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Billy: Hey.

Victoria: What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in los angeles.

Billy: Well, obviously, i heard about ashland.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] So you cut a business trip short because a man that you hated died?

Billy: I came back for the kids. Thought it was a good idea that I was a physical presence. Let them know that their father loves them and that life goes on.

Victoria: And lily was okay with you dropping everything and coming home?

Billy: Well, that’s the good thing about having a boss who’s a mother. She gets it. Kids come first. How are you?

Victoria: I’m busy. I am one signature short of closing a deal.

Billy: Bury yourself in your work to ignore the hurt.

Victoria: There’s nothing wrong with being productive. As you can see, I’m fine.

Billy: Right. Well, if you’re not gonna tell me how you’re actually feeling, maybe you can tell me what the hell happened.

Nick: Hey.

Sharon: Hey, nick.

Nick: Guess I’m your only customer right now?

Sharon: Yeah. It’s a slow morning.

Nick: How would you feel about locking that door so we could talk?

Sharon: Sure. Whatever you need. Sit down. What’s going on?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I did not sleep well last night.

Sharon: What kept you up? Nick, it’s me you’re talking to. You know you can tell me anything.

Nick: Something my dad told me…about ashland.

Sharon: Okay.

Nick: He didn’t die in the car accident like everybody thinks. He died because of me. I killed ashland locke.

Nate: Hey. Is billy around?

Devon: I have not seen him.

Nate: Ah. Too bad. I heard he came home early. I wanted to see how things went. Since he’s my counterpart. I was hoping he could, uh, show me how to keep things on track, moving according to the mission. Unless, you know, you have a problem with that.

Devon: No, I don’t have a problem with it. Um, you know, nate, you’re probably one of the smartest guys that I know. And that was true two years ago, it was true two days ago, and it’s not going to change.

Nate: I appreciate that.

Devon: Yeah. And I know that you can hande this job. That’s never been the issue.

Nate: But there is an issue. And if this is about me double-booking jason santino, mea culpa. Rookie mistake. If I had cleared things with you like I should have, all of this could have been avoided.

Devon: Yeah. And the best part about this error is that it’s not gonna happen twice, right?

Nate: None of this would have happened if I hadn’t tried to do you a favor and lighten your load.

Devon: Well, I appreciate you trying to do that. And I also understand how different this job must be for you. I know you’re probably used to people reporting to you back at memorial.

Nate: Yeah. It’s been a long time since i had to get approval for anything I thought was necessary.

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: It’s all a learning curve.

Devon: It is. It’s a big job.

Nate: Yeah. From here on out, I am focused on being the best number two you could ever need.

Devon: Well, thank you for saying that. I appreciate it. And I really just want to see you succeed ’cause I worry sometimes that I’ve thrown too much at you too soon.

Nate: No, no. I got this. Really.

Devon: Yeah?

Nate: Yeah.

Devon: Okay.

Amanda: Hey, um…

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: I’m sorry to interrupt, uh…

[ Sniffles ]

Devon: It’s okay.

Nate: What’s wrong?

Amanda: I just got a call from naya’s doctor, and, um… she’s in a coma.

Abby: I am so glad that we made time to have breakfast together.

Chance: I’m sorry I’m so distracted. I just can’t get my mind off this case right now.

Abby: I just — I don’t understand what there is to investigate in the first place. Ashland lost control of his car. It seems pretty open and shut.

Chance: I know. I — I just want to make sure all the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, you know? And that means talking to everybody who knew him well, including victoria.

Abby: I just — I don’t understand why you have to question her now. Unless… unless there’s something that you haven’t told me and you think there’s more to the story. Psoriatic arthritis,

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Chance: Okay, like I said, this is all just routine. I promise.

Abby: If this is just ordinary, by-the-book police work, then please explain to me why I’ve had to repeat myself more than usual.

Chance: What was that?

[ Chuckles ] I’m kidding. I’m kidding. I just wish you’d lighten up a little bit and quit worrying about this.

