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Teresa Donovan. As I live and breathe. Hello, Stefan.

It’s been a while. Welcome to the bistro. Oh, delighted to be here. So I take it you have everything you need? Indeed, I do. Your staff has been And just so you know, this is a celebratory mocktail. Okay, uh, uh, what are you celebrating? If it’s your birthday, I can have the waitstaff come out and sing you a song.

Nah, no, no, no, it’s not my birthday. I’m actually celebrating moving into the Kyriakos Mansion. Or Kyriakos Domicile, as I prefer to call it. It’s a little less pretentious that way, don’t you think? Uh, it is, it is a mansion, Theresa. It’s a mansion. Yeah, I know, it is pretty enormous, isn’t it? And Alex and I practically have a whole wing to ourselves.

Oh, you moved in with Alex, huh? Mm hmm. Yeah, we just left our crime department just a few days ago. You know, we had the servants unpack for us. So we’re all settled in. Lucky you. I know. Lucky me indeed. So Alex, tell me, oh, oh my god, did you, uh, wake up this morning and, uh, just come straight to my bed from Teresa’s?

Would it bother you if I said yes?

Maybe. Would it bother you less if I told you I got a present for you? It might help. Well then.

I stopped by the jewelry store. On my way over to you. While I was walking through the square. Oh my god, Alex. That is beautiful. I saw it in the window the other day, and uh, it made me think of you, so I went back and I bought it. That’s gorgeous. Yeah, I really like it. Uh huh. I love it. Let me just show you how much.

You’re up early. Did something happen?

Yeah, we just got a major break on Weston.

He’s being stoic, but I know that he’s heartbroken. Yeah.

You love that little boy, and you love being a father. God, I’m just, I’m so glad that you’re there for him, Roman. He really, he needs you right now. Hmm. Okay, I will check in with you. Thanks. Bye. This

is just heartbreaking. So heartbreaking. So you prefer to sleep during the day? Is that it, little one? Or perhaps you’re just still adjusting to your new home? New family? And is that why you were up every hour on the hour last night crying your little heart out? Well, don’t you worry. That’ll change as soon as you start to settle in with your mom and me.

You may have also noticed that I’m not using your name anymore. Well, that’s because I don’t want you to get used to it since we’re going to be giving you a new name. Once your mother and I settle on something more suitable. You see, Jude DeMirra doesn’t work for me. Not at all.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

How much do you want to bet that’s Maggie right now? I’m wondering why the hell I’m not in the office. And why are you not in the office? Isn’t that obvious? Okay, listen Alex, as much as I enjoy lying in bed with you all morning, if my brother Titan’s vulnerable. He’s sure to take advantage. He’s always watching.

Let him watch. He can’t touch Titan as long as I’m in charge. Well, my God, this woman’s extra persistent. Maggie, come on. Oh, damn, I’m late for an appointment. Okay, well, you know what? Then go. We’re just getting started. You gotta get to work.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.

Speaking of luck, you were certainly born with a proverbial silver spoon in your mouth, huh? Being a DiMera and all. Your point. Why would you choose to run this, oh, so very popular bistro? Because, Teresa, I never leave anything to chance. And, if you’ve been paying attention, you’d know that my inheritance has changed hands quite a few times.

That explains it, then. And yes, I admit, it has been a little Slow here. Slow? It’s empty. It’s early. Our lunch crowd hasn’t trickled in yet. And, in fairness, we did just lose our GM, and Ava had a knack for helping people feel welcome and at home. Me? I’m just the money guy. Right. Well, sounds like you need a new manager then.

One with all those people skills you just talked about. You’re probably right. Maybe I do.

So the ISA teamed up with Naval Intel and I just heard this from Andrew Donovan. They cracked the code in Clyde’s black book. That’s amazing. I know. Well, how, how did they do it so quickly? I don’t know. These guys are pros. Andrew said they found a list of dealers, their numbers, and that they’re forming a multi agency task force to track them all down.

Oh my god. That’s fantastic. Yeah. And the best part of this? Three of those dirtbags on the list are local. Andrew gave me their information. I’m telling you right now, one of those guys is going to lead me to Clyde.

