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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael told Willow that he thought that people should know about her diagnosis, but Willow stubbornly argued that she wanted to do things her way. Michael reminded her that she had just fainted, but she blamed the whole thing on Nina. She went even further to blame Sonny for supporting Nina because she knew this would distract Michael. Willow thought that Michael’s anger with Sonny was only hurting him. Michael insisted that his primary focus was on Willow and helping her to fight her cancer, but Willow believed otherwise.

At Dex’s place, Dex told Josslyn that he had been trying to do the right thing, and she told him she wanted honesty. He grabbed her and began to kiss her until they were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Sonny, who called out that he knew that Dex was home. Joss and Dex tried to come up with a plan, and finally Joss hid and Dex opened the door. Sonny barged in and Dex said that he was in the middle of something. He suggested that he and Sonny meet at Sonny’s office instead, which only made Sonny want to know what was going on there at his apartment.  “Why do you want to get rid of me?”  Sonny said.

As Josslyn hid, Sonny interrogated Dex about everything that had happened after he was shot. Sonny suspected that Dex was hiding something. Dex tried to explain that he had located a secure spot on the Quartermaine grounds where someone had taken care of him. He refused to divulge the person’s name, but Sonny insisted that he tell him. Before Sonny could press Dex anymore, Josslyn emerged and said, “It was me.”  She told Sonny it had been her who had helped Dex but pointedly did not say where she had found Dex. Sonny was less than pleased that Josslyn had become involved in what could be a criminal matter. Dex asked her to go, but Josslyn went off on Sonny before leaving. She told Sonny that he was a pathetic person for completely disregarding Dex’s health because he was too focused on whether a trail of evidence could lead back to him.  She didn’t understand why Dex remained loyal to Sonny when the last thing Sonny would do was exercise any loyalty to Dex in return.  Sonny offered to take her home but she refused.

After Josslyn had gone, Sonny was livid. Dex stated that he hadn’t planned to run into Josslyn on the evening of the prison transport, but she had found him on the grounds of the boathouse. He added that later, she had taken him to her dorm. “Big mistake, Dex,” Sonny yelled. Dex insisted that he would never have involved Josslyn had he been in his right mind.  Sonny asked if he was delirious and Dex replied that he had been shot so he definitely was delirious and in shock.

Sonny said that he had come there to offer Dex a job which would be a significant promotion in his organization.  But, Sonny wondered if he had made a mistake thinking that Dex was ready for it. He outlined the possibility of his facilities being used for unofficial exports. Dex replied that he was up for it.  Sonny implied this would be Dex’s last chance to prove himself and said there was “no more room for mistakes.”

Shortly after, Michael showed up, and Dex revealed that Sonny had just been there. Michael offered an envelope to Dex that he said was his severance pay and Michael asked Dex how quickly he could pack and leave town. Dex told him about the upcoming illegal activity that would be occurring in Sonny’s facilities. Dex maintained that there would never be a better opportunity to take Sonny down than the upcoming shipments that would be moving through Port Charles.

Robert stared at a photo of himself and Holly as he sat in his office. There was a knock at the door, it was Olivia.  She said she wanted to check in on him and offer her sympathies for Holly being ripped out of his life again right after he she had reemerged after years. Robert divulged that Holly had a long road ahead of her in recovery, but she would pull through. Olivia was more concerned that Holly had betrayed Robert. Olivia didn’t think that Robert would ever be able to trust Holly again and Robert admitted he had some very difficult decisions ahead.

As Cody stepped off the elevator at General Hospital, he received a message that Mac wanted to see him at the Metro Court bar. Nearby, Britt and Austin were speaking about her birthday party that she was planning for herself because she had never had one. Cody asked if he would be invited. Britt glared at him and sarcastically suggested that he concentrating on playing the field. The two argued, and finally, Britt told him they had no future and she walked away with Austin.

Heading into Britt’s office, Austin wanted to know what had just happened, but Britt didn’t want to discuss it. She said that she wanted her party to be on the Haunted Star because she didn’t know how many birthdays she had left. Austin pointed out that this would not be Britt’s last birthday, and she told him that she was so angry about her condition. She fumed that she had the curse of being Faison’s daughter had also brought her this disease. Britt said that she didn’t fear death but that she did fear “being a burden” to others.

