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Ahh. You know, this reminds me of a movie I saw once. Disillusioned guy spends the summer floating around in a pool so he can avoid his future. “The graduate.” It’s a good movie. Mm-hmm. The key difference is, though — the main character had simon and garfunkel singing his confusion. Mm. That’s right. Oh, and he didn’t have to pay for his pool chaise. That’s true, too. And don’t kid yourself — he was a lot younger than you. Thank you. Did you talk to your guy at the ccrb? Yeah. And? Is there a chance I’m getting back on the force? I’m sorry, pal. I wish I had better news to report. Oh, hey, hey, hey. I am so sorry to keep you waiting. I was on the phone with paris again and again, and I appreciate you guys coming to this meeting on such short notice. Yeah, well, I’m supposed to meet britt for brunch, but if this is about what I think it’s about, she will forgive me. Yeah, um, sasha. Brook lynn: Yeah. It’s all over the news. It’s blowing up our social media. We need to release a statement. Exactly. One that protects sasha’s privacy. Well, yes. That is a given. But, also, we have to consider deception’s image. We have to protect our company. More importantly, how do we help our friend? Yeah, I’m not sure we can do both. Martin: Here you go.

[ Cup taps lightly ] It’s not perks, but why don’t you try to drink that, anyway? You want to be as sharp as you can. Sasha? Okay, well, if you haven’t got anything else to say, I think I’m gonna go see what time of transport is set for your arraignment. Brando: Hey, ma.

[ Sighs ] Thanks for bringing fresh clothes for — oh, sure, sure. It’s okay. I got it. You look like you haven’t slept a wink. Where’s sasha? Um… she’s in there, uh, conferring with her lawyer, martin grey. Excellent. He was valentin cassadine’s attorney. He’s high-powered.

[ Door opens ] He’ll help our girl, for sure. Whew. How’s sasha? Ah, well, uh, she’s just great. And why shouldn’t she be? She’s only facing charges of reckless endangerment, disturbing the peace, willful destruction of property, both public and private, and, uh…

[Breathes sharply] Oh, yeah — attempted murder. You’re early. Yeah, only by a few minutes. I’m eager to hear the feedback on the op-ed I wrote. And so you shall. I promised to be honest. Well, don’t keep me in suspense. Who came out on top in our little wager? You tell me. Sam: Hey. Spinelli: Oh, hey. Thank you for agreeing to meet me here. Of course. I’m at your service. Mm.

[ Chuckles ] Unlike others… you are entirely worthy of my time and efforts. Cody: Hello again. Goodbye again. Britt, now, come on. Don’t be like that. You don’t need to take off. I’m sorry. I have to go. What, did you leave something plugged in again? You got to wash your hair? I know you don’t need to see a guy about a horse, ’cause… I’d be the guy. Mm-hmm. Yeah, you’re right. You know, I don’T… I don’t need to make excuses. The simple truth is… I just don’t like you.

So, the review board is going to rule against me? Look, I don’t know. I don’t know about that. All I know is my guy on the inside, when I asked if you could get your badge back, he said the chances were slim. Is there anything I can do to derail this? I don’t know. I mean, the new member appointed by the public advocate is making a point of throwing the book at cops who step out of line, regardless of their exemplary record. So, that’s it. I’m no longer a cop. No, no. Don’t say that. Listen. Hey, stop. Take it from me, okay? Y-you’re a cop until you actually hand your badge in for good. There’s always hope until that happens. Yeah, well, “hope” doesn’t pay my late rent. What are you talking about? I’ll spot you rent money. Look, I appreciate that, but I got myself into this — I’ll get myself out. Even if it means taking a job outside the force? Well, it’s a good thing he’s got other options. These comments are so rude. Poor sasha. Yeah, she kept insisting she was okay, but in retrospect, it’s pretty clear she wasn’T. Oh, boy. And these media hounds are baying for blood. We have got to simply reset the narrative. And we need to engender empathy for sasha that maintains her position here and hopefully placates the board of directors. Yeah, we need to come up with a strategy to shield deception from liability while not abandoning one of our partners. Right. So, where do we start? Okay, let’s get the ball rolling. Brook lynn, do you mind taking notes? Yeah, of course. I’m ready. Okay. Deception’s press release subject — deception’s commitment to supporting health and mental well-being.

