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Good morning. You are at my place. Remember? I brought you here last night. Yeah. Yeah. I slept on the couch. Sorry, I took your bed. No, don’t pee. I didn’t hear a peep out of you all night. I assume you got some rest. Yeah. Good. How you feeling? Like I got hit by a truck. Coffee smells really good though. And fresh algae.

You’re spoiling me. That’s what friends are for.

That was really tough to see. I know. Our beloved home in ashes and cinders. It was a blow, a blow to all of us. Well, the blessing is that you all made it out alive. Absolutely. But what kind of a criminal, what kind of a sociopath sets fire to a house with, with innocent people inside? The worst kind. Look, I just really hope that this investigation produces some solid leads.

I’m not holding my breath. But we’re moving forward. Yeah. Gonna restore, repair, rebuild, refurbish. I’m excited about that. So tell me, what’s up with this mysterious time capsule? Oh, the message from my grandparents. It’s great, but we have no idea what the message is. I’m sure they didn’t intend for us to find out by setting the house on fire.

So, what do you think will happen first? The house will get finished or you’ll find the key to this time capsule? Time will tell. Tell me some more about Polina. Yep, she does not need a heart transplant, really. They’re keeping under close surveillance, but no, it’s a miracle. It’s a do over. Abe got his memory back.

Yes, yes, you should see Abe. I mean, he is practically dancing on air. His smile, it could light up a city. Always could. Yeah. I mean, we go back a long way, and Speaking of Abraham and Paulina, you know what they just love? They love having you and Lonnie and the twins around. I love that so much. Do you suppose there’s any chance in the world that you would move back to Salem?

Um, sorry, Grandma, but No. It’s not gonna happen.

Those are so delicious. Thank you for making these again for the kids. They couldn’t get enough of them, and neither could I. You know, creating culinary delights is one of my great joys. Be careful. You might get a permanent job here. Fortunately, it would be a lot easier, though, I think. One house has been filled to the brim with guests.

Oh, I love it. It’s wonderful to have all four children running around. It makes me feel like a real papu. I always hoped for grandchildren. Alas, it was never meant to be.

I’m so sorry about your daughter, Constantine. What a terrible tragedy. You know, it is not true what they say that time heals all wounds. Not for me. You see, I miss her more, not less, as time goes on.

Thank you, Nora. Are you sure that you’re up for this? What, breakfast with Eric? Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? Well, you’ve been through so much with Steve lately. Um, I don’t know. How are you sleeping? Not well as I understand. You still having those nightmares?

They’re getting worse, in fact. I’m not too surprised. Having to save Wendy and Tripp from that tank. Bring them back from the From the edge of death.

Not to give anybody nightmares, I’m I’m imagining that triggered a lot of your own bad memories. Yeah, it did, it did. And you know what, I’d rather not talk about it right now, is that okay? Sure. Anytime you’re ready. I’ll let you know, okay? Sure. Let’s not keep Eric waiting.

Well, how is my grandson doing? Oh, you’re talking about the most beautiful kid in the world? That is the one. He’s been fantastic. He’s holding his head up now. Like a champ. Hey, thank you for your help with Lucas. Yeah, of course. So is there any chance of him coming out of hiding soon? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but, uh, with Clyde out of prison, I’d rather he just stay put.

Yeah, I can’t believe Clyde escaped. I mean, how could that even happen? With a whole lot of serious help from outside. Missing Salem Dr. Tripp Johnson and Salem Police Tech Specialist Wendy Shin rescued at Salem’s Old Brewery on the outskirts of the city. Thank God. Kidnapper identified but nowhere to be found.

An investigation is underway to determine whether the incident is linked to the Statesville prison escape of notorious criminal Clyde Weston. Son of a bitch. Like

sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So, any news on Tripp and Wendy? Well, I was at the hospital earlier. And? And, they’re doing pretty well, all things considered. You know, we got there just in time, I implied. Leaving them to die, and then that crooked cop. I mean, Goldman fooled everybody. I swear to God, if I ever get my hands on either one of them, I am going Get in line.

What about, what about the manhunt? Any news on, um, where our modern day Bonnie and Clyde might be? Not that anyone’s shared with me. And that escape. I mean, Clyde, he had to have outside help, but I don’t think Goldman could have pulled it off alone. Do you think Stephan had something to do with this?

Stephan? Why would you think that? I mean, we both know Clyde had Stephan under his thumb. Yeah. Um.

I don’t think that, um, Steppen had anything to do with it. I mean, and besides, I mean, what is he going to know about pulling off a prison break, huh?

