Days Short Recap Monday, May 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe confronted Sami and Lucas about Sami being Stan. Kate woke up and distracted Kristen while she was driving. Kate caused her to get in an accident. Kristen thought she didn’t hit anyone, but she ran Brady off the road. Claire to Tripp saw Chanel and Allie drinking together. Claire told Chanel to get a way from her cousin. Chloe asked Lucas if he noticed that Dr. Dunn was Stan. When Lucas didn’t answer, Chloe asked if he was in on it. While she was talking, Chloe figured out that he didn’t have a brain tumor and he wasn’t dying. Jake talked to Gabi about Kate leaving Salem. Kate continued to fight Kristen while she was driving. Claire and Tripp told Allie that Chanel was a con artist. They told Allie what Chanel did to them. Allie didn’t want to hear it. She said Chanel was her friend. Claire asked Allie about kissing Chanel. Allie said they were hugging and wondered how Claire knew they were kissing. Claire said Tripp saw them. Allie asked if he was spying on her. Jake told Gabi that he was wrong about her and tried to kiss her. She slapped him. Chloe asked Lucas if he was dying. He said he was. Chloe asked Sami why she would expect her and Lucas to leave town. While they were arguing, Kayla showed up and told them Brady was in a car accident. Kate managed to get out of Kate’s car.

Gabi told Jake that he wasn’t going o take advantage of her just because Kate dumped him. Kayla told Sami, Lucas and Chloe that Brady was in the accident. Chloe wanted to go see Brady. Lucas tried to stop her, but she wanted him to stay away from her. Tripp told Allie that he wanted to see her, but he saw her kissing Chanel. Chanel asked why it was his business what they did. Allie told her he was the guy she was telling him about. Chanel asked if he was the guy she was interested in. Allie wanted to talk to Tripp alone. She told him didn’t want him to get the wrong idea about the kiss. She said she and Chanel were friends. She wanted him to understand. He wanted to know why. Jake went to see Gabi so they could talk. Lucas told Sami he knew Chloe would recognize her as Stan. Sami said she was concerned about Brady being in an accident. He said he was going to tell Chloe the truth. He told her to call John and tell him what happened to Brady. When Sami was about to call John, Kristen called. Sami told her Brady was in an accident. Brady flatlined when Chloe came in the room. Chloe told her not to let him die. Jake told Gabi that he was going to nice to her. She said she knew he was hurting. She said she was hurting when he wanted to be with Kate. She told him the pain wouldn’t last forever. Kayla told Chloe that she was going to have to do surgery on Brady. Chloe asked to stay with him. Kristen showed up at the hospital as Kate. She asked Sami and Lucas how Brady was. Lucas thought she was there because of him. Kristen told him she didn’t have time to talk. Allie told Tripp that she felt bad about accusing him of raping her. He said she shouldn’t feel bad. She said she didn’t understand how he could see her as more than a friend. They kissed each other. Brady woke up while Chloe was talking to him. He told her Kristen wasn’t herself.

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