[ Sighing ] Oh, honey. How are you holding up? This reader said, “professor chase’s opinion piece is a complaint in search of a cause.” Ah. But if you scroll up, you’ll see that “cronkite’s ghost” says that my op-ed “eloquently illuminates the necessity of objectivity.”

[ Chuckling ] Cronkite’s ghost? Mm-hmm. You know, they say the handle says a lot about a person. I’m getting “pompous blowhard.” Are you ascribing that characterization to me? No.

[ Chuckling ] Of course not. Oh, here’s one. “Newshound86” thinks that your op-ed piece is “a dumpster fire.” How constructive. And poetic. Ah, this

one just wants meto put back in the horoscopes. Well, I’d argue that astrology is objective, so mark that one in my favor. Alright, by a slim margin, it appears that the readers approve of your point of view. So, cue the gloating. What? Me, gloat? Nah. It’s enough that I’m feeling validated that my so-called “antiquated notions” have merit. Thanks for following up. Deal’s a deal. Speaking of which, I believe our deal was that if I won, you’d take more of my input on board. Why are the hairs on the back of my neck on end? Cue the smirk.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you haven’t been shy about your disapproval. And…here you are. Haven’t we played this scene before? Yes. Yes, we have. But we keep screwing up the finale. Uh, what do you mean by “we”? Well, I can admit that I don’t always say the right things. Oh, are — were you expecting me to — to say something to the contrary? No, I was just giving you the chance to admit that you are unforgiving when it comes to human frailty. I’ll wait. By all means, help yourself. And I just, I-I think I hit a brick wall. And then felicia made a great suggestion to me. She said, “think analog.” Yeah, analog. [ Stammers ] Interesting. Mm. The documentation I need is abroad. Are you available for a quick trip? Um, where? I was thinking mars. I hear the planet is notorious for its sloppy record keeping. Oh, yeah, that’s — that’s just common knowledge. Spinelli, you’re not listening to a word I’m saying. Wha– wha– no, I-I — I am. I-I have. I… what, analog — analog records… messy… mars? Yeah, I said mars. And the word I used was “sloppy.” But you know what’s messy? You eavesdropping on britt and cody’s conversation. I want you to tell me why, and I don’t want some lame excuse or denial, ’cause I’m not buying it. Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey. I’m here, sash. I’m not going anywhere. Okay? Well, I’m glad your mother brought fresh clothes. She needs to be as presentable as possible. Clothes aren’t going to do anything. Her eyes are vacant. She doesn’t look good. We need to get her out of here. Tell me, how — how are we going to beat these charges? We can’T.

Look at it from my point of view. Alright? You tore into me for the stunt at the pool during the mixer. And I-I was hired to do that jump, and you were standing smack-dab in the middle of it. And then you help me out in the alley, right, when I got beat up.

[ Chuckling ] But — but then you assumed that I deserved it. I did not. Then you drenched me for the date that I planned because…

[ Stammers ] …Yeah, I went a little overboard trying to impress you. A-and you wouldn’t even accept my apology. And then when you finally did accept my apology, you found some trivial reason to get angry at me again. It’s like you want me to fail. I guess if people don’t live up to the ridiculously high standards you set for them

[Scoffs] You get to feel justified in punishing them. You’re right. You got my number. I do? You’re on good terms with britt, so your beef must be with cody. Why? Mr. Bell is a scoundrel of ill repute. You do realize that dante and cody are best friends from, like, childhood. Leo loves the guy, as do the horses, and he seems like a nice guy. What’s your issue with him? He’s a man of many faces. Meaning?