Austin accepted Britt’s invite for himself and said that Maxie would be his plus one for Britt’s party.  Britt explained that she would be leaving Port Charles right after the party in order to protect her privacy. Austin mentioned the exchange with Cody but Britt refused to speak about it.  She said that she was sparing people having to deal with a condition that would rob her of her ability to care for herself in a matter of years, possibly even months.  Austin said she actually wasn’t sparing people, she was being selfish.  Britt was furious with his choice of words and Austin quickly backpedaled.  Austin said that he shouldn’t have used the word “selfish,” that was too harsh.  He said that she was being too proud.  He told about his own father, who had avoided conversations that were uncomfortable, and then by the time he was ready to broach the subject, it was too late.  He said that Britt was making decisions for people in her life that they should be allowed to make for themselves.  He then joked about what the dress code would be to lighten the moment which had gotten extremely heavy.  Britt playfully joked back and told Austin to have Maxie pick out his outfit.

Drew stopped at Carly’s house to let her know that one of his contacts had found a friend of Harmony’s from the Peace and Love Commune, a female firefighter named Denise McKenzie.  He hoped she would be able to fill in some of the dots on how Harmony had “adopted” Willow. Carly hoped that Drew wouldn’t be disappointed, but she stopped him from calling Willow to give her the news. Carly told Drew about Willow’s fainting and suggested that he talk to Denise first. He mentioned how so many people had lied to Willow in the past. Carly was distracted as she realized she was one of those people as well, and she told Drew about Nina’s spreading the lies about Carly having an affair with Brick. She admitted that it had been the reason for her telling Sonny about her and Drew. As they shared a kiss, Josslyn walked in, and she recalled Dex’s kiss in her mind. Carly said she was looking forward to when she no longer had to hide kissing Drew. “I hear ya,” Josslyn replied, thinking of her feelings for Dex, which she also has to keep on the down-low.

Later, after Drew and Josslyn had left, Carly phoned Olivia to ask for a favor. She wanted to know immediately when Denise McKenzie checked into the Metro Court.

Mac, Felicia, and Laura sat at a table at the Metro Court. restaurant. Mac suspected that Robert was brooding in his office. Valentin stopped, and Laura informed him that Holly was “holding her own.” Mac accused the Cassadine family of being behind all that had transpired, especially where the Ice Princess was concerned. “Where there’s trouble, there’s Victor,” Mac said.

Valentin told Mac not to assume where Valentin’s loyalties lie, but Mac warned him not to be too close because Victor would be going down. Felicia and Laura exchanged glances. Mac left, and Valentin sat down. Laura noted that Robert had suspected Holly of passing information to Victor because no one had been able to reach Ethan. Valentin thought that he could help, but Felicia quickly shouted out for him not to do that. She stated that everything was not as it seemed, and she suggested that Laura talk to Robert. Laura invited Valentin to get in touch with her for dinner, and she left.

Valentin thought that his contacts could help in locating Ethan. Felicia admitted that Lucy was also a hostage of Victor’s after Valentin guessed, and she told him what had been suspected of happening at the pier the day that Lucy had disappeared. Valentin demanded to know where Anna was, as she needed to know. Felicia wrote down a name on a piece of paper and handed it to Valentin. She told him that the person would know how to get in touch with Anna. Valentin opened the paper, and his eyes widened. He ripped the paper and dunked it into his drink. Felicia told him it wouldn’t be easy.

Nearby, Mac met with Cody at the bar and bought him a drink. Mac divulged that the necklace was missing and presumed destroyed in the fire. Cody couldn’t believe that he’d lost another inheritance, and he told Mac a story about breaking in a wild mustang before getting tossed onto the ground with both a broken wrist and pride. He said that he was back to having nothing, and he wondered about always making wrong choices. Mac told him that money wasn’t everything, and Cody was not the same man as his father, whose only good had been to provide Cody with an inheritance.

Cody was about to say something, but Felicia interrupted and said that she wanted to leave. Cody remarked that the DNA test result had been his loss. “Ours, too,” Mac replied.

As Robert sat and stared at the necklace in his office, there was another knock on his door. It was Laura.  She told Robert that Victor had to be brought down and they needed to redouble their efforts.

Drew visited with Willow to make certain that she was behind him one hundred percent in his search for her family. He hoped he wouldn’t disappoint her. Willow confirmed that she wanted the answers and was 100% in support of his efforts.

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