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[in German accent] Ah, it appears the sub is ready and waiting.

Oh. Well, then what are we waiting for? Let’s blow this pop stand. Ready?

[tense music]

Hey, guys. Thank you for opening the door. You saved me from knocking or having to get a no-knock warrant. Leo Stark and Dimitri Von Leuschner, you are under arrest.



Hey, little brother.

Hey. How are you doing?

Good. Surprised to see you out and about.

Isn’t today your first day as Salem’s new DA? Shouldn’t you be hunkered down somewhere, seeking justice?

Oh, I don’t need to be hunkered down to do that. And, actually, a very satisfying first day it’s been, ,::, having just shipped Gabi off to Statesville, which is exactly what she deserved in her role at ousting me from DiMera.

Oh, and here I thought that she went away for killing Li Shin.

That too. And even though it doesn’t get me my CEO position back, it was exceedingly gratifying, separating our bastard brother from his homicidal wife.

If you say so.

I do say so. But, hopefully on a happier note, how are things going between you and Stephanie?

[soft dramatic music]

Surprised? I was stunned. I mean, Everett showing up in Salem after all this time, after he completely ghosted me?

[knocking at door] Well, yeah, I’m glad that he recovered from a coma of all things. Yes, I made it very clear that I’m with Chad now, and you know I have no trouble setting boundaries.

[soft dramatic music]

Morning, gorgeous.

All right. Two orders, clam chowder.

Thank you, Roman.

Since when did EJ become a fan of Brady home cooking?

Oh, he’s not. Nope, these bad boys are for me. I am craving this soup like crazy. I don’t know. I guess this little one really has a taste for it.

Well, in that case, it’s on the house.

No, no, no.

No, no, are you kidding me? My pleasure. Consider it a wedding gift.

Thank you.

And speaking of weddings, quite a coincidence, right? You and Eric getting married on the same day?

What? Eric got married too?




God, Eric, I just can’t believe it. I can’t believe I’m officially Mrs. Eric Brady.


Oh, lucky, lucky me.

No, I’m the lucky one.

Do you need me to show you again just how lucky?

I definitely do. By the way, the pizza guy is going to be here any minute.

Oh, right.

[knocking at door]

And there he is.




I intercepted your delivery guy, so now I’m here to deliver two things– a pizza and an important message.

What’s that?

Congratulations. You two are having a baby.

[gentle music]

[soft orchestration] announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “Days of Our Lives.”

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is the best news.


[Sloan squeals]

Oh, my God. We’re so grateful. I just–I have, like, , questions. I mean–

No, no, me, too. Do we know if it’s a boy or a girl?

Well, I figured you might want to know that. So if you’ll indulge me, I put together a little gender reveal bag. You ready?


Okay. Ta-da. It’s a boy, and here is his first comfort stuffie.

Oh, God, this is so cute. Melinda, Melinda, thank you so much. No, really! Eric, it’s a boy.

I know. I heard. I just can’t say thank you enough.


Mm, I don’t believe it. You’re going to be a mom, and I’m– I’m finally going to be a father.


Uh, Nicole, I am so sorry. I–I thought you knew Sloan and Eric had tied the knot.

Well, I mean, I knew they were planning to. Eric and I ran into each other, and we had a lovely conversation. And I told him that I was getting married to EJ that day, and he didn’t mention that he was going to marry Sloan. It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? For him not to tell me?

Well, from what I understand, it was sort of a, uh, spontaneous decision.

Whoa, wait a minute. Are you telling me Eric rushed out to marry Sloan after I told him I was marrying EJ?


Yeah, yeah, things with Stephanie are okay. Yeah. She says she’s sorry for missing the wedding. She had to work.

That’s fine. So, um, the problems you two were having, I assume they’ve been resolved? The difficulty you had on moving on from Abigail.

[smacks lips] Actu–

[clears throat] No, not resolved.

I’m sorry to hear that.

And–and now there’s this new problem.

What is that?

This guy from Stephanie’s past showed up, someone who she was deeply involved with– serious relationship.

So do you think that this other guy might have the potential of getting between you?

I wish I could say no. Before, I could have. But I don’t know. Now with these issues that we’re having around– around my devotion to Abigail, yeah, I think it’s possible, unfortunately.

Mom, I’m going to need to call you back. Love you too.

Oh, you didn’t have to hang up. I could have– I could have waited.