Abby: Oh, no, babe, no. You’re not getting off that easy. The more that you keep saying that this isn’t a big deal, the less inclined I am to let it go.

Kevin: Hey, chance, I have it a — oh.

Abby: Kevin. Hi. What is it that you have?

Kevin: Uh, I was just saying it’s, um…just… it’s just an update on a matter that — that chance asked me to look into.

Abby: Mm. Does this matter have anything to do with the car accident that killed ashland?

Chance: Baby, I will tell you everything when the investigation is done, okay? I promise. Now, I got to go, but I love you.

Abby: I love you.

Chance: I’ll see you later.

Abby: Bye.

[ Door closes ]

Victoria: Ashland came by the house that night. He wanted to talk. He — he wanted to salvage what was left of our great love. He was, uh, out of control. And when I told him that — that nothing was going to ever work between us again, he — he grabbed me. So I — I found whatever I could to defend myself, and I ran away from him.

Victoria: You are about as tough as they come, victoria.

Victoria: No, I’m not. I’m not. I was scared. I… I had never seen him like that before. I didn’t know what he was gonna do, and… that’s when nicholas showed up. He got in between ashland and me, and I ran to the kitchen to grab my phone to call the police. Then the two of them got into it. Ashland attacked him, and nicholas — he punched ashland. And he fell and hit his head.

[ Sighs heavily ] When I finally came back into the room, nicholas was trying to get a response from ashland, but there was nothing. There was no pulse. He was dead.

[ Sighs ] Or, at least, we thought he was dead.

Billy: What is that supposed to mean?

Victoria: I don’t know. I — it’s hard to explain. Nicholas — he was — he was in shock, and I think maybe I was, too. So I called chance, and I told him to come there. And then we went outside just to — to compose ourselves and to get as far away from that room as possible and…

[ Sighs ] Then when we came back to the living room, ashland was — he was gone. His body was gone.

Billy: I… I don’t understand. How is that even — how is that possible?

Victoria: I don’t know. The — the police did a manhunt, and they found ashland in his car, crashed in a ravine.

Billy: Yeah. I mean, that’s what the news reports said, but that’s — that’s all the news reports said.

Victoria: I don’t know, billy. I didn’t even have time to process ashland’s death before I — I had to go and get the kids.

[ Both sigh ]

Billy: I knew there was something up with him. I mean, he was acting sideways. It was — it was as if he wanted you to hurt as much as he did. He had a very dangerous vibe about him, which is exactly why I didn’t want to go to L.A.

Victoria: Well, you were very right to worry. You know, after we, uh — after we spoke, I ran into nick… and I gave him a heads-up.

Victoria: You did?

Billy: Yeah. He had a very, uh, uncharacteristic, victor-like response, telling me that it was none of my business and to stay out of it, that I didn’t need to be your protector anymore. And I told him that he’s gonna have to do it…and to make sure that he did the job.

Victoria: You know that nicholas came by right after that. He was able to stop ashland, and — and he possibly saved my life because of you.

Sharon: Are you absolutely sure that’s what happened?

Nick: Ashland did die after he fell and hit his head. I wasn’t wrong about him not having a pulse.

Sharon: So, he didn’t get up and get behind the wheel and drive into that ravine.

Nick: No. I guess while vick and I were outside waiting for chance, my dad’s team swept in the house and then moved ashland’s body into his car and then staged the crash.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] My gosh, nick, I’m so sorry. This must be a really big shock for you. You hadn’t had time to process everything that happened, and now you find out what victor did.

Nick: Dad said he was protecting me and vick from an investigation that might cast a different light on what really went down that night, you know, because we all hated him so much and the fact that there weren’t any eyewitnesses.

Sharon: Well, I’m not surprised to hear that victor chose to handle things this way. I know he loves his children, and he thought he was helping.

Nick: Think about where it leaves me, though. I was completely shaken when i thought that I had killed ashland, despite how I felt about him. This guy was out of control and going after my sister. He had nothing to lose by hurting her.

Sharon: Do you regret it?

