Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of July 1, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Kristen and Ava


Nicole didn’t hear Melinda tell EJ that she was going to tell the truth about Jude’s paternity. Melinda wasn’t yelling so she should have heard her talking.

Did Tate forget that he’s supposed to be working at the pub? He told Brady that he wanted to work at a club to pay him back.

Why would Ava and Kristen talk about her sleeping with Stefan in a public place? Anyone could have heard them talking about it.

Did we miss something? Will and Sonny went to New Zealand when they left the show, but they are back in Phoenix.

It was convenient that Gabi thought Stefan would be tempted by other women when we know he slept with Ava.


Chanel and Johnny were crying one minute, but their tears dried up the next time they were shown.

What made Kate think she and Abe were qualified to produce a TV show? How big would the show be since they live in Salem?


Julie talked about Clyde as if she knew him. We didn’t realize she knew anything about Clyde.

Stephanie told Paulina that the people of Salem didn’t like her firing a woman of color to rehire a rich, white man. It didn’t make sense for her to tell an African American woman about hiring a woman of color.

Chad wanted to talk about something private with Kayla, but he kept her office door open. Anyone could have heard them talking.


Tate balled up the pamphlet for lacrosse camp, but it was straightened out when Theresa looked at it.

The flashback Alex had could be heard before it was shown.

Brady managed not to hear Holly and Rachel talking about her bribing her to keep quiet about Tate.

Aaron could be heard talking while Holly was shown.


What are the odds that Connie would approach Melinda out of the blue.

Why would Melinda want to work for the woman who killed her daughter?

Nicole cried without any tears.

How did Connie get the keys to Tripp’s apartment? She used them to get inside and think about stabbing Li.



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