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Ashland: You’re looking for harrison?

Kyle: Where is he?

Ashland: Relax. You didn’t have to bring the cavalry.

Kyle: Where is my son?

Ashland: He’s fine. He’s right down there by the pond with your mother.

Michael: I see them.

Kyle: I’m gonna go get him.

Summer: No, you stay here and keep an eye on ashland. I’ll go check on harrison.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] So what’s the plan? You’re gonna keep me here until the cops arrive?

Michael: They’ll be here any second. So don’t even think about fleeing. There’s no way out. Too many witnesses here have seen you with harrison in direct violation of the restraining order.

Kyle: What the hell were you thinking?

Ashland: I was trying to reassure that little child that I haven’t abandoned him. That yet another person hasn’t walked out of his life. That’s my crime, and you want to have me arrested for it? For — for showing compassion and kindness to that child? Kyle, this is madness. I just wanted to have a moment with him, to hold him, to look him in the eye and to say goodbye. Are you all so cold that you actually think I’m a threat to him?

Nikki: You’re a threat to everyone you come in contact with. And now you’re finally going where you belong — a jail cell.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Everything is set for the press conference. We just have a few last things that we need to cover.

Victor: But, sweetheart, we only three of us here. Where’s your mother? And by the way, perhaps adam as well. How did your conversation with him go?

Nick: Yeah, I’d like to hear what adam has to say for himself.

Victoria: It went exactly as I predicted. He made a pitch for me to keep sally on as head of newman media. He went all out. But there was a surprising twist to his appeal. He said that he wouldn’t interfere in sally’s decision because they’ve broken up.

Sally: I love you, but in the interest of being a good partner, you need to call me back and let me know what is going on. You’re driving me absolutely crazy with this disappearing act and not in a good way.

[ Sighs ]

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Sally: Yeah. Everything is super, especially since I love uncertainty and being ignored.

Chloe: What’s going on?

Sally: I haven’t heard from adam since yesterday. He sent a brief text saying that he was going to chicago for the night and not to worry, but now he’s not responding, so I can’t help but worry.

Noah: Here we are, two mock mojitos.

Mariah: Thank you.

Noah: Thanks for agreeing to come out with me today. Wouldn’t have been much fun by myself.

Mariah: Well, then I’m glad you called us, because that’s one thing that tessa and I can do — bring the fun.

Tessa: It’s true. We’re a nonstop traveling carnival.

Noah: Oh, don’t I know it. I thought to myself, “who can light up a room the second they walk through the door?”

Mariah: Yeah, I’d say that’s us.

Noah: And apparently you bring swimwear to work, so that’s a plus.

Mariah: Well, we — we weren’t at work.

Noah: Oh, where were you?

Tessa: Um… at the doctor’S. I was getting a second opinion about my vocal nodes.

Noah: How’d it go?

Tessa: Not great.

Ashland: So the cops who are on their way, I assume they’re also on victor’s payroll, just like the judge who came up with this ridiculous restraining order?

Michael: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Everything here is on the up and up. Not everybody needs to be paid off to enforce the law.

Diane: Harrison’s fine. Summer’s with him now. They’re just looking at the ducks.

Kyle: Thank you.

Ashland: Yes, thank you so much, diane, for looking out for harrison’s best interests. You are a saint.

Diane: Just trying to protect my grandson.

Ashland: Really? From me? That’s why you set this up? This was your handiwork, wasn’t it?

Michael: You don’t have anyone to blame but yourself, locke.

Ashland: The hell I don’T.

Officer roberts: We received a report of a restraining order violation.

Nikki: Yes. That man right there.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Okay, okay, look, officer, this is an innocent mistake. I just happened to be here going for a walk in the park. Harrison saw mE. He came running to me. I couldn’t turn my back on him. That would have been devastating for him. You must understand that. Do you have children?

Officer roberts: I’m just here to enforce the law, sir.

Ashland: Okay, okay. Can — can we just not make this a big thing, please? I don’t think harrison should see me getting arrested.

