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Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: We should take her to the hospital. She should be on I.V. Fluids.

Deacon: You heard her. She doesn’t wanna go. Look, besides, she’s got her own personal doc looking after her. I mean, isn’t that enough for now?

Finn: Deacon–

Deacon: Look, I know, I get it. I know that you’re worried. I am too. Look at her. I mean, she’s eating that pizza like it’s going out of style. God, I miss that woman.

Sheila: I missed you too.

[ Deacon chuckles ] Both of you. Uh, I heard everything.

Deacon: Are you, uh, eavesdropping?

Sheila: I’m dehydrated. I’m– I’m not deaf. And I really appreciate both of you and your concern.

Finn: We just want you to be okay.

Sheila: I am because I’m home. I’m safe. I’m– I’m with my two favorite guys in the world. Thank you for finding me. For rescuing me because I… I don’t know how much longer I would’ve lasted.

Deacon: Hey, hey, hey. No more of that talk. You’re alive. You’re gonna be your old self in no time and that is the most important thing.

Finn: Deacon’s right. Having you back is everything.

Steffy: Thank you.

Liam: So, how great. They had a table for all three of us.

Steffy: I know. I’m actually surprised ivy wanted me to join. I thought you wanted him all to yourself.

Ivy: Well, they do say three’s a crowd.

Steffy: Right, right.

[ Ivy clears her throat ]

Ivy: So, steffy, have you missed me?

Steffy: Of course, I missed you. And clearly you missed this guy, if that kiss was any indication. So ivy, you have to tell me. Was it worth it?

Ivy: What?

Steffy: Flying all the way from australia just to plant one on this guy?

Liam: Well, this is fun.

Steffy: So, what’s the purpose of your trip? Catching up with old flames?

Ivy: Uh, partly, yes. But I’m also here to visit another very handsome man.

Steffy: Wow, you think you know someone.

Ivy: Oh, well, you do know this one. Actually, very well. It’s your grandfather.

Steffy: Oh.

Ivy: You know, I wanted to see him after his health scare and make sure he was doing better and… god, he looks great.

Steffy: Yeah, he does. And apparently, you think liam looks great, too.

Deacon: That’s gotta be a record. You want me to get you another pizza? Maybe some anchovies or whatever you want? Anything?

Finn: Maybe some fruit instead. It’ll help with her rehydration.

Deacon: Yeah, I got bananas. I got strawberries, watermelon.

Finn: That’d be great. And then some more water, too.

Deacon: Yeah, yeah, I’m on it.

Finn: Let me check your pulse. Um, how are you feeling on a scale of one to ten, physically, mentally, emotionally?

Sheila: Physically, like a five, six. I just feel really weak.

Finn: Okay, well, that’s why we wanted to take you to the hospital, so we could evaluate you.

Sheila: Finn, I appreciate the concern, but I don’t want to be here. I want to be in my little home with deacon because I’m going to get much better faster. Don’t worry.

Deacon: Hey, he’s your son. Of course, he’s going to worry. So am I. Although, I have to say, beautiful, you’re looking a hell of a lot better than when we found you.

Sheila: I’m just so thankful that it’s over.

Finn: What did happen?

Sheila: Sugar happened. Sugar happened. For people who feel limited

Liam: Thank you. This looks lovely. How about we change the subject? Maybe, um, anything.

Ivy: Okay, but before we do, before we do, I just–

Liam: Okay.

Ivy: Look, I know that– I know that it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. And in some ways, we’ve changed a lot. We’re different people. We all are, but you, liam, you’re still the same beautiful man inside and out that I remember. You’re so kind and caring and sexy as hell. And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t understand why the women in this city aren’t beating down the door of the city’s most eligible bachelor. Because if I lived here, I know I sure would be.

Steffy: Wow.

Sheila: There’s something that I– I just don’t understand.

Deacon: What?

Sheila: How did you and finn know about sugar?

Deacon: I ran into an old friend of yours, lauren fenmore. She told me about sugar, but we can get into specifics of that later.

Finn: How was sugar able to do what she did without anyone knowing?

Deacon: It’s okay, take your time.

Finn: Yeah, I mean, we realize it’s still really fresh.

Sheila: Remember when I told you I was slipping out to see someone from my past?

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: Well, it all started with these text messages. I should have just ignored it, but it wouldn’t have stopped her anyway.

Deacon: Her being sugar. That’s who the text messages from?

Sheila: I– I went to meet up with her a couple of times.

Finn: What happened?

Sheila: Nothing. She never showed up. And then weeks later, I’m– I’m running errands and sugar abducted me, took me to that warehouse and chained me up.

Finn: Odd.

Sheila: I’ve never been so afraid in my life. Seeing sugar after all those years and the rage in her eyes and it was all directed at me. She said she’d only gotten out a little while before and– and she had just been waiting for this day, this day that she, she imagined and she planned. And she just– she just wanted– she wanted payback. She wanted payback. Stuck at the dmv,

Ivy: Maybe, maybe I’m being too forward.

Steffy: Hm. Ya think?

Ivy: But I mean, why should I– why should I have to hide my feelings for you? You know, we’ve both changed. We’re both evolved and I’m convinced that we would be good for each other.

Steffy: Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. He’s remarkable. He’s amazing. He’s all the things. He’s also my daughter’s father. On that note, we need to go see kelly. She wants to see you. So, if you’ll excuse us, we got to go.

Ivy: You know what? It does. It feels like that time. It was– it was so good to see you.

Liam: It was so good seeing you too and you look so beautiful.

Ivy: Thanks. So you said several times.

Steffy: Okay. On that note, we should…

Liam: Uh, yeah. Okay.

Ivy: Bye. Bye.

Liam: Wow. Bye.

Ivy: Call me, okay?

Liam: Yeah. I– I– I will.

Steffy: Bye. Goodbye. Bye. Ooh. Being subtle is definitely not her strong suit. Oh, neither is