[ Sighs ] You know, I-I-I’m just… I can read people well. You remember, I-I never liked peter august. Remember? Nobody liked peter august. Why don’t you save your incredible reading skills for the documentation we’ll be hunting down on our trip? I’d like to leave by the end of the week. Fair samantha, I am completely at your disposal stateside, but I-I’m too occupied with work to — to cross the international date line. Work? I’m so glad you brought that up. What is it that you do these days? And who’s talking to you? What do you want? Nothing to do with you, detective. But I do have business with your friend here. Well, you know, he’s still a cop, so you can say “partner.” Can you give us a second? Are you kidding me, man? This guy might be the reason you get kicked off the force. What business could you possibly have with him? Standing right here. Yeah? Then go stand over there! Dante. I know what I’m doing. Yeah? Alright.

[ Clears throat ] Just don’t let this punk bait you. Alright, so, you gave me 30 days to show you what I can do. It hasn’t even been a week, and I’ve already booked you a gig at the savoy. What has brook lynn done for you lately? Uh, could you read that last part back? “Together, we pledge to stand up for the deception family by breaking the stigma of mental health challenges and ensuring our partners and their families receive all the help they need. Therefore, deception will make a $1 million donation to various organizations that help families with mental illness.” Sounds good. Uh, just change “the” deception family to “our” deception family, and I think that’s our press release. I agree. Sasha’s arrest was definitely a cry for help. Hopefully, framing it this way will inspire compassion. Haters be damned. Okay, let me make this change. I’m going to email it to myself, and I will take it to pr when I get back to my desk. Okay. Um, hey, will you have legal put their eyes on it first? And then tell them to work with pr. I want this posted on all our social media platforms as soon as possible. You got it. I’ll make it happen. Thanks. You didn’t have anything you wanted to add? Uh…um, no. Uh, no, no. Actually, what you and br– everything you and brook lynn said — just — just fine. Great. Good. Thanks. I’m really glad that martin’s representing sasha. He’s one of the best. And I’m not just saying that ’cause, well, you know. No, I know. I know. My guy knows his stuff. Um, yeah. Um… and it’s — it’s actually very, very good for sasha’s sake… and for ours.

[ Exhales deeply ] Ours? It’s just that martin sees the big picture and he knows how important it is to, um, protect all of — of sasha’s interests… which includes deception.

[ Sighs ] Which means we have some very tough decisions to make. How tough? You are not going to like what I have to say. I am sorry about that. I had a call into the da’s office and my contact got back to me. I wanted to run something by him. Something about sasha?

[ Sighs ] Brando, you got to understand some things. Sounds serious. Well, in the first place, I’m sorry I rattled those charges off at you like that earlier. I wasn’t trying to be flippant. Sometimes I’m a little punchy in the morning when I haven’t slept. But I swear to you, I’m taking this case seriously. As a matter of fact, I want you to know I’m looking at every possibility to help your wife. All of them. Thanks. Were you being punchy when you said that we can’t beat these charges? Some of the charges, I believe, can be thrown out or restitution can be made. But others, there’s just no way. We’ve got to contend with a very damning video.

[ Sighs ] A video in which sasha just isn’t out of control — she looks outright violent. No, those assault charges, they’re going to be tough to beat. Yeah, but you’re going to try, right? I mean, we will do whatever you want us to do. Well, that’s the trick, isn’t it? I believe you will. But I’m not convinced the same thing could be said of your wife. Oh, ah, ah — you’re still a little smudged, sweetheart. I’m just trying to help.

[ Sighs ] Thanks, gladys, but nobody can help. Oh, that’s not true. You got a whole army behind you. Maxie’s been blowing up my phone. I just haven’t had time to get back to her. I-I’m sure she and lucy want to come and visit you.

[ Sighs ] I’m not. Not after what I did. Why did you do it, sweetheart? I was standing up for myself. And I would do it again.

