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[upbeat twangy music]

This seat taken?

All yours, girl.

[laughs] Oh, sorry, I’m late. New client extremely high maintenance.

Oh, girl, no problem. Yeah.

Oh, man.




Sorry I’m late.

That’s OK.

You’re– you’re not the only one. I was just telling Jada that I have a needy new client.


OK. So who is this lucky new client, I mean, if you can tell us that is?

Oh, yeah, I can tell you. It’s the Bistro actually whose business was badly hurt by that drug raid. They hired me to try to do some damage control.

Ah, well, the reason I was held up was also because of the drug epidemic plaguing town. Hey, how about this, no shop talk tonight, hmm? Everyone OK with that?




All right. So how about we just limit all that talk and we keep it to embarrassing personal stuff?

Ooh, I’m all for that. But, Rafe, I don’t know, this might be a little sexist, but given your gender, you may have a problem with that.


Yeah. You know what? He probably wants to talk about macho stuff like cars and sports and how he pitched, like, a lot of no-hitters back in the ‘s in Little League.


OK. First of all, I did throw many a no-hitter when I was in Little League, even some in high school, actually, yeah. But, you know, that aside, Stephanie, yes, you are correct, it was a little sexist, because I am perfectly comfortable talking about my feelings, even personal embarrassing ones.

Well, great. I am so glad you are up to the challenge.

Well, I will be as soon as I get my pink Cosmo. Assuming you ladies are in. * *

Well, good evening, Chef Cook. That seems redundant to say that, doesn’t it?

Yeah, it does, but I like it.


How was your day, Dr. Horton?

It was good. It was just exhausting, but rewarding.

So the usual way you describe your days at the hospital?


[laughs] What’s all this?

What do you mean? Wait, what do you mean what’s all this? It’s our Burns supper. You bought the groceries for it.

Right, it’s just I didn’t think we were having it, because I forgot the haggis.

But luckily for us, steak pie is a perfectly acceptable and traditional substitute.

[timer rings] And it’s ready.

Oh, great.


And Victoria is obviously sleeping.

Oh, yes, I put her down about an hour ago after– after her bath and a bottle.

Oh. It looks like you really took care of everything.

I did. I did indeed. Mmm.

Oh, wow.

Delicious, right?

Yes, that smells wonderful. You’ve really outdone yourself, Chef Cook.

Well, I was highly motivated to please you. In fact, whenever I aspire to do well, you’re my motivation, Sarah, always.

[knock at door]

Oh, Alex, hi. Come on in.

Hey, Dr. Evans, thank you for seeing me so late in the day and so last minute.

Oh, it’s quite all right. I was here staying late to do some paperwork anyway, and something in your voice made it sound like you couldn’t wait. So please.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s about Theresa and me. You probably could have guessed.

Yes, I think I could have guessed that. So tell me what’s happened since last we spoke about it.

Well, she was planning on leaving to go to California to see her mom and to pretty much get out of Salem at least for a little while.

I see.

And then I persuaded her not to go.

Oh, all right.

And then–

And then what?

We slept together. Actually–

Actually what?

Actually, we made love.

[light piano music] * *

Hey, hey, Theresa. Theresa, I’m so glad you came. Just give me a second, OK? I just want to– I just want to put these couple notes in the chart–

No, it’s OK. I know that you’re really busy, Aunt Kayla. So maybe you just tell my mom that I came and you saw me and I’m fine. I’m in a really healthy place. So I’m just going to go now. I’m gonna be on my way.

No, no, no, no, you are not going to be on your way, not until we talk and I understand what’s going on with you.

[sighs] I’m not sure you want to know.

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.” * *

Yeah, so since you guys won’t have a pink Cosmo with me, this will have to do.

Yeah. Well, Jada and I decided to stay clearheaded.

Yeah, very disappointing, OK, very, especially since we’re going to be talking about embarrassing personal stuff.

Well, it’s not as fun when you’re stone-cold sober, but we’ll do our best, right, Steph?

Oh, for sure.

OK. OK. So, Steph, tell me, are you still swearing off men?

Ohh, why do we have to start with embarrassing me?

Oh, come on, just be a sport. You’ll get to embarrass Rafe and me afterwards.

