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EJ’s personal effects, I take it. Surprised you left them in his office. My office. And, um, I was going to send them via messenger, but since you’re here, you can bring them to your brother. Save me on the delivery fee. Sure. Can I help you with something? I actually came by to offer my congratulations. Can’t say that felt entirely genuine.

Why wouldn’t it be? I helped push EJ out of office and I’m a big reason why you’re back in this job, Melinda. You’re also a demure, so I would be a fool to trust you. Look, I lost this job once before and I have no intention of letting it go again. And if you even think about doing to me what you did to your brother, you will find yourself a very dangerous enemy.

Oh, God. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were working. It’s alright. Hello, stranger. Well, hello, Maggie. Oh, it feels like it’s been forever. Where have you been? I’ve just been laying low. I mean, it’s been a little too hectic around here for my taste. I mean, you are a gracious human for opening your house to the Horton clan, but It was a lot.

Well, it was very lively. Those kids can be rambunctious. Well, the kids are great. It’s the oldsters you gotta watch out for. You’re in present company, excluded, obviously. Obviously. Peace and quiet at last. You and Constantine, me and Justin, we finally have a place to ourselves. Am I right? Oh my god. So, how’s our baby boy doing?

Well, besides being perfect, because he is perfect, you know that, right? I do indeed. Every time I walk into the room, I can hardly believe my eyes. Our precious son is alive. The answer to our prayers. And you knew it all along. I felt it in my heart the moment I set eyes on him.

I know I said it before, but I will forever be sorry that I didn’t believe you. Can you ever forgive me? Honey, of course I forgive you. How could you have known? I had a connection with him because I carried him inside of me. You can’t beat yourself up for not recognizing your son in the same way. It’s not your fault.

There’s only one person to blame for what happened. I’m sorry.

Sloane! Did the place look like this when you left? No.

Look who thinks we’re gone. What’s this?

It’s the um, The gift that I gave Sloane for Mother’s Day. A jute spur stone. Damn it, she took off. I can’t believe she just left. She’s gotta know that running is just gonna make her situation worse. I’ll find her.

Hey, it’s me. I’ve got to put out an APB on Sloane Peterson.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Alex. Theresa, I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I, I didn’t know we needed to make an appointment to walk into our own home, but Bonnie, good to see you. Oh, oh. back. Got you handsome. So you two women in, you haven’t heard, uh, not right till right this minute. , Alex, you didn’t tell Justin. You know, we didn’t get a chance to connect, but uh, it’s not like it’s a big surprise or anything.

Well, he sure has missed you those last couple months. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled that you’re gonna be under the same roof. Right, yeah. I am gonna be pretty busy for the foreseeable future. I got a lot of businesses going on, but You know, I’m sure we’ll connect soon. Sure, I’ll have him penciled in soon into his calendar.

Right. Yeah. Okay, so where are your things? Movers are on their way. We should probably let Henderson know, right? You are welcome to alert him yourself. He’ll probably get the staff to come, you know, help you if you need it. Great Thank you so much Maggie for your hospitality. Honestly, it means so much. Of course, dear I am so happy that you are going to be living here

Look Melinda, I don’t want to get off my wrong foot here. Oh, is that what’s happening here? My only interest is in proving that my wife is innocent. Your wife who was convicted of murder. A murder that she didn’t commit. Now, EJ had no interest in righting that wrong, but I am hoping that you’ll Look, I am just getting settled back into the job here.

I haven’t made any decisions on any cases as of yet. All I’m asking is that you follow the law. Just out of curiosity, why didn’t your brother help you? Because EJ had his own personal agenda. But I believe that you are an honorable public servant. Plus, this could curry some favor from the police commissioner.

Oh, you understand I do not work for Commissioner Hernandez. Yes, I, I do understand that, but Wouldn’t it be a great message to restart your tenure as DA by bringing justice to Lee’s real killer? Look, like I said, I haven’t had a chance to look at the files yet. Could you look it over now? I’m sure that you will see that the new evidence that Commissioner Hernandez found is compelling and overwhelming.