I believe sasha gilmore recently attacked the vehicle of one of your reporters. Smoltz is a freelancer. Whatever his role at the invader, I’m surprised there’s been no mention of the incident in your paper. Why is that? Because the — the story is still evolving, and we’ll cover it when we know more. Unless, of course, you’d like me to report the salacious account of a spokesmodel having a nervous breakdown. That’s a narrow way of looking at it. And your way? The facts. A reporter — one affiliated with your paper — was attacked while doing his job. Maybe we should consider… finding a new face of deception. Are — are you talking about pushing sasha out? No, no. A-absolutely not. No. She’s our partner. She always will be. I’m just saying that, you know, m-maybe she should step aside as spokesperson just for a while. Take a sabbatical or something. After everything sasha has lost, you want to strip her of more? Look — look, this is hard to say and hard for you to hear, but I’m just trying to tell you — look at this. Look at everything we’ve built. Look at all this company means. All the money, everything is tied up in its stock value. And if it goes belly up, it’s brokesville again. We will have absolutely nothing. I know sasha wouldn’t want that. Do you? Look, sasha is our friend. Always. This — this is just business. Okay, lucy. Then, as the head of this business, you can tell her. Can’t the court just ask you to pay for the damage to that reporter’s car? You’re sure as hell good for it. Smoltz deserved it. So did sienna. Pretending to be my friend when all along she was just trying to ply me with more drugs so that she could stab me in the back! I’m so sick of them. I’m so tired of being exploited. Of course you are. But aren’t you also tired of feeling out of control? Brando, I don’t know what the hell’s going on or why. We simply don’t have time to figure it out. But for some reason, your wife has completely shut down. Every answer she gave me was monosyllabic, if she answered me at all. I mean, sasha’s in shock. A-and spending the night in jail, that hadn’t helped it all. And I will definitely ask the court to take that into consideration, but that’s not the only issue at play, is it? I was up most of the night going over the evidence from this case and trying to wrap my head around recent events, and I don’t have to tell you it doesn’t look good. On. She caused a fatal car accident — she didn’t cause that. Okay? Harmony ran out in front of her. Even so, my point is, with sasha these days, it’s one thing after another. It’s just something else in a long line of bad looks. And now, worst of all, if we’re talking about optics. She’s either in complete denial or she’s intentionally avoiding the help she desperately needs. I

am too hard on people.I always have been. You think you miss out on getting to know folks? Probably. You know what’s kind of worse, is they end up missing out on getting to know you.

[ Scoffs ] Okay. This is sliding into the sappy zone.

[ Chuckles ] What you don’t understand is that I don’t really like people all that much, so it’s no great loss. Mm, bull. Alright, I’ve seen how you and your buddy brad get on. When you’re not scolding him.

[ Scoffs ] That weirdo?

[ Chuckles ] Besides, you know, what’S… what’s a little sap between friends? Nothing wrong with that. Alright, and… not to be presumptuous, but I may have a sappy present for you. Um… I know we’re not friends or anything like that, but I guess just consider me a weirdo. What is that? It’s — it’s just a little token to prove that I’m not some conniving grifter. And you just happened to be carrying it in case you bumped into me? Well, uh — not conniving, eh? How did you know where to find me? I assure you, my — my work is of the greatest importance. I-I mean, not as important as yours. Of course. A-and, you know, I have contacts all over the world that — that can be at your disposal. In fact, I will — I will connect you with someone on the ground to help aid in your investigation. No, no, no. Nice try. I’m not done interrogating you yet. Samantha, you are an astute sleuth. Can’t you recognize a dead end when you see one? Hey, speaking of sleuths, how are things with detective falconeri? Well… he asked me to move in with him. Congratulations. Glad tidings! Are they not? Chase: Wow, that’s great about the savoy. Although I’m pretty sure brook lynn’s got some irons in the fire. While she’s flailing around, I’m crushing it. How does a gig at the mercury lounge sound? In new york city? Out of my league. That place is for big acts. Yeah, it is. And that’ll be you before you know it with me managing your career. It’s kind of hard to have a serious conversation with a floatie between us. Oh, yeah.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ] Well, it’s good to see that unemployment has paid off with some more time at the gym. When I’m through marketing with you, our key demo is either going to want be you or be with you. Chase isn’t just a piece of meat. He’s an artist. A talented, beautiful artist.