Oh, OK. Well, in that case, yes, I am still swearing off men.

I sensed a slight hesitation.

Yeah, well, it’s hard, because I work with two of my exes.


Two? OK, wait, I know about Chad, but who’s the other guy?

It was the guy that I was involved with in Seattle.


Mm, I didn’t know you used to live in Seattle. I used to live out there for a few years too.

That’s right. You mentioned that the last time we hung out. Too bad we didn’t connect back then. I could have used a shoulder to cry on.

Girl, you and me both. * *

[sighs] OK, how do these dots connect? We have Stefan and Ava who both totally deny having anything to do with the drug trade but are lawyering up big-time. Then we have Harris and Ava. How the hell are they connected? And we have the Bistro hiring Steph to kill any negative publicity.


[exhales] Steph. Listen, I just want to say something just so that there isn’t any doubt about it at all, OK? I really like living here in Salem, I do. I really like my job a lot. But more than any of it, I love… being your shoulder and your friend. And I just want you to know that there won’t be any pressure from me to be anything more. I swear. No pressure. Yeah, just friends.

[inhales, exhales] No pressure.

So how did our little girl do at “The Spectator”? You took her there today, right?

Yeah, she was a perfect angel and mostly just slept in her stroller. How was your day at work outside of exhausting and rewarding?

[chuckles] I mean, nothing out of the ordinary. I did my rounds. And then I worked on my charts.

May I ask, when was the last time you asked for a raise, Sarah?

Um…not lately. Why?

I’m just wondering. I mean, you work such long hours, you work so hard, and it’s mentally, physically, emotionally exhausting from what you tell me. It just seems that you should be getting paid handsomely.

I mean, I’m fine with my salary.

Maybe you shouldn’t be.

You and Theresa? You told me during our last session that you were determined not to get romantically involved with her.

Yeah, I was– I was totally fine with us just being roommates.


Then roommates with benefits. Anyway, Theresa recently had a relapse or a slip, I guess, it’s what it’s called when it’s unplanned. It was like a one-time thing, right?

Yes, yes, well, that is what it’s called. I’m just I’m sorry to hear that she had a slip. But no, I had not heard about that.

OK, well, then Brady obviously didn’t tell you. But the two of us, we took care of her together for the first few hours when she was coming down. And it was really hard for both of us to see her like that.

I’m sure it was very hard.

Anyway, I wanted to be like the hero. I wanted to help. And in reality, I just felt like I was in the way, not just because Brady has all this experience with addiction, but him and Theresa have all this history. They have a child together. Anyway, after Brady left and Theresa was finally sober, she made this rash decision, or at least I thought it was rash, to just go back to California. So naturally, I got upset. And I wanted to clear my head. So I went for a run. By the time I got back, she was all packed up. She said she needed to be with her mom and get away from Salem at least for a little while. And she booked a red-eye ticket. She was supposed to leave tonight.

Oh, well, I assume she didn’t go.

No, she didn’t. I talked her into staying. Dr. Evans, I couldn’t let her leave. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. That’s what’s scaring the hell out of me.

So Mom filled you in, huh?

Well, she told me that you had a slip but that you were determined for it not to happen again.

I am, although I know that those words can ring hollow coming from an addict.

Well, they don’t ring hollow with me, Theresa, because I know, we all know– the people who care about you– that if you had a slip you must have been in some serious pain.

[tense music] * * Your mom told me also that you’ve decided not to go back to California.

Yeah. I’m sure she was pretty disappointed, huh?

Well, no, I actually got the sense that she’s just concerned about you and wants the best for you. She doesn’t understand why you need to stay in Salem. I mean, she knows that you can’t see Tate for another month, right? So what is it? Why did you decide not to go back?

[sighs] Alex. * *

OK, let’s make a toast. Let’s see, to not needing any shoulders to cry on.

I will drink to that.

As will I.


Mmm. Now I need another one. Can I get you ladies anything?

I’m good.

Me too.


[upbeat twangy music] * *


He is so charming.

He is, isn’t he? And he’s so kind and loyal and funny. Oh, nothing like my lying, cheating ex.

[dramatic music]

So I– I shouldn’t be fine with my current salary?