Okay, so for the record I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but here take a look do you think

Yeah Looks pretty good. You know, I had to learn the hard way, though, at Bella, that SEOs for job searches are incredibly specialized. Yeah, well, DiMera’s marketing department usually would take care of that stuff for me, so Oh, God. Job searching. I’ve been doing that ever since I left Bella. It’s just so cold now, you know, with all the computers.

There’s like, nothing personal about it. Exactly, and that is not the way I operate. I’m a people person, believe it or not. I would like to put an emphasis on social connections. Camaraderie.

You wouldn’t happen to know somebody perfect for this job, would you?

Come here. Wow, what is this? Is this some new fetish of yours? Good morning, Kristen. Alex. Hey, Jay. Well, you have great timing, you two. There’s breakfast in the kitchen. And would either of you be interested in meeting my son? Uh Your son? I’m sorry. I actually am running late. Maybe some other time, though. I gotta, I gotta go.

I’ll see you guys. See ya. What? Ahem. Oh, yes, well, I thought I heard a baby crying last night. Figured I just imagined it. No, no, no, you were not imagining. There was certainly a lot of crying last night, poor little fellow. I think he’s still getting used to his living arrangements. Is it? Okay, let me, this is your, your son.

Do you have a minute to sit down? It’s a long story.

No way am I staying behind, Harris. No, you know what? You listen to me, okay? I am the one who helped you track down Clyde. I am the one who sent the email with those photos. And I sure as hell did not come all this way to sit on my ass. Okay, we don’t want to take the chance of tipping Clyde off. Okay, please remember who you are dealing with here.

I’m not an amateur. I know that, but the DEA, the FBI, we’re all going to be following the same leads. If we tip Clyde off, he’s going to panic and he’s going to get out of town. Yeah, and he’s going to be caught off guard, so he’s bound to make some mistakes. That’s true, and he will be running scared. And that’s when I’ll take him down.


was the last time this motel was remodeled? The 60s or something? Yeah, maybe not even that recently. Well, beats the monastery, I’ll tell you that. Although I don’t understand what Harris is doing, dragging me all the way out here in the middle of nowhere just to do nothing. Doesn’t make sense. He didn’t.

What do you mean he didn’t? Well, I just got a text from him. He’s got a new lead. Oh yeah? What? So apparently, Goldman is supposed to go to the post office today to pick up some package. Yeah. So he wants us to go there and stake it out in case she shows up with Clyde. Well, that’s odd. I don’t know, he was pretty adamant about us staying here, so Yeah, well, that was before we got the new information, okay?

Harris can’t be in two places at once, so We’re up. Get dressed. Okay, cool. Ahem. Well, no one comes to mind for the manager position, but what I think you could really use is a PR firm to help you get your reputation back on track. You know my cousin Stephanie, she is fantastic. She runs SJPR. I know Stephanie Johnson.

Ava and I brought her on to rep this place before things went south. But I’m gonna need somebody who is on site and I don’t think Stephanie would be interested in that. You could ask her. I could. But before I do, before Bella went south, did you have any part in the Brady family restaurant dynasty? Well, the Bradys are my family.

Right. Obviously. And I have spent my fair share of time at the pub, so I don’t know, does that make me part of the restaurant dynasty? Sure does. Huh. Okay, well then I guess I am. Why are you asking? Because I think this ad was written especially for you.

Sorry I’m late, Dr. Evans. Only by five minutes. Yeah, right. It’s a good thing that office sent out the reminder text. Got us slightly distracted. Yes, well, distractions happen. Yeah. You cancelled your last three appointments, though. That’s right. Uh, and that will never happen again, I swear to God. Things have just been very, very hectic at Titan recently, and it’s kind of hard to find the time, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Is there something you want to talk to me about? I had something on my mind, yeah. Okay. I’m listening. Okay, well, um, as you know, originally when I came here, it was, um, to put my Playboy ways behind me. Right? Yeah. At that time, I was pursuing Stephanie. That didn’t work out, as you know. And because I thought she was the one, foolishly, in retrospect, I had a very hard time getting over it when she rejected me.