he’s got talent, okay? And — and smarts. And heart. Sure, sure. He’s the total package. But I guarantee you his fans will be more interested in his eyes than his iq. My development team has put together a promotional plan for you. And I’ve booked studio time for us to start laying down tracks with top writers and producers like k-fed car, stevie bananas, and topher ve. After your gig at the savoy, then we’ll focus on the mercury lounge. At both gigs, your concertgoers will be able to stream and share your ep, but we’ll be able to sell a ton of merch at the mercury lounge. Either way, it’s instant revenue for you. I actually could use the money. Wait. Hold on a minute. How much is this studio time? What are we talking here? Right, that — that does sound expensive. Oh, you bet it is. But not for you. It’s part of the package. Like your styling and your wardrobe and your voice lessons. Can ofeople to tip you off if I show up here? M-maxie told me. She what? Well, like, she… alright, she mentioned something about brunch plans. I-I took a chance. It’s still invasive. I hear you, but it’s better than showing up at your hotel room or your office. I didn’t have many options. You going to open it or what?

[ Sighs ] At least it’s not ticking. Yeah, uh, no need. I’ve blown enough chances with you. You’re a hard woman to make arts and crafts for. And I-I’d totally understand if — if you hate it. I don’t hate it. You think maybe we could add another stamp? Any night you’re available. Is there any way you’d take “no” for an answer? Statistically? Uh… probably about the same chances as you refraining from sarcasm.

[ Sighs ] I call the meal this time. Deal. Sam: There’s so much to consider. Yeah, I, uh… I’m not sure about moving. I just don’t want to uproot danny and scout. The penthouse is their home. Home is wherever you are, samantha.

[ Chuckles lightly ] Don’t — don’t you — don’t you want to move in with dante? I just think things are really, really good the way they are. Why change it? Is there any other reason why you might be hesitant about doing this? Hey, guys. I am having a morning. Am I interrupting if I sit? No, not at all. Please. No, yeah, have a seat. I never would have figured you for the arts and crafts type. It looks like britt and cody are getting along.

[ Spinelli sighs ] I guess I don’t have to apologize to britt for missing our brunch. Looks like I gave true love an assist. Why are you so certain that he’s right for her? Because I trust society setups. And I’ve spent some time with him. He’s a sweet guy. Yeah, I happen to agree. You both couldn’t be more wrong. Not everyone sees things through the lens of a journalism professor. I’m also a citizen. It concerns me whenever freedom of the press is constrained by threats or violence. I agree. But you don’t know smoltz. His tactics are less than savory. And I wouldn’t put it past him if he goaded sasha into a reaction, hoping to provoke just what he got. So, I wouldn’t hang the shingle of the first amendment rights on this one if I were you. I’d like to invite you to one of my pcu lectures. You’re lecturing? Pcu wooed me out of retirement and convinced me to teach a course. I think you’d get a lot out of it. Really? Mm. I’m pretty sure that I have argued first amendment rights in a court of law a lot more than you’ve ever lectured about it in a classroom. Then you undoubtedly know that the character of the victim does not preclude the reporting of the crime. Mr. Smoltz may not be the kind of reporter that you respect, but he was the target of violence, which makes it at least worthy of your attention, and in my learned opinion, most definitely newsworthy. Sasha: You think I’m out of control? Don’t you?

