, Eric! Son of a bitch! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back it up! Why are you blackmailing my wife? Huh? Huh? Who else are you blackmailing? Nobody! Whoa, nobody. Nobody else has that kind of tender, succulent secret like Sloan has. You see, you could serve the thing in a Michelin star restaurant. Yeah, you know what? She told me you were blackmailing her to keep her assorted details from her past.

I don’t even recall them. She did? I don’t remember that. I don’t remember much of anything right now. Leo! Oh.

Ah, finally, someone went to sleep for mommy. I could just stay there. Damn it. What are you doing? Banging on my door, waking up my baby. Your baby? That is not your baby. You lying bitch! Tell me that that isn’t my child in your arms. Go on, tell me that! Do you have any idea what you put my life and my family through?

Now I am taking that child. And after I prove that he is my son, I am going to call the police and have you arrested for kidnapping. There you go, bitch.

Do you know that the most wonderful, warm hearted thing in the entire world is the strangeness of kinders? I, that’s not right. The kindness of strangers. But you’re not a stranger, though you are being very, very kind to me. You know, how much have you had to drink?

Did I ever tell you one time I almost directed an off off Broadway production of Streetcar Named Desire? I had the striped scarf, the cigarette holder, and then Oh, God. Oh, no. Oh, God. In case.

You know, how many times I dreamed about having you in my bed, and now here you are, and all I want is Dimitri, who left me all by myself. You wouldn’t understand about that. You wouldn’t have the foggiest idea. Actually, I do.

And how does EJ feel about you working with Eric? I haven’t told him yet. I was going to tell him earlier, but then What? But then what? I didn’t want to upset EJ. Because, uh, you know, I thought they might turn it into something in his head that it wasn’t, and, and then, and then Sloane saw Eric and me at the square.

We were with Jude, and she reacted badly when really it was just innocent. Oh boy, you’re skeptical. It’s none of my business. Marlena, please tell me what you’re thinking. You know what I’m thinking. Right. You’re thinking that Eric and I still have feelings for each other. And you’re thinking that because when we had our first session together, I told you that if the baby that I had lost was Eric’s, that I might leave EJ to be with him.

What does that mean to you?

What’s that? You stay here.

Maggie, I thought you’d left. Oh, well, I did. Fellow traveler of mine just finished her first year of sobriety, and I’m supposed to hand her a chip. I drove halfway there before I remembered I, I didn’t have it, so it’s probably in the, in the study. I, I can go get it for you. Why don’t you go outside and get some fresh air, okay?

Constantine is no trouble. I can find it myself. No, you can’t.

I can’t go into my own study. It’s only because I I spilled some tea on your magnificent carpet and I haven’t had the time to clean it up. Oh, for heaven’s sakes, who cares? Oh, I see, John left. He did. He went to call Marlena. He wanted some privacy. Right, right. Um, uh, Here’s the sobriety chip. Okay. I’ll see you later.



I beat you.

Nicole. What does it tell you that if the baby you had been carrying was Eric’s. You would have gone back to him.

Well, it tells me that I still have feelings for Eric. Feelings that I’ve been trying to suppress for a long time. But they’re still there, aren’t they? Do you still love Eric?

Uh, I’m, I’m feeling a little tired now. Marlena, but thank you so much for listening.

It’s fine, I’ll just let myself out. I hope I see you soon.

Do you still love Eric?

Always. Look, sometimes I do things that Messed up, okay? Like stuffing hors d’oeuvres from a Vanity Fair afterparty into a stolen clutch purse. Or, or blackmailing your lovely wife, who did not deserve that. Nobody deserves to be blackmailed. Well, some of the people I went to drama school with did. What I mean to say is that I’m sorry.

I am truly sorry and I would not do anything like that again.

I should hate you for what you did. But the truth is you just, you seem lonely and sad and genuinely contrite. No, I have some compassion for you. Oh, God. Father Eric, thank you. No. And forgive me, please, for I have definitely sinned. Leo, I’m not a priest anymore. This is not a confessional. You might want to become a priest again, because I have something to confess.

To wipe away my sins, to cleanse my soul, all that good stuff. Yes. Something to confess. You said something like that at Jude’s christening. Jude. Jude. Leo.

Arrested for kidnapping. You’re damn right. You’re out of your mind. Oh, don’t bother. The little swine told me everything. What little swine? Leo Stark. He was a drunken, rambling mess, but he told me that Jude is our baby. Nicole’s in mine.

He’s only half right.

Half right? What the hell are you talking about?

Hey, Leo. Come on. Come on, wake up. Come on, man. What do you want to say? What about Jude? Leo?

What does that mean, Sloane? Half right?

It means Jude is Nicole’s baby, but not yours.

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Days Transcript Thursday, May 2, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, this sure is a coincidence. So, I guess we will be working together. Again. Not officially. Yet. Chad hasn’t signed off on the paperwork. Ah, good old paperwork. Yeah.

Hey, um, Jude’s still asleep. Would you mind keeping an eye on him? Sure. There’s something I need to talk to Chad about. Yeah, sure. Take your time. Thanks.

Well, hey there, sweet boy.

Hi, Hebby. Hello, darling. How did your first day go? Well, uh, it’s still going. I’m going to be here late, as it turns out. Uh, so will I. It’s only your first day and they’ve already got you working off the hours? I The exciting life of a reporter. Oh, and I got my first assignment. I’ll be doing a feature series on the unhoused of Salem.

You know, how they live, where they go. Sounds sketchy, Nicole. I’m not sure I like the idea of you prowling around alone at night. No, honey, tonight’s just the planning phase. But don’t worry, when I actually do go out in the field, I will not be alone. I will be with a A photographer.

Prospectus Damaris Scholarship in honor of Li Shen. Alright, I’s are dotted, T’s are crossed, and Sent. Hey, what’s the status to getting my wife out of prison? And hello to you too, Stephen. Sorry, Kristen, no time for pleasantries. The clock is ticking. If you want that CEO job, Gabby has to be out of prison before the big board meeting.

Okay, speaking of, I’d love to know just how your plan to make me CEO is going to work exactly. Okay, turns out, I have a little secret.

Hey, Roman. How you doing? Uh, hanging in there. Yeah? Good, good. So, um, hey, have you had a chance to look over my lease application? I have. Unfortunately, Ava, it’s, uh, denied.

Oh, Harris, how nice to see you. You too, Dr. Evans. You’re looking well. How is your, um, How’s your recovery? Well, uh, thanks to my excellent doctors and some much needed, uh, PT, uh, physically I feel 100%. And mentally? So far so good. Glad to hear that. So it sounds like your, your time at Bayview was a success.

Would you agree?

Hit me again, please. And none of this Namby Pamby stuff this time. I want four olives, extra, extra dirty. Oh, you look terrible. Ugh, so do you. Another martini, please! Why so miserable? All this because Eric cut off your cash flow? Oh, it’s not that. Not just that.

My heart is shattered. What happened?

I got a Dear John letter. Oh, a Dear Leo letter. From Dimitri. I’ve been dumped. No, no. Uh, you’re, you’re sure? It was from him. It was in his handwriting. And he used a pet name for himself that only Gweny and I know.

Leo, I’m sorry. You should be. This is all your fault.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

How is this my fault? The best damn lawyer in Salem? That is a laugh. I sent Dimitri to you for help, and instead, he ends up in the Super Slammer. Where he fell in love! Can you believe that? My Romeo tosses me aside to be with some big, stinky convict who probably makes license plates and eats paste.

Waiter, please, another martini. I’m all alone. I’m destitute. You are not destitute. You have a job. Do you know how much journalism pays? Barely enough to cover my office attire, let alone my out on the town attire. Not like I’ll be going out on the town ever again. I may as well don grey sweatpants with the elastic band and pockets, sneak into my unpaid storage unit, curl up into a ball on my my chaise with the peacock stuff on it and die denied come on roman i know that you were holding a grudge against me for all the crap that i’ve pulled in the past but look hey it’s got nothing to do with my personal feelings okay it’s just you’re unemployed no income take the help wanted sign out of the window

you want me to hire you you saw what i did with the bistro I did the same thing for the pub. Not to mention your coffee is weak, your staff is slow, and you’re obviously shorthanded. Come on. I will whip this place into shape in a heartbeat.

Well, I do like the irony. Okay, Ava, I’ll tell you what, you can start. Tomorrow morning, you got one week to convince me this is a good idea. Deal. Deal. Well, I’m certainly optimistic. You and the baby staff really helped me put my past behind me. So you feel strong and in control mentally? Yeah, I do. But what, what’s with all the questions right, right now?

Just concerned. You know, I care about you, right? Ashley John was asking me about, um, my time at Bayview not too long ago. If my treatment there really did help me get over my past. Is that right? Yeah. Is everything okay with him? It will be. Yeah, it will. Hey. Hey, sorry I was held up. Yeah, no problem. Hey, Marlena.

Hi, Ava. Good to see you. You too. Well, if you’ll excuse me. Nice to see you. You too.

Okay, so, what did Roman say? Did you get the room? He won’t rent to me without a job. So I work at the pub now. That’s great. Short commute. Yes, and it’s going to save on gas. I guess we’re gonna be neighbors now. I guess so. As long as we don’t get busted for breaking into the bistro. That’s not gonna happen.

I’m running late for my dinner date, so I’m heading out. See you in the morning. Actually, I need you to stay. As much as I missed your sparkling personality while you were gone, my days of working till midnight ended last century. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get your overtime, Rita. You’ll be home by 11, 11.

30 latest. I thought your father was a hard ass. So just go ahead and order us dinner, alright? Whatever you like. Gee, thanks. And I will have my usual. Right, stuffed shirt. I mean stuffed shells. Son of a beehive.

Well, you know how I love secrets, so Spill. EJ knew all about the drugs being run in and out of the bistro. Are you serious? As a heart attack. I went to our S. O. B. of D. A. brother a little while back when Clyde was really putting the squeeze on me. Begged him for help. He would not lift a finger to help me get out of it.

He’s just covering his ass as always. Exactly. But what was the one way he didn’t cover his ass? Nicole. Exactly. Can you imagine how furious Nicole would be if she found out EJ could have prevented Holly’s O. D.? Are you suggesting that I blackmail him? Your words, not mine. But think about it, Kristen, if EJ had a choice between his cushy CEO job and Nicole Okay, he’s a businessman.

He’s gonna choose DiMera. Wrong. EJ loves Nicole devotedly, passionately, and I’m willing to bet at this stage in his life. He values his marriage more than money and or power. So yeah. EJ will do anything and everything to prevent Nicole from slipping through his fingers. Sloane, it’s not what goes to me. I gotta talk about this tonight.

Call me back. Hey, how’s Jude doing? It’s good. Not a peep. I’m just happy I got to see him. Yeah, thank you. But, um, why did you bring him here? Um Eric, is everything okay?

So far, so good. Yeah, we got lucky with that alarm code. Stevan should have changed that. Yeah, he’s pretty careless. Say stupid. You’re going to take the kitchen and the office. I’m going to take the stock room and the freezer. Just like we planned. Okay, got it. How long do you think we have? Uh, well, the restaurant doesn’t open until four.

Uh, so no staff should be here for another three hours. Good. Let’s do it. Okay.

Leo, if wardrobe ranks higher than food and housing in your budget, well, priorities are out of whack. Hmm. FYI, Miss Sensitivity, I am way more upset about losing Dimitri than I am about being broke.

For months, I stood by my man. I waited patiently. I was faithful. And you’ve never been faithful before? Have you met me? I didn’t even know that side of me existed. And this, this is what I get for being honorable, for doing the right thing. But I guess I didn’t completely do the right thing. I did break my best friend’s heart by hopping into bed with her fiancé slash husband.

I suppose I could have inferred from that experience that Dimitri might turn out to be a cheating pile of scum. Oh, I guess I was just blinded by young love. Young love? Uh, no, don’t do that. Okay? Young ish love. No more paramour for this schlamazel. Huh. Go on.

Everything’s fine, it’s just I don’t know, I got stuff.

Eric, hey. You can talk to me. I know you better than most people.

This one and I got in a fight.

She walked out. What was the fight about?

She said she never feels good enough for me.

Sound familiar? Kinda. Nicole, I’m sorry if I ever made you feel You know, Eric, Eric, please. Don’t. I really cherished our time together, and I don’t want to look back. We’ve moved on, and I And I’m sure you as well will work things out. Yeah. But for the sake of harmony, In both our homes, I

Maybe it’s not a good idea that we work together.

Dinner’s on its way. Oh, good. I’m famished. I just sent you an email detailing all the information I need from Titan, spreadsheets, slide presentation, the full monthly. Got it. But before I dive in, might I ask you a question? Ask away. What in God’s name are you up to, young man?

So, I’m not putting all of my eggs in the blackmail basket. I’m also milking my connections with the board. Thank you. So am I. I submitted a proposal for a college scholarship in Lee’s name. Look at you. Smart move. Okay, so we know. We know that Shin has always preferred me over EJ, right? But there’s also no way that Shin is going to put me as CEO with a felony conviction.

So in the eyes of the board right now, EJ is their only option. But you and I are going to convince them that they’re wrong. You do spend a lot more than you can chew. Oh, District Attorney and then running the company. Uh, shouldn’t you bring that up to the board? As a, uh, potential conflict of interest?

It’s a very good idea and I thought about that, but The board loves having the Salem DA on their payroll. Ah, the ego, ego maniac, right? I mean, he thinks he can have it all. And that right there, that’s going to be EJ’s downfall. Because when we’re done, if we get what we want, he’s going to be left with nothing.

Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Well, Anne, good to see you. Hi. Having dinner? Uh, no, no, I’m, I’m just, uh, waiting for John to finish up a meeting at Black Patch, and then we’re going over to Maggie’s. Okay. Well, can I get you something while you wait? Coffee? Cappuccino? A glass of pinot? You got it. Everything okay? Oh, I’ve got a lot on my mind.

Okay. Well, you don’t want, you just ordered a drink that makes me a bartender and part of a bartender’s job description is to listen to his patron’s problem. Right. Well, I’m a little worried about Eric and Sloan. So am I. But this, uh, Seems like something more than that. Am I right?

Now, I want to make one thing very clear. I will not be your puppet, Stefan. When Gabby is released from prison, she’s not forming her way back into DiMera like she did before. Okay, you have my word. I will tell Gabby to stand down. But Gabby’s got to be out of prison first. Otherwise, our agreement Fine. I got it the first ten times you told me.

And I am convinced the way to get her out is to prove that she didn’t kill Lee. Of course, of course. We’ve tried that and we’ve come up with nothing every single time. Lee named Gabby as his killer on his deathbed. She was found next to the corpse with a freaking bloody knife in her hand. But you know what?

No one witnessed the actual stabbing. And yes, the police investigated, but the fact that there were two murders in that apartment in such a short time is too much a coincidence, if you ask me. I agree, I agree, except they haven’t realized that yet. Well, maybe they didn’t look hard enough. I’m gonna talk to my old friend Ava and see if she knows anything about this.

Maybe she’ll share something with me that she didn’t tell the investigators. Maybe, but, uh, what if she doesn’t? Oh, sweetheart. If I can’t prove that Gabby didn’t kill me, then I will just come up with another angle. You gotta trust me. I always have a guard up my sleeve. Mm. What, what am I, twelve? I didn’t realize I owed you an explanation for my actions, business related or otherwise.

Too bad I didn’t know you when you were 12. I’d have taught you some manners, made sure you turned out a little more reasonable. I have no doubt you would have, Rita. And don’t take this the wrong way, D. A. DiMera, but maybe you should wait for the board to vote you in as permanent CEO before you start exploring your imperial ambitions.

Strike while the iron’s hot, Rita. Titan’s never been weaker. Victor is deceased, Alex is a novice, and Maggie is no spring chicken. Age is just a number, my friend. And Titan’s number is up. And I am going to bring it to its knees. Success comes to those who don’t wait.

So you don’t think we should work together? Because it’s slow? It’s more than that, Eric. I mean, Ichi just called me and asked me how my day was. And I didn’t even tell him we’re working together because I know he wouldn’t like it. Yeah, so I wouldn’t like it either. Assuming I never have the chance to tell her.

Here, use this. You know what? The bastard wasn’t good enough for you anyway. No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t you dare try and butter me up and flatter me, Stephen Peterson. My man dumped me. You went back on your promise to pay me to keep my mouth shut. Absolutely. Uh, hello. I paid you as long as I could. I told you not to come over last night.

I tried warning you, but you bulldozed your way in there like a mad woman on a mission. A suicide mission. I don’t believe it. Eric already knew I was paying your room. There’s nothing I could have done that would have stopped him from cutting you off. Except maybe wisen up. How could you have been so careless to let him see your bills?

Come on. I didn’t let him do anything, okay? He opened my statement. Honestly, I wish there was something I could do to help you out, but God, the cash cow has run dry. Yeah, as has my glass waiter, please. Hmm. Leo, You backed my cover story with Eric. And for that I’m grateful. But you also promised me that you wouldn’t tell him the truth about Jude.

I hope you haven’t changed your mind about that.

Alright, here you are. Thank you. Okay, I am ready to listen. Alright. Well, I am, um, I am worried about more than Eric and Sloane. I’m, um, worried about John. He’s been going through a lot lately. I got that impression.

You know, John always said that his life began when we met that day in the hospital. When our hands touched. He had no idea who he was. And I believe that’s true. Yes, but he, he’d had a life before that. And we uncovered parts of it together. We, we found his long lost father. That was a joy. But there was, there was so much missing for him.

So many memories that he didn’t have. But I tried. I’d, uh, try to help him uncover those, but I just didn’t have a lot of luck. That is one of my very great regrets.

Oh, the meeting’s over. I have to go.

Thank you for this. And for listening. Marlena. Let me take some of that word off your plate, okay? You focus on John. I’ll keep an eye on Eric. One way or another, our son is gonna get through this. He’s a survivor. He is a survivor. Thank you, Roman. Please, you take care. You too. Okay.

Listen, Sloane is a smart cookie, and she loves you. You will hear from her soon, I’m sure. Yeah, I suppose. Okay, but if working together is going to cause friction between the two of you, I understand, and maybe we just shouldn’t do it. No, no, no, it’s not going to be a problem, because I won’t let it be. I kind of need the job.

Yeah, me too. Alright, so then we’re cool? Yeah, yeah, we’re cool. Great, then let’s get to it, right? Where do we start? Well, you know, I work to help the homeless at St. Luke’s and kind of have a few ideas. Oh, and yeah, you ran the Horton Center. You volunteered there. Believe me, I remember. Oh, that Chad. He must know what he’s doing pairing us together.

No, I haven’t changed my mind, Sloan. I don’t want to hurt Eric or Jude. I wouldn’t mind strangling you right now. Huh. I just need to make sure that we have an understanding. I won’t tell anyone you blackmailed me if you don’t tell anyone that Jude is Nicole’s baby.

That’s it? That’s the best you’ve got. Before it was, I don’t tell. You cover my expenses. Now it’s, I don’t tell and I get dibbly butt kiss. You get to maintain your reputation as a stand up guy. That’s not my reputation. Who cares, you know what? I am a shell of my former self anyway. In the words of music legend Linda Ronstadt,

I forget the lyrics of the song I’m thinking of, but it’s something about being sad, And lonely, and pitiful, and miserable. And loveless.

Make sure I get the last ten years of Titan’s financial records. Chart the profit and loss, especially since Victor’s passing. I know, this ain’t my first rodeo. So, you want to take over Titan and dethrone the mayor who appointed you as DA and run day to day operations at DiMera? Why stop there? Why not buy a major league ball team?

Show up Musk and Bezos by colonizing the moon. Oh, hilarious as always. But I get your point, Rita. I know that deep down you’re only looking out for me. Just like you did my father for so many, many years. I do miss that old goat. Don’t we all? I really appreciate you. And, I’m glad you’re here.

Hey, any luck? Nothing. Yeah, nothing in the freezer. Turned it upside down, came up empty. Oh, well I’d warm you up around the clock here. Did you check the kitchen? Yeah, and the office. Top to bottom. What the hell are you two doing?

You know, you really should be thanking me, Leo.

For what? For cutting me off? Dimitri kicking me to the curb? I really wanted to do this as pleasantly as I could because, well, I do appreciate your help and bringing my beautiful baby boy into my life. But face it, you did commit a crime and the criminal penalty for extortion or blackmail is up to four years in federal prison.

Is that so? And what’s the penalty for kidnapping, cheeky baby? The truth is, Leo, it is in both of our best interests to keep our mouths shut. Don’t you agree? I really am sorry about Dimitri, Leo.

Yeah, well, I thought 14 was gonna get me another filthy martini.

Well, I’m ready whenever you are for a repeat of our little strategy meeting, Alex. No, it sounds good. Definitely a plan. All right, I gotta go. Hello, brother. Would you like some candy? Uh, I’ll pass. Although I do hear Alex Kyriakos is very interested in your goodies. Ah, excuse me. The help has been buzzing.

Servants talk, you know. Well, I’m glad I can liven up their tedious worker bee lives. I don’t suppose in between your roles in the hay you’d be interested in getting an actual job? Or are you satisfied living the life of leisure and mischief making? Huh. Huh. Boy, it’s bad enough that you took back half the family assets from Stefan and left me and Chad and Tony out in the cold, and now you want to kick me off the dole too?

Just thought you might be bored, eating candy all day and stirring up trouble. Well, you are right about one thing, brother. I do love keeping busy. And the truth is, I have a few irons in the fire. Just don’t get burned. Oh, don’t you worry, AJ. Like father, I will always rise from the ashes. Cheers.

Okay, if you two aren’t going to tell me what you’re doing busting into my restaurant, you can tell the police. I am the police. Really? Is breaking and entering part of your academy training now? It’s not what you think, Stefan. I don’t know what to think anymore, Ava. But here’s what I know. An ex mafia princess with a criminal record broke into my establishment, along with a cop who doesn’t have a warrant, obviously, or he would have served me with it.

Okay, you two have left me no other option but to call 911. Okay, stop, stop. We have to tell him. It’s hard to trust the guy who shot me. But yeah, the jig is up. Go ahead, tell him. Clyde called me a few days ago. You heard from Clyde? Yeah. He hasn’t reached out to you? No, for real? He has not. And, damn it, I thought finally, finally we’d be talking.

Free and clear of that son of a bitch. Should’ve known he’d find some way to reel us back in. Yeah, well, or at least me. He threatened to tell everybody that I was part of the drug operation unless I find this little black book that has all his contact information in it. Gil apparently hid it somewhere in the bistro and we’ve looked everywhere and found nothing.

You got any ideas? No. I itemized every single thing in this restaurant before we got ready for the re open. This book is how we find Clyde and take him down. Okay, we’ll see. Is how I want this book out of my restaurant. Yesterday, what can I do to help?

Melinda? You won’t believe this. Dimitri dumped Leo.

He sent him a letter? I mean, how cold is that? That’s not the point. Okay, I’m afraid Leo’s gonna be a loose cannon.

Well, the only saving grace is, Leo has no clue that Jude is really Eric’s biological child.

So, in the police statement, you said that Clyde had Gill stash the drugs in generic tomato cans. Yeah, right. He put it somewhere so it wouldn’t be opened. So, okay, if the drugs were hidden in plain sight, I mean, maybe, maybe the book is too.

The reserve wine. Nobody ever touches it, because it’s so damn pricey. Look, I remember when I first started working here, I was dusting the whole collection, and

I practically sneezed for a week. Look, there was one bottle, there was It’s the Gervon, it’s the Gervon of Petrus. And never this one, it never had any dust on it.

It’s lighter than the rest.

It’s cause it’s empty. Shh. Ah. Where in the name of all that is holy am I going to come up with the cash to support me in the manner to which I have become accustomed? Oh. Hmm.

Oh, it’s a good thing I started writing this before I was drinking. Okay. Organ donation. Nobody’s gonna want a piece of my liver after tonight. No. Rideshare driver. Oh, I have a pitiful sense of direction and I would have to get a car.

E. J. DiMera.

Hmm. I would be going back on my word to Sloan. But, I only promised I wouldn’t tell Eric. But I could go to jail. But, EJ is the DA. I could make sure I got a deal first. Okay, waiter, I’m out of here. Put this on Sloan Peterson’s tab, yeah? Okay. You need a change, little guy? No. Well, I guess he gets just a little cranky when he wakes up.

Yeah, don’t we all? Well, it’s a good thing, otherwise he’d be wide awake all through the wee hours. Hey there, sweet boy. Do you like keeping your daddy up at night? You’re a little night owl, aren’t you? Yeah.

Oh, my God, it’s on bloody fire. Oh, Leo, what the hell do you want? I want to tell you a secret. For a price. Good God, man, you reek. Martinis. Very, very dirty. Four olives. You’re plastered, not to mention unreliable and untrustworthy. Oh, that’s unfair. Okay, I may be inebriated. Intoxabrated. Okay, I’m four sheets to the wind, but But, but, but, but, but In vino veritas.

And I have some veritas for you. Fine, just spill it already. No, no, no, no, no, mister. Not so fast. This is going to cost you. But you’re going to want to pay. Because, the dish that I have for you,

is a doozy. John,

Marlena, thank you for coming. Always good to see you. Is, uh, can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? No, I’m fine, thanks. No. Okay, then. Um, I wanted you to come over because there was something I want to tell you. Constantine and I are engaged.

Well, that’s delicious. Well, there’s no need to pretend that you’re pleased about it. Um, I assure you the marriage is a name only. Not to be advertised as such, but we are keeping up appearances for immigration’s sake. So, I wanted my circle of family and friends to know the truth. Which is? That Constantine’s visa.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Shhh. She’s finally sleeping. Well, I’m glad somebody’s getting some sleep around here. Here. What are you doing? Well, I know you don’t trust me. Message received. Loud and clear. So, here. Here’s everything. This is my accounts, bank statements, passwords. Take it. Here. And I promise you, I will never give Leah Stark another dime.

All my life. I know this doesn’t solve the issue. What me, Eric? I want the truth. Ahem.

Hey, what are these for me? Well, reception did ask me to deliver it to you. Oh, well, well. Looks like someone’s trying to butter me up. Don’t keep me in suspense. Read the card. Okay. And It’s from the estimable mayor of Salem. It’s just a small token of my appreciation. Thanks, guys. Uh, here, why don’t you take what you want and then throw the rest in the kitchen for whoever else wants it.

Chadwick! You truly are a man of the people. Your thoughtfulness and generosity know no bounds. Okay, is there something that you That I need, yes. I wanted to talk to you about the recorder position. Okay, uh, you said you weren’t interested in it. Well, I thought about it and I changed my mind. I’m ready to write about anything.

Great. I appreciate your, uh, enthusiasm. But, uh, I’m sorry. Sorry why? I offered the position to Nicole. She accepted it.

The Benedict was mind blowing. Chef’s hollandaise sauce is hands down. My favorite thing ever. I needed to make sure you had a proper meal before your big first day. Oh, that’s very sweet of you. So, what made you change your tune? With regards to Me joining the workforce, because when I first mentioned it, you were somewhat less than keen on it.

I’ll admit, I was thrown by the initial idea, but the more we talked about it, the more I could see that spark in your eye. And what makes you happy, makes me happy.

Hey, baby girl. You were saying your throat was dry, so I brought you some nice cold water. Thank you, Mama. How’s the nausea? It’s pretty persistent. Oh, sweetheart. And where’s Kayla? She was supposed to Uh, right here. Right here. Okay, what’s going on, Chanel? Uh, well, I, I just feel, like, not myself. Uh, fatigue.

Dizziness, nausea. You said that if we notice anything to come see you right away, so It’s radiation poisoning, isn’t it?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So you hired Nicole. I guess that makes sense. Yeah, look, I think Nicole is going to bring a fresh perspective to the paper. One in which we desperately need right now. We do. 100%. But hey, look, if something else comes up, you know, maybe at the Metro desk, you’ll be the first person I ask. Great. Thank you. And in the meantime, Chadwick, would you consider giving me a raise?

Nothing crazy. 2%, 5%, 20 percent if you’re feeling generous. Just something, you know, commensurate with the amazing work I do around here. Okay, how about we talk about it during your, uh, Q4 review? Fine. That’s great. You know, since the love of my life is being released from prison, just any extra money would help me provide a better life for him.

Which he deserves after all these months of being incarcerated. He gave up a lot for me, including his inheritance. Well? Maybe Dimitri should get a job. How about that? I mean, I’m sure he’ll try. There’s not much need for an ex con with no skills, who’s all beauty, no brains. Uh, not that he’s stupid, not by any means, but he is certainly a bit of a lewdite.

You know, he types with one finger. Quite, uh, But still, you know, one finger you make so many mistakes. Anyway, you know what? I think I will bring some of these snacks to Dimitri, so at least he has some sweets waiting for him upon his return. Take as much as you want. Oh, thanks. Oh, and if you need me for the rest of the day, I am going to be working from home.

I’m going to be trying to auction off my gorgeous needlepoint pillows on eBay. Bye bye.

symptoms are actually very common and could be linked to any number of illnesses. It could be just a bad stomach bug. If we can rule out radiation poisoning, then let’s, let’s do it now. We will right away. Okay. We’ll do a blood work panel and then we’ll have a better idea what we’re dealing with. How are you doing?

You need anything? I’m okay for now. Okay. Sorry, you too, but I’m going to ask you to step outside so I can examine Chanel. Okay. I’ll see you soon, my love. Well, tell Gillis that I appreciate the brief, but he absolutely has to take the fuller case. To when? No, no, no. Move that and reschedule. Yes, I’ll be in later today, as soon as I can.

Sorry, I’m getting another call. I’ll text you.

Rita, what did sales say? I’m afraid I can’t make that time, but I want the meeting to happen today. Just tell sales to do the stand up without me. You’ll take notes and upload to my, uh, to my vault. Good. I’ll be in shortly.

Sorry about that. Honey, don’t be sorry. It comes with the territory. I married a very important man. Oh, and I married a very important, not to mention beautiful and charming woman.

And I love being able to share every single part of me with her. I love you, Nicole. You know, I just might be falling for you, too. That works out well, doesn’t it?

Because by each other’s side, there is nothing that we can’t do. I told you the truth, Eric, last night. And what you said absolutely made zero sense. Why would you be giving me your money when you know that a family is struggling financially? I didn’t think it was that bad, okay? Look, I’ve been working, making a decent living, like I always have.

I didn’t see an issue with helping out a friend. You know, what? Yes, I wanted to be generous and, and, and, and kind to a fellow human. So you were trying to make yourself feel like a better person. What? That’s That’s a bad thing? You don’t approve of that? Of my wanting to be, you know, Selfless? Charitable?

Are you kidding me right now? This is not what this is about! Nicole once told me that she felt she was never good enough for you. Seems like I’m not either. Maybe no one is. Sloane, where are you going? I need space. Sloane! I need time, Eric. Alone.

Some tea? Thank you.

Look, Paulina. I know you’re upset right now, okay, but just try not to be too hard on yourself. How can I not be hard on myself? I put my baby girl in danger. Of course. You know, let’s just wait and see what Kayla has to say. Oh.

Hello? Hi, Mayor Price. It’s Chad DiMera. Um, I was hoping I could, uh, follow up with you for a quote on a story that I’m working on. Is, uh, is now a good time? Couldn’t be worse. Call my assistant.

Who’s that? It was your Uncle Chad. What? I know that I asked you to Put in a good word with him about that story he’s writing about, but I can’t ask you that anymore. Not now. If, if Chanel has radiation poisoning because of me, then I deserve whatever, whatever scathing criticism I get for it. Alright. Here we go.

Here it is. Oh, one second. Hold on. Eric Brady. Hey, Eric. It’s Chad the Mayor. I’m glad I caught ya. Chad, hey. What’s going on? Uh, look, I was hoping that, um, that you could come by the office and, uh, we could talk about you doing some work for the paper. Is, uh What’s your schedule look like? Uh, yeah, yeah, I can be there in 20 minutes.

Awesome. I’m looking forward to it. Yeah, me too. Thanks. Bye.

Well, good news. Not timing, but good news. Okay, um, what are we gonna do? Now that mommy is gone, you might Boom! Okay, problem solved. You are going to be coming with daddy on his first big interview. Yeah. That’s what’s gonna happen. Okay.

Where’s my coffee? There’s plenty in the break room, and if you ask politely, I might just pour you a cup. Please and thank you go a long way, D. A. DiMera. Understood. So please, could you go get me some coffee, and I will be ever so thankful. But before you go, what’s the latest? In short, I’m running both your DiMera and D.

A. calendars on the new software in an effort to maintain some semblance of order. And? So far, so good. In terms of the university proposal, have you been able to review it? I have. I dropped my notes for you in your folder. I’ll move it along. Stan where? Depot’s next week. What about the weekly here in the office?

Wouldn’t miss it for the world! You sure about that? What exactly are you insinuating? Mr. DiMera, I’ve worked for every CEO here, from your father down the line, and with all due respect, you’re all the same. Brilliant, charming, handsome, world class leaders? Also arrogant, rude, and egotistical. Also wonderful qualities in my book.

But, ooh, before I forget, uh, I need you to swing by my other office after lunch. Waiting for a please in that sentence. Please? And, since I’m not a paralegal, why? Well, for one, I trust you. Two, you’re extremely efficient with time. And three, I pay you much more generously than a paralegal. I’m sure your actual paralegal is thrilled about that.

Well, she can take that up with Mayor Price. Speaking of, how does Mayor Price feel about her DA taking on a second job? I haven’t told her yet, as a matter of tact, really. She’s just got a lot going on lately. Tact, right. And, I think that if everything is running smoothly, It’s not really any of her concern.

So to that end, Rita, could you please swing by my other office after lunch and pick up the two case folders that are ready on my desk? Yes, sir. Oh, and by the way, as generously as you think you pay me, not generous enough. Is that your way of asking for a raise Rita? I’ll get your coffee now. Mmm.

That’s delicious. The rest, though, I will save for the love of my life, who will be out in three days, four hours, twenty five minutes and five seconds.

Good, you’re here. Sloane, this isn’t a good time unless you’re here to help me plan a welcome home party for Dimitri. No, I’m not here to help you with that. I’m here to make sure that you and the love of your life keep quiet about Jude. Uh, I hate to break it to you, but Demetri and I owe you nothing since you cut me off.

Look, Leo, Eric is crazy about his son. You came to the baptism, that little boy means everything to him. His heart would be in a million pieces if you took that kid away from him. Ha! And little Jude, he needs his mommy and his daddy. If you, if you don’t do it for Eric, please just do it for that, that little boy that you claim to care so much about.

Our son, he needs a family.

Reporting for duty, Captain. Hey, welcome to the team. Oh, I have to say, I am like a kid on the first day of school. I’m nervous and I’m excited. Listen, you’re going to do, you’re going to do amazing, Nicole. You have a ton of experience. Um, you’re obviously very smart. Thank you for the kind words. Uh, so what are you working on now?

Uh, yeah, the, uh, piece about Mayor Price’s recent radioactive misadventures. Oh, how’s that coming along? Yeah, solid. Thank you again for the tip. You know, sent me down a fairly informative rabbit hole. I think there’s a real story there. Disruptive? Potentially, yeah. As far as the, uh Mayor’s future political aspirations are concerned.

But, uh, you know, good or bad, gotta tell the public. Absolutely. She’s an elected official, after all. Um, it did make me wonder, though. How did you come across that information? So what do you think? An expose on Mayor Price and her most recent and possibly most egregious misappropriation of power. What a coup, right?

I don’t, I don’t know, EJ. I don’t even officially have the job yet. And to take off from the starting line with a potentially career threatening accusation against our beloved mayor? Beloved by whom? Not the everyday citizens I’ve been talking to. Okay, well, Chanel, I mean, she is Paulina’s daughter and married to your son.

Yes, I’m aware of that. Which, selfishly, is all the more reason people need to be aware that she is a ticking time bomb. Lest we forget, she put our lives and the lives of others at serious risk by carelessly running off to Smith Island when she was more radioactive than a bloody house cat in Chernobyl.

Okay, don’t you think that’s possibly a bit dramatic? Absolutely not. And I think it is someone’s duty to tell the truth, even when the truth isn’t pretty. Especially when the truth isn’t pretty.

Excuse me, I have to take this. I trust the spectator will do the right thing.

You haven’t even tasted it yet. Oh, no, no, not the coffee. Uh, thank you, by the way. What’s wrong then? I was sure that the Spectator’s Exposé on Matt Price would impose by now. Why would you even expect that? From what I’ve heard, she’s been dealing with health issues. Oh, still working tirelessly for the people.

Well, I’ve heard from my sources there’s been a few Ah, those dreaded rumblings. I guess you could say I’m curious to see what shakes. An expose suggests some kind of dirty little secret, no? But what kind of skin have you got in the game, Mr. DiMera? If I were to be honest, the dynamic between Mayor Price and me has been less than ideal.

