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Call you keep moving. I’m not expecting anything.

Is this a joke? Not at all. You have no idea how sweet this gig is. What delivering mail? Yeah. Huh? Keeps me plugged in with everything in the outside world and don’t tell anyone. Every now and then I just end up with an extra magazine or two. Hmm. Yeah. Well, like I said, uh, I doubt there’s anything in there for me.

You little faith. Now lucky. Lucky what just happened to show up today? And judging by the childlike handwriting seems like it might actually be from your darling daughter. Hand it over. Hey, what is the magic word? Hmm. Let’s see. Hand it over. I’ll rip your throat out. No, that’s nine words, but who am I to nitpick?


Well, the least you can do is share what my little niece has to say. Um, dear mom, I have the most amazing news. Daddy and Chloe are definitely not getting back together. That’s good. Right. Oh, okay. Um, I, I know for sure because I heard daddy tell grandma and grandpa that Chloe just moved in with Sander Cook.

Yes, yes.

Oh, yes.

Did you do that? Of course I did. What the hell happened? Someone broke into the apartment. Oh my God. Are you sure? Yeah. Stay behind me, Chloe. I’ve got this. Who’s there? Show yourself.

My hero.

We have a special delivery for Dr. Marena Evans after the huge meal we had at the pub tonight. Oh, come on. There is always room for strawberries and whipped cream. Oh my gosh.

Hmm. Did you whip that cream yourself? Well, I did. I have gotten to be an expert at it. You have indeed. Yeah. You’re also an expert. Something else I like.

Thank you, ma’am. Do you have room for one more of those?

Brace yourself.

Oh. Oh, I miss you my love. Keith, my God, when I thought I had lost you, but you know what? I’m more looking back. We’re here now together, and to me that is nothing short of America. Well, I totally agree with that. You know, even when I, I got away from Megan, I just. I don’t know. I didn’t think that I would really make it out of there alive.

I didn’t think that I would. I would make it back to you my love, my husband, but here I am now, thanks to Dimitri von Lonesome.

Wait, so you’re, you’re holding another hostage. I see your hearing is still intact. You’re intellect now you’re bluffing cuz we searched every inch of the ship and all we found were you, Kate, and your henchman, they have names. You know the point is there’s nobody else here now who said anything about my hostage being on this trip.

Like sand through the hourglass. So are the days of our lives.

It just doesn’t make any sense mean Kate Roberts is all the leverage that you needed. You could have ransom to her for a small fortune. There are more important things in this world than money. Oh, but I can’t imagine someone like you could ever understand that someone, someone like me would be talking about a commoner.

Is that for your information? I was holding onto Kate until I had all my ducks in a row. And then right before you rudely interrupted our dinner party, I received a phone call that I was expecting. All right, so let me guess. You have all your ducks in a row now Indeed. Which is quite fortunate for me.

Less so for you. Father say, I believe you, who’s a mystery hostage all in due time. But for now, I would be more worried about what I want in exchange. I’m guessing full immunity for starters, but I’m not stopping there.

All right. Well, tell me that Von Leischner three. Didn’t hurt you?

Well, I can’t say it was pleasant being his guest, but, um, you know, the, it’s, it’s in the past and the more time he spends in my mind rent free, the more he wins. So, so tell me about Bo. Steve said that he’s in a coma. Yeah. And we’re not sure when, or. Yeah, you’ll come out of it. I’m so sorry. Hope’s moving him to a long-term care facility.

Kyle’s the family taking that. Well, we’re doing our best. Kayla’s back in Salem and Sierra’s on our way back home to Ben and the baby, and actually saw Sean right before you came. He is still a wreck. Because he blames himself. Yeah. And I reminded him that we all thought Bo was dangerous. I mean, hell, at the time we thought he had shot and killed you.

Well, I mean, I thought he was going to, and until I managed somehow to get through to him, how well I reminded him of his family and of hope. But honestly, I, I don’t think it was until I called him Megan’s lap dog that he honestly just snapped out of it. I sure he hated that a lot. Oh, yeah. My brother hated taking orders from anyone.