[ Sighs ] Lately, you’re not the sasha I’ve come to know and love. Love? You didn’t even want me to marry your son. No, I didn’T. Not then. Not at the time. For a few reasons, I… it seemed like you were rushing, for one thing, and I didn’t like being excluded. But once I saw how much you really loved brando and how happy you make him and how kind and smart you are…

[ Breathes sharply ] …I’ve been proud to call you my daughter-in-law. A-and I’ve done what I could to protect you. I… thought you knew that. Brando: You think I give a damn about optics? I care about sasha. I care about what you can do for her. You need to care about all of it, just like I do. Because sasha’s drawn the attention of the internet. She’s gone viral. And given the political nature of recent events involving our mayor, the da’s office is determined not to do anything to give off the appearance of favoritism because of sasha’s celebrity. Optics. Translation — don’t expect any kind of preferential treatment, because they’re in no position to cut her a break. What can we do? You motivate your wife to take a more active part in her own defense. I agree she needs help. She needs a psych consult. I don’t even know if she’d be receptive to the idea. Most of all, she needs to demonstrate her commitment to intensive therapy and restitution. Look, I-I-I don’t know I-if sasha… I don’t know if she’s ready to confront this. And that severely limits our options. ‘Cause to tell you the truth, I can only think of one other way to keep your wife out of prison.

[ Sighs ] Okay. It’s official. I’ve been stood up. I’m going to the pool. I would ask to join you, but you’ll just tell me that I’m pushing it. Maybe you are getting to know me. You two seem to be getting along. Maxie. Can I have a word with you? Sure. So, what happened to brunch? Did you forget? Sorry. I got hung up at deception. Damage control. Right. Sorry. How’s sasha doing? Any word? Nothing from her side. Not happy things from ours. Well, when you see her, tell her she has friends. I will. Seems like you’re all about friends these days. Looking pretty cozy over there. Ugh. What’s that? It’s just a silly gift cody made me. Oh, really?

[ Laughing ] Okay. I will overlook whatever part you played in securing him a second date. Oh, my gosh. You guys are going on a second date? Calm down. It’s just a date. Don’t go pricing wedding venues. Okay. What sasha did to smoltz is news… regardless of extenuating circumstances. But is it newsworthy? That sounds like leftover lawyer-speak. No, that’s human-speak. Because I’m a human being. You know who else is a human being? Sasha gilmore. One that you know personally. Could that be occluding your view? I barely even know her. But I’m looking at the big picture. And — and given the impact of social media and — and all the various virtu– virtual platforms… I mean, in contemporary journalism, that’s something that has to be taken very seriously. Then, by all means, put the truth out there. You know what cronkite said about the truth? That, in seeking the truth, you need to be able to look at both sides of the story. So, if we just tell the facts about what happened to sasha, it’s a disservice to her and to our readers. Don’t tell me you have alternative facts. I have context. In the span of a year, sasha has overdosed, she’s gotten clean, she’s fallen in love, she’s lost a child, she’s gotten into a fatal car crash, she’s relapsed, and she is still struggling with her mental health. So, if we omit all of that and just print that she attacked a car with a valet sign, that’s not showing respect to the fourth estate. It’s character assassination disguised as journalism. Now, I know I could cut a deal with the da’s office predicated on the promise that ms. Gilmore stay out of trouble moving forward.

[ Chuckling ] I don’t think that we can guarantee that. In her current state, you’re not confident? You better be, ’cause if she accepts that deal and breaks her promise, she will be remanded to prison. Now, like I said, there might be one other way…