If she were to land in the mud, yes, that would be unfortunate. But I would continue to carry out my duties with the same fervor and commitment that my constituents expect from me. So, you don’t like her? She micromanages. She’s, she’s, she’s insufferable. Micromanaging bosses always are. Uh. Here’s a suggestion.

Kill him with kindness. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, one tends to catch more flies with honey. Say it. Say it. It’s

all my fault. Paulina. Maybe if you yelled at me, released some of that pent up frustration and anger, we’d both feel better. I have no desire to yell at you. Alright, that’s the last thing I want to do. Hey. Hey. I care about you, Paulina. I love you. Okay, and, and what you did coming to rescue Chanel, you were just doing what you thought was right at the time.

Uh, oh. Hey. How is she? Well, her vitals are really good. So we’re just going to wait for the blood work results, okay? Okay, so uh, can I go back to her room? Of course. Okay.

Why is this happening, Kayla? I’m the one who took the radioactive pill. Why am I okay and Chanel is sick? I don’t have any answers. I wish I did. You’re just gonna have to be patient, alright? Oh, how can I be patient? Patient. When my daughter is sick, because of me. When instead of trying to save her like I thought I was doing, I put her life in jeopardy.

Oh, how can I, can I be patient? How can I live with myself?

Wow, really tugging at the heartstrings, Sloane, going all out. Why wouldn’t I go all out? I mean, you and I both know EJ and Nicole, they’re gonna make the worst parents on the planet for little Jude. Well, I’d certainly be up there. Just look at Holly. I mean, and EJ’s kids. God, they’re all screwed up. Little Jude’s best life is with me and Eric.

Okay, look, I’m not gonna lie. That baptism, it gave me all the feels. But Sloane, the other reality here is that Eric is on to you. He is suspicious as hell. How long until this all blows up in your face? 48 hours? 36? Cause I’m going with more like 10 minutes actually. No, no, no. Leo, you listen to me and you listen hard.

You gain nothing by telling anyone anything. Okay? You’re just opening a whole new can of trouble and misery. The best thing that you can do for Dimitri to welcome him home is when he gets here, just bounce. Leave town. Start a new life. With Salem in the rear view.


beautiful. Johnny. Oh. Better now that you’re here. I’m going crazy just having to wait like this. You know about all the damage that radiation poisoning does to the body? Yeah, I’m sure it’s not great. And not to mention the treatments. Johnny, I’m scared. I’m trying not to show it in front of Mama, but I’m really freaked out.

Hey, look at me. Okay? Take my hand. Chanel, I love you. Okay, and we are going to have the best life together. I promise.

I think you might be onto something here, Rita. Extending the proverbial olive branch to Mayor Price can only help our relationship move in a more productive direction. Now you’re cooking. So, Paulina Price, what do we know? Well, she’s a true survivor for one. She values hard work. She holds herself in the highest standard.

She cares about Salem, hence hiring me as DA. We’ve got to work on your confidence, Mr. DiMera. Well, what do you think? No time like the present, right? Reach out to her now. Well, why not? The sooner I can make that phone call, the sooner we can build the bridge and we will all be stronger because of it. Isn’t that the first rule of journalism?

You know, you never give up your sources. Yeah, right. Uh, doesn’t apply to your editors. Ah, right. Well, uh, It was just something I, I heard in passing and it, it concerned me. Of course, yeah. And as you know, I live in the same house as Johnny who is a witness to all of it, so Yeah, I mean, there’s that. Right. Um, yeah, well listen, if you come up with any more information or you hear anything, don’t, you know, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Okay. It’s just, at the end of the day, I’m hoping the article is fair and honest because Abe is one of my dearest friends. Yeah, the same. I mean, listen, I, this, this platform is to bring public awareness. It’s not to be destructive or vindictive. So you have my word however this article evolves. Yeah. It’s not going to be hippies.

Got it. Okay. Good. Well, what are you standing around for? You’re supposed to be meeting with Vance. He’s going to set you up in the system so you can start telling your stories.

Leaving town. Hmm. It’s an interesting idea, huh? Truth is, I haven’t given much thought to what Dimitri and I will do next. Well, think about it now, Leo. There’s a whole exciting world out there. Big cities, tons of opportunities. L. A., Chicago. Have you been to New York? Austin’s amazing. What’s, what’s tying you down?

Go take care of you. You know, while you are footloose and fancy free. It is tempting. I like the idea of L. A. actually. The weather, the beaches, the La Brea Tar Pits. But New York has Central Park, Broadway, flaming saddles. Just, okay, I have to go, but I wish you and Dimitri all the happiness in the world, L. A.,

New York, whatever city it may be that you guys go, okay?

Oh, yeah. Well, first, to achieve said happiness, we are gonna need some moolah.

How to rake in the big bucks. I could become an influencer. I already am one. Um, stylist? Underwear model? Sell organs? No, that’s gross. Oh, I could get a second job at Saxton’s. No, no. With the employee discount, all I would do is shop.

E. J. DiMera.

What the info I possess would be worth to him. Hey.

Security told me we’re gonna have an extra visitor today. Yeah, I’m sorry about that. Normally, I Wouldn’t bring my son to an interview, but last minute child care options are far and few between. No worries, man. Jude will be our, uh, our honorary guest. Oh, good. Um, well, he’s beautiful. Yeah, he is.

Unfortunately, he fell asleep on the way. Listen, man, well, should we get started? Yeah, have a seat.

Um, I, so look, you know, I, uh, I took a look at your portfolio, and uh, I was very impressed. So, we’d love to have you do some work here at the paper, if you’re still interested. very much. Yeah? Yeah. Good. Um, I mean, it’d be freelance to start. For the first few assignments, at least, if that’s fair. Yeah, fair.

Okay, good. Um, This is the, uh, employee handbook. Read it over. I’m gonna go, uh, talk to HR and get your paperwork started. Sounds great. Welcome to the team. Thank you. Alright. Good news, right, buddy? Good for our entire team. Our whole family, that is. Eric. What are you doing here?

So, bribing EJ. Let’s start with the pros. Could be a huge possible payday if I spilled the beans. Dimitri and I would be set for life. And the cons, he is the DA and he’s a DiMera. Do I want to tangle with all that? Is it worth it? Ah, and taking Jude from Eric. That would be so hurtful to that sweet little boy.

I wish there was like, a procedure that could just remove my conscience. I know. I’ll go for a walk. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll go for a walk and clear my head.

I texted Abraham. I told him it’s, it’s a waiting game. He sends his love, told me to tell you that he’s praying for you. Thanks. Oh, Kayla. Yeah? I have your test results. Uh, Chanel, would you like to discuss them privately? Uh, no, it’s fine. Mama and Johnny can stay. Oh, oh, oh, sorry. D. A. DiMera. Oh, good. Mayor Price, I caught you.

I was wondering if we could meet up to discuss our current, rather unfortunate situation. Try to clear the air. Uh, no, not now. I’m going to have to get back to you.

Please, continue. Um, okay. Uh, your tests came back normal. Oh, thank God! Just one exception. You’re pregnant, Chanel.

Melinda, I’m telling you, it actually worked. I finally got through to Leo. Combination of things, really. Most being how focused he is on having Dimitri come back home. Yeah, I checked with the courts. That SOB should be returning very soon. And Leo’s just happy to have him back. Wants to celebrate. A fresh start.

Which means I think they’d be open to leaving Salem and never coming back. Me too. I think it’s gonna be okay. It is. Oh, the new Saxton’s catalog. Excellent. Let’s see. Junk. Junk. Garbage. No thank you. And Ah! Ah, bestow my heart, it’s a letter from Dimitri.

Dear Leo, by the time you receive this letter, I will I will be gone. Off on a new adventure.

With someone I met during my time inside. Someone very special.

I did care deeply about you, Leo, but I now realize that we weren’t right for each other. And this man I fell in love with is perfect for me and I for him. I know you’ll be hurt, but I hope once you get over your heartache, you can be happy for me. I also hope that someday you find the perfect love as I have.

Goodbye forever, Leo. You’re Matthew Perry, a. k. a. Dimitri.

You got a job here too? Freelance photography. I’m tired of all of it. Wow, that is almost spooky. Wow, and you are This is my first day. Uh, well, I am the Spectator’s newest ace reporter. Wow. Wow. I cannot believe you’re going to be working here too. Mysterious ways, as always. Huh. Oh, good. Both here. You’re going to do this for HR, Eric.

Um, and uh, IT’s going to get you set up. Both of you set up on servers today because I already have an idea for an assignment. That was fast. It’s no time like the present. Uh, you’re going to be working on it together. So, I think it’s going to be a good solid way to get you guys started.

Paulina hung up on me, dammit. Oof. How dare she? Who does she think she is? Couple of obvious answers to that. This disrespect will not stand if Mad Price wants a war. She’s got one.

Pregnant? Well, we use protection. I mean, I know it’s not always 100 percent effective, but Oh my god, John. Wow. I, I, I mean, I, I, I can’t I mean, this is amazing news, right?

Kayla, what is it? Well, based on HGC numbers and the timing of your last menstrual cycle, we are placing you at about four to five weeks along, Chanel. And although it seems that you do not have radiation poisoning, The first few weeks of a pregnancy are crucial for the proper development of a fetus’s major organs.

So something could be wrong with our baby? Well, we’re going to consider this a high risk pregnancy. So I would like you to make an appointment with your OBGYN immediately. But we will continue to monitor your health and the baby’s health through the whole pregnancy. So, how long will it be before we know that the baby’s okay?

Well, it could be a few weeks, or it could be after the baby’s born. And then everything could be perfectly fine. But we just have no way of knowing at this point, and I really wish we did.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Oh, yes. I finally got the all clear from Kayla. Not a trace of radiation left in my system. None at all. Yes, it’s a big relief. I adore you too, Abraham. See you tonight.

Judd. Hello. Mayor Price. What, what brings you here? Did we have an appointment? Uh, no. Actually, I, I just, uh, was passing through and thought I’d take a chance on, uh, meeting with you. But, uh, now’s not a good time, honestly. I could come back. It’s fine, fine. I got a few minutes. Please, please. Sit down. So what can I do for you?

Um, I got a tip from someone and, uh, and I wanted to discuss it with you. Okay.

Look, this person claims that you abused your power as mayor and, um, put the public health at risk. Excuse me, abused my power. So, where did you get this tip, Chad? Who in the hell told you that?

Everett, you’re safe. You’re safe

right now. Nobody’s going to hurt you. No. I’m not. I’m not safe.

Hello, Everett. Dr. Evans. Good to see you. You too. Would you mind if I join you? You know what, um, I’m just, I’m finishing up an article, so I’m, I’m a little busy. Well, it won’t take long. Okay, sit right down.

Last time we spoke You said you did not want to continue hypnosis. Yes, that’s correct. And did you change your mind? No.

Why did you lie to Stephanie?


Stephanie, I am so sorry. I’m late. No problem. Is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah. I just slept through my alarm this morning and I was the only one on the schedule to open. Hey. You’re here now. Okay. Only because I drove like a bat out of hell to get her here. Aww. Okay, um, I can’t even believe that I slept through my alarm, but whatever you want, I will give you a discount, okay?

Why? Why? I was only here two minutes. I just wanted to pick up some pastries for a prospective client. Oh, they’re not for you. No. No. I already had breakfast at my mom and dad’s. We had a little farewell gathering for Tripp and Wendy. Okay. Okay. I had to leave early, unfortunately. And they’re, uh, they’re already about two hours into their flight.

A flight? Where? What are you talking about? Constantine.

And since you’re here, I assume You assumed correctly. Uh, Kayla has given me the all clear and no more isolation and no radiation in my system. Oh, Julie. Oh, that’s such a relief. Oh, more than a relief. I’m, I’m, I’m elated. And Doug is elated, too, and he’s been very clingy today. Well, I could imagine. Well, I’ve been clinging myself.

Maggie, I feel so guilty that I, that I didn’t go to the cabin with him. I thought I would just be away for one night and it turned out, because of radiation, to be days and days and, you know, at this time of our lives. Every day together is so precious. Well, we took good care of him when you went around.

Yes, he told me. He said you were great, and I thank you so much. Well listen, the isolation, it didn’t drive you stir crazy? No, and in that beautiful guest house that you arranged for me? No, I read a lot and I meditated and And I really tried to figure out how to open grandpa’s time capsule, but To no avail.

Oh no, how frustrating. Yeah, frustrating. And I just know that my grandparents are having a good chuckle over my distress. Yes, I’m sure they are. Well, now that you’re back, I have some news for you, Julie. Ah, I’m listening. Well, before word gets out, I wanted to tell you myself. Constantine and I are getting married.


Now listen closely to every word I say, because I have an extremely important mission for you. What’s my mission? Magi, Kiriakos, and I are engaged to be married, but there is just one problem. And you, my obedient pawn, need to serve it.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

I thought you knew. Trip and Wendy decided to spend some time with Wendy’s family in Hong Kong. No, no, didn’t even know they were thinking about it. Um, when are they coming back? I’m not sure. I think it’s kind of open ended. Wow, uh, I can’t believe Wendy would have left without saying goodbye. Stephanie, uh, you can help yourself to whatever you want.

Everything is on me. Why? I, I, Chanel, I only got here two minutes ago, okay? I’m happy to pay for my pastries. How about you just grab what you want and then we can argue about it after. No arguments.

Johnny, would you help me set up a display table? I wanted to give out some cookies to the kids for May Day. Um, and I know it’s kind of old fashioned, but Everything okay? Huh? Are you okay? Uh, yeah, yeah, no, I’m fine. What’d you say you needed?

So, Uh, Did you get this tip from your D. A. brother? Because it happens to be almost exactly what came out of his mouth yesterday. Did E. J. ask you to publish a hit piece on me? I haven’t spoken to him in quite some time. You sure he didn’t send you an email about it then? A text? Look, Mary Price, I came to see you because I wanted to get ahead of the gossip and find out what really happened at Smith Island.

What really happened was there was a snowstorm and my daughter went missing. And you left the hospital against your doctor’s advice and illegally commandeered a snowplow to try to find her.

Mayor Price, I, I would like to get your side of the story. On the record. If we can do that.

You say you have a problem you need me to solve. I do. You see, Maggie Kiriakis is marrying me in name only. Well that I can live with. But she also wants to keep me from getting what I came to Salem for. I do. Victor’s fortune. And that I cannot live with. So what do you need me for?

Look, I, um I know Stephanie’s a huge fan of yours, so I didn’t want to make you out to be a quack in front of her. A quack? A quack. I know that must sound harsh, but, I mean, you must know, uh, hypnosis is a pseudoscience. It’s, it’s barely a step up from a carnival act, in my opinion. Besides which, uh, the divorce papers that I’ve been so relentlessly pursued to sign are now signed.

So the court is cut from Jada and I’m ready to move on with my life. Well, I’m glad about that for you. And, uh, in spite of your disdain for hypnosis, I think you would still benefit from therapy. And if you don’t want to continue seeing me, a quack, as you say, you might want to find a different therapist.

Thank you for the recommendation. Um, I take it to heart, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing therapy with you or with anyone else. As I said, I’m ready to move on, so if you’ll excuse me. Chad,

wherever, whoever you got this tip from, I can guarantee you it’s, it’s all been blown out of proportion. Really? Because I heard the firefighters had to wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from the dangers of the radiation. Because they were ill informed. It was an overreaction. Look, Mayor Price, I’ve checked it out.

Okay, I know the facts. I know that you were warned against the risks of being in close proximity with people before your numbers were down. They weren’t down. The firefighters checked it out too. You were in a hazmat suit when they transported you back. My numbers were going down. I felt the risk was minimal.

Okay, then why didn’t you notify anyone you were leaving the hospital?

I got quotes from the public works guy, too, who you strong armed the snowplow from. I mean, where’d you even learn to drive a snowplow? I used to own a construction company in Miami. I learned how to drive heavy equipment. Driving a snow plow is no different than driving a bulldozer.

So then you don’t deny that it happened.

Constantine has lost so much in his life. And he’s told me so many times how it’s been a tremendous comfort for him to stay in Salem. And, you know, for me, his presence, it’s a comfort to me. I know that, yes. Um, well, Julie, he can’t stay in this country unless he becomes a citizen through marriage. So, I decided to make that happen for him.

You probably think I’m crazy. No, no. I don’t think you’re crazy. I think it is, uh, an example of your enormous generosity. You want to help the man. Julie, thank you for understanding. Well, I know that you have thought this through. You know what you want. You know what you need. I do. And I think it’s a positive thing for me.

Cool. To have Konstantin stay here, his, his friendship and, and companionship.

Yes, of course. I just,

I hope you’re going to protect yourself going into this marriage, Maggie. I assume you mean financially. Yes. Yes, I am. Um, I knew it was wise for me to have a prenup. He signed it immediately. No resistance at all. He knows if I, um, predecease him, that the entire Kiriakis fortune goes to Victor’s children.

You have been very wise, and I support you in this decision completely. Oh, Julie. Thank you so much for understanding. And for your friendship. Oh. My future wife insisted that I sign a prenuptial agreement. She locked it in the wall safe in the study of the Kiriakis mansion. I need you to break into that safe and steal that prenup.

Ask who it is. Who is it? John, it’s me. Is everything okay? Tell her everything is just fine. Everything is just fine. Why is the door locked?

Look, Chad, I know there are a few malcontents out there who are Eager to slander me. Mainly D. A. DiMera, since I called him out on his questionable behavior. I’m sorry, but this isn’t about D. A. DiMera or, or anyone else trying to be vindictive. Mayor Price, no one is eager to slander you. The fact is, the fact is, is that you left the hospital against medical advice and you, and you hijacked a snowplow.

Now someone could have been seriously hurt. I know you say you have experience, uh, uh, uh, on how to operate, you know, that kind of vehicle, but you were in no shape to do so at that time. Not to mention, you don’t have a license. Okay. And there was no guarantee you were going to find Chanel. Mayor Price, you could have been seriously hurt.

Or died trying to find her. But it didn’t turn out that way, did it? Chanel is safe and I’m doing just fine. And for that, we are all very relieved. And grateful. But come on, Mayor Price. You know that it’s dangerous to be in close proximity to people while, while, while radioactive. You know how risky that is.

Chad, there is not a parent in the world who would not have done the same thing that I did, and you know it. Now, what if a What if it were your children that were missing? Wouldn’t you, wouldn’t you have gone to any lengths to try to find them? Empress, it’s not a fair question. It’s only not fair because you know very well you would do the exact same thing I did, regardless of whether or not you put others at risk.

Very minimal risk. Minimal? Are you sure about that?

In the end, no one was affected by my being in close proximity to them. Julie, Johnny, or Chanel, everyone is doing just fine. So, if you want to write a fair and balanced article about all this, why don’t you ask my daughter Chanel if she’d rather been left to freeze to death in that snow?

Hey, I, um, I wanted to ask you, uh, since you’re probably gonna be too busy to go apartment hunting today, did you want me to go ahead, scope some stuff out, or you wanna wait till we can both go together? Oh! Uh, sure, if you want to go alone, then, yeah, you could do that. I, I’m exhausted, and, um, if you wanted to do some of the legwork on your own, then, um, that would be awesome.

Okay, then, that’s what I will do. Oh, I gotta say, it’s always just a little awkward. When the leasing agent asks about employment, you know, trust fund 20 something isn’t exactly an occupation. Oh, stop. They don’t care how you get the money as long as you have it and you can pay the rent. And plus the bakery is doing really good right now, so we’re good.

Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I just, I’ve kind of been thinking maybe I should have given my dad’s offer a little more thought. What? No. Working for DiMera Enterprises has never been your dream. Yeah, I know, but I should probably have some kind of job, right? Okay, then pursue what actually is your dream. You’ve always wanted to make movies.

Yeah, I have, but there’s no opportunities for things like that in Salem. I mean, I need to be in L. A., you know, or New York. And I would never ask you to leave your mom or your bakery. You should know your whole life is here. My whole life is here. You sure about that? Yeah, of course I am. Hey, I know

you got a lot going on these days, but what was with your 180 earlier? Excuse me? You wouldn’t give me the time of day outside, and then you were all Mr. Friendly when I came in. What’s up with that? I, um, I didn’t know I did that. Maybe I was distracted. Seemed you were evasive with Jada, too. I mean, you signed the divorce paper, so why don’t you give them to her and be done with it?

Did you change your mind or something? Sorry. Um, I gotta go.

Hey there. Hey. Hey. Chat around? I have something I wanted to drop off for Thomas and Charlotte. Ah, right. Um, no. She’s, uh, took off out of here to do an interview. I’m writing an article about May Day, which is as fascinating as it sounds. That explains the mood. I have rewritten the first paragraph like 28 times.

It’s brilliant. That sucks. But I’m kind of glad that that’s why you’re in a bad mood. I was worried it might have something to do with you giving Jayda the signed divorce papers. I don’t know. No. No. It’s, uh, nothing to do with that. Jada was relieved. Obviously.

I, I assume you are too?


Hi there. Why was the door locked? I didn’t know it was. Oh, uh, so am I interrupting something?

No, we were just, uh, I came by to invite you and John to my wedding. Your wedding? Oh, Maggie has not told you? No. No, she hasn’t said a word. Well, then that is my fault. I am sorry. Would you mind when Maggie does invite you that you pretend this is the first time you’re hearing it? No, I wouldn’t mind that, actually.

But I, uh, I mean, I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t mind you telling us.

Well, excuse me. I should be going. I will be in touch.

A wedding? My God, what is Maggie thinking? John, what did he say? Well, he, he said that, um, I don’t know. You don’t know? How can you not know? He, he was just here. Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t. This is just so strange. I think he, he said something. About Maggie, I can’t remember exactly. Did he talk about anything else?

No. No, at least I, I don’t think he did not. Yes. Yes, I remember that we were both talking. What the? I can’t recall when we were talking about it, damn it all. This isn’t the first time this has happened. What do you mean? It just hit me a couple of weeks ago when I met Constantine in the park. The exact same thing happened.

Oh my god. Doc, what the hell is going on with me, honey? That’s a very good question.

You, you are totally right. You’re totally right. Why, why would I have misgivings about divorcing Jada? You know, I don’t even know the woman. I want nothing to do with her. I think the only reason that I was hesitant to sign those papers is, it’s because it seemed like it would be forgery, you know, just to sign as, as Robert Stein.

No, I, I know. I know that. But thanks to you, I, I got over that, that reluctance. I’m glad that you did. For Jada’s sake. And yours. Yeah. I’m glad I did too. You really helped me realize that I needed to do that in order to put all this behind me. It’s great.

Hi. Hey, Chad. Um, I have something for the kids. That’s why, that’s why I’m here. Oh, that’s very sweet. Uh, Everett said that you were doing an interview? Yes, I am. Uh, I just came by to grab this. Oh. Um, I’m not sure if it’s going to pan out, but if it does, I’ll loop you in. Okay. Well, um, here. I passed by a toy store and I couldn’t resist.

Just another teddy bear for Charlotte and some action figures for Thomas. Oh, look, it really doesn’t matter what it is because, you know, if it comes from you, they’re gonna love it. Uh, well, I’m gonna run home and grab lunch before my next interview and, uh, Oh, um, Thomas keeps asking when you’re gonna come over and play cards.

Oh, tell him soon. I’d love to see Charlotte too. Yeah. This weekend? Sure, just let me know. Uh, I’ll reach out to you later? Yeah. Everett,

before Chad came in, you were talking about putting it all behind you. Yeah. What exactly did you mean by that? I mean exactly that. I think it’s time to forget about Bobby Stein and Move on with my life. Haha. Hmm. Yes, it is. How are you?

How are you, sweetie? Um, you know what? I am grateful to be indoors, and I think I might have sprained my ankle. Oh, oh, I’m sorry about the ankle, but this is such a relief. Who found you? She was stuck out by that big rock area. Yeah. I was headed there when I saw the snowplow, Paulina. I drove it across the bridge to rescue Chanel.

Told you I was gonna find my girl. Well, well, we’re all very grateful, I’m sure, but you should have stayed in isolation. Yeah, I know, I know, I’m still radioactive, but I just Paulina! You exposed all of us! I just hope to God you haven’t done more harm than good.

Oh, how are two of my very favorite people doing on this fine day? Hi, Mama. Hey, baby. Paulina, you’re looking great. Oh, thank you. Thank you, Paula. Feeling great, too. Um, and well, um, I do have a favor to ask of my new son in law. Well, you just go ahead and name it. Um, the spectator has been sniffing around, um, my office asking about my leaving isolation at the hospital and going to Smith Island.

And after the disagreement, the DA and I had last night. Uh, I have no doubt he’s behind it. You’re talking about my dad? Yes, I am. And, well, Johnny, you know, I don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position. Uh, but um, I think your papa’s out to get me. What do you think you can do to help? Ah, Julie! What a pleasant surprise!

Released from isolation, huh? Yes, I am, and I understand congratulations are in order. Maggie told you that we are engaged to be married, huh? Yes, she did, and I’m very happy for you that you will get to stay in this country, and happy for Maggie, because I know how much she enjoys your company. Not as much as I enjoy hers.

So, when is this big day? Oh, well, that’s something we’re still discussing. I see. Okay, well, I’m sure when you know, I will know. We will. And if you two will excuse me now, I’ve got to get some breakfast for Doug and myself. Yes, see you later, Judith. Yes, see you later. Yes, you will.

You changed your shirt. Oh, I’m always spilling coffee. Something tells me that Julie is concerned about this marriage. Well, actually, she was very supportive of my decision. I hope you told her about the prenup because I want her to know that all I want is to be here in Salem close to you and nothing more.

I told her about the prenup, yes. And that your lease expires at the end of the month. Well, I suppose that means we should tie the knot as soon as possible, yes? Don’t worry. I’m not going to let the deadline pass. I’ll make sure you don’t have to leave Salem.

I suspect that when you’re with Constantine, a part of you shuts down. It’s a way of trying to, well, forget the memories of what he put you through. Your subconscious is trying to Protect itself. So you think that’s why I can’t remember any of my conversation with him just now? Well, I think that’s one explanation, but But not the only one, right?

So you had a disagreement with my dad last night? That’s putting it mildly. And then, um, his brother, your Uncle Chad, shows up at my office this morning asking all these questions and twisting around what actually happened. And it, it sounded almost exactly like what your father said to me last night.

Paulina, I’m so sorry. Yeah, me too, Mama. And as I said, Johnny, I, you know, I hate putting you in the middle of all of this. Um, but, uh, Could you possibly put in a, a good word for me with, you know, with Chad? Yeah, of course. I will. I will. I will. I’ll, uh, I will. Thank you. Thank you, honey. And you know, tell him how I saved Chanel and I told, how I told everybody to stay away from me.

And I was trying to be as responsible as possible. You both know that, don’t you? Yeah, yeah, of course. I, uh, I, Hey, man. Everything okay? Yeah, I just suddenly feltqueasy. Oh, man.

Chad! Hey, there. Oh, hey. Nice to see you, Chubb. Yes, um, you too. Uh, I just came by to drop off some gifts that Stephanie got for the kids and, uh, I don’t know, grab a little bite to eat. Oh, well, cook. He made a marvelous chicken pot pie. And I’m sure there’s some left. Yeah? Yeah. Uh, I meant to ask you, did you, did you Final thing that you were looking for?

Oh, yes, I did. Thank you very much. Well, I know that you were really shaken up about it. You know, actually, it was a playing card that Constantine misplaced. And the reason I was shaken up is because it was symbolic of something that was It is too complicated to get into now, but suffice to say, it reminded me of my daughter, who I lost, as you know.

Yeah, I know. Well, I’m uh, really glad you found your card. Okay, see you later. Okay, enjoy the pot pie.

But Everett, you still don’t really understand what happened in your past. There are still so many unanswered questions. About Bobby Stein, your marriage to Jada. I just, I don’t want to talk about that anymore. I’m tired of deep diving the past looking for answers that frankly may or may not exist. I think it’s a waste of precious time.

Honestly. How can it be a waste of time? I mean, don’t you have to understand your past to be able to live fully now? I don’t know. Do you? I feel like that could just be a bunch of psychobabble. You know what I mean? I feel perfectly capable of living my life now, knowing what I know. And I feel fine. You can’t live your life in the past.

You’ve got to be in the here and now. Carpe diem, baby. Okay, those are, those are helpful bromides, Everett. But in your case? I know. My case is Complicated. Obviously, it’s complicated. I know that. I totally know that. But I really feel like I’m, I feel like I’m turning this corner right now. No more ruminating about things that may or may not have happened in the past that don’t have anything to do with my life right now.

No more being shrunk. It’s a waste of time, like I said. Really? A waste of time? Well, Dr. Evans must agree. In my case, because she actually discharged me from therapy.

Everett, why would you be discharged from therapy? I thought you were making progress. I was. And now I just I think I’ve gotten everything I could possibly get out of my sessions with Dr. Evans. You know, the fact of the matter is I might. Never get access to those memories that she was trying so hard for me to access.

So, she and I agreed that the best use of my time, and hers, would be for me to focus on the here and the now. Moving forward. I see. I think I told you this before, but After the accident, after I regained consciousness, the specialists all told me that my memories over the past few years Might be permanently erased.

So I, I’ve just learned to live with that. You’re making progress. Like I said. Until you freaked out during hypnosis. Yeah, well Marlena said that that’s actually pretty common. To freak out, um, during hypnosis. That happens to a lot of people. And actually she considered it a breakthrough. Of sorts. So, I know, it’s crazy, but I trust your judgment.

Honestly, I’m excited. I’m excited to start making new memories. Hopefully with you.

So, is there any news on when we can go home? Well, I was able to get a hold of the contractor and he said everything’s going beautifully. Wouldn’t it be wonderful when we can go home again? Oh, it’s going to be amazing. Um, I have to go to an appointment, but I was hoping I could ask you about your experience at the cabin, if you have time.

Oh, of course I do ask away. Well, um, how do you feel about Mayor Price exposing you to radiation? Um, I understand completely her compulsion to find her missing daughter. And I’m still very upset that everybody had to go into days and days of isolation because of her rash behavior. She is the mayor of the town.

I would think she should be protecting her people rather than putting their lives at risk. Right. So then you do feel like she put your lives at risk? It’s not a feeling, darling. It’s what happened. Because she did not stay in her isolation room at the hospital, Chanel and Johnny and I all could have become very ill.

I just thank God that we didn’t.

Hey, is uh, everything okay? Uh, yeah, uh, not, not really, but I’m not feeling well. Oh, honey, uh, can I get you anything? Water? Juice? Oh, uh, no, um, I already called Lauren. She’s gonna come in. She lives about five minutes away, so she should be here soon. You know, you were tired yesterday and this morning. Yeah, well, there’s stuff going around.

I know there is, but look, I don’t mean to scare you. It’s just Kayla said we should look out for any symptoms of radiation poisoning, like fatigue. Oh, no. Oh, my God, Janelle. Okay, Mama, Mama, it’s okay. It’s okay. No, no, no, it’s not, it’s not okay. Not if you’re feeling sick. No, I, I think we should just, let’s get you to the hospital right away.

Get you checked out. No, please, please, please, no. I just want to get some rest and then we’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow morning. No, no, we are not playing around with this. Now, let’s get you checked. Alright, I’m gonna pull the car around, okay? Alright. Something’s not right here, Doc. I don’t know what the hell it is, but I’m

glad you showed up when you did. How do you feel right now? Not good. Disoriented. Yeah. Okay. Let’s get you home.

It was not meant to be. Not today.

But don’t worry. I will get what I want. Next time.

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Days Transcript Monday, April 29, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


You know, it’s really too bad that Stephanie had to run off to that meeting. It would have been so nice for us all to be together. That’s okay though. We were able to say goodbye and we’ll video chat with her a lot. Actually, I’m not sure if you guys know this, but Stephanie is the one who encouraged us to take this trip.

Oh. Yeah. Next thing I know, we’re booked on a flight to Hong Kong. Well, I think it’s great that two of you are getting away for a while. And I bet your parents are happy about it, huh, Wendy? Oh, yeah, that’s an understatement. Well, listen, don’t go having a great time. So much so that you don’t come back. No, don’t worry.

We’ll be back. Okay. Promise.

Want some?

Hey, pretty girl. Hey, pretty. Hi, Ava. So, uh, you two having a little daddy daughter breakfast before school today? There’s no school today. Yeah. We’re going to the aquarium. I’m, I’m chaperoning today. Ah, I see. That sounds like fun. So, um, What’s your favorite kind of fish, Rachel? A great big orca. Oh. Like in Free Willy.

You know what’s funny? Orcas aren’t even fish. They’re mammals. It’s true. Oh, then I guess a goldfish? That works.

Well, you two have a great time, alright? Thank you.

You two want some company? Oh, Rachy, Rachy, Rachy, Rachy! You just made my day! You made mine too! Oh, honey. Oh, sweetie girl. Alex!

Rise and shine! I made you coffee and a very special breakfast. And I do hope, Monsieur Kiriakis, that you have a big appetite.


Alex, you do have to go to work, don’t you? Okay, then. Guess I’ll be your alarm clock.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So, are you going to learn Mandarin while you’re there? I have been teaching him some, and his accent’s pretty good. I don’t know about that, but, uh, I do plan on, you know, putting myself in some in person courses while we’re there, and, uh, I plan on volunteering at a clinic, so. Hey, that’s great, son. Yeah. And as much as I’m going to miss you at the hospital, and I am, it’s so great for you two to get away, take a break from Salem.

Well, listen. How about breakfast? Oh, I’ll help. Okay. Um, I don’t need much help, but I’ll take the comfy.

Looks like we might have a few minutes to ourselves here, huh?

Listen, buddy. I know you’re a savvy, intelligent dude. And you’ve got great instincts. I gotta tell you, the culture in China is very different from ours. Yeah, don’t, don’t worry. Wendy’s already been kinda giving me the do’s and don’ts. You know, like, uh, don’t wear your shoes inside someone’s house. Uh, never leave your chopsticks standing straight up in your food.

And, uh, oh, and never, uh, use someone’s first name unless you’re told to. Oh. Yeah. Sounds like you got it all covered. I like the chapstick’s bed, I didn’t know about that. You know, um, A little bird told me, That right before you and Wendy were rescued from that terrible situation, You had a little impromptu wedding?

Yes, yes we did. As we know, we thought we were going to die. So we only had A few minutes left, so. We decided to get unofficially married, but then once we were rescued and Oxygen returned to our prefrontal cortexes. Thankfully, we decided to talk about it and Decided that, you know, there’s no need to rush things.

Maybe someday, huh?

Listen, buddy. I’m just so glad. That you found somebody who makes you happy. And I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become. I just want the very best for you. You deserve it. Thanks dad.

Now your daddy here tells me you’re doing really well in school, especially in science. I’m really good at spelling too. I won the class spelling bee last week. Holy mackerel, that is impressive. That’s Riley’s big sister. Can I go say hi? Yeah. Yeah, sure, just stay where I can see you. Okay. It’s just so good to see my granddaughter again.

I bet. Dad, it’s been, uh, I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s been rough the last couple months with Kristen having full custody. Yeah. But, she, um, she’s encouraging me to see more of Rachel. So, it’s, it’s good. I mean, she’s been surprisingly supportive of that. Hey. Hey. You know, I don’t mean to overstep here, but Son, have you asked yourself, what do you think that is?

Oh, my. Alright. So, we started here. On the bed and then, uh, moved to the shower. And then we went around and, uh, no. Two rounds in the claw foot tub. Uh huh. That was a bit challenging, but you know. Oh, I think we rose to the occasion. Oh, we definitely rose to the occasion. Oh, damn, Ari. I know it as much as I would love to go another round with you.

Rachel’s gonna be here any minute. Oh, right. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey, hey, what are you doing? This was the plan, remember? Oh, yeah, yeah. Yes, yes, yes. Rachel was gonna come in here, get her permission slip signed. Oh, yeah. And then she was gonna see us together. Yes. And then she was gonna tell Brady that you and I were cuddling.

Cuddling, huh? Yeah. Well, that’s what she’ll call it, I assume. And hopefully Brady will, uh, get the idea. I think Brady’s going to assume that we were having a passionate affair. Yeah? Oh, indeed. And he will be a salmon. Correctly, won’t he? Indeed. Huh, that’s weird. This bed’s made. And there are no piles of clothes on the floor from the night before.

Is it possible? You already left for work? Good morning to

you too. Get in there. Alex is going to work. Yes, he has. What do you want? I need your help, Theresa. You need my help? What happened? Did Nike figure out you’re not really such a catch and that you’re really after her money? She had me sign a prenup. Wow. Well, I guess you’re screwed. Can’t really steal Victor’s money from her now, huh?

Oh, I will get this fortune one way or the other. I did not come all this way or go through all this trouble only to, to lose what I came for.