Okay, I think I remember seeing the file around here someplace. Um, Ah, Here it is. The Lee Shin murder case. So does that mean you’re reviewing? Let me know as soon as someone gets a lead on Sloane Peterson. Thank you. And I want updates every 30 minutes. Listen, this just doesn’t make sense. Her passport, her driver’s license are still here, and her keys, they’re right here.

Well, obviously she left in a hurry. Which leads me to believe that she left a clue behind listening. We have officers at the airport, the bus and train stations, the APB, it is statewide. I just want you to find her because I want this to be over with. Yeah, we will. You have any idea how much of a head start Sloan has?

When was the last time you saw her? I assume she just left after I took Jude to Nicole, so, maybe a couple hours. Okay, that’s good. Salem PD is going to use every resource that we have. I also want to explore a couple other avenues.

We are never going to get that time back that Sloan took from us. And all those days and nights that we were away from our little boy. And I, I know holding him is going to make things better, but I can’t stop thinking about what we lost and how we suffered. Jude will heal us, Nicole. It’ll just take time, okay?

Yeah. I know, but I can’t seem to let go of all the questions I have about the details of that night. Very confusing to say the least. You know, after the accident, I trusted Dimitri to take our baby to the hospital because saving him was all that mattered. But when we got there and no one knew what was going on I think we were just all in shock.

The doctor not only told us that our child had died, but that had been accidentally cremated. We couldn’t even say a proper goodbye. E. G., that was awful. I thought I lost everything.

I never thought my life would be whole again. And it is now.

Now as far as how it all went down, the scheming, the manipulation You heard Eric. He and Rafe are going to make sure that Sloan faces the consequences. What about that doctor? And Dimitri, they owe us answers too. I suppose, yes. You know, I’m sorry E. J., but I don’t think Sloane pulled this off by herself.

She had to have had help.

So? I have to say, this is some interesting reading. Interesting? Yeah, uh, most of the cases that cross my desk are deadly dry, but this one, it has it all. Twists, turns, cliffhangers. I’m so glad you’re entertained. Listen, I can assure you that every piece of evidence in that folder has been thoroughly investigated.

All of the witnesses vetted and the bloody fingerprint on that black book, Rafe ran it himself. The brother of the accused ran the test. Well, I went through the lab, obviously. Obviously, I can’t take anything as fact until my office has run its own independent investigation. Well, sure. But you have to admit, these facts in this folder, seem pretty convincing in Gabby’s favor.

Do I? I’m sorry, what does that even mean? It means that Gabby Hernandez was found guilty of a crime by a jury of her peers. And as much as you and her brother want to paint a certain picture of innocence, that doesn’t make it true. What the hell, Melinda? You’re gonna review this case? Or do I need to go over your head?

Not sure if Constantine told you or not, but our plan is to move into the East Wing. Oh, that’s where the Hortons were living. Yes, I’m aware. But now that they’re gone, I’m thinking that should be a good enough space to suit our needs. Well, the East Wing it is. Henderson is, uh, cleaning it out now. All right, well, I’ll alert him to set up our rooms.

Rooms? Hold on, I thought we were sharing a room. Baby, this is the East Wing. This is a massive space. You’re gonna have a room. I’m gonna have a room. We’re gonna share a room. No more cramped apartment living. You know, and you’re gonna have a giant walk in closet that you’ve always dreamed of. And I’m gonna get you a wardrobe befitting for the, um, Someone with the cariocas air.

Someone with Really? Well, we haven’t really defined ourselves yet. We’re not really in the labels these days. Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go. We’ll set up. Okay. Thanks again, Maggie. Good luck.

What in the holy hell was that? What do you think the deal is with those two? That is a very good question. There are so many lingering questions about what happened the night of the accident and perhaps there always will be. But when I look into our son’s eyes, none of it matters. Nothing except making sure that he has the most incredible life a kid could ask for.