All right, you know, time to take your pills. Oh, okay. Thank you, Nurse Nightingale. Yeah, wait, wait, wait. Nurse Nightingale, really? Yeah, I had to, uh, read, uh, her biography. I think it was, uh, sixth grade. I don’t know, something just Stuck with me about her story. You know, she was a strong, empowered woman. It was a compliment.

I took it as such. Now stop stalling and take your meds, Commander. Very good.

Grandma, I was waiting to tell you this, but I got a promotion. A promotion? A big one. A lot more responsibility. I’ll be working with the FBI and the DOJ. Which means I’ll be doing a lot more traveling, domestically and internationally. Is this something you want? Absolutely. Yes. Oh, my beautiful, brave grandson.

I’m so incredibly proud of you. Thank you. But I’m proud of you. I mean, the way you’ve been handling this house fire, you’re incredibly strong. The way you handle everything, you’re so brave. It’s the family that makes me brave. Oh, darling. Go tell Doug about this promotion. Oh, this is so funny.

Your compassion touches me.

I, I, I know what it’s like to lose a child. I’ve lost two, as you know. But you still have your wonderful Sarah. Yeah, she’s a blessing. Yes. Although I do think I interfere in her life too much. I, uh, I focus too much on her. Yeah. Now that her sister and brother are gone. Well, I doubt that. Sarah adores you.

Then again, who doesn’t?

What are you thinking? Oh,

I’m just, you know, I’m, I’m reminded of, um, the power of touch. Um, I’ve read a lot of articles lately about how important it is for everyone later, you know, in their later years. That touch can be the most powerful ways to communicate emotion.

I’m grateful to you, Constantine, and not just for the comfort of our hands touching, but also all the stories that you told me about Victor, and then the latest story about your daughter. Katerina,

you’ve touched my heart. Oh, you have touched me as well, Maggie. I cherish our friendship.

I cherish you. You

are a very special woman, Maggie. Well, I’m, I’m, uh, I’m grateful that I’m special in your eyes. However, I must be honest. As much as I’ve tried to fight it, as much as I hoped that this guilt would eventually subside, it hasn’t.

Constantine being close to another man, to someone other than my husband, my late husband at that, I feel Like it’s a betrayal. I feel like I’m betraying Victor.

Maggie, did you not tell me that Victor loved you deeply, unselfishly? So, why would he want you to continue in life without being cherished?

Victor not want you to be happy?

Did I hurt, oh, did I hurt you? No. No. No, it only hurts, uh, when I move. Talk or breathe. Not when you snore. Wait, don’t do that. Don’t make me laugh. That hurts. Sorry. What are you doing? Oh God. It’s okay. It’s as good as any nurse at the hospital. So thank you. I really appreciate it. Yeah. I Thank you. You have to take that.

Might be a trip. Uh, hello? Can you talk? Uh, well, I’m in the middle of something right now. Well, wrap it up as soon as you can. We need to meet face to face. Okay. When? One hour. I’ll be at my office, waiting. Okay, good. I will, uh, I’ll see you then. Okay, I am going to go meet Steve and we’re going to go visit Tripp together.

So, um, you’re going to be okay for a few hours by yourself? I made it this far. Yeah. Call me if you need anything, alright?

Oh, um, I’m so happy you both made it. Hey, so are we. Hey, hey. Buddy. Please, join us. It is great to be celebrating something positive for a change. And, we do have a lot to celebrate. Yes, we do. Matter of fact, last night when we were getting ready to go to bed, Abe called. I mean, that voice sounded just like the Abe we’ve all known and loved for all these years.

Yeah, he left me a message, and you could hear it in his voice how relieved he was to be himself again. Yeah. I’ve checked on Paulina. She’s doing amazingly well. Just blessings and miracles. Yes, and now a christening of our own little blessing and miracle. Jude Verdi. You know, Joan and I would love to host a little celebration after the ceremony, if that’s alright with you.

That’s very thoughtful, Mom. But Nicole’s already offered to host a party at the DiMera mansion. Oh. I hope that’s okay. I’m just surprised. No, I think it’s a great idea. It’s larger than the townhouse. Alright, any, any thoughts about godparents? Yes, actually. Sloan, she asked Melinda Trask to be godmother.

Really? Well, they’ve gotten really close lately. I mean, she was the one who found Jude for us. Oh, of course. But I do plan on asking Brady to be Godfather. Oh, that’s nice. I’m sure he’ll be stoked about that. Yeah, I hope so. John, you look beat. I don’t know, why wouldn’t you? Trip, Wendy, damn. That was some rescue.

