Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 10, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Devon signed Moses out of school so he could be at the hospital for Faith’s surgery. Devon was curious if Faith and Moses were dating. Adam thought Rey should focus on his love for Sharon and Rey and forget about any problems Adam caused in his marriage. Rey told Adam he was going to arrest him after the surgery. Amanda had lunch with her family, minus Imani, at Sutton’s house over the weekend. It was a wonderful experience for her. Sutton made it clear that he expected Imani to accept Amanda. Sutton refused to take a plea deal. He said he never talked to Richard about Newman or Naya’s pregnancy. He wasn’t sure Richard even knew he’d fathered twins. He thought he was being framed by his political opponents. Amanda thought she needed to get more information about Richard from Naya. Sutton told Imani not to antagonize Amanda. Imani apologized to Amanda and offered to help with Sutton’s case. She said her parents made her see Amanda in a new light. Though she didn’t take the bar exam, she’d finished law school. Amanda had to think about the offer, but she accepted the apology, though she was skeptical. Devon told Amanda he saw Sutton and Imani earlier, and from their body language, he sensed they might be conspiring. Amanda considered accepting Imani’s offer just to figure out what was really going on.

Sharon reassured Faith, when she worried that Adam would back out, that Rey would arrest Adam before the surgery, or that something would go wrong during the surgery. Faith spent time with Nick and Sharon. Adam wondered if Rey liked it better when Adam was on the run, because it gave him a quest. Adam offered to disappear again after surgery, but Rey rejected the offer. Faith thanked Adam for saving her life again. He knew this didn’t make up for what he put her through, starting when he kidnapped her, so he asked her to see the kidney as an apology, not a gift. Chelsea accused Victor of taking Connor, because she wasn’t able to get in touch with him. He told her that she must come clean, or she’d lose Connor. She said she’d lose him anyway if she went to prison. He’d come up with a plan so that no one would lose. When she still refused to do things his way, he threatened to have Chloe arrested. Nikki brought Nick soup, because he needed to keep his strength up while he healed. Phyllis joined Nick at the hospital. Rey found out Sharon saw Adam at the cottage earlier. She said it wasn’t her idea. He told her he planned to arrest Adam after the surgery. She asked if there was any chance of saving their marriage. He didn’t think they should discuss that now. Victor called Rey to the ranch, because Chelsea had something to say.

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