Your parents must have been so excited when you told them you were coming home. They were. They’re both really excited. And my mom, she just, she can’t wait to meet Trip in person. I bet. There’s a big difference between video chatting with your kids and hugging them in real life. Huge difference. Yeah. Well, I want you to know that I am So happy that the two of you found each other.

I mean, he really is crazy about you. Oh, I feel the same way about him. And Tripp is a great guy. I’m very lucky. He’s lucky too. And I think this time away from Salem is going to be great for you too. And just know that you always, always have a home here.

So? Sexy. What do you think? Yeah? I think yeah. Yeah? Yeah. I don’t think it’s too small. Uh. a velvet smoking jacket or anything like that? No, Alex, I do not have a velvet smoking jacket. Good. And anyway, well, uh, so the idea that you and I slept together when Rachel sees you in Mommy’s robe. In Mommy’s robe?

Well, like I said. Uh. Uh. We said, I don’t think it’s gonna be a very tough sell. Mm hmm. Mm. It’s funny. I thought for a while that Brady was the only man I had eyes for. Yeah. Same. For me. And Teresa. Yeah? Mm hmm. Well, I know a plan to make our prospective partners jealous. Took a slight detour last night. And again, and again, and this morning.

Oh, this morning. Again, and again. And I’m telling you, I’m not complaining. No, neither am I. Good. Mmm. Mmm. I don’t know, Dad. Maybe, maybe Kristen is finally, you know, mellowing. Maybe she realizes that Rachel needs a father in her life. Well, for your sake, I hope that’s true. And as much as I hate to be a cynic here, I’m pretty sure that Her being open to You spending more time with Rachel is just another ploy to reel you back in.

Alright, Dad, you know, You’re probably right. Alright, you’re probably right, but She’s wasting her time because there’s no way I’m ever, I’m ever gonna get back together with that woman. She’s gonna have to give me up. Period. Very much in the same way that she had to give you up back then. No, no, no, no, no, no.

You never had a child together. Big difference between the two of you.

I know. Unfortunately, I am. I’m always gonna have Kristen in my life.

Forgive me, I’m just a little bit puzzled. Not about why Maggie would want the prenup, I mean, why the hell would she, but about how you didn’t foresee this happening. I did not come here to be mocked, Teresa, or judged. I need your help. My help? Yes! Okay, you know that if I so much as mention this to Maggie, she’s gonna suspect that you and I were in cahoots together.

Secondly, you’ve already signed the damn prenup! Then find another Another way. Yes. Okay, let me think. Uh, G, let’s see. Shall I just make the prenup, poof, disappear into thin air? Is that what you want me to do? Actually, it is.

Can you believe that Guangzhou has a population of over 19 million people? I mean, that’s more than New York and Los Angeles combined. Oh, I have a friend who lives there and loves it. Like, she did a study abroad there and just never left. You know, we should go visit her. Yeah. Oh. I’ll get it. Okay. Hey, Ava.

Hey. Well,

we weren’t expecting you. I, I invited her. Um, the reason I didn’t tell you guys is because, well, Mom, you weren’t sure you were going to come. You thought you were just going to say bye to us later. Yeah, I wasn’t sure. But then I decided that it was important for me to share this time with all of you. I hope that’s okay.

Well, come on in.

I’m glad you can make it, Mom. Yeah, I’m just so happy I can be here at my son’s farewell.

Okay. You know, I don’t get it. I don’t get it. I mean, Rachel was supposed to come in here and have her permission slip signed, and then Brady didn’t show up. I mean, what the hell is going on? Well, maybe Rachel overslept. No, no, no. She wouldn’t do that. She’s, um, too excited for her field trip this morning.

And, uh, even if she did oversleep, Brady would have called me. Yeah, but I mean, maybe Brady just I don’t know. Stop by, pick her up, sign the permission slip. No, he can’t do that as a non custodial parent. He just can’t do that. I’m gonna go find out what’s going on.

All right, just because Kristen and I share a child, look, we’ll always be connected that way. I get that, but that doesn’t mean that, excuse me. Kristen? Well, where are you? I’m at the pub. With my dad and with Rachel, we’re having breakfast. We’re about to go on the field trip. What? What? You already picked her up?

Obviously. Well, Brady, you need to get back here. What for? Well, because the permission slip, I never signed it. Rachel said that you did. Hey, honey, honey, um, Ami said that she never signed the permission slip. I know. I did. What? You, uh, you forged her signature? You’re not gonna tell my teacher, are you? We

do have a few errands to run at the square before we head to the airport. Are you sure we can’t drive you? Dad, no, no, no, no. We already put the rideshare. Oh, we are not letting you make that long drive. What? I would love to run your errands with you. I mean, if that is okay. Oh, of course.

I guess, uh, I guess this is goodbye. For now, anyway. I’m really gonna miss you,

buddy. I’m gonna miss you too, Dad. Wendy. You make sure he doesn’t get into too much trouble, okay? I’ll do my best. And please, you tell your parents that our hearts are with them for everything that they have been through. And they are so lucky that they have such a wonderful and caring daughter. I feel lucky to have such loving, caring parents.

And I know Tripp feels the same way about all of you guys. Which That’s why I also know what a huge sacrifice it is for him to come with me. No. No, it’s not a sacrifice. Okay, I want to be with you. I want to get to know your friends and family over there. Maybe feel closer to you. Plus, we’ll be back here a lot.

Right. Yeah. Well, you better be. Yeah. Tripp, I just, I just want you to know how much I love you. When everybody sings your praises at the hospital about what a wonderful doctor you are, I just want you to know I am so proud of you.

I am so proud to be related to the Chief of Staff. Who everyone pretty much worships there. That is not true. But, Very kind of you. Anyway,

You know, we’ll, We’ll chat a lot, you know, talk on the phone a lot. We’ll do all that, all of it. And hey, maybe we’ll take a trip to Hong Kong ourselves someday to visit you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, me too. Please, you must. You guys will always have a place in my parents home. Ah, thank you, Mindy. So, you ready? Yeah.

Thank you again for such a great breakfast. You’re welcome. Well, safe travels. Don’t leave me, Dad. Caleb. Oh, gosh, I love you so much. It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be great.

Wendy. Take good care of them, huh? Please. Of course.

That boy has my heart. He reminds me so much of you. Oh, I really love that guy. I know you do, baby. So do I.

So, what happened? Oh, well, Rachel is with Brady. Oh. Yeah. The little rascal, she forged my signature on the permission slip. Oh, well, chip off the old block. Yeah, she is, I’m afraid so. Well, now that she’s with Brady having breakfast, they’ll be off to the field trip. Oh. Yeah. So, we missed our opportunity. For Rachel to see us cuddling and report it back to daddy.

Oh yeah, completely. We missed our opportunity. So does that mean all this cuddling was for nothing? Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I mean, just because our plan didn’t serve a purpose, it, uh, is it ever for nothing when you’ve had a fantastic, life farthing, exciting time? No, I suppose not. Oh, well, you know what?

Rachel’s not going to be here for a while. And you’re in no rush, are you? My morning happens to be wide open. Get over here!

Sweetie, you know that it’s wrong to forge a signature, right? We’re just going to learn to do that anyway. I practiced. You practiced? Okay, well, well, well, forging a signature is a crime. And if you don’t get caught? Wow, you’re sounding more like your mother all the time. Listen, you, Rachel, your mother’s done some things that landed her in prison.

So I know you don’t want that. I don’t want that for you either. So from now on, look at me. No more forging. No more doing things just because you think they’re okay. And you’re not going to get caught. Okay, no more. You hear me? Okay, Daddy. You don’t have to get mad though. I, I think I do have to get mad because otherwise you won’t know that it’s wrong.

Okay? So we need to understand now that’s settled. You know what? I gotta, I gotta get back to the office. Um, listen, squirt, I want you to listen to your daddy, okay? Because not only is he smart. But he also only wants what’s best for you. I know. I know you know. I love you, pumpkin. And I’ll see you real soon.

And I’ll see you soon, kid. Bye, Dad. Hey. Finish your breakfast. Okay, but first I have a question. What’s your question? Do you have a girlfriend?

I’m sorry, did I hear you right? You want me to break into the Kiriakis safe. What do you think I am, Catwoman? You are a natural. You will find a way. Find a way? Even still, did it occur to you that there’s probably a digital copy sitting on Maggie’s lawyer’s hard drive? Actually, there is not. I signed it the old fashioned way with a pen.

I saw her put the only executed copy in the safe. Well, even so, I’m not going to help you with this part of the plan. No way in hell. Then securing Victor’s fortune goes up in smoke, as does our entire plan. Which means you not only lose the money, but you lose Alex and Brady, not to mention the respect of your son.

I hope you understand what is at stake here for you, Teresa. And you would be well advised to never say no to me again.


before we go, I’m gonna go get some of those luggage trackers. I don’t want our bags to somehow end up in like New Delhi and then we have no clue where they are. That’s a great idea, thanks. I’ll be right back. Um, Trep, honey, is there, is there anything that I can do for you before you go? No, I think I’m good.

Thanks, though, Mom. No. Oh, God, I’m gonna miss you. I’ll be back. I’m not falling off the face of the Earth. I know, but Ah, Tripp.

Even though you were taken away from me when you were a baby, God, ever since you were born, you’re such a big part of my heart. And you know, coming back from the brink of death and making amends, having you back in my life, It is been my greatest joy. I love you so much. I love you too, mom. And I know you know this, but maybe I haven’t said it enough.

I am so, so sorry for the harm that I caused you. I know it wasn’t easy for you to find out that you were the son of a mafia princess. You have left that world behind. I’m really proud of you for that. Yeah, well, I don’t deserve you being proud of me, but

God, as long as you love me, and you know that I love and respect you, it’s everything for me.

Oh, baby. You know, all I’ve ever wanted for you is for you to be happy. And to be at peace with yourself.

I’ll do more for you too. So please, while I’m gone, stay out of trouble. For me, okay? I will. For you. Oh God, I promise you. Girlfriend?

Why would you ask me that? Because mommy has a boyfriend. Yeah, I know. I know his name is Alex. How do you feel about that? I don’t know. He seems nice. Yeah. I think I know why you asked me what you asked me.

Honey, I know you want Mommy and I to be together. And I want you to know that even though we’re not right for each other, That has nothing to do with you, okay?

I’m serious. I’ve told you this before and I’m going to tell you this again, sweetie, that no matter what your mom and I are going through, even though we might not be together, we love you with all of our hearts. You are the most important thing to me. The most important thing, and you always will be, okay?


Alex. Hi. Theresa, hi. Hey. What are you, um, Are you, you’re, Are you in the same clothes as yesterday? Um, yes. Yes, I am. And you didn’t come home last night. Right. I did not. Hmm. This plane hasn’t even taken off and I’m already missing my boy. I know. I feel the same way. But I do think that Tripp made the right decision for himself.

And that he and Wendy are going to have an exciting, wonderful time. I know they will. But baby, uh, with everything that’s been going on in my life lately, I think maybe Tripp would be better off not being around me. You know? No, I, I don’t. What are you talking about?

I’m talking about Constantine blaming me for taking the pawn to Arya. Blaming me for his daughter’s death. And I can’t shake the feeling that Jon bought into it. Stay. But I don’t blame him. I don’t blame him because if I hadn’t taken that job, With Victor, if I had been strong enough to say no, that young woman would be alive right now.

She isn’t.

Yeah, it’s open.

Constantine, what can I do for you?

So, do you have everything? Wallet, passports? I do, yeah. Do you? Uh, I do. Everything about you? And Wayne, in a grey sedan, is about two minutes away. I’ll marry you.

You ready to do this? Definitely. Before I’m with you. I’m ready for anything. I love you so much, Wendy. I love you too.

So, how many movies do you think we can watch before we land? Four? Five? Well, I was going to start with Naughty Hill, of course. And then I was thinking maybe Bridesmaids? Oh, have you seen Train to Busan? It’s Korean, it’s about a zombie apocalypse on a train. Okay, yeah, I’m down.

Shall we?

Where were you, Alex? Why do you care? We’re just roommates after all, right? Wait a second.

Okay, please do not tell me that you were with Kristen DiMera. Please do not tell me that. Okay, I don’t know why any of that would matter. It’s completely irrelevant who I was with, where I was, and why I was there. Because it’s none of your business. Oh my God. Oh my God, you were with her? Really? How could you do that?

How could you do that after everything that she’s done to me? After everything that two timing bitch has put me through? Okay, I’m not gonna get into this with you, Teresa. After all, this is on you. How the hell is this on me? Because you’re the one who said you wanted to keep it strictly platonic between us, and you got it.

So, my love life is my business, and my business alone. Fine, yes, I did. I did say that. And so technically, I shouldn’t feel angry or jealous, but I do, I do feel all those things. Theresa.

Look, I, uh, I have to shower and run to the office. I have a huge meeting with London in the morning. Maybe we can pick up on this a little bit after. Yeah?

Alex, it’s me. I’m, um, just lying here in my bed, thinking about you and your gorgeous body. And, uh, how you sort of just take control. Well, anyway, I had a marvelous time. And I think that you and I are on the same page. Our plan didn’t go as we hoped, but I think it went a whole lot better.

I’d like to see you again, Alex. Again, and again. And again.

Let’s go. Dad? Yeah? I’m really happy you’re coming on this field trip with me. You know what? I’m happy to do anything with you. Anytime. Anytime. Let’s go see some fish. You’re obviously very upset by this. I think you need to call John. You need to have a conversation and let him know your take on this. On the, on the accusation from Constantine that you’re responsible for the loss of his daughter, which I know is not true.

And I think in your heart of hearts, you know it’s not true. Why don’t you just give him a call and clear the air?

I guess I can do that

Given john enough space I could Call him and let him know how I feel about all this

I am looking for steve. Is he around? No. He took the morning off to spend a little time with his family. I don’t know. Then, uh, I shall be on my way. That sounds good.

Don’t let Steve know.

There you are, my pawn. Now listen very closely to every word I say. Because I have an extremely important mission for you.

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Opinions For The Week Of April 22, 2024

Opinion Article


by Michele & Cheryl

Paulina from Days

Why was everyone judging Paulina for risking her life to save Chanel? They would have done the same thing she did to save their children. Steve risked going to prison to help break Clyde out of prison to save his son. The people in Salem should have understood why Paulina would leave the hospital to save her daughter. Paulina did risk her life, but Chanel wouldn’t have been rescued if it weren’t for her.

It took long enough for Eric to find out what was going on between Sloan and Leo. We’re not surprised it finally happened since Sloan never stops talking about it. It was only a matter of time before Eric got a clue and realized something was going on between Sloan and Leo. We guess Eric’s obsessiveness over her money paid off.

Brady cares about Kristen more than he’s letting on. If he didn’t care, why did he listen to her telling him about Alex and his relationship with Rachel? He wasted time talking to her when he could have left the mansion sooner. Brady does a bad job of showing that he doesn’t care about Kristen. He needs to stay away from her if he doesn’t have feelings for her. Brady is clearly torn between Kristen and Theresa.

Speaking of Brady, he and Nicole made up this week. It’s better to see them getting along as friends the way they used to. We enjoyed their friendship and missed seeing them getting along with each other. They didn’t work as a couple, but they do have a good friendship. We will see how long their friendship lasts before something else comes between them.

Why did Stephanie give herself credit for why Everett signed the divorce papers? She made Jada think she talked Everett into signing the papers. Stephanie could have told her Everett decided on his own because he wanted to have a chance with her. Clearly, she wanted to keep that bit of information to herself so Jada wouldn’t be upset with her.

Eric assumed Sloan was having an affair when he saw her charges. If she was having an affair, it would serve him right. He doesn’t treat Sloan right and puts Nicole ahead of her. Why wouldn’t Sloan have an affair? We know she’s not cheating on him, but he would deserve it if she were cheating. Also, why did Eric feel as if he could check into her bank account? It’s her account so he had no right investigating charges from her account.


Stephanie from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of April 22, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Johnny from Days


-Johnny could be heard talking to Chanel while Paulina was shown.

-Roman could be heard talking on the phone while Chanel and Johnny were shown kissing.

-Ava could be heard talking to Harris while Roman was shown.

-Abe’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


-Brady could be heard talking to Tate while Holly was shown.

-Alex could be heard talking to himself while Sloan was shown.

-Why didn’t Brady see Holly and Sophia going into the pub while Tate was there?

-Why would Tate leave the pub when no one else was watching the front?


-Ava could be heard talking to Tripp while Harris was shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Kristen while Ava was shown.

-Stephanie could be heard talking to Jada while Kristen was shown.

-The music playing in Everett’s scene could be heard playing while Jada was shown.

-Kristen could be heard talking to Stefan while Stephanie was shown.


-Kristen could be heard talking on the phone while Theresa was shown.

-Steve could be heard talking to John while Kristen was shown.

-Maggie could be heard talking to Sarah and Xander while Steve was shown.

-Alex was in the office one minute and at the Kiriakis mansion the next.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Konstantin while Alex was shown.


-Chanel wasn’t limping in this episode. Earlier in the week she couldn’t walk but now she’s walking like nothing was wrong.

-Abe could be heard closing a door while Johnny and Chanel were shown.

-Leo could be heard talking to himself while Nicole was shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to Chad while

-Chanel could be heard talking to Johnny while EJ was shown.


Stefan from Days

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Transcript Friday, April 26, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Huh. What’s this? I don’t know. Oh, it, it says that it is from, um Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand? It must be from Allie. Let’s see. Yeah, here. Can you help me please? Here you go. Alright. Mr. and Mrs. DiMera Dupree. It is. Wow. It says, Dear Johnny and Chanel, It filled me with such immense joy to hear you two got married.

I wish you a wonderful life together. Love, Allie. Ooh, this is really sweet of her. Yeah, it is. It is sweet. You know, last I, uh, heard from her, she’s still head over heels for her blonde surfer beau. Yeah, well, I hope she’s half as happy as we are. Yeah. Should we, uh, you know? Yeah, why not? Sure. Let’s see.

I wish you had let me take you home. After the ordeal you’ve been through. I am fine, Abraham. May I remind you that I am still the mayor of this fine town, and as mayor, it is incumbent upon me to act mayoral. You can only let things slide for so long, you know that. I’m not arguing that. I want you to know that I am here for you.

I’m willing to help. Thank you. I appreciate that. Now, let me start by checking a few items off that to do list in my head. First order of business, have a little tête à tête with my district attorney.

I’m glad we’ve been dining a bit earlier in the evening. Gives us a little more us time. Yes, it does. We get to relax and spend time together. Oh, honey, how is the DiMera stock doing? Rebounding, I hope. It’s leveled off for now. Just trying not to give the peeps at Wall Street something to be jittery about.

Anything interesting in the Spectator? Uh, well, this may qualify. Um, they published your apology to Tate. Bottom of page one. Truth be told, I’m just waiting for that to be yesterday’s news.

Oh, well now, this is interesting.

Stefan DeMera, from behind bars, to behind the bar. Mr. Stark, where did you fine tune your lacerating wit? That’s an excellent question, I’m glad you asked. I suppose it started when one of the wheels from my mother’s infamous bar cart j Hello. Well, any updates? He’s booked solid through October. What? Who? Dr.

Campbell. The plastic surgeon who said he can make me look just like Timothy Chalamet. I was calling to ask about Eric’s job application as a photographer at The Spectator, you idiot. Oh, that. Need I remind you, Leo, that you will not be seeing a penny of that blackmail money if I don’t have money to pay my bills.

The rent? Need. I remind you, tts, that I voluntarily took a very generous pay. Cut. Alright, fine. For the sake of that adorable little peanut’s. Gorgeous. Daddy. I mean, daddy, I will, you’ll, I’ll work on it. And Lady Whistleblower, thanks you for your tip. Who is that? Chadwick? I cannot reveal my sources. Okay. Is the, uh, column ready to go live?

Almost. Uh, the photos aren’t ready yet. You know, our photographer has been less than reliable as of late. Yeah, I wasn’t aware of that. Yes, well, it is a demanding job. And you know how artistic types can be kind of capricious. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a backup? Yeah, I suppose. Oh, you know who came by yesterday looking for photography work?

Eric Brady. And I have to say, I’ve seen his photography first hand. He’s uber talented. Shall I send you a link to his portfolio? Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll take a look.

Just hold East Salem in charges. There can only be one explanation. As long as I haven’t had a fear.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, my God. This can’t be happening.

Melinda? Hi. Oh, I’m okay. I’m, uh, Actually, no, I’m, I’m, I’m not okay. I, uh, I just got notified that as this attorney of record, inmate 493601, a. k. a. Dimitri Van Leuschener, is set to be released from Maximum Security Damn it, Melinda, he knows about Jude. What if he talks

Brady, B-R-A-D-Y? Eric,

1489. Yes, um, I’m calling to dispute some charges on my wife’s credit card. Sloan Peterson.

No, no, there’s no need for a new credit card, not yet. But I am hoping that you could answer one more question for me.

Hey, thanks for the recommendation. Eric’s work is, uh, is, is great, so I’ll keep him in mind. Oh, so you’re not gonna hire him right away? No, first things first, we have a, uh, a reporter vacancy that needs to be filled. So, uh, I put an ad in the paper and, so far the, uh, applicants have been a little light on qualifications.

You sure you’re not interested? Who, me? Yeah. Come on, you want Lady Whistleblower to let down scores of emotionally untethered lushes to do what? Cover a skirmish in a parking lot? Fender bender in a roundabout? Or God forbid, attend those snoozefest city council meetings, Chadwick? I don’t think so. With our current mayor, the city council meetings aren’t quite a snoozefest.

But I hear you. So, keep up the good work.

So, what is EJ up to now? Where do I start? I know he gave his brother an offer of a sweetheart deal so he could walk. His very guilty brother. And then there’s that mockery of a press conference he held without notifying my office. I’m going to lay down the, I’m going to lay down the law, Abraham. I’m going to stop to these Machiavellian games he’s playing.

Well, we both know what happens when people lock horns with the Damaris, especially E. J. I mean, it never ends well. Yeah, well, when that ruthless bastard locks horns with Mayor Paulina Price, Oh, you’re right, it’s not going to end well. For him. I have an idea. Why don’t we go down to the screening room and put on a film?

What were we, what were we meant to watch? Uh, An Officer and a Gentleman? Oh, yes, I remember watching that movie years ago and having a huge crush on Richard Gere. Um, but maybe another time, okay? Because I have to go out for a bit. Something I need to take care of. Something, huh? There’s a little bit of mystery in that tone of yours.

Yes, and I will tell you when I get back. Well, well, well, bonsoir to the newlyweds. Hi, I hope we’re not interrupting. We just wanted to show you this beautiful wedding gift that just arrived. Oh, that’s lovely. Yeah, it’s from New Zealand, courtesy of my sister. That’s very thoughtful of her. But listen, I would love to stay and schmooze, but I gotta go.

We’ll see you two later. Mm hmm. Okay, have fun. Bye. Oh, actually, I have a wedding gift for the two of you as well. Oh, but, but you and Nicole already gave us that gorgeous porcelain sculpture. This is a different kind of gift. Oh. Open it. Okay.

Uh, wow. Thanks, Dad. That’s a lot of zeroes. Well, you two have a long future ahead of you with plenty of expenses, and I’m more than happy to help. That’s very generous of you. Thanks. Yeah, thank you. This is so, uh, well, um, but, but really we Uh, uh, uh, uh, not another word. I want to help. I also have something else I want to talk about.

What’s that? Son, how would you like to come and work for me at DiMera Enterprises?

Just think about it. We can start you off in sales, get you acclimated, and obviously you can work your way up. Look, Dad, it’s a very generous offer, and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. But as I’ve said to you many times before, the corporate life, the 9 to 5, it’s just, it’s not for me. I know it wasn’t in the past, but priorities tend to change when you become a married man.

And perhaps you want to start a family? EJ, uh, like Johnny said, this is a very generous offer. But I don’t want him doing anything that doesn’t make him feel inspired. Johnny marches to the beat of his own drum, and that is why I fell in love with him. And I, I wouldn’t change that for the world. I understand.

Still, it is a standing office, son. So, if you ever change your mind, please let me know. I will. And, uh, Dad, thank you. Seriously, again, for everything. Of course. Oh, don’t you want to tell your dad what we’re doing later today? Oh, right. Uh, Dad, I, um, I wanted to tell you that Chanel and I are going Tonight to check out a few apartments.

Yeah, we found this one that overlooks the river that we really love. We love it in the pictures. So we’re just hoping that we love it in real life. Of course, and please let me know how it goes. We will. And dad, thank you again for the check. Of course. And good luck.

EJ Demara da Demara. It’s Mayor Price. What can I do for you, mayor? I’d like to see you in my office. ASAP. Okay. Well, uh, let me check my schedule and, uh, see when I have free time. Uh, let’s say next week perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. Oh, I’d like to see you. Oh, let me check my schedule. Now. Now. It’s quite late.

Pastena. It doesn’t sound like I give a damn. I am in my office. I expect to see my district attorney seated across from me post haste.

Hey, Chad. Hey. Hey. Hi, Paul. Is this a bad time, or? Um, no, it’s fine. What can I do for you? Well, I was at home relaxing, reading The Spectator when I came across an ad for a reporter. Um, is the position still open? It is, yeah. Why? Do you want to recommend somebody? Yeah. Me.

Okay, look. I know that there’s a rather glaring gap in my resume. But what’s not on there is that I ran EJ’s campaign for mayor. And that took a lot of know how and chutzpah, if you know what I’m saying. And not to mention that I’m a go getter. And I’m very inquisitive and I love to get to the bottom of the story.

Okay, look. I mean That’s a, that’s a hell of a pitch. Um, do you have any prior experience in print media? Well, um, admittedly, not, not that much. Okay, that’s fine. Um, how about some, uh, writing samples? Not really. Okay, and uh, yeah, off to a great start.

There he is, my oh so loyal district attorney. To the man of war. Um, a query, ma’am. If, if I may, what’s so pressing that you’ve summoned me here on a Friday night, I need, I remind you, Mr. DeMera that as the DA, you are a servant of the people and you damn sure want serving anyone with that dumpster fire of a press conference that you didn’t even bother to tell me you were holding.

Listen, man, you cut a sweetheart deal with your Reprobate brother, after only a few measly weeks served for trafficking narcotics to our children. What the hell, EJ?

Anything else, Mayor Price? Oh, yes, there is. That drug ring has been the bane of my existence from the very beginning. Very moment the gavel was handed to me and you’d be wise to remember this that as the D. A. you work for me and the people of this city and you’re getting far too big for your britches to be thinking that you can make those kinds of decisions unilaterally.

This stops now. Well, kiddo? What you’re about to hear is mommy doing some serious damage control before things really begin to spiral. What does she want now? Sloane! Lovely to hear from you, as always. Where are you? I’m at the Chateau Stark, aka the Shangri Leo. Come on. I’m at the Salem Inn. We need to talk.

ASAP. Don’t move, I’m on my way. Oh, okay. Just invite yourself over. Whatever happened to manners? Boundaries? My therapist says, Leo, you should do something nice for yourself. Get a lavender scented bath bomb. Well, Dr. Mandelbaum, how am I supposed to even take a bath when everyone keeps putting me right in the middle of their drama?

Sloan? Already? I’m sorry. Did she fly over on a broomstick? Shoes off!

Look, I, I don’t want to make things awkward, and I can tell by your body language that you don’t want to hire me, and, and that’s okay, because I really would Whoa, listen, um, I think you need to work on your people reading skills. Oh. Because that’s not what I was thinking. Not at all. Oh, uh, does that mean Nicole, you have more experience than Xander, Leo, and myself.

And the newsroom is a, uh, is a little bit male heavy at the moment. Okay, does that mean you’re willing to take a chance on me? Yes, it is, but under one condition. Uh, yeah, yeah, name it. Okay, look, it’s no secret that the DiMeras make a lot of news in this town. And although my last name is DiMera, I’m not their mouthpiece.

Okay? You’re married to the DA. You live in that house. So for the sake of journalistic integrity and the reputation of this paper Okay, I promise, I promise. I will be fair and balanced. Always. I’m sure you will be. But there still needs to be guardrails. Okay? So if you’re gonna work here, there’s gonna be no covering any stories that involve your husband.

Period. Is that good? Yes. Yeah, sounds fair to me. Okay. Good. Then we’ll give it a shot. For a trial period. And then, uh, you know, we’ll see how it goes. Ha! I promise, Boz, I will not let you down. Oh, what the hell? Oh my gosh! Must I remind you, Mayor Price, that you are also but a humble servant to the good people of this fair city.

Yeah, you threw caution to the wind, violating not only hospital protocol, but that of a decent human being by sneaking out of said hospital, thus creating a grave public risk by exposing others to radiation. While you were supposed to be in isolation, my daughter was missing and I needed to help find her.

These are private matters, private matters. I do believe the good people of Salem would disagree. I’ll have you know, Mayor, that I have already fielded several calls from first responders, and they were none too happy with your reckless shenanigans. In fact, one of them even discussed the possibility of filing criminal charges.

What? No one was hurt. There certainly could have been. You were very lucky. Now, well, luck didn’t save my daughter, so I don’t regre I have no regrets about what I did. And you can save all that hot air for someone who buys into your little intimidation schtick. Because I most certainly do not. You know, I, uh, I like to keep my ears open to the public.

Talk to them, shake their hands, take selfies with them, et cetera, et cetera. And I’ve been hearing quite a few murmurs from the people about how they are wishing for the good old days of the other Mayor Carver. The sane one.

So, what did you think of that last apartment? It was hangry. Great Southern exposure, right? Yeah, yeah. No, I, I loved the view too, but that kitchen, are you kidding me? Oh, yeah. I was small, huh? ? Yeah. Oh, hey, here’s Abe. Hey, hey, hey. Chanel. Johnny. Hey Abe. Yeah. Hey. Why don’t you two join me if, if you’re not in a rush?

No, we’re not. Yeah. We actually just finished looking at apartments and we saw one that we really liked, but the kitchen was too small. Yeah, and uh, the one before that, the master bathroom was a little small as well. You know, coming from the Jumeirah Mansion, everything must seem small. But at least it’ll be ours.

Yeah, and you know, we’ll find something. We’ll find something great. How are you two feeling after your, your snowbound misadventure? Oh, you mean, did, uh, being too close to Mama affect us at all? Actually, no. No, we tested fine. Both of us. Yeah. No harm done. Well, thank God. Yeah. Leo, can I come in now? Uh, oh, actually this isn’t a good time.

My book club is coming over shortly. We’re discussing Fifty Shades of Gay and I’m only halfway through it. This is your room? It is, yeah. And my wife is paying for it. What? Paying? Actually, it’s more like More like what? Um, well, maybe Sloane can better explain it to you. Why don’t you go home and talk to her?

You know, this whole time I thought Sloane was having an affair, but after seeing you now, I realize I was wrong. Oh, you were. Beautiful as she may be, she is not my type.

It’s just housekeeping. No more towels, thank you. Dry as a raisin in here.

Just a second. What are you doing here? Go, go, go! It’s an emergency. Dimitri is about to be released from prison. Dimitri? My Dimitri, the one who’s abs can play hide and seek and does the tick, tick, tick. Yes, that one! Oh,

oh, back. EJ DeMera, so good. Smug, so pompous, so imperious, so, so, so all those adjectives. Oh, I’m just boss for heaven’s sake. To insinuate that folks are secretly pining for the good old days of Mayor Carver. The quote unquote sane one. Oh, no, no, no offense Abraham, you were a wonderful mayor. But he was going for the low blow.

Oh, Rager does not press the buttons, not unlike my beautiful and feisty wife. How dare that woman speak to me that way? Accusing me of flouting the ethical responsibilities of the Office of District Attorney, and of the so called dumpster fire at a press conference. I was so holier than thou, as if she herself My God, I’m so sorry.

I’m so caught up in the mayor and her drama that I forgot to ask you about your mysterious outing and what that was all about. What was that all about? Well, uh, I think we should sit down. Okay, now you have me worried. No, no, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just that it’s important to me. Okay, then. Well, you now have my undivided attention.

Okay. So, you remember when I told you I wanted to do something meaningful with my time? Yes, I do, though To me, Nicole, everything you do is meaningful. Oh, thank you. But I mean outside of our family and our life. I just, I want to have purpose and a career and, well, today I was offered something that I believe might give me that sense of purpose.

Oh, okay. Okay, so, um, I saw an ad for a reporter in The Spectator, so I went over to the office and I talked to Chad and, I got the job! A reporter? Yeah, yeah, and Chad was eager to hire me. But sweetheart, is that, is that a good idea? Given that I’m the DA, not to mention that you’re also adjacent to the goings on of Demira Enterprises, isn’t that like a conflict of interest?

Okay, well, Chad and I talked about that, and no, it’s not a conflict of interest, because I won’t have anything to do with Demira. Honey, this could be good for you and for me and for our relationship and I will finally bring something to the table, something that I’m proud of. Honey? Come on. Please tell me that you approved

Fine, fine, fine. I’m on board. Really? Mm-Hmm? . . Okay. Oh, I love seeing that fire in your eyes again. So I support you wholeheartedly. Congratulations, my darling. Oh, thank you, ej. Thank you so much. Here’s to your new gig and to having purpose. Mm-Hmm. . Hmm. I actually think I have a great idea for a story that could make a splash.

Oh, let’s hear it. It would require a little bit of investigative journalism and it would need a depth touch. Oh, well, I’ve been known to have one. What’s your idea? I think the spectator should do a story on Mare Price and her unconscionable behavior. During the Smith Island snowstorm.

Sloane, what are you doing here? Hey, I, uh, I came just to tell Leo his boyfriend’s being released from prison. Why are you here? I’m trying to figure out why you’re bankrupting our family to pay for Leo’s room here. What? Babe, what are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Then explain this to me.

Why are all these reoccurring charges? On your credit card for the Salem Inn. Honey, I, uh, look. Because I found out that they’ve been happening for the last six months, actually. Wait a second, you opened my mail? You do know that that is a federal offense, Eric, right? And I can’t believe that you’re conducting some kind of amateur investigation behind my back.

Really, Sloan? I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I’m here for the truth.

All right, start talking. Try the truth. All right? All right, I’m really starting to lose my patience. Can we do this fast? Uh, it’s the truth. Eric, Leo was my client. And I felt terrible because I couldn’t get the love of his life out of prison. And the poor guy, he had no job, he had no money. I was just trying to get him back on his feet.

Eric, your wife is a saint. See, I was, I was broken inside. Like she said, I had lost the love of my life, my best friend. I was spending my days eating cookie dough, ice cream, and watching reruns of The Office, which is a very straight person thing to do, right? That’s how depressed I was. And then Sloan, generous, kind hearted Sloan, reached out her hands, lifted me up, and for that I will forever be grateful.

Do you know that Eric thought you were renting this room because you were having an affair? Well, I think it’s pretty evident that that was clearly not what was going on here. Of course not. And who would possibly be sleeping around on Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome here? Well, taller than me anyway. Okay, I can buy that you’re not having an affair.

And understand why you’re helping Leo out, but he has a job now, so why are you still giving him money? I know, I know. I was, I was being too generous. Yes. Rettlick, I spoke with I’m a shopaholic. I can’t help myself. I fly to New York, I walk up and down 5th Avenue, and I come back to my hotel room with bags filled with Pashmina sweaters.

My highly refined fashion sense, it is a gift, and it is a curse. Sloan, I I know that I should not have taken advantage of your generosity, and I promise I will pay you back. If you can please forgive me for leaning on you so hard. Of course, Leo. And I admire you taking responsibility for your behavior, and I accept your apology.

Hug? Sure. Okay, that’s enough. I’m not sure if I should believe you’re telling me the truth or not, but this stops right now, right here. All right, no more excuses, no more generosity. Supplementing Leo’s income, paying for this room. It’s over. Immediately.

So what do you think? An expose on Mayor Price and her most recent and possibly most egregious misappropriation of power. What a coup, right? I don’t, I don’t know, EJ. I don’t even officially have the job yet. And a take off from the starting line with a potentially career threatening accusation against our beloved mayor?

Beloved by whom? Not the everyday citizens I’ve been talking to. Okay, well, Chanel, I mean, she is Paulina’s daughter and married to your son. Yes, I’m aware of that. Which, selfishly, is all the more reason people need to be aware that she is a ticking time bomb. Lest we forget, she put our lives and the lives of others at serious risk by carelessly running off to Smith Island when she was more radioactive than a bloody house cat in Chernobyl.

Okay, don’t you think that’s possibly a bit dramatic? Absolutely not. And I think it is someone’s duty to tell the truth. And even when the truth isn’t pretty, especially when the truth isn’t pretty

Oh, excuse me, I have to take this. I trust the spectator will do the right thing. Do you care?

