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Well, thank you so much for inviting me out for tea. We’re delighted you joined us, Marie. Well, I guess you noticed how quickly I got here after I got your text. I didn’t realize how much I needed to get away from the mansion. And Constantine? No, no, he and I are doing just fine. Although, you know, there are such things as too much togetherness.

Bop. I hope we never go that way. That’s never gonna happen, love. Oh my goodness. Does this mean? With a little assist from Victoria, I asked your daughter for a hand in marriage and she made me the happiest man on earth by it. I said yes. Oh! So you’re engaged. Oh, that’s wonderful! Ah! Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

Hey. Special delivery for Black Patch. Hey, dude. Thanks for coming, man. Well, I was glad to get your call. I was hoping to bring you guys on board with this whole Clyde thing. Hoping someone at the ISA can help decode that mess. Well, we know some pretty sharp code breakers over there. How are things going down at the station?

Well, you know, busy and, uh, with Harris out, we are, uh, we’re understaffed, as usual. And I’ll bet you a lot of those cases are linked to the drugs Clyde’s minions are pushing out on the streets right now. Oh yeah, yeah, the sooner we can crack that code. The sooner we can take him down and his whole operation.

Yeah, for sure, but to be honest, I’m more interested in what was on the outside of that book than what it says on the inside. What do you mean? What I mean is that it could be the key to securing my sister’s freedom and defining leash. Chen’s real killer.

Are you waiting for someone special or you just keep your door open for any old stranger? Only the handsome one. Oh, welcome home. Feels so good. I missed you. I missed you too. You know, I would have been home earlier, but I stuck around for the Memorial Day service at Arlington. That’s a pretty good reason.

Yeah. Was it emotional for you? I know that you’ve got friends who died while serving. Yeah. Yeah, you know, visiting the gravesites of people you lost, it’s always tough. But it always fills me with gratitude. Well, I’m grateful that you are still here. Thank you. I’m grateful for their sacrifices. I mean, they’re really fighting a good fight against the evil in the world, and we should always pay tribute to that.

Especially, Since today is the day, we have Clyde Weston in our sights. Time to rid the world of that evil bastard.

Eric, I don’t understand. How could you be our son? Yes, please explain. I’m still processing myself. Someone just confessed to me. Confessed what? None. None of your action. Dimitri never took your son to the hospital. How could that be? He brought him to the slum. That’s impossible. No, it’s just that Dimitri, he was on the run and he thought that slum could help somehow and He left the baby with her.

And I guess just given the timing What about the timing? We, our private adoption had just fallen through. So she kept your son. She told me and everyone else that he was our, our adopted child.

Oh my God. Now that we know the truth, Jude is your son. He belongs with his mommy

like Sands through the hour class. So are the days of our lives.

So, tell me everything, wedding plans, dates, yeah, we’re still trying to figure that out. We have talked about visiting Scotland for the honeymoon. I’ve always wanted to go, it just seems so romantic. Highlands and Castles, I want to show you all my favorite childhood horns the ones i’m allowed to go back to So, yes, we are we’re still talking about it.

Oh, that sounds wonderful And your ring is just very unique. Isn’t it beautiful? Yeah It’s very you Well, I sure hope so That’s gonna be with me forever and always Just like I know. Just like I know. So

Gil’s fingerprint was found in Lee’s blood on the outside of that book? Yeah, it was a bit smeared, but, uh Definitely a match. I ran it several times. So you’re convinced this guild dude is the one who killed Li Shen? Well, it sure seems like it to me. I mean, how else would he have come in contact with Li’s blood?

Yeah, well, hope you can prove it, Rafe. Can you imagine what your sister’s going through, wrongly accused of murder? Does she know about these prints? No, not yet. I’m not going to say anything until I’m sure that we can get the case reopened. Any progress on that? Yeah, we’re working on it. Well, it’s a damn good thing EJ is out as DA, huh?

Yeah. Especially given EJ’s feelings about Gabby. I mean, not that Melinda Trask is any fan of my family, but I know that she definitely cared about Lee, and I’m hoping she’s going to be motivated to find the truth about his killing. I hope so too, buddy. For your sake, and for Gabby’s.

You really did, you really did miss me, huh? Something about a man in a unicorn. I’m out of it. You’re gonna be, hey, you’re gonna make me lose focus. We have to stay on point right now. We have to. I know, I know, I know, I know. Aww. For Toothy! Believe me, I want to make up for lost time as much as you do. But the clock is ticking, okay?

