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Recap written by Eva

Brick tells Sonny that the gun that killed Austin was stolen from the WSB which means there may be a connection between the gun that shot Austin and the gun that shot Curtis. Sonny decides that he and Dex are taking Ava to his island in Puerto Rico until they find the person who has been sending her those notes and claims they killed Austin.

Valentin offers to invest in a new magazine to compete with Crimson. Ava thanks Valentin for the offer but she has to try and control her impulsive actions so Willow will see that she is trying to change. Valentin tells Nina if she changes her mind to let him know because he is sure that she could have a great magazine.

Dr Film’s malpractice trial begins with the prosecution presenting its case and presenting its witnesses. Sam finds evidence that Muldoon’s lost money in the failed Aurora Media/ELQ merger. Martin suspects that Muldoon brought the lawsuit against Finn because they need money to pay their debts.

Chase and Dante arrive in Canada to look for Esme at Nanny Maggie’s apartment.

Laura gets in touch with Spencer and Trina and tells them to stay in Paris because Kevin will be okay and Chase and Dante will find Esme.

Jordan tells Anna that Brick helped her track down the location of the call that gave her the tip, about who shot Curtis. Jordan tells Anna the call came from a burner phone inside Bentonville and Jordan thinks that Mr. Brennan gave her the anonymous tip.

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