Megan Hathaway was certainly no exception. Oh, great. A letter about two people I don’t know and couldn’t care less about. May I continue? Sister? Hmm? Be my guest. You all right? Oh, I hate seeing Daddy. So sad now that he broke up with Chloe Lane because I think he’s really lonely. No, but I’m also really glad he’s not with that mean woman anymore because I hate her.

Is that okay? Mommy? But I’m also glad

Oh yes, sweet sweetheart. That is. Super. Okay.

Oh, okay. Oh, sorry. Don’t mind. No, no, no, no. It’s Please, please. Sorry. Wait. Don’t go. Fine. Are you sure? No, no, no. Nevermind us. We’ll get ourselves a room. This is your home too. Not much longer, actually. I look we’ve imposed on you long enough. No, no. We love having you here. Well, you are gonna be stuck with Rachel and me a little while longer because we haven’t found a place yet, but I have some leads.

Yeah, well, I, I know that you think this is what you have to do, but we are gonna miss having you here. Was this Hell yeah, kid. Well, I’m not gonna be that far. I actually planned to be right across the street, but Xander Cook, he seemed to have beaten me to the perfect department and it was also a nice way to find out that.

Chloe is moving in with him. Oh. Oh no. I’m so sorry. Sorry. Look, son. Son, you have pulled out all the stops to try to fix this thing with Chloe here, so maybe it’s time you just start forgiving yourself and try to move on. Dad, I’m trying. Chloe is too. I just, I really hate the idea of her moving in with.

That shmuck, why would this suddenly fall? Oh, I don’t know. It wasn’t hung right. I hung it myself. I remember, and I remember distinctly telling you that you needed a wall anchor for that picture and you insisting that you did not. Chloe, I know to hang a picture that foot was perfectly secure.

Okay. I think that was the patron saint irony. You sure about that? What I, I was making a joke, Sandra. No, I’m not finding this funny. Chloe, I’m starting think this place might be.

I am trying to think of somebody. That Chloe could end up with that’s worse than Xander Cook. And I’m, I’m drawing a blank. Just because she’s staying there does not mean she’s going to fall for him. Doesn’t mean she won’t either. I mean, a little while ago she couldn’t stand to even look at the guy, and now suddenly she’s okay with moving in with him.

And it’s not like I can say she’s too smart to fall for a guy like him because look at Sarah Horton, very intelligent woman who barely escaped that idiot’s clutches. Right? We’ve got a good point there. And the worst part, dad is. He’s not only a loser, but he’s a dangerous loser. You know, nobody knows that better than me.

Well, I know a little something about that. Seen as how he shot my two favorite people in the world who happen to be standing in this room right now, survive. Thank God. Yeah. I don’t think he should get a pass though for that. Just because we didn’t happen to die doesn’t mean he’s not responsible for heinous crime.

And by the way, not everyone was as lucky. This place haunted. It certainly was in the realm of possibility, isn’t it? Yeah. Only if you believe in ghosts. Yeah. Well, I’m from Scotland. Whole, whole-blood countries haunted lots and bogs, all covered in fog. If you ever seen any of those spooky castles up in the highlands, Hmm.

Can’t say that I have, but this apartment is not an ancient castle. Yeah. But sometimes ghost don’t just haunt places. They haunt people. Okay. So who’s haunting us? Not us. Me. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking Susan Knight.

Well, enjoy your night, sis. I’ve got a stack of stolen magazines to entertain me. Mm-hmm. Bye-bye. All right, Rachel, give mommy the glory details about Chloe and. Center, I would give you all the deeds. Mommy. But Danny changed the subject and then they all started talking about Boat Brady instead. Hmm. What?

What, what about Phil? What’s it to you? Oh, come on. Tell me what she said about Bo. I thought you weren’t interested in what my daughter had to say. Tell me what she said about Bo dammit. How the magic word is the word that you couldn’t manage. Please. Hmm. Find, since you’re curious. Oh, let’s see. Gets a little jumbled here, but, uh, well, it’s.

Seems everyone is upset because hope had broken through the bow and right when it looked like he was going to be his old self. Mo son Am and, and and what shot him? Oh my God. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No. You see Commander, some people pray to the Lord above to get what they want, but I haven’t had very much luck in that regard.