Oh, it’s all right. So what are you doing here?

[laughs nervously]

[clears throat] I’m here to bring you your daily dose of pumpkin spiced latte.

That is really nice of you. But, Everett, you can’t just show up at my door– Chad’s and my door– unannounced.

Right, yeah, I get that. Okay, so full disclosure, besides the latte, I actually– I have a question for you. It’s business related, not personal.

Business related?

Yeah. Man. I feel like I’ve just walked into a barrel of snakes, and I really need your help.

[soft dramatic music]

Oh, God. This is just like my nightmare from the other night, except in the dream you and I were both naked and in bed.

Shut up.

How did you find us?

Well, someone saw you two amateurs at the convenience store on the corner buying snacks.

Just one snack, singular– flaming hot cheese puffs. I’m addicted to them. Oh, God, who knew they’d be my undoing?

Okay, you know, enough of this nonsense. I need you both on the ground now.

And what if we don’t?

[tense music]

Yeah, he’s this guy from Seattle, Everett Lynch. And, you know, him and Stephanie were dating for a while. It was pretty serious. He got hit by a car. He was in a coma.

Good Lord, that’s dramatic.

You could say that.

So he’s fully recovered from his injuries, I assume, and just showed up here in Salem.

Yep, and hoping to pick up with Stephanie right where they left off.

Well, a barrel of snakes. That sounds horrible.

Yeah, I don’t mean to burden you with all this, but I don’t have anybody else I can vent to. It’s about this editor-in-chief job. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.


I mean, I know I’m still getting my bearings, but it really seems like “The Spectator” is in huge, huge trouble.

Why? What are you talking about?

It’s just– it’s chaos, you know? I have people banging down my door, complaining. I have department heads threatening to quit. It’s like rats leaving a sinking ship.

Ooh, boy.

[clears throat] I’d heard rumors, but I didn’t realize that it was that bad.

It is. It is. And it’s a shame, you know, because from what I heard, “The Spectator” under Jack and Jennifer Deveraux was a Salem institution.

Yeah, and known for its journalistic integrity.

Right, but from what I’m beginning to understand, more recent events have given that reputation a black eye, if you will.

Yeah, well, the paper was stolen by Gwen Rizczech, Jack Deveraux’s long-lost daughter, and now it’s being run by Xander Cook, a known criminal.

A known criminal.


Right. Right. Okay. Okay, things I wish I had known before I took the gig.

Yeah, it does sound like a mess.

And to make matters worse, I just found out that the paper’s star gossip columnist has blown town and is on the run with a would-be murderer.

If we rush her, she can’t hit us both.

Try me.

And why would shooting even one of us be an acceptable outcome?

Darling, whose side are you on?

I’m on the side of people who don’t want to be shot.

Fair enough, but I am not going back to prison, Leo.

You don’t have a choice. I have backup on the way, and you may have gotten away from me on Halloween–

Pretty clever, weren’t we? Dressed as ghosts, blending into the crowd as we snuck into the Salem Inn.

Yes, and who was the amateur then, officer?

I would stop talking if I were you, because I’m bringing you both in, dead or alive.

[tense music]

Yeah, well, I– I thought Eric’s wedding was a little too fast, too, but I don’t know. I guess, if you know who you want to be with, why wait, right?

I guess so.

And, hey, you and EJ didn’t exactly have a long engagement either.

True, but we were also married twice.

Yeah, well, regardless of all that, I’m just glad to hear that you and Eric are friendly these days. With that baby on the way, the less stress in your life, the better.

Well, you are right. But it is going to be a challenge to be stress-free for a long time, since this baby is coming in a few weeks. Oh, yes, and you know what? Another thing that EJ and I have in common with Sloan and Eric, aside from the same wedding anniversary.

Oh, you mean that Sloan and Eric are going to have a baby, too, assuming the adoption process goes smoothly.

Right. Well, here’s to Sloan and Eric welcoming a new baby into their family soon.


We’ve got to get clothes, a crib, a stroller– a stroller, and a swing. We’ve got to get a swing, right? And I need a car seat, and I’ve got to baby proof this entire place.



We’ve got to think of a name.

Name, yes, yes. Hey, got to get–

Where are you going?

Well, I’ve got a lot of things to do, right? I’ve got to go shopping for our little boy. But, oh, you probably want to come too, right?

No, you go ahead. I’ll meet up with you. I don’t want to bail on Melinda.