Nick: Protecting my sister? No way. No way, but…

[ Sighs ] I hated ashland, and I wanted him out of our lives, but i certainly never intended to kill him.

Sharon: Of course you didn’T.

Nick: But now, because of the way my dad botched this whole thing, with pulling all these strings and breaking all the rules, I’m now complicit in this crime. Oh, my god. And now you are, too, because i told you.

Sharon: Nick, it’s okay.

Nick: No. You’re in the middle of this now.

Sharon: Don’t —

Nick: I never should have come. I’m so sorry.

Sharon: No, don’t worry about it. I can take care of myself. You needed someone to talk to. I’m glad that you came to me.

Nick: You are not gonna get in trouble over this, alright? Just… we never had this conversation.

Sharon: Right now, I want to focus on you. Your father’s put you in an incredibly difficult position.

Nick: That’s dad’s specialty.

Sharon: What are you gonna do about it?

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Devon: I’m so, so sorry.

Amanda: Thank you.

Nate: Amanda, I know how frightening this must be, but naya just lapsed into a coma today?

Amanda: Yeah, that’s what the doctors said.

Devon: I’m sure there’s something that they can do to give her the best chance of recovery.

Amanda: I don’t know. I don’t know. But imani’s there. She took the red eye-out, and she’s blaming herself, of course, and I can’t help but feel responsible.

[ Voice breaking ] I told you that I shouldn’t have left.

Nate: Hey, hey, hey, don’t think that way. You didn’t do this, and you can’t control it. You have nothing to feel guilty about. It sounds like naya’s in good hands and she’s getting all the medical attention she needs.

Amanda: I know that you guys are probably right, but I can’t help thinking that she is never gonna wake up [Voice breaking] And I am never gonna get a chance to say goodbye.

Nate: Hey, hey. Don’t go to the worst-case scenario. There are plenty of patients in similar situations who regain consciousness.

Devon: That’s right. The only thing you need to do — you need to focus on your next step, okay? What do you need from us?

Amanda: I don’t know. I… I got to — I got to figure this out. I got to, um… I got to figure out what to do next because imani and I — we both just can’t leave work. I —

Devon: Yes, you can. Of course you can. Nate and I can figure out a plan.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Thank you.

Nate: Take care of your mother. Everything else can wait.

Billy: I guess it’s kismet that I ran into nick before i left for L.A. And that everything happened the way that it did.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] How are the kids handling all of it?

Victoria: As well as can be expected.

Billy: You tell them I can come by tonight, help them navigate all this.

Victoria: Thank you. Honestly, billy, being out of town with the children helped. It was good to have some time and some distance from all that happened.

Billy: Well, I guess there is some poetic justice, the fact that ashland locke left this earth in the same way that his big persona was born — in a car crash.

[ Sighs ] I’m just glad that he is not on this earth anymore and he is out of your life for good.

Victoria: You know they say you’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, right?

Billy: Yeah, well, I’m gonna make an exception this time because I know what he put you through. The way that you handled yourself… I am just in awe of you. Your fortitude. Your stubbornness. And of course your grace.

Victoria: [ Breathes deeply ] I told you to go to L.A. And not worry about me, but you didn’t listen.

Billy: Yeah, well, there’s nothing you can say to stop me from looking out for you.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Nick: I don’t want to report what my dad did to the police. It’s just gonna drag this out. It’s gonna put victoria through even more hell. But at the same time, I cannot stand the way my dad on his own decided to alter the narrative.

Sharon: Well, I’m more concerned about the hell you’re going through.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Victor always has to try to control things, and he didn’t consider how this was gonna impact you.

Nick: He was hoping i wouldn’t ask any questions. He thought he was protecting me from knowing that I was responsible for another man’s death.

Sharon: It was an accident.

Nick: It’s still on me.

Sharon: Nick, listen to me. Ashland put himself on the collision course that led to his death. Victoria’s ex-husband shows up at her house uninvited, hellbent on revenge and winning? Thank god that you were there to protect her. Be grateful to whatever higher power put you there when she needed you. You did the right thing. Don’t ever doubt that. If something had happened to her or you? Oh, my god.

