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Recap written Suzanne

Chase gives Brook Lynn a hard time for leaving town so quickly and wonders if it’s because he kissed her. She assures him that it wasn’t personal and how she was upset about Maxie taking Bailey back. Their reunion is sweet and awkward. He takes out her songbook that she left behind and sings her one of the songs he liked. She is touched. He pours on the compliments, making her feel better. He thinks she should be a songwriter, even if she can’t sing any more.

Joss and Carly confront Esme at Metro Court about the video; Esme denies it and pretends to be sympathetic as she accuses Trina of leaking the video and then saying nasty things to them both. Carly grabs her arm, so Esme pretends to cry and scream in pain. Nikolas comes over and rescues her, yelling at Carly. Carly vows to find proof and make her pay. Joss is upset about messages she keeps getting and feels her life has been destroyed. Carly phones Diane for hel

Nikolas takes Esme to the hospital, where she’s examined. Her arm has a nasty bruise. He believes that Carly did it and is sympathetic. Esme goes on and on about how “they” are treating her. He asks if they’re right and points out that Esme has done some bad things in the past. Nikolas doesn’t think that she’s the type to let people get her down. She’s missing Spence and feels judged by everyone. He thinks that they could definitely be more supportive of her. They have a nice chat. She offers to give him something he wants – Spencer at his vow renewal ceremony. She thanks him, holding his hands and smiling at him.

Cam visits Spencer, who blasts him for filming Joss. Cam denies it. They argue. Cam points out that Spencer is just upset because only Esme or Trina on could have set it up. Spencer denies that he has feelings for Trina and doesn’t see how Esme could have done it, since they were long gone. Cam points out that she could have started the recording before she left. Spencer thinks it’s just a theory. Cam keeps on his case about Esme. He’s worried that this fiasco might cost him Josslyn andthat she won’t trust him any more. Spence assures him that Joss is stronger than that. Cam shares with him how others have been shaming him and Joss – especially Joss. Spencer and Cam apologize to each other. Spencer knows that Trina isn’t responsible for the video, either, but he doesn’t think it was Esme, either. Cam points out that it has to be her.

Selina confronts Curtis at The Savoy. She wants him to partner with her on a back-room high stakes poker game, but he declines. She keeps working on him, flattering his reputation and how classy his place is. She tells him that she won’t even be there because she plans to put her family member Brad in charge of the games. Although she says it’s perfectly legal, he wonders why. She explains that she’s just doing it so that the rich people will be grateful to her. Curtis says he’s too busy to do it. She warns him not to do something he might regret. She tells him an old proverb about a man growing a money tree and suggests that he think her proposition over. Later, Selina sends Curtis a money tree with a sweet card, with a red ribbon attached to a casino chip.

Britt and Brad have a night out drinking at the Metro Court. Brad points out that Peter’s gone, so she’s free. She still has to put the past behind her. They talk about how “Aunt Selina” wants to keep them apart. She suggests they go somewhere else less conspicuous, but he insists on staying to celebrate his new job. She asks him what it is, so he asks her to get him a job at GH. She doesn’t think that would be so easy. He understands but says he’s scared of what else his Aunt Selina might want him to do. Britt changes her mind and says she’ll try to get him in to GH. She thinks that he should use the super-exclusive matchmaking service that her mother gave her for Christmas. They toast with Champagne. Selina watches them through the door, looking angry.

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