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Good morning. Ah, there you are. Got up early, huh? Yes, I did. I was hoping that you had gone back to sleep since you were just tossing and turning for the one hour you were in bed last night. I’m okay. I just want to go see Tripp. I know. I know. And I do too, but there’s actually no rush. I talked to Sarah, she said they’re both resting comfortably.

And you, my lover, should take comfort in the fact that it is 100 percent thanks to you. Well, not 100%. It’s thanks to you too, sweetness.

And now we’re husband and wife. And I vow to love you and to cherish you with all my being. Till I draw my very last breath on this earth. Hey. Sorry to woke you. I’m sorry. Are you kidding? I am so glad to see you. How come you’re allowed out of bed? I’m not, but I know what time the shift changes. Oh, sneaky.

Whoa. Should I be jealous? Uh, your mom actually brought those. Well, I just got a muffin, so you must rate. No, I think it’s more that she feels guilty about this whole situation. Even though it’s not really her fault. Yeah, I feel guilty too. You? Why? Well, like I said, we were stuck in that tank. If you had just gone back to China when your parents wanted you to,

Gwendy, My mom didn’t mean for any of this to happen to us. I, I know she didn’t and she’s obviously horrified that it did. But with her, History has a way of repeating itself.

I just don’t think I could live with myself if something like this happened again.

Abe, we got your text. I knew we shouldn’t have gone home last night. Oh, it’s okay. It’s okay. He needed to grab a few hours sleep. Okay, so, Mama flatlined, but now she’s doing better. Well, you’ll find out for yourself soon. I just don’t get it. I thought the only possible treatment for Paulina was a heart transplant.

Oh, that’s what we all thought. So then, what happened last night? Yeah, I don’t know if I can explain it. If I didn’t know better, I might think I dreamed the whole thing.


Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Oh my god, Eli. Hey baby, look, let’s not jump to conclusions, alright? I’m sure if something had changed, your dad would have let us know. Dad, where’s mom? Well, uh, they took her out for some tests, just to see if she’s as good as she feels. Okay.

Oh, well. Oh, hello. All of my favorite people. It looks like your adoring family has returned in full force. Oh, Mama, you look so much better. Well, now, I would normally be offended by that statement, but I will accept it as a compliment and say that I do feel so much better too. Thank God. So what’s the verdict?

Well, there were no arterial blockages, no arrhythmias. Her heart tissue appears healthy, defying all medical explanation. Defying medical explanation. So you’re saying that you guys don’t have any idea of what happened to bring her back. To make her heart strong again. No. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

Tripp. It is not your job to keep me safe. Okay? I don’t need your mother’s help. To get into trouble. I do that pretty regularly myself, and, and, you know, I’m pretty damn good at getting myself out of it, too. So, I mean, not to brag, but, um. You know, you’re the reason that my dad found us before we ran out of air in that beer tank.

Yeah, I am. But you, you’re the one who kept us sane. Your brilliant, fake it till you make it, advice.

And you know, everything that happened last night, before we were running out of air, I remember that really clearly, but The last part is kind of blurry. Like, maybe I’m I imagined the whole thing. Well, when you run out of oxygen, the brain generates its own sensory inputs. Meaning what? Wait, are you telling me maybe I did imagine some of it?

I don’t understand. How could I possibly be responsible for saving Wendy and Tripp? Well, for one thing, I never would have learned CPR unless you taught me. And you made me take that refresher course a few months ago. Well, I’m happy that you mastered CPR, but you were giving me way too much credit. No, that’s not all.

I never would have picked up on Wendy’s clue in the hostage video if I hadn’t learned ASL with you all those years ago. I thought you said that there were no clues in that video. Well, we didn’t think so at first. But then I finally figured out that Wendy was making the sign for beer. You’re welcome.

Okay, I had to check online to make sure, to confirm it. For some reason, that was a sign I remembered. I wonder why. Yeah. Well anyway, after I got that Wendy was signing the word for beer, John honed in on the wall behind the kids. The configuration, the materials. And suddenly it clicked that they were in a brew tank.

So we hightailed it out to the old brewery, past the airport. That is crazy. Well, I guess it’s lucky that you remembered sign language. It’s very lucky. I just wish I’d picked up on that clue sooner, so we wouldn’t have come so close to losing those kids. Yeah, but look. Wendy and Tripp are doing great.