Kyle: I’ll go distract him right now.

Officer roberts: Are you coming voluntarily or do I need these?

Ashland: I’m not gonna fight this.

Michael: [ Chuckles ] That’s a relief. Good work, diane. Diane did the right thing, didn’t she, nikki? Michael: My tip is, the worst lies

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Nikki: Yes, diane did the right thing in telling us that ashland was here in violation of his restraining order.

Summer: Is he gone? Did they arrest him?

Michael: They did, thanks to diane.

Summer: I-is that true?

Nikki: It is. Diane is the one who alerted us while keeping harrison safe.

Diane: Well, I was in the right place at the right time, and I was happy to help. I hope this shows you that I’m one of the good guys, nikki.

Nikki: One decent move does not erase a lifetime of destruction.

Diane: It’s a start. But anyway, your opinion of me wasn’t my main concern. I did it for kyle and summer and my sweet little grandson.

Tessa: The doctor today had the same diagnosis as the first.

Noah: So what does that mean?

Mariah: Surgery.

Noah: [ Sighs ] When?

Tessa: Tomorrow.

Noah: That’s soon.

Tessa: Yeah, well, I already had it scheduled. I was hoping that the second opinion would be different from the first. But no luck.

Mariah: We are going to be very, very, very, very, very, very positive. Got it?

Noah: That’s a lot of positivity.

Mariah: Yes. It’s just the perfect amount, right?

Tessa: Yes. And that’s why we are so glad that you called so we could hang out by the pool and relax and not think about tomorrow.

Noah: Hey, I’m sure everything’s gonna be fine. The surgery will go well. You’ll be back on stage in no time.

Tessa: That’s what I’m hoping for.

Allie: Hey, you guys.

Mariah: Hey!

Noah: Hey. Please, take a seat.

Allie: Thanks.

Noah: It’s actually ali’s relaxation day today, too. She starts her first day at jabot tomorrow.

Tessa: [ Gasps ]

Mariah: Oh, my gosh. So fun. Yeah. I mean, we can have lunch at the jabot cafeteria. Or we could have lunch here. I mean…

Allie: Sorry. I was just admiring this place. It’s very cool. It reminds of the L.A. Rooftop bars.

Noah: Except this one’s only open during the summer. That’s wisconsin weather for you.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

Noah: Mm.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, official new hope business.

Allie: So you didn’t talk to your dad yet about your plans?

Mariah: Plans? What plans?

Sally: Don’t you think it’s odd that adam left town without having a conversation with me about it?

Chloe: Of all of the things i find odd about adam, I wouldn’t even rank that in the top 100. Were you two arguing about something?

Sally: No. I mean, things were great. We were happy. In fact, we’d actually just snuck away to our little secret getaway suite for some private time, and I felt so connected to him.

Chloe: Okay, okay, yeah, yeah. I just — I don’t need any more details. Maybe he was pulled away for work, some kind of emergency.

Sally: [ Sighs ] It’s not really a possibility since he has officially walked away from newman.

Chloe: You know, I was wondering how that was gonna play out when victoria came back.

Sally: Yeah, well, it played out exactly like she wanted. She is back in charge and he is out in the cold.

Chloe: Uh-oh. Hmm. You know, I know adam’s instinct is always to get payback. So do we all have to take cover?

Sally: He went on a rampage at first, but he has calmed down and he promised me that he wasn’t gonna get into any trouble.

Chloe: Oh, adam newman made a promise. Yeah, we’ve — we’ve got nothing to worry about.

Sally: It’s not like that, chloe. When he says something to me, he means it.

Chloe: Okay, look, I’ve been down this road before, and if you think that adam is going to keep his word, then you are in for the rudest of awakenings.

Sally: Okay. I suppose it’s possible that he changed his mind about getting payback for what his family did to him. Or, yes, maybe he just flat out lied to me. But either way, he could be out there right now exacting some kind of revenge on victor and victoria as we speak.