Yeah, you’re a real hero, John. No, no, no, no, no hero here. Far from it. You know, I have been meaning to ask you, with that beautiful red mane of yours, are you of Irish descent? Hmm? Actually, I have no idea. My parents, um, they died when I was quite young. I grew up on a farm and I never knew any of my other biological relatives.

My main name is Simmons. Um, it could be Irish, I guess. Or Welsh. Or Scottish. Definitely Anglo Saxon. Yeah. Well, maybe I should have my DNA tested. Oh, , be careful. You never know who you might end up having as a relative. I myself believe I am a descendant of Les and the, the son of Zeus, the, the king of Gods.

Um, but then again, I, I could be a descendant of Hades and we know who He’s the ruler of . Well, although wherever we’re descendant from you and I. It doesn’t affect anything, does it? I mean, you can’t change the past. No, you can’t change it.

Sometimes there is something in our past that is so foul, we will never ever forget it.

Yes, send the arrangement to Paulina Price. The mayor, yes. And sign the card. Um, nothing but goodness and love. Maggie Kiriakis. That’s right. Thank you. Is your friend allowed to have flowers now? Oh yeah, she is. And she happens to love orchids. Oh my goodness! Come in! Have you had breakfast? Oh, we have blueberry muffins and sweet bits.

Mmm, well then come and sit down. Oh no, I can’t. I’m actually here just to pack our things. We leave this afternoon. Oh, you’re leaving so soon? Well, he has to because he has a wonderful new job. Tell him, tell him about the promotion. Tell. Well, for one, I’ll be spending a lot more time on international cases.

Impressive. With whom? Uh, the FBI. I’m a federal agent. Yes, he’s been a federal agent for a long time, but he’s done so well that he has been moved up. And he is going to have a new job with a great deal of promotion. Power and responsibility. He’s gonna rid the whole world of evil. Okay, Grandma. Anyone can do it.

You can’t, Eli.

You know, maybe Jude can wear the same christening gown that you wore when you were a baby. You still have it? Of course I do. It’s in a, in a bin in the basement. I’ll make sure I pull it out. Oh. Hey! Wow, looky here. Steve, sit, join us. We’re helping Harry plan Jude’s christening. Oh, well, you know, I’d love to join in on that, but, um, actually I saw John’s car outside.

We have a couple of things to discuss about a case. You mind if I borrow him for an hour or two? No, just return him in one piece. Hey, Steve, we’ll see you at the christening moment. I wouldn’t miss it.

So what’s up? Ava’s meeting us at the office in 20 minutes.

I trust you, Ava. I do, but dammit, you’re up to something. I know you are.

Grandma, it takes a hell of a lot more than one person to rid the world of evil. Don’t sell yourself short. You wouldn’t have this responsibility if you weren’t the best of the best. Okay. Spoken like a true loving and biased grandmother. You have made your family very proud, Eli. I I must be going. It was lovely to meet you and your lovely wife and children.

And, uh, I have to make a call to Greece before it’s too late in the evening.

We heard about Paulina’s recovery. Abe must be over the moon. He is. Uh, Lonnie, Schnell, I mean, we all are. Yeah. And I heard about Abe, too. He remembers everything. He does. It sucks that we can’t spend more time with them, but with this new job, I gotta get back to D. C. Yeah. But I’m thrilled that we’re leaving happy and not heartbroken.

Thank God. Thank you again, Maggie, for taking a sit. We really appreciate it. That’s Maggie’s new occupation. She’s running the Kiriakis Mansion bed and breakfast for displaced loved ones. Hey, hey, I am delighted with this new occupation. And I’m so happy that you came back, all of you. Please, I love being surrounded by family.

Come on, Rafe, nothing? Seriously, no leads? I mean, what about past hideouts or places Clyde used to visit? Okay, okay, just please call me if there’s any news. Thank you.

Well, there she is. Okay, let’s make this quick. I want to check in on Tripp and then I got some things I need to take care of. Then let’s get down to work. Okay. Yeah, speaking of which, after that stunt you pulled, we’re just lucky no one’s on to us. Everyone assumes Officer Goldman engineered Weston’s escape.

What he has over her, I can’t imagine. Oh, well, from what it looked like at the airfield, she’s his girlfriend. What? I didn’t see that coming. Okay, okay, okay, did you see anything else? I mean, did they say or do anything that would indicate where they’re headed or what their plans are? No, no, nothing, okay?