Nick: Ah. I got lucky.

Sharon: You did what had to be done. You acted in self-defense. And what victor did after that doesn’t change that.

Nick: Well, let’s hope chance feels the same way because it’s pretty clear he suspects there is a lot more to this story.

Chance: Alright, tell me

Kevin: I scanned the security footage from the gas station where a witness spotted locke’s rental.

Chance: Yeah?

Kevin: Watched it over and over, from the time ashland would have arrived to the time he would have left.

Chance: What’d you see?

Kevin: Nothing. It’s blank.

Chance: You sure?

Kevin: I know you didn’t just ask me to be your sidekick because of my good looks. I know what I’m doing. Yes. I’m positive.

Chance: Did you ask the gas station manager about the missing time?

Kevin: Yeah. He said the system’s outdated, they’ve had problems like this before. So we can’t be sure that the footage was tampered with or erased.

Chance: Which means we can’t be sure that it wasn’t tampered with.

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Nick: Thank you. You know, I was completely open and honest with chance when he questioned me. I hid nothing because I didn’t think there was anything to hide.

Sharon: Well, that’s good. And that should have been the end of it.

Nick: But it wasn’T. It’s obvious he wasn’t satisfied with my answers.

Sharon: Yeah, he was pretty interested in finding out what i knew when he stopped by last night for coffee.

Nick: Chance interrogated you?

Sharon: It wasn’t a formal interrogation. It was just a bunch of casual questions.

Nick: What’d you tell him?

Sharon: A more concise version of what you had already told him before, I’m sure.

Nick: [ Sighs ] You know, he wanted to know about my dad’s security team and why they didn’t see what happened at the house. He was so suspicious, so I went and asked my dad about it. He finally admitted the truth. I just know chance isn’t gonna let this go very easily, which puts my dad in a very difficult position.

Sharon: And that’s on him. This was his call. You didn’t hide anything from the police.

Nick: Until now.

Devon: I appreciate that. Thank you very much. All right. Okay, so, if you want, you can fly back to virginia right away ’cause there’s nothing going on here that we can’t put on hold for a few days.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] Okay, trust me, I want nothing more than to be there with my mother, but I have responsibilities here as the head of legal counsel. I can’t just drop everything. There’s so much that is in motion right now. We can’t put things on hold.

Nate: If there’s something we can’t delegate to the rest of the staff, you can handle it remotely.

Amanda: Yeah, I… yeah, I suppose so, and… yeah, I mean, imani and I — we will be together, so we can collaborate.

Devon: Yeah, of course you guys can. The most important thing is that the two of you are with your mother, and anything else we can figure out here. And I know lily would agree with me.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: Of course.

Amanda: Both of you. I… I just — I don’t want to leave you guys in the lurch.

Devon: You’re not at all. Anything that needs to be taken care of in person, I can handle it, and if not, my coo can. Alright? We’ll be just fine. Naya’s the one who needs you.

Nate: Devon is right, okay? Research has consistently shown that comatose patients can hear and absorb everything that’s going on around them. So go. Let her feel your love.

Amanda: I really hoped that that would make a difference, but, I mean, nate, is there anything concrete that you can give me, some advice that could help?

Nate: Talk to her. Make a playlist for her.

Amanda: [ Voice breaking ] Of all of her favorite songs.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] I have no idea what they are. And I might never will. Um… imani. Imani will know. I’ll talk to her.

Nate: You can also make a list of everything she has to look forward to when she wakes up.

Amanda: I could just fill her room with flowers.

Devon: There you go.

Amanda: Yeah. Or maybe not — because then she might think that, um, she’s in her funeral.

[ Laughs ]

Devon: No. I’ll tell you what you do. You just hold her hand because you know that having the right people around her can get her through anything.

Amanda: [ Cries ]

Devon: Alright?

Amanda: I hope so.