Victoria: Adam said that it was his decision to end things with sally. He claimed that it just wasn’t working.

Nick: Why’d he tell you?

Victoria: He thought I would hold it against sally that she was in a relationship with him.

Nick: I don’t know. The last few times I’ve seen them together, they seemed fine. Maybe this is all part of a calculated plan.

Victoria: I have no idea. But this supposed breakup could be a big bluff by adam. A way to keep sally in her current position. We’re just gonna have to wait and see what happens.

Nick: So what are you gonna do? Are you going to give sally a chance to show us what she can do before you make any changes?

Victoria: [ Sighs ] The media division has become a very important part of this company, and I don’t want to see it in potentially dangerous hands. I’m gonna have to make a decision about sally sooner rather than later.

Victor: Listen, be that all as it may, I’m more interested in what adam’s plans are. Is he coming back or not?

Victoria: Daddy, I know it’s not the answer that you want to hear, but adam hasn’t changed his mind. He has no intention of coming back to work here.

Victor: I see.

Nick: So what’s he gonna do? He must have some move in mind.

Victoria: I don’t know. He hasn’t shared his plans with me.

Nick: Well, look at that, once again, adam is the wild card.

Michael: We got lucky. Diane really came through.

Nikki: Well, as she said, she was in the right spot at the right time. She usually is.

Michael: What do you mean?

Nikki: No matter the situation, things always seem to work out for her.

Michael: Nikki, she did something good.

Nikki: No, no. She was trying to improve her image to convince people that she has changed when she has not. She never does anything selflessly.

Michael: Selfless or not, she protected harrison.

Nikki: Michael, one can never disregard her motives.

Michael: And I think you should give her the benefit of the doubt every now and then.

Nikki: Okay, well, the important thing is that ashland is finally facing legal consequences for his actions.

Michael: Well, don’t get your hopes up too high. He’ll probably be out later today.

Nikki: What, are you kidding me?

Michael: It’s a misdemeanor. He’ll make bail.

Nikki: Well, that’s maddening.

[ Sighs ] Well, at least we sent a strong message.

Michael: Oh, absolutely. He now knows we’re not playing games. He’d be smart to leave town for good.

Nikki: It’s a step in the right direction.

Victor: Well, to be honest with you, I had hoped that i would have been able to announce adam’s return to the company. It would have been nice to talk about all the corporate accomplishments, you know, and mention the fact that we’ve all come together as a family under the newman umbrella.

Victoria: Yes, daddy. It would have been a lovely photo op, but if adam came back, it would have inevitably led to more conflict.

Victor: Be that as it may, I’m still disappointed, okay? I was willing to mediate. We could have worked this out.

Victoria: Well, I’m sorry. You’re just going to have to accept the fact that adam did not want to be my subordinate,

Victor: But I told him it wouldn’t be that way. You know, I told him he would have autonomy of his division.

Victoria: He made it clear that it was a nonstarter.

Victor: Did you do anything to attempt to change his mind?

Victoria: No, I didn’t, because I think his decision was the best one for the company.

Victor: [ Sighs ] The only one who could have changed his mind would have been sally. She didn’t take my advice. I told her explicitly the best move would be to convince adam to come back and take the reins from her.

Victoria: Well, even if she tried to make that case, she failed. And if they really did break up, I doubt that she would give up her promotion for her ex.

Victor: Well, if she is no longer the key to adam coming back to the company, then what the hell use is she? As far as I’m concerned, she can disappear. Don’t need her.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Nick: What do you want to do, vick?

Victoria: I don’t have a lot of faith in sally running a media division day in and day out. And if she and adam really have broken up, he’s not gonna be around to help guide her.

Nick: She could be overwhelmed.

Victoria: The biggest argument I have for keeping her around is that I don’t have a replacement. I’ll give it some more thought, but I need to make a decision about sally by the end of today.

Chloe: Maybe you are right. Maybe adam was telling you the truth when you said he wasn’t interested in payback. It a little out of character, but stranger things have happened. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this kind of uncertainty, but…

Sally: But I should expect it being in a relationship with adam. I genuinely am sorry for you, though.

