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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe met with EJ to talk about the organization that’s against Paulina. EJ acted as if he didn’t know what Abe was talking about. Abe told him he knew he started the organization. EJ said he respected him, so he wanted to tell the truth. He said he started the organization. EJ asked if he wanted to know anything else. Abe told him to stop what he’s doing. EJ said he was trying to do the right thing. He said Paulina didn’t use good judgment. Abe asked if he thought that way because she fired him. EJ said that wasn’t the reason why. He said he could spend more time with his son and acting CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Abe asked why he was doing this to Paulina. EJ said it was out of his hands right now. He said Lexie may be gone, but they were still family. Abe asked him to stop attacking Paulina. EJ said it wasn’t an attack and there was nothing he could do about it. Abe said he knew what kind of man he was. Chanel went to see Paulina. She told Paulina about the baby’s heartbeat being strong. After she talked to her about the baby, Chanel told her she was moving to Los Angeles. Paulina said it was an impulsive decision. Chanel said Paulina was the one who acted without thinking. Paulina apologized for what she said. She said she was sad to see Chanel leave. Chanel said she and the baby could be dead if it weren’t for her. She said the baby looks healthy now Paulina might have done a good thing. Chanel said it was time to forgive her. They talked things out. Paulina wanted to through her a going away party.

Kristen told Stefan that she was done helping him. She said she didn’t need his help anymore because she got the CEO job. Stefan wondered how she got the job when EJ was acting CEO. She said the board met in private and offered her the job. He said it was great because she could use the DiMera resources to help find evidence for Gabi. Kristen said she couldn’t do that. She said Mr. Shin would get rid of her if he found out she was using resources to free his son’s murderer. Kristen said she thought Gabi was innocent, but her hands were tied. She said Clyde would come through with evidence. Stefan said he won’t relax until Gabi is free. He said he was breaking Gabi out of prison. Stefan didn’t care if he had to risk his life as a fugitive as long as Gabi is free. Kristen said she had money and names and numbers in the safe in case of emergencies. She wanted him to consider that a going away gift for him and his wife. Johnny went to see Marlena to thank her for the advice. He said everything went great and he decided to take the job. Marlena said she was happy for him. Johnny said things weren’t good between Paulina and Chanel, but the good news was the baby’s heartbeat is strong. Marlena was happy for them. Johnny said he wasn’t sure if they should have had the baby at first, but he knows they made the right decision. Julie called Chad. He told her Clyde told him to check out a safe deposit box in Chicago. Clyde said the proof that Abby was alive was in the safe deposit box. When Chad came home, Julie told him she was going with him to Chicago. Chad said it might be dangerous, but Julie didn’t care. Julie said she could kill Clyde for what he did. Chad said it would be over soon. He said tomorrow they would open the safe deposit box and find out if Abby is alive.

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