We need to count our blessings and focus on being the best parents we can be. I know. I’m trying, EJ. It’s just, Every time I think of Sloan, I just want to take my hands and wrap them around her neck. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re right. You’re right. I, I, I cannot let my anger take over. Away this moment, you, my precious boy deserve a mommy who is present and loving and hopeful.

And we’ve wasted too much time not being a family. And I’m not going to waste any more time thinking about that. Horrible. Sorry to interrupt. Have you brought in Sloan? No. She’s gone. Without a trace.

Okay, just got off the phone with Justin. He was surprised to hear that Alex was moving back in. Okay, good surprise or bad surprise? Well, mostly good. I mean, he’s Mm hmm. Mm hmm. to be able to spend more time with Alex, but he voiced some concerns over, let’s see, how did he put it? Ah, yes. The corrosive nature of the Kyriakos fortune.

Mm hmm. Well, I share that opinion. See, I’m counting on Justin to be a good influence on Alex. Worked on me.

We’re back. Everything alright up there? Oh, my goodness, more than alright. I’m telling you, I’ve probably moved 50 times in my life. I have never had a personal maid unpack my things. Oh, you better get used to it. That’s our life now. Oh, okay. So, will you two be joining us for dinner? Absolutely, but I do want to check out the menu.

A cook is probably out in the garden now, and I’m sure he’ll be happy to go over the menu with you and offer any alternatives, if you’re not pleased. Great. Alright, well, I’m going to actually head down to the stable. I want to check a few things out. And maybe later we can go for a swim. Wow. Work on that breaststroke.

Oh, sounds good.

Wow, I could really get used to this. Yeah.

Let’s be clear about something, Mr. DiMera. I am not your brother, nor am I some toady from DiMera Enterprises. I am the District Attorney of Salem, and I will not be pushed around no matter what your last name is. I wasn’t trying to push you around. Oh, okay, so that wasn’t you who was threatening to go over my head, whatever the hell that means?

I was attempting to apply pressure. I am very anxious to bring my wife home. I understand. It must be terrible having her locked away. Away from you, away from her daughter. It is. But we can right that wrong together. Melinda, I know that you and I, well, our past hasn’t always been pleasant, right? But I need you to know that I hold you and this office in the utmost respect.

I appreciate that. I heard your press conference. You said that you were committed to making Salem a safer, more just place. Doesn’t that mean releasing innocent women from prison and getting killers off the streets? Stefan, I have no personal issue with reopening her case. As long as the facts, they, they check out.

But you and I both know that only a judge can make that decision. So you’d be willing to take it to court? The court is, is awfully backed up at the moment. Okay, all I’m asking is that you do your best. And I will wait as long as it takes. You’re not hearing me. You might be waiting forever.

You don’t know where Sun went. Not yet. I’m sorry. Just while I was bringing Jude to you, she obviously took off. You don’t have to apologize, Eric. You brought our son to us. I should have called police first. Well, you were just acting like a parent, and you did the right thing. She’s right. Jude is our priority, too.

Look, we all hope that Sloan faces the consequences, but That’s out of our hands. Uh, so what are you doing to, to find her? Well, we’ve put out an APB, but so far she’s eluded us. I mean, honestly, I don’t know what she was thinking to run like this. Well, obviously she was thinking that she didn’t want to face the consequences or me.

So instead of taking responsibility, she ran like a coward. Yeah. Why are you here, Riff? Excuse me? Why are you here wasting valuable time when you could be out there finding her and bringing her in? Well, actually, I have questions for you, that’s why.

I’m not sure how I could be of assistance. How would EJ know anything about where Sloan is? Well, Sloane took off without her passport, her driver’s license, even her credit cards. And, uh, her car is still there. She left with nothing? Nothing. Well, maybe she plans to go into hiding and change her identity. I mean, she’s changed her name before, right?