And Teresa showed up in my life, and we have been together. off and on since then. And right now we are pretty much on. Tate told me that she had moved back into the mansion, uh, and that, uh, the two of you are back together. Yeah. I mean, sort of. Sort of? I mean, we are living together, Teresa and I, yes. Um, but I’m also seeing Kristen DiMera.

So, let me get this straight. Sloan paid off some skeevy doctor to tell you and Nicole that your son was dead. And then she took the baby, which obviously is not dead, and she adopted him. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? No, it’s just pure evil. Good. I mean, I knew that woman was horrible, but to steal a child.

And then, out of the blue, she confesses the truth to Eric and vanishes from Seven without a trace. Oh my God. And how is Nicole taking this? Well, she’s obviously over the moon about the baby and would love to throttle Sloane. I don’t blame her. Where is Nicole anyway? Oh, she’s upstairs resting. The baby had a wakeful night.

Up every hour on the hour, in fact. The So the baby, your son Well, he’s napping right now, as you can see. And I think it’s gonna be quite a, quite a long one, seeing how he was up all night, as I said. But, as soon as he wakes up, you will get to meet your new nephew. Aww, I look forward to it. But, um, But what?

I’m just processing what you just told me. And, uh, I don’t know, it’s horrible as Sloan is. I just, I don’t, I don’t get it. But what’s to get? You know the whole story. Well, I don’t think I do, and I don’t think you do either. What’s that supposed to mean? Alright, well, I will, I know miracles happen. I got Rachel back when I thought she had died.

So the undead baby part, uh, I mean, that’s not what strains humility for me. Then what does, Diane? What are you talking about? Well, what I’m, what I’m talking about is, I mean, that Sloane, I mean, you think that she did this all by herself, this major deception? I don’t know. I mean, doesn’t that sound fishy to you?

So, you’re seeing Kristen and Teresa? Yeah. And to be honest, Dr. Evans, I actually really like it that way. Variety’s the spice of life, right?

Understood. Yeah, I didn’t expect you to approve that. Actually, I’m just more curious how this all affects you. Right. So, Kristen and Teresa, do they both know? Well, Kristen knows, yeah. She doesn’t care, you know. She actually told me she was in the middle of her driest spell of her life when I showed up. So, for her, I think it’s more, you know, just about being close to someone, uh, physically.

You mean the sex? Yeah, you could put it that, yeah, that, yeah. And Teresa? And Teresa, I think it’s mostly about the money.

You think she’s with you for your money? Nah, I mean, look, I know I’m a decently handsome guy, charming, good for a laugh, but, um, ultimately, I think it’s because I am rich, to be quite frank. Hmm. How does that feel to you? Not good for the ego, of course. You know, we all want somebody to be into us for who we are.

How fascinating of a person we are, right? But, you know, to be honest with you, Dr. Evans, I think nowadays, it’s about the money for a lot of women. For a lot of women? Yeah. Have you done a survey? No survey, but I am speaking from personal experience. And what have you learned? I have learned that since I have become the heir to the Kiriakis fortune, women are throwing themselves at me a lot more than usual.

And you’re just having to bat them away. That, pretty much. So, you and Teresa are now living together at the mansion. Yeah. Big step up from apartment living. Why did you ask her to move in? Um, because it makes sense. You know, she didn’t want to live alone in the apartment, and the Kiriakis mansion is huge.

She doesn’t have a job right now, so her not having to pay rent is a big help. Do you think that asking her to move in with you would suggest a certain level of commitment that you don’t feel?

Um, I guess I didn’t really, uh, I didn’t really think about that, but, um, I don’t think she’s expecting anything. Well, have you asked her? I mean, do you have any idea what she might be expecting? I guess I don’t know for sure. Well, don’t you owe it to her to find out? And, and also, let her know where you are.


Yeah. I guess I do.

Are you seriously offering me a job? I am. Well, thank you. I am truly flattered. But, I would have totally taken this opportunity if this was like a week ago. But, you know, I’m in a relationship now. You’re welcome. With Alex, Kiriakis, and this might not sound terribly feminist of me, but I get it, I get it.

You don’t need to work. Not now, anyway. So, uh, how do you plan on passing your time?

