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 I-I’m not sure if anyone told you, but the whole point of coming here is to relax. I can’t, man. Too much on my mind. And I get that, but it’s not good for you to be so stressed, man. Sit. Breathe. Sweat. One out of three ain’t bad, right? Yeah, well, my wife has been lying to me for months, tj. What am I supposed to do with that? Diane. Hey. I can’t believe this is happening. I mean, trina’s going on trial for a crime she didn’t commit. Fear not. I am prepared to poke so many holes in the ada’s case, it’s going to look like a doily when I’m done with it. Hey. Hey, baby. Hey. Hey, how are you? Oh, I’m terrified and angry and frustrated. I still don’t understand why this is even happening. Your mother just said the same thing. And my response? Diane said not to worry. Scott baldwin did an amazing job with the prep work. Now I’m going to bring it home. Hey, I know you’re worried about trina. So am I. But when I asked you how you were, I was asking about you. And I answered. You answered and you told me about trina. Baby, I know it’s going to be really awful to relive that experience. Yeah, well, obviously, I don’t like it, but they could play that video in open court for all I care.

[ Sighs ] Anything to exonerate trina. You are such a good friend. The best kind. This is such a waste of time. I know. Prosecuting trina when the real criminal is out there thinking that she got away with it. You do know my every desire, spence, and I’ve been aching for you to give it to me. That’s not what I’m talking about.

[ Sighs ] But it’s been ages. Don’t you want to be together again? Of course I do. Then what is it? Are you still worried about trina’s trial? Yes, but that’s not what I’m focused on right now. Then talk to me. We used to be a team, remember? I remember everything about our time together, which is why I’ve been focused so hard on this surprise for you. And it took some doing, but it’s finally ready. Well, then don’t keep me in suspense. What is it? I found your birth mother. Honey, are you okay? What if I go in there, and when I come out, the only place I’m headed is prison? Alright. Alright. Alright. Time out.

[ Breathing heavily ] What’s going on? What’s the matter, you tired? No, I’m not tired. Just wondering why you’re so intense. You trying to kill me or something?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Olivia? What? Hold on. In an hour?

[ Stammers ] Why didn’t you say something earlier? No, no, it’s not a problem. You know, your new partner wouldn’t dream of missing her first metro court staff meeting. I will be there. And, olivia, thanks for the ample notice. See you soon.

[ Sighs ] Do my ears deceive me or has my niece made a career change? Honey, I know that this is terrifying, but you are a strong, kick-ass young woman. A strong, kick-ass, innocent young woman. Exactly. Your father is right. Honey, you can do this. We know I’m innocent. But what if the jury finds me guilty? No, no, no, no. Uh-uh. Don’t say that. I don’t want you to even think that, you hear me? It’s a possibility, mom. Any sane person is going to take one look at you and know that you didn’t do what they’re accusing you of doing. Not that it even matters. We are going to find the evidence to clear your name. Don’t forget, curtis is still out there, tracking down a lead to tie esme to that phone she planted on you. That’s right. Oh, here he is. Did it work? Did you find the evidence to prove that trina didn’t do this?

The lead didn’t exactly pan out. Thanks for trying. Well, we’re still working on it. My trial’s about to start. We’re out of time. Ready to go in? Sorry. Dumb question. Come on. You got this. I’m — I’m sorry, baby. I really, really thought that I was onto something. You did everything that you possibly could, and I’m grateful. Thank you. Surprise. “Surprise” is a massive understatement, spence. I — I didn’t even know you were looking for my birth mother. How did you find her? I wish I could take all the credit, but it was actually all my uncle victor. I asked him if he could use his connections from his wsb days. And he was able to track down the lady who left me at that church when I was a baby? That’s right. But I-I contacted the church, remember? I was told that there was no information. So how did victor…? Everyone has a price, I guess, and uncle victor spared no expense. He said that he was eventually led to a nun who remembered your mother’s name. Esme, your mother lives in portugal now. Portugal. I don’t know why that seems fitting, but it does. Yeah. What’s wrong? And, um… my father — did victor find him, too? How are you holding up? Give me an honest answer. I’m freaking out. Well, that’s natural. Of course you are. But don’t lose hope. No matter what ada arden says today, it is far from an open-and-shut case. Diane is right. You’re going to beat these charges and you’re going to put this entire nightmare behind you. You made it. Yes, of course I did. Oh, and I brought this. Oh, lucky charm? Yeah. My dad gave it to me for my 18th birthday. Alright, let me… thank you. There we are. Thank you for going back to wyndemere to get it. Oh, trina. I would go to the ends of the earth for you, don’t you forget it. How was your last day at the metro court? Was it brutal? You know, I don’t want to talk about that. Right now, I just want to focus on you. Okay. Well, I’m ready. Yeah? Yeah. They can ask me anything. My only answer is trina didn’t do it because she didn’T. And that’s what the jury’s going to hear. I can’t even think about what will happen if they don’T. Okay. Trina is going to get through this. How can she not, with amazing friends like you and cameron by her side? Where is cam, anyway? You must have had quite the morning to come at me like that. Well, I got into it with nina. Oh. About carly. Well, that explains it. Did your mom tell you that carly lost half of the hotel? Yeah. I kind of assumed that she and ned were going to buy it back for her. Olivia offered. So did I. And not to buy it back personally, but to give her the assets so she can do it herself. She turned us both down. Really? Yeah. Sorry to hear that, because it sounds like you made a reasonable offer to help. Carly’s not interested in — in being reasonable. I hate that it’s come to this. Divorce? Not just that. I mean, it’s like…

