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by Michele & Cheryl

Gabi and Li

Gabi didn’t learn anything from Rafe

The writers decided to start a murder mystery for the fans to watch play out. We love mysteries. A great mystery makes the show exciting. Gabi arrived at Wendy’s place and found Li dead. Well, that’s her story. She chose to hold the knife and got caught doing it. Stefan walked in the room and saw Gabi holding the knife. Wendy also walked in while she was holding the knife. Gabi forgot that she is the sister of a cop. You would think she wouldn’t have touched the knife. She may as well have put the handcuffs on herself. Gabi went to prison before and did everything she could to make sure that she went back again. We know the actress was leaving, but the writers could have created a different way to write her out.

Did someone set Gabi up for murder?

As we mentioned, Gabi found Li faced down with a knife wound in his back. We didn’t see how he was stabbed, but he died. There are some people on our suspects’ list. Let’s talk about the suspects that might have killed Li and framed Gabi for it. We might be reaching, but we put Stefan on the list. He showed up at the apartment and acted weird around Gabi. Stefan had a sinister look on his face when Gabi told him that she was innocent of the murder. She wanted to run, and he told her not to go. Stefan has a motive to frame her. He might be upset that she turned Vivian in to the police, causing her to run. He got mad when she did that and he might want revenge for it. We might be reaching, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he framed her. EJ can’t wait to prosecute Gabi for the crime. He proved he would hire a hitman when he needed one. EJ has a motive for framing Gabi. He got upset when Stefan and Gabi gained control of DiMera Enterprises. EJ wasn’t happy about it. He could have hired someone to kill Li since he gave up his shares.

Kristen is on our suspect list. She could have gone to Li’s place and stabbed him. Kristen wouldn’t have a problem framing Gabi since she schemed against her. Gabi and Stefan tricked Rachel into saying that Kristen abused her. Kristen had to give up her rights so they could take her shares. She wasn’t happy about it so it wouldn’t take much for her to set Gabi up for the crime. Brady is another person on our suspect list. Gabi and Stefan let him think they could help him get Rachel back. They promised him evidence he could use for the judge. Once they got their way, they destroyed the evidence against Kristen. Brady got very upset about it. He might have gone to the apartment and stabbed Li. Harris is another suspect on our list. He might be under Megan’s influence. Harris tried to kill Stefan so he could break his heart by taking his wife away from him. There are so many people to suspect because Gabi hurt a lot of people for her personal gain. Gabi might have killed Li. She may not be innocent. We didn’t see what happened to Li. She was in the room with him.

Sarah’s attitude towards Xander

Sarah is getting on our nerves. She wants to sue Xander, but she expects him to leave her alone. Sarah asked him to postpone their case so she could be there for Xander. Xander agreed to do it. They seemed to get along when Eric arrived. He ruined it by mentioning the case. Sarah got upset with Xander again. She expects Xander not to try to win his case, but she’s allowed to do it. Sarah ran into Xander so he didn’t have time to stop the case. We hope that Sarah loses custody of the baby. She needs to pay for keeping the truth from Xander in the first place.

Jada needs to turn in her badge

It might be time for Jada to turn in her badge. She found Dimitri and Leo at a motel. The detective decided to pursue them without back up. Did she forget that Dimitri got accused of attempted murder? She shouldn’t have gone to the motel without Harris or another cop. Dimitri managed to get the drop on her and they got away from her. We shook our heads watching her lose control of the situation the way she did. She should have known better, but that wasn’t the case. Her actions made it possible for Dimitri and Leo to escape. Their escape led to the inevitable accident that will play out during the week.


Jada Dimitri Leo

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