[ Sighs ] …If you’re prepared for it. Something that would make the da accept this deal? You know what a guardianship is? It’s like a conservatorship, right? Exactly. Those terms are used interchangeably. In new york state, the guardianship system is utilized when an adult is considered legally…incapacitated. Uh. You — you want us to legally claim that sasha is incapable of taking care of herself? What happened during her last therapy appointment? She didn’t make it. Mm. Would you say your wife’s mental condition leaves her less able to manage things — her health and financial affairs? Um… I-I-I don’t know about this. Brando, just take it easy, okay? We’re not talking about tossing sasha into some 19th-century house of hysteria. This is simply a strategy. It’s a way to keep her at home and out of prison. It’s just… we just appoint someone, a guardian, who can watch out for her well-being, make sure she gets to appointments on time, and safeguard her finances. It doesn’t have to be forever. It seems extreme. It’s your call. But given sasha’s state of mind, is she really ready for a trial? I don’t think it would go well for her. Do you? Sasha: I’m tired. I know. But we are all doing our best to help you. I can’t read your mind. But I’ll tell you what’s on mine. You are my family now, sasha. That means I will do whatever it takes to look out for you. Chase, I can offer you me. Linc: What is this, a double standard? Ugh, get your head out of the gutter, if that’s at all possible. Look, linc only thinks of you as a performer. But I’m a songwriter, and we’ve collaborated before. So if we share songwriting credits, then you’ll own a larger share of all songs produced and streamed. Look, the money won’t be instant, but the residuals mean a lot more in the long run. That’s very tempting. Think about it. Excuse me. I would clap for you, but I don’t want to blow your cover.

[ Scoffs ] Come again? Come on, that was a great show. I mean, is there anything you can’t do? I-I don’t even — I can’t understand what you’re saying right now. Why are you spying on us? Brook lynn, it’s me. Come on. What? We go way back, right? Yeah. I mean, you know, the — the whole wanting to be “chase’s manager” — it’s a — it’s a good angle. But I know a con when I see one.

Ms. Gilmore’s lucky you’re the editor-in-chief. You’re agreeing with me? Is that so hard to believe? Given our interactions thus far? Fair enough. I agree. This story can’t be told without reporting on ms. Gilmore’s state of mind as a mitigating factor. You’re wise to take a more nuanced approach. I-I’m concerned about violating medical confidentiality. I mean, how do I inject nuance without compromising privacy? It’s tricky, but… there are ways. Okay, professor. You’ve offered a lesson. Okeydoke. School’s in session. I’m honored. Don’t be. I’m doing it for sasha. You are sure t hat there isno plea deal to be made? Not if sasha doesn’t demonstrate some kind of cooperation. Okay, well, wouldn’t sasha have to agree to a guardianship? Not necessarily. Especially if she was incapable of making that decision. Alright. Hey, she’s already accused me of trying to control her life. I-I… I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this. Comfortable with what? Are — are we talking a — a game plan, a strategy? Fill me in. Well, let’s just say we got a couple options to consider. But for right now, we’re going to take this one step at a time. Ms. Gilmore, this officer — she’s going to escort you to the courthouse where you’ll be arraigned. Now, we’re going to meet you there. You got any other questions? Hey. Everything’s going to be okay. Promise? Oh, better than that. A vow. For better or for worse, sickness and in health, I got you, okay? Okay. Cody! Your gift was a hit. Congrats. Thank you for encouraging me to give it to britt personally. Oh, smooth move, maxie. Yeah, too bad all her friends aren’t as supportive as you two. Oh, if you’re referring to spinelli, don’t worry. He’s been all over the place lately. Yeah. I’ve noticed that. Uh, what’s with him? Um, oh, I don’t know. Aside from the fact that he gave cody a dirty look the entire time I was talking to him. What? Why would he be doing that? Do you have any ideas? No, not a clue.

[ Clears throat ] You’re about to make a mistake.

Your mistake was looming over me like a vampire. You almost got a swift kick. No, I’m serious, britt. You — you — you can’t go out with cody again. Dante, I know you want your partner back, but whether you want to believe it or not, chase has a real future in music. Okay. Yeah, yeah, I know. I know he’s a talented guy, but I also happen to know that he thinks things are looking pretty bleak right now. And I don’t want him to make a mistake. So, please, brook lynn, please just level with me once. What the hell do you two have cooking up? Wow. That’s great. Uh, tell the development team to send over the promotional package and I’ll have my lawyers look at it.

[ Chuckles ] You’re convincing. But not good enough for me. Or yourself. I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Don’t play a player. I know brook lynn… and I know what she’s really up to.

[ Dramatic music plays ]

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