No. Don’t, don’t, don’t. You two, you share the pizza, and I’ll be right back.

Okay, have fun.

I will. Mm. Thank you for everything– making this happen. I just–

Oh, oh.

Oh, ah, goodness gracious, we’re going to have a boy. We’re having a boy.

[tense music]


What is it? Melinda, something’s wrong. What is it? I can tell on your face.

Well, there’s something I didn’t want to say in front of Eric.

Is there a problem with our baby?

Are there complications with the pregnancy?

Oh, no, nothing like that, but there are other complications.

Such as?

The baby was promised to someone else.


Okay, another family has a contract to adopt the baby. But I don’t have to tell you that there’s always a way to break a contract.

[tense music]

Oh, my God, Melinda, what did you do now?

I haven’t done it yet. I was waiting for your approval, but I will have to pay off the other lawyer who’s representing the other family.

Oh, my God.

[scoffs] If we get the child and then the family finds us, I mean, they can fight us for custody. This is–Eric– Eric’s never going to be okay with this.

Eric doesn’t have to know, does he? It’s not like you don’t have other secrets from your husband.

Oh, hey, what a coincidence. I was just talking about you.

All good, I hope?

Yeah, of course. What’s this?

Oh, it’s a–

Oh, a wooden baby gym.


It said “easy to assemble.”

Oh, does that mean–

Oh, yeah, yeah, it does. A baby boy was found for Sloan and me to adopt.

[soft dramatic music]

So it’s– it’s obvious, you know, that the paper has this massive PR problem, and that’s why I’m here, because I know that you are just the woman to fix it.

Well, I’m– I’m flattered you think so. But as much as I would love to help, my plate is already pretty full.

Right. Right, yeah, totally. Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and admit I’m a little desperate here. I don’t know what I’m going to do if this paper goes belly up. This is not your problem, but I just have to start paying my medical bills from the accident. And if I– if I lose this job, then–

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay. Like, okay?

Yes, yes.

Yes? You’ll take the job?

Only if you promise to be respectful of our relationship and you respect my boundaries.

Yes, absolutely. I can do that, and I will. I know that you’re in a relationship now, and I respect that.

Thank you.

And, honestly, I– I hope things are going better with you and Chad, I mean. Have you guys worked out your problems?

[tense music]

So this Everett character is still interested in Stephanie?

Yeah. I mean, it’s obvious. It’s the way that he was looking at her. And when I asked him who he was, he said that he was her boyfriend.

You’re kidding me.

No. I mean, it was a blurt, or at least he claimed it was. And he acted all embarrassed about it.


You know, but I think that it was just his passive-aggressive way of trying to push me aside, stake his claim.

And how did Stephanie react?

She was quiet. I have no idea what she was thinking. But before I introduced myself, I saw them in the park, and they were hugging. And then the night before, he stopped by the apartment. That was the first time that they had talked, and she conveniently forgot to tell me about that part.

And that isn’t like her, I take it?

No, not at all. I think she’s stepping back from our relationship.

And you think this other guy could potentially step in?

I don’t know what to think, EJ.

Well, I can tell you what I think.

No, no, no, shut up. I don’t want to know what you think. No offense, but the last time that you offered your advice was when Alex was trying to come between me and Stephanie, and it blew up in my face. So, no, why don’t you just tell me to be a caveman or whatever the hell?

Actually, I was thinking quite the opposite. I was thinking that maybe you need to try a less direct approach.

Like what?

You say this Everett guy is using his job as an excuse to hang around in Salem. So what if “The Spectator” suddenly was under new ownership, and he was relieved of his position?

[pensive music]

So you’re saying… I should buy “The Spectator.”

Are you being such a meanie because of my Lady Whistleblower column, the one about you canoodling with the commish? Because I have to say, the two of you make a very cute couple.

Enough talking. Both of you get over there– you and your boyfriend– and put your hands where I can see them.

Ooh, someone’s got a dirty mind.

Yeah, looks like you’re right about that. Rawr, rawr.

Stark, cuff this big boy’s hands behind his back.

Why should I? I’m not going to help you.

Sure, you are. You’re on the side of no one getting shot, remember?

Oh, damn it. Yes, now that you mention it, I do recall my having established that.

[tense music]

What’s the problem?

Well, this big boy has unusually large wrists, amongst other things.

Fine. We’ll use the zip ties.