Sally: Thank you.

Chloe: So I assume with everything up in the air, things are on hold as far as my potential role is concerned?

Sally: I’ve been assured that my job is safe, so the offer still stands.

Chloe: And who assured you that your job is safe?

Sally: Adam.

Chloe: Oh, okay. From the guy who’s gone missing and that we haven’t heard from. Great.

Sally: I will stay in charge unless and until they drag me out of this office. And I’m confident that I can prove myself to victoria and everyone else. But I need a second-in-command.

Chloe: Well, I’m definitely interested.

Sally: Do you think chelsea’s gonna take it badly if you come work here?

Chloe: Well, chelsea has decided to dissolve our partnership. She needs time to figure things out, and I respect that, but, you know, it does leave me without a job. So this timing is actually perfect. And I think that we work really well together. At least — at least we did when we first started the fashion platform.

Sally: Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know what chelsea is thinking, but I’m glad that it frees you up because I really think we can do big things.

Chloe: Me too. So where do we start?

Sally: By reviewing everything. Seeing what we want to keep and what we want to change, and making our mark on this company.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Sighs ] We should probably hold off on all of this because our jobs might not exist much longer.

Chloe: [ Scoffs ]

Sally: [ Sighs ] Announcer: Type 2 diabetes?

Allie: I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to say anything about your big decision. Just slipped out.

Mariah: Wait, wait, we started at plans, and now we’re at big decision? What’s going on?

Noah: It’s okay, allie. If it’s gonna slip out, I’m glad it’s in front of them. I was actually gonna ask them about it anyway. They’re pretty good with advice.

Mariah: We are awesome at giving advice.

Allie: I feel like you guys are awesome at most things.

Mariah: That is so true.

Tessa: Mm. So what’s the deal?

Noah: I am thinking about leaving new hope, but I don’t know if it’s the right time, considering my dad just went back to newman.

Mariah: What? The family business, for real?

Tessa: Wow. I never thought I’d see him there again.

Noah: Surprised me, too. But he thinks that he can make a difference over there, help things run smoothly, and he expects me to take over at new hope. He said that’s the only reason he felt comfortable leaving.

Mariah: Ah, so that’s why you don’t want to tell him.

Tessa: But you never really fit in there, did you?

Noah: No, not especially. I mean, they do admirable work, but it’s just not really my thing.

Mariah: Well, yeah, I mean, because you’re not an admirable guy.

Noah: Thank you so much for that.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Noah: She’s kidding.

Tessa: No, no, it’s not that you’re not a caring and generous person. You’re just not really the office type. I mean, I’m honestly surprised it lasted this long.

Allie: Yeah, you just — you need to find your bliss.

Noah: Okay, I hear what you’re all saying, but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel guilty about leaving my dad and new hope high and dry.

Mariah: So you’re just gonna suck it up and stay at a job that you don’t want?

Noah: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: In addition to the personnel announcements, I think it’s important that we make sure it’s reported that revenues are up across all sectors.

Victor: Yep, I agree.

Nikki: I’m here.

Nick: Just in time.

Nikki: I know I’m late. I’m sorry.

Victor: Where have you been, sweetheart?

Nikki: Well, I have been at the park watching ashland get arrested.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: He violated his restraining order. He was in the park with harrison, so michael had the police arrest him.

Nick: Is harrison okay?

Nikki: Oh, he’s fine. He wasn’t aware of anything when they let ashland away.

Victoria: Thank god. Ashland’s gone too far this time.

Nick: Well, harrison’s alright. That is by far the most important part.

Victoria: Daddy.

Victor: Mm-hmm?

Victoria: You don’t seem surprised by this news. Did you have a hand in it?

Victor: I reminded michael baldwin that ashland locke would probably go see his son, harrison. I told him to be vigilant, which he obviously was. Job well done.

Nikki: Well, he had some help this time.

Nick: What do you mean?