Well, maybe I’m a little bit biased. I just–I have a feeling that you’re a stellar employee. I mean, you’re always going above and beyond. And you should be getting paid accordingly. What? What is it? What are you thinking?

No. I, um– this talk, I guess, is making me a little uncomfortable just because our most recent problems were because we were broke and you were willing to do dishonorable things to make us not broke. And despite the fact that you don’t think that I’m being paid enough, I really do make a decent living. So Victoria will always be taken care of.

I suppose you’re right.

And now you have “The Spectator.” So we’ll both be contributing equally to the raising and educating of our daughter.

Of course. And I didn’t mean to express any doubt about that. But as I said, I’m only going to make a living now honorably, respectably. I have a beautiful little daughter for whom I need to set a good example. It’s more important to me than anything, Sarah. I hope you believe that.

I do.

So you need to have Theresa stay in Salem. Why is that scaring you?

[tense music]

I think maybe because I’ve just never really felt like that before. You know, I’ve been crazy about a woman before, Stephanie, for one, but it was different.

Different in what way?

It was just, you know, it was more like I was wanting her, not so much needing her. Does that make sense?

It does.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because Theresa she’s like, you know, she’s made a lot of mistakes in her life. She’s struggled with addiction. She’s flawed. In other words, she’s like me. I just feel like I can totally be myself around her. I don’t know, it’s just something about her. You know, whether she’s happy or sad or angry or indecisive or silly or annoying, I just– I just want to be around her. I– I… I don’t know, when I can’t be around her, I can’t get her out of my head. So then I end up wondering, where the hell is she? What is she doing? Who is she with? How is she feeling?

Yeah. I think I understand what you’re feeling.

You do?

I do. I think you do too. I think you’re in love.

So Alex is the reason you decide to stay?

Yeah, he is. He persuaded me that he and I are so alike that yeah, we’re both screwups. I mean, God knows that I am, but that we are– we’re both really self-aware.


Yeah. And unlike people who aren’t self-aware, we actually know when we’re backsliding. So we can nip it in the bud, you know, and become better people. And he insisted that he and I try to do that together.

Sounds like a plan.

But, you know, Aunt Kayla, Brady and I have been through so much with Tate. And when I was strung out, he– Brady, he really made me feel safe. And in a way that only addicts can understand, you know, he– for a moment, I felt really close to him. But then when Alex took me in his arms and he persuaded me to stay in Salem, that’s when I realized that he is what I want. He’s what I need.

So you’re in love with Alex, is that what you’re saying?

[sighs] Yeah, I suppose I am. Do you disapprove?

Disapprove? I mean, why would I?

Because most people look at him as an egotistical womanizer, you know, this shallow guy who’s only out for himself.

Well, Theresa, first off, I don’t know Alex that well. But I’m of the opinion that people are a work in progress. So I believe if a guy meets the right woman, he could become less egotistical, less shallow. And actually with that woman, he might be able to make a serious commitment.

Yeah. I mean, stranger things have happened, right?


You know, when I first got involved with Alex, I was the one who was really shallow. It was really just using him to try and get Brady jealous. And then when I realized that that didn’t work, I looked at Alex as a distraction, you know, somebody to keep my mind off of Brady, a companion for when I was lonely. But God, I didn’t think I would actually develop real feelings for him. And now I feel so guilty.

Guilty? For what?

Because I am shallower than shallow. I am the kind of person who’s willing to screw up somebody’s life six days from Sunday just to get what she wants.

I think you are being hard on yourself.

I know. I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed of what I’ve done. Alex deserves better

Theresa, what have you done?

In love, wow, sounds so serious, mature.

Is this new for you, feeling this way?

Oh, yeah, this is definitely new for me. It’s not like I haven’t been crazy for a woman before, like I said, I have. But being crazy about somebody is a little different than being in love with somebody, isn’t it?

Well, it’s hard to say. People express their feelings differently, you know. It’s very subjective. But from what you’re telling me about your feelings, it sounds like there’s a real depth to your feelings for Theresa.

Yeah, I mean, I just can’t help but feel like if I am having these feelings that I need to act on them. And not just like the physical sense, but I’m thinking…

[light piano music] Should I ask her to marry me?