So instead, I prefer to always be prepared just like the Boy Scouts are. Yes, I knew you would understand me, and I think you’ll find that in this case, I have not fallen short. Meaning, meaning. That I am not the only one being persecuted by the so-called powers that be. Therefore, I am not seeking one but two blanket immunity grants and if I don’t get them are you assure you commander, my second hostage will soon have an appointment at the Pearl Gates.

Well, I was expected everybody was very happy to see that you’re alive. Well, no. Hmm everyone. Cuz I think Maggie was kind of disappointed. Oh, come on, come on. Maggie’s got a good heart. She wouldn’t want any harm to come to you. Well, maybe for your sake. So what do you think? Oh, sleeping in a room that doesn’t smell like fish and make me see sick.

It’s gonna be so hard to adjust to, oh my God, you have been to hell and back. Yeah. Well with a pit stop in heaven. Yeah. Well that means you got a whole lot of pampering to have you. Okay. I’m not sure where to start. Bubble bath or in room spot treatment. Oh, you know neither of those really because, well, Dimitri wanted to whine and dine me, so he let me take a break from the fish and the spruce ups.

Okay, so that means you’ve eaten too? I have. Okay. So he is only need spa. Don’t need eat. I’m kind of running outta uh, ideas here. Okay. Um, well, maybe I could help because I do have something important to ask of you.

You see this naked finger here? Mm-hmm. Oh,

did you fix it for me?

Wait, that was a joke, right? About Susan Banks. You don’t actually think that she, well, she returned from the dead and is haunting me. Honestly, I’ve been suspecting it for a while and. I was responsible for her death. After all. Listen, I understand all too well with that. Feels like being responsible for someone losing their life and you never get over that.

Yeah. But in your case, I think you should get over it. Chloe in that Alpha Deo, he was a monster. Susan wasn’t. She was sweet and. She died a horrible death. And that’s on me.

Look, I’m not defending what you did, but at some point you have to move on with your life and, and just learn from it. Learn from it. Yeah. That’s what I’ve been trying so hard to do, Chloe. I mean, believe it or not, to learn from my grievous mistakes and not repeat them, but somehow trouble always seems to find me or I find it.

I get desperate for money usually, and then some opportunity arises before I know what’s happening. I’m neck deep in something illegal. And it spirals outta control until something very, very bad happened by Susan Banks meeting a fiery death in that car crash. But wasn’t Ava Vitali behind the wheel when Susan died?

Maybe Susan wouldn’t have been in the car if I hadn’t kidnapped her, if I hadn’t. If you hadn’t been weak. If I hadn’t taken Ava’s money, if I hadn’t grabbed Susan like I did, Susan would still be alive and.

I still be married to Sarah.

See, you see? Yeah. Maybe this place isn’t Haunty, but I,

I would never condone. Sanders’s actions, but he wasn’t the one responsible for Susan’s death. It was Ava that drove her off that cliff. Yeah. But he started the whole series of events by kidnapping her and that’s just his latest in his long list of crimes, including switching Rachel at birth. He never takes responsibility for these things.

Of course not. He was had in common with his Uncle Vic. Yeah. Yeah, he does. I keep thinking about Chloe being under the same roof with Xander, and I just wanted to myself, when is his next scheme? How’s he gonna drag Chloe into it? That’s all he does. Anybody who’s naive enough to, to get involved with him, I think the bastard belongs in prison.

Yeah, this is some evil twist of fate if you wanna have this ridiculous prison in both. H H How is he? He’s not that again. No, no. He’s uh, he’s in a coma. Good news, huh? How is that Good news. Comas aren’t so bad. I’ve been at a few myself and personally, I always wake up refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Well, I’m glad you’re finding this so humorous after everything that I went through to save him all those years, keeping him alive and. Protecting him. So glad we could be together. Hey, it’s okay. Take a deep breath.

I know he would’ve loved me again. I was so close.