Spectator, hello? Hey, Chad, it’s Nicole. Hey, Nicole, what’s up? You didn’t change your mind about the job already, did you? No, no, definitely not. Um, actually, I have a story to pitch. Already? Have at it. Truthfully, it may be a little close to home for me to write. I’m not even sure if it’s worth pursuing. I mean, uh, um I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Oh, I love this movie. Oh, I miss the days when you had to go to work. Oh, what’s it called? Oh, yeah, yeah, Blockbuster. You be searching for a movie, and sometimes they didn’t have it, so you just had to make do with watching Lethal Weapon for the umpteenth time. It is good to have you home, Chloe. Home? It’s good to be home.

I just, I just hope the kids and Julie are okay. I’m sure they’re fine. Oh, you know, I meant to tell you that while I was waiting for you to finish up in the office I ran into Chanel and Johnny and they were searching for an apartment

Makes me so happy. Oh, I just hate the idea of her Living in that creepy mansion with that crooked DA. Well, they seemed excited. They’re ready to move on. Can’t blame them. Young newlyweds just, just starting off in life. Well, but, uh, they looked, you know, they looked okay to you, didn’t they? I mean, you know, health wise.

You know, no coughing. You know, lethargy or anything. They didn’t seem ill to you, did they, Abraham? Yeah. They were fine, like I said. You know, I thought that you’d really like that last place with the, uh You know, the minimalistic style, but you didn’t really seem to be too into it. No, no, I did. I just, oh man, I’m suddenly just so, so tired.

And it’s kind of hard to be excited about something when you just, all you want to do is just go to sleep. Well, it is no surprise that you’re tired. Okay. You were at the bakery since before the sun Plus, with everything that we’ve been through, you probably need to catch up on a lot of rest. Yeah, I think you’re right.

Hey, you okay? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah, I just, I really want to crawl into bed right now. That’s a good idea. Let’s get you home, huh?

The Andy Griffith Show. Starring Andy Griffith. With Ronnie Howard. Also starring Don Nutz.

I’ll, I’ll be back on the 415 bus this afternoon. Yeah, yeah. Say, Andy, don’t you think we ought to have a sign made, Barney Fife acting sheriff? Well, now, I don’t hardly see how that’d be worthwhile, seeing as how by the time it’s ready, I’ll be back. Now, don’t forget to cover the school crossing at three o’clock.

Yeah, yeah. Ah, boy. Sure gives an acting sheriff a good feeling to have these babies around. Yeah. Now, if, if you need me, you’ll find me at the courthouse in Centerville. Yeah, sure. Hey, you know, Andy, I’d best break out them tear gas bombs. What for? Well, what if there should be a jailbreak?

Well, I mean Well, an acting sheriff never can tell what he might be needin them for. I better break them out. Well, now, Barney, in the first place, in the whole history of Mayberry, there ain’t never been no need for them, and in the second place, that one bomb they give us four years ago as a sample is probably spot by

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Days Transcript Thursday, April 25, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Well, this is the last of it. Did you get the backup drive? Right here. Everything that I have done since we relaunched Bella. What are those? I’m just double checking the provisions of Maggie’s return to Titan. Hey, would you mind actually swinging these by to her so she can sign them? No problem. Is your last assignment?

No, I’m sorry. I made myself a promise that once I walk out those doors, I am done. Would it make a difference if I said please? Why don’t you do it? Because Sometimes when I go see Maggie, she’s not always that happy to see me. It can be a bit of a headache. I get it, but you know, Alex, you are going to be working together soon, so I hope that you can both at least try to get along.

Yeah, and I’m going to put forth my best effort. Anyway, are you going to be taking that hard drive with you? Because if you’re not going straight back to my place, you should probably leave it with me. I can guard it, take it home. You would do that for me? Really? After I said no to your last assignment?

Of course. Dear Prince.

Oh, absolutely. I would love to chaperone my daughter’s field trip. Well, it sounds like great fun. You’re very welcome. Alright.

Oh, wait a minute. What the hell was I thinking? Can you imagine me trying to tame a bunch of elementary school brats? Absolutely not. Haha, okay, we’re

Kristen. Is this a bad time? What’s wrong? Well, does this um, thing have to be wrong for me to call you? Normally, yeah. Well, nothing is wrong, I just It’s about Rachel. She, um, is going on a field trip to the aquarium tomorrow, and they are a chaperone short. And you can’t do it? Well, no. I have an important appointment that can’t be rescheduled.

Is there any way that you could fill in? You got anything? Unfortunately, no. Nothing new from my contacts. Excellent. You know, partner, I am having a real hard time trying to figure out how Constantine’s ex just fell off the grid after the divorce. A little bit more than strangers. I mean, just, just disappearing like that without a trace.

And, I think it’s not a stretch to imagine Constantine might have had something to do with that. Well, if that bastard killed his ex wife, there’s no telling what he might do to Maggie. Or what he’s capable of in general. It’s a good thing his visa’s expiring. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What’s up with the extension?

Flat out denied, according to Shane. Huh? So it looks like he has no choice but to leave the country. Nice. Well, at least that will take him out of Maggie’s life.

Thank you so much for coming so quickly. Um, I’m sure you know that Constantine’s visa is about to expire. Hallelujah. We have exhausted all options for him to stay in the U. S. Hallelujah. Would you please let me finish this sentence? Yes, but before you do, even though it seems inevitable, That Constantine will have to leave Salem.

We do know how much you’ve enjoyed his company and We We Are very sorry that you won’t have it anymore. But I will. What? Knowing the role that Victor played in the death of Constantine’s daughter I feel like it’s my responsibility to do whatever I could to help him stay here. So, um, I asked him to marry me and he said yes.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You know, not to put too much weight on it, but once Constantine is out of the country, I think I’m gonna get my first good night’s sleep in a long time. Yeah, senor. You know, Doc is convinced that, uh My recent anxiety is all because of him. I mean, getting roped into this Clyde Western nightmare, that hasn’t helped any, but The doc’s right.

The Return of the pawn, it’s been the main culprit here. Yeah, I definitely didn’t have any of this on my bingo card for 2024. But now that Constantine will be out of the picture, and no trace of his ex or any of her family. You think it’s a sign? Fate telling us just to leave well enough alone.

And you’d be good with that? Oh man, I’m trying, buddy, but I also know one other thing. If Constantine is forced out of the country, that means his long game has now become a short game. So if we’re right, and he really is after Maggie’s money, He’s gonna start ramping up those efforts before he bites the dust.

Well, partner, that’s exactly why we can’t let our guard down.

You asked Constantine to marry you? In name only, of course. Oh, that’s a huge relief. I, um, Even so, it’s just, it’s so soon after Victor. Mom, are you sure that you want to do this? Well, if I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t have made the offer. I’ve thought long and hard about it and, and I’m at peace with my decision.

There’s, there’s no need for you to be concerned. No need for us to be concerned? Maggie, this is insane and dangerous. You can’t do this, Maggie. Can we? We won’t let you.

So all I have to do is chaperone Rachel’s field trip? Yes, that’s it. What’s the catch? Brady, there is no catch. It’s just, Rachel wanted to spend time with you and I think in this sort of a setting it would be a perfect place for the two of you to be together. Because you don’t feel Rachel is safe when she’s alone with me.

Um, Brady, you know the custody stipulations. All too well. Only supervised visitations, and obviously this would qualify as one. Oh, it’s going to be really nice. Just you and Rachel, and the aquarium is wonderful. Oh, you’re going to really enjoy it.

Alright, I’ll clear my schedule. Well, thank you. Well, spending time with Rachel is the most important thing to me, you know that. So text me the details, okay? I will. And Rachel is going to be so happy. Brady. Oh, you’re the absolute best.

You guard that backup drive with your life now, you hear? Will do. And hey, um, if you finish your plans by, say, dinner time, would you want to maybe go grab a bite? Sorry, I have a really hot date. With my laptop. Ah. Jobs aren’t gonna hunt themselves, you know, and now since I’m unemployed Which was your choice.

Yes. It was. And it was the right choice. For me and for everybody. Just not so great for my credit cards. Well, just so you know, you don’t have to, like, go rush to find another place. If you’re worried about rent, I mean. Besides, once Victor’s will clears with probate, and the Hortons can move back to their place, I’ll be back at the mansion.

You and all those Kyriakises. You think you can handle it? It’s gonna be an adventure. It’s happening soon, huh? Very soon.

Well, I’m happy for you. Truly, Alex. And in regards to your offer, um, I’d like to earn my keep. Meaning, I’m not gonna rest until I find a gig. Okay. Well, if you ever need a reference, I’ll be sure to give you a glowing one. Thank you. You’re welcome. That means a lot, really. Okay. Talk later, then? Sure.


Maggie, look, I say this with all the love and admiration in the world, but you’re making a huge mistake. I know. Hey. Sorry to interrupt. No, no, it’s fine. Come in. Um, I assume those are the new contracts for Titan. They are, yeah, but maybe I should come back later. It’s fine. By the way, Sarah and I are thrilled that Maggie is going to be returning to work with you at Titan.

I mean, I shall be a tremendous asset to the company. I agree. Thank you. Thank you both. And in the interest of full disclosure, there’s something I need to tell you, Alex, before I sign. Okay. Constantine and I are getting married.

Oh, for me? You shouldn’t have. Therefore, my fiancé, perhaps you have forgotten that we are betrothed. It’s emblazoned on my brain. Have you two set a date yet? We shall be married as soon as Maggie makes all the arrangements. Doesn’t your visa expire soon? Yes, the clock is ticking. Fine. Perhaps we should have a double wedding, you and Alex, with us.

A double wedding? Wow, that’s brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that? It is not only a brilliant idea, it is an idea that should come to fruition. Yes, think about it. Of all the work we did to change Victor’s letter about his long lost Okay, okay, okay, I get it. You won’t shut up about it, so how can I forget that I get it.

I get it. And just FYI, I’m doing my damnedest to make Alex crazy. He already had to take two cold showers today, so We’re close. Excellent. Perhaps now is the time for you to make your move.

What? You and Constantine are It’s a marriage in name only, so that Constantine can stay in this country. But that particular detail, it stays within this family, of course. Wow. Okay, yeah, that is definitely news. To be honest, I expected more of a reaction from you, Alex. What do you want me to say, Maggie? Do you want me to lie to you and tell you that I’m thrilled about it?

Because I’m not. And I can’t imagine that anyone is.

Look, clearly, Maggie, you’re going to do whatever it is you want to do. Just know that my vote is It’s decidedly in the nay column. Well, just for the record, you don’t get a vote. Not in my personal life. Um, so, thank you, Alex. Uh, just leave the contracts and see yourself out. Will do. I’ll, uh, show you to the door.

No, please. Thank you. I got it. I insist.

Mom, I love you. You can’t fault them for their misgivings about this. I can fault them for not at least trying to understand. And maybe they just don’t realize how I had explored every way possible to keep Constantine in this country. I’m sure you have. You have. I’m just, I’m just worried about that big beautiful heart of yours.

I want to make sure that you’re protecting it. I will protect it. Okay. Because I am holding you to that. Okay. Oh, thank you. Thank you for your beautiful soul. But your support and your understanding, always. You have it. You always will.

But if Constantine hurts you, forget Xander. That man will have to answer to me.

Would you just send me everything you got? Yeah, well, my knowledge on setting up a scholarship is less than zero. So, if you Oh, you would. Yeah. Well, great. Thank you. Alright. Thanks.

Okay, well, I’m gonna get back in the board’s good graces. Even if it kills me. Mommy? Hey, sweetie. What do you got there? Something for you to sign so I can go tomorrow. Oh. Oh, are you excited to go on this field trip tomorrow? Yeah. Aren’t you? Yeah? That’s the biggest whale in the world there. The biggest whale in the world.

I don’t think it’s the biggest, but I do know it might be the most famous. And guess who else is going to get a kick out of it? Who? Who? Your daddy. Because guess what? He is going to go with you tomorrow. He is going to be there with you on the field trip. Why? Why? Did my teachers say I have to have your daddy come with me?

No, no, no. Why would she? Rachel? Did you get in trouble? No. No? I just thought that you said you don’t want me and daddy to be alone together. Oh, sweetie, you know what? You’re not gonna be alone. You’re gonna be with all your friends, you know? You got Lily and Pepper and Wyatt’s gonna be there. Okay. Well, if Daddy’s going, how about you go too?

It’ll be fun. Oh, yeah, no, you know what, sweetheart? I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why not? Please?

Is he taken? He is now. Thank you. So what you been up to? I don’t know. Besides cleaning out my stuff from the Titan office, um, not much. How was that? It was kind of weird. Kind of sad, too. It’s what you wanted, though, right? Yeah. I think. You think? I don’t know, Brady. I just I can’t help but feeling that I’m just a total failure, both professionally and personally.

So you’d really be good with that? Just dropping everything? Constantine forgave me. What else can I ask for? Uh huh. But what if you didn’t commit the crime, John? What if you didn’t kill Katharina? Constantine was face down on the floor unconscious when I found him. Chances of him seeing who pulled that trigger are zero.

You saw him! You saw the pawn, holding, smoking, and no one else was in the room. It was me. Stop it. Okay. Well, let’s say that’s true. Are we supposed to believe that after years and years of wanting to avenge his daughter’s death, he suddenly decides to forgive you? Just like that? What if his forgiveness isn’t genuine?

What is this about forgiveness? What do you want, Constantine? I would like to speak with you, John, about something that has been wrestling with me in my mind for quite some time. Yeah, well, let’s hear it. Well, knowing the circumstances as I do now, I’ve come to realize that Katharina’s murder is a crime.

You see, your friend here, he was the one who was working with Victor when it happened. What’s that supposed to mean? It means, if anyone is to blame, Mr. Johnson, it is you.

So it’s safe to say I know you pretty well, Teresa. And failure is not a word that I would use to describe you. Look how you turned your world around. Look at the son that you’ve raised. I mean, come on, you’re gonna come out of this better than ever. I promise you that. Come on, when have I ever lied to you?

When have I ever led you astray? Not when we were sober. Yep. Okay. Well, um, those are the times that I actually remember. Me too. But when we were high as kites. Um, there was lying there and there was definitely some, uh, straying. I, I know, I know. But you know what? Here we are. We’re still standing, aren’t we?

And now you have the freedom to decide what you really want to do.

I thought what I wanted was to make bunches of money and some demanding job. Okay, well, hey man, if that still appeals to you, then do it. Yeah, actually, I I don’t know, I’m rethinking that. I think, I think maybe that’s where I went wrong, because instead of doing what I love, what I’m really passionate about, and making it work with someone I love, I I got sidetracked and I always thought about money.

I made that my priority. Well then just don’t do that anymore. All right. Who the hell said that you can’t have it all? Who the hell said that you can’t have a job you love? Someone you love. And great prosperity attached to it all. Yeah, maybe I can have it all.

You know that your daddy and I love you to the moon and back, don’t you? Well, there are times when we just don’t get along and you know that too. Example, let’s say tomorrow your daddy wants to go see the whales and I want to go see the dolphins and your daddy and I get in a big fight. You would hate that, wouldn’t you?

Yeah. Yeah, I would. And I know that, um, that is why it’s super important that you and your dad have tomorrow together. All right. I guess. Hey, sweetie. I know that you want me and your daddy to be together, but we are working on getting along better. That’s, that’s all I can tell you. And, sweetheart, I wanted to tell you something.

About what? Well, Alright, so, You know, I think it’s important that your dad and I, well, we have, Other grownup friends, like boyfriend and girlfriend? Yes, that’s exactly right. Like boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, I have a boyfriend. You do? I do. , yes. His name is Alex aka. And he is super cool and super fun and I think you’re gonna like him.

Maybe can I get a cookie? ? Okay. Yes, you can go and get a cookie. That way. Don’t forget to sign that!

Hey. Hey, Alex. Um, sorry this is last minute, but do you have plans tonight? Tonight? No. I was hoping to hang out with Teresa, but she’s not interested. Well, good. Why don’t you come on over?

Shot down by Teresa, eh? Sorry I couldn’t help her over here. Right. But that wouldn’t be any of your damn business, now would it? Definitely not. But you know what is my business? Maggie. She’s my family and yours too. I’m really worried about her. As am I, actually. You mean Mary and Constantine? The man’s a criminal.

Not to mention a conman and a liar. I’m gonna do whatever I can to keep Maggie from marrying him. Okay, so now you’re blaming me for your daughter’s death? You care to explain this mind blowing new theory of yours? Well, it is simple. Really? Everything you did was of your own free will, right? You were never brainwashed, nor were you, uh, threatened.

You knew Victor was destroying John’s life, but did you stop it? No, no. Did you report Victor to the authorities? No, no. You let John suffer all these years while you kept your mouth shut. And if I hadn’t come to town, you would never have opened it. So yes, I blame you. Oh, I’m sorry, I am running late. It was a pleasure to run into you both.

Enjoy your day, gentlemen.

You’re not buying into this crap, are you, John?

He’s trying to create a rift between us, you see. You see that, don’t you? You

okay? Yeah, yeah, I’m okay. I just wasn’t expecting to be hanging out in your bedroom. Oh. Well, I’m in downstairs. Anybody can walk in and interrupt us. I just wanted to be in a private space that we could talk about. The plan. Oh yeah, the plan. Yeah. It doesn’t seem to be working too well, that plan. Yes, that, that plan, exactly.

Um, but we, you and I, we, we need to escalate things. We need to up the ante. We need to make Teresa and Brady sick with jealousy pretty much immediately. What are you thinking? Well, I am, hmm, hmm, I’m thinking, uh, you’ve spent the night with me. I’m sorry, what? Yeah, and then tomorrow, Rachel will come in to get her permission slip signed before she meets up with Brady, and she’ll see us in here.

Okay, cool. So now this part of the plan involves traumatizing your child? No. No, I mean, it’s not like we’re going to show her some gory horror film. We’re just going to be laying there cuddling. Okay. And then what? Um, well, then she’ll blame it to Brady. Then Brady will think that you and I had mad passionate sex.

It’s totally plausible, isn’t it? And then, uh, you not going home overnight will send Teresa a very powerful message. I can’t disagree. Okay. I’m going to have Cook make us a lovely dinner and we can stream whatever it is your heart’s desire. Still, no time before we hit the sack. Thoughts? My thoughts. Yes, thoughts.

Your daughter, she’s a pretty smart little cookie, right? Oh, yes, she’s very smart beyond years. Okay, yeah. I think that she would see right through it if we were, you know, faking it. Mm hmm. And like, pretending to be lovers or So, um, What are you saying? I’m saying, I think if we’re gonna do it, We gotta really go for it.

Uh huh. If Rachel’s gonna believe it. Go for it. Yes, yeah. As in Sorry. Look, I know it sounds corny, but I believe in following your heart. When you’re happy. Good things happen. Ah, that good old laws of attraction thing. Yeah, yeah, why not? I’m not disagreeing with you. Good, because it’s, it’s not always 100 percent of the time that I’m right on something.

You’re a good man, Brady Black. Really, you’re a rare breed, you know that? Well, it takes a damn good woman to notice.

Now, if you’re cool with it, I actually have to go. I have to take off. I am. I’m cool with it. You know why? Because I feel better now. Thank you. And, um, I should be heading home anyway. Yeah, to, uh, Alex. Mm hmm. To Alex. Although I think he’s probably upset with me that I cancelled on dinner. What? Why are you making those faces?

What faces? I didn’t make a I’m making this face because, come on, what? You and Alex? What the hell is going on?

I come bearing gifts. Oh. Flowers and chocolate. What’s the occasion? No occasion, just an expression of gratitude for all you do for me. Oh. Well, thank you very much. Um, Ellie can arrange the flowers. She’s very clever at it. But before I call her in, there is something I want you to look at.

What is this? A prenup. Hmm. Hmm.

You seem surprised. Surely you expected a bring up. Of course. And it’s, you know, it’s a formality. It’s so Victor’s assets are, um, dispersed per his wishes. I know my lawyers insisted upon it. So once it’s signed, you know, we can set a date. Then let us not waste another moment, shall we?

I guess we are, uh, good to go then. We are. I mean, Constantine falling for Maggie, obviously I can wrap my head around that, but how anyone could fall in love with that creep? Well, she didn’t say anything about being in love with him. And I don’t think she is. I think He’s good company for her and She feels indebted to him because of Victor and what Victor put him through.

Why is it Maggie’s responsibility to make up for what Victor did to the man? I mean, she shouldn’t feel indebted to him. Yeah, well, she does. And she’s only marrying him so that he doesn’t have to go back to Greece and he can stay in the States. I know, I know. I just, I just hate the whole idea, Sarah.

People can change. We know that better than most people. And Constantine is He’s good company. For my mom. And that’s important to her. It’s important to me. I just want her to be happy. A thousand percent. Maggie deserves happiness. I just wanted to find it with someone who isn’t a gold digging reprobate with ties to organized crime.

Sorry, Sarah, I just It’s not gonna be possible for me to accept that man into our family.

Never mind. Seriously, it’s none of my business. And whatever’s going on with you and Alex, I hope it makes you happy. Thank you. But also, you and I share a son together, so you have every right to know what’s going on in my life. And I will tell you that Alex and I are roommates. But not with benefits. At least not now.

See, that makes it sound like that could change. I don’t know. Stranger things have happened. Do you want it to change? I’m not sure. Um, I don’t know. I’m starting to think maybe I overreacted by breaking up with him. You know, that the whole non proposal debacle thing, it left me so hurt and, and humiliated that I, I maybe spiraled and I pushed him, but.

Maybe I pushed him too far.

Better watch out, better look out, change, something change, change,

better watch out, better look out.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Okay, okay, great. I’m gonna get these files right away Roman

we need to talk

you are you?

Almond milk with a touch of sugar for you and regular. Yep. Oh, and look, I’ve got all that you could want to make made to order omelets, so however you like them, I got all the ingredients. Mom, you don’t have to do all this. Oh, come on, please. It’s the least I can do for you letting me stay here again. I mean, especially after you thought you’d gotten rid of me.

Yeah, so, uh, what happened last night? Did you and Harris have a fight or something? Oh, no, no. No, we’re good. OK. OK. We’re great, actually. Yeah, it was Roman. He put the kibosh on me staying at the pub. What? Why? Yeah. History, I guess. But don’t worry, I promise you I’m not here for good. It was a one night thing, all right?

Well, when you be living then? Oh, you know me. I’ll figure something out. I always do.

Getting started early, I see. Mmm, I would give you a nasty look, but oh, you already have one. Ooh, such wit. Good talk. Have a lovely day. Where are you going? Heading to the bistro for our soft re opening. You should come by. Mmm, the soft re opening. Hard pass. Suit yourself. We’ll have bottomless mimosas though.

Well, I can get all the mimosas I want right here, in the comfort of my own home. So, Good luck, brother. You’re gonna need it. Bringing that place back from disgrace. No, no, no. I will have you know that that restaurant is now clean. Free and clear of any illicit entanglements. I have revamped the menu, hired new staff, and we will be in the black by summertime, mark my words.

That is with your help, of course. Ah, when I am head of DiMera, you mean. Exactly. Uh huh. We can make that happen, Crystal. Oh, we can make that happen. Only if I prove that Gabby didn’t kill Lee Shin, and therefore, getting her out of prison. That’s right. Yet, I am a bit skeptical of her innocence. She did kill someone before.

Nick Fallon was a murderer. He had it coming. Yeah, well, they always do. Uh huh. Oh my god, the thing that I keep running into is that, if Gabby didn’t kill Leeshan, then who else is gonna want him dead? Well, for starters, me. Jada! Stephanie, hey! How’s it going? Hey, didn’t you see my text or listen to my messages?

I’ve been trying to reach you. Why? What’s going on? Well, I have some really great news. Everett signed the divorce papers.

Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Well? Okay, say what you gotta say. Okay, uh, well Ava asked you for a key to my room. And listen, I just wish I was here, uh, when everything went down because I think maybe we could have come to some type of understanding. Nothing to understand. Ava was upsetting my sister. They have quite a, quite a history together, those two, and well, uh, you know, family’s family.

No, no, I, I understand that. I know you love your sister, and I’m aware of the bad blood. But I just want to explain how we got here. You know, with everything that was happening with Tripp and Wendy, Ava just wanted to give them some space. And I told her she could stay here until she finds her own place.

And I didn’t really see anything about, uh, no overnight guest policy in the rental agreement. Well, that’s because there is no such policy. And I do admit it was somewhat of a knee jerk reaction to tell Ava she couldn’t stay in your room, but after I saw how upset my sister was, well, you get the idea. Yes, I do.

But you’ve had some time, so maybe You changed your mind? What do you think?

You know what? Okay. Paris Haven can stay, but only if it’s temporary. Yes, sir. Thank you very much, Roman. I appreciate it. Okay.

Mom, you were always welcome here if you needed a place to stay, right, Whitney? Absolutely. Thanks. But we did actually have plans to meet with Steph at the pub for an early lunch. So. Oh. I’m sorry, you know what? I should have asked. Okay, I’ll just clean up this breakfast. Oh, it’s okay. I’ll take care of it.

Oh no, it’s no problem. Please? I will do it. I insist.

Okay. Any idea where you might go from here? Um, I have a few leads. Nothing solid yet, but I guess definitely should get on that.

Anyway, I should get going. Um, thank you both again. Um, I really appreciate it. Yeah, no problem. Call me. Let me know where you end up. I will.

Hey, look, thank you for being so cool about all this. I know that we were both really excited to have the place to ourselves. No, no, it’s fine. I mean, I get it. She’s family. Needed one more night. Right. And hey, look, we should probably get going too. Steph is always on time, so. Uh, you know what? I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I’m just feeling kind of out of it.

Would you be mad if I just stay home? No. No, we can just cancel. It’s no biggie. I mean, Steph will totally understand. Uh, actually, we can even start redecorating that new room. No, no, no, you go. I mean, it’ll be nice. It’ll be nice for you to have a little one on one with your sister. No, but I want to Tripp. I insist.

Everett signed the divorce papers last night, right in front of me. I was the witness. He signed the divorce papers? He, he signed them Robert Stein. Yes. Robert Stein. Oh my god, Stephanie. Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh gosh. Oh, finally I can breathe again. This is the best news ever. I know, right? I just, I can’t believe that it took him so long to come around.

So, so what happened? I mean, he just changed his mind? Like, what made him change his mind? I, I, I kind of talked him into it. I guess he just finally realized that it was the right thing to do. Jane. Hey. Hey. Good to see you. Hey. Just, uh, grabbing some coffee. Oh, let me guess. Light roast with a splash of oat milk.

Right, Bobby? Remember.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna head inside. Wait, wait. Okay, so Stephanie just told me that you signed the divorce papers. Yeah. That’s great. I did. Yeah, pretty great. Uh, can I get them? Hmm. I don’t have them on me. I will get ’em to you. Okay.

Stephan Damara, are you confessing to the murder of Lein? Not at all. Simply pointing out, I had every reason to hate the guy, although he is partially responsible for keeping me alive all those years. Ah, yes. Which he regretted once he moved on with Gabby and knew she considered you the love of her life.

And, uh, lest you have forgotten. I’m the one who saved you. Oh, I haven’t forgotten. I also haven’t forgotten that you were the one who rewired my brain to hate Gabby and love Chloe, all so you could sink your claws into Brady Black once again. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh my God, stop your whining.

You ended up with Gabby in the end, didn’t you? No thanks to Lee. Which is why I would have had every reason to kill the guy. Okay. You’re now wasting my time. You obviously didn’t kill him. Obviously. Right. I would never let Gabby do time for a crime I committed. Alright. Well, this is what I just can’t understand.

So if you didn’t do it, and she didn’t do it And the Salem PD couldn’t figure it out. Right, well they’re just a bunch of idiots. Right, so I hired a bunch of PIs like I mentioned to you before, and even they ran cold. So tell me, Kristen What? What? How are you going to be able to figure out what the rest of the world can’t?

Because dear brother, I am a shark And if there is one little drop of blood in that water I’m gonna send it a mile away

Hey. Hey. Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I just, I left Tripp and Wendy’s just now since they let me crash at their place again last night. I wish you would have waited for me. There’s no way I would have let Roman give you the boot. Yeah, well, you know, I’ve caused enough trouble for you, didn’t want to stir up any more.

Anyway, I am going to go looking for an apartment right now. I’m hunting for it because I do not want to go back to Tripp’s tonight. You don’t have to. Roman came around. He said you can stay at my place until you find your own place. Really? Yes. Oh, Harris, I am so relieved. Thank you. So, does that mean that we’re roommates with benefits once again?

The best benefits. Oh yeah, that’s for sure. We just gotta figure out how to find that black book.

Commissioner Hernandez. I’m honored. I sincerely doubt it. I take it the second half of your party of two is Detective Hunter? She’s on the way. Well, we do have some new menu items tonight. We have, uh, crab cakes, garlic mushrooms, coq au vin. I’ll order when she gets here. Thanks. But in the meantime, if you’d be so kind to bring some bread and water.

You know, the same meal you should be eating behind bars right now. As my valued customer, I’m gonna let that one slide. Yeah. Well, just a warning, Stefan. Keep your nose clean. Because if you screw up again, I’ll be ready for you.

What was that? What? Everett, he was so Distant with me and then when you called him Bobby I’m stuck. No, you beat me. Yeah. Oh Hey, where’s wendy? Um, she Decided not to Come she decided to stay home Oh, that’s too bad Hey, jada, how you doing? Hey, i’m doing great. But listen, I gotta run and meet rafe. So you two have a great lunch Great to see you.

It’s great to see you too trip. Bye jada. Bye Thanks for the news today.

Hey. So, um, is Wendy sick, or? No, no, she’s not sick. She’s just, uh, She’s not really feeling herself these days.

Okay. Which will it be? Smith Island snowstorm? Or Profile in Officer Goldman. Cop by day, crook by night. Living two separate lives.

Tough piece, but the happy ending it is.

Hey you two. Good to see you. I just saw you outside. Right. Tripp, how you holding up? Uh, I’m hanging in. Thanks. Yeah, I mean what you and your girlfriend went through, I cannot even imagine. You’re welcome. Hey, um, how would you feel about an article about your experience? Wendy too, only if you guys are up for it.

Uh, thanks, but no, I’m not really in the mind space for that. And neither is Wendy. I’m just here to have a nice lunch with my sister. Totally understand. If you change your mind, Let me know. I’m supposed to sit on the sofa. Yes. Hello, Wendy. Do you have a minute? Alright, here you go. Thanks, Uncle Roman. Thanks.


How you holdin up, Tripp?

What? Nothing, sorry. I just, people keep asking me that. I’m not exactly sure how to answer. Well, of course people are gonna ask. We care about you. You went through quite an ordeal. And I really appreciate that. The concern I really do. I just doing okay back at work. Um, it’s going to take a little time to get back to 100 percent but uh, hanging in.

Okay, good. You take care of yourself and Wendy and please tell her we are very glad. She wouldn’t hurt. I will she was supposed to meet us for lunch today. Yeah. Yeah, I think she just needed some time alone You know, my mom was moving out last night and then she ended up staying with us again last night Yeah, I knew it Actually Harrison I talked about that and we got it worked out.

So don’t worry your mom’s gonna stay here for a while Oh, okay. That’s great. That’s good to know. Well, we’ll leave you with the menus and, uh, just tell her when you know what you want. Yeah, thank you. We will.

So Wendy needed some time alone? Yeah. Yeah, she’s really struggling. You know, PTSD. She’s really jumpy and nervous. I’m really worried about her, anyway. My mom, you know, I feel like there’s something going on with her, more than she’s letting on. But, you know, what else is new, right? Yeah. Well, I hope that she stays out of trouble.

Yeah, you and me both.

I think Harris is good for her. You know, they seem happy. What? Mm hmm. So, you’re worried about Wendy and your mom? And I’m worried about you. Okay. You just told Uncle Roman that you’re not 100%. Yeah, I mean, who would be, right? Being locked up, thinking I was gonna die. And I don’t know what it is. It’s, it’s like it’s either I, I can’t completely concentrate or I’m like, The hyper focus, I, I can’t explain it.

On the way here, I, I saw this female uniformed cop from back, and I was just, I nearly panicked. Thought it was Goldman.

Okay, look, we need to just come up with some type of plan to search the bistro. Yeah, okay, well I had to get Stefan back my keys, so. It’s not like we can just break and enter. I mean, I could, but you’re a cop. Yeah, you’re not gonna break and enter. It’s a restaurant. Look, we have every right to patronize this place.

Oh, paying customers. I guess that’ll work. It’s not like we can just walk in, ask for a table, and then just start scouring the joint. Um, well One of us can search. One of us can be at the table at all times. Look, you know the ins and outs of this place. I’m just going to be looking at it from a wider perspective.

You’re the forest, I’m the trees. Got it. Yeah. Let’s find the needle in the haystack. Let’s do it.

Hey, Harris. Oh. Ava. Ed. Yeah. Hey, we’re just here to grab a bite. Huh. Figured this would be the last place you’d want to go. Yeah, well the food was always good. Yeah. Oh, hey partner. Good to see you. Ava? Lunching with the commish? I am. Sorry I’m late. That’s all good. Everything packed up and ready to go? Almost.

You know, moving is a lot of work. At least you know your new roomie’s a good company. Oh, yes, he is. And he has a beautiful home. Oh, Rafe does have a beautiful home. You are gonna love it there. Oh, but be careful, the stove. I mean, wait, do you cook? Because if you do, the front right burner, it flames up really fast.

Let’s go get a table, shall we? Yeah.

I wish you wouldn’t, you know, just push your buttons. What’d I say? What do you mean? But the whole thing was Rafe’s stove, you know? Reminding Jada that you lived there with him first. Okay, yeah, well you know what, I couldn’t help myself. She obviously doesn’t think I’m good enough for you. Well, she’s wrong.

Because I know for a fact that you’re perfect for me, and that’s all that matters. Hey, she’s moving out. You never know, that room at the pub could be yours. All we gotta do is twist Roman’s arm.

Uh, can I offer you something to drink? No, no thank you. Uh, you’re probably wondering why I’m here. So I’m just going to get to the point. I am here to make you an offer. An offer? Very generous one. I’ve been speaking to your father about the upheaval going on at DiMera at the moment. I’m sure you’ve heard about all about that.

And naturally, he is very concerned about the impact on the company’s image. Oh, right. Mm hmm. And he’s also very heartbroken about Lee. You know, his only son. Well, we all are. It was very hard on my whole family. Yeah. Well, that is why I’m here. I’ve been doing some thinking. What if we were to establish an MBA scholarship at Salem University in Lee’s honor?

Unless, unless you think your parents would prefer a university in Hong Kong. No, no, that’s a very generous idea. Why would you be thinking, you know, about that? No offense. Well, none taken. And I’m sure you’re curious. So it’s pretty simple. Your father has had a long standing relationship with DiMera as did Lee.

And I just think it’s the least the company can do. In his honor. Well, I think my parents would appreciate that very much. Good. Well, great. Wonderful. Um, why don’t we go over the details? Mind if I take a seat? Hmm.

I’ll search first. Good luck.

Oh, the gin joints, huh? Aww. Nice to see you too, Stefan. Just couldn’t stay away.

Just reopened, had to check out the food. Crab cakes are dry, by the way. I’ll let chef know.

So what do you think of the odd couple showing up here for lunch? Not as freaky as Stefan staring at us the whole time. Three cops dining in his former drug stash house. I bet he’s sweating through that fine shirt of his. Soapy brought a change of clothes. So, I have big news. Really? Well, judging by the look on your face, it’s good news.

Oh, it is. Bobby finally signed the divorce papers. What? Are you kidding? That’s not good news. That is great news. Yes. Wow. Okay. Why the sudden change of heart? Who knows? Who cares? I just can’t wait to get those papers in my hot little hands so I can file them immediately. Ugh. And then I could finally get that creep out of my life for good.

I know this can’t be easy. Were you acclimating after you went through hell?

I’m more worried about Wendy than myself. You know, she’s, she’s really struggling. Missing her parents, and feeling guilty that she’s so far away from them. Knowing how fragile they’ve been since Lee died. Maybe, maybe you should take a vacation. Get away together.

I’d like that, but Hard to just drop everything, I mean, between work and looking after my mom. Look, I know you love your mom. But I think it might be good for you to get some distance from her. And I don’t think a mile or two away in Salem is gonna cut it. Too many reminders of what you’ve gone through.

Yeah, pretty much everywhere. I think you and Wendy need a serious break. Maybe get out of town for a while. Just the two of you.

Well, I’m sure I can get the scholarship set up for the applicants so they can apply this fall. How does that sound? Well, that sounds great. This means so much to my family. Kristen, thank you. My pleasure.

Mind me asking, um, don’t you find it difficult living here? I mean, this is where Lee was killed in this very apartment, right?

He was attacked here, but I found him alive. He died later at the hospital. I was with him when he was dying. I am so, so sorry. Also, uh, didn’t Ava Vitale kill a man here as well? Uh, well, this man, Gil, was threatening her, so she shot him. Oh. Well, that bastard got what he deserved. But, um, poor Lee.

