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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the hospital, Steve was on the phone with Tripp. Justin came in his room because Kayla said he might need a lawyer. Kayla went to the pub and talked to Roman about Steve and Ava. When Kayla said she wanted Ava to stay gone, Ava showed up and said she was in China. She said she wanted to tell Tripp and Wendy that Clyde was no longer a threat. Kayla said she hired a lawyer for Steve. She said she hoped Ava had a plan of her own. Theresa told Brady that Sophia was upset that Holly betrayed her. Brady said Sophia looked fine and suggested she stay out of their business. Theresa wanted to bust Tate and Holly together. Tate showed up and said he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home. When Tate left to get some air, Theresa told Brady she was right. At the prom, Aaron tried to talk to Sophia, but she didn’t want to talk to him. Sophia told Holly that she knew about her and Tate. She yelled at Holly for lying to her and making her look like a fool. When Holly tried to explain, Sophia said she was too hurt. Sophia told her to be with Tate and she wouldn’t say anything. Holly apologized and left. Kayla asked Ava what was next for her with Tripp gone. She asked if it was bad memories or her husband. Ava refused to answer her. When Kayla left, Ava said she came back to Salem to find out where she stood with Harris. Roman said Harris hasn’t come back from Montana yet. Ava said she shouldn’t return if Harris didn’t.

Steve told Justin that he broke Clyde out of prison. Justin said Clyde hasn’t said anything yet. Steve said he wasn’t going to wait until Clyde said anything, so he was turning himself in. Justin said he could get a deal with time served. He asked Steve if somebody else was involved in the prison break. Steve said he did it all. Theresa and Brady went to the Town Square to look for Tate and Holly. She was worried that Holly was using drugs with Tate. Brady said their son didn’t do drugs. He said Tate was probably somewhere with Holly so they could hook up. Holly met Tate at the Salem Inn. The room was decorated. Holly loved the room but was nervous. Tate told her there was no pressure. He didn’t want anyone to see them. She told him Sophia knew the truth and was upset. They felt bad but hoped that Sophia would hook up with Aaron. When Justin left Steve’s room, Kayla showed up. He told her about turning himself in. She said she didn’t want to lose him to prison but living in fear wasn’t any better. Kayla didn’t like how he protected Ava, but she shouldn’t get away with what she did. While Justin was at the Kiriakis mansion, Alex came in. Justin said he was worried about Alex going after Konstantin and Theresa. Alex said he was okay, but realized Theresa was the one. Justin told him about Brady’s history with her. He said he was concerned as any father would be. Alex said he wasn’t his father. He said even if Justin was his father, he was an adult, so his relationship was none of his business. Justin said he would stay out of his business and left. Aaron asked Sophia if she wanted him to take her home, but she was still upset. He apologized for his part in the lie, but Tate was his friend. Aaron said he was hoping they would spend time together. He said he knew she was upset, but thought it was cool that she didn’t say anything about Tate and Holly. While Tate and Holly were spending time together at the Salem Inn, Theresa and Brady walked in.

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