Come on, listen. Um, all we have is a secondhand account from the Eve’s dropping child. Lu, you know, the mail takes forever in here, so who knows, Bo, he might be alright now

and he might not be. Hello, Kristen. You don’t get it. Hey, it is the whole reason that I came up with a plan to get myself outta here in the first place,

us Yumi, to get us outta here. Suddenly. It’s feeling more important now than ever. So sis, where do we stand

enough with the games? Dimitri, who are you trying to help with this COI deal?

You really can’t figure it out, huh? After all these clues, you certainly know her well. Her. Why do you think I’ve been enjoying this so much? Yes, her, your old pal and mentor,

Megan Hathaway.

I am sorry. I’m sorry, I, I come in here and I, I interrupt your romantic moment, and then I proceed to put all my baggage on you. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You know that we are always here to listen, son. Well, I’m done. I’m done. I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna kiss my little girl goodnight, and I’m gonna think about all the good things that happened in my life.

You too. That’s the top of my list right back at you. Oh, we love you sweetie. I love you too, but seriously, seriously, thanks for always being there for me. You always are as you are for us. Goodnight honey.

When it comes to love, that kid has had nothing but better luck. I know. Let’s hope that Kristen doesn’t find out that Chloe’s out the picture. Although she would break outta jail and be right back here in his orbit.

I can’t believe you. The love of my wife is in a coma, and you managed to make it all about yourself Are you’re the one who brought up this mystery plan. It’s not a mystery to me. Then why don’t you tell me what it is? I did as you asked. I kept what you told me about Bo to myself. Yeah, well who cares about that?

I managed to blab it all to Andrew Donovan anyway. Well, that is not my problem. You promised me my freedom, dammit, and you will have it. My deal is very much in the works. We simply needed to get things organized. Get things sorted out,

who is getting things sorted out and organized? But Kristin, I, let me guess. You’re gonna tell me later. No, sis, you’re gonna tell me right now. Who do you have on the outside? Why does that make a difference to you? Because then it makes it real. I need to know what’s real fine. His name is Dimitri von Leischner.

Wait, the guy who tried to blow up the world with a Almanian peacock, you know another Dimitri Von Leischner.

You remember Megan, don’t you? From what I heard, you were doing her bidding for a better half of a year. Yeah, I wasn’t, I wasn’t right up here. I was brainwashed. Oh, that’s a convenient excuse, considering you’re just killing people left and right in pursuit of those prisms. I’m ashamed of what I did. Huh.

And I guess it’s that shame that made you hesitate when you had Hope Brady, in your crosshairs. Or did true love for your Its ugly hand.

It’s our subject. I totally get it. Well, for what it’s worth, you have terrible taste in women. Megan Hathaway is in prison and that’s where she’s staying. He’s so sure about that. I might not have Kate to get what I want, but trust me, I still have another race of my sleeve.

So you took your rings off? Yeah, I did because I was desperate. And I made a deal with one of Dimitri’s henchman. I’d give him my rings if he had given me a phone call to you. He never called me. No, I did call you. He just didn’t go through. The son of a bitch kept my ring anyway. But you got him back. Yeah.

And Chad and the others came to rescue me. I wanted to get the hell off that boat, but I was not going without those rings. So you carried these rings around this whole time? I did. I mean, I was going to put it on, but then I stopped because you put those rings on my finger the first time and I wanted you to put ’em back on for the last time.

Well, it was my honor then it will be my honor now.

I thought you could use this. Hopefully it’ll help you go back to sleep. Thank you. And I’m so sorry if I freaked you out earlier with all that. I think you’re right. Pictures fell down because I didn’t hang correctly. I don’t truly believe that the. Ghost of Susan Banks is haunting our apartment or me.

Well, that’s good. And I’m glad you’ve calmed down. I’m, I’m just sorry that you’re so tortured by what happened to her. Thank you. I just hope you don’t regret sharing a flat with a cranky sleep deprived scaredy cat. Well, I can be a scaredy cat myself at times, and I can definitely be cranky. I’m sure you’ve noticed And sleep deprived.

We shouldn’t make a habit of ending up here in the middle of the night like this. I mean, together, you’re right. We shouldn’t.

You need to go to your bed and you need to go to your bed.

Perfect fit just like us. Mm-hmm.