Right, yes. But last time, no one was looking for her. Do you think she actually has the resources to stay in hiding and start over? I don’t know. I wouldn’t suppose so. I can’t believe you were able to get this done so

fast. You hold in your hands everything you need to start a new life. Driver’s license, social security number, passport. There’s a number for a driver in there who will take you to Chicago and provide you with an airline ticket in your new name. And the money? The details of your offshore account are included.

You’ll discover that it has been generously funded to last you a lifetime. Well, I’ve, um, I’ve never been to the Amalfi Coast. Oh, you’re going to love it. Sand, sea, and sky. You’ll never want for anything. As long as you promise never to return to Salem. Or tell anyone that Eric is Jude’s biological father.

E. J. Based on my initial investigation, I tend to agree. Sloan was resourceful, but she wasn’t exactly flush with cash. No, she wasn’t. I don’t even know how she got this far. Right, exactly. Um, quite far, in fact, considering her resources were so limited. Yours, EJ, on the other hand, are not. What

the hell? Why would I have to wait forever until my wife’s case is reopened? Melinda, you are sitting on evidence that an innocent woman is in prison. Isn’t it your duty to see that justice is carried out? And I do want justice. But as long as we’re being honest here, I, I believe he already got it. My wife is not a killer.

Look, that’s debatable. But let’s start by talking through what we already know about the case. A motive. Everybody knows that Gabby hated Lee. He blackmailed her for months, forced her to stay in a loveless marriage. A lot of people had issues with Lee. But not Gil. The guy that you allege murdered Lee? He didn’t even know him.

He was a known criminal. So is your wife. You are wrong about this, Melinda. I suppose it’s, it’s possible. And look, I, I’m, I’m still open to the idea that things might possibly change, but from my professional opinion, what you have here, circumstantial evidence, bias witnesses, it is not enough to reopen this case.

Or free her. Goodbye, Mr. DeMiro. No, no, no. Listen to me, please. Look, look, look. Do me a favor. Close the door on your way out.

If there is anything you need, anything at all, you just let me know. I want you to, I don’t know, feel at home here. Thank you. Honestly, you’re so kind. I’m just so grateful that I, I can be somewhere where I don’t have to worry about Brenton Utilities. I’m just glad to help. I know about your struggles.

About Brady and Tate and your career. Um, I just hope you take this time to sort out your life. You know, to figure out, well, what you want to do next. Yeah, I hope so too. Your friend Alex seems to know exactly what he wants to do next. Well, now that he’s coming to all that money. Oh, yeah, he is. So focused and so confident and so rich.

You just be careful Teresa. Money has a way of changing people. Amen sister. And I’m going to speak with Alex. Why is something wrong? No, there’s nothing wrong at all. It’s just a family matter that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Excuse me. Have at it Maggie. Okay.


You remind me of someone. I get that a lot. No. You remind me of me. I mean, sure, there are a few differences. I mean, I’m a little bit curvier. You’re a few years younger, but How exactly do I remind you of you? Well, it’s no secret that the first time I waltzed into this house, I had my eye on the prize, too.

Cariacas Cash? Yep. I tried to marry Victor to get it. But with Justin, it’s a whole different story. Seems to me, you’re going for door number one. Are you accusing me of being a gold digger? Oh, hey. No judgements here, sweetheart. Believe me. It’s perfectly fine to fall in love with a man and his money. As long as you’re not trying to con him like that miserable creep Constantine.

Word to the wise, stay away from that piece of garbage. I heard. You knew. As far as I’m concerned, as long as you love Alex, as much as you love his money. Look at me. Yeah? Do a poll for it.

What do my resources have to do with Sloane’s escape? What are you asking, Rafe? I am just saying that the DiMeras have resources well beyond what Sloan could muster on her own. Beyond what Salem PD could access, honestly. I’m sure that’s true. I’m sorry, you’re thinking that someone helped Sloan disappear?