I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it since I just moved in with Alex, but, um Thinking maybe, learn to play the piano, maybe guitar lessons, or, I don’t know, maybe I could do some volunteer work, or travel. Sounds enriching. Yeah. It might be really tiresome though too, right? I mean, who knows, maybe being rich is like, really boring.

I don’t know, I just want to keep my time free. For now. Got it. But if I think of anyone, I’ll let you know. Thank you. Appreciate that. What? You don’t find it hard to believe that Sloane pulled this off all by herself? I mean, the, the baby switch, having your son declared dead, I mean, et cetera. I mean, this is a pretty complex scheme, EJ.

I am just telling you what she told me, and the police are searching everywhere for her. The Salem police. Ha ha ha. Don’t make me laugh. The Salem police and me, I’ve offered every demure resource in tracking down that horrible woman and bringing her to justice. So, is that the same? Resources to track down, uh, Clyde Weston.

I mean, how’s that going? Are you loosing your, uh Magic touch, little bro?

Shut up, Kristen. This is ridiculous. Don’t you think I look conspicuous? Like the guy dressed in full camo didn’t look conspicuous? No, he didn’t. He was blending in. That’s what camo does. You blend in when you have camo. Everybody’s dressed for deer season here. Deer hunting and cattle wrestling. Okay, alright, I get it.

I get it, okay? You are just like every man I’ve ever met. Deep down, you want to be a cowboy and you’re mad I didn’t get you the cowboy hat. Yeah, the cowboy hat would have been perfect. I would have blended in great. This makes me stick out like a sore thumb. I hate this stupid robe. Okay. The whole point of religious clothes is to make you look non threatening, okay?

We are going to have to talk to some people, right? We’re gonna have to ask them for help, for some information. They’re gonna be more likely to talk to a man of the cloth than a cowboy. Fine, if you say so. I do say so. I’m done talking about this, okay? I’m gonna go into the post office, and I’m gonna talk to the clerk.

See if she knows anything about Clyde and Goldman, alright? Alright, I guess that makes sense. They have been here a while, so Here’s to hoping someone has seen them. Fingers crossed. Alright, you stay out here, okay? Keep your eye out for Goldman, and if you see her, you text me, okay? I got it. Will do. Okay. Oh, and please, Lucas, don’t confront her, okay?

She’s probably armed, and we know she’s dangerous. Yes, I know. Last time I ran into her, she almost shot me and killed me. Confrontation with her is not on my list. Don’t worry about it. Okay, good. Keep your eye out, alright? Watch the door. Alright, go for it.

Hey, you got an extra smoke? You know how expensive these things are? What the hell up, dude? Having your way, dude. You’re Snake, right? Who the hell’s asking?

Thank you, Dr. Evans. Talking to you was really helpful, as always. I’m glad. Good luck with everything and say hello to Maggie for me. Thank you, I will. Although we’re not really speaking too much nowadays, I don’t think she’s very thrilled that Theresa and I are moving in. Good. Correction, she loves Teresa.

I’m sure she’s fine with her living there, but uh, me? Not so much lately. Well, I hope you’ll work things out. Yeah, for sure. Stranger things have happened, right? The thing is, it’s not even the fact that I’m just not getting along with Maggie. Now that she’s involved with this creep Constantine, it’s just making things even more awkward, you know?

Yeah, I understand how you feel. For the life of me, I can’t understand why she’s letting that guy stay there. You know, or why she’s so devoted to him. I mean, I get that she’s lonely, but it’s like everything this guy does exudes phoniness. And every word out of his mouth is just like I don’t know. Total BS.

I can’t say I’m a fan. I think Maggie’s his only fan, actually. Yeah, uh, keep an eye on her, would you please? I will. For sure. Well, I’ll see you soon. I would like to make an appointment for next week. I’d like that. I’ll keep it. Thanks.

Ah, EJ, what a week you have had. It’s, it’s been eventful. Well, at least, uh, you got the baby back. I mean, that’s gotta be a happy thing. Indeed it is. Oh, I am really sorry about, um, John. I admit I was blindsided by Mayor Price’s decision, but she will soon regret making an enemy of me. I’m sure she will. Um, oh, um, actually I heard of, uh, rumblings of a recall election, I’m assuming.