Nikki: Diane was there. She’s the one that tipped off michael.

Victor: Well, I’ll be damned. Ashland locke is even too despicable for the likes of diane jenkins.

Nick: Well, she’s his grandmother. She was probably concerned about him.

Nikki: No, that’s what she wants you to think. She is trying to convince us that she’s now a decent human being so that we will let our guard down. Just because michael bought it, don’t you.

Victoria: Oh, don’t worry. After everything that’s happened to me, what ashland did, I’m not gonna give anyone the benefit of the doubt ever again.

Nick: That’s awfully cynical, vick.

Nikki: Yes, I would hate for you to adopt that attitude regarding humanity as a whole. But when it comes to diane, feel free.

Victor: Listen. Doesn’t make a difference how this all happened. Most important thing is that ashland locke is paying the consequences for his actions.

Ashland: This is a textbook case of harassment. I mean, it’s laughable. In fact, once everything is said and done, after I’ve sued the genoa city police department for millions of dollars, this case will be in an actual textbook at the police academy under the heading of “how to not treat a responsible citizen.” I’ll be out of here before you know it.

Officer roberts: Okay, big shot. I’ll tell you when your lawyer arrives.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Okay. Let’s watch, see if we can get any answers. Though it’s probably not a good sign that they didn’t tell me about this press conference, is it?

Chloe: Well, not especially, no. But maybe it was just an oversight.

Sally: [ Sighs ] Come on. Surely newman media should be covering a newman event. Of course, maybe victoria just picked her favorite reporter to cover it and went over my head. Which doesn’t speak too highly of her view of me either.

Chloe: Let’s just hope for the best until we know for sure what’s happening. Look, they’re starting.

Victor: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming. I’m happy to announce that my daughter victoria has come back from a short sabbatical and resumed the position of ceo of newman enterprises. She’ll be joined by my wife, nikki, as co-ceo and my son nicholas as chief operating officer. Now, without further ado, my daughter victoria.

Victoria: With my father’s guidance, we are looking forward to this brand-new era for newman enterprises.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

With age comes more…

“The young and the restless”

will continue. I know there’s conflicting information

Diane: [ Sighs ] How’s harrison?

Summer: He’s fine. He’s having some grapes and animal crackers in the kitchen.

Diane: Do you think he saw what happened with ashland?

Summer: [ Sighs ] I don’t think so. I don’t even think that he knew that there was a police officer in the park. He was so focused on those ducks.

Diane: [ Chuckles ] Well, that’s a relief.

Summer: He actually seemed happy to see ashland. But luckily, I don’t think that locke got a chance to fill his head with any new lies.

Diane: Well, I’m glad to hear that. I was just so thrown by the whole incident.

Kyle: Yeah, I get it. I’ve got to shake off my own fears now.

Summer: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: It wouldn’t have taken much for ashland to race away with harrison, and he still might have enough money to whisk them away on a private jet to who knows where and vanish for good.

Diane: He wouldn’t dare.

Summer: Let’s just be grateful that harrison is home safe and sound.

Kyle: Agreed. Everything okay?

Diane: Yeah, I’m just thinking about the park. It was — it was a close call.

Kyle: Everything’s alright. You can relax now.

Diane: Well, I know that harrison’s okay, but what about me? Are you angry with me, kyle? Because you have every right to be.

[ All chuckling ]

Noah: There we are.

Allie: Thank you.

Noah: Not a problem. Did it out of the kindness of my heart, not because the three of you were ganging up on me.

Mariah: Oh, I’m so sorry. Did we hurt your “wittle” feelings?

Noah: I have learned that quality advice can sometimes hurt your feelings, but I am gonna figure out a way to tell my dad I’m leaving new hope.

Tessa: When?

Noah: I’m gonna wait until he gets a little bit more settled at newman, so please, until then, do not tell anybody.

Tessa: Oh, of course not.

Mariah: I mean, you don’t have to worry about me. I’ve already forgotten everything we talked about.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

Noah: Allie?