And once Clyde is out of commission, we have all the time in the world to spend together. It’s all the more reason to just get rid of him, and make things right in the world. Yeah. I mean, who, who’d have thought, finding Clyde’s black book. Could help Gabby get off the hook for Lee’s murder. Yeah, well, a lot has happened since you left.

You know, EJ’s out as D. A. Yeah, no, I heard that. Yeah. So, have Stefan and Rafe convinced the new D. A. to reopen the case? Mm mm, not yet. But they are hell bent on, um, proving that Gil’s the one who murdered Lee. Okay, so what’s that theory? That Gil came over to Wendy’s house looking for me and found Lee instead.

They got into it somehow. Gil killed him and then days later when he came looking for me, well We know what happened then. God, you know, it’s just, Wendy is such a good soul. She’s so good, and she makes Tripp so happy, and I mean, how am I going to tell them that Lee might be dead because of me? I mean, her poor family, they just They finally got closure with Gabby’s conviction and now

all those wounds are going to be reopened all over again.

How could that be? The doctor said our baby was dead. Why, why would he say that? I can’t explain what happened at the hospital. Someone must have paid somebody off. Oh my gosh, I can’t, I can’t believe this is happening. Yeah, there’s just a lot to process. The only thing that matters right now is that Your son is in your arms.

I mean, is this really true? Imagine you’re going to want to run your own test to prove that it’s true. I don’t understand why Sloane, she would make up something so awful if it wasn’t. No, that wouldn’t make any sense, would it? All those months ago, when I held Jude for the first time, I always felt like he was my son.

I remember. And then you agreed to a DNA test, just to prove that it wasn’t true. But how? How? So, she said that the results were tampered with. Oh, by her. We’ll make sure all the necessary tests are performed. What’s the most important thing right now is that we all know the truth and our son is back home where he belongs.

Yeah. It’s incredible, E. J. Our son. And you knew all along.

Even when I had to let it all go. I always felt he was my boy. Yeah. I don’t know, I mean, I guess it’s just something to do with parent intuition. Yeah. When it’s your child, you, you just know deep in your soul.

Sweetheart. Yeah, I love you. I do with all my heart. I’ve always loved you.

Well, you both deserve a wonderful wedding. You fought long and hard to get to this place. And you’ve hit a few bumps in the road. Bumps? I don’t remember any bumps, honey. Do you remember any bumps? Nary a one. Nary a one, mom. That being said, and at the risk of dampening the incitement of your good news, I have a favor to ask.

Yeah, sure. What is it? I’d appreciate it if Constantine and I could get married first. That you would wait until our wedding to have your own. Um, before I agree, can I ask why? It’s okay, sweetheart. I know, I know there’s gonna be so many changes. Yes, there are. There’s gonna be so many changes and a new house and a new family and I’m so excited.

Oh my god. But you know what? We’re gonna take such good care of you, okay? Because you mean everything to us. Yeah. And we’re gonna be a family. Like we were always meant to be. Yeah. Yeah. I’m your mommy and this is your very silly daddy. Yeah. Yeah. He likes you. I brought all his essentials from my apartment.

I can bring the rest tomorrow. Oh, thanks. That won’t be necessary. We’ll purchase whatever we need for the nursery, fresh start and all. Here you go. Koi. I’m sorry. I just don’t know what else to say. What do you have to be sorry for, Eric? I mean, you’re a victim here too. This was all Sloan. I just don’t know why I didn’t see it.

Maybe I didn’t want to. That bitch stole my baby. Our baby. She needs to be arrested, EJ. And they need to put her away and never let her see the light of day again. Nicole. No, I want her to experience the same kind of pain and suffering and awful emptiness that we did all those months. There’ll be plenty of time for that.

She needs to be punished. And she will be. Sloane is obviously a depraved woman, but she can’t hurt us anymore. No, she doesn’t just get to confess and then go on her merry way. She is a criminal. She needs to suffer. And so help me, EJ, if I get my hands on her.

What’s going on? Why is Jude here?

What is taking so long? Yes, I know that Lynch was released on bail.

No, there is no other crime. I just want him located, and then I want that reported to me. You are wasting time debating this. Just do it! Thank you. Honey, you’re not gonna believe this, but your brother, he He didn’t die on the day he was born. What?

This isn’t my baby.

Our baby.

Jude is your little brother.


