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Update written by Shane

At Spring Ridge, Ryan informed Heather that he knew she had left town while carrying their child. She didn’t even try to hide it and arrogantly insisted that she had gone to such great lengths to hide her from him that he would never find her.  Heather was left completely dumbfounded when Ryan told her that she had been coming to visit him for quite some time. Heather then got very serious and said that it wouldn’t have been possible for either of them to have been parents. Ryan was certain that Heather had known that Esme had an internship at Spring Ridge. He explained that she had found him with something of his that had belonged to a former girlfriend. He admitted that he had always wondered what had happened to his “special chain of keepsakes.” Heather admitted that she had stolen it, and Ryan was visibly irritated. He declared that he would hold Heather responsible if anything landed in the wrong hands. Heather asked if that was a threat. Heather insisted that she had kept it in mostly good shape. Heather told Ryan that she had been wearing the chain on the day she gave their baby up for adoption.  Supposedly, The baby had grabbed the chain, and the keepsakes had scattered all over the ground. Heather had thought that she had retrieved all of them. Ryan stated that Esme had used the keepsakes to find him. Heather wanted to hear all about their daughter.

Heather added that she had wanted to protect Esme because the world was full of terrible people like Heather. Ryan spoke about a strong young woman and shared that he and Esme had a special relationship, but he confided that she had been missing for quite some time. He revealed that Ava had thrown Esme over the parapet at Wyndemere although he knew she had survived that incident. He assumed that Esme wasn’t able to contact him right now because she was wanted by the police. “We will make them pay,” Ryan said about the Cassadine clan. Heather noted that Ryan wouldn’t be able to do much from his wheelchair, when he suddenly stood up. “People tend to underestimate me,” he said. Heather smiled broadly and rushed to Ryan’s arms. She was delighted, and she wondered what else Ryan might be able to do. They agreed that they had to find out what had happened to Esme and punish those responsible. 

At Wyndemere, Nikolas showed up in Esme’s room to grant her a wish. She was happy that she might go outside to chop down a tree, but Demetrius carried a pint-sized tree into her room. She was angry, but Nikolas acknowledged that he would never allow her to go out to run away. He reminded her that she was nothing more than a vessel until their child was delivered.

Downstairs, Spencer was searching through every liquor cabinet in the place looking for an assortment of alcohol to dull the pain of being brutally rebuffed by Trina. He continued to drink until Nikolas appeared. Spencer announced that Victor had insisted that they stay at Wyndemere. Nikolas replied that it wasn’t healthy for them to share living space. He spied the bottle, and Spencer quickly said that he didn’t want a lecture. He admitted to losing his appetite and running out on his dinner with Victor.

Nikolas offered to listen to Spencer and said that he loved his son. Spencer thought that Nikolas was a “distinct minority.” Nikolas began to name the people who loved Spencer. “She said we’re not even friends anymore,” Spencer blurted out. He told Nikolas about seeing Trina and Rory at the restaurant and that Rory had professed his love for Trina right there for everyone to hear. He admitted that he knew why Trina had rejected him, and he admired her for finding someone with the courage to confess his feelings.

Spencer said he felt like he was still in prison, and he knew when there was no hope. Nikolas reminded him of a childhood book he loved as a kid, a story of a baby bird that had been saved. “Hold onto hope,” Spencer recalled. Nikolas thought it was a good lesson. He didn’t think it was too late, but Spencer was sure that Trina and Rory loved each other. Nikolas revealed that it was hope that got him through the darkest times, even though he kept making mistakes. He thought that he and Spencer both had persistence as a quality, and they didn’t give up on those they loved. He said he knew that Spencer loved Trina.

Back in Esme’s room, she decorated the tree with whatever she could find. She felt alone. She wanted help from her father, and soon after, Demetrius walked in. He handed a box to her. She opened it up and found some ornaments. She said that it meant a lot to her, and he hoped she would stop crying. Esme told her baby that its grandfather had shown her the way.

In Terry’s office at General Hospital, Elizabeth told Finn that she was pregnant after he spotted the bottle of prenatal vitamins. “Another man’s baby,” he said. Elizabeth was sorry, and Finn didn’t believe her. Elizabeth sighed. She told him that it had happened after her return from Monterey when she’d needed someone to talk to. He was angry and reminded her that he had always stood by her. He asked who the father was. “Nikolas,” Elizabeth replied.