You know, I was thinking about you running out of ideas for what we could do while we’re here in this hotel room. You know, either I could take a spa or you know, we could go to dinner, but would you mind me making a suggestion? That’s what we could do. Please do. Well, I don’t have you

if you need to get that. No. Scam, likely. Where were we? Right here?

Persistent. What? Who is it? Paul the hell’s he doing calling so late? Everything is all right. Hey kid,

I met Dimitri once in Amsterdam and of course he raised go hang under an assumed name at that time, I S A H and Kyle Graham. Yeah. And he was with Bo X Billy Reed, and she had no idea of his true identity. Ah, Dimitri had her really fooled, and she’s a shrewd woman. So are you, and yet you managed to lose a Sapphire necklace when you tried to escape from him, how do you know so much?

Dimitri told me everything really.

What exactly is the nature of your connection to that Euro trash charmer. Hmm. Did he need something to fill the hours when you were feeling lonely because you couldn’t get oh to love you?

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Out. Oh my gosh. Did you connect with him at a evil, your social network? Listen to you. You are so judgmental.

Is that any way to talk about your nephew?


You’re gonna need a whole Desis if you want to get immunity for you and Megan, and that may still not be enough. See, I know what you, uh, I know what you tried to do in Zurich. Threatening the world with, um, devastation if they didn’t pay you off. I ain’t gotta admit, it’s a pretty good plan, a deranged plan.

Mm. And Megan’s the only person I know who’s more deranged than you are. The ISA will never let either of you walk out. Ah, yes. The I S A, my adopted home for so many years. Well, don’t you worry about them, Michaels. They’re not gonna stand it my way. No. On the contrary, they are going to insist that I’m granted my freedom.

Wow. Okay. Um, I hope that tea helps. Tea. Yes. All right. Thank you for that. Really thoughtful of you, and I’m sorry about all that nonsense earlier with the patient. It’s all good. Have a good night.

You know, I, uh, I assumed they would never see those rings again. Yeah, I figured they were, uh, in the urn with your ashes.

What did you do with that urn? The ashes anyway. Well, I brought that urn back to the pub, set it on the end of the bar. It, uh, made me feel close to you. Okay. Um, no fence with that. You know, that sounds a little bit like Anna Damir. Well, I wasn’t actually carrying the urn all around town. Yeah. Well, okay.

Please don’t tell me that you were talking to the ashes. Oh, no, you were a little, uh, look, that’s, that’s a weird part. Weird part is you talk to me too. Excuse me. I heard you. Alright. I heard your voice. You asked me to help you. To help you? Mm-hmm. You think I’m crazy? No, actually, I, no, actually I don’t, I mean, it’s sounds weird, but it, it seems somewhat familiar, you know, as if.

While Megan had us there on the deep freeze, like maybe I was reaching out to you. I mean, do you think that’s possible? Look, I’m never gonna deny the connection you and I have, but the only thing that matters right now is that you are here in my arms. For real.

I dunno. I just. It doesn’t seem real. It seems like. It seems like a dream. Well, it’s a dream. I don’t ever wanna wake up.

I’ll keep dreaming. Dimitri, why would the ISA want you to be free? Because Shane Donovan runs the organization, and I can assure you he’s gonna be very eager to give me exactly what I want. In fact, I would expect that he will personally see to it that Megan and I are. Both set free.

Dimitri, my nephew. I don’t understand. Oh, for goodness sake, do I really need to spell this out for you? Dimitri? One Ner. He’s my son.

Okay, Paul. Listen, thanks for calling. I’m on top of it. I’ll, uh, I’ll keep you posted. Yeah, love you too. What’s going on? You sound worried? Yeah, I am. So is Paul. He wants me to reach out to Shane. Hi, what’s wrong? Andrew Donovan is, uh, he’s missing, don’t know for how long, but apparently no one’s heard from him for quite some time.

Now, why the hell would Shane Donovan give you what you want? Well, he’s not really gonna have much of a choice unless he never wants to see his precious offspring again. Offspring. Yes. With all these clues, you really can’t figure it out. Come on, shame on you. Michaels

mystery hostage. Yes, yes. I knew you would catch a bravo. Well done. Yes. My mystery hostage is drum roll please. Shane’s very own. Son Andrew.

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