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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Stefan that he would reopen Li’s murder case. Stefan told him he better get Gabi’s sentence overturned or Nicole was going to find out that Eric is Jude’s father. EJ said it would take time. Stefan told him to do his job or he would tell Nicole. Holly walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. She changed her mind and didn’t want to know because her mother is a nightmare at times. When Stefan left, EJ talked to Holly about her attitude towards Nicole. Holly talked about Nicole not letting her go to the prom. Nicole walked in and said she changed her mind about the prom. Holly said she didn’t have a dress or a date. Nicole told her Aaron was still available. Theresa had a dream that she told Brady she loved him and was using Alex for his money. When she woke up, Brady was watching her. He told her that she wanted to see him. She said they needed to keep an eye on Tate and Holly at the prom. Brady said he wasn’t worried about Holly because she was grounded and wasn’t going. He said she could have told him that on the phone. Aaron and Tate met at the pub. Tate asked if Aaron was still willing to distract Sophia so he could meet with Holly. Aaron wanted to spend time with Sophia hoping she would notice him. Sophia was eavesdropping when Tate said he wouldn’t have accepted her invitation if his parents didn’t forbid him from seeing Holly. She walked in the pub to confirm that they were meeting for pictures. Tate agreed to do it and left.

Eric went to see Marlena. She brought up his divorce from Sloan. Marlena thought it was dangerous for him to have EJ help him. Eric said EJ and Nicole had a family, so it wasn’t a problem. Marlena changed the subject by inviting him to dinner. He agreed to dinner as long as she didn’t bring up Nicole. While Aaron tried to talk to Sophia, Nicole called him. Nicole gave Holly the phone. She asked him to the prom. Aaron agreed to go with her. Sophia pretended to be happy for him. He told her it wasn’t a date and suggested they hang out. Sophia said it would be a night to remember. While Tate was getting ready, Holly called him to tell him what happened. She was afraid their plan wasn’t going to work, but Tate said he would think of something. When Brady came home, Tate told him Holly was going to the prom. Brady told him he and Theresa would be watching them. Theresa showed up Marlean’s penthouse dressed for the prom. Brady told her Holly was going to the prom. Stefan walked in on EJ and Nicole. EJ told her he had his job back as the DA. Stefan said EJ was going to reopen Gabi’s case. Mark and Aaron showed up to pick up Holly. Holly didn’t like her dress, but it was all she could find at short notice. Sophia showed up at the penthouse. While Theresa was talking to Sophia, Holly and Aaron were mentioned. Holly and Aaron talked about wanting to be with Tate and Sophia. When Holly and Aaron left the mansion, Stefan sent EJ a text warning him that Gabi better be cleared tomorrow or else. The teens showed up at the high school. Theresa warned Holly to stay away from Tate or she would make her leave the prom. When Theresa and Brady were alone, she told him Tate and Holly were planning something.

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