GH Short Recap Friday, June 14, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Trina is touched by Gio’s violin playing when he auditions for Ava. Ava gives Gio the job playing for an upcoming art exhibition.

Josslyn and Trina are having a hard time finding an apartment, so Gio tells them about the apartment above the Quartermaine garage and the girls love the apartment and Josslyn says she will talk to Michael about the apartment.

Drew tells Congressman McConkey that he has decided to run for his soon-to-be vacant seat in Congress.

Kristina talks to Alexis about what would happen to the baby if TJ and Molly were to break up. Alexis sends Kristina some information to read and tells her to think about the promises she made TJ and Molly and the consequences of what would happen if she broke those promises.

Chase talks to Alexis and Elizabeth about Finn. Elizabeth tells Chase she will talk to Finn about taking Violet for a few days. Alexis tells Chase she will talk to Finn to see if she can get him back on track. Finn tells Elixabeth that he is Violet’s father and she will stay with him. Finn and Violet leave to go swimming at the Metro Court pool.

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