They’re safe, and they’re okay. Yeah. Okay, what else? Obviously, you were worried about something else. Weston broke out of Statesville, as you know. Yeah, and it’s awful, but there was nothing that you could do. Okay, what else? I don’t know. It’s just the whole, the whole nightmare. I mean, Ava getting involved with that son of a bitch in the first place and nearly getting her son killed.

And there’s that con man Constantine trying to bilk Maggie out of the Kyriakos fortune. Not to mention Abe still has amnesia. Paulina is in the hospital dying of heart failure. Well, I hate to interrupt your litany of bad news, but um, Paulina is not dying of heart failure. What? Yeah, it’s crazy. I just was talking with Sarah and she said against all odds, Paulina’s heart is functioning normal and she’s just back to normal.

Really? Yeah. How is that possible? I don’t know. But you know, my mom would say, chalk it up to the power of prayer and love. And I, you know, I’m gonna go with that because Paulina certainly has a lot of both of those things. Yeah. Wow. That’s fantastic news. They must be so relieved. Yeah, I would think so. So, you see, things were rough last night, but this morning, we have so much to be thankful for and grateful for.

Yes. Yes, we do. You hear that, Mama? It’s a miracle. Your medical mystery. A mystery I am not interested in solving. Because I do not want to jinx you. There is no way you are going to jinx it. We have you back and we are never letting you go again. And, um, Yeah. Well, my darling, there is, um, another very important miracle to celebrate, aside from my miracle, uh, and also my beautiful Lonnie finally being free and my beautiful Chanel being a happy newlywed.

You two can finally go on your honeymoon. Have You know, we actually haven’t even thought about that with everything that’s been going on. Yeah, and I wouldn’t really feel comfortable going too far right now. You, you understand that, right John? Yeah, yeah, of course I do. So, Mama, you said that there was another miracle that we had to celebrate?

Um, well, uh, That is, uh, My Abraham finally has his memory back. What? Dad! Is that true? Yes, yes it is. And I’m very happy to say that I remember everything. And I remember the day I found out that you were my daughter. And even though eventually I found out that You weren’t mine biologically. I still, I still felt so much for you.

And I always will, and I am so proud to be your father.

I love you, Dad. I have no words.

Oh, you know what else? I am so Well, my wonderful wife. I mean, I I remember falling in love with you for the first time. And I’m so happy that I got to fall in love with you all over again.

Wow, this is a, uh, this is a beautiful moment. Um, I gotta say, as much as I love my family, uh, well, most of them anyway. As most people know, the DiMeras, we’ve, we’ve had the devil in our midst, but man, the Carvers, I swear you guys must have an angel. Yes, we do. My

memory’s pretty hazy from last night, too, so What do you think happened? Well, I

I figured I’d find you in here. You gonna kick me out? Well, actually, I’ve broken so many rules today already. I let five people into a room that should have only had two people max. So, I might as well break another rule. But do me a favor and just sit, please. Sit. Is it okay if I listen to you as long as Wendy?

Yeah, yeah, I have had it. Alright, sit forward for me. Deep breath.

You know, I thought that we would have so much to celebrate when I got released from prison. But then Eli’s family house practically burned down to the ground and Mom, you were so sick and ugh. I guess I was just really afraid that this would not be a happy visit. Oh, we are on a major role with the good news.

We are

Oh, I’m sorry. I gotta take this call. Um, we’ll be back with a surprise or two. Okay, well you know I like surprises, so hurry back. I think I know exactly what those two surprises are. Oh! Hi! It’s our anniversary, buddies! Yeah, we haven’t seen you since you tied the knot. Congratulations, you two. Thank you. I hear you got some good news about your mom, Chanel.

Oh, yes. Did we ever. Well, we are on our way to see her. Uh, these are for her. This one’s for her. And this one’s for Tripp and Wendy. Oh! What, uh, what are they celebrating? Haven’t you heard? What? Yeah, they, uh, they got caught up in something that had nothing to do with them. They were held hostage. What? Yeah, it was a close call, but they were rescued by Steve and John, and now they’re in the hospital recovering.