[ Sighs ] The lack of understanding. Obviously, I have feelings for nina. I just want to move forward, but carly thinks that I’m siding against her, and her attitude is starting to spread, especially towards michael. Right. Hey. You didn’t choose what happened to you. You didn’t choose to lose your memory you didn’t choose to separate yourself from your family. Okay, you do get to choose what the aftermath is — what you do next. I mean, you chose to hold nina accountable, but you stopped short of hating her, and I — to be honest with you, I admire that, because that’s the only way to heal. How’d you get so wise? I had my own homecoming, remember? Aunt liesl, you heard correctly. I am the new co-owner of the metro court. Who’s out? Olivia or carly? Carly. Never thought I’d see the day she parted with her precious hotel. Well, she didn’t give it up willingly, believe me. I need details this instant. Let’s just say carly, she made a bad business deal, and she lost her half of the metro court in the fallout. And where exactly do you fit in? I bought her stake with the full intention of gifting them back to her. A very generous gesture. One I’m sure that stood to benefit you, as well. Well… I-it sort of backfired. And it might have ended sonny and me before we even got started.

There you are. I am so sorry I’m late. Where were you? I got held up at home. Aiden is a little bit sick right now, so my mom, she’s there taking care of him. She’s so sorry that she can’t be here. She sends her love. No. If you need to go be with your brother — trina, there’s no other place that I’m supposed to be than right here. We’re with you all the way till the end. And whatever comes after. Come here. Those three have stuck together through some really tough times. A bond that can’t be broken. It has to turn out okay. It just has to. It will. And esme prince will regret the day she ever messed with our kids. I don’t know anything about your father. The only name that victor discovered is your mother’S. It’s just… I can’t believe it, after all of this time. I know. It’s a lot to process, isn’t it? It’s like, I don’t know what emotion to feel first. Why did you do this for me? Good looking out, man. You’re a good friend. You’d do the same for me. I just — you know, I’m a recovering addict. How did I not see sasha was using again? Hey don’t blame yourself, brando. W-was I blind to it? Or was she just that good at hiding it? And which of those options is even better? I-I don’t know. You know, I-I really thought that sasha and I were getting our relationship back on track. You know, after we lost liam. I just — I truly believed that we were on the same page. And I’m sure, in a lot of ways, you were. Not if she was lying to my face! What does that say about our marriage?! Am I supposed to trust her again?! I’m sorry, brother. I love sasha. I love her. And more than anything, I just want her to be okay. You know, but she’s in denial, and of course, my instinct is to run in and fix everything for her. You can’t help her unless she helps herself. Yes. Right. I don’t know where to go from here, man. You know, it’s, uh — it’s like you said — you love her, and sasha loves you. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but… I believe everything will work out. God, I hope you’re right. Once carly shot me down, I decided that I was just going to keep her half of the metro court. And how does sonny feel about that? Not great. He says that it will make me look like I am spiteful. You know, he insists that we are together and that he wants to move forward with our relationship, but the minute that carly is in trouble, he rushes to her rescue. Why keep the hotel,