Thank you, Mayor. That’s your handiwork? Well, uh, are you thinking of replacing her? You never know. Hmm, well, actually, I mean, if being DA and DiMera CEO, I mean, that was considered a conflict of interest, uh, what makes you think that being there? Is any less so. That is simple, Kristen. You see, the mayor makes the rules.

I love to make rules.

Oh! My fault, I wasn’t watching my own. You. You.

Hey Roman, I’m just checking in. Oh, you saw him. He just left. How did he seem to you? Um, I’m so glad you were there. I bet that helped a lot. Yeah, no, I agree. He’s going to need his family more than ever now. Now

that he’s lost his son. Ah, still here. Well, since I no longer have to be in my place of employment, where else would I be? Huh. Have you heard about, uh, that thing? I have, yes. Have you had the pleasure of meeting our family’s newest addition? Well, I have. Before he nodded off. But, uh, he’s very sleepy this morning.

Yes, well, he was awake all night. I really do hope this, uh, baby miracle, uh, takes some of the sting off you’re getting. Indeed it does. I feel very blessed to have the cause of my son back where he belongs. Well, you know, I think we should let EJ, uh, have some time to bond with his baby. Well, that’s hard to do while he’s sleeping.

Well, I’m sure he’ll wake up soon. That will give you and I some time to get some air. Good idea. Bye. Bye.


Hey. Where are you coming from? You were up and at them before I even saw you this morning. Yeah, yeah, I had a session with Dr. Evans. How was breakfast? Interesting. You? Also interesting. How so? Well, um, After speaking with Dr. Evans, I realized some things. And I need to be up front. With everyone. Everyone? You.

I’m Kristen. What about Kristen? I’ve been seeing her.

Seeing her as, as in? Yeah, yeah.

I thought that was over, Alex. I thought that that was just an act to make me and Brady jealous. And it was, at the beginning. You know what, it’s okay. I just don’t even explain it. I don’t need to hear it. Um, I just, um. I just want to know, where does that leave us?

Theresa, I really do like living with you. I mean it. I just need you to understand that I’m not in a position to be pulling out a ring anytime soon. If you were expecting that. No. No, I was, I wasn’t expecting that. Okay. I mean, We’ve got a good thing here. You know, we’re just like having fun. We’re, we’re compatible.

It’s all good. Yeah, no, and I agree. I’m glad. It’s just after that whole first engagement ring debacle, you know, I, it hurt you and I don’t want to hurt you, Teresa. But I do need you to understand that, A, just because I’m asking you to move back in with me, I Doesn’t mean I’m ready for like a big commitment.

I know, I don’t, I didn’t, I didn’t think it did, I said that. Okay, good.

You know what’s really cool about this whole thing, for me? Is that I don’t need to follow the rules of a commitment. Because if I’m understanding correctly, you and I are in an open relationship, right? Since you’re obviously still involved with Kristen.

Yeah. Yeah. You understand, correctly. Good. I’m really glad we cleared that up then. Yeah.

Oh my God, I told you not to confront her. I didn’t confront her. She ran into me. I had no choice. She was going to blow my face off if I didn’t do something. So I did something. Yeah, I can see. So what happened to her eyes? Bear spray. I got the bear spray at the convenience store. Well, they said the bears come out of the woods to forage for food.

So, you know, I’m a little proud of that. Paranoid when it comes to wild animals. Like, I shot it with bear spray and it works on people too, doesn’t it? Hey!

You know, I’m really glad that you made me wear this because this is how I hit the bear spray. I can hide a lot of things in here. You never know when I have them. Yeah, I don’t want to know. It doesn’t matter. Did you find out anything about Clyde? I didn’t find a thing. Remember, we got who we want, don’t we?

We have our ex, Officer Goldman. We got you right where we want you. And you’re going to lead us straight to Clyde, aren’t you, Officer? You, uh, Oh yeah Police no kidding find you a mile away Uh, look, I just uh, I want to talk so maybe we just dropped this attitude. Maybe you should get out of my face

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