Well, you know, it actually sounds like there weren’t three miracles, but there were four. Four? Yeah. Because you have Mama’s miraculous recovery, Lonnie being free, and then Wendy and Tripp, and Abe. Hey, what about Abe? He, uh, he got his memory back. What? Yeah. When did that happen? Uh, right after Mama’s heart started beating again, and now he says he remembers everything.

Wow. I mean, what a relief that must be for Abe, and Paulina, and, and your entire family. Yeah, and you had a lot to do with it. All those hours you worked with him, they really paid off. Well, I think you’re giving me too much credit. Really, you all did an amazing job. You were so supportive and encouraging.

Wow. I mean, for somebody to get their memory back like that’s so sweet. Suddenly and completely? That is very unusual. Yeah. It seems like everything about yesterday was unusual.

Her blood gases look good. Are her lungs still clear? You know, I really can’t hear anything if you’re talking. Sorry. Um, I take it that you looked at her chart? I did, yeah. And your own?

Man, they say that doctors are the worst patients, but you are in a league all your own. Have you met this one? Ah, from the family. Definitely. Are you supposed to be out of bed? No, he isn’t. No, but Tripp and I are feeling much better today. That’s what we like to hear. Yeah, but I would like to hear it from the actual doctor who’s on duty, if that’s okay.

How are they doing? Uh, well, they’re Levels are good and they’re stable. They definitely look a lot better than when they came in. Great. Yeah, well, Wendy, these are for you. Oh, beautiful. Thank you so much. Yeah, open them over here. Wow, look at this arrangement. Lovely. Yeah, from my mom. Oh. Uh, Kayla, if you have a minute, I’d love to chat with you about something.

Sure. Yeah, of course. Okay, we’ll be back in a few. Okay. So, Your mom was already here this morning, huh? Was she here to spin her side of the story? Dad, I know you’re angry. Okay, I am too. But, Clyde dragged her into this. She had no choice. Trip, People died because of those tainted drugs she was running through the bistro.

You and Wendy could have died.

Mom was trying to protect us. Okay, she begged us to leave Salem. She wanted us to move to China when Wendy’s family wanted us to. But I couldn’t leave her here to let her deal with this on her own. Hold on. You knew your mom was involved in that drug operation? Since when? Answer me, Tripp. How long have you known and why didn’t you tell me?

I guess we’re not gonna tell the kids about Lexi. They wouldn’t believe us. That my first wife appeared to us from the afterlife. And miraculously healed us both. Well, I may have had a few drugs in me and you’re still on the mend from a traumatic brain injury. But I am quite sure, quite sure that you and I both didn’t imagine the same thing.

Thank you. But, I wonder Go on, go on. I, uh, I wonder if you’re getting back some memories of me. Might cause you to, uh, to wonder why you’re with me. What? Well, you, you’re, you’re remembering all the lies I told, right? All the problems I’ve caused. Yes. Let me tell you something, Mayor Price Carver. You are a complicated, amazing woman.

And most people have never had what I’ve had once, let alone twice. And I can’t, I just can’t wait to spend the rest of these years making new memories with you. Hmm. Yeah. Uh, thank you. No, I appreciate it.

Well? The FBI approved my status change to part time special agent. So now I get to consult with the DOJ. They gave me everything that I asked for and more. Ah. That’s because you are the best. Hmm, I’m so proud of you. Oh, now you know what that means. More money, and I get to spend more time with you and our precious twins.

And less time in harm’s way. Yeah, if I take the job. Wait, what? Eli, this is everything that you’ve always wanted. Except it’s in DC. I mean now that we’re back at home with family. I don’t know how I feel about leaving. You?

I don’t know either.

Dad the reason I didn’t tell you about mom’s situation is because I knew you would go ballistic and I know that’s not an excuse. I just I I’m, sorry, you’re right. That’s not an excuse But i’m not mad at you I’m angry with your mother. And I understand why you’re defending her. Because you’re a good son.

I’m just grateful you’re both okay. Son, I was scared. I was so scared when I couldn’t get you to breathe. And I know I broke your rib. I felt a crack. I’m sorry. No, it was a minor crack, okay? It’ll heal quickly. Listen, you did everything right. I’m sorry. It’s very common for someone’s rib to get cracked when you’re using the force that’s needed for CPR.

