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Update written by Shane

At the cabin where Holly has taken refuge, Jordan orders Mac to move in, the cabin explodes taking everyone by surprise.  Holly rushes out consumed by flames. Robert, who is at first subdued by Mac, rushes over with a blanket and extinguishes the flames covering Holly.  Robert screams.

The paramedics, after conducting their initial exam, explain Holly has third-degree burns over most of her body. They tell Robert that the burn unit at General Hospital is not equipped to handle such a serious case, so they plan to airlift Holly to a hospital that is better equipped. Robert goes with her. Jordan tells Mac she needs him on site.

The paramedics load Holly into an ambulance with Robert by her side. Later by the side of the road, the ambulance stops and the back doors open.  The paramedics exit and Felicia reveals herself as the driver. Holly sits up in the back of the ambulance without a hint of injury.

They all exit the ambulance and Holly thanks Felicia, who provides her with a new passport. Holly explains the events as they have unfolded over the past 24 hours. Felicia had shown up the previous night at the cabin and helped her fix the stove to explode when the time was right. She had also brought flame retardant clothing. Holly further reveals to Felicia that she and Robert staged his drugging, providing her the opportunity to “steal” the necklace. Holly explains that Ethan’s only chance at survival is if Victor thinks she is of no use to him. Felicia tells everyone that the official story will record that Holly was transported to a burn unit thousands of miles from Port Charles on the other side of the world. Holly is just sorry they had to keep Mac in the dark. Felicia says that under the circumstances she believes he would understand and says it provides him with plausible deniability.  As long as he is in the dark, he will not be lying to Jordan.

Holly then recalls meeting and giving Selina one of the diamonds from the necklace, in exchange for her drugging Victor.  Selina asked her what Victor did to her, and she explained he was holding her son hostage. Selina says that there is a special place in hell for men like him.  Holly says, “Yes, the 9th ring.” The drug will pay him back in kind, but it won’t kill him. She’ll never get Ethan back with Victor dead. Selina agreed to help her.

Once Felicia departs, Holly tells Robert she’s sorry that this must be goodbye. She notes this isn’t their moment, and he laughs, “It never is.” Before he can let her go, he asks for the necklace. She laughs, and hands it over. Holly tells Robert to be careful and blows him a kiss as she walks away.

Back at the cabin, Jordan tells Mac that it appears a faulty stove had caused the explosion. Mac is handed the remains of Robert’s briefcase, but there is no necklace to be found. He tells Jordan that the fire was so hot it could have destroyed the necklace.  Jordan says that the WSB is not going to be happy with the news.

At Portia and Curtis’ place, Marshall sits outside cleaning his clarinet when Trina tries to sneak out. He expected boredom to drive her out sooner or later. She admits she has cabin fever and needs room to breathe.

Inside, Portia and Curtis talk about the holiday. Curtis plans to make the most of his time with his father in case his disease returns. He asks what the chances are of that happening. Portia says she is not a psychiatrist and so she can not help Curtis in that regard. Curtis tells her Marshall claims he hasn’t had an episode since his arrest at the protest, and maybe he caught a break. 

Back outside, Curtis and Portia find Marshall with Trina. Curtis tells his dad the game is about to start if he wants to watch. Portia and Marshall head in, and Curtis offers Trina the last piece of the pie. She pushes it aside. Trina knows he posted Marshall outside, which Curtis admits he did, but only to watch out for Esme. She accepts the pie and cleans the plate.

Back inside, Portia hopes Marshall will play the clarinet for them tonight. She asks if his illness has ever affected his music. Marshall says it never did, just his ambitions. He wonders why all the questions. She says that genetic counseling wasn’t available back when he was diagnosed and he could get it now. Marshall says that it can not possibly tell him anything he doesn’t already know. 

In the kitchen of the Quartermaine mansion, Chase asks Brook Lynn if she had ever planned on telling him about the letter Dante asked her to write. She’s shocked Dante told him and explains she’s been so busy with his singing career she hasn’t had time to think about it. Chase wonders if she was ever planning on telling him or writing the letter. She swears she had every intention of writing the letter once they had taken Linc down. Chase grows angry and says that taking Linc down was never a certainty.

Brook Lynn says, “There is only one reason, us.” She cries and tells Chase that she’s never had anything like she has with him, and she didn’t think she was capable of finding it. However, he showed her that wasn’t the case. She says even if she never exposes Linc or gets her songs back, she’d be okay because they keep getting closer. She thought that given enough time he’d forget about the badge and simply want what they have together.

Chase admits that singing has been fun. However, he is not a singer. He explains she took away the choice for him to decide for himself what he wanted to do with his future. Brook Lynn understands and says she is fine with him “hanging up the mic.” Chase says, “Yes my singing career is over, but so are we.” She begs him to think about what he’s saying. Chase tells her that she kept him from the thing that makes him who he is. He says that they are over and leaves.

At The Savoy, Britt collides with Ava (at the bar drinking a martini) and orders herself a cosmopolitan. Cody shows up, as does Nikolas. Britt complains to Ava about how long it’s been since she had real “relationship sex.” 2014 was the last time and with her husband Nikolas, who approaches them and brags that he’s a “tough act to follow.”

Meanwhile, Liesl grabs Cody and drags him to another area of the club. Liesl tells Cody that Britt doesn’t have the time or energy for romantic distractions. She offers him money to stay away from Britt.  Cody says that he doesn’t want her money.

Cody says he originally wanted the necklace, but then he wanted Britt. He thought he could have both, but now he’s lost them both. He tells Liesl not to worry, he knows where he is not wanted and that he will not be bothering Britt anymore. Cody does ask Liesl to tell him what is wrong with Britt. Liesl tells him that answers were never part of the offer.

Selina finds Victor drinking by himself and joins him. Victor gets a text from Gavin that he’s at the location and trying to get the necklace. Victor texts Gavin and tells him that the necklace is key and that Holly is expendable. Victor and Selina discuss their recent family holiday.

Back at the bar, Britt orders another round for her, Ava and Nikolas. Britt suggests Nikolas be her wingman tonight.  Britt suddenly becomes woozy and can’t stand. She is caught by Victor and Selina who rush over to help.

Selina asks if Britt has been overserved. Britt says that she has only had one drink but becomes unstable again. Victor helps her to a table. Selina follows, and Britt continues to yell at them to get away from her as she can handle her alcohol. Victor soon realizes that Britt is sick and tells her that this has nothing to do with alcohol. Britt screams, “Don’t say that!”  Liesl appears and slaps Victor, and Cody forcibly moves Victor to another area of the club. Selina meanwhile recalls sending Victor a drink earlier containing the drug Holly had given her.

Later, Liesl tells Britt they should go home. She helps her daughter walk out of the club as Cody watches.

Elsewhere, Ava fills Nikolas in on Mac and Kevin believing she can convince Ryan to help them find Esme. Nikolas is understandably upset, and makes it seem he fears for Ava’s safety.

Alone, Victor finishes his drugged drink. He gets a text from Gavin that Holly is disabled and the necklace is missing. Victor smashes the empty glass that had contained his drink. He has consumed every last drop.


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