He never got justice, did he?

Gabby’s still in prison. Oh. So you believe she killed Lee. I mean, did he identify her as Yes, he did. And also I talked to him a few hours before he was attacked. He told me that Gabby had betrayed him. And he was very hurt. And then later, Tripp and I come home, we see Gabby and Stefan standing over Lee’s body.

He had been stabbed. Gabby was holding the knife. His blood was literally on her hands. Oh, that must have been so devastating for you to see. I couldn’t Maybe Gabby just found him there? I mean, stupidly picked up the knife. I mean, she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Yeah, I doubt it. Okay. And if it wasn’t her, then who?

I Oh my goodness, uh, you know what? I need to be somewhere right now. I’m got an appointment five minutes ago, but you know what? I promise that, um, I will talk to you about the scholarship. All right? Hmm. Okay. Thanks again.

Hey, how’d it go? So, let me check the ladies room, top to bottom, one more time. Check the ceiling panels. Everywhere. There’s nothing. Look, maybe we should leave Stefan in on this. I mean, he hates Clyde as much as we do. He’s got full access to the place. No, I can’t trust the guy. He shot me. He tried to kill me while I was recovering.

Okay, understood. Bad idea. We just, we keep looking ourselves. Yeah, and we’re gonna find him. We have to. Yeah. And then we get rid of Clyde. Once and for all.

Wendy? Hello?

Yes, um Good night father. I love you. I’ll talk to you soon. Hey, how are they?

You know my whole life I’ve never heard my father cry Not even once

Not even when my nine died and now he’s crying all the time and my mom too, but i’m used to that Now while they’re still craving over their son. They almost lost their daughter.

Look, Wendy, I, I, I have something I want to show you. I hope this is the right time. Um,

Do you still want to come? You and me? If you prefer to go alone, I understand. I just Are you kidding? Of course, of course. I always want you there with me. Yeah! I always want you there. Sigh. Hey, I know you got a lot going on these days, but what was with your 180 earlier?

She didn’t.

You wouldn’t give me the time of day outside, and then you were all Mr. Friendly when I came in. What’s up with that? I, um I didn’t know I did that. Maybe I was Distracted. Seemed you were evasive with Jada, too. I mean, you’ve signed the divorce paper, so why don’t you give them to her and be done with it?

Did you change your mind or something? Sorry. Um, I gotta go.

You are never gonna believe who I saw today. I saw your daughter, Wendy. Yes, I know, I know, she misses you too. And, Mr. Shin, we came up with the best idea. Now, I, I admire your son very much, Lee. And, uh, he, uh, was such a lovely man. Yes, and I wanted to do something in his memory. Something very special.

Something to honor his legacy. Wait, wait, wait. Are you sure that you want to come with me? I’m very sure. Okay, I wanted to go with you last time, too. As you know, I just, timing wasn’t right because my mom, but now she is free of Clyde, and Paris is here to keep an eye on her, and so You just got started back at the hospital.

No, that is already taken care of too. I already talked to Kayla, told her that I needed a leave of absence. She completely understands, under the circumstances. Well, Rafe did say I could take as much time as I needed. Yes, he did. So, we’re going. We’re going. This means the world to me. You, mean the world to me.


we searched everywhere that we could without trying to attention to it. So many more places we don’t have access to. Yeah, the kitchen, the freezer, the storeroom, the wine cellar. Yeah, I mean, at this point, maybe I should disguise myself as a health inspector. You think Stefan will fall for me? Look, I don’t know.

Something tells me I doubt it.

Listen, I know you said that neither one of us were going to be doing any breaking and entering, but I’m coming. I know it’s Morton’s fork. What does that mean? It means both choices are equally bad. We break in, we’re felons. We don’t break in, we suffer the wrath of Clyde. Yeah, and is committing a felony Clyde’s going to do?

Let’s break in.

Hello? Hey Bobby. So I came to pick up the divorce papers, now that you signed them. Yeah. Sure. I got them in here. So, you gonna go get them? Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely, Rafe. Okay. I’m gonna go get him.

Here you go.

Okay. Okay, great. I’m gonna get these filed right away. No. You did the right thing, Everett. Bobby, you’re Whatever it is, uh, you’re going by these days. Thank you.

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Days Transcript Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


So honey, how was your first day? We haven’t even had a chance to talk. I know, I was really tired last night. Um, yeah, no, it went okay. I mean, it’s a huge relief that all my classes are in the central building, so. Well, yeah, that’s, that’s good. And since you are back in school, I’m returning this to you.

What, so you can keep tabs on me? I am giving you an opportunity to earn your trust back with me, young lady, and I hope and pray that you do.

You know, I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was about 19, 20. Really? Yeah. I was told that it stunts your growth. That’s so weird. I think it just gives me anxiety. Great. Where is our waiter at? Finn usually has the early shift and I haven’t seen her at all. You’re right. That is weird.

You know what? Uh, I’ll be right back.

There you are. You two took off early this morning. Yeah, we went for a walk. Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you. Okay. You know, I stopped by the Spectator yesterday for their photography job. Yeah? Yeah. Well, when I was walking out, I overheard Leo on the phone. He said, He left. I’ll give the guy every ring and endorsement.

Work every angle I can. So what? Well, he was obviously talking to you, Sloane. Me? Aaron, why would he be talking to me? No one knew why I went there or why. Except for you. So why don’t you tell me what’s going on between you and Leo?

No, no, this is not what I wanted at all. Did you spell that with a Y? Yeah, uh, not at all, buddy boy. Ah, the sound of agitation in the morning, like a modern day birdsong. What’s going on? It’s a press release about Bella closing. It’s not at all what I approved and I’m just annoyed, obviously as you, you can tell.

Did you read this? No, but I know what happened. Reliving it is just like putting salt in the wound. Oh. And yet still you didn’t have any qualms about running straight to Maggie once I told you the magazine was folding. Ah,

good morning. Good morning, Kristen. You’re off to an early start, you see. Indeed I am. First stop are the DiMera offices, then the DA’s office. Ah, such a bummer. And then what? Off the play pickleball with Mark Zuckerberg, perhaps? Mock me all you want, but the company won’t run itself. And once the board votes, I will be the permanent CEO.

Ooh, and an outstanding one at that, I’m sure. If the vote goes forward without a hitch, that is. Oh, I’m sure it will. And you’d be wise to prepare for that eventuality, Kristen. Oh, I am prepared. Oh, Well prepared.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Did you hear about the bistro opening in its doors again? Hmm, I saw it on social media. Ah, so you’ll be lunching there from now on, supporting our little brother. Wild horses couldn’t drag me to that dreary place. Oh, come on! Wouldn’t it be entertaining to actually watch Stefan work? I mean, he claimed he was working at the bistro before it shut down, but, uh, knowing him, he was just delegating, and now he is in charge all by himself.

I mean, can you imagine his face when he finds out he actually has to do stuff for hours? It would be like Putting a filet mignon in front of a vegan. And yet, you gave him a very sweet deal, D. A. Demare. I mean, you could have told him prison for years, making traffic signs and license plates. But you let him walk, and an outsider might have a few questions regarding that decision.

But as a member of the family To me, it is crystal clear. It is? Oh, well, do enlighten me. Oh, I will, I will. Uh, you’re playing the long game. It would have been in your best interest if you sent Stephan off to a white collar prison. Out of sight, out of mind, until a plural hearing came and, uh, what, in a decade or so?

Then he’d, uh, be as much as a threat to your grip on power as a housefly. But that didn’t happen. Therefore, you have something else on your mind. Well I’d love to continue to sit here and listen to your fan fiction, Kristen. I really would, but I am late for a breakfast date with Nicole. Oh, come on. I am right, am I not?

Trying to find where the bodies are buried, are you, Kristen? What bodies? Certainly not mine. We shall see about that.

Fine. I did. I called Leo. And yes, we spoke about you. Look, Leo, he kind of owes me. Owes you what? Fine. You know, for going above and beyond as his attorney. I called because I wanted him to put in a good word for you at The Spectator. I was trying to help you, Eric.

You’re my husband. You know, I want your photography business to take off. I want you to find joy in it the way I find joy in my work. Honey, look at us. You know, we can be the power couple. Beautiful, successful. The kind of people look at an inmate. The life that people say, God, I want what they have. Sloane, that’s not me.

You know that’s not who I am. I’m sorry. And I don’t think this is what this is all about at all.

Pump the brakes, mister. I did not run to Maggie’s. Oh, maybe you drove there. Oh, funny. Look, Maggie is my friend. And she’s also my sponsor. And I feel like I let her down. In fact, I let the whole Bella team down. You know, something with that sort of weight, it can have Adverse effects on one’s sobriety. It’s high stakes for me, Alex.

Why I, I, I had to do an act of self care and speak to my sponsor. Okay. Okay, I get it. You’re right. See? And all you had to do was ask and not accuse. You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just that after you told her, she came back to me and insisted that I gave her a job back at the company. Which I was completely unprepared for, and now I’m stuck with her.

You said yes? I mean, Theresa, there wasn’t much of an option for a no. She said if I didn’t accept her assistance, she was gonna take it to the board, which is the last thing I need. So in order to keep the board at bay, I’m bringing her back, but on my terms. Huh. Well played, Mr. Kiriakis. Yeah. You do have some good business instincts.

That’s why you’re still CEO. That I am. You know, Maggie is a badass too. And she’s a brilliant businesswoman. Honestly, this could be a really great thing for you, Alex. Because with Maggie working alongside you at the helm, you two could take Titan Industries, I don’t know, to the next level.

Mom, listen, I know I haven’t been the most trustworthy person lately, to put it mildly, but I promise you, I’m going to try to be better at it. Okay? Okay, honey, don’t just try. Do. Okay? Hey, Holly. Hey. Sophia, how you doing? I’m good. Better, now that my bestie’s back. So, you ready to go over Mrs. King’s spring physics worksheet?

Not really. Are we doing three dimensional motion again? Unfortunately. But, we can grab a couple lattes, because I think we’re gonna need them. Yeah, sure. Yeah. Okay. Love you, Mom. Love you, sweetheart. See you later. Okay, be good. Okay. Come home after school. Bye. So, you like it? Sugar and a splash of cream. What are you doing?

Well, Cook called in sick, so Uncle Roman’s back there taking over as Gordon Ramsay and he can’t be in the front of the back of the house, not on a morning like this. So, I’m gonna help him out. Okay, are you sure? You might be late for, uh, school. Yes, no, I’m not gonna be late for school, but you’re gonna be late to pick up Rachel, and I got a scone for her.

Oh, I’m fine. That was nice, okay. Alright, um, good luck. I got this. Alright.

Hi there. Fancy seeing you here, Tate. Nice apron. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I’m just helping out my Uncle Roman this morning. He’s a little short staffed. That is so sweet of you, to help out your family. Uh, thanks, I’m not hungry. You’re welcome. You should look at the specials. We have this, uh, French toast bacon thing.

I think you’d really like it. Oh, let me look.

You know what? I’ll have the pancakes and, uh, no, wait, scratch that. I’ll have the egg white omelette with avocado. And can you make a white hot cocoa with almond milk? Yeah, you got it. Thank you. See anything you like? I’ll just stick with coffee. Extra cream, please. Okay.

Everything okay? Yeah. I guess.

I don’t know, I just It really sucks that I can’t fix things at Bella. Hey, that is not your fault. No, I know it’s fine. It’s just I’m trying to do things now that are within my control. You know, like, make calls on behalf of the marketing team because they’re so talented and they’re so hardworking and I, I want to help as many people as possible to get their next gig.

Wow, look at you. Thinking of others during a time of crisis. Well, that’s what a leader does, right? Except I don’t really have much to lead right now. But you do. Right? I mean, maybe you could move some people around within the company, like, like you offered to do with me. Maybe, yeah, but that offer was meant for you.

And that offer still stands. Thank you, but I have to respectfully decline. I don’t know how I feel about corporate America anymore. I don’t think it’s for me. No? So what’s next? What is for Miss Teresa Donovan?

Eric, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s It’s what I’m seeing. Look at this. Oh, what about it? What about it? We talked about this before. The numbers, they’re not adding up. What are you talking about, babe? Look, we already went through this, okay? I told you, we’re fine. No, no, Sloane, you manipulated the numbers to make them work.

You showed me this the other day. It was a trick. What do you mean? This. They’re not adding up. There’s a lot of money here that’s not accounted for. I think I’m starting to realize what is really going on.

Oh, there you are. I’m sorry. I’m late family stuff. Kristen, how’d you guess? Oh, it’s just the life force vacated your eyes. I suppose that would give it away. Yeah. Well, are you ready for some breakfast? Oh, I wish I could, but I can’t sweetheart. I need to get to the Demira office this morning. A couple of action items that need to be addressed.

Action items. Mm-Hmm. I’m assuming neither of them have to do with. No, no, not my concern at the moment. And I will not be attending the so called soft opening today either. Aw, since you’re not going to bed, can we at least schedule a lunch? I wish I could, but I’ve got depositions and case reviews as well today.

Geez, well maybe we could Pencil in a shoulder massage, honey. I’m, I’m worried about you running yourself ragged. Not just as DA, but moonlighting as a CEO of DiMera. There is nothing to worry about. I feel focused and determined. And I see a bright future ahead for the company. More value than ever for the shareholders and the people.

Peaceful citizens of Salem feeling safer because I’m their DA. I thrive on chaos, you know this. Yes, it’s kind of obvious. And I love you, Nicole, for being right by my side. I love you. I love you.

Dear Mr. Shin, I am writing to you. No, Kristen, nothing in writing.

Is Rachel ready? Oh, please, come on in. Kristen, where is Rachel? We’re going to be late for school. Rachel is gone. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, what are you talking about? No! She insisted on attending, uh, early start art class. And they have this avant garde doodling that she loves. And, uh, I just had one of the drivers take her.

You could have texted me. You could have called me, and I could have taken her. I’m sorry, I just, I got caught up in a tete a tete with EJ and I completely lost track of time. But you know what, now that you’re here, we could have breakfast. We should chat.

We could have cook whip us up an omelette and some Kristen, I’m not interested in breakfast. I was interested in taking my little girl to school, but obviously that’s not gonna happen. So I’ll pick her up, okay? I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen either. She has to stay late for her tutoring. Then I will pick her up after tutoring.

Are little girls being tutored and you didn’t tell me about it? Well, I was going to tell you at some point. I suppose now is as good as any. Okay, listen, Brady. Rachel is um, She’s having trouble in math. I mean, there are three kinds of people in this world, right? Those who are good at math and those who aren’t.

Rachel is, is seeing a tutor and you didn’t tell me. I’m telling you right now. Tell me right now. I’m gonna go. Well, when I told Alex about Rachel having a tutor, I mean, all he asked me was where I found the tutor and uh, is Rachel cool with it? What are you trying to say? What I’m trying to say is that Alex is very supportive and he’s interested.

Maybe it’s because he’s crazy about Rachel and they’re like two peas in a pod. Yeah. I don’t think so, Kristen. I don’t think our daughter gives a damn about Alex, and I’m pretty sure Alex feels the same way about her. I mean, I can understand how threatened you are to that, but it is true, Brady. Well, I’ll just have to talk to Rachel about what the truth is when I speak to her tonight.

And then we’ll find out if she and Alex are like two peas in a pod.

What does Theresa want to be when she grows up? Well I’m really good with fashion. I’m really into it. Especially that whole, like, Y2K look that’s so in vogue right now. And, you know, I’m a really big foodie. So, I don’t know. Maybe I could, um, Maybe I could start a vlog. Call it T for Teresa. Or something like that.

And then I can hire my own interns and make my own schedule. I mean, it sounds great.

Gosh, I wonder how much of Maggie you’re going to see now that she’s engaged to Constantine. What? Huh? What did you say? Um, oh, I thought you knew that. I literally just found out when I went to go see Maggie. Honestly, I, please don’t say anything. I was told in confidence. Okay, yeah, fine. I won’t say anything.

But what the hell is Maggie thinking? Ugh.

Oh, AJ, I have to admit, I’m a little embarrassed. What? Why? Cause you have two jobs and I don’t even have one. Sweetheart, you don’t need to worry about that. Not anymore. You’re in the mirror. So what? I still have an ego and I’ve always worked and supported myself. That’s who I am. And I respect that. I do.

You’re ambitious and obviously talented in so many ways. I feel like there’s a but coming. Well, there is. I mean, darling, for you to go back to work right now, I just don’t think that’s a good idea.

He is such a snack, is he not? My god, I wish he was on the menu. Uh, what answer did you get for question five? How can you study right now when the yummiest guy in Salem is like orbiting our table? Because my mom’s literally gonna kill me if I don’t pull all A’s across the board. Yeah, fair point. Um, tengo que ir al baño go?

Perdóname, por favor.

So Did you tell her about us? No, and it’s literally killing me not to. We tell each other everything. But she also tells her mom everything too, so Okay, right. Well, that’s probably smart then. I got myself one of those cheap pay as you go phones, so we can interface without the parental units finding out.

How romantic.

I should, I should get back to work. I don’t want my Uncle Roman reporting on me to Mom and Dad. Tate, I’m really happy to see you. Same.

Honestly, babe, I think you’re way off base here. Sloane, I’ve counseled many couples. And learned that money issues stem from all sorts of addictions. Drugs, alcohol, shopping. Shopping? Yes. Really? Yes, really. That is, unless you Unless what? Unless you have some sort of gambling addiction. Oh my God, do you even hear yourself right now?

All I’m saying is, if you have a problem, just please, tell me what it is. We can get through this together. Eric, I Okay, then what is it? So please just tell me what’s going on.

I’m your husband. I’m here for you. And I’m pleading for you to tell me the truth. You want

the truth? Yes. The truth is, is that you pretend like you want to work. But actually, you just want to stay at home all day with the baby. What? Yeah. What are you talking about? You know, you are projecting your anxieties of finances onto me. And that’s okay. I’m a big girl. I can take it. That’s not even what this is about.

Well, then what is it about? No, you know what, Eric? It is. Sure it is. And it’s okay. I can pay the bills. I can pay the rent, the car, the utilities. You got student loans? What? Throw them on me too. I can handle it. No, don’t. Don’t what? Don’t make yourself out to be a martyr.

I’m gonna be the adult here and take Jude for a walk before I say something that is half as hurtful as what you just did.

And Rachel will probably say that he is tall and funny and he does a great impression of Bugs Bunny. And then she will call him mad dope. And if you don’t know what that means, it’s totally amazing.

Yeah, I’m totally not buying it. Yeah, whatever you’re up to, I don’t know what it is, but believe me, I’m It ain’t gonna work. This makeup is a great shot to you, Brady, but it’s not all about you. And as much as I would love to just sit and chat some more about my private life, I’ve got a lot of things to do.

Let yourself out.

Maggie is the smartest woman I know, but I think that she’s thinking with her heart. If I was always thinking with my heart, I’d probably be flipping cocktails at a tiki bar in Bali. Oh God, I don’t even want to think about where I would be. Look, forgive me for doing a little psychology 101 here, but I, I think that, Through Constantine, maybe she’s trying to hold on to that connection to Victor.

Uh, yeah, I don’t know. I mean, maybe, regardless. Constantine? I mean, the guy just rubs me the wrong way, you know, the idea of this sleazeball getting his hands on my father’s money. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. It’s, it’s, he’s too respectful to do that to him. Please, please, Theresa, really? This guy, he just, he gives off this like, Uriah Heep vibe.

Just swarmy and greedy. And once Victor’s will goes through probate, the money’s gonna be accessible. I don’t know what the hell Maggie’s thinking. Like, marrying a con man.

You know what I just saw? A poster for prom. Do you think Tate will go? I have no idea. I wish I was brave enough to ask him. You’re like Totally over him after everything that happened, right? To be honest, I, like, was never really into him in the first place. Cool. Cool. Just checking. So, are you going? Uh, I don’t know.

Well, I’m guessing your mom might shut that down, right? Uh, I hope not. I mean, she did just give me my phone back this morning. So, kinda seems like she’s starting to trust me more. But, like Also, it’s prom, which is like a pretty big deal, right? And wouldn’t it be cool if we could double date? I mean, obviously we’ll take tons of pics of your house and get a limo.

Yeah, no, that all sounds great. Um, but if we don’t get moving, we’re gonna be late to school. Right.

Earth is working, not a good idea. Okay, okay, I misspoke. Bye bye. I meant to say that where you work might be the issue. Since I’m CEO of Demira, you can’t exactly go back to your post at Basic Black. They’re a direct competitor. Well, I wasn’t planning on going back there. Hell, I don’t even know what I want to do, EJ.

All I know is that my life has shifted yet again, and I find myself with too much time on my hands that I don’t know what to do with. And I need something more fulfilling than meddling in teenage love and planning charity teas. Of course you do. Of course you do. And I’m sure wherever you choose to work, you will be a great asset.

In fact, you know, I could use your talents back at the Mirror. It’s not really my vibe right now. Fair enough. So what exactly is your vibe? Well, I do have some ideas.

It’ll be so much fun. Okay, okay, okay. Just think about it. You go shopping, try on a ton of cute prom dresses. Oh, you know what I was thinking? Why don’t we start a dance and trend it? We can call it the Cupid Shuffle. There’s already a dance called the Cupid Shuffle. Really? Yes, really. Oh, damn. Okay, look, I’ll talk to my mom, see what she says.

But I can’t make any promises, cause she does keep me on a pretty tight leash these days. Holly! Wait!

Junk, junk, recycle. Catalog, catalog. Junk, junk, and

Oh, Brady. Hey, Nicole. I was just here to pick up Rachel to take her to school. But Kristen, she made sure that didn’t happen. I’m sorry. It’s fine. How was,

how was Holly’s first day back at school? Um, fine. Well, at least that’s all she told me. Fine. Teenagers and their often limited vocabulary. How about Tate? Same. He said, Fine. Fine, Dad. It’s fine. Yeah, that’s pretty much what he said. Uh, yeah. Well, you know what? You know, we can just put that in the win category.

They’re progressing. Both of them. Yes. Absolutely. Brady, you know how much I’ve always loved Tate. Just as much as I know you’ve always loved Holly. And I know that we agreed that they can’t be friends for a while. I know. Um, maybe ever. Yeah. But I really hope that we can be friends again. One day. How about now?

You know what? How about always? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa. You are getting way too caught up in all these things that are never gonna happen. They’re probably never gonna happen. Probably isn’t good enough, Theresa. You know, I read a business book just recently. You know what the first chapter of it was called? Always anticipate, always plan. Okay, cool.

I’d love to hear all about the sage advice in this book. But first, can you do something for me? Will you just turn around? Come on, turn around. Okay, what? Oh. God. Gosh. Oh my goodness. You are so tense. Oh my god. Right, right there, please. Oh my god. Mr. Kyriakos. You really, really, you need to relax. See? All better.

Now go to the gym now. Okay, um.

You’re really good at that massage thing, by the way. I’m gonna go take a shower.

I know, Jude. You don’t like it when Mommy and Daddy fight. Sometimes, grown ups have disagreements. And this time, it’s because Someone doesn’t know what’s in his own best interest.

Oh, hello Sloane. A. J.? Well, this was fun. Can I ask you something? Make it quick. Why did you give Stefan such an incredibly generous deal, only to sabotage it with the judge? My family situation is none of your concern. It’d serve you best to remember that.

Little does he know, Jude. Little does he know. Brady, I am so glad that you still want to be friends. And after all the, the torment that Holly has put you and your family through, that is very generous of you. Holly’s a kid. I know she didn’t have malicious intent, Nicole. She made a mistake. Yeah, but I should have been more attentive to her.

I was just so consumed with grief after losing my son. Don’t, don’t, don’t go there. Don’t go there. Look, like I said, kids make mistakes. Hey, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, so, you know. And they’re kids kids will make mistakes, and they’re kids kids will make mistakes. It’s part of life. Yeah. Nick.

It’ll be okay. I promise. Oh, I hope so, Brady. I truly hope so. Uh, you forgot your notebook. Oh my god, Tate. Thank you. Yeah. Um, can’t believe I left this at the pub. So lame, right? Look at you. All out of breath. You really sprinted after us, huh? Yeah, I just, uh

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Days Transcript Monday, April 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Oh, I swear, Kayla, only you can make a hazmat suit look chic. You are lucky to be alive, Paulina. Why, my number’s that bad? Well, you know, actually, physically, you checked out fine. And your numbers, although lower, are still too high for me to send you home. I mean, what were you thinking, sneaking out of here and driving up to Smith Island?

Look, look, I’m, I’m very sorry that I worried everyone. Well, luckily, I mean, although we did know that you had left the hospital, we didn’t know that you had commandeered a snow plow or driving on snowy roads in the middle of the night. Not to mention, You exposed Johnny and Chanel and Julie to radiation, and obviously that’s a big deal.

There’s gonna be an investigation, reports gonna be written. I know all that, Kayla. I know all that. I’m sorry I put people’s lives at risk, but don’t you understand? I felt I had no choice. Could you sit still and do nothing if your daughter was missing? I had to rescue my baby girl. Nothing, nothing was more important than that.

Well, I guess we can check being dagger countered off the bucket list. Dagger countered? I’m not sure if that’s a word. Yeah, I’m not so sure it’s a bucket list item either. Yeah, that was stupid. Definitely an experience. Slightly harrowing, right? More than slightly. I kept thinking that thing was gonna start howling like a fire alarm when they were checking me.

Yeah. Yeah, me too. Honey, I am so sorry that you had to go through all this because of me. Hey. Because of you, no. No, no way. Yes, it is. Because of me. Because if I hadn’t gone out into that snowstorm and Looking for me. Yeah. By the way. Okay, but still, if I had just trusted that you would come back like you said you would, and I would have just waited there, then I wouldn’t have got stuck between those stupid rocks, and Mama wouldn’t have risked so much.

Hey, you know, all that matters, okay? Hey. Is that she found you. Even if it means I didn’t get to be your hero. Okay. Yeah, you are my hero. Okay. You are strong and loyal and honest. And everything else that makes up a hero. Yeah, I don’t know about that. Yeah, well, I do. And on top of that, you make me happier than I’ve ever been.

Yeah? Oh, yeah. And I mean, what is more heroic than that?

Yeah, that’s right. The cabin has been vacated, and out of an abundance of caution, we’ve got Chanel, Julie, and Johnny being checked out at the hospital. I’m sure Johnny will call you soon. Love you too, Sammy. Give Sydney a kiss for me. Okay, bye. Oh, you are back from the monastery. Yeah. Well, I bet you never thought you’d be saying those words to me.

I did not. I was Lucas. Well, given the fact that he is required to live a life of chastity, poverty, and obedience, I mean, he’s hanging in. Temporary. He’ll be out of there soon. Yeah, I hope so. But no one knows. I mean, no one really knows anything. You know, Clyde has escaped, so does that mean that Lucas is no longer safe in the monastery?

I mean, does he have to go back to Statesville? There are so many questions. Just a whole lot of silence. Yeah, no, I get it. I get it. Lucas is in limbo right now, as you are. It’s not a great place to be. No, no, and it’s driving me insane. So, uh, is Harris upstairs? Because he has things that he needs to tell me.

You know, he will not answer any of my phone calls. Uh, he slept for work. Just a little while ago. Okay. I’m gonna go down to the police station. I’m gonna find him. Okay, well Good luck, Katie. Yeah, I’m gonna need it. Okay.

Closed for renovations. Come on. Everybody knows that the place is shut down because Stefan got arrested. Among other things. You regretting being dragged into this yet? No, I’m fine. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna let you do this alone. I’ll be out here standing watch in case you need me. Damn. You know, if Clyde hadn’t ordered me to go find his little black book with his narco contacts in it, it’s the last place I would be.

I know, but it couldn’t be the break that we’re waiting for. If we find Clyde, we put him away for good. Let’s just get this done, okay? Good thing you got on one of these, huh?


it’s not the Ritz, but it’s pleasant enough. Well, it’s only for a couple of days. And then I’ll be, I’ll be back at home. Whoa. But still having to stay a few feet away from everybody. Strange how a little tiny pill can radiate for days. Hey, hi. Hey, Kayla. I take full responsibility for pulling this escape. I, I should have been keeping an eye on her.

It is not your fault. I was told actually that you were covering her event. Fundraiser. I just wish she had called me before she did something so reckless. So, uh, how is she doing? Well, her levels are still higher than I’d like, but if she follows the proper protocol, I think that she could probably go home tomorrow.

Great, great, great. Look, Kayla, I promise you from here on out, I will keep her in line. Hmm, well, good luck with that.

So, now what will we both just do? Keep our distance till we’re radiation free. Oh my god, if we have to isolate, I am going to go nuts. Okay, you two. Hey. Hey, uh, Dr. Johnson, is my ankle broken? Uh, no. I checked with the team and the x rays show no breaks, no fractures. Just a very serious sprain. Okay, well that is good news, and um, it’s honestly starting to feel a little bit better already.

Great. Great. Well, uh, you just need to keep it wrapped up and elevate it, ice it to minimize the swelling, and maybe try to stay off of it as much as you can, all right? Okay, I can do that. Good. On other news, as you know, you were exposed to more radiation than Johnny and Julie, so your levels are a little higher, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

So, then Well, you’re saying we’re good to go? I am, and you are, both of you. Great, what, what a relief. Yeah, but listen, like I said to Julie, if you feel anything, weakness, nausea, dizziness, anything, you come back here and let us check you out, all right? Copy that. Okay. Get out of here, you two. Do you know what I’m gonna do now?

I’m gonna kiss you.

Oh, there you are. Kate, listen, now’s, now’s not a good time. Okay, well, you’re going to need to make it a good time, you see, because I’ve left you three messages and not a return phone call, nothing. Okay, Kate, listen. Okay, and the other thing, you’ve been avoiding me at the pub. Now, why is that, Harris? Why are you avoiding me?

I’m glad to be getting out of here. Because of Tripp and Wendy? Yeah. I just don’t want them caught in the line of fire again now that Clyde’s still in my hair. I just, yeah, I can’t believe he wants another favor with this damn black book. I just, I wish I was there when he, when he called you. Yeah, well, hearing his voice makes my skin crawl.

The hell are you doing?

I was just picking up the last of my things. You got a lot of personal things behind the wine bottles? Look, I was just, uh, Okay, you caught me. Alright, I figured a couple bottles of good wine was the least this place owed me. Why am I being interrogated? What are you doing here? What am I I own the place.

I’m doing inventory. Did you see the sign on the door? Can’t wait to see it in a couple of weeks. Yeah, it’s kind of hard to miss. Look, EJ let me keep the restaurant when he kicked me out at DiMera. And I figured my people had been out of work long enough, and with Clyde out of the picture We’re going to reopen and make this the best damn restaurant in the state.

Kate, I have not been avoiding you. I’ve been extremely busy recovering from nearly being killed. I’m trying to track down Clyde Weston. Oh, yes, well, all of us, everyone wants the police to find Clyde Weston now, don’t we? But you’re not doing that single handedly, correct? You see, because I need you to focus on getting Lucas out of that monastery and out of Statesville permanently.

Because as you remember, remember that sting that got 13 dealers off the street? Well, that was thanks to Lucas and your promise. Okay, we knew dismantling Clyde’s syndicate inside Statesville was going to take some time, even with everything Lucas gave us. Well, it’s really easy for you to be patient, isn’t it?

Because it’s not your son who’s in that monastery, slowly going insane. Okay, I understand. No. No, you don’t understand, you see, because you almost got my son killed. You got him pulled into all of this and then you abandoned him. So if you want to talk and tell, I suggest you do a deep dive on me and what I’ve been capable of, especially when it comes to protecting my children.

I would do anything for my girls, Abraham. You should not be shocked by that. My daughter was lost in a snowstorm. I had no choice but to do what I did. That’s where we disagree. You put people at risk, Paulina. Okay, I’ll own that. You, you risked your own life. It was a calculated risk. I was told the radioactivity would decrease with time.

The doctors hadn’t cleared you, Paulina. It wasn’t safe for you to leave. Full stop. I know, I know, I know. Not only did I put lives at risk, including my own, I abused my power and potentially damaged my reputation. It’s all, you know, all been pointed out to me already. But I, I will repeat, Abraham, my daughter was missing.

I was afraid I would never, never see her again. And now No way was I just going to sit in this room and twiddle my thumbs. Paulina, I love that you’re the force of nature that you are. But this was, this was ill advised, to say the least. I’ll admit, I’ll admit, uh, I took a chance. That it was a risky thing to do, but we all, we all made it out of that place.

Very treacherous situation alive because of me and Chanel was reminded once again that I will stop at nothing. Nothing to make sure that she’s safe. That’s a win win in my book. Uh, so. Now, you know, that’s all settled. Did anyone find my phone? Okay, easy.

You alright? Hurts pretty bad, huh? Yeah, just when I put too much pressure on it. Stop doing that. Yeah, well, why didn’t I think of that? I’m trying to help. Alright. Okay, that’s better. See? Uh huh. See? Uh huh. Man, what a week, right? In the hospital, limping, radioactive. Yeah, but the rest of it was perfect though, right?

I mean, you know, Julie showing up as we’re making out on the couch, thinking the cabin was empty. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I had successfully blocked that out, so thanks for reminding me. Yeah, no problem. And then, all of us getting trapped together in a massive snowstorm, which led to you breaking your ankle.

It’s just a sprain. Well, that was embellishing for dramatic. Oh, yes, of course. I am an aspiring filmmaker, after all. Yeah, I totally understand. And then, the cherry on top. Mama Paulina showing up and giving us all radiation poisoning. Yeah, well, at least she got to drive a snow plow. Yeah, it’s a shame there were no videos of that.

Or even pictures. You know what? I think That we should give it another try. What do you say? We head back to the cabin for round two? Are you crazy? Absolutely not. Okay.

Well, there she is, the one and only, Dr. Johnson. Hello, brother of mine. Great to see you, sis. You too. Everything okay? Well, it’s been quite a day, actually. Well, sounds like you need a Carolyn Brady special. Ah, some mom’s clam chowder? And a shoulder to lean on. Yeah, I need that more than you know. Okay, well, have a seat.

I gotcha.

Ooh, congratulations. From CEO of a multinational corporation to barkeeper. America loves its riches to rags to her. You mind hurrying things up? I’ve got work to do. Yeah, in the restaurant that we built together. Also the restaurant that we ran drugs out of. Have you forgotten that? No, I have not forgotten that.

My son was kidnapped and nearly killed. And my wife was beaten in prison, leg broken. Have you forgotten that too? You know what? You tried to kill Harris twice, so I don’t know why you are giving me grief. You should still be behind bars. What are you, judge, jury, and executioner now? Is that it? Look, I’m just saying, you’re really lucky that you have got a brother with some pull, okay?

Because I’m not. Those, those get out of jail free cards, they really do come in handy, don’t they? You know, that would be an astute observation if it were accurate. But it turns out the get out of jail free card came from Harris. And you know what? I’m not going to sit here and take the blame for a deal that went sideways.

Well, you know that, that your attempt, your attempt at accountability, It’s inspiring. You should also be kissing my feet, bowing down and kissing my feet because I took the blame for this. For everything. You know what? And you were just as guilty as I was. Oh, you are a saint. You are a saint, Stefan. I mean, like, there’s no two ways about it.

I have my regrets, okay? For the things that I’ve done these past several months.

Including what happened between us. Ooh. Huuuuh. Huuh. Oooh. Oooh. Huuuh. Haaaah. HAAHH. Huh. Oooh. I’m sorry, but we’re out late.

But I would do it all again to protect my family. So would I.

You’re right, I would.

Stefan, there’s something that I’ve been meaning to tell you. Look, I actually came here tonight because I

You gonna finish that sentence? Because

I was Feeling nostalgic. About this place. You know, in all the good times I had here, we had here. Were there any? Come on, of course there were.

I guess I just wanted to see the place one last time. Okay.

Okay, I guess I have, and I guess that’s it. I have everything I need. I’m gonna need to get your keys back.

Wow, Kayla, damn. Look, I know you’re used to taking on a lot, but this is way too much, even for you. No, no, no, I can handle it, and I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining. You have every right to complain. Well, not when I remind myself about what other people have been going through. I mean, that nightmare at Smith Island.

I mean, it’s such a relief that Chanel was found and that everybody, everybody’s alright. Yeah, but what the hell was Paulina thinking? Well, she wasn’t, obviously. Well, she was, but, you know, it was very tunnel vision. I mean, all that mattered to her was saving her child. Which, I mean, of course, we can relate to that.

I mean, every parent wants that. I just think that there are other ways to accomplish it, you know? Anyway, I’m sure she feels like her decision is now vindicated. Well, not sure she should. But, as you say and as we both know, we’d do anything to protect and save our kids. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen Stephanie around lately.