Devon: It will.

Amanda: I just want to get to her as soon as possible.

[ Sighs ]

Devon: Well, you know what? How about you take my jet and you get there even faster?

Amanda: [ Sniffles ] Thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: [ Cries ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

Devon: It’s gonna be fine. It’s gonna be fine. Ughh!

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Elena: Hey. Hi. I just popped by to see if there were any updates on canceling my contract with newman media. Hey. What’s wrong?

Nate: I’m sorry. Um… amanda and imani’s mom lapsed into a coma.

Elena: That’s terrible.

Nate: Yeah. I did my best to give amanda some hope, but you and I both know this is a bad sign.

Elena: [ Sighs ] So, what are amanda and imani planning to do now?

Nate: Well, they’re both headed to virginia to be with their mother. Devon gave them an indefinite leave of absence.

Elena: That’s really good of him.

Nate: Yeah. But, selfishly, I’m gonna miss having them around. Amanda’s an amazing lawyer, and imani’s been a real ally.

Elena: An ally? What do you mean?

Nate: Just that she understood what I was going through with the whole devon situation.

Elena: Wait. I’m sorry. Are you saying that she’s been fueling the tension between you and devon?

Kevin: The security footage from the gas station is definitely sketchy, and not just because of the frighteningly low video resolution. The places where the video is blank are only in the spots where ashland would have been seen — if he had been there.

Chance: Mm. That is suspicious. But it’s not proof.

Kevin: That’s not all. I checked other street surveillance cameras and found footage that looks like there may have been more than one person in ashland’s vehicle later that night.

Chance: Male? Female?

Kevin: It’s from a distance. The footage is grainy, so i can’t be sure. But there are also indications that there was more than one person in the spot where the car was allegedly parked. You know, footprints and a recently smoked cigarette butt.

Chance: One of victor’s guys was smoking when we interviewed him. I mean, I guess anybody could have dropped that butt, right? Again, that’s suspicious, but not proof, not proof. Okay, so, the assumption is that ashland parked his car at the gas station and walked to victoria’S. Or maybe if he went there with malicious intent, he was the one that disabled the security camera so there was never any evidence that he was ever there, right?

Kevin: It seems unlikely.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. That would require a lot of premeditation on his part.

[ Sighs ] Okay, according to the autopsy, cause of death was a traumatic& blow to the head, right? That’s consistent with nick’s story. I mean, it’s the kind of injury you get when you fall and hit the fireplace after getting punched.

Kevin: Or the kind of injury you get when your car crashes into a ravine.

Chance: Yeah. Okay, well, let’s just say that he didn’t die when he fell and hit his head, right? Maybe it just looked that way. Maybe he had a thready pulse that was just too weak to find.

Kevin: It could happen.

Chance: Could locke have gotten up after that injury and walked out of that house across that expanse of heavily wooded property and back to his car?

Kevin: What’s the alternative? The body moved itself? Someone moved the body? That doesn’t make any sense. Why would nick and victoria call the police and then move the body?

Nick: Billy, what are you doing here?

Billy: I came back from L.A. When I heard about ashland. I wanted to make sure that victoria was alright.

Victoria: I told him everything.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Well, it was my conversation with you at the coffeehouse that made me go out and check on vick and make sure she was okay.

Billy: Well, I’m glad you showed up when you did. And to be honest, if it was up to me, I’d give you an award for what you did.

Nick: Sorry if it seemed like I was brushing you off.

Billy: It’s alright. I’m just glad that you’re both okay and that you are now locke-free and this whole nightmare is over.

Nick: Yeah. Um, I need to talk to you about that real estate deal.

Victoria: Oh. Business nick. He’s unstoppable.

Billy: Yeah. Look at him.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: I’ll let you two get to it. Thank you again. Glad you’re okay.

Victoria: Thanks for stopping by.

[ Door closes ]

Nick: So glad you’re home. How are my niece and nephew?

Victoria: Oh, they’re wonderful. They’re providing a really nice distraction for me right now. We’re staying at the ranch. You should come and hang out and bring christian.

