Y&R Best Lines Monday, December 11, 2023

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Sally: I wonder what that was about.

Adam: Uh, probably not enough coffee, I guess.

Sally: Yeah, that seemed like more than just not wanting to be around the two of us.

Adam: Well, Newman family business takes its toll. Something is up. They’ve all been Mia at work lately. And when I dared to ask him about it, I can tell that I struck a nerve.

Sally: I’m sorry.

Adam: No, don’t be. I assume I will find out what the big mystery is soon enough. But in the meantime, you did not answer my question. Good is a place filler. You tell me how you really doing, now that Nick’s gone, you don’t have to dance around it.

[ Sally clears throat ]

Sally: I’m fine. How are you doing? I mean, what have you been up to since the last time we saw each other?

********************* *†**********””

Michael: Did Jordan try to contact you after your arrest?

Claire: Only in my nightmare


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