How’s she doing? Well, she’s, she’s going through a rough time. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, I mean, I know she wouldn’t want me to go into details about it. I’ll just say that she She’s had her heart broken again, you know, and I, I just wish there was something I could do to make it easier for her, you know?

Magic fix? But I know all I can really do is just be there for her. Well, she’s very lucky. Anybody that’s got you on their side is better off for it. I don’t know about that, but I certainly would do anything for that girl. And those boys of mine. Well, just don’t go stealing any snowplows. Well, that’s not likely.

Kayla. You do know, I am always here for you. Along with Mars Chatter. You are the best brother in the world. Well, I think I’m gonna go to the restroom before I head out.

Any luck? Oh yeah, I ran into Harris on the way to the police station and we had a few words. How’d that go? I told him to get Lucas freed or else.

You know, maybe I should just hang on to the keys. You know, in case of an emergency. Or something, you know, I could always fill in if you need me. I certainly have a lot of time on my hands since I’m still looking for work. I appreciate that, but I think I’m good. And for what it’s worth, I think you and I need to, uh Make a clean break.


You take care of yourself. You too.

Well that happened. Yeah, twice. Yeah. That’s incredible. Yeah.

I made a freakin mistake. Yeah.

Well? Clyde’s book’s nowhere to be found. Are you sure? Just let me go back in there with you. No, no, no, no. I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Stefan’s in there right now. Yeah, he, uh, that’s why I came out so quickly. He says he’s back here to do inventory before he reopens. Things got pretty heated between the two of us, and he made me turn my keys back in.

Okay, you know, we should, we should go. No, no, no, you know what, I’m just gonna hang back and talk to Stefan here, just, just the two of us.

Play nice.

I’m unarmed, detective. Just so you know. I’m not. Just so you know. Okay, why don’t you say what you need to say. You know, I have a question. How the hell are you out of jail?

Well, I would say that we ran the gauntlet. Came out on the other side, relatively unscathed. We spoke to my mother, waved at yours through some protective glass, of course. Let’s blow this popsicle stand, huh? Absolutely. All right. Okay, okay. Okay, hold on. I am telling you, it is not going to be easy going up those stairs to our bedroom.

That’s why we’re not going back there just yet. Okay, don’t even joke like that. I told you I am never going back to that. Yes, okay, I know, you’ve made your point very clear. I, uh, actually had something else in mind. Another surprise? Yes, but you’re gonna like this one, I promise.

Let’s go.

Ava! Oh, hey, Kayla. Um, nice to see you, but if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta No, no, no. As a matter of fact, I won’t. Oh, okay. Here it comes. Where do I even begin? Oh, I don’t know. How about my, um, reckless disregard for anyone but myself? Oh, you think you’re so smart, don’t you? But you never learn. Well, you know something?

There’s gonna be a reckoning. With all the damage that you’ve caused my family and the people that I care about. You know, I don’t have time for this. And nearly getting your son killed? By the way, I mean, how do you even sleep at night? I tried to protect my son. I begged him to go to China with Wendy. He didn’t listen.

Oh, well, that’s a great solution. Trying to convince your son to leave the continent so he stays out of the crossfire of your crimes. And if you can fathom what it would do to Steve if Trip lost his life, he is my son. Can you even fathom what it would do to me? But you would have been responsible for it!

Of course, you probably would have figured out a way to blame somebody else. Okay. You have no idea what I had to do to save my son. Oh, damn it, Ava! You wouldn’t have had to save him if you wouldn’t have gotten involved with Clyde Weston in the first place. Oh, my God, how dare you? It’s just another one of your kind.

Conniving little self centered schemes. And then you have the cruelty to drag Steve into it. Forcing him to break that psycho out of prison. Oh, yeah. I know all about it. Okay, then maybe you want to keep your voice down? Unless you want to see your husband behind bars. You abuse people, Ava. And you abuse Steve over and over and over again.

And I’m going to tell you something right now. You stay the hell away from my husband. You understand me. What’s going on out here?

Now the only thing that makes sense is you and EJ must have cooked up some kind of deal or your ass would still be locked up. You seem very passionate about that. No, I’m passionate about making the world a safer place. You tried to kill me and you confess to working for a drug lord. But it made me, maybe the judge realized that I did what I did because my wife’s life was threatened.

And also that I offered the police and the prosecution useful evidentiary information that led to the significant dismantling of said drug lord’s operation. So why don’t you cool your crusader routine? The judge would never have considered TimeServe without a recommendation from the DA. Oh, you got something on EJ, don’t you?

And not only is that conjecture, it’s also projection because you had something on me, right? You forced my confession, remember? Oh, isn’t that a neat little story that you have? But you’re not denying it, you have something on your brother. All works in mysterious ways, detective. What an arrogant son of a bitch you are.

Be that as it may, for what it’s worth, I am truly sorry for shooting you. And I was relieved when I found out that he would pull through. I know that may be hard to believe, but it is the truth. And if I could go back, I would change so many things.

Alright, so what do you wish you could go back and change? Helping Clyde escape, maybe? No, no, I did not help Clyde escape prison. Yeah? I don’t believe you. I swear on my life. So you’re telling me right now Clyde has not reached out to you since he escaped? No, if he had, I would have alerted the authorities immediately.

Why? Because you’re an upstanding citizen now? There is no gray area for me, as far as Clyde is concerned. For all I hope, he has run far, far away, never to be seen or heard from again. Or better off, dead. Now, I did a lot that I’m not proud of. Just like Ava. Just like you. But I swear to everything I hold dear in this life, I had nothing to do with that monster escaping prison.

Then who the hell did?

Everything is fine. We are, uh, just clearing up a few things here. You sure about that? Yep, yep, I’m sure. Yeah. And if I could just have the key to our room, I will be out of everyone’s hair. What room? Harris’s and mine. I’m staying with him. Your name’s not on that lease, Avis. And no, I can’t give you a key, nor can you stay there.

What? Are you really that puritanical? You’re gonna police who can stay in whose room? No. This is personal, actually, after what you did to my sister, turning her life upside down. You can stay somewhere. Sure as hell won’t be under my roof. Okay, well we’ll see what Harris has to say about that. Yeah, I’m the landlord.

This is my pub. There’s all the rooms above it. I call the shots here, Ava.


Thank you. My pleasure.

Where did they find my phone? Out near where you found Chanel. I’ll go pick it up tomorrow. Does that mean you’re not angry anymore?

I don’t love what you did. But I get why you did it and I’m willing to let it go. Oh, bless you, eh? Besides, I’ve been more worried than angry. Oh, well, no need for worry either anymore. Everyone is fine and safe and I’ll soon be radiation free and home with my wonderful husband. I love you. I love you too, Abraham.

Okay. Get it? Get it? Yeah? Okay. Oh, wow. Wow, did you set this up? Yeah, well, the rooms don’t just come like this. Okay, well, you know what? It is a shame because they definitely should. This is just so romantic and lovely. And you know what? I think every hotel should come with a room that has rose petals and candles and champagne.

Yeah, well, I’ll make a suggestion to the manager, okay? And carry me over the threshold again. Well, Dr. Johnson said. To keep you off your feet. Oh, wow. You better be planning to keep me off my feet all night long. Oh, that is the plan. Okay. Oh, uh, wait, question. Um, you checked us in under Mr. and Mrs. John Doe.

Why? Well, you know, I thought after everything we’ve been through, it might be nice if no one could track us down. You know, no more unexpected surprises like back at the cabin. Oh. Wow, you really thought of everything, didn’t you? And, not to spoil the moment or anything, but seriously, how did you set this up?

Ah, it was nothing, you know, a couple calls to the concierge here and to the staff back at home. Some greasing of palms. Oh, and I almost forgot.

Are you gonna serenade me? Indeed, I am. Oh, God. Oh, how lucky am I. Not only do I have the sexiest man in the world, but he also sings and plays the guitar. Yeah. I can also play Chopsticks on the piano and Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. He’s multi talented. Okay, here it goes. Okay.

Baby, your love has been a savior. Every day without your touch is like a wrecking wheel.


and I find myself alone here,

but every time I see your smile, how the stones, they clear.

Well, I’ve been working this time say, me, honey, you and I, or so. That each mornin I wake, you’re the sun in my day. Each mornin I wake, you’re the sun in my day. Each mornin I wake, you’re the sun in my daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay So, honey, how was your first day? We haven’t even had a chance to talk, and I was really tired last night. Um Yeah, no, it went okay. I mean it’s a huge relief that all my classes are in the central building, so Well, yeah, that’s, that’s good. And since you are back in school, I’m returning this to you. What, so you can keep tabs on me?

I am giving you an opportunity to earn your trust back with me, young lady. And I hope and pray that you do.

You know, I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was about 19, 20. Really? Yeah. I was told that it stunts your growth. That’s so weird. I think it just gives me anxiety. Oh, great. Where is our waiter? Finn usually has the early shift and I haven’t seen her at all. You’re right. That is weird. You know what? Uh, I’ll be right back.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of April 15, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Nicole from Days


-The music playing in Nicole’s scene could be heard while Johnny and Chanel were shown.

-Brady could be heard talking to Tate while Holly was shown.

-If the weather was so bad, why were the people in Salem dressed like it was summertime?

-A police siren could be heard while Tate was shown.

-Theresa could be heard talking to Tate while Chanel was shown.


-The music playing in Julie and Johnny’s scene could be heard while Paulina was shown.

-Harris could be heard talking to Ava while Johnny was shown.

-Nicole could be heard talking to EJ while Ava was shown.

-Johnny could be heard talking to Julie while Paulina was shown.

-EJ could be heard talking to Chad and Xander while Johnny was shown.

-Julie’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.


-John could be heard talking on the phone while Sloan was shown.

-Konstantin’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-The music playing in Julie’s scene could be heard playing while Marlena was shown.

-Julie’s flashback could be heard before it was shown.

-How did Paulina get to the Horton cabin when the first responders couldn’t get there?


-Stefan could be heard talking to EJ while Wendy was shown.

-The music playing in Stefan, EJ, and Kristen’s scene could be heard while Alex was shown.

-The music playing in Alex and Theresa’s scene could be heard while Konstantin and Maggie were shown.

-Stefan could be heard talking to Kristen and EJ while Ava was shown.

-Theresa cried without any tears.


-Marlena could be heard talking on the phone while Chad was shown.

-Rafe could be heard talking to Jada while Marlena was shown.

-When did Konstantin have time to get Maggie a ring?

-Why would Maggie marry Konstantin if she wasn’t ready to accept his ring?

-Thomas could be heard talking to Stephanie while Marlena was shown.


Rafe from Days

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Days Transcript Friday, April 19, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Dad, you can’t just throw a wizard down like that. Why not, almighty grandmaster of this table? Because you’ll need that if I toss an energy card at you. Feels like you’re hustling me. No way! Look, a water with all health steps beats your magic type. Yeah, but wizards are all powerful, so That’s not how the game works.

Come on, Dad! I think calculus is easier than this, you know that? What’s that? I’m not really sure, to be honest with you. You’ll figure it out someday.

Hmm. Why is a wizard in play? You too? Uh, because I don’t know what I’m doing. Thank you. Help me. Please.

Uh, thanks, Kayla, for letting me know. Yeah, I will see you soon. Bye bye. Here you go, honey. So how is our boy Jude doing? He is out like a light. Couple hours anyway, right? Let’s hope so. And Kayla, everything okay? Uh, yeah. Yeah, everybody, uh, was rescued from the cabin. Now they’re all on their way to the hospital.

Good report. And the exposure to radiation? Just a moment. Uh, well, you know, Polina did her very best to distance herself. So it seems like everybody should be okay. I gotta tell you, I can, I can understand why she was compelled to go out there and find her daughter. But if she caused anybody to be sick because of her She’d be feeling a lot of guilt, wouldn’t she?

Yes, she would. Dill, it’s really rough to live with.

Hey, you know where to find state troopers in Montana? Hey, yeah, I was just updating the file now. So they checked the campground where Weston was allegedly sighted, but it was a mistaken identity. They scared a poor, innocent camper to death. Damn it. I thought that was a good lead. I know. It’s extremely frustrating.

But listen, I believe that between Clyde and Goldman, Yeah. One of them will mess up. Okay, I need to update our evidence log for our Vandal case. I’ll be right back. Man.

Commissioner. Hey. Any news on the manhunt? No. And even if there were, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you. Really? I’m sorry, just so I understand, the police commissioner is denying press access to the editor Denying you access. You. So until you do the right thing, and sign the divorce papers and give Jada some peace of mind, you’re not welcome here.

What has you so engrossed, Maggie? Oh, Konstantin, I’m, I’m going over the calendar trying to see a possible wedding date. Oh, I will defer to you on that. Oh, well, we can do it together. Uh, but first I have to contact my lawyer to, uh, to go over any kind of, uh, immigration paperwork that we have to deal with prior to the actual marriage.

I mean, to see if there’s, there’s time to get it completed before your visa expires. Right. Hmm. And I have something to offer you to express my, um, commitment to this arrangement. My, my profound gratitude for your help and, um, Generosity.

Oh my, it was my mother’s. I carry it as a, a aliman. And now I want you to have it

exams through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

Constantine, it’s beautiful. But um,

I can’t accept it.

It’s um, a ring. It’s um, I’m not ready. I’m not ready yet. I hope I haven’t offended you. You could never do that. What if I place this ring on a chain? Would it be acceptable for you to wear it around your neck like that? That would be lovely. Thank you. No, no, no. Thank you for this gift you have given me.

Maggie, though I cannot control what others may think, I hope you know that I will never take advantage of you. I swear on my grave.

I’m Victor.

Yes. Guilt can be very difficult to live with. I know that all too well. But sometimes it can have a very positive effect. Sometimes it can turn things in the right direction. But in your case In my case what? I don’t have any reason to feel guilty? Yeah. I don’t know, Doc. Let me think about this. There is a homicidal maniac out there running loose, and that’s because me and Oh, damn.

I almost forgot. I murdered an innocent young woman. John, please don’t do this. I know, I know, I know. I said I’m working on this. It’s just Such a damn struggle. I’ll

get his bottle. Yeah, he’s waking up. Oh, God. Oh. Oh, honey. Your grandpa John is such a good man. He’s such a fine man. He just, he really deserves some peace of mind. Stephanie! Oh, so glad to see you. Glad to see you too. Can you tell my dad? Oh, it’s that bad, huh? Yeah, that bad. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Ah! Here we go. You need a little spark if you want to stay alive.

Huh? Perfect. Thank you! Uh, you know what, Thomas, I am feeling a little bit hungry. You want to go get a couple chocolate chip cookies for us? Do they have them here? Yes, they’re on the Brady Bump menu now. They get them from Sweet Bits. Then it must be amazing! Yeah. I’ll get three. Sounds great. Thanks, Thomas.

I’ll be right back. Don’t cheat, okay? Don’t cheat? I couldn’t cheat if I tried. Ugh. Card. Yeah, it is. Uh, thank you for coming to my rescue. Oh, are you kidding? I miss playing this game. Yeah, where’d you learn to play? Back in Seattle. My brothers used to play it all the time. Everett taught me.

So, I heard, um, your brother Stefan’s out of jail. He showed up at EJ’s press conference. This morning. What’s going on? I don’t know. You got me. You know, other than reporting on it, I, uh, uh, I’ll do my best to, uh, you know, stay out of all the Demerian sanity. For the sake of my children, more so, and me, but I don’t know.

I don’t know why, why I can’t wait to get back into the Wharton house. Yeah, I want them to identify as Horton’s, even though Abigail’s gone. I’m gonna, uh, find my damnedest to make sure they do. I have nothing to say to you. There are other reporters at The Spectator. Send one of them over and I’ll be happy to comment.

Look, Rafe, I get it, okay? But what happened between Jada and I, It’s personal, alright? It’s a personal matter. So what you’re doing right now, it’s actually an abuse of power. Abuse? Yeah. You want to talk to me about abuse? After what you did to Jada? You lied to her, you cheated on her, you say you don’t even know who she is, and yet you refuse to sign the divorce papers.

What the hell is wrong with you?

What’s wrong with me? Yeah. Honestly? I wish I knew. I wish I knew. Okay, great. Well, if you’re looking for sympathy, you’re sure as hell not gonna find it with me. You treated Jada like crap during your marriage to her, you lied to her, and you cheated on her. And now? Now you insist that she is some kind of stranger, that you have never seen her before, and yet you, you refuse to sign the divorce papers.

Give her a chance so she can get you the hell out of her life. Do you say you don’t know what is wrong with you? I think it’s time to figure it out. Get the hell out of here. You’re done talking? Okay.

Oh, there you go. Well, He looks sleepy enough. Drank the whole bottle. I think you’ll be down for the night. You know, I’m really glad that Eric and Sloane agreed to let us babysit. I am too. Yeah. I love being with that little guy. Plus I, I think it’s important that Eric and Sloane have some time together, just themselves.

Yeah, yeah. So do I. So do I. You know, Doug, maybe I’m overthinking this a little bit, but I kind of got the feeling that Eric was distracted, like, uh, I don’t know, like he’s worried about something. Oh. Well, you’re not overthinking it. Eric confided to me that, um, they’re having some financial problems. Really?

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they’ve got a lot of expenses. Plus Eric’s photography business hasn’t quite taken off yet. There’s no problem with that. Maybe we can help them out a little bit. Yeah. Well, no, I don’t, I don’t think they’d let us do that, but we could help by spreading the word about his photography business and, and babysitting whenever they want.

And just generally telling Eric we’re proud of him.

Down for the night, huh? Yeah, well, I can be wrong. Yes, but also, rarely. I’ll get him. Thank you.

I’m glad I was able to find the chain. As am I. I am honored that you are now wearing the ring. Even if not on your finger. I was very generous of you to give it to me. At least, uh, I’m wearing it. I mean, especially since Since? Well, you know, since I mean so much to you and, and your mom, and as I said, I also feel like I owe it to you.

And by wearing the ring, I know it doesn’t make up for, for all that you’ve suffered because of Victor. It should not be your burden to make up for anything, Maggie. You are not responsible for what Victor did. I know that. But he’s not here to make amends. So I feel like I represent him. And, uh, no, nothing can ever take away or even lessen the pain of the loss of your precious daughter.

I can at least Help you stay in this country. Country you’ve come to enjoy. What I enjoy most is being with you. Your company. You’ve always livened my spirits. And you live on mine too. Well, that’s why I’m not willing to say goodbye to you.

You play this one. Thomas will win. Good. He loves beating me. I’m sure he does. I don’t know when he got so big. Blanket grows an inch. Well, he’s definitely taller than the last time I saw him. And he’s still such a sweetheart. Yeah, he’s a good kid. How’s it going at the Kiriakis house? Good, you know, bless Maggie for taking us all in, but it feels a bit like Grand Central Station.

Yeah, it’s a huge house, but Just feels like we’re all on top of each other. Oh, that’s a shame. Yeah. I feel especially bad for, uh, for Julie. You know, she wanted to escape the chaos and got stuck in a snowstorm on Smith Island. Oh, no. Yeah. The weather’s been crazy here. Well, weather’s been crazy everywhere lately.

It’s true. Here. I got three big ones. Amazing. Wow. Great. Thank you. Yeah, Stephanie and I were just talking about the weather. All the, uh, all the snow that Smith Island got. Mm hmm. Sounds weird, right? Oh, yeah. It was. Yeah, I know. We were, uh, we had plans to go to the playground, but, uh, it didn’t happen. Instead, we had to play countless games of hide and seek to try to wear this one out.

And I never got tired. Nope, you don’t even know the meaning of that word, Thomas DeMera. Wanna come over to the Jiriakas house sometime and play with us? You can help dad beat me. Oh, oh, well, sure. I would love to come and play with you. Great. What about tomorrow? Well, I think that might work. Okay. Okay,

I’m sorry if I overstepped, okay? It’s just It’s that guy, okay? I I just hate what he’s doing to you, and when I see him You’re a little crazy. Don’t apologize. I was actually going to thank you for defending my honor. Oh. Okay, well, in that case, I made it very clear that he is not welcome here until he signs those damn divorce papers.

And I appreciate that. I do. But, you know, I just, I’ve been thinking, like, Maybe I ought to just chill out about the papers. I mean, maybe Bobby will come around if we just stop pushing him, you know? And besides, it’s not like I’m in a rush to get married again. At least not yet. When you proposed to me, I must admit I was somewhat thrown.

It is usually the man that gets down on one knee, right? Well, I’m not sure that’s the custom anymore. Things have changed. I bet you and Victor had a big wedding, right? No, not a big wedding. It was here, in his house. It was very simple. Very much like my first wedding to Mickey. You know, you never talk about your wedding or your former wife.

Well, there is not much to say, actually. We, uh, we got married. We lost Katarina. We got divorced. I never saw her again. She disappeared.

That part of my life is the last thing I want to talk about.

Everett. Hi. Hey. Hey, uh, John. Hey, Thomas. Hi, Everett. Hi. Uh, how did it go at the police station? Dad, you promised! A word talk! I just got one follow up question, okay? And then we’re done. Why don’t you, um, why don’t you finish packing up? But we didn’t eat our cookies yet. Yeah, we’re gonna let, we’re gonna let Stephanie Everett have the cookies and, uh, we’ll stop at Sweet Bits on the way home and we’ll get a whole bunch of them.

Okay, sure. Um, so, did you get what you needed? Uh, I mean, there was nothing super exciting on the lot or just a, just a Graffiti fancies himself an artist and, um, Semi unproductive run in with the commissioner. Alright, well, you know, you’re not gonna get the headline worthy material every time. So, uh, you know, it was worth checking out.

Yeah, true, true. Good. Are you ready? Okay. Good night, Thomas. It was so great to see you. Good to see you, too. And you’re coming tomorrow, right? Well, uh We’ll have to see. Your dad and I will, we’ll check our schedules and, if not tomorrow, sometime really soon, okay? Okay. But I hope it’s tomorrow. Okay, see ya.

Let’s go, little man. See ya, Thomas. So, um, Care to share these cookies with me? I could use the company.

Yep, so could I. So,

how’s therapy with Marlena going?

Would you be comfortable having another hypnosis session and see if we can’t get to the bottom of some of these things? I’m sorry, uh, no. No more, no more hypnosis. No more, uh, digging. I don’t want to, I don’t, I, Some things are better left unknown. Excuse me.

Hypnosis is, is, is good. I think it’s, it’s really helpful. Um, and Dr. Evans really wants me to continue with it. And will you? Honestly, uh, I’m not sure. I see. And have you, have you talked to her about why you don’t feel comfortable signing those divorce papers? Yeah. I have, um, She has this theory that, uh, My subconscious is Hiding Feelings that I’m not ready to handle.

Feelings for Jada? Yeah, but I I’m certain that is not the case. Right. Well, I know Jada’s going through a lot herself, and so I really wish, for her sake and yours, you’ll sign those papers and set her free. Set yourself free, too.

I am sorry, Maggie, if I upset you. For not wanting to talk about your ex wife? Why would I be upset? I mean, it’s obviously triggering you. You know, there’s a lot of topics I prefer to avoid myself. But one I’m very comfortable talking about. My career. And I’m very pleased to say I’m returning to Titan. Oh, that is wonderful news.

You will be working with Alex then? Yes, I will. And I think we’re going to get along very well. If you will excuse me, I’m going to ask Cook, uh, if he has any more of those lemon bars left. Would you like some? Uh, that is, if the kids haven’t eaten them all. I would love some. Okay.

Where’s that damn thing?

Hey, Constantine. What’s up? I lost something that is very important to me. I could have sworn it was in my room, but it is not there. I am afraid it is lost.

Thomas? Do you know anything about that?

Jade, I didn’t think that you wanted those divorce papers signed so that you could marry again. I just I thought that you wanted them signed so you could get rid of Bobby Stein, this guy who has hurt you so badly. Well, yeah, that is true, obviously. I understand. It’s definitely premature to be talking about marriage.

Listen, I’m not trying to rush you into anything, okay? I just Hey, I just want you to be happy, okay? That’s all. I know. And you make me happy, right? I am very grateful for you. I feel the same way about you. I do. But, if I did have one complaint, it would be, yeah, I know, we don’t get to spend enough time together.

What? Yeah. Okay, we work together and we practically live together. Well, practically, right, but, I don’t know, that’s, I hate to say it, but it’s not enough. Oh, no? Mm. Because I love spending time with you. I do. I mean, I want to go to sleep next to you, and I want to wake up next to you, and I want to make breakfast with you, and water the plants, all of it.

Okay. Okay. But how would we do all of that together all the time? Right. Exactly. See, that’s it. That’s a good question. I think the only way that we could possibly do it is if we were to live together. But I already asked you if you wanted to move in with me, and I’m not really great with rejection. So, I am not going to ask you again.

Okay. Well, I think that you should breathe it out and ask again. I mean, you gotta take risks in life, right? And you know that expression, if at first you don’t succeed.

I understand why it would be so much easier if I just signed those papers. Believe me, I I want to. I think part of me is just afraid that if I do, I don’t know. But I see your point. Oh. Hello, Everett. Hi, Dr. Evans. Oh, you must be babysitting with a dude, huh? We are indeed. He should be asleep by now, but what are you gonna do?

So we thought we’d take him for a little stroll. Well, it is a nice night. Yes, it is. I’m gonna get some coffee, I’ll get you some tea. Would you two care for anything? I, I’m good. I’m good. Yeah, I’m good, too. Thanks.

How are you, Stephanie? I’m okay. I’m grateful that you’re helping Everett with his memory loss. We were just talking about your hypnosis therapy. I hope he continues. Alright, sweetheart, I got a little tea for you. Shall we take a seat? Excuse us. Well, I guess I should get going. Steph, um, would you come back with me to the Salem Inn?

Right now, there’s, there’s something I want to show you. Um, Okay, I have a work call in 30 minutes. It’ll be quick, I promise. Okay, then.

It was good to see you, John, Marlena. It was good to see you too, also. Have a good evening, okay? I love you. Okay.

I don’t understand. Why would you ask your son anything about the item I misplaced?

Um, we were playing hide and go seek and um, and I found Thomas in your room. I’m sorry. Thomas, did you move anything or take anything from his room? No, dad. Because if you did, now would be a very good time to return it. Dad, I didn’t. Okay. You’re sure? I am. Look, I’m, I’m sorry my son went in your room. But you have my word it won’t happen again.

And there’s no trouble whatsoever, Amit. Boys will be boys. Yes, they will. Um, which reminds me, I gotta go get your backpacks. I think there’s a permission slip in there I need to sign for your field trip next week. I’ll get it. No, it’s okay, I’ll get it. Why don’t you set up the card game for the final round?

Okay. Okay.

Before you set up that game, you and I have to have a little chat, Thomas. About my card. I have a feeling you took it.

You know, your father would be very angry with you if you lied. But if you return that card to me, right now, And promise to never go in my room again. He will never know.

So, what will it be? Thomas?

Everything’s going great. Yeah. He’s a little angel. He’s behaving himself beautifully. You know, you and Thomas are just Relax and enjoy yourselves.

Hey, hey, you know, now that baseball season is in full swing, I was kind of wondering, are you gonna be a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan? Why, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the Windy City has two ball clubs to root for. Yay! And as soon as you’re old enough to sit up and eat a hot dog, you and I are going to a ballgame, kid, and I can’t wait to do that.

Yep, you and I are gonna hang out at the ballpark together. That’s a fact. Well, I see you got him calmed down. I think he’d be doing me a favor. I’m telling you, Doc, holding this little squirt in my arms here, it just It’s hard to imagine there’s anything wrong in the world when you’re looking into the eyes of a smiling little baby.

It’s true. Life’s short, I don’t want to waste any more time feeling guilty, tearing myself down. Especially when I’ve got so much to be grateful for.

It’s in here, I promise. I trust you are telling me the truth. It would be very bad if that card were lost. Here it is. I found it. Thank you. Now you can go.

It is almost time to get what is rightfully mine.

So you think I should ask you again, huh? Well, like I said earlier, just because I turned you down the first time, I don’t know, maybe I see things differently now. Oh, differently? Differently how? Well, if I can be serious for a moment. Okay.

My failed marriage, you know, which you now know way more than I’m sure you wanted to. And before that, there was Eric, which also ended very badly, as you know as well, and they were just, they were just disasters, both of them. And I don’t know, it just, it just really got me kind of cynical, you know, about, about relationships in general.

And I just viewed relationships that they just, I don’t know, like men couldn’t be trusted. I just couldn’t trust them, and I don’t know, then you came along. And you’ve really proved me wrong. Wow. Yeah. Because you are such a sweet person. And you are loyal. And you’re honest and you’re kind. And you are sexy.

And I’m just so lucky to have you. You, Ray Fernandez, You’re my person.

And I think you should ask me again. To you. Uh huh. Alright. Jada Hunter. Yeah. Jada. The sweetest girl I’ve ever met. Who also is sweet and kind and loyal and sexy.

You want to move in with me?

Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Yes, I do.

This is what I wanted to show you.

You divorce papers? I don’t understand. I don’t know what, if anything, is next for you and me, Steph. But you made me realize that if there’s any chance for us, To be something. I have to clean the slate.

Did you witness this for me? Of course.

Uh huh.

Previously on When Calls the Heart I wonder what it says. We’re going to teach you to read braille. Oh, I’m so sorry. My fault. I know when someone’s up to no good. You should accept this fellowship. Faith, are you leaving Hope Valley? Life is more fun than surprises. I don’t, I don’t feel very well.

The night seems as restless as ever. While we await word of Ned Yost’s condition after his collapse.

Tea. With lemon and honey.

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Days Transcript Thursday, April 18, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Ah. Uh.

Hey. Hey, Tripp, honey. Ah. I see you’re all packed. Uh, yep. This is the last of it. Oh, and, um, I left you my meditation pillow. Something for you to remember me by. That’s not funny, mom. Come on, I’m just trying to lighten things up here. You’re so serious. Yeah, because I still don’t understand why you’re doing this.

Why you’re moving out. Baby, I already told you why. I know you did. But I don’t buy it. So, just be honest with me, please. What kind of trouble are you in now? Ah, Broski. Isn’t it a wonderful day to, uh, Ah, Broski. Uh, better make it a double. You mind pouring me one of those? You know, on second thought, I think I’m gonna have Harold run down to the cellar and grab the finest bottle of bubbly we got.

Oh yeah? What’s the occasion? Occasion? I just visited Gabby in prison and I’m feeling Pretty optimistic about the future. Oh, how romantic. Two criminal lovers. One incarcerated, the other having evaded justice. You’re not gonna bring me down today, Captain Cynicism. No, I have a new lease on life. Stephen, aren’t you supposed to be in jail?

Tell me it’s not true. I’m afraid it is. Oh, my God. What happened? Green Industries. They decided to pull out of the issue. They said it didn’t align with their brand. It was very last minute. Yeah, no kidding. I mean, they’re our biggest advertiser. I’m I have worked so hard to turn things around, Alex. I know you have, Theresa.

I’m sorry. Can we get Green Industries on the phone? There’s no point, Teresa. They’re out. And I appreciate everything you’ve done here, I really do, but the numbers do not lie. The magazine’s failing. Again. Well, there has to be something we can do. Like, maybe we can get a new advertiser to take some of the pages in the new issue.

It’s too late. There’s not going to be another issue.

As much as I hate to say this, I think we’re going to have to pull the plug on Bella. Today. Constantine

Melionis, will you marry me? Maggie! I, uh, I am speechless. It’s very unusual for me, as you know. I just want to help, Constantine. And I’m not ready for you to leave Salem. Nor am I, Maggie. I am so grateful for you and to the universe for bringing us together, but As time goes by Touched as I am in good conscience, I cannot accept your proposal.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Hi. Hey, Wendy. Hey, I’m so glad that I get to see you before. Yeah, it’s everything. No, I’m concerned about my mom, as you know, and I want to make sure that she’s moving out for the right reasons. Okay. I know what you two may be thinking, but I promise you, I am not in any kind of trouble. All right? And this move, it has nothing to do with the two of you.

You guys have been great. You’ve always made me feel welcome here. It’s just, I think it’s time that mommy was no longer underfoot, you know? I know. Okay, and it’s not like I’m shacking up with some stranger. I’m gonna be moving in with Harris. Kind of like we’re taking our relationship to the next level, you know?

Oh my god, glum face. All right, I’m just gonna be down at the Brady pub. We’re gonna see each other all of the time. All right, so please just stop worrying. It’s for the best. For everyone.

Hey guys.

Did our brother not tell you? EJ, our esteemed district attorney, cut a deal to keep me out of the Crossbar Hotel. And he was just about to return to me all of my worldly possessions that he tried to, with such zeal, purloin from me. Half eel possessions, Stefan. Do be accurate. Uh, why am I the last person to know what’s going on around here?

And what is this business about EJ trying to purloin your possessions? I mean, wouldn’t they be our possessions before you stole them from us? Okay, well, since we are in the business of being completely accurate, Gabby and I staged a very lawful takeover of our family run corporation. Spoken like a dollar store Gordon Gekko.

Oh, God. Wall Street? The movie? Oh, you guys are such jerks. All right, um, the point. So what? is actually going on here. Why don’t you ask our dear brother? All right. Dear brother? What are you up to now? Alex,

wait, please. Please don’t pull the plug on this yet. Please just give me a chance. It’s not gonna happen, Teresa. I spoke with the client for over a half an hour. They don’t believe that Bella can expand its circulation enough to make it cost effective for them. They already reallocated the funds and I did everything short of getting down on my hands and knees begging.

There is nothing more we can do.

Okay. Okay. You know what? It’s their loss because I’m going to find an even bigger and better multinational client and, and with our 10 year vision, I can Hey, hey. It’s not going to happen. And I admire the tenacity, I really do. But I mean, I’ve gone over all the numbers. It’s not economically feasible. Hey, we’re spending more publishing, Bella, than it even has the potential to make.

Even though I didn’t go to Wharton, I know that’s not a good thing. So I think it’s time to take the right down before it gets even worse. There’s no changing your mind. Sorry. Look, I wanted this to be a success story, too. I really did. But I think it’s best if we just take our losses and move on.

Okay, I get it. Okay. Hey, Teresa, it’s not the end of the world. I’m gonna get you another job. You know what? Don’t bother.

I quit.

You won’t accept my proposal? No, Maggie, I cannot. I would never want to put you in an uncomfortable situation with your family, your friends. Constantine, if my family and friends don’t approve, that’s their problem. That’s not mine. And yes, this will be a marriage in name only, as you know. But given all that you’ve suffered because of my late husband, well, I feel like I need to make amends on his behalf.

I believe that marrying you is the right thing to do. And if anyone disagrees, to hell with them. Oh, Maggie. I am so overwhelmed by your graciousness. And as far as the marriage being a name only, well, I will accept that. I would never ask anything more of you than you feel ready to give. Okay, then. Well, the only thing left for you to do is to say yes.

Yes. I accept your kind and beautiful proposal.

I will marry you. Okay. And here you go.

You’re awfully quiet. I’m just thinking. You mean worrying. About your mom. Yeah. Yeah, I am. I am worried about her, obviously. I mean, Between Stefan leaving her out of his confession, and then the sudden decision to move out, I think something’s up. In fact, I am, I am sure. But what is it? I mean, she quit the bistro, she, I mean, Wasn’t accused of any wrongdoing.

No, but my mom is just, you know, one thing after the other and just as soon as you think that she’s on the straight and narrow, it’s boom, something just blows up in her face. Okay, well at least she won’t exactly be standing by the side of the highway with her thumb out, you know? She’s moving in with an ex navy SEAL, current police officer.

She might be safer living with Harris. So, You know, I didn’t think enough about my mom. So, let’s talk about you. How was your birthday back at work? In a word? Terrible. Mmm, Yeah. Oh, this is nice, huh? It’s nice just being able to kick back and relax after hauling all of my stuff up to your room. I’m just glad we found a place for you, Yooka Laylee.

And everything else. Yeah, I was never worried. Well, I was kind of. I was kind of worried.

Ava. You and I, we, uh, we fit together. Perfectly.

Alright, so, what should we toast to? Do you mean, um, besides me being able to hog the blanket every night? Which I do not mind, by the way. Hey. At all. Good. So what do you think? Two, uh, fresh starts.

I don’t owe you an explanation, Kristen. Oh, well, that’s where you’re wrong, dear brother. I am a DiMera as much as you are. Not really, blood is thicker than water, right? Okay, that is Seven. That is a vile thing to say. You know, we may not share the same DNA, but I am every bit of a DiMera as you are. And let me guess, hm?

Since our dear brother, the oh so ethical district attorney offered you a deal and got you out of prison, I bet you got a great payment, didn’t you? What, the CEO job? Half the DiMera fortune? Oh, I must inform you, Stefan, that our public relations department will be releasing a statement from you that you are resigning from the company effective immediately due to your own personal failings, your being a convicted felon, your inability to right the ship, et cetera, et cetera.