Nick: Yeah. I might do that. I’m just glad you were able to get away from this for a few days. Have you talked to dad?

Victoria: Um, I saw him briefly before I drove here from the ranch. Why?

Nick: Has he said anything else to you about that night?

Victoria: No. Is there something I should know? Research shows that people remember ads with young people

Abby: Good morning!

Chelsea: Hi!

Abby: Hi!

Chelsea: Please tell me pamela has put the avocado toast back on the menu — because I’ve been fantasizing about it all morning.

Abby: Well, I am happy to say your dreams have come true.

Chelsea: Yes! Oh, I’m so happy. Okay. Now onto the important stuff. Dom? What is that little genius up to these days?

Abby: Is it too soon for him to start walking?

Chelsea: He is not.

Abby: Not yet, but he’s scooting around everywhere. I can tell he just — he wants to go, and I keep telling him, “slow down, please. Just stay a baby.” Well, how’s your son? How’s connor liking summer camp?

Chelsea: Oh, he’s loving it. Sports all day, s’mores all night.

Abby: Ah. That sounds so fun. I could really use a weekend adult summer camp — you know, roasting marshmallows, making macrame. You in?

Chelsea: You know, normally i would say, “yeah, where do i sign up?” But I don’t feel like I need an escape these days. I’m in a really good place.

Abby: Really? What’s your secret?

Chelsea: I think I just stopped trying to be what everybody else wanted me to be. I was losing sight of myself. So, I’ve made some really bold changes.

Abby: Well, I’m really happy for you. You look great.

Chelsea: Well, thank you. I feel like my life is finally back on track.

Billy: Hey, ladies.

Chelsea: Hey.

Abby: Billy, hi.

Billy: Hi. Um, I’m glad I ran into you. Uh, I don’t know if you know anything, but is it true that chance is investigating ashland locke’s death?

Abby: He is.

Billy: Okay. I’m not sure what there is to investigate. I mean, the man’s a very dangerous person looking for trouble, and he loses control of his car. So, what’s he looking into?

Chance: Okay, nick and victoria’s first instinct was to call me because they thought ashland’s was dead. What if they got scared afterwards that it wouldn’t look like self-defense?

Kevin: Because they hated the man for good reasons.

Chance: I mean, if he did get up and walk out, how the hell did that ring fall out of his pocket?

Kevin: Well, devil’s advocate here. Locke is injured.

Chance: Yeah, right, right.

Kevin: It’s a head injury. He’s unsteady on his feet. He makes his way to the door, he stumbles, falls, the ring falls out of his pocket.

Chance: Yeah, I guess that’s possible.

Kevin: Also, didn’t you tell me that nick came to you right when he found the ring? Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound like somebody who’s trying to cover anything up.

Nick: Dad’s trying to keep this buried, but I forced the truth out of him, and you have a right to know. That night, when I punched locke and he fell and hit his head, we were right — it killed him.

Victoria: How did he end up in the car and then the ravine?

Nick: Dad’s bodyguards were watching the house. On dad’s orders, they took ashland’s body out of the house and put it in the car and made it look like the accident caused the blow to his head.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Oh, my god, nicholas.

Nick: He said he was doing it for us because he didn’t think anyone would believe us if we said that we were acting in self-defense — because of ashland giving us all those reasons why we wanted him dead.

Victoria: Maybe dad did the right thing.

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He’s a fast talker.

Amanda: I don’t — I don’t know what’s scarier — having a parent or growing up without one.

Nick: Well, as someone who’s experienced both, I think that, no matter how difficult it gets, it’s always better to know where you come from so you have that family in your life.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] You know, ever since I met naya, I keep telling myself that we just need to get through this rough spot and that we’re gonna finally — we’re gonna get to the good stuff, you know, the family dinners and the holidays and — and learning all of her recipes.

[ Crying ] But then it’s just like something is always taking her away from me. I can’T…

Devon: It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything’s gonna be okay.