Hey, no worries, okay? The attorney is going to convince the other family that the adoption fell through.

But how?

Well, I didn’t ask for details, and neither should you, so we’ll both have plausible deniability. And as I said, we’ll have to compensate the lawyer that helped us out. So if money is the issue, then I–

It isn’t. It isn’t about money. I’d pay anything to have a baby. It’s the fact, I– I don’t feel great about taking a child that’s supposed to go to someone.

Well, I told the lawyer that I had to run all this past you before closing the deal, and he understood, of course. But he also made it clear that we had to come to a decision quickly, and he’s waiting for my call. But, look, if you want, I will tell him that you don’t want to do it. But you should also know that you and Eric might have to wait a very long time before you get another chance like this– a chance to be loving parents to a beautiful baby boy.

Wow, I can’t believe Melinda found you a baby so fast. I mean, I heard adoption can be really complicated and sometimes take years.

Yeah, it does. Well, we feel very fortunate. How are you? I mean, how are you feeling?

Oh, I– I’d say I feel fortunate, but that doesn’t even cover it. I mean, after everything that I’ve been through, the disappointments and the heartbreaks and now with my baby being due just a few weeks away, I feel– I feel beyond fortunate. I feel like this is a miracle, actually.

Yeah, it really is. So do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?

No, EJ and I want to be surprised.

Oh, and speaking of surprises, you getting married to Sloan right after I told you that–

About you and EJ. Listen, if you think running off with Sloan to get married was a reaction to hearing about you and EJ…

[gentle music] You’re right.

It’s an open secret that the newspaper is in trouble. Xander Cook is more invested in a paternity claim than remaining a member of the fourth estate. He’s also low on funds after being cut from Victor’s will.

So you think–

I think you should make a generous and anonymous offer, and he would jump at it. That way, you could fire this Everett guy, forcing him to seek work elsewhere, and Stephanie would be none the wiser.

[tense music]

Look, Chad and I– like all couples, we have our issues. But–but, Everett, this is exactly what I’m talking about. That is my personal life. And this, if we do this, is strictly business.

I get it. I do. And, look, you– you know how I feel about you. That hasn’t changed. I’ve been honest about that. But I will absolutely respect your boundaries.

All right, then. So you get that my relationship with Chad is off-limits for discussion?

%. %. I’m sorry I– I even asked if you guys had worked things out. That was out of line. So your problems, none of my damn business. How about we start talking about my problems and fix those?

Okay, that sounds good. Why don’t we start by talking about Leo Stark?

Damn it, Dimitri! I told you I have backup coming.

I remember perfectly well what you told me. I didn’t believe you then, and I don’t believe you now. If it were true, they’d already be here.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Oh, I think I do. When you opened that door, you were surprised to see us, yes? So, no, there is no backup coming.

They are coming, and someone heard my gun go off.

Oh, my God, she’s right. We have got to get out of here now.

Oh, Detective, you made a horrible mistake discharging your weapon. Now we’re just going to have to take you as a hostage. Throw Leo your car keys now! Slowly. That’s a good detective.

[suspenseful music]

[keys clank]

Mm, memories of middle school gym class.

[sighs] Can we even take her with us? Is there room?

Shoot, no, actually, there isn’t room. We can’t just leave her here. She knows that we’re getting away. I guess we only have one choice. We’re just going to have to kill her.

You don’t need to do this.

Shut up! Shut up! Just turn around and put your hands on your head.

[suspenseful music]

Dimitri, you know I love you, and I hate to take sides against you, but I completely agree with her.

I really don’t see any other option.

There have to be some, at least one or two.

Please enlighten me.

I’m not sure yet. Listen to me. We have had this conversation before. You are not a killer. At least not anymore, okay? Maybe before we met, you were a ruthless sociopath, hell-bent on world domination. But I like to think I brought out your gentler, softer side. Dimitri! Look, I love you. If you do this and get caught, they will take your life. And then I will have no reason to live. Oh.



[heavy breathing] I love you too. Grab your bags. Let’s go. Come on!

So the way I see it is that my biggest problem is this Lady Whistleblower situation, right? So I’m thinking we draft a statement. We say that Leo Stark is no longer with the paper. We put some distance between us and this crazy criminal.

And, see, that is why you need me because that is exactly what you should not do.

[quirky music]

It’s an interesting idea, buying “The Spectator.”

