Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Ashland: Thanks.

Adam: Well, look who it is. Genoa city’s least favorite glutton for punishment.


Adam: So, is this like your office now? I mean, might as well be. There’s nowhere else to go. You could just get your mail forwarded here. Maybe you could ask Abby, put a sign out front — “Ashland Locke world headquarters.”

Ashland: Don’t you have someplace else to be?

Adam: Just waiting for my food.

Ashland: Could you possibly wait somewhere else?

Adam: I could, but someone would come in here and take my seat because there’s a long line outside, people waiting to come in here and insult you. I actually had to take a number. Man, people really don’t like you in this town.

Ashland: You actually sound jealous.

Adam: [Chuckles] How do you figure that?

Ashland: Well, before i slipped up, you were the town pariah. I get the sense that you miss all those people hating you. Because if they don’t hate you, then they’re probably not actually paying attention to you at all.

Adam: Well, touché. But I did get back on the radar of all the people that matter to me when I maneuvered you out of the family business.

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