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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa talked to Victor’s portrait about how she couldn’t be with Brady. It’s always disastrous when they were together. She felt like she would be better with Alex. Theresa apologized out loud about making Alex Victor’s son instead of Xander. Bonnie walked in while she was talking to the portrait. She wanted to know how she screwed Xander over. Theresa told her about Xander shooting Konstantin and ran out of the room. Bonnie was suspicious of what she said. Leo was walking in the town square and ran into Theresa. They introduced themselves. He wanted an interview with Theresa about Konstantin, but she refused to give it to him. She got annoyed with him. Leo wondered why Konstantin took her hostage and said there was an enemy among the Kiriakis’ midst. Theresa was about to leave when Leo asked her about Alex. He wondered if she had any tips on how to get a fortune. They joke for a few minutes until she tells him that she’s not with Alex for the money. Maggie woke up and was horrified by what happened with Konstantin. She hoped that he was in prison. Sarah told her that Konstantin was dead. Maggie wanted to know what happened. Xander walked in and said he happened. He told her what happened in the backyard. She wondered if Konstantin was really gone. He told her everything else and she realized Xander didn’t have a choice but to do what he did. Xander said he had a choice. He killed him out of rage for everything that Konstantin did. Xander didn’t have to shoot or shoot to kill, but he did. He knew she cared about him once. Maggie let him know that she despised him. She wished she were the one who killed Konstantin. Thankfully he wasn’t charged for what happened. She thanked him for always being there for her. Maggie apologized for the way Victor treated him. She thought he treated him the way he did because he reminded him of himself. Maggie said he was closer to Victor than his sons.

Bonnie and Sarah talked about Maggie and Konstantin. They shifted gears and talked about Sarah’s search for Xander’s mother. Sarah didn’t hear from her. Her phone rang and she thought it was Xander’s mother. The woman who called had the number for years, but wasn’t his mother. Chad and Julie talked about whether Abby was really alive. He wanted answers immediately. She reminded him that it’s Juneteenth. Chad called a bank manager to see if they could get in when they got a surprise. Jack showed up when they were about to leave. He wanted to feel closer to Abby since it’s the anniversary of Abby’s death. Jack wanted to make sure Clyde never got out of prison. He wondered if Clyde said anything about Abby. Chad felt awkward and Jack realized that he and Julie were hiding something from him. Jack overheard them talking about a box and keeping something from him and Jennifer. Julie showed him the time capsule and tried to distract him with the kids. Chad wanted to get to Chicago and didn’t know how to explain it to Jack. Jack came downstairs and got upset that he found out about Abby being alive through Thomas. He knew what Chad meant and felt Abby’s presence.

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