GH Short Recap Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Robert and Anna welcome Robert home from his trip.

Anna tells Mac that John Cates is causing her trouble but she can handle him.

Finn quits his job at the hospital because he doesn’t want to work under supervision and go to AA meetings and take drug tests in order to be able to treat patients. Finn is angry with Elizabeth for reporting him to Portia and Terry. Finn tells Elizabeth to stay away from him and Violet.

Jason asks Anna to get proof to put Valentin in jail because Drew is running for Congress and they will be digging up all the Quartermaine family scandals.

Spinelli finds the audio file that is the evidence with which John is forcing Jason to work as an FBI informant. Spinelli explains to Sam that the file can’t be deleted or corrupted because it is a read only file. Sam listens to the evidence against Carly and is furious that Jason left his family for two years to protect Carly. Sam asks Spinelli to make a copy of the recording and heads to the Metro Court to talk to Carly.

Finn goes home and starts drinking because he quit his job at the hospital.

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