Got it all figured out, don’t you? You befoul my reputation and you come out of this whole thing smelling like a rose with that smug smile. Well, you can certainly restore your reputation, Stefan, by, um Doing some volunteer work, perhaps? Working in a soup kitchen? Oh, better yet, you can finally figure out what you’re going to do with the bistro!

That ought to occupy your time, what with all the damage control you’ll have to do. Which reminds me Ava sent me a rather curt email informing me that she quit, not that that was any great loss. The place has been open for weeks. Anyway, good luck to both of you. Kisses.

Why would you quit? Theresa, what happened? It’s not your fault. If anybody’s, it was mine. Come on. We both know that’s not true. It is true, I’m the one who resurrected the magazine just to make a damn point. To Maggie. To prove that I knew better than she did. It wasn’t even so much a business plan, as it was like an ego thing.

And I also wanted to make my father proud. You know, since the magazine was named after Isabella I suppose I wanted to feel closer to him. Through his memory. Anyway, I gave you an impossible task, Teresa.

I really appreciate you falling on the sword like this, I do, but I could have done more. I was just so distracted with Tate and Come on, let’s just admit it, I was a charity hire. No, that is not true. Yes, it is true! It is! Even when I was coming in to work, I was, I was struggling. Mightily, you know that.

Theresa, come on. You had some growing pains. Who cares? You also had some great ideas and everybody here loves you. No.

I, I really, really do appreciate you, Alex, but I think that, I think it’s better for you and for everyone if I just find a fresh start somewhere else. Teresa. So. Teresa.

So we’re officially engaged then. We are indeed. Words cannot express what this means to me. I’m just, I’m just happy that I could help you, Constantine. Like I said, it’s, it, in some small way, maybe it’ll make up for, I don’t know, for what your rivalry with Victor cost you. It was not your responsibility to do that.

Nonetheless. Well, so now I just have to have a word with my lawyers to, um, find out where, how we proceed and the necessary forms that all that. And in the meantime, do you think we could keep this between us? Okay. Of course. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Okay.

All the pieces are falling right into place. For me to get exactly what I deserve. Now if I could only find that damn card.

Okay, now you’re going to tell me, what’s going on.

I thought it’d be a good distraction. You know, being back in the office. But I was a total mess, Tripp. Like, I was completely useless. I just, I had this tunnel vision the entire time. I was obsessed with trying to find a lead on Clyde. And? Oh, waste of time. No, I just kept falling down all of these internet rabbit holes, and digging up similar cases, and thinking that if I dug deep enough, if I just hacked into one more server, maybe I would find something.

But nada. Well, I think you’re being really hard on yourself. I mean, this was your first day back at work. No, I know, but I just had this fantasy that I’d be back at the top of my game. But every road I went down, they were dead ends. And then, and then, I’d pass by Goldman’s desk, and I’d see her demonic face, and then I’d get these heart palpitations, and I just couldn’t breathe, and it was like we were back in that tank.

I’m sorry. I hate being like this. I hate being like this. No, hey, hey, hey. You have, you have nothing, nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry that you had such a terrible day. Maybe, maybe you went back to work too soon.

Okay, but hey, hey, you’re not, you’re not at work right here, right now. So I want you to sit back and just relax, okay? And look, I know you know this, and I’ve said this before, but it’s anxiety. Actually, we were held captive, and it is totally normal. Yeah, I know. I’m talking to you, aren’t I? Maybe.

So, no toasting fresh starts. Look, I do appreciate the vote of confidence, but I just, I don’t feel like there’s going to be a fresh start until I finish this last task for Clyde. Okay. So what are we waiting for? Let’s go get the book. You got the keys, right? I do, yeah. Okay, so we’re gonna walk in, we’re gonna get the book, we’re gonna hand it back to Clyde, that’s when we capture him, we put him back behind bars, and he’ll finally be out of our lives for good.

Oh. Oh, Victor.

I hope I’m doing the right thing.

Hey, Maggie. Teresa! Um, Henderson let me in. But if now’s a bad time, then No, it isn’t. It isn’t. I’m always happy to see you, you know that? Is everything okay? Hmm. No, not really. But I figured since you’re my sponsor, maybe I could burden you with hearing about it. You’re never a burden. Now, come on. Let’s just sit down and you tell me what’s wrong.

Okay? Okay. Okay. Come on. Come on.

Okay. It’s about Bella. Ah. Alex and I decided to shut it down. Um, I’m sorry to hear that, but it’s not a surprise. It hasn’t been doing well. No, it hasn’t been. No. I can’t feel like a total failure. Well, you’re not. You’re not a failure. I mean, the magazine was doomed from the start. I tried to tell Alex over and over again.

No, I know. It was Barely successful back then, but But? But? Come on now. You did good work. You know that. And I’m certain that Alex is going to find you another job at Titan. I don’t want another job at Titan. What? I told him I quit. Why? Because I don’t belong there. Oh, of course you do. I don’t, I never did.

I was never qualified. The job listing was, must have x amount of years in research and has to have worked x amount of years for this and that and prefer a master’s degree and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I, I never, I never had any of that. I was just a charity hire. Stop it. You are not a charity hire.

For heaven’s sakes, you ran the magazine before? Yeah, and again, it was not successful back then. Far from it. So really, if I’m being honest right now, the only reason that I got the job is because I pushed myself on Alex. And there you go, running yourself down again. Come on, Teresa. Come on, Teresa. You can’t make a man fall in love with you.

Alex did that all on his own. Yeah, well now I’ve blown that too.

I really thought that everything was coming together. I thought I was going to be rich and successful and happy.

Turns out that I’m just a pretender.

Oh honey, stop that. Mm mm mm.

What am I gonna do with you? Teresa, you are capable, you’re smart, you’re driven, you have everything going for you. I know you’re feeling demoralized right now, but the truth is, this is all on Alex. Bella was a sinking ship from the start. And you know what? I’m gonna have a chat with Mr. Kiriakis. Oh, no, you don’t need to do that.

Oh, listen, after I talk with him, I’ll see you at the meeting tonight.

Okay, I’ll be there. Okay! Uh, now chill out, okay? Everything is going to be fine. Okay. Miss Donovan, may I have a

word with you?

Are you cold? Are you cold? You know, it’s a little chilly in here.

How’s that? That’s great. Come on, I can see gears turning in that beautiful brain of yours. What are you, what are you thinking about? Actually, I was thinking about what you said. About your mom, how she’s always finding trouble.

Intrepid. If she finds it again, I don’t think I can deal with it. With getting caught in the crossfire, I mean. Yeah, I couldn’t either. But that’s not, that’s not going to happen. She moved out for one thing. No, she moved across town, she didn’t move across the globe. Look, if she gets in over her head again, and we both know that’s bound to happen, you’re going to want to protect her.

And you should.

What are you What are you trying to say?

Oh, well, hello there, you two. EJ. Ava, I’m glad I bumped into you. I received your resignation from the Bistro. And? Oh, I passed it along to Stefan, who will be managing the Bistro full time henceforth since, uh He’s been bounced from DiMera Enterprises. Hmm. You know when he might be planning to reopen? I don’t.

And, honestly, I don’t care. But while you’re here, could you please give me the keys and I’ll pass them along to him?

Are you really gonna let EJ’s team rule you like that? Take over the business you worked so hard for? Well, the way I see it, I have no choice. Let’s either resign or get fired. Can’t imagine the board would love the optics of having a convicted felon for a CEO. Well, I can’t argue with that. What does that look for?

What? It occurs to me that you are a pardoned felon. Right, so? So, while I can’t be CEO, no reason you can’t. I like where this is going. I like it too. I like it a lot. Stephen! Have I told you lately, uh, how much I admire your ingenuity? Have I told you that I admire your openness to my ingenuity? That’s why we are going to make such a winning team.

We are indeed. I’m going to help you knock that CEO crown off EJ’s inflated head before it even lands. Oh, and then you can put that big, beautiful crown on my head. Alex,

Maggie, I’m sorry to barge in on you, but I just spoke to Teresa and she told me about Bella, right? And I know that you are just dying to say I told you so, so you don’t have to sugar coat it. Lay it on me. I just overheard you and Maggie having a little chit chat, dear Teresa. Please don’t tell me you were having a sudden attack of conscience.

Have you forgotten our agreement? God, it’s not like you’re holding up your end. Oh, but I am. Maggie Kiriakis just proposed to me. You’re lying. I am certainly not lying. But, uh, spreading the word is strictly verboten, no? We both want to savor our newfound status, uh, before letting the world in to, to share our joy.

Oh my God. God, I just can’t believe a woman as smart as Maggie could be gullible enough to fall for a con artist like you and think that you actually care about her. I do care about her and I most certainly care about her dowry as well. Yeah, no kidding. Listen, Maggie only stands to inherit half of Victor’s estate.

And we both know she’s already giving it away, like crazy, huh? And since we both set it up so that Alex will get the other half of the estate, huh? And since I am entitled to half of your spoils when you marry him Okay, you know what? Maybe I’m sick of the deception. Maybe this little agreement that we have just doesn’t work for me anymore.

Fine! Walk away, if you want, after you get the money. Or, Maggie will find out you kidnapped her precious little grandchild. Hey, that is because you blackmailed me, and you know what? If I go down, I’m taking you down with me. Don’t you play games with me, dammit! Stick with the plan, Teresa, or you will live to regret it.

Just tell me. Wendy, what did you mean about her mom? Just that Look, I know you are always going to be there for her. And you should be. You’re her son.

Family is very important to me, too. I, I, I know that. Well, earlier today I spoke with my dad. He’s finally starting to sound like himself. I mean, I mean, he’s taking an interest in his work, and he’s riding his bike, and he’s tending to his garden, and, and Even though he and my mom are still grieving.

Obviously. He told me that they’re both They’re both trying to get on with their lives. Wendy, that is That is such great news. Yeah, it is. But still, they’re both very fragile.

And the way that it affected them, when they heard about what happened to me, that they almost lost another child. I’m scared of hurting them again. I understand that. And to be honest, I’m just, I’m tired. Okay, I’m tired of always worrying. Of always having to look over my shoulder and just waiting for the bad things to happen.

I don’t have the keys to the bistro on me at the moment. And quite honestly, I would prefer to return them to Stefan myself. You know, cut out the middleman. Suit yourself. I was only just trying to save you and my brother the awkwardness. Or maybe you relish the idea of rubbing it in his face. You know, how he took the fall for your misdeeds and, uh, let you off scot free so you could run off with Harris.

Slippin made his own bed. Oh, nonsense. We all know that Detective Michaels here is the one who floated that deal to my brother. You know, the one where if he kept you out of the money laundering slash drug trafficking charges, That Harris here would not have my brother prosecuted for trying to kill him.

Personally, I think that was an egregious dereliction of duty. Sacrificing an open and shut case of an attempted cop killer to save one of Clyde’s minions. Ew. Says the man who made the deal to set him free. How’d he get you to do it? What’s Stefan holding over your head?

I take it you want The CEO position, yes? What do you think? I think you are highly ambitious. I think you are addicted to status and power. Not to mention, you enjoy pushing people around. So yeah, I’d say you are lusting after the position. And you would be correct. Now, let me ask you, what are you going to want in return?

Ha ha, ambitious honesty. Yes, you scratch my back ends. You helped me get Gabby out of prison.

Come on, Alex. That’s not my style to gloat or to say I told you so. I came here to congratulate you. To congratulate me? For what? On making the right decision, at long last. Oh. I’m also here to present another chance to make the right decision. Well, I’m listening. You and I have not always seen eye to eye, but we are the stewards of Victor’s legacy.

I want you to bring me back on a Titan. Now, Alex, I know the company has been struggling since Victor’s death, but I want to make it as successful as it once was. You and I, together, I believe we can ride this ship.

Most about this stupid little agreement that I never should have agreed to. The fact that you are lying to Maggie. She happens to be the best person that I know. I am fond of Maggie, as I said. But the thing is, under different circumstances, everything that Victor amassed should have been mine anyway. And soon it will be.

Okay, here’s just a little piece of advice for you, yeah? Once you do get that money, run. Bar. You know why? Because nobody in Salem is gonna want to have anything to do with you. Least of all Maggie. Fair enough. But there is a rather important piece of business that has cropped up since I have arrived. Oh God, I’m afraid to ask.

I will tell you anyway. An opportunity to avenge a great loss. But there is something I must find to make that happen. And I will not be leaving Salem until I do.

I’ve always considered myself strong. And Cool under pressure. I, I hate being afraid. Okay, Wendy, I keep telling you this. That fear is totally normal and healthy. It’s what’s kept us alive on the savannah for like a bajillion years, okay? Wendy, look at me. You are one of the strongest people I have ever known.

Okay, but even the strongest people at times feel fear and uncertainty. Okay, but you don’t have to go through this alone. I am there for you. Always. Okay, it’s gonna be okay, I promise. Okay?

Stefan’s got something on you. I don’t know what it is, but I’m gonna make it my mission to figure it out. Don’t you have enough missions to accomplish already, detective? Because, and no doubt I don’t need to remind you, I know the truth about your deal with Stefan. And I suggest that you and he, with all of your skeletons in your respective closets, stay on my good side.

Or your rather irregular activities will see the light. And at the very least, you will be an officer of the law. No more.

Oh, you want me to help you get Gabby out of prison? I mean, why don’t we just get a pair of shovels and go find Jimmy Hoffa? I mean, this is insane, Stefan! Well, you are just the littlest bit insane, so I’d say you’re overqualified for the job. Alright, even if I were tempted by this preposterous quid pro quo, how do you propose we go about this feat?

You got yourself out of prison semi recently, didn’t you? Come on, Kristen. You want to be head of the DiMera empire? You want to shake hands with prime ministers? Make big deals with tech magnates on private peninsulas. You got this. Do we have a deal? I’ll think about it.

Is Gabby innocent? Oh, I’ve never been more certain about anything in my life. Well, if she didn’t kill Lee Shin The simplest legal way to get her out of prison would be to find out who did it. Well, there’s not really anything simple about it. See, the police have exhausted their every lead, and my P. I. and I have come up empty.

Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. I will find a way.

Previously on When Calls the Heart Previously on When Calls the Heart I wonder what it says We’re going to teach you to regret We’re going to teach you to regret Oh, I’m so sorry I know when someone’s up to no good I know when someone’s up to no good You should accept this fellowship You should accept this fellowship Are you leaving Hope Valley?

Life is more fun than surprises. The night seems as restless as ever, while we await word of Ned Yost’s condition after his collapse. Damn. Damn. With lemon and honey. With lemon and honey. Thank you. In case you’re hungry, I asked Gustav to prepare some sandwiches for all. He should be ready shortly. That was very nice.

That was very nice.

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Days Transcript Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Hello, handsome.

That’s all I get back? That’s no way to greet a woman with fantastic news. See, my new client is over the moon. Impressed as hell with my, uh, Legal prowess, which means, ka ching!

Hello? Do you have any idea how much ka ching that might be? Babe, you don’t tell me you’re so worried about our money. Listen, how can I not? I’ve been going through our finances again. We’re having serious problems, Sloan. Constantine

Meliodas, that’s right. Mm hmm. I want you to scan public records and also look into

Hello, handsome. Oh,

that’s all I get back? That’s no way to greet a woman with fantastic news. See, my new client is over the moon, impressed as hell with my legal prowess. Which means Ka ching! Hello? Do you have any idea how much cha ching that might be? Baby, don’t tell me you’re still worried about our money. Listen, how can I not?

I’ve been going through our finances again. We’re having serious problems, Sloan. Constantine Meliodas,

that’s right. Mm hmm. I want you to scan public records and also look into birth certificates, death certificates, marriage license, church records, anything that can lead us to Constantine Sachs. Es Cristo. I really appreciate it, and I will anxiously await your call. Where are you, Ms. Melionis, and what If anything, do you know?


will find a way to stay, Katharina. To finish what I started. That is a promise.

Hands where I can see them. I need you to see something. And tell me what it means, and I will go away.

The card! It was right here! Where the hell is it? Hold me and let me get into a hazmat. Help

is on the way. The first responders will get here as soon as they can get through, until then we just have to sit tight. Damn it, Tim, where, where, where could she be? Oh honey, she could have slipped in the ice. She could be just turned around in the snow. Yeah, uh, visibility is pretty bad out there. She could have just lost the trail.

I just, I just came back to get the sled in case, in case she’s hurt or something. Look, I gotta get back out there and find my wife and I’m not coming back until I do. I don’t have to say this again, I know, but please be careful out there. Yeah.

Hey, Doc. John, I need your help. What’s going on? It’s Paulina. She’s gone. She was supposed to be isolating in her hospital room. Maybe they took her down for more tests? No, I checked the portal. She was meant to stay in her room until her radiation levels were low enough for her to leave. The nurse even checked the bathroom.

Her hospital gown and her robe were here, but there is no sign of her. Oh, geez. Now what that means That means Polia could be exposing people to harmful levels of radiation. My daughter is missing?!

Oh God, you heard me. Tell me the truth, Julie. How long has Chanel been missing? And where is Johnny? Okay, this is exactly what happened. Johnny went out to get some firewood. And he was gone a while, and Chanel thought he’d been gone too long, so she went out to find him. About ten minutes went by. Then Johnny came back with firewood, but no Chanel.

So, now Johnny’s gone out again to find Chanel. Oh, my lord. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I, I, I didn’t want to worry you because there’s no reason to worry. I’m sure the two of them are going to be just walking through that door any second now.

I’m so glad I caught you. Doug filled me in on everything. Please tell me that Chanel is safe. No, no, not yet. Uh, Johnny has just gone out to look for her again. What about the first responders? Well, they can’t get through. Uh, the, the road to the cabin is completely blocked. Oh, wait a minute. I I I think that’s him.

Listen, baby, I’ll call you back. I’ll call you back.

Oh, my God!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Paulina? Uh, stand back. Aren’t you supposed to be in isolation? Yes, yes I am, but I couldn’t sit in that room when my baby girl was missing. Well Johnny just went outside to find her. Well, what are we doing standing here? You go one way, I’ll go the other. Oh, right. So have you used this accounting system before?

Many times. Yeah? Well, I don’t know if it’s software or what, because it’s in the red. Well, are you sure we’ve considered, you know, the expenses of a newborn baby? Yeah, a hundred percent, because I’ve been extremely careful when it comes to that. Mind if I take a look? Yeah, sure. Okay.

Alright. And there is the problem. Honey, and this is how you solve it. What are you doing? Some of these entries are fixed and some of them are variables. Meaning? Meaning fixed expenses remain static for a set period of time. Oops. Whereas the variables will fluctuate. Yep, it’s really all just a matter of knowing how to navigate the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

It’s quite simple, actually, when you get used to it. If it’s that simple, then why are people still using accounts? Because people are lazy. Because for most people, this isn’t fun. But lucky for you, I don’t mind doing it. So, I’m going to sit here and work on it and you can let your brain just relax, okay? I promise, I’ll work it out.

Now, where is our beautiful baby boy? Um, he’s in the crib, unless he’s learned to levitate. Do not even joke like that. I’m gonna go get him, because I think we could all use a little Jude cuddle time, okay? Yeah, sure. Okay.

Mrs. Kiriakis, this just came for you. Oh, thank you, Ellie. Um Could you get me some more tea, please? Thank you, dear.

Is everything all right, Mrs. Kiriakis? No. No, I’m afraid it’s not.

John, anything? Not from Greece, no, but I just learned that Chanel Dupree is missing. What? Missing? Snowstorm. She and Johnny went up to the Horton cabin. Yeah, I knew that. Yeah, well, Chanel went out, never came back. Johnny called 911, the ferries aren’t running. First responders can’t get over the bridge until it’s plowed.

So he’s out there searching for her? No, not by himself. According to Public Works, our mayor, a. k. a. Paulina Price, has commandeered a snow plow and has gone across the bridge to Smith Island, so she’s out there looking for Chanel on her own. So that’s why she left isolation. Wow. We have to notify the first responders.

They can’t go anywhere near her. She’s radioactive. Is

he not the most precious creature you’ve ever seen? It’s amazing how settled down he’s become since the christening. Yeah, God works in mysterious ways, right? Yeah, he sure does. Maybe I should be more specific, and my prayer is to get more clients. You’re not so stressed about that, are you, babe? Look, I know that work’s been slow, but with the receivables from Steph and Damir, things are gonna look up.

I promise. Listen, I just don’t want you to have to carry the entire load. I don’t mind. Well, I do. You know what? I’ve actually been, I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I think I’m gonna start putting a little bit more focus into editorial photography. That’s a great idea. Maybe you can work for the Spectator.

Or Bella. Even though I think the Spectator will probably pay more because it’s daily versus monthly. And Bella’s launch kind of was a flop, I heard. Yeah, I heard that too. So why don’t you go and see if you can persuade someone at the Spectator that your brilliant photography is invaluable to them. You know what, I think I’m gonna do that.

Will you be okay with Jude for a few hours? Come on, of course. Good luck. Okay.


your daddy’s such a good man, Jude. He’s trusting and kind. Oh, but dear God, if he knew that you and Nicole were your real parents, he would have He would never trust me again, Woody. He would actually never want to have anything to do with me. We just can’t have that, can we? That’s why it’s our little secret.

So I can be your mommy forever. Is there anything I can

do to help, Mrs. Kiriakis? Not just the tea. Thank you, Ellie. Is it you who cleaned my room? Well, something very important of mine is missing. A red and black card, like a playing card, about this big. Have you seen it? Are you sure? Perhaps you threw it out. Or maybe you stole it. Constantine? How dare you talk to Ellie like that?

I am so terribly sorry for my outburst, Ellie. It was completely unfair for me to make that accusation. Yes, it was. Ellie has been a model employee for several years. I understand. But The card that went missing, it is of tremendous sentimental value to me. It is a memento I have had since the time my daughter died.

But again, I am terribly sorry. I should not have taken my frustration out on you. I’ll ask the staff if anyone has seen the card. Thank you.

I have never seen you like this. Constantine. You know how I am when it comes to my daughter, Catarina and a card. It is something that she carried with her when she wore her costume for a Procre the year she died. Pore. Yes, it is the Greek version of Mardi Gras or Halloween. I see. Well, the card is in his house somewhere.

We’ll find it. Thank you very much for reassuring me. I do apologize for the way I behaved. I am sorry for the way I have acted. It’s all right. Ellie obviously has forgiven you, and so do I. Maggie, you always have a way of calming me down. Well, I don’t know, um, how calm you’ll be when I tell you what I just learned.

What have you learned? Unfortunately, Constantine, it’s unsettling news.

All right. First responders have been notified of the radiation threat. Now, I offered to go up there myself, but they said, no, just just sit tight. We got a hand on this. What was Paulina thinking? Obviously she wasn’t thinking, Doc. Come on, she just went full Mama Bear mode and just put her blinders on.

This is like the plot of a bad B movie, you know? Except that it isn’t funny. Paulina is exposing everybody she comes in contact with to radiation. Obviously all she cared about was saving her daughter. And if anybody knows a thing about that, it’s you and me. I’ve been nearly losing Sammy, and then, uh, Doc, we’ve been there.

Yeah, we have. I remember those difficult times. We got through them, because you were strong. You were amazing. And you, you helped me stay strong, keep the faith. You kept me from falling apart. Funny. Because I remember you being the strong one keeping me together through the whole thing. No. Yeah. You got it backwards.

No, no, no. But I appreciate you thinking me that way. Thank you for the credit for being strong when I actually wasn’t. It’s cause you’re my person. And I love you with all my heart and I still consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth just to be able to be with you. Share my life with you, Doc.

Gosh, and I feel the same way. I’m just lucky you are so amazing. You are, actually. Might be wrong. I told you. Oh,

easy, baby. Easy. I can’t believe you came looking for me. I’m so, so damn relieved that I found you. You just sit, sit there on the sofa, okay?

Uh, when I first, first heard your voice, I, I thought it was the angels. I was hearing . Oh no. Just me. Oh, no. We don’t need the angels visiting you for a long, long time. Well, you are my angel. You’re on Earth. Oh. Oh. Chanel what’s was the whimper? , or when I heard that, I thought, yep, that’s my baby . I know that whimper.

Anyway. I think that I must have, uh, slipped through the snow and then got caught between those rocks. And I was trying to get out and I tried and I tried but I just couldn’t get through. And then I was, I was like trying not to panic. Yeah, shh, shh, shh. It’s okay now, baby. It’s okay, sweetheart. Hey, wait.

Mama, aren’t you supposed to be in the hospital? Yes, yes, I am. But, I, I, well. I guess I shouldn’t have left, but, uh, when I heard that you were missing, oh, honey, it was like, it was like the world suddenly turned dark. And, well, I just couldn’t, I couldn’t sit there and do nothing. I had to find my baby. I had to find my precious daughter.

You have a good nap, sweetie, while mommy makes a phone call.

Lady Whistleblower here. What can you tell me that’s either funny, raunchy, mind blowing, appalling, or ideally all of the above? Cut the crap, Leo. You know it’s me. Ah, yes, my friend, enemy, co conspirator wrapped up into one long legged grouchy package. To what do I owe the pleasure? Look, Eric sent his way over to the office.

Really? To see me because I’m such great company, not to mention a laugh riot and he can’t get enough of me? To ask about photography work. I was hoping that you could help him out. As much as I would love to work with your hunky husband. Also great company, though definitely not a laugh riot. We have a full time shutterbug on staff.

Leo? He needs this. And so do I. A bit of context, please. Oh, come on. You’ve got to be kidding me. You know what this is about. Finances. He wants to make more money. Well, Sloane, while I am flattered that you reached out thinking I have even a smidgen of power here, although I am certainly beloved and respected for being a great writer, I do not.

Listen, fairy godfather, I’m not taking no for an answer. So I need you to work some of that Leo magic, okay? Because you’re not only beloved and respected, according to you, of course, but no one knows better than I how persuasive and charming you can be when you set your mind to it. Oh, I do love it when you kiss up.

I’m counting on you, Leo. And remember your vow of silence with regard to certain delicate subjects, okay? Unless you want your wings clipped. Oh, and here come the threats. Just make sure Eric gets the job. Or else. Hold up, Miss Bossy Pants. I’m the one blackmailing you, not the other way around, okay?

I’m sorry, I gotta go. Leo!

This is a lovely surprise. Sorry, I didn’t call. No apology necessary. You are welcome here anytime, whether it’s announced, unexpected, or just plain random and spontaneous. Who are you blackmailing these days? Oh, who am I not blackmailing? That’s the real question. No, no, no. Blackmail is probably too strong a word.

It’s more of a tactic. See, some of my lady whistleblower sources need to think that if they don’t give me something really juicy, I’m going to print a nasty old blind item pointed right at them. Gossip really is a dirty business. God knows. Anyway, what’s up? Well, I was kind of hoping I’d catch Everett or Chad.

Just as long as it’s not Xander. Let me guess, but I’m going to do it Jeopardy style. This guy is throwing his hat in the ring at the spectator for any photography work he might be able to snag. Who is Eric? Hey! Eric. And that was the Daily Double. So, you are in the money, my friend. Aren’t you, uh No, I was kind of looking out to see if there was anything.

Job related. I, uh, just intuitive that way. Sorry to say though, I am here solo today. Xander and Chad are at that DA’s presser, and Everett, I believe, is still out trying to find himself. As we all are, of course, because to quote Aristotle, knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom. Right. But if you have a portfolio, or a link to a digital one, I would be more than happy to put in a good word for the father of my fairy godchild.

Uh, yeah. I can send you a link right now. Fantastic.

Oh, those poor kids. All they wanted was a mini honeymoon and they ended up with a blizzard. And now Chanel’s missing. Let’s hope they find her. It’s all we’ve been hoping for. I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad you’re not in Greece.

Doc, there are so many holes in my memory about what happened there and why. And now Steve is as determined to get to the truth as I am. He’s a good friend. And a great PI, so we’re on this, Doc. We’re putting feelers out there to try to find Constantine’s ex and see if she knows anything. Who knows? Maybe she was there when this whole thing went down.

Maybe, oh, I don’t know, maybe that’s the reason they got a divorce. Or maybe, or maybe what, John? Come on, just say it. Maybe you shouldn’t do anything until you’re prepared for what you’ll find.

Tell me Maggie, what is the bad news? I heard back from my legal team. And, uh, they tried every angle. Uh, but yet they did not find a path forward. To extending your visa. I see. I am so, so sorry, Constantine. No, no, no, no, no. Do not be sorry. You have nothing to apologize for. You’ve gone above and beyond. But to no avail, obviously.


Well, I’m going to miss the place. So very much.

And you, most of all.

I’ll miss you too. I was, um Hopeful that we could figure out something. You know, find a way for you to stay. I will go pack my bags.

Your Uncle Leo better come through. Otherwise he’s going to lose a lot more than his very godfather title. Link received. I will make sure Chad gets it ASAP. Like I said, I’ll do everything I can to help the father of my favorite little man. I appreciate that, Leo. Speaking of that little man, he gets more and more adorable by the day, doesn’t he?

I’m a bit pious, but, uh, I think he does. I know he does. Look, if you guys can ever squeeze me in for a visit, or if ever you need a babysitter again, let me know. I adore that little kid. Oh. I think he likes me too. No, he does. And you know why? He lights up when he sees you. Oh, you’re just saying that. No, really, truly.

I mean, he really likes being around you. Well, that makes my day. It’s too bad Jude is the only person in this town who lights up when he sees me, though. Come on, that’s not true. People tolerate me, which is different from being liked, of course. It’s not that I don’t understand it, I’m not exactly what you would call a great guy, you know?

Mind you, I have my moments, and I strive to be that. Well, decent, anyway. But I have a long way to go. And to quote Aristotle again, I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies. For the hardest victory is over self. So true. Yeah, so true.

I have to be ready for the truth of what happened in Aria. And, if you were my therapist and not my wife, I think you would probably be encouraging me to follow Mike Nutt here and not worry about something that hasn’t even happened yet. You had to use that one on me, didn’t you? It’s my guy from Greece.

Constantine Melionis married Elizabeth Sedaris. October 13th, 1970 in Adia, Greece. Call me now. We got it, Doc. Better make that call.

Hey, Paulina. Hey, it’s, uh, it’s Johnny. Johnny? Did you find her? No, not yet. But, Julie’s calling for help. Alright, and, uh, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Well, how long has she been missing? I don’t know, maybe 30, 40 minutes? My God! Oh, she’s out, out there in the snowstorms, cold, she could freeze to death!

Okay, but Paulina? Please don’t panic, alright? I will find her. I’ll search this whole island if I have to. You better! Oh, my poor baby girl. It’s a snowstorm out there. She’s cold and alone.

Oh, I can not just sit here and do nothing. Oh, Oh. Oh. Oh. Hey, Shelby. Shelby, it’s me. Yes, you need to connect me to the Salem Public Works. Now!

I shouldn’t have been that close to you, baby girl, when I brought you inside. Okay, well, it already happened, so there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. I pray to God it wasn’t a mistake. You were just doing what you thought was right, and just Happen to be a little radioactive it happens. Oh, I’m glad you can joke about it Seriously mama all joking aside You saved my life My god, I didn’t call Abraham.

I was so crazed. I bet he’s worried out of his mind When I saw that snow cloud I thought maybe someone had And they did Someone found you. Here I am. Are you okay? I mean, how, what happened? How did, how did you? Paulina? That was you. You were the one driving that snowplow. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from finding my precious daughter.

And she did. Oh, I was losing my mind. I’ve never been so panicked in my life. Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh, oh, it’s just, it’s her ankle. It’s probably just a sprain. But I did everything I could to, to be careful. But when Julie told me that Chanel Julie! My God! She’s still out there!

It has to be here! Dammit!

We need to talk.


come on Jude, please. All I’m asking for is a five minute break. Okay, two minutes. I know it was too good to be true. Every time I think I’m in the clear, something goes wrong. Just like my life. But it was all worth it, right? Right, Jude?

Thanks again, Leo. I am happy to help. Oh, I should probably grab this. Yeah, I should get going too, so I’ll talk soon. You bet. Hello. So, how’d it go? He just left. And? And I’m going to do my best. I will give the guy nothing less than a top shelf ringing endorsement. I’ll work every angle I can.

Thank God! Oh God! Oh God, it’s so good to see you! How are you? Me? Oh, I’m fine. Now I know how all the penguins feel when they’re marching across Antarctica. Thanks for that phone call, Johnny. Yeah, well, it’s a miracle that our phones are still even working. Yes. Yes, it is. But how are you? How are you, sweetie?

Um, you know what? Um, I am grateful to be indoors, and other than that, I think I might have sprained my ankle. Oh. Oh. Oh, I’m sorry about the ankle, but this is such a relief. Who found you? She was stuck out by that big rock area. Yeah. I was headed there when I saw the snowplow. Now, Paulina Drove it across the bridge to rescue Chanel.

I told you I was going to find my girl. Well, well, we’re all very grateful, I’m sure. But you should have stayed in isolation. Yeah, I know, I know. I’m still radioactive. Paulina, you expose all of us. I just hope to God you haven’t done more harm than good.

Well, I guess I was hoping this was all going to be good news, but We know how these things work out. Yeah. Uh, just tell your guys to keep on looking there, and as soon as they find anything, just Dios Cristo.

Before you share your news, I want to share mine with you. I just spoke to Abe. Good. They found Janelle. Oh, thank God for that. Yeah. She is safe and sound. Uh, just a sprained ankle. Nothing else. All right. Well, what about Paulina? Paulina is keeping her distance until the first responders arrive. I’m guessing your news isn’t as good as mine.

Unfortunately, no. All right, tell me. My source has found Constantine’s divorce papers. He and his ex both signed them right before she disappeared. Without a trace. Hasn’t been a sign of her since.

I apologize for the mess. It is a result of my profound frustration. I understand. Um, I’m sorry about Katerina’s card. None of the staff have seen it, at least not so far. Well, that is just another disappointment. Which does not compare to my leaving Salem and you, which is what I am most sad about, of course.

And, uh, our precious little Victoria. She is one of the very few people who actually likes my singing. Well, uh, lucky for her she’ll still be able to hear it. Perhaps over a video call, yes, but that is not the same. I was thinking, uh, in person. In person? I do not understand. How could that happen? Well, it’ll happen if you say yes.

To what? To my proposal. Constantine Miliones. Will you marry me?

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Days of Our Lives cast animated GIF


Days Transcript Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh, Nina, how you feeling? Oh, a little groggy. I can’t seem to focus on my work, on the TV, everything. I miss my family, my husband. Yeah, well, the fogginess is from the radioactive iodine, which is normal. Oz is missing your loved ones during the isolation. How are you feeling? Is the nausea still affecting you a bunch?

Some, yes, but the nurse gave me medication. Good, good. Bet your mouth is pretty dry, huh? Oh, I could drink a river. Oh, you should drink a river, please. I’m gonna touch your neck if that’s okay. Let’s just see how we’re doing here.

Do you have any soreness or neck pain? A little. So, how long till I can be released and get back to the real world? It’s like we talked about. It’s a minimum two day stay. It could be up to four. We’ll keep monitoring your radiation levels and as soon as it’s safe to release you, we will. And then you’ll, you’ll have to take some precautions for about a week before you can fully enter the public life.

Ugh, Phil. No wind in sight.

There you are. What happened? Hey, yeah, sorry, I, uh, took so long. The, uh, Chomped wood out back was wet. I think the, uh, the tarp must have blown off during the storm last night. So, I had to go down to the shoreline and find some dry wood. Oh, great. Where’s Chanel? Huh? What do you mean? I, I, isn’t she here? I don’t know.

She’s out looking for you, Johnny. Well, I haven’t seen her. Oh my God. Where could she be? Uh, how long ago did she leave? About ten minutes. Okay, then she can’t have gone far. Um, I’ll call her. I’ll just call her. I’ll let her know that I’m, that I’m back.

Oh no.

Yeah, this is the last of it. You know, I, I moved in here just in October. I swear I did not have all this stuff when I moved in. Yeah, well we’re gonna have to shoehorn this into my place. And I don’t, I don’t think I can bring furniture. What? I’m just not gonna fit. No, come on. Maybe just, um, my reading chair?

Okay, I’ll see what I can do. Thank you. I don’t know. I’m glad to be getting out of here. Because the trip in Wendy? Yeah, I just don’t want them caught in the line of fire again now that Clyde’s still in my hair. God, I just, yeah, I can’t believe he wants another favor with this damn black book. I just, I wish I was there when he, when he called you.

Yeah, well, hearing his voice makes my skin crawl. I’ve been trying to track his location, he hasn’t left any trail. It’s cause he’s a reptile. He’s stealthy and lurking about, just waiting to strike. Yeah, well I’m pretty sure I’ve had more stealth training than that guy. And he’s definitely underestimated who he’s dealing with.

Yeah? You or me? Both. But I’m the one who’s gonna bring his ass to justice.