You saved my life, so a sore rib is a very small price to pay. I’m so grateful for you. I love you, buddy. I love you, too. Oh,

my darling. You know, I, I still, I still feel like, well, like, I’m in a dream. Sitting here with my husband, who now has, has his memories back. And, uh, most of them with me are, Beautiful and perfect, right? You’re suppressing the ones that aren’t. Definitely, definitely. No, seriously, seriously, Abraham. I, I’ve dreamed of this for so many months, though.

Having you back. 100%.

Oh, I’m now, oh my god. Thank Lexi. We will be making many, many more beautiful and perfect memories together.

Hey. Hi. There they are. The sweet bits. Yeah. I hope we’re not interrupting. No, we actually were just on our way to go see your mom down the hall. Yeah. Hey, Chanel. Johnny. Hey, you guys. Hey, it’s good to see you both. Yeah, we’re so glad to see that you’re doing okay. Well, we’ll let your kids visit. Do you need anything from home?

Either one of you? No. Thank you. I’ve, uh, got everything I need right here. Me too. All right. Well, we’ll see you all later then. Bye bye. Later. Thanks for everything. Yeah. So, Chanel, how’s your mom doing? Well, the past few weeks have been really rough on her, which is an understatement. But, um, now she’s, she’s doing much better.

Oh, that’s great to hear. Yeah. And you, uh, looks like you’ve kept up with the dangerous capers, your new partner in crime. New and improved. Yeah, well, this most recent caper was definitely one for the ages, but we’re fine, thank God. You’re welcome. Chanel, is that a wedding ring? Oh, yeah, yeah, it is. Johnny and I actually got married in my mom’s hospital room on Valentine’s Day.

Congratulations! Oh my god, you guys! Yeah, husband and wife, huh? Yeah, you know, for better, for worse, etc, etc. Oh, that is such great news. I’m so happy for you. You’re here. Congratulations.

I always knew you two would wind up together. Yes, you did. Yes, you did. So? It would seem as though we are all exactly where we belong. Well.

I don’t know if I’ve said it often enough or loud enough or even at all, but Kayla, Steve, thank you for all that you’ve done for us. Letting Abe stay with you while he was trying to figure things out and reintroducing him to the life he lived before the accident. And not to mention the Wonderful medical attention you gave us, Kayla.

Mm hmm. Well, you know, I’m not sure that it was the medical attention that cured Paulina or got your memory back. And guess what? You’ve thanked us more than enough. Oh, no, no, no, no. Never, never enough. You are our great and gracious friends. And I appreciate your, your kindness and your hospitality. But you are losing me as a house guest.

So, does this mean you’re moving back in with your lovely wife? Well, if, if she’ll have me. Let me think about it. Oh, I think, okay. I think I can put up with you again. Are you sure about that? Yes, yes, I am sure. If you can, you know, think you can put up with me again, smothering you with all the love and attention, you think that you can handle that?

Well, I look forward to it. And the reciprocating. Well, as sorry as we are to lose you as a roommate, we are so thrilled for both of you, really. Hey, and how about To make the transition easier for us, you come to dinner as soon as you’re out of the hospital. Ah, great idea. We’ll have just a big celebration.

Champagne, confetti, the works. Oh, honey, honey, we are there. Let’s just hope it’s soon. Oh, gosh, yes, of course. I am so happy for all my friends. Wow, wow, wow. Amazing. Love you guys.

Wow, another wedding. What do you mean, another one? Well, um, Before Dr. Horton and your parents came in, we were talking about last night. About what we remembered, and Oh, it’s my mom. Well, she obviously got my voicemail. No, I’m gonna go. Please don’t.


Cher? The Cher

Shut? Mama

Does she just hang up on you? Yeah, sort of. She’s mad that she heard about my near death experience from the news, not accounting for the time difference or my being unconscious, but arguing with her would’ve gotten me nowhere. So she was probably just worried about you. Especially what happened to your brother.

I mean, your parents would be devastated if something happened to you. No, I know.

When Johnny was talking about our old capers, it made me realize I’ve been scared before. I’m never as scared as I was last night. But at the same time,

I never felt as safe as I did in your arms.