liebchen? Surely you’re busy enough with crimson. I am busy, but it’s an amazing business opportunity. You know, the metro court is hugely profitable and it’s a huge success. Not to mention, owning half lessens the chances crimson will be evicted from its office space. Exactly. I never intended for this to happen, but now that it’s just fallen into my lap, am I supposed to just back away from it because carly’s feelings got hurt? No. I offered to give it back to her, and she said no, aunt liesl. So if you look at it by that perspective, 50% is her doing and 50% is mine. But the satisfaction is 100% yours. I really struggled when I came home. Yeah. You, of all people, know that. Right. I mean, different circumstances, obviously, but we both know what it’s like to not be able to fit back into your old life. And, I mean, mine was self-inflicted. I volunteered for that op that set everything in motion. You wanted to do the right thing, and then you paid a hell of a price. See, that’s what I mean. You understand me because you’re going through it. Trying to piece together a new life, trying to figure out, you know, what matters to you now, because everything — everything changes based on your experiences, right? And I know it did for me. And now you — you have feelings for nina, which you can’t deny, because if you did that, that would be a lie. And — and a lie is a crappy foundation to build a life. Right. And that comes with its own problems. What do you mean, you, uh — nina get pissed off you were offering to help carly? That’s part of it.

[ Sighs ] Then what’s the other part? Did you mom tell you that, uh, nina’s her new partner at the metro court? Well, how did that happen? Nina bought carly’s half of the hotel, intending to give it back, to make amends. Carly shot her down? Yeah. Now nina owns half of the metro court. Now, she could have sold it to somebody else. That would have been really bad, but she’s keeping it. Wow. I can understand how that’s making carly feel, then. I told nina, people are going to think she’s sticking it to carly, and she got all upset and she said it feels like there’s three people in the relationship. Well, there are. I don’t want any trouble with carly. I’m not talking about you two. I’m talking about nina and carly.

N called youas witnesses to try and get out ahead of my defense, so whatever she asks you, you answer truthfully, and I will make it work during the cross-examination. Okay? Okay. Okay. All rise. The honorable judge young presiding. We are here today to obtain justice for two victims of the insidious crimes of revenge porn and illegal surveillance. Opposing counsel will have you believe that the defendant is above reproach — a straight-a student from a good family. And that may all very well be true, but does that give her a pass to act out of jealousy when things don’t go her way? No, it doesn’T. And as you’ll see, the defendant had means, motive, and ample opportunity, which I plan to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. I got the idea when I saw your letters from maggie. My private letters that were never meant for your eyes. I told you that was an accident. I wasn’t trying to snoop around, but I’m glad that I read them. I thought that you’d made peace with not knowing who your birth parents were, but those letters made me realize that I was wrong. And ever since, I’ve been looking for a way to find them. Even though you accused me of filming joss and cam? It’s because of that. I never should have attacked you the way that I did. But I can’t think of a better way to make it up to you. Can you? Do you want my opinion? Uh… if you’re at peace with your reasons, don’t concern yourself with optics. Zur holle mit anyone who judges your decisions. This is your life. Yeah, but sonny is part of my life, aunt liesl. At least I want him to be. This whole hotel stuff does not sit well with him. You’re right. It is my life and my choices. But what if this choice brings me nothing but misery? Michael is going to come down here in a bit. Are you, uh — you going to stick around? Well, I’m not going to let my own son run me out of my own gym. Okay, good. Right? Hey, what’d you mean by — by carly and nina? Nina kept the fact that you were alive away from all of us. Right. Carly’s not going to forget that, ever. Neither is michael. Toss in the fact that nina and carly already had their own kind of stuff going on before this whole mess, right? And? And whatever happens with you and nina, carly and michael are always going to be a part of it. That kind of history, you can’t untangle, it’s impossible. Michael. Hey, good to see you, man. Yeah, you too, yeah. Thanks for making the time. Yeah, of course. Always. Alright, I’m gonna — you know what? Uh, actually, I’d like it if you stayed. Uh, there’s something you need to hear.

You’re going to hear about it eventually, so, willow is pregnant, and I’m only telling you this because I want to make it perfectly clear that you will have no role in this child’s life. Michael. No, I mean it. You’re not their grandfather. For all intents and purposes, you are a stranger to them. Okay, don’t do this. So what, you’re just going to erase me from your life? Is that what you want to do? Pretty much. Really? Pretty much? Yeah. So I heard you had — did he have a setback in his business? Don’t go there. No, I’m not — your girlfriend took advantage to screw over my mother. No, I did — I offered to help carly. What do you talking about? She doesn’t need your help. She’s not your concern anymore. Neither am I. So we need you to stay the hell out of our lives, okay?