Mom, are you sure that everything is okay with you and Constantine? Has he done something to upset you because if he has no no, no, it’s nothing like that Okay, then why do you want us to wait to get married Because Because I want to be fully present when my beautiful daughter marries my handsome son in law and You wouldn’t be able to be fully present Earlier, because Uh, because I’d be thinking about my own plans.

It’d be all about me and not about the two of you. So, every choice that you made, I would be, uh, comparing it to my own. But you’re having a small civil ceremony, right? Just family and a few friends. Yeah, but it’s still a wedding, and with that comes, uh, complications. Not unlike the activity that’s going on at the mansion right now.

The Hortons are moving out and Alex and Teresa are moving in. Wait. Did you say Alex is moving in? Wow. Rafe seemed really stressed out, huh? Yeah. You know, I remember that feeling when I was on the force. All these open damn cases here and not enough hands on deck. Yeah. Seems like the Salem PD is always understaffed.

Especially when it comes to hanging on to good, clean cops. Yeah, well, and on top of all of that, he’s trying to clear his sister on a murder rap. It’s all the more reason. To hope that the ISA can decipher Clyde Weston’s black book. I’m just glad that Rafe trusted us enough to bring us in on it. So now he’s got two more good guys here that are going to work overtime to put an end to Clyde Weston.

Yeah, yeah.

What’s bugging you, man?

Let me ask you something. What kind of mission do you think this is?

What do you mean by that? I mean how far are we willing to go to get Clyde Weston out of our lives?

So are you asking me if I’m Willing to go outside the bounds of the law. No, man. I’m just thinking, uh, It’d be a good idea if I run point on Weston and you take the lead on Maggie and Constantine. You sure about that? Yeah. I think so. Well, why the shift? Is there something I don’t know or I need to know? I just need to keep a close eye on Ava.

I’m pretty sure she’s on Clyde’s tail. I am telling you, I agree with you. If Clyde gets captured, yeah, he is gonna sell all of us out. You, me, and John. So we need a way for that not to happen. A permanent solution to the Clyde situation.

I just have to make sure Ava doesn’t screw anything up.

Key. Sounds like a plan. But I gotta say this. You must have more patients than a hospital to put up with that crazy ex of yours. So you and your naval buddies weren’t able to decode Clyde’s black book, huh? No, not yet. But I do have the encrypted images for you to send to Clyde. And then? And then, once he opens them, we’ll get notified of his location.

So once you finish packing up, I’m gonna go check in with Rafe, okay? Hey, and when, uh, you need it back, we’re gonna send the files to Clyde, right? Yeah. And once Clyde opens the email, we’ll know exactly where to find that son of a bitch. How,

how can that be? He’s my brother? It’s a miracle, Holly. A true miracle. But how? Well, there’s been a terrible mistake. And Eric’s here to make it right. Your mother and I suffered so much grief when we lost our son, but when I look down at This little guy, it’s turned to pure joy.

I’m so happy for you, Mom. For all of us.

I should go. Eric, I’m confused. I thought you and Sloane adopted Jude, no? So do I. Turns out Sloane was lying to us. To all of us. Judah’s your mom and EJ’s son. Wait. Eric, so that means you’re losing your son?

Yeah. Hey, boss. Harris. Good to see you. How was your memorial day? It was, uh, It was meaningful. Thank you. No, glad to hear it. Uh, thank you again for your service. Thank you for yours. So, uh, did you get a chance to review my request for a couple more days of unpaid leave? Mm hmm. Yeah? Yeah. No can do, man. I’m drowning here.

Do you not see that? I mean, we need you. Okay, I I hear you and I hate to even be putting you in this position but I really need those few days and I’m gonna have to take them one way or another. Hmm. So you’re saying if I don’t give you the leave that you’re gonna quit? Well, I mean, I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I mean, why don’t you just tell me what’s going on? Does this have something to do with your Navy friends? The, the, uh, information they found in Clyde’s black book? No, they haven’t been able to crack the code yet. Okay. Okay. I took it over to John Black, see if maybe ISA can help out. That’s good, the more people working on this the better.

I’ll just, I’ll just coordinate with John. Okay, if you just told me what you’re doing. Look, I can’t, I can’t explain right now. I just, I just need, I just need a few days.

Please. Trust me.

Okay. Fine. Take the time you need. And then hopefully I will have your job waiting for you when you come back.

Thank you.

So, um, you and Ava, But you’re on good terms now? Good is too strong a word, man. No. I think I’m just getting better at accepting her for who she is. Predicting her erratic behavior. Oh, now there’s a skill set you can put on your resume. We have Ava Vitale Wrangler. Yeah, very funny. Well, I think what it is is we’re all on the same page now.

