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Recap written by Eva

Sam plays the recording the FBI has on her to Carly and tells her that Jason became an FBI informant to keep her from going to prison. Sam is furious because Jason gave up two years of his life and left his family to protect Carly. Carly blames John Cates because Anna forced Jason to become an informant and leave his family. John sees Anna leaving the Corinthos coffee office and tells Jason that he hopes he recorded his conversation with Anna. Jason tells him he didn’t record the conversation.

Jason tells John that he doesn’t need to record his conversation with Anna because she isn’t the head of Pikeman. Jason accuses John of being so eager to close this case that he isn’t looking for the real criminal. John tells Jason he isn’t going back to Quantico empty-handed; he will take Carly with him. John later goes to the Metro Court to share a bottle of champagne with Carly because his case is almost done and he will soon be leaving town.

Violet comes home and finds Finn passed out on the floor and she tries to awaken him, but Finn doesn’t wake up so Violet grabs Finn’s phone and notices that Tracy has called Finn several times. Violet presses her name and tells Tracy she thinks he is dead and she should call an ambulance. Tracy calls an ambulance and goes to Finn’s apartment. The paramedics bandage Finn’s cut while Tracy takes Violet to Brook Lynn and Chase ‘s apartment and tells them what happened with Finn. Tracy tells Brook Lynn and Chase to take Violet to the Quartermaine Mansion while she returns to Finn’s place to talk to him.

Anna and Valentin have dinner then they tell each other they love each other and start kissing.

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