[ Scoffs ] Got a problem? Hey. What is it? Hey, is this where we’re at? I push back and y-you sic your attack dog on me? Hi, my sweet boy. I have big news. I’m having another baby, which is very exciting, but it also makes me think of you. How much I wish I could have been a mother to you, too — to love and protect you, watch you grow up. Every single day, I wish you were here. You and wiley would be thick as thieves, driving us all crazy — in the best possible way, of course. I miss you. But the good news is… you’re always with me, and you will always be a part of my family. What do you think? You think you would have made a great big brother to the new baby? I do. Nina: New baby? Willow, are you pregnant? Go on. Take your best shot. Stand back. No, hey, I don’t need your protection. Come on, let’s do this. Mike — michael. You should respect your father. I got a horse worthy of more respect. Okay, why doesn’t everyone just chill out? That’s it! Hey! Hey! Hey! Sonny gave you an order. I suggest you follow it. Or deal with me. Mr. Webber, you’ve stated that you and the defendant are friends. That’s correct. And did your relationship ever turn into more than friendship? Briefly. We both went through something very traumatic, and things got very confusing. But in the end, we decided that we were better off as friends. And you are currently in a relationship with the other victim, josslyn jacks, is that correct? Yes. And is ms. Jacks friends with the defendant as well? They’re best friends. Oh. So you and the defendant developed feelings for each other, and then you ended up dating her best friend. Is that a problem for ms. Robinson? Objection, your honor. Mr. Webber cannot speak for the defendant. Sustained. Was anyone else present the night you and ms. Jacks were recorded without your knowledge? Yes. Trina was there. So was spencer cassadine and esme prince. And were all of those people in the cabin when you and ms. Jacks became intimate? No. I-I’m sorry. Uh, could you speak up? No. So who was there, then? It was just trina. You okay? I’m not sure. I thought this is what you wanted. I just assumed that I’d never find my mother. I mean, everyone told me to just let it go, and then somehow, you made the impossible possible. Nothing is impossible for a cassadine. Even though you fell out of love with me, or at least I thought you did. And it was like no matter how hard I tried to reach you, it — everything I did, it didn’t matter. I’m sorry. I’ve been carrying around this secret for so long. I guess it bled into everything else. I did not mean to shut you out. I guess you just didn’t want to get my hopes up. Oh, my god. Knowing who I am, where I came from… you’re right, spence. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but… how do I know that it’s real? That this name your uncle victor found is really my mother? I mean, anyone could just say that. You’re right. And I was worried about the same thing. So I had a dna test done. What? Here is the only proof that you need… if you want it.

Everything’s fine, brando. Michael and i are finished here. Michael, come on. That’s definitely not the way I planned on telling you I was going to be a father again. Alright, hey. This is sonny’s gym. You knew there had to be a chance that he would be here. I know. I just — I didn’t want to wait to share the good news with my brother. Okay. Maybe part of you couldn’t wait to share the news with your father. I take it, uh, things haven’t gotten better between you and michael? You want to talk about it? I’m done talking. It’s time for action. Not that it’s any of your business, but yes, michael and i are having a baby. Is that why you fainted at the metro court? Oh, yes, I — I heard that you helped me on that day. Thank you. Congratulations. You and michael must be thrilled. We are. And wiley, how did he react? I am not talking to you about my son. My grandson.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Oh, are we really going to do this every time? I guess so, willow. I guess we are.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Hello. Hey. Now? Oh, yeah. Okay. I-I’m leaving right now. I’ll be right there. Okay. I have to go. Willow’s pregnant. Yeah, that appears to be the case. Fantastic. Another win for carly. She may be down, but that woman will never be out. How long did you and my client date? We never dated. Did you ever act on any feelings you may have had for each other? We kissed twice, both months apart, and that was two years ago. We both decided that we were better off as friends. When did you start dating ms. Jacks? Last july. So, a long time after you and my client — well, I would have said ended things, but you never really began, did you? Correct. What is your relationship with ms. Robinson now? Trina is one of my closest friends. I believe her and I believe in her. No further questions. The prosecution calls josslyn jacks to the stand. This is going well. Diane’s got this. Please describe the events leading up to you and mr. Webber being recorded without your consent. I have everything… for tonight… if we decide that we’re ready. I want my first time to be with you. I feel the same way. Well, then, tonight’s the night. We went skiing during the day and then came back to the cabin that night and played some games. What kind of games? Spencer: Never have I ever… oh! Thrown up in the middle of a dance floor. That was only one time! Okay, but one — whoa, one is one more than zero, so drink up, baby. Okay. Well, this sounds like a very fun story. Please share the details. A drinking game. Ada arden: Did the defendant drink? Well, something very strange was going on. Yes or no, ms. Jacks? Yes. And while under the influence, did the defendant comment on your relationship with mr. Webber? The game was never have I ever, and if this is going to make any sense, I’m going to need to explain the rules. A yes or no will suffice. One player says, “never have I ever done something,” and if you’ve done that thing, then you drink, and all of the questions were designed to make trina drink. Ms. Jacks, confine your answers to the question. Well, you’re not asking the right question, okay? Because trina was set up by the person who actually did record us, and I’ll tell you exactly who that person is. Your honor, I’d like permission to treat ms. Jacks as a hostile witness. Permission granted. This is a match. You found my birth mother. This is — this is really happening!