These are for the staff. A variety of croissants and donuts. I didn’t steal one of these before anybody else gets to them. Go for the almond croissant. I will go for the almond croissant. Thank you so much. Also, hey, I was thinking about what you guys said earlier about, um, a honeymoon and not wanting to go.

so much. Super far away. Mm hmm. You could always honeymoon at the Horton Cabin. I mean, it’s not a 5 star hotel, let me tell you that much, but it is private and very cozy. Well, private and cozy sounds pretty good to me. Uh, if you’re sure. No, I’m sure. I wouldn’t have offered otherwise. Okay. Uh, well then, what do you say, Chanel?

I say that as soon as we get mama home and all settled in, then let’s do it. Oh, Lonnie. Oh, I was hoping that would be my surprise. Those little angels or my beautiful grandbabies. We’re all Too excited to see their grandma running around this room like, like little chickens with their head cut off and crying when I don’t let them jump on the bed with you.

Well, I love seeing them running around. Oh, y’all don’t even mind all these little Goldfish cracker crumbs in my bed. I was just thrilled to have some time with our precious Jules and Carver. All right. Well, Carver and Jules are at the park with Grandma Julie, who was kind enough to meet me there. Well, I was hoping that they could, you know, could have stayed a little bit longer, but maybe you’ll bring them back later.

Definitely. Well, I do, I admit. I’m very envious of great grandma Julie getting to babysit those sweethearts. But when I finally get to go home, you’re gonna have to let this grandma make up for you lost time with those two. Well, well, why don’t you say anything, Lonnie? Look, you don’t want me to babysit them.

No, no, Mom. No, that is not what I said. That’s not it at all. I mean, if we were going to stay here in Salem, then yes, you would get to watch them all the time. If you were going to stay in Salem? I guess dad didn’t tell you about Eli’s potential job offer in D. C.? You did not? I didn’t think you needed to know.

Because Lonnie said it was only a Potential job offer. Okay, so Tell me now It would be a great opportunity for Eli mama, but We know that you love having us here in Salem, and we love being here But, you’re going. Only if you will truly be happy for us, Mama. And if not, we’ll stay here. But, you just, you say the word.

Oh, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t put this on me. Mama, we mean it. If you don’t want us to go Of course But, oh, okay.

Kay, I know you have to do what’s right for your family. I just, you know, hope you have a guest room there in D. C. Cause when I finally get that green light to travel I’ll be there as often as I can. You’ll be just sick to death of me. Never. Are we interrupting something? What’s going on? We’re starving.

What’s going on? Where have you two been? Oh, we just took a little detour. Three, two, one. What are you doing? Just waiting for someone else to barge in, or the phone to ring, or a nurse to come and check our vitals. Yeah. I think that we might actually be safe. It might just be you and me. For one minute, at least.

Oh, well, then we’ve been working a lot.

Now, uh, where were we? What were we talking about? Oh, um. Well, we were talking about what we thought we remembered from our ordeal in the beer tank, you know. When we were struggling to breathe. Right. So I thought I remembered. But I was so out of it, who knows. Tell me what you remember.

Okay. I will.

Trip, did you really propose to me last night?

Jules and Carver were here. They were indeed. Your very adorable niece and nephew. Yeah, okay, very adorable and very rambunctious. Eli had to whisk them away and drop them off with a Julie. Ah, well, we’ll see them later.

Sorry to interrupt. Oh, no, no, no. You are not interrupting. When can I go home, Sarah? Well, your blood work is still looking great and your incision is healing nicely. So if you keep on this path, you may be discharged as early as tomorrow. What about today? She drives a tough bargain. You still have to follow up with your oncologist and your endocrinologist.

So the whole ordeal isn’t quite over yet. But The end is most definitely in sight.

Hey John, give me a call man. We need to talk about the fallout from Weston’s escape.

Hey, lover. Okay, I’m ready to go. I was just in with the most amazing patient who is making an excellent recovery, so Ah. What’s going on? Just Clyde Weston’s escape from prison. It’s still eating at me. I mean, not only did Tripp and Wendy suffer through that ordeal because of him. My God, that monster killed our niece.

Kidnapped you and Joe. And he’s out there somewhere planning God knows what. Yeah, no doubt. Well, you know what? He is going to be found and brought back to prison. It’s just a matter of time. Yeah, well, that son of a bitch better damn well hope that the police get him before I do.

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