Just that monster was taunting me about my son being dead. Oh, my God. You realize that we’re in this mess because we trusted you, right? We didn’t expect you to stab us in the back. Okay, you know what? Get off your high horse, both of you, okay? You double crossed me first. The original plan was we were going to bust Weston out of prison and then let him go, so I just went back to the original plan.

Besides, We had no choice. There’s always a choice. Okay, well, you know what? Weston’s in the wind now. Nothing we can do. That doesn’t make it okay.

I can’t do this, man. We gotta make this right. I can’t live with myself. Knowing that SushiPath is out there destroying people’s lives because of us. I’m with you. You know, just a mere fact that we assisted in a prison escape. We scratched that. We didn’t assist in anything. We made it happen. No, it’s wrong.

It’s wrong. And it’s not what we do. Oh, so holier than thou. Okay, you know what? We have all three done things that we are not proud of. Okay? Some really bad things. Yeah, some really bad things. But those things are in the past. Not the past. John.

You okay?

Alright, the car’s all packed up. I’m picking Lonnie and the twins up at the hospital. Oh my goodness, it was wonderful to see you all. Please, please come back soon. I will, and you know I’m going to keep sending you pictures. You’d better. Grandma.

So proud of you. Just about to burst. And so happy. That your family’s all united and, and you know that’s the way it should be. Yeah, so am I. I love you. I love you. See you later. Bye.

Oh, oh Maggie. Uh, I know you have a million people living in this house right now, but without Eli and his family it’s gonna be a, an empty place for me and

Do I sound silly? Not at all. I know what it’s like to live in a house full of people. And still feel lonely.

Fatherhood looks good on you. Well, I’m fulfilled. It’s just, you know, June and I have an amazing connection and I just, I just really love that feeling. I’m so glad to hear that. Sloane, how is she? Um What? What did I miss? Go ahead, tell Dad. I had supper at their house a little while back and She got bombed.

Sloane got ways to that. Look, it isn’t so crazy unusual. I mean, she’s got a very taxing, demanding job. But she’s trying to be a perfect mom. What else is there? Well, I, it’s just sometimes I think she gets jealous of Jude. Oh. Have you two had that conversation? Yeah, I tried to explain it to her. It’s, I just, okay, maybe I am a bit obsessed with Jude.

I mean, I hate letting him cry or being apart from him. I understand that. Yeah, have I ever thanked you too? For what? Just being amazing parents, to me, you know. For being loving and so kind. You made it so easy, you always have. And you have thanked us. Many, many times in fact. But, Always nice to hear.

Voicemail. Again. Stefan! Quit blowing me off, okay? You call me, or you fine me. If you don’t, you’re not gonna like what I’m gonna do.

Right, no one but the three of us can ever know that we were behind the prison break. Oh yeah? Well, there’s still the issue of your mob pals helping us out. Okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it. You keep saying that, Ava. But what’s it really gonna cost you? Whatever the price is, it is worth it because we saved our son.

Okay? Are we done here? For now. I’m going back to the hospital. Alright, I’ll head out with you. You coming, John? I’ve got a few things I need to follow up on here. Okay. You take it easy, man. Yeah, you too.

I need to see you. Copy to Oblige, where are you? Black Patch. I’ll be right there.

Hey, what’s up with John? Not sure what you mean. Really? Okay, well, you know, you know him a lot better than I do, but sometimes it seems like he just checks out. Yeah, well, I’ve known John for over 30 years, and sometimes he’s a mystery even to me. Yeah, right. Okay. Um, hey, you know, uh, By the way,

You know when you pulled Trip out of the beer tank, and he wasn’t breathing, I, uh, I just about stopped breathing too. But we brought him back. No, you didn’t. You did, so thank you. I am incredibly grateful to you, and I just hope that you know that. I do. And hey, we, we got Wendy to thank too for being smart with that sign language.

Yeah, she’s a very smart, smart young lady, that’s for sure. Look, look, I know, I know that you, you disapprove of the way that I handle things. Okay, no, forget that. It’s an understatement. You, you, you hate the way I handle things, but look, I just need you to know that the safety trip was the only thing that was on my mind.

Okay, hey, boo. I didn’t mean to drag you into this mess, you know that, right? But if you had just trusted me, maybe John and I could have saved him. Without letting Weston go. Yeah, or maybe not.

Okay. Agree to disagree. You’re going to the hospital. Yeah, maybe a little later. I just have a few things I need to check on at the house first.

Been a while since I’ve caught up with you. So, as they say in New Jersey, How you doing?

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