What the hell was that? That half hearted apology. You didn’t even mention Tate and his family. I did, just before you arrived. Well, it wasn’t much. AJ, I thought you were genuine about this, that you wanted to make amends. I did exactly what I said I would do. No more, no less. Well, it was a lot less, because the press has barely arrived.

You want to bury this, don’t you? Are you even sorry that you locked up Tate? Or are you just embarrassed that you have to make a public apology? Darling, I have a very busy day today. That family is lucky to even get an apology on a morning like this. I just had a hearing with the judge over this whole Stefan fiasco.

Well, how did it go? The judge said that they will take the plea agreement under advisement, which means I have no idea yet if the court is going to accept or reject the deal. And darling, I really do have to go. I have a lot to deal with and I have no time or interest in dealing with the press. Okay.

Press is here. I’ll be hungry, bro. Cause you’re about to eat some krull.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

For you, justice is putting Clyde behind bars. For me, it looks a little different. You know, the last time I saw Clyde, I swore I would slit his throat. He tried to kill the two men that I love most in this world. I’m not gonna let him hurt Tripp again. For you. Or you. You know, I like you better alive. Yeah, so do I.

What if I can’t find this damn black book? You know, I don’t, I don’t even know where to begin looking for it. I worked at the bistro for months. I know every single inch of that place. I never came across it. Okay, we just, we have to, we have to have a plan. We can’t just bust in and tear the place apart. No, no, no, no.

Okay, so we’ll map it out. We’ll do an organized search. Yeah. I’m just glad I’m not doing this alone. And I’m just glad you told me about Clagg’s call right away this time. Thank you for trusting me. There’s no one that I trust more. Well, now that I’m in on this from the start, we can be clad at his own game.

He wants you to find Gil’s black book, we’re gonna find it. And we’re gonna give it to him. And then we’re gonna take his ass down.

I know, the isolation is kind of a drag. But, you’re gonna be back with your family very soon. And this whole ordeal is gonna be over. I know that Abe is missing you. And Chanel and Johnny are gonna be back in a couple of days. They’re up at my family cabin in Smith Island right now. Mm, yeah, I know. Chanel told me all about it.

Oh, a little honeymoon getaway. Yes, it’s very sweet. Johnny was, uh, very excited to surprise her. Although I don’t think the snowstorm was what they were expecting. More of a winter wonderland than a spring fling. Exactly. I just hope they didn’t lose power and have enough firewood. I mean, we have plenty of firewood.

Warm blankets, and cozy clothes, so I’m sure they’re gonna be just fine.

Damn, okay, uh, Chanel doesn’t have her phone, which means she can’t call us, we can’t call her. So, what are we going to do? I’m gonna go out there and find her. Honey, you circling around looking for her, her circling around looking for you, lost in the snow, it’s the last thing we need. Right, okay, yes, but, I’m taking my phone, obviously, okay, so, if she comes back, you call me, and if I find her, I’ll call you.

I’ve got 80 percent battery, I’m gonna pull up a map, make sure I know where I am in case I stray away from the cabin. Well, let me make you a thermos of something hot you can give it to her when she’s so cold, you know? Uh, only if you hurry. Oh, yeah, I’ve got the Coca Cola already made. Just take a minute.

Too late, gentlemen. I just wrapped up the press conference after my office’s public apology to Master Black and I was just discussing how well it went with my wife. Isn’t that right, Nicole? That’s bull and we all know it. You’re unbelievable. Sung a press conference early to avoid the press. That’s not a good look, D.

A. DiMera. Oh, spammy direction. Now get out of my way, news boy. Yeah, not so fast. You’re a civil servant and as members of the press in the city in which you serve, we have a few questions. More than a few.

Why don’t you start by telling us what we missed? Did you apologize to Tate Black and his parents? An apology was given, the family was here, the matter is resolved. There’s got to be more to it than that. What exactly did you tell him?

What’s the matter, you don’t want to stand by your husband while he’s getting grilled? That is not my job, he runs his own office. Right. So, why would he start the press conference early? He didn’t want the press here? Honestly, I have no idea. Were you here for it? Just at the end. And I’m really not interested in talking about this.

How’s Holly doing? She’s okay. She goes back to school today, so I’m just crossing my fingers that all goes well. Well, I hope so. For both of you. How have you been holding up? Alright. I’m at a crossroads, I think. You know, I’ve been taking care of Holly for almost a year, and um, Now I just don’t know what to do with myself.

You know, I thought I’d be raising my little boy, and, I’m sorry. Well, God has other plans for me. I just, I don’t know what they are yet.

Was the family satisfied with your office’s apology? Yes, completely. Now really, I must be going. What about Detective Michaels? Any progress finding a shooter or who set me up? The Salem PD’s investigation into Detective Michaels is ongoing. My office has been giving its full support in the search for the perpetrator who gunned down one of our brave men and women in blue.

We will keep you apprised of any developments. Oh, well, here’s Detective Michaels. Now, excuse me, the D. A. here is attempting to answer my question about the status of the police investigation into your shooting. Any leads, Detective? Is your department any closer to finding the actual shooter? Well, um, you know, a public statement about that case or any other investigation should come from our police commissioner.

Well, what about Clyde Weston? Where are you in the search for him? We’ve initiated a nationwide manhunt for Clyde Weston and his accomplice. Oh, I see. A beyond the lookout alert is a nationwide manhunt. All leads and tips will be investigated. I like this. Let’s go grab a coffee.

Look at that.

My office just sent me a transcript of E. J. DiMera’s press conference.

The drug crisis has a strangled hold over our fair city. Blah, blah, blah. At times we must err on the side of caution. Blah, blah, blah. This was the case with Tate Black as District Attorney of Salem. It’s my job to follow the evidence and prosecute those who have wronged our community. Sometimes the system doesn’t work that way, and for that I offer my apology.

Oh, what is he doing? Oh, so smug. Sleazy! This is not the way that you apologize to a wrongfully accused teenage boy! Your heart rate is rising. Maybe we can finish working a little bit. I guess I’d better. We can dive into all of Salem’s problems later, but for now I just want you to think happy thoughts.


It’s Paulina. Check your divorce file? No, if we don’t answer she’s just going to start to worry and she’s just going to keep calling. Okay. Hey, Paulina, how’s it going? Johnny? Where’s Chanel? Uh, she’s, uh, she’s, she’s in the shower. I just, I saw it was you, so I wanted to pick up. Didn’t want you to worry, you know.

Oh, well I am worried. I heard there’s a storm out there. Everything okay there? Yeah, yeah, no, everything’s, everything’s great here. Uh, how’s isolation? Boring. Uh, but, uh, fine, I guess. I’ll get through it. Sorry to bother you. Didn’t want to interrupt your, your honeymoon. Just checking in on you two. That’s okay.

No, it’s, uh, it’s not a problem. I’ll tell Chanel you called. Yes, please, please. Tell her to call me after, um, the shower. Bye. Will do. Bye bye now.

Okay, I’m gonna go find Chanel. Paulina will never be the wiser. We don’t need to worry her with this. She’s been through enough already, okay? Right, right. Okay. Johnny, be careful out there.

St. Anthony? Patron saint of lost souls and lost things. Please help Johnny find Chanel.

Julie, this, this is a really special place you have. Yes, it is, and it’s been wonderful for the family, always such beautiful memories. And on bad weather days like this. My grandparents always had plenty of board games and puzzles for us. Sort of like the, the time capsule. The what? After the fire at our house, we found a time capsule that my grandparents had left for everyone.

And we think it must have been something to challenge the new generations, you know, like a puzzle. It is getting colder, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah, um, you know what? I’ll go help Donnie. Oh, honey, you don’t have to do that. I’ll be right back. I know, I know. But still, I think that two hands will bring back more firewood for us all.

Very practical. Thank you. Thank you, darling. Be careful out there. Paulina,

it’s Julie. Julie? Why are you at the cabin? Well, I just wanted a little overnight getaway. You know, just take a break from the house. And, uh, and I had no idea that Sarah had told the kids they could use the cabin for, for a little honeymoon. Oh, you had to stay there because of the snow. Exactly. Exactly.

And the roads are all blocked and nobody can get out. Even the ferry has stopped service. Oh, well, uh, where, where’s Chanel? I told Johnny to have her call me after her shower. Ha, but it’s the sweetest thing. They decided to take advantage of this weather. And the two of them are out, playing in the snow. Oh, well, well, I hope they, they dress warmly.

Oh yeah, yeah, I, I bundled them up, nice and toasty. Um, all right. Well, just please tell her to call me. Yeah, yes, yes. Bye bye. I’ll have her do that. Bye. Um, I’m sorry that you were put on the

spot like that. Yeah, yeah. Alexander questioning you and all. Comes with the territory. Can’t blame him when he wants to know who set him up. And my shooter is his link to finding out. Honey, I hate all the trouble that I’ve just brought you away. Clyde did that, not you. Yeah, but it made things complicated.

You still covered my ass. Yeah, I used Stefan to help you, and I would do it again. Look, Stefan’s a little weasel, but he was under Clyde’s control, like you were. And not for long.

I really do have to get going. How much time has the DA’s office recommended that Stephan DiMera serve as part of his plea deal? Considering you guys are family, any nepotism or conflict of interest would be very interesting for our readers. Oh, and yet here you are. Questioning me? Isn’t that a conflict of interest, little brother?

And in regards to the Stefan DiMera case, there was a hearing this morning. The outcome has yet to be decided. Now, while Stefan’s attorney gave it her best go, I am quietly confident that he will serve justly for his role in the distribution of tainted narcotics throughout Salem and the surrounding areas.

Actually, I already have.

Doug, darling, I am taking deep breaths. Well, Johnny’s out looking for Chanel and the moment he comes back with her and the roads are plowed out I’m gonna get the hell off this island Of course, of course, I’ll be careful darling it did hang on It’s Paulina again, can’t this woman give it a rest

Johnny said I had to pick it up, otherwise it would be much worse if she went to voicemail. Honey, hang on, hang on, just hang on a second.

Me again! Julie, what is going on out there? And where’s my daughter? And my son in law? Uh, just let me check. Darling? Darling, it’s me again. Uh, listen, I need an excuse for Chanel’s not answering Paulina. I can’t tell her the truth. Listen, if she finds out that her daughter’s missing, the woman will panic.

Well, honey, if you can’t come up with any Listen, I gotta I gotta take this. I’ll I’ll call you back.

Paulina, you’re not gonna believe this. You’re damn right I’m not. My daughter is missing. Oh, God, you heard me. Tell me the truth, Julie. Now, how long has Chanel been missing, and where is Johnny? Okay, this is exactly what happened. Johnny went out to get some firewood and he was gone a while and Chanel thought he’d been gone too long, so she went out to find him.

About 10 minutes went by. Then Johnny came back with firewood, but no Chanel. So now Johnny’s gone out again to find Chanel. Oh, my lord. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I I I didn’t want to worry you because there’s no reason to worry. I’m sure the two of them are gonna be just walking through that door any second now.

Well, there they are. Where is Chanel?

You surprised to see me, brother? Sorry to steal your limelight. And, uh, how did this happen? Judge followed the law, agreed to time served, and I’m a free man. That’s it for today. No more questions. Thank you all for coming. EJ. EJ, we’re not done here yet. Did you advocate for your brother’s release? He’s not going to answer.

Let’s go talk to Stephen. Hey, uh, do you need me? There’s somewhere I need to be. Uh, no, no, no. Thank you for coming. I got it. Sure, but honestly, my motivation was to grill EJ about who set me up. He doesn’t seem very interested in finding out who’s behind it. Or who shot Michaels. Well, I’ll let you know if I find anything.

This is unbelievable. I’ll catch up with you later, mate. So you wound your way out of prison. How’d you pull that off? You son of a bitch. Start talking, now.

Hey, you made it. How’d the press conference go? I don’t know. What a joke. EJ called the conference before the press even arrived. We missed most of that slimeball. Did you confront him about your case? Yes. No news on that front. I wouldn’t hold your breath for anything to change there. The whole thing was bizarre.

Why? What happened? Well, get this. Stefan DiMera showed up. What?! He’s in jail. Not anymore.

You allowed Stefan to go free. How could you be so reckless? Me? You covered up the ID of your own shooter to cover for this slippery snake. Someday you’ll regret that. Speaking of which, how’s Susan doing these days?

What is your problem? You are my problem. You are my daughter’s problem. You helped put those drugs on the street that almost killed her. My God, those pills could have slipped through your hands. You know what? I get it. Holly is not a Demira. But she is family. You and I are family. Nicole, I feel terrible.

About what happened to Holly and I never intended on anybody getting hurt I only allowed those drugs to get picked up and dropped off the loading dock and that was under the threat of bodily harm to my wife You have to believe me when I tell you I had no idea those drugs were laced with opioids I Only did what I did to protect my wife.

That is it and I am so Sorry Well, you should be apologizing to my daughter. But you’re not going to because I don’t want you anywhere near her. Well, that may be difficult since we live in the same house. What? Oh, don’t be too sure about that. Hey, hey, hey. Are you okay? I, I, I don’t understand this. Chad, how could that loser be free after what he did?

I know Clyde was putting the screws to him, threatening Gabby, but he could have told the police or EJ or anyone. Someone could have done something. Because Stefan thinks he can handle everything on his own. Okay, well he’s handled it brilliantly this time. I know. I’m sorry. Why? You didn’t do anything. I know, but that’s my family.

And that should have never happened.

Paulina called again? Yes! And she knows that Chanel is in the sink. I just called 911.

Hey, Paulina, hey, it’s, uh, it’s Johnny. Johnny? Did you find her? No, not yet, but Julie’s calling for help. All right. And, and, uh, and I’m, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you sooner. Oh, well, how long has she been missing? I don’t know. Maybe 30, 40 minutes. My God. Oh, she’s out, out there in the snow storms.

Oh, she could freeze to death. Okay, look, Paulina, please don’t panic, all right? I will find her. I’ll search this whole island if I have to. Well, you better. Oh, my poor baby girl. It’s a snowstorm out there. She’s cold and alone. What? Oh, I cannot just sit here and do nothing.

Hey, Shelby, Shelby, it’s me. Yes, you need to connect me to the Salem Public Works. Now!

So, um, Um, Looks like I won’t be paying a visit to Stefan at the jail today, after all. But didn’t Stefan confess to helping Clyde run drugs through the Bistro? Yep. Then how the hell is he out of jail? He must have made a deal with the judge. I mean, look, he’s a demerit. Can’t be surprised that he played dirty.

Maybe there was blackmail involved. This is so wrong. You have no idea the amount of ODs I have seen come through the hospital. Holly wasn’t even close to the worst of it. There’s lives being destroyed, families are grieving. It’s unbelievable, I mean, Stephan helping to poison his own town. Maybe EJ finagled a deal for him.

You think he got him out? I mean, it doesn’t seem like they care too much for each other, but You know, these DiMeras, they’re shady tricks, who knows, right? But Stefan, he was up to his neck in this mess with Clyde. I just can’t help but wonder if maybe he did play a role in making it seem like I was the guilty party in Harris shooting.

What if he did? Believe me, if Stefan was involved in throwing me under the bus, There’ll be hell to pay.

You are not your family, Chad. You bear no responsibility for what Stefan did. Quite the opposite, actually. I mean, you wrote that article about Stefan working for Clyde. No, Everett Lynch dug up that story. He’s the one that wrote it. Okay, but you published it and you didn’t have to. You put your family’s dirty laundry in the headlines.

That says so much about your integrity. Well, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, Nicole. Haven’t we all? Look, you did the right thing. And I, you know, I remember when I was a TV reporter, And we had decisions that were hard to make, some tough calls. Wait a second, you were a reporter? Yeah, I mean a really long time ago.

Oh gosh, I remember those days. I loved it so much. You know, chasing after a story and figuring out how to tell it and working against the clock. Every day was exciting. Don’t get any ideas about reneging on our deal, brother. After that pathetic performance in court this morning. What deal? You signed over everything to me.

And you agreed to give back half. How can I give you back half a house? Shall we grab some chalk and draw a line through the center of the mansion? No, forget the house. DiMera, you and I go back to running DiMera together as co CEOs. I don’t think the board or the shareholders will want that. They will not want you back.

You’re a convicted felon. They made it very clear that it would not be a good idea for the company or you. Fine, you’re CEO, but I get everything else. I don’t think so.

You didn’t happen to tell Chad. About our little deal, did ya? Or Kristen? Certainly not. Good. Because I’d hate to see anybody else try to get their paws on what’s mine. You said earlier that your blackmail is better than my blackmail. You’re wrong. You see, EJ, if you don’t hold up your end of the deal, and give me back what’s rightfully mine, I’m gonna tell Nicole that you knew drugs were being moved through the bistro.

And that I came to you for help, and you refused to do a thing about it. You wouldn’t. Wouldn’t I? EJ, if Nicole finds out That you could have prevented Holly’s OD. She’ll never forgive you. And you know it.

Are they coming? Help is on the way. Uh, those first responders will be here as soon as they can get through and until then we just gotta sit tight. Damn it. I mean, where, where, where, where could she be? I’ve been everywhere. She could have slipped on the ice. She could have just gotten turned around with all the snow falling and Yeah, yeah, the uh, the visibility is pretty bad.

She could have just, she could have just lost the trail. Right. I just, I came back to get the, the sled in case uh, In case she’s hurt or something. I gotta get back out there and find my wife. What do you mean it’ll be hours before you can clear the bridge? Yes. Well, I realize that it’s still coming down, but that is not acceptable.

I’m the mayor of Salem and you will have the head of your plow crew call me immediately. I need you to understand that you are my mother, and I love you, and I need you. So don’t you dare talk about leaving this planet any time soon, because I will not put up with it. Do you hear me? Oh, alright, baby, alright.

You have officially gotten through to me, okay? I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Yeah, you should be. Oh, well. Okay, how about this? Promise, I will not leave this planet for a very long, long time. And, in fact, I’m gonna go in there tomorrow and kick cancer’s ass so hard they won’t I don’t even know what hit it. That’s more like it.

Now I love you. Hang on, baby girl. Mama’s coming.

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Days Transcript Monday, April 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Oh, good morning, beautiful. Hey, take a wild guess what day it is. Besides our honeymoon? Yeah, just take a wild guess. Tax day? Technically, yes, but take a wild guess. Yeah. I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me? Uh, okay. If you insist. Today is national take a wild guess day. Oh man, they have a day for everything now.

What’s the next, sleep on the couch day? No, actually it’s kiss your new husband day. Oh, really? Yeah, so.

And would you believe it? Today also happens to be get naked in a cabin day. No, isn’t it? Yeah.

Oh no, I did it again. I’m not here. I’m invisible. I see nothing. I’m going back there. Carry on.

Penny for your thoughts? Take a wild guess.

Mwah. Good morning, darling. You’re up early. Yeah, I actually went for a run. Just needed to clear my head. And did you? Well, um, the cold air felt good, and it certainly woke me up. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how I’ve spent the last few months of my life. And now grieving for our son and almost losing Holly and then going through recovery with Holly and, and now what?

I mean, what do I do now? What do you want to be next? I don’t know. Well, the good news is you don’t have to decide this very minute. Think about it. Take your time. It’ll come to you eventually. Yeah. Well, Holly and I are going to go to the press conference and then I’m going to take her to school. I was hoping it’d be a snow day.

Oh, I’m sorry, sweetheart. The storm just missed us and school is still in session. But be thankful you’re not on Smith Island. They copped the brunt of it. And getting back into a routine will be good for you, honey. I guess. So, um, last night I wrote my apology letters to Tate and his family. But, how am I supposed to deliver these if I’m not allowed to see him?

Come on, you gotta eat up. We gotta get going soon. Not that hungry. Tate, I get it. I know you’re anxious. You got the press conference this morning at school. I’m not that anxious. Good morning! Morning. Everybody ready? I know I am. Oh, I can’t wait for that Mr. Big District Attorney to eat crow publicly. Oh, I’m so, so, so terribly sorry.

I never meant to treat that dear boy Tate like a criminal. I’m such an idiot. I don’t think EJ’s going to admit he’s an idiot. Well, a girl can dream. So, who else do you guys think is going to be at the press conference? Who will?

Okay, I think I’m up to speed. If you choose to move forward with my services, I can represent you at today’s hearing. Though I have to say, this is, uh, unusual. Case, saying as though you’ve already worked out a deal prior to engaging an attorney. That’s a very bold move. Hmm. What can I say? I’m at the mirror.

Fearlessness is in our DNA.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Oh, good morning. I’ll get you a cup of coffee. Uh, no thank you. I’m not going to be a third wheel on your honeymoon any longer. I’m leaving. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re not going anywhere. Why not? We’re snowed in. It’s April! Until further notice, the Smith Island Ferry will remain docked, and the bridge closed due to heavy snow and debris.

I’m trapped in a cabin with two hot little newlyweds.

Please eat your breakfast. You got a big day ahead of you.

It’s gonna take more than one bite to humor me. Tate, look, we do have something important we have to talk about. God, all we ever do is talk things important. Just listen, please. Your mom and I, we know that it’s inevitable that you’re gonna see Holly at school. Just keep your distance. Right. If you see her You keep walking, okay?

Under no circumstances are you to hang out with her. Otherwise, go directly to jail. Do not pass code. Do not collect 200. Okay, Mr. Smart Alec, there’s not gonna be a get out of jail card if you let her drag you down again. I’m not trying to punish you. I’m trying to protect you. Oh, from Holly, the teenage werewolf.

Yeah, well, if the fangs fit. Okay. Mom. You understand what we’re saying, right? Yeah, I get it, okay? Well, we hope so. Because that girl, she’s trouble. I will be damned if she’s gonna screw up your life.

Honey, those letters are starting to look a little crumbled up from your backpack. Do you want me to hang on to them?

Sure, I guess so. I’m really proud of you for writing these. I know it couldn’t have been easy. It was fine.

And are you ready for your speech? Can’t wait. It’s every district attorney’s dream to have to issue a public apology for the wrongful prosecution of a minor. I’m really sorry you have to. I did what I did because I was sure you never would have taken those drugs on your own. You proved me wrong. Gee. I wonder why I did it.

Oh, maybe it’s because my life isn’t as perfect and smooth sailing as everyone thinks. I’m on my third stepfather, and FYI, your last name, it comes with a whole lot of baggage. Is that so? Yeah. Aiden Murrah helped put those drugs on the street. Stop it, okay? Do not blame EJ or me for this. You made your choices, you have to live with it.

Whatever. Alright, you know what, honey? Please, just Get all your stuff and let’s go. I’m sorry. She’s lashing out at us, but deep down she’s just mad at us all. Oh. Uh, I have to take this. Yes? Now? That’s highly irregular. Fine, I’ll be there. I have to go to a meeting, but I will not be late to the press conference.

Okay. I’ll see you there.

And in this meeting, or rather Stefan’s hearing, I will present the judge with such a weak argument that she will be appalled and have no choice but to reject. My plea agreement.

Some would call your behavior rash, Mr. DiMera. He who represents himself as a fool for a client. But see, I’m not representing myself, I’m hiring you to represent me. A little late, but okay. First things first, let’s discuss my retainer. Ah, not so fearless on that, are we? Let’s just say that my finances are, uh, in flux at the moment.

Well, as you pointed out, you’re a Demira. Funds are at your fingertips. Except that my access to those funds is temporarily on hold. Mm hmm. You know, suddenly I’m not feeling so confident about this arrangement. Wait, wait, wait. Please. We will pay you handsomely. That is a promise. But also, from what I hear, you can benefit from representing me because your practice has slowed down.

Quite a bit. Uh, you are gravely mistaken. My practice is flourishing.

But with no payment up front, it’s going to cost you double on the back end. Agreed.

Not so fast. I have questions. Ask away. Your brother made you a very sweet deal. Why do you need me? Because the deal is only sweet if the judge signs off on it. And you’re worried EJ might try and wiggle out of it? I know my brother. There’s no way he’s not going to try and double cross me.

Well, what are we going to do? What can we do? We’re just going to have to rat it out. What? At least we still have power. No television, but we do have Wi Fi, because they rewired the whole island a couple of years ago. And there’s plenty of food, so you might as well have some of the breakfast that we made.

Oh, thank you. I, I feel terrible. I feel like I’ve just invaded your honeymoon like Genghis Khan. Oh, I know. After we all have breakfast, you can go out in the snow and frolic. Make memories. We, we didn’t pack anything for a snowstorm. Don’t worry about that. I got you covered.


Mom, I get it. Okay, you’ve, you’ve told me a million times I won’t hang out with Holly. But, uh, Good. Just keep your distance and focus on making good choices. Yeah. Okay. But, can I talk to you about, uh, something else? Oh, this isn’t about a car, is it? No. Not yet. Uh, but, but it is about, uh, making good choices.

Like you said, being responsible. Um, I want to start working here at the pub again. And, and before you say anything, it’s good for someone my age to be working, being productive. And, and, and I still have to pay you back for the damages to my old school. Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Look, just let me finish, okay?

You’re, you’re starting back up at school again. You’re still catching up. You really need to just stay focused on that. Okay, Mom. But, no. Tate, I’m with your mom on this one. Okay, I think you should focus on your school work. Summer’s right around the corner anyway. But I already talked to Uncle Roman and he needs me.

I’ll be helping family. That’s important too, right? It’s, it’s good for someone. I know. If it gets to be too much, I can just quit. Mm hmm. And I’ll tell you what, we’ll table this discussion for now. Because today we need to focus on

So glad you could fit me into your schedule. Busy day? Let’s get this over with. What the hell do you want, Stefan? Ah, want. Need. So many things. Really. Let’s start with today’s hearing, though. Yes, I was surprised to get a call that it had been moved up to today. My attorney arranged that for me. Your attorney?

Why do you need an attorney? Because my life is on the line, EJ. Now, you may be my brother, but you are also the district attorney who is prosecuting me. And let’s be honest, I don’t trust you. Not one bit. Feelings mutual. See? So can you blame me? EJ, I need somebody on my side who doesn’t stand to benefit from sending me to prison.

Considering my very generous offer, you’re wasting time and money on legal representation. Let me worry about that. But yes, your offer is very generous. It’s a win win for both of us. You get to brag to the citizens of Salem how you saved them from a very costly trial by finagling my plea deal, and I get the recommended sentence of time served.

Yes, I’m familiar with the terms, since you blackmailed me into agreeing to them. Yes, I blackmailed you using a recording that I made of you incriminating yourself. Not to mention winning a very high stakes chess game. Let’s not forget that. But EJ, yes, we are family at the end of the day. And as my brother, I would hope that you will return my half of the DiMera funds upon my return home.

Home? You think you’re coming home? Oh, I know I am. Because if I don’t, you’ll pay. Huh?

Dammit, what are those two doing here? Um, honey, why don’t we go to Sweet Bits instead? Mom, it’s a small town. This was bound to happen. We can’t just run off every time it does. Well, we can run off now because I told Tate’s parents that I supported their decision to keep you two apart. And I am not going back on my word, okay?

Let’s go. Wait, my letters. I could hand them out to them since they’re all here now. Are you sure that’s a good idea? Um, well, you’re the one who said I need to make amends. So what better way to do it than in person? Won’t it mean more that way?

I suppose you’re right. Here.

Miss Donovan, Mr. Black. Tate, I wrote each one of you a letter. I was hoping it’s okay if I give it to you now.

See? We always keep extra clothes up here, just in case. So glad you do. Yeah, yeah, they’re really nice. They fit really well. Nice and roomy. Well, I’m gonna call Doug, and you kids go out and play!

Are we five? Are we five year olds? Hey, let’s just make the best of it, okay? Okay, fine. What else can we do? Hey, look, I do want to do over on this honeymoon, and I want it to be somewhere nice and hot and tropical where I can wear a bikini. And I can take it off you without Julie walking in. Let’s go. Get out!

Okay. Your Honor, as you’re aware, our city has been plagued with a drug epidemic that has destroyed lives, torn families apart. It’s been an uphill battle. But, with the information provided by Mr. DeMere in regards to his business arrangement with Clyde Weston, the police have been able to cut off much of the pipeline of drugs into our fair city.

Our, uh, office has cleared several cases, and by doing so, Salem is now a safer place to live. Based on all this, the state agrees that time served is a fair sentence and in the best interest of all parties.

You’re joking, right? Of something of this importance, I would not. Stefan DiMera is your brother. This Plea is the epitome of nepotism. Considering the nature of the offense and taking into account the best interests of this community, I must say, I am appalled.

How was it? It was cold, but we actually had a lot of fun. We made snow angels. Yeah? Yeah, and then I got stuck in mine, and I couldn’t get back up again. And I tried to bend down and help her, and then I fell. We both got stuck. Yeah, and then we were just both on the ground, upside down, like some upside down turtles.

Oh, what an image, what an image. Well, listen, once you warm up, what do you say we have a nice game of charades? Charades, huh? Oh, I haven’t played charades since. I actually don’t think I’ve ever played charades. Oh, darling, you’re gonna love it. You’ll just love it. I’ll make us hot cocoa. And as I remember, Grandpa Tom always kept some, some rum to spike the cocoa with.

There might be cognac, too. Yummy.

Dear Tate, I’m so sorry for everything I put you through. I promise I’ll do better. I want to be the kind of person who deserves someone like you. But, next time, I’m keeping your sweatshirt. Just so I have something of yours to keep close to me.

My hero.

Well, thank you, Holly. You obviously understand how your actions are important to us. I do. And we do appreciate the letters, don’t we? Yes. Thank you. I feel like we’re finally coming to an end of this situation. For that, I’m very grateful. We are too.

Just so you know, Holly, These letters that you’ve written here do not change how we feel about you hanging out with our son. We understand and we will continue to abide by your wishes, right honey?

Your Honor, all the required documentation is included here in this file. It’s clear the people have spoken not to my satisfaction. This plea does not support the interest of the public, nor does it sufficiently address the nature of the offense. Your Honor, may I approach?

May I refer you to the affidavit prepared and sworn to by the Attorney General’s office? It includes a breakdown of all the cases resulting from the information that Mr. DeMera here provided on Clyde Weston’s criminal enterprise. Thanks to my client, you’ll note the many incidents resulted in the seizing of narcotics.

Thank you. That’s all well and good. But Mr. DiMera shouldn’t get a free pass just because this Mr. DiMera doesn’t want to prosecute his brother. Your Honor, as citizens of Salem, we are all much safer knowing that my client curbed the enterprise of a well known drug kingpin. He did so under extreme duress.

Mr. DeMera’s wife was assaulted and under constant threat from Mr. Weston’s associates while in custody of our state’s prison system, which obviously failed to protect her. Mrs. DiMera suffered severe injuries, including a broken leg, because her husband refused to take orders from Clyde Weston. These additional crimes will add years to Mr.

Weston’s prison sentence upon his recapture. Whenever that may be. I’m confident that the authorities will apprehend Mr. Weston. In the meantime, time served is a reasonable sentence, considering all that Stephen DeMere has done to make amends.

I’ve heard from both sides. And while you may have expected this court to accept this plea agreement, here and now, and enter it into the record, in the interest of justice, I’m going to take this under advisement. My clerk will notify you when I’ve reached a decision. Mr. DiMera. The guard outside will escort you back to your cell.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to court. Your Honor. What’s this

mean? It means we wait. I’ll check in on you a little later, okay? Thank you for advocating for me today. I appreciate it. Thank you. Okay.

What was that? What? What? You were going to let her throw out our agreement. That was not the deal. You deliberately presented a weak case. You wanted her to be involved. I did exactly what we agreed upon. No more, no less. We are both beholden to the justice system. I don’t make the rules. Whatever the judge determines is based on her own discretion.

Okay? Oh, so that’s it, huh? You think I’m gonna let some funky judge ruin my plans? It is out of my hands now. Is it? Hmm? Maybe, brother, I didn’t destroy the only copy of that tape. Oh, I wouldn’t put it past you, so, so take this in. I am more than happy to reveal who shot and nearly killed Detective Michaels.

You would not. Oh, try me. So why don’t you get your ass and go back to your cell and keep your mouth shut like a good little boy. My blackmail trumps your blackmail any day of the week. I am sides. I still have a binding agreement. Turning over all your wealthy possessions to me. See you in a few years. O broski

flat. It’s, it’s a box. It’s a flat, flat. You’re un, you’re op, you’re unscrewing it. You’re opening it. You’re ouch. It was hot. Hot. It did it. It’s a, is it a stove? It’s a stove. Cat on a hot tin roof! Yes! Oh! You’re really good at this. Oh, you’re too kind. You guys need a break. Gee, the fire’s getting pretty low, isn’t it?

Ah, fear not. I will go out and get us some more firewood. Oh, thank you, Johnny. Thank you very much. You got it. Thank you. Watch out for the bears!

He’s really a lovely guy, isn’t he? Oh, yeah. I will definitely have to agree to that. Yeah. So, I know he’s been standing by wonderfully for you during your mother’s illness. Yeah, he’s been amazing. And Paulina. How is she doing, really? Tell me. She’s getting better. Um, she’s going through radiation right now, which requires complete isolation, so you can imagine how much she’s loving that.

Yes, I can. But if it’s radiation, that means she’s in the homestretch. Yeah, that’s what we’re hoping. Julie, this, this is a really special place you have here. Yes, it is, and it’s been wonderful for the family, always such beautiful memories. And on bad weather days like this, my grandparents always had plenty of board games and puzzles for us.

Sort of like the, the time capsule. The what? Oh. Well, after the fire at our house, we found a time capsule that my grandparents had left for everyone. And we think it must have been something to challenge the new generations, you know, like a puzzle. It is getting colder, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah. Um, you know what?

I’ll go help Johnny. Oh, honey, you don’t have to do that. Oh, I know. He’ll be right back. I know, I know. But still, I think that two hands will bring back more firewood for us all. Very practical. Thank you. darling. Uh huh. Careful out there.

You feel any better handing out those letters? Yeah, I was kind of nervous, but I’m just glad it’s over now. Well, I think it’ll help you heal. And make better decisions by understanding that our choices can have severe consequences. I know. Mom, I’m so sorry for everything. I never want to hurt you like that ever again.

Thank you, honey. I love you so much. I love you too. What the hell? What? What is it? It’s nothing. It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. Nothing? You wouldn’t react like that if it was nothing. Let me see that. Let me see. Today’s the day the pill pushing dirtbag comes back to school, bets on when he slips H. J.

some more dance fever and she O. D. ‘s again. Dance fever? It’s slang for opioids. Who wrote this? No, some jerk. It doesn’t matter. Well, you know what? After I drop you off, I’m gonna go and have a little conversation with the principal.

Um, please, just don’t make this a thing, just not today, okay? All of this, all of this is gonna stop once EJ makes the public apology. Alright? It’ll be all over the news. Yeah, well, teenagers don’t watch the news, do they? Well, it’ll die down. My mom and I just saw the post. They’re being really unfair. Yes, they are.

Well, I just want to let you know once I get to school, I’m telling everybody that what happened was completely my fault. It had nothing to do with Tate. Corey, thank you. Um, sorry. We’re, we’re gonna get going. The press conference is gonna start. Okay. Uh, we will see you guys there.

As District Attorney of Salem, it is my job to follow the evidence and prosecute those who have wronged our community. It already started? What are we, late? Sometimes the system doesn’t work that way, and for that I offer my apologies. I, I, I guess E. T. ‘s early. I will continue to try

to make Salem a safe a snowstorm in the middle of April. Where are the kids?

Chanel? Johnny? You out there? They’ve been

out there too long.

What do you mean, what was that? The press conference, per your demands. You started before the press even got here. That is not what we demanded. The press is right there. Are you kidding? That’s your PR guy, EJ. This is not an acceptable apology. It is what it is. Take it or leave it. Excuse me? Dad, just let it go.

I don’t care. Well, I care. No, it’s over. It’s done. Hey, let’s just go. I don’t want to be late on my first day back to school. Mom, come on. Tate, okay. We’ll leave. I want a written copy of that apology sent to my office by the end of the day, okay? Go tell Bob. He’ll give you what you want. Uh, Tate, I am, I am so sorry.

Brady, Teresa, I had no idea EJ was gonna do this. And I know it’s not what you wanted, but I do know that EJ is very sorry for everything that Tate went through. And he’s just not very good at apologizing. Oh, fool. Poor EJ. Okay, I know it’s not an excuse. But our whole family, we are really sorry. Thank you.

Let’s go.

That does it. They’ve been out in the cold too damn long. I’ll just go out myself and Walk around the cabin and Hey! Oh! There you are! Johnny! What happened? I, uh, it just, uh, the wood out back was wet. Oh. I think the tarp flew off in the storm. And so I had to go down by the shoreline to find some dry wood.

Good. Looks great. Yeah, yeah. Where’s Chanel? What? Isn’t she here with you? No, Johnny. She went looking for you. Well, I haven’t seen her. Oh my god. Where is she?

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