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Adam: Kyle and Summer had a restraining order drawn up so Locke has to stay away from the kid.

Sally: Oh. Well, that’s cold.

[ Sighs ] How does Summer get away with doing things like that while people still think I’m the mean girl?

Adam: Well, being a Newman has its privileges.


Jack: Don’t you see that you accomplished exactly the opposite? Exactly the opposite! You convinced her and anyone within earshot in a hotel lobby that our relationship was nothing more than a vengeful little game, a convenient weapon to use against an old enemy.

Phyllis: That’s not what i was doing. I was not doing that at all. I cannot believe you’re saying these things about me, seriously. We have gotten so close and we have come so far, and it took so long.

Jack: Yeah, that’s my point exactly. It took so long that I’d actually given up hope that it would ever happen? Neither one of us were ready to move to the next step, and that was fine with me because i cherished our friendship. And then you changed your mind when Diane came to town.

Phyllis: Jack, it’s not like that at all. I can’t believe you would think that of me.

Jack: What am I supposed to think? I heard what you said. “I accelerated things with Jack to shove it in your face, Diane.” What, you didn’t say those words?

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