Allie: I will do my best to make sure it doesn’t slip out again.

Tessa: So what’s next on the noah newman agenda? Are you back to art?

Noah: Since I’ve been back from london, I’m kind of burnt out on the whole art scene. But I was thinking, since I’ve been here, what is the thing that has got me the most enthused? What’s the thing that’s got me the most excited that I’ve worked on?

Mariah: Tessa’s album art?

Noah: That’s definitely up there, but what I was referring to actually involves both of you.

Tessa: Oh, are you saying that us hanging out by the pool has just convinced you to be a lifeguard?

Noah: That’s not a bad idea, but I was actually talking about your wedding. I had a great time turning the top of the tower into a funky, cool club.

Tessa: You did a spectacular job.

Allie: You did. It was the most interesting wedding I’ve been to.

Mariah: And people are still talking about it.

Tessa: Oh, yeah. I see posts on my social media pages all the time about how spectacular it looked. I mean, our wedding was the hippest, funnest club in town.

Noah: So why not keep the party going?

Victoria: We’d like to open it up for questions now.

Where does adam newman fit in with all these changes?

Victoria: That actually is a very good question. My brother filled in admirably for me while I was gone, and I sincerely appreciate all of his hard work. He really stepped up for the family. But since my return, adam has decided to move on into other things outside of newman enterprises.

Sally: Because you kicked him in the teeth.

Nikki: We would all like to wish adam success in his next endeavor.

Sally: Yeah, until you need to use him as a tool to keep victoria and nick in line.

Chloe: Okay, you know, you’re just talking to the screen. You can just dial it back.

Sally: Sorry.

If adam’s gone, where does that leave newman media? Is sally spectra still in charge?

Sally: [ Sighs ] Moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin.

Mariah: I’m confused. What do you mean by “keep the party going”? Are you suggesting that tessa and I get married at the top of the tower on a regular basis? I mean, that’s a little weird, but if so, I’m not opposed to it. What about you?

Tessa: No, I’m in.

Noah: No, I’m talking about turning it into a club. Look, once I tell my dad how I feel, I’m gonna ask grandpa to let me lease it.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] You want victor newman as a landlord?

Noah: Hey, he is nice to his grandkids, and I think I can probably get a good deal. I want to deck it out how it was for your wedding.

Tessa: It’s not a bad idea.

Noah: I can combine my experience in the art world and working at the underground and just, you know, really just make something that’s my own. It could be the coolest place in town.

Allie: Well, I love it.

Mariah: Yeah, so do I.

Tessa: I’m just excited to see you so happy about something. And I’m even happier that it’s this idea.

Noah: Hey, maybe you could even perform there sometime.

Tessa: Oh, noah, you can’t afford me.

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Well, you know what? This calls for a round of celebratory drinks. I will go get them.

Allie: I will help.

Tessa: So what’s going on with allie? Is there potential?

Mariah: So how are things going at the abbott house? Are you getting along with everybody?

Allie: Yeah, it’s been great. Everyone’s making me feel like I’m part of the family, although sometimes it can be a little daunting. It can be hard to talk certain people out of their own agendas.

Mariah: I feel like you’re talking about the extended family. Kyle’s mom, right?

Allie: Yeah.

Mariah: What, has she moved into the house yet?

Allie: No. [ Chuckles ] But, you know, I wouldn’t put it past her to try. She’s been perfectly nice to me, but I just get the sense that she sees me as a useful tool. You know, she used me to reintroduce herself to the abbotts, and now she’s being really nice to me in case she needs me for one of her future plays.

Mariah: My advice, if you want it — just stick to the core abbotts. They’ll have your back no matter what. And noah, too. You know, he’s one of the good guys, and I love seeing him so happy.

Allie: Yeah. Me, too.

Noah: I really like hanging out with allie. I don’t know where it’s headed, but we had a first date, and it went well.

Tessa: Ooh, give me details.

Noah: We had dinner.

Tessa: Whoa, slow down. Too much information.