[ Laughter ] Oh, my god. Wait, did you meet her? What’s she like? Not yet.

[ Sighs ] There’s no name here. You won’t find any names in the file. I kept it all confidential. Because you wanted to be able to tell me yourself? I can’t believe you did this for me. No, esme… you are the last person that I did this for.

On the night in question, did the defendant state that she was upset that you and mr. Webber started dating? The witness will answer or be held in contempt. I’m sorry. We were playing a drinking game, okay? We were supposed to be having a good time. I-I don’t remember every word that trina spoke. Ms. Jacks, I’m directing you to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Ms. Arden, I might also remind you that ms. Jacks is not on trial here. She is, in fact, the victim. Get where you’re going, get there cleanly, or excuse the witness. At some point in the course of the drinking game, did the defendant become upset? Yes. And was her upset the result of you and cameron webber dating — that you were together, that she was left out? Yes, but she wasn’t herself — and then what happened next? Trina went to her room. And the other two guests, mr. Cassadine and ms. Prince? Well, I called ms. Prince out for the lying snake she is. She got upset, ordered a car, and took mr. Cassadine with her. So you, mr. Webber, and the defendant — she has a name. Careful, ms. Jacks. So you, mr. Webber, and ms. Robinson were the only people remaining inside of that cabin? Yes. Did you see ms. Robinson after she went to her room? I checked on her, and I spoke to her through the closed door. But to be clear, you didn’t see her? No. What about before you and mr. Webber became intimate? Trina felt sick and went to sleep. How do you know? Because she told me and I believe her. So you only have ms. Robinson’s word? I trust trina with my life. Is that a yes? Yes, but I would have seen her if she had left her room. So you were inside of the cabin the entire time, then? No. Cameron and I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. But I — ms. Jacks. Can you attest to the defendant’s whereabouts — not where you think she was or where you assume she was, but her actual whereabouts from the time that she entered her room to the time that you and mr. Webber entered yours? I don’T… who else would want to know who my mother is? Just you.

[ Scoffs ] But you just said that you didn’t do this for me. Well, the reason that I kept it all confidential was so that you would have to go through me to get answers. I’m the only one who has this information. Aside from your uncle. Uncle victor will follow my lead. Trust me. Spence, what is this? I gave you what you wanted. Now, the only way that you’re going to learn the identity of your birth mother is to give me what I want. Which is? Trina’s freedom. I know it goes without saying, but whatever you need, I’m here. You know what you can do for me? What? Stop worrying about me. Take care of yourself and your family. You are my family. I get it.

[ Stammers ] Hey, I love you like a — like a brother. But you know what? You got a lot on your plate. You let me worry and deal with what I got to deal with. Boss. I got you some ice for your hands. Should take down the inflammation. Good thinking. Yeah, learned a thing or two while I was the substitute manager here. You know, underneath all that anger, it’s got to hurt, knowing that things have gotten as bad as it’s gotten between you and sonny. Are you sure you want to cut that tie with the baby coming? You’re my brother, and I love you, and I respect that you want to have a relationship with sonny, but I need you to respect that I don’T. I just — I just don’t like seeing that — that it’s come to this. Sonny threw away his marriage to my mom with both hands, and he testified for nina at the visitation hearing. He put nina’s feelings above wiley’s welfare. That’s not a grandfather I want for my kids. That’s not a person I want in their lives. Yeah, he doesn’t see it that way. That’s why there’s no point talking about it. And on the subject of a new baby, is there anything you would like to say to your little brother?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Get ready to get no sleep. Congratulations. And there it is. I-I’m really happy for you and willow. Thank you. Thank you. I get to be an uncle again. Think you’re ready for it? Heck yeah. I can’t wait. I love you, man. Love you, too. Tj. Willow, hey. Hey. What’s going on? What was so urgent? Yeah. Let’s get you to an exam room to talk, okay? Oh, [ Chuckles ] I just assumed this was about work. This is medical? I-I didn’t even know you were on an O.B. Rotation. Yeah, this isn’t an O.B. Visit. Oh. Okay, then what? So after you fainted, I ran a series of tests. Yes, I remember. That’s how we figured out I was pregnant. Yes. Uh… but we need to discuss the rest of your results.

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