Days Short Recap Friday, May 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen called Vivian to let her know her part of the plan was done. She went into the basement to check on Kate. She wasn’t happy to see her. She was sure Jake would find her. Kristen wasn’t worried about Jake and pulled out a syringe. She planned on taking Kate to a deserted island. They fought over the syringe and Kate lost the battle. She collapsed on the floor and Kristen put her in a bag. She tried to get Kate out of the mansion when Jake stopped her. She told him they were finished and she wanted him to get out of her way. He thought she was leaving because she was in love with him. She told him that he could get together with Gabi. Susan complained about being stuck in prison when Brady arrived. He assumed she realized why he was there. He reminded her that it was Rachel’s birthday. He wanted her to sign the card. She made a slip up and said Rachel’s favorite animal was a duck. He corrected her and said it was a cat. She made a mistake and signed the card with her real name. He asked her about it and realized she was Susan. She pulled out her fake teeth. She explained how she ended up there for Kristen. He thought it was crazy, but she told him that Kristen loved him. She mentioned how Kristen was working with Vivian. Brady was even more suspicious. She wanted to get out of prison. He asked her if she could keep up the act until he brought Kristen back there.

Kristen drove and whined about Kate being heavy. Kate managed to fight her way out of the bag. She grabbed Kristen and she lost control of the car. Brady raced down the road and thought everything would be a disaster if he didn’t get Kristen back to the prison. Kristen swerved her car at his. Lucas didn’t want to be at the hospital, but Chloe wanted him to stay and get a second opinion. She left to look for the doctor. Lucas called Sami and told her their lie was about to be exposed. Chloe came back in the room. Lucas said he didn’t deserve a long life. Dr. Dunn walked in and they thought he looked familiar. Lucas realized the doctor was Sami dressed as Stan. Dr. Dunn confirmed the diagnosis. The doctor said Lucas should enjoy his last days. Lucas asked Chloe to wait outside. Lucas confronted Sami and she took off her mask. He thought the real doctor would see her. She told him that she canceled his appointment. She demanded that he take Chloe on a trip around the world. Lucas met Chloe in the waiting room. He announced he was leaving the country. He wanted her to go with him. Sami arrived and wanted to know if there was any good news. Lucas told her about his diagnosis. He mentioned how he was going to travel with Chloe. Chloe wondered why he didn’t want to spend his final days with his family. Sami offered to pay for their trip. Sami kept talking about the importance of romance. Chloe flashed back to Dunn and meeting Stan. She realized something was up.

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