Noah: Okay, we had fun, and I feel good when I’m with her. That’s what matters, right?

Tessa: Absolutely. I’m so thrilled for you, noah.

Kyle: What are you talking about? Why would I be angry with you?

Diane: Because I was with harrison at the park. I was responsible for him.

Kyle: Yeah, but you didn’t do anything wrong.

Summer: It’s not like you colluded with ashland. Did you?

Kyle: Summer.

Diane: No, no, it’s alright. You have every right to ask that. You know, when it comes to the safety of your son, we don’t need to worry about being polite. But, no, no, I didn’t collude with ashland. I know he thought of me as an ally, but I wasn’t about to take his side.

Kyle: Of course not.

Diane: But, kyle, I let him get close to harrison. I mean, it was — it was only for a couple of moments, and I thought it would be okay. And I don’t think he said or did anything damaging, but he could have. I should have thought through it.

Kyle: Don’t beat yourself up. Nothing happened. Harrison’s fine, and ashland’s been put on notice, thanks to you.

Diane: But maybe I should have texted you instead of michael. But in the moment, I just thought he would know exactly what to do from a legal standpoint.

Kyle: Reaching out to the lawyer who set up the restraining order was smart. And you didn’t alert ashland or provoke him.

Summer: Most importantly, harrison has walked away from this unscathed, without a care in the world. Diane, you handled it correctly.

Kyle: Yeah. I’m not angry with you at all. You did the right thing, and I’m so, so grateful. You know, you really came through for us today. Thank you.

Diane: Okay.

Victoria: We were actually just discussing our plans for newman media.

Sally: Without keeping the division’s ceo in the loop.

Victoria: We have the highest hopes for newman media. In fact, we believe that it will outperform all of the analyst’s expectations. But as far as leadership goes, any possible staff realignments are still under consideration. So thank you all for coming and we appreciate it. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Chloe: Possible staff reassignments. What the hell does that mean?

Sally: [ Sighs ] I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good.

Trelegy for copd.

Allie: Thank you.

Noah: To friendship.

Mariah: To tessa’s surgery going well tomorrow.

Allie: To noah’s very exciting nightclub plans.

Tessa: To first dates.

Mariah: Cheers.

Allie: Cheers.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Nick: Vick, you were awesome. Absolutely crushed it. Very much in command.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nikki: Oh, yes, you were terrific. And the message was so clear. Your steady hand is steering the ship again. That ought to bring confidence back to the business community.

Victoria: I really think we hit the idea that we’re moving forward and that we’re out from under the dark cloud of ashland locke and we’re stronger than ever. Anything is possible.

Nikki: Are you talking about the business or yourself?

Victoria: I don’t know. Maybe a little bit of both. But I am glad that I’m moving forward with the two of you by my side. And I’m so grateful for your support over the last few months. I really am.

Nick: I’m glad I was there for you. But I’m even happier you turned a corner. It’s nothing but blue skies ahead.

Nikki: The question is, where is your advisor?

Victoria: Dad? He didn’t tell me he was leaving.

Nikki: He’s not here now. Where did he go?

Officer roberts: You have a visitor.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Well, it’s about time. I’ve been here since…

Victor: Nice to see you. This is where you belong, you know. Like a caged animal.

Ashland: My lawyers will have me out of here any second.

Victor: Your lawyers won’t do a damn thing. This is where you’ll end up if you take another close step to that boy.

Ashland: You’re using that boy like a pawn. Punishing him to keep kicking me while I’m down. It’s despicable.

Victor: You’re one of the most despicable human beings I’ve ever met. Don’t stand there in that hypocritical righteousness, as if you are the offended party. You deserve everything that you’ve gotten.

Ashland: I don’t deserve this. You’re the one who deserves to suffer loss.

Victor: Is that a threat?

Ashland: You can take it however you’d like.

Victor: I don’t like it. Okay? I don’t like it. No one — no one breaks my daughter’s heart and gets away with it. No one! Watch it. I’ll follow you wherever that you go.

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