Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Chelsea: It was the traffic.

Billy: Very funny because you live right there.

Chelsea: Yes, I’m funny. What can I say?

Billy: I love you when you’re funny. You look great.

Chelsea: You’re just saying that because you missed me last night.


Tucker: Why good morning, Audra. Did you sleep well?

Audra: Um, why are you shouting? Are– are you looking for something? Or someone?

Tucker: Ah, just giving young Mr. Abbott ample time to collect his stuff. Get back to jabot.

Audra: Oh, look, you’re wasting your breath.

Tucker: Is he in the shower?

Audra: You know, tucker, this fixation with me and Kyle–

Tucker: No, no, no. It’s no fixation. I think you’re young. I think, uh, you ought to live it up. Take advantage. Just keep your head in the game. We’re cool. We’re cool. You just gotta give me what I want.

Audra: Which is?

Tucker: I just gotta know this guy is trustworthy. Isn’t he supposed to be coughing up secrets, so-called secrets, from the sanctum sanctorum of jabot? Yes? Where are they?


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