Y&R Best Lines Friday, June 3, 2022

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Noah: Well, I’m glad you stuck around. We never got a chance to talk about that episode of “the grinning soul.” Did you listen to it yet?

Allie: Of course, I did.

Traci: Oh, I’m a big fan. I — what was the most recent episode about?

Allie: Ambition and how to chart your own course for a successful career.

Noah: No. No, that’s not what it was about at all.

Allie: Wait, what?

Noah: It was about how following your bliss is the clearest path to success.

Allie: Excuse me? Wrong.

Noah: Are we not listening to the same podcast?

Allie: Following your bliss? That was nowhere in the podcast.

Noah: Okay, so the guy might have worded it a little bit differently, but that was the general gist of the episode. Ambition’s not enough. You have to truly love what you’re doing. Otherwise, why even bother?

Diane: It is so interesting how you heard such different things from it. I’ll have to listen myself.

Allie: No, you know, ignore Noah. He obviously wasn’t paying close attention. Probably doodling.

Noah: Hey, I can multi-task.


Diane: So, Jack’s granddaughter and Noah Newman. Hmm. Think there’s something budding there?

Traci: I have no idea. I know that Allie is very quiet at the house, and Noah seems to have found a whole new side of her.

Diane: It appears so. She’s really cute with him.

Traci: I don’t know her very well yet, but my impression is that she is an intelligent and thoughtful young woman.

Diane: I didn’t really know her either when I first started trying to bring her and Jack together, but as soon as I met Allie, I knew it would be good for both of them.

Traci: I have already praised you for that, Diane. Am I gonna have to continue thanking you over and over?

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