Marry you?

[gasps] Alex, I can’t tell you what to do. But from what you’ve been saying to me, these feelings are all very, very new for you. And that’s fine. That’s just fine. But I think you need to just take this very slowly and see what develops and see if it turns into something that feels like marriage.

What if I wait I could lose her? I don’t want to lose her. Dr. Evans, I can’t.

I really needed this.


Yeah. A wonderful dinner and relaxing with you, our daughter in the other room.

Oh, I didn’t tell you. Earlier before I put her to bed, I was reading her “Goodnight Moon.” And I know she’s way too young to actually understand any of it, but she was looking at me so intently. It was as if she couldn’t wait to hear what happened at the end.

Or maybe she really is very precocious and brilliant and totally understood you.

Maybe so.


But she really reminded me of you, though, this just intense concentration.

[laughs] When she smiles, though, she reminds me of you, because she does have your smile. It’s a lovely smile by the way.

Well, you have a lovely smile too, Sarah, although you look lovely whatever you’re doing, whether you’re smiling or frowning or concentrating intensely or especially when you’re holding our daughter in your arms.

You know, when I think about everything that we went through with Mickey, the loss and the grief, I just think how blessed we are that we have this perfect, healthy child.

I feel blessed too, that that perfect, healthy child is ours, a product of our love at the time.

Yeah, at the time.

And now in the present, I’m just so terribly grateful that, well, we’re getting to know each other again in a different way.

Yeah, in a better way.

[jazzy music]

So is that why your marriage ended, because your ex cheated on you?

Well, that was the main reason, but it was how I found out.

And how was that?

One day I was checking our credit card bill, and I found a really big charge from a jewelry store. And since he hadn’t bought me any jewelry in months, well, you get the idea.

I do. God, that must have been so painful seeing that charge.

It was. And when I confronted him about it, he was furious with me for being suspicious. I mean, we had horrible fight after that. And we’ve been in many fights before, but nothing like that. And I knew it was over.

Oh, what did I miss?

Oh, nothing. I was just talking about my ex. Nothing you need to hear.

Right, nope.

[phone rings]

Oh, excuse me, I need to take this.

Oh, yeah, no worries. Yeah, mm-hmm.

Hey. What’s up?

Hey. Can I email you the copy to my follow-up piece on the drug crisis? I just want to make sure it’s situated properly.

Isn’t your deadline two days from now?

Yeah, that’s why I’m calling you so late, just in case I need to make any revisions.

Well, yeah, you can email me that copy, but I won’t get to it till the morning. I’m actually out at the pub with friends.

Oh. I’m so sorry I interrupted. I hope you’re having a good time.

I am. We are. Hey, why don’t you join us?

Oh. Really? You sure I wouldn’t be intruding?

Not at all.

OK. Yeah, I’m– I’m on my way.

See you soon.

Alex, have you told her how you feel?

That I’m in love with her? No.

Well, then you can’t really know exactly how she feels.

Well, I mean. she told me that she wants me. She needs me. That’s pretty much the same thing as being in love, isn’t it?

Well, I think, in this case, yeah.


Yeah, I would think so. I just I think that your fear of this is being triggered by your past, your own losses.

Yeah, you might be right. You know, finding out that Justin isn’t my real dad, I know it’s been a while now, but… it still feels like a loss.

Of course it does.

But I guess I will hold off on asking her to marry me.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, there really isn’t any rush. And especially considering that she has a problem with addiction and she’s had a slip recently, I think the best thing you can do for her right now is just be there for her.

Theresa, what have you done? What have you done that is making you feel so guilty? Is this about your past mistakes?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, all my past mistakes.

Oh, honey, haven’t you suffered enough over those?

How much is enough?

Listen, I’ve read about the -steps program. And one of the steps is to make amends with the people you’ve hurt. Is there somebody you feel you need to make amends with?

Yeah. That’s what I’ll do. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll make amends, because Tate deserves an honest mother with integrity. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to make amends with the people that I’ve hurt.

So it’s a geo-catching event. Am I saying it right?


No. OK.

It’s geocaching.

Geocaching. OK.