I mean, no offense, DiMera like. That’s why we’re here. Okay, I still don’t understand. Okay, EJ, you and Nicole would like Sloan brought back to Salem, right? Of course. Yes, we want her to get what she deserved for taking our son. Right, exactly. Okay, so, it might be helpful if you were to, let’s say, reach out to some of your, uh, Connections that could possibly have insight on Sloan’s disappearance.

I see. You want our help in tracking Sloan in case this goes beyond the scope of the law. Well, I didn’t say that. But if you were to come up with some answers. Of course. Whatever you need. I’ll make some calls. Great. Okay. Excellent. Uh, I’ve got to get back to the station. Do you need a ride? Yeah, sure. Okay.

Um, you, do you want to say hi?

I don’t want to wake him up. Another time then.

You alright, pal? Yeah. No. No, no.

I know, man. It’s hard. Judy’s where you’re supposed to be. My heart.

Yeah. I know. I felt that pain. Yeah, I did. I had to turn David over after I was raising him all those months. It just doesn’t feel right. Reheal. He feels like my son. Yeah. It’s gonna feel that way for a while. Will. Hey. I’ve been through. Okay. I just want you to know that I am here for you. Whatever you need, okay?

Appreciate that. Yeah. And you know, I hated it. I hated it because people told me this all the time. But it’s true. Whatever you are feeling right now, It will get better over time. I promise. You’re right,

EJ. I cannot give any more of this energy to Sloan. And like you said, she will get what she deserves. But right now, I We do need to focus on Jude. I am very glad to hear you say that because we have a lot of work to do, starting with rebuilding the nursery. I can’t believe we’re starting over. I’ve already placed some orders.

We’ll have enough for at least the first week. Thank you for doing that. Of course, anything to make Jude’s transition as smooth as possible. And speaking of which, we do need to talk about your job. Right. I haven’t really thought about it. I know, I know, but you need to be honest with yourself about what you want.

Yeah. I mean, I can’t really see myself leaving Jude right now. I had a feeling you were going to say that. I will call Chad and talk to him about maternity leave. Okay. I know you love your job, but you need to take advantage of this happy time. No, um, I, I will. It’s just What is it?

I feel so lucky right now. And also a little guilty. Guilty? Why? Because now I, I have everything. And Eric lost everything. And he’s wanted to be a father for so long, and he’s had so many disappointments, and now this child’s been ripped away from him, and I feel for him. I do. But this is our child. Our son.

Eric was misled and duped. Okay, the happiness that we are experiencing right now should have been ours all along.

Maggie. Oh, you’re just the person I wanted to see. Likewise, I just came back from the stables. They’re an absolute mess. I mean, even the horses are embarrassed. It needs a complete renovation. When was the last time you actually had somebody go there and like, do the, like an inspection of the conditions of the stables?

Well, I can’t say for sure. Neither can I. Luckily, I have an architect who can come up with a whole new plan. He’ll create the whole thing and, uh, build it from scratch. I mean, it’s not gonna be cheap, but I can get a Titan construction crew out there and start demo right away. There is gonna be no construction on the grounds until after the weddings.

Weddings? Like plural? That’s right. Mine and Sarah’s. Xander and Sarah are engaged. Isn’t it wonderful? Sure. It’s great. Glad you agree. Yeah. I do hope that Teresa and I will be invited to the wedding though. We are family after all. We know Victor would want everybody to get along. The MDA. Do you have a minute?

Commissioner, if you’re here to talk about your sister, I’ll tell you what I already told Stephan DiMera about her case. I’m not here to talk about my sister. Well, not yet anyway. I promise you, we will be having that discussion very soon. I am here to talk about the disappearance of Sloane Peterson.

You’re family, Alex. And I think we can find a way to coexist in the house. Because that’s what family does. Why do I sense a but coming on? But I just want to be clear about the boundaries. Your boundaries or my boundaries? Both. Oh. I’m not going to roll over. And I’m not going to acquiesce to your every wish.