We all want the same thing. Clyde Weston out of our lives. Yeah, well, of course you know that we’re all at risk if he blows a whistle on us when he’s caught. You know I know that. And you also know that if he tells the world that we helped him escape, you and I could be behind bars when Maggie and Constantine’s situation comes to a head.

I didn’t think of that. So we would be leaving Maggie hanging out to dry when she needs us the most.

I can promise you, partner. I won’t let that happen.

You’re letting Alex move into the mansion. I didn’t have a choice. It’s his father’s home. And Victor left him half of the estate. So that technically includes the mansion.

But he’s moving in with Teresa. Hmm. I didn’t know that they were back together. I try not to pry to the nature of their relationship. But they’re, um, you know, they’re close together. On some level. Yeah, on the level that Teresa’s after his money. I don’t know. But they are close. And I feel that Trace really cares about him.

Oh, I’m sure she does. Honey. Mom has a soft spot for Teresa. Yeah, I’ll never understand it. Well, Teresa’s no angel. But I just think she wants to be loved, like we all do. Sure. And when you say loved, you mean Showered with the Kyriakos fortune. You’ve made your point, honey. Alright, I’m just I’m worried for you, Maggie.

If you were stressed having the Hortons there, imagine the chaos of having Hurricane Alex and Tornado Teresa there on a daily basis. Come on. Well, like I said, it’s his father’s home. That means it’s his legacy. And luckily, The house is big enough for all three of us. Three? I mean, don’t forget Bonnie and Justin, and of course your beloved Constance here.

What was it you were saying about too much togetherness? Eric,

I’m so sorry. I’ve been so caught up in my own shock and joy, I didn’t even think about what you were going through. It’s okay. This is not about me. No, but, but it is. I mean, Jude. Jude was your son. Well, you need to focus on your family.

Jude belongs with his mother.

Eric, I’m so sorry. I know how much you love him. Thank you. It means a lot.

I just want you to know that I love you. I’m not gonna fight for any custody or anything like that. Oh, Eric. I wasn’t worried about that. But I’m worried about you, and if there’s anything I can do Don’t be. Don’t be. I just All I want is you to be happy. But Eric Really, I appreciate Yeah, I can get on the thoughts, but there’s nothing you can do.

I need to go. I need to deal with Sloan. Good luck. Cause I know that’s not gonna be easy. Someone’s gonna pay for what you did, I promise. Here I come. I’m so sorry. Me too. More than you know. Let me walk you out. I want to thank you for doing the right thing.

Very quick. Wait.

Don’t you want to hold Jude before you go?

Alright. Hey, how’s the packing going? Hey, I am ready to go as soon as we know where we’re headed. Okay. Then it’s showtime. Do you have the email address that Clyde sent? Yeah, it’s right here. Okay. Here’s this. Yeah. You ready? Yeah. Send away. Now what? Now we just wait. But we gotta be ready

to hit the ground running. Did you tell Wilma that she needed more time off? Not yet. I didn’t really have a chance, you know, and I honestly, I’m a little nervous since he just hired me. I don’t want him to think I don’t care about the job. I get that. Rafe wasn’t happy about giving me more time either. So hopefully we can just get this done and our jobs will still be here when it’s over.

I still can’t believe you’re doing this for me. I mean, and now you’re putting your job at risk too.

I am doing this for you. And I’m doing it for Tripp, and I’m doing it for Wendy, and I’m doing it for me, and every person whose life Clyde has ruined or tried to ruin.

I took an oath to serve and protect. I take that very seriously. Even if it means breaking some rules. So I guess it’s just you and me against Clyde.

Actually, no. Um, there’s somebody else I’d like to loop in.

So Maggie’s all in on trapping Constantine. Oh, yeah. She’s got them all set up in a corner office at Titan there. Gave them full authority over all of Victor’s charitable funds. Wow. Gotta hand it to her. She is one brave woman. I’m pretty shrewd, too. So how’s the setup work? It’s pretty simple. Just move some money around and make it look like Cos Teen has embezzling Titan funds.

Well, let’s just hope we can get him busted before she has to go through with actually marrying him. Yeah, well, that’s the plan. He’s trying to nail down the timing here because that bastard has messed around with her life enough already. It seems like a revolving door at the mansion these days. Ever since, you know, we lost.