It’s a scavenger hunt that takes place in the real world, but the clues are online.

Oh, wow.

Yeah. Wendy, Tripp, and I are sorting out all the details, and it’s going to be great.

[indistinct chatter]

[foreboding music] * *

Hmm. My friend should have been here by now.

[phone beeps] Oh, wait, this text is from him. He can’t make it, unfortunately.

Oh, that’s too bad.


I was really looking forward to meeting him.


[exhales] Oh, and then there was none.

No, we drank the whole bottle.

Down to the last drop.

Hmm. Shall we try our whiskey in the Celtic cup?

You mean the quaich?


The last dram of the celebration. Yeah.

Yeah? I just I liked what you said it signifies–


[groans] Something that we have been working very hard to rebuild. And it’s been going much better than anticipated, don’t you think?

I do. Yeah. Actually, I’m very impressed at what a responsible and truly loving father you are, and not to mention, an amazing roommate and mad cooking skills.

Well, you’re pretty top-notch yourself, Sarah. You’re a wonderful mother and a perfect roommate. * * Mmm.

They use this for weddings?

They do amongst other things. The wedding couple, they drink from that, and then they quote Robert Burns. “All my love is like a red, red rose “that’s newly sprung in June. “All my love is like a melody that’s sweetly played in June. A fair art thou my bonnie lass.” And–

Should we take this in the bedroom?

Sarah, we shouldn’t.

You always help me so much, Dr. Evans, always. Thank you.

I’m so glad. Alex, take your time with this relationship and just see what develops. And if it’s good and it’s real, it won’t go away.

That’s right, because– let me see if I’m comfortable with saying this– I’m in love.

That wasn’t so tough, was it?



[sighs] Thank you so much for letting me just talk this through. You’ve made me realize that I have to be honest, and I have to make amends.

For yourself more than anybody else so that you can live with a clear conscience and self-respect. Yeah. And know that I’m here for you /.

Thank you. Thank you so much, Aunt Kayla.

Did you just say no to me? You don’t want to go to the bedroom?

Sarah, you must know that nothing would make me happier than to make love to you right now and all night long. I just– you also know how I’ve screwed things up in the past. And I’m just trying my damnedest not to screw them up this time, not now when the stakes are so much higher because– because of my little girl.

[gentle music]

Yeah, I understand. At least one of us is thinking clearly.

Ironic though, right, that I’m the voice of reason?

Ironic and kind of maddening.


No, no, it’s OK. I love you… for being the voice of reason. * *

Well, I hate to call it a night, but I’ve got tons to follow up on tomorrow.

Oh, girl, no problem. Good night.

Tonight was so much fun.

It so–it sure was.

Let’s do again soon.

Yes, let’s do it again.



Bye. Mwah!

[sighs] Aww. Well, that was disappointing.

What was?

That we didn’t get a chance to meet Stephanie’s guy.

Oh, yeah, well, definitely more disappointing for her.

Yeah. You know, it doesn’t take a detective to see how much she likes this guy.

[phone beeps]

[line trilling]

Hi. It’s me.

[sighs] I’m so sorry I stood you up tonight.

You still at work.

No, I’m not. I’m– I’m in my room. Can you come over? What I need to say to you, it really can’t wait.

Oh, OK. Yeah, I’ll– I’ll be there soon.


Hi. I was just thinking about you.

What a coincidence. I was thinking about you too.


You think that’s a hint?

I think maybe we’ve worn out our welcome.

Mm. Well, I have already paid the bill. So we can go to my place.

Excellent idea.



Thank you.

Mm-hmm. Perfect. Ahh.

Hey, thanks for getting here So quickly.

No problem. You sounded so serious on the phone. Is everything OK?

Let’s sit down. I have a confession, something you need to hear.

[tense music]

So we just go to our respective bedrooms and sleep?

I mean, I don’t know how I will given that my heart is skipping a bunch of beats right now just looking at you and thinking about what would happen if we didn’t go to our respective bedrooms and sleep.

My heart is skipping a bunch of beats right now too, just so you know.




[phone rings] Hello.

Xander Cook.

Yeah. Who’s this? I have a job for you.

What kind of job?

I have someone who must be eliminated.

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