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Update written by Shane

At General Hospital, Portia informed Stella that everything looked good on her annual checkup. Marshall was with Stella, and Portia took the opportunity to ask (in front of Stella) if he had given more thought to genetic counseling. Marshall tried to reassure Portia that he didn’t need a reevaluation and that he was at peace. Marshall politely asked Portia to respect his wishes.  Stella too agreed that Portia should respect Marshall’s privacy.

In Jordan’s office at the PCPD, Curtis hand delivered an invitation to his and Portia’s wedding. Curtis grew angry when Jordan said she couldn’t “protect” Curtis’ family.  A poor choice of words from Jordan because it left Curtis believing she was speaking about the Hook killer and Trina, when she was actually speaking of Trina’s true paternity.  Curtis yelled at Jordan, and he accused her of keeping secrets from him again. Rory entered to provide Jordan with reports, including one for her to sign off on which detailed police plans for the city on Christmas Eve. A furious Curtis left as Jordan would not give him any details on what she had meant by her comments. On Curtis’ way out, he told Jordan not to forget to RSVP to the wedding. Later, Jordan stared at the invitation for a long time before she eventually used a pen to check the box marked “regretfully declines.”

At Rice Plaza, Ava took Trina shopping. Rory appeared, and Ava left them alone for a moment. Rory asked Trina to go with him to a nice dinner for their three-month anniversary, which Trina seemed to have forgotten.

Trina thanked Rory for having always believed in her innocence, and they finalized plans for dinner. Rory left, and Ava and Trina picked up their conversation where they had left off. Ava asked Trina to tell her what was on her mind, and Trina admitted that she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Spencer. Ava remarked that Spencer was still weeks away from being released from Pentonville and that Trina could use that time to prioritize and take stock of her life and what she wanted from it. Ava said she envied Trina. Ava said that having a man who worked an honest job was a blessing.  She added that complicated men create nothing but chaos. Ava thought it was best if she and Trina avoided those kinds of men altogether. The two parted ways.

Also at Rice Plaza, Eileen had whispered to Victor that the necklace had been destroyed. Victor reminded Eileen that her primary function was to keep Laura distracted, and Eileen replied that she had pulled the necessary strings.

Victor walked away, and struck up a conversation with Ava. The two talked about love, and Ava accused Victor of having never experienced true love. Victor said that when Ava was free from Nikolas, perhaps there would be hope for Victor and Ava. Ava pointedly reminded Victor that her marriage to Nikolas wasn’t over, and she asked what Victor would use to hold over Nikolas’ head, since Esme was still alive. Victor remarked that he wouldn’t need to coerce Nikolas into a divorce because Nikolas was already showing signs of moving on.

At Pentonville, Cyrus noted that Spencer had kept his distance since Victor’s visit. Spencer naively said that Cyrus had been out of line for having suggested that Victor was responsible for the attempt on Laura and Martin’s lives, and he defended Victor.

Cyrus hoped that his friendship with Spencer would continue after Spencer was released. Cyrus then produced a ring-sized box, and slid it across the table. Spencer said that he was uncomfortable taking a gift from Cyrus, who revealed that the gift was for Trina. It was a pair of white, turtle doves.

Spencer said that Trina would love them. However, he thought that he had caused Trina enough pain and had decided to stay away from Trina forever. Cyrus encouraged Spencer to take the gift and for Spencer to follow his heart. Just then, Victor entered the room, and he scowled at Cyrus. Cyrus started to leave, but Victor asked him to stay to hear what he had to say. “I have some news about my great-nephew’s future,” Victor exclaimed.

Elsewhere at Rice Plaza, Alexis tried to get Finn to open up to her about where things stood between him and Elizabeth. Finn informed Alexis that the man Reiko had an affair with had been Elizabeth’s father.  Alexis asked Finn to tell her more and asked where that left Finn and Elizabeth.  But, Finn did not answer her inquiries.

Their talk then turned to Alexis’ coverage of the Hook killer, and Alexis said that while it was not at all abnormal for Elizabeth to be on the pier waiting for a launch to Wyndemere, she couldn’t understand why Esme had been spotted there.  She wondered aloud what Esme had been doing there and why she hadn’t been seen since.  Finn said that he knew there was a history between Elizabeth and Nikolas and that Elizabeth trusted him.  But, Finn made it clear that he did not trust him and couldn’t stand the fact that Elizabeth did.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas had phoned Elizabeth to check on Esme. Elizabeth was worried when she found Esme “unconscious” on the bed after learning that Esme’s prenatal vitamins had all disappeared. Elizabeth and Nikolas thought that Esme might have swallowed the entire bottle of vitamins, and Elizabeth said that if that were true, Esme’s stomach would need to be pumped. Esme jumped up, and screamed at Elizabeth to stay away from her.

Esme said she had thrown the bottle of vitamins away, but not before she had taken one. Elizabeth took that as a sign that Esme cared about the baby. Esme swore that she wasn’t the Hook killer, and she told Elizabeth to ask Nikolas what had really happened on the night Esme had gone over the parapet. Esme implored Elizabeth to ask how Ava was involved as well. 

Elizabeth wanted to know what she meant but Nikolas convinced her to return to General Hospital to get more prenatal vitamins.  Nikolas assured Elizabeth he would explain everything later.  Elizabeth left and Nikolas glared at Esme.  “That was a mistake.”

Nikolas wanted to know what Esme wanted.  Esme said that she wanted a Christmas tree, a real one, and that she wanted to pick it out from the Spoon Island grounds.  Nikolas scoffed and left the room, coldly. Once downstairs, Nikolas heard a knock at the door. Nikolas opened the door. Finn was there waiting.

At Spring Ridge, Heather was stunned that Jeff had come to visit her. Jeff told Heather to stay away from his family, and he mentioned Heather’s run-in with Cameron at Kelly’s. Heather said that Jeff didn’t care about his family, and never had.

Just then, Ryan was wheeled into the room. Jeff glanced at Ryan, and he asked if Ryan was who Jeff thought he was. “The one and only,” Heather remarked. Jeff again warned Heather to stay clear of his family, and he started to leave when Heather reached for his hand. Jeff seemed repulsed by Heather and left.

After Jeff left, Heather approached Ryan. “If you could speak, I imagine we’d have quite a lot to discuss,” Heather told Ryan, who blinked his eyes once in response. After Heather walked away, Ryan made a fist.



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