Victor, there always seems to be somebody coming in and out. That’s because you’re a generous person, Mom. Maybe a little too generous. Oh, look who’s up! As she wants everyone in the square to know it. I think our little princess needs her diaper changed. Oh, I’ll do it. No, no, no, no. Let Daddy do it. Yes! Glue that mummy in nine and a half smooth on time, yeah?

Thank you. My pleasure.

Well, I might be biased, but she is obviously the most beautiful baby in the world. You’re not biased. She is. You’re right, I’m not at all. Um, actually, I’m glad that it’s just you and me for a minute, because I wanted to talk to you about something, but I didn’t want to say it in front of Xander. Are you

sure it’s okay? Of course. I know how much Jude means to you. And how much you mean to each other.

Oh, I like that. Hey, sweet boy. Hey.

Hey. I’m gonna be grateful. For all the time we shared. And I will always love you.

More than you will know.

Thank you. Yeah. Come by and see him anytime, okay? Yeah, I think it’s best that, uh, You have time to bond with your son and all he is. With your brother. I love you. Take care. Your mommy. EJ.

Well, that will definitely make your wedding special. Not that your wedding wouldn’t be special anyway. Do you really like the idea? Oh, I do. I do. But I, I think you ought to run it by Xander first. I mean, it is his wedding, too. True. All right, I guess I’ll tell him. I hope he approves. Okay. Fingers crossed.

All right.

Alright, I’ll get these pages off to Andrew and some of the other big brains at the ISA. They’re cracking codes is what they do. Good. And we’ll have everything we need to find Weston and wipe him off the map. The man’s a menace. He’s hurt a lot of our friends and family. Yes, he has. Yes. Hey. Be careful. I know you want to take the lead on this western angle here, but it’s important that we finish this out as partners.

Scratch that, man. We’re more than partners. We’re more than friends. You’re You’re my brother, Steve.

I feel the same way about you, partner. And nobody, even Constantine, is ever gonna drive a wedge between you and me. I trust you with my life.

Right back at you brother.

Why isn’t Clyde downloading these messages? I guess he’s a little busy. Did you talk to Roman? Uh, no, he was busy too. So I left him a note, I let him know I needed to leave town on an emergency. Yeah, well I’m sure I’ll understand. Yeah. Is that it? Did he get a signal? Bingo. Clyde is at a public library in a town called Ennis in Montana.

Our book is the next flight out. You know, I have never been to Montana. I hear it is beautiful. Yeah, big sky country. Not sure we’re going to see a lot of it. So are you ready to put this mess behind you once and for all? Let’s do it. There’s one pit stop on the way.

All the same, Mom, he looks really happy to be in your arms. Yeah, he does, doesn’t he? Hey, honey, um, listen, I know things have been rough between us lately. No, you don’t have to do this right now. I just want to thank you for the text you sent me. It really meant a lot. I’m sorry. I hope you know I didn’t mean any of those horrible things I said.

Of course not, sweetheart. I love you. I love you. And I love you. Look at him. Look at him. Oh, look at your daddy. Oh, this is like a new beginning, huh? For all of us. It is. Yeah. For all four of us. Oh, he’s a mover and a shaker. He’s a mover and a shaker. Hey, man. Hey. Thank you for meeting me. Yeah, man. Glad you called.

Listen, I just I’m so sorry about all this. Everything that Sloan’s putting you through. Yeah. Me too. You think she’s home? She should be. Sloane! Is this the place like this

when you left? No. Where do you

think she’s gone? What’s this?

It’s a necklace that I gave her for Mother’s Day with Jude’s birthstone. Oh, boy. Damn it, she took off. Oh my god, I

knew it. I knew it. Yes, I did. I knew it. Yes. I can’t believe you, you’re here, you’re here, oh my god, yes I know, I know, I know, look at us, look at us.


EJ’s personal effects, I take it Surprised you left them in his office my office And uh, I was going to send them via messenger, but since you’re here you can bring them to your brother Save me on the delivery fee Sure. Can I help you with something? I actually came by to offer my congratulations. Can’t say that felt entirely genuine.

Why wouldn’t it be? I helped push EJ out of office and I’m the big reason why you’re back in this job, Melinda. You’re also a demure, so I would be a fool to trust you. Look, I lost this job once before, and I have no intention of letting it go again. And if you even think about doing to me what you did to your brother, you will find yourself a very dangerous enemy.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were working. It’s all right. Hello, stranger. Hello, Maggie.

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