Amanda: [ Sighs ]

Devon: Alright? I know you’ve been fighting battles on your own since the day you were born, but I want you to remember something — that you’re not alone anymore. Okay? And it’s okay if you feel like you need somebody to hold your hand. So, if you want me to go with you, just say it.

Amanda: Thank you. Thank you for thinking like that. But I’m fine. I’m gonna be okay. I have my sister now. Imani and I — we’re gonna help each other through this. I know that.

Devon: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yes. I’m sure.

Devon: Okay. If you change your mind, you know you can just pick up the phone and I’ll drop everything and I will be there with you.

Amanda: Thank you for making all of this possible.

Devon: Don’t thank me.

Amanda: I just… I don’t even know when I’ll be back.

Devon: It’s okay. All you need to focus on is getting naya what she needs, which is you being there and your love. You can take all the time you need…’cause I’ll be right here waiting for you.

Amanda: And I am gonna be missing you every minute that I am gone.

Nate: Look, I know imani’s not your favorite person in the world, but blaming her for my issues with devon is ridiculous.

Elena: I wasn’t saying that she’s solely responsible, but if she’s in your ear telling you that you’re right and devon’s wrong, that can’t be helping matters.

Nate: Why are we even talking about this? You blaming her makes it seem like you don’t care for her situation.

Elena: Of course I care. My heart is broken for their family, including imani.

Nate: Good. Because amanda and her sister are going through a real tragedy right now, and what we should be doing is helping them through this. Nothing else.

Elena: [ Scoffs ]

Abby: You know, chance doesn’t really share the details of the cases that he’s investigating with me.

Billy: He’s a man of integrity, which is why I like him. So, I guess if I want more information, I’ll bark up a different tree.

Abby: Good idea. Chelsea, would you still like that avocado toast?

Chelsea: Absolutely.

Billy: Ooh, that sounds good. May I have one, as well, please?

Abby: Of course. I will tell your server.

Billy: Thanks, abby. So, let’s make this breakfast meeting official. Any thoughts on the, uh, ideas I left with you before I took off for L.A.?

Chelsea: I have some feedback.

Billy: Ohh. Never really liked that word.

We need to come up with a show that will keep our audiences entertained, amused, intrigued.

Billy: Okay. So, go ahead. What groundbreaking, award-winning ideas do you have that no one else has thought about? Or do you just love shooting down my ideas to come up with your own?

Chelsea: What can I say? I love my job.

Billy: Maybe a little too much.

Abby: Wait, is this the new, exciting thing you were talking about? Working with billy on his podcast?

Chelsea: I know it’s a huge departure from fashion, but it feels like a right fit and it’s working.

Billy: Yeah, it is. Our first episode did really well.

Chelsea: I’m having a lot of fun, and I can still be creative, but in an entirely different way. This new gig with billy came at just the right time.

Nick: You think dad did the right thing? Going behind our backs, lying to us?

Victoria: Look, I get — i get that you’re upset that dad took matters into his own hands, but in the moment, I mean, he had no idea what happened. For all he knew, I could have killed ashland. I mean, he was acting to protect us.

Nick: All he had to do was talk to us, and he would have found out the truth instead of going behind our backs.

Victoria: Dad did what he needed to do to end this chaos that ashland has caused in our lives for the last year and a half.

Nick: Vick, just think about it. There’s a million ways this can go wrong. Lying to the cops is an extremely risky thing to do. And now our father has put us in a position where we’re forced to do that.

Victoria: You’re right. We’re complicit in a cover-up. I need to talk to dad.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Hi, chance.

Chance: Victoria.

Victoria: How long have you been standing there?

Chance: I just got here. Why do you look so upset?

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Abby: What are you trying to say? That chance should back off the ashland case?

Chloe: Don’t tell me that you threatened the newmans.

Sally: There are still missing pieces to the puzzle, and we’re gonna find them.

Jack: There are so many opportunities for you to prove yourself to the world. And in fact, I can think of one off the top of my head. Come work with me at jabot.

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