It’s a bold choice, and one I think you should consider.

Yeah, but then, I don’t know. Then again, maybe I’m just overreacting. I mean, I trust Stephanie, and she’s never had a problem setting boundaries. I mean, Everett obviously cares what Stephanie thinks about him, so maybe–maybe he will respect our relationship and stay away from her, you know? He’s not going to want to piss her off.

[tense music] You know, I got to go. Goodbye, EJ.

Take care, Chad. Oh, little brother, the guy who comes all the way to Salem, who blurts that he’s Stephanie’s boyfriend, and you trust that boundaries will be respected. That is a serious case of wishful thinking.

Oh, so you did rush into marrying Sloan in reaction to my getting married to EJ?

Yeah. Yeah, I did, because it was a little tough for me to hear you were about to become EJ’s wife. So– so I thought it was time for me to do something bold and just–and get married.

Right, okay.

Listen, Nicole, we’ve done the whole “pretend we don’t have feelings for each other” for a long time. But the truth is, we’ll always have feelings for each other.

[soft dramatic music]

You’re right. Well, congratulations on getting married to Sloan and on your new baby.

Hey, congratulations to your marriage to EJ. I really do– I really do look forward to meeting your baby.

No, no, I don’t– I don’t want to wait. I want the baby. And I don’t want Eric to have to wait another day to be a father.

You made the right choice, Sloan. And when you see the man you love holding your son, that guilt you feel about how this all came about will disappear.

[tense music]

I hope you’re right.

I know I am. And think about it, you’ve kept Eric from knowing that Nicole was carrying his child, and now you’re just making up for it.

[loud exhale] Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. So call the lawyer and… yeah, we’ll do anything we can to make that baby boy our own.

Hey, son, what’s this?

This is a soon-to-be-assembled wooden baby gym.

Does that mean what I think it means?

Sloan and I found a baby to adopt, and that means we’re going to be bringing home your new grandson any day now.


I can’t wait to meet my son.

It’ll be wonderful. You’ll see.

[tapping phone screen]

[phone beeps] Hello, this is Melinda Trask. What? And that’s final? No, I understand. No, there’s no reason for us to talk again.

[phone beeps]

Melinda, what happened?

I’m–Sloan, I’m so sorry. I’m afraid you lost the baby.

[tense music]

[phone beeps]

Would you get that for me, my love?

Oh, no, it’s from Rolf. He says the sub can’t stay surfaced much longer. They’re leaving soon, with or without us.

Don’t worry. I’ll get us there in time.

[engine revs]

So here are your numbers before and after Lady Whistleblower started writing the gossip column. You can see how popular it got.


The difference in circulation after it began is huge.


And here’s some polling that shows how Leo Stark’s current situation is viewed.


People don’t see him as a criminal. They see him as a folk hero, which is great for you. You just need to tell the story.

A story, yes, but I guess– I don’t know. This editorial stuff is a little out of my wheelhouse. I’m a newspaper man. I’m used to dealing in facts.

Of course, but you’re also a businessman now.


And to stay in business, you’re going to have to keep people reading.


So to keep your online subscribers happy, which you have to do because they’re the ones driving your ad revenue, you’ve got to give them what they want.

Yeah, but, I mean, he really is a criminal.

Well, you can’t think of it that way.


We need to write a statement backing Lady Whistleblower, one that says that you see him or her as Leo’s fans see him or her, and that is someone who is sympathetic, someone who would do anything for love.

Yeah, I get that. I can relate to that.

Chad, hey.


Um, I was just leaving.

He was just over because SJPR is going to be doing some PR work for “The Spectator.”

I’m so grateful for your help, Stephanie, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah, see you.

See ya.

[dramatic music]

[breathing heavily]

[phone beeps]

[line ringing]

Rafe, I need your help. I found Dimitri and Leo. No, they got the drop on me. I think they took my car.

Babe, I know we have to get to the dock, but you’re driving too fast. The roads are slick.

I am not missing that submarine.

Well, we’re definitely going to miss it if we get into an accident.

Hello, darling. I just got home. Where are you?

I’m driving on my way to you. EJ…

What is it?

I love you, and I am so happy I’m having this baby with you.

Dimitri, look out! You’re sliding into the other lane.

Damn it, Leo! I can’t control it!

I’ll be home soon. EJ, oh, my God!

[tires screeching]

Nicole. Nicole!

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