Finn stormed out of the office and into his own. Elizabeth followed, as Finn struggled with his rage. He finally smashed a tray of glass items onto the floor. She told him that she had just found out. Finn assumed that Ava didn’t know. He guessed that congratulations were in order, and he promised he wouldn’t bother Elizabeth anymore. He stated that he would call the commissioner to report his suspicions about Esme being at Wyndemere. But, Elizabeth insisted that Esme was not on Spoon Island, and that she oughta know because she had been spending a lot of time there.  Her words cut Finn deeply.  Finn couldn’t believe what a fool he had been.  Elizabeth told him that the boys didn’t know and she made him swear that he wouldn’t divulge the information.  He said he would tell no one and left.

Trina wandered around her house and picked up the bottle of perfume that Rory had given her. She thought about their conversation until there was a knock at the front door. It was Ava, and Trina was glad that Ava was there to stop her from making a huge mistake. Trina told her about the three-month anniversary dinner, and she confessed that her heart had been taking her down the path to more heartbreak. Ava told Trina that she had lots of experience in that area. She wanted Trina to have happiness. “Even if it leads to Spencer?” Trina asked.

Ava related that she’d heard about Spencer being out of prison. Trina admitted that she couldn’t pretend to have feelings for Rory, even with all the hurt that Spencer and Esme had caused. Ava also suggested that evidence had been brought to light that seemed to point to another perpetrator being the Hook killer and not Esme. Trina was frightened for her friends and family again because this gave the killer an air of anonymity again.

Ava told Trina to listen to her heart. She thought that her own heart was loud and clear about Nikolas, but she didn’t know if she would listen. After Ava had gone, Trina thought about her friend’s advice. “Welcome home,” read the text she decided to send to Spencer.

Carly arrived at Metro Court just as Drew met up with Denise in the lounge area to discuss Willow’s childhood. Before Carly could make her way to observe, Willow called out to her. Willow announced that she was there for a date night dinner with Michael, but she received a call from him to tell her that he couldn’t make it. She asked Carly to join her instead.

Carly and Willow sat at a table, and Carly asked about Willow’s condition during her first pregnancy. She quickly apologized, and Willow explained that she didn’t like to talk about it because she had had no support from anyone at that time. Carly grabbed Willow’s hands as Willow expressed her gratitude for Michael’s family and the one she had “yet to discover.” She asked Carly about the search that Drew had been conducting, but Carly replied that it was Drew who was running that show. Willow hoped that he would have some news for her soon.

Willow also expressed how kind Carly had been to her and how happy she was that her kids would have Carly as a grandmother. She thought that so much could go wrong. Carly asked if Willow was okay, and Willow replied that she had been thinking of her new baby. She hoped it would be healthy and happy. Carly said she was sure it would be strong and healthy. 

In the sitting area of the Metro Court bar, Drew and Denise chatted. Denise stated that the people in the commune had been lost, and he asked if Willow’s mother had been the same. Denise recalled Kali, now Willow, to have been sweet, which was a small miracle, considering her mother. She told Drew about the pregnant, drug addicted Joan, who had joined the commune and then abandoned her baby. Denise said that she was sweet but troubled. The commune leader, Josiah, had asked Harmony and her husband Doug to take the baby.

Drew asked about the baby’s father, but Denise didn’t know anything about him. She was glad to hear that Willow had a good life, husband and family, and she added that Willow’s biological mother had died of an overdose. The conversation drew to a close, and Denise decided to stick around to enjoy a colorful drink from the bar. She confirmed that Drew had been paying for her visit.

Drew made his way to Willow and Carly’s table with an update, and Carly insisted on leaving them alone. Drew thought he should verify the information first, but Willow wanted to hear it. He told her what he’d learned.

Carly found Denise and asked how the conversation with Drew had gone. Denise replied that she had handled the situation exactly as Carly had wanted her to.

At Wyndemere, Spencer received Trina’s text message, and he smiled at Nikolas. He announced that he wouldn’t have to drink anymore. “Hold onto hope,” Spencer said and he exited the room, leaving Ava standing at the door.

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