Now that you’re the Kiriakou’s heir. I mean, you talk about what Victor wanted, I promise you, he wouldn’t want you disrespecting his wife or anyone he cared about. Now, is that a warning? Oh, no, no, no, no. I just have limits. Yeah. And I have ideas, Maggie. About the stables. About this house. About the staff.

About how to shake off decades of stale thinking. Luckily, I am the future of this family and I’m going to take this family into the modern world. I hope. And I’m not going to hold back just because it might hurt your feelings.

Oh, well, so that’s what you think. This is all about my feelings. What else would it be about? I can tell you just love being in karaoke. You relish all the trappings of the lifestyle and the title and the power, and I don’t blame you. I’ve gotten caught up in it myself, at one time or another. But there’s more to it than a name.

So you’re saying you don’t think I understand? What it means to be Victor Sloan. I think that along with the perks, you’re going to discover a great deal of responsibility and sacrifice that comes along with it. And unless you’re ready to embrace all of it, you’re just merely playing at the job of being an heir.

What do you mean Sloan disappeared? Uh, well, she left the apartment that she shared with Eric just a few hours ago, took nothing with her, and vanished.

Sloane, promise me, promise that you will not take that little boy if you go on the run. I, I know you love him, but you just can’t do that. Don’t, don’t worry. I mean, maybe I can outrun the FBI, but E. J. DiMera Exactly.

If I do what E. J. says, maybe I get something out of it. If I admit that Jude’s Nicole’s, if I make Eric believe the lie that EJ’s the father, Uh, EJ helps me disappear. And you’ll be safe. Why would she do that? Because she got caught. Caught? Wait, where is her son? She didn’t take Jude with her, did she? Well, that’s interesting that you mention him.

I don’t know. He’s the reason that she took off. I don’t understand, Commissioner. Are you saying to me that you know nothing about this baby switch? Did you say baby switch? Okay. Sloan confessed to Eric that the adoption that you were helping to arrange many months ago fell through. But instead of telling Eric the truth Sloan somehow faked the death of EJ and Nicole’s baby so she could take him and raise him with Eric.

What? No. No, no. Sloan? She would not do something like that. I don’t believe it. You helped to arrange this adoption. You You honestly expect me to believe you knew nothing about this? That it had fallen apart? Once the details were confirmed, Sloan, she took over. As far as I know, Jude was the baby that they adopted.

She didn’t claim that I knew something, did she? No, Eric didn’t say that she mentioned you. But I have so many questions about this whole thing. Well, I do hope that you find Sloan soon. So do I. And I hope that I can trust you to see this through. Of course. You’re the DA now, and we need to be on the same side.

I am on the side of justice, for all who deserve it.

Oh my. Hey, hey, hey, shh. Please don’t slam the door. Sorry if I’m a bit frustrated, but if you had just reopened Gabby’s case when I asked you to. What the hell is this? You guys babysitting? No. This is our son. You what? Jude is awesome. I, I, I, I don’t understand. Short version, Sloane Peterson stole our baby and tried to play him off as hers and Eric’s adopted child.

Um, how the hell would she do that? That’s a good question. And so what, now she just decides to bring him back? No, Eric learned the truth and he brought June to us.

I can’t believe it. I’m so happy for you. For both of you. Thank you, Stefan. Yes, thank you.

I saw how badly you suffered when you thought you’d lost your child. My God, nobody

has the right to break a family apart. And sometimes the universe just makes things right. It shows us that miracles do happen.

Do we go from here? What’s the one thing we should do?

We were holding in our hearts The thing we wanted to


Seems we’ve lost that love too much

Temporary beauty was our crutch

Happily embracing an emptiness we’re chasing Cause we need to believe The light of love is shining bright, Will it get us through the night? What’s our story now? Ooo, Ooo What’s our story now?

What’s our story?

Alrighty. What did you end up getting? Well, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Do you think that Jude. We’re like This. Well, I think he’s gonna love it. And I also think that I just One upped you. You went upside down, Pete. Uh, best grandma in the galaxy. And that you are. Oh, darling. I think I’m happy.

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