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Update written by Shane

Sonny and Nina spoke on the phone and Nina told him how Donna was doing as she was clearly playing babysitter. Sonny said  they could discuss his day when he got home. Nina tells Sonny that Donna is having an early dinner in the kitchen, but that she had ordered a gourmet dinner for two from the Metro Court for them to enjoy.

At that moment, the doorbell rang and Nina announced that the catering guys were early, she opened the door to reveal Josslyn standing there.  Josslyn was none to happy to see Nina and said that she didn’t believe that Nina was supposed to be around Donna at all.  Nina took pleasure in telling Josslyn that she was operating off of dated information.  Sonny and Carly had spoken and they had come to a new understanding.  Josslyn said that she would be sure to verify this with her mother as soon as she made it home.  She told Nina she would wait for Donna to finish dinner but then she would be leaving.

Nina told Josslyn about the drama at Willow’s house. Josslyn instantly blamed Nina for the whole sordid affair and said that “only Nina would pick an argument with a pregnant woman.”  Nina denied picking a fight with Willow and she added that she and Carly had put aside their differences to revive Willow and to talk about what was in her best interests.  Nina said that if she and Carly could put aside their differences that she didn’t understand why she and Josslyn could not do the same. Josslyn refused to even discuss the subject.  When Nina asked Josslyn how Cameron was doing, Josslyn flashed back to a moment with Dex, when she finally came out of it, she screamed at Nina that she was nothing like her.

At Pozzulo’s, Dex walked in to Sonny’s office.  Sonny asked Dex what was more important to him, working for him or spending time with Josslyn. Dex looked floored.

At the Port Charles Grille, it was difficult for Spencer to hear Rory proclaiming his love for Trina.  But, he then gives her a box of perfume called L’Amor. But Trina’s eyes were all on Spencer as she couldn’t believe he was even there, as he stood behind Rory. He explained that he used his Cassadine connections to get out of jail early and then sat down with Trina as soon as Rory got a call from Jordan and left the table.

Spencer sits down at the table and asks Trina if they can start over, and Trina could not say yes. Instead, she went on and on about how it’s not possible for them anymore. Spencer sadly had to say he guessed what happened between them in the past had consequences. Trina then tried to backtrack and tell him he misunderstood what was going on with Rory.  

Later, a rejected Spencer tried to throw out the two turtle doves, but Victor kept them for safekeeping.

Finn told Elizabeth that he was sure that Esme was on Spoon Island and Nikolas was definitely hiding something. Why else would Esme have been on the pier with the launch the night Liz tried to go there? Liz was stunned to hear that Finn even made his way to Wyndemere to look for Esme, but she was relieved that Nikolas managed to cover up their elaborate ruse.

Liz tried to talk Finn out of going back to Spoon Island, so he tried to drag Elizabeth to see Jordan instead so they could tell the commissioner his suspicions. When he went back into his office to get what Liz left there, he noticed the bottle she was carrying was prenatal vitamins — the same ones he saw at Wyndemere. Finn then asked Elizabeth if she was pregnant.

Over at Spring Ridge, Heather and Ryan caught up, and we learned that they met one night in the woods when Heather saw this handsome man chopping down wood with an ax. They called themselves Hazel and Richard and had a glorious time in this cabin many years ago. Heather told Ryan that she knew he was faking the catatonic state, so he came clean and just started talking, telling her she left him with no word and broke his heart.

Heather then slapped him across the face for setting her son Franco up to take the fall for his last round of serial killings but mentioned how they made a good team, and she owes him one. Ryan said she owes him two because he later learned that Hazel was pregnant when she left Richie all those years ago. Heather looked like she had seen a ghost. 

In his office, Sonny gave Dex a whole speech about how he started off in the mob business.  He told Dex that when he first got in the business he was ordered to take care of someone and he was arrogant, naive and sloppy and he left a trail that could have easily been traced back to him or to his boss.  Dex wanted to know how he was able to continue after that situation.  Sonny said that he had a guardian angel and Dex said that he was lucky.  Sonny snapped, “luck will only get you so far.”  Dex told Sonny that he was smart and a fast learner and could adapt quickly.  Sonny told him he believed that was true. But, he cautioned Dex as he opened his desk drawer to reveal a new gun. You have to know when to keep the safety on a gun or when to take it off. He then handed Dex the shiny, new gun and told Dex that he would be accompanying him to a meeting. It turned out this meeting was with Nina at his place for dinner, but when Dex saw Joss there, he tried to get out of staying. He quickly asked Sonny if he could skip dinner because he wasn’t really that hungry.  Sonny said that was fine and Dex left.  

Sonny then asked Nina if Josslyn had been at the penthouse long and she said they had been talking for a while.  Sonny said that he didn’t see any broken glass so he was curious what they had been talking about.  Nina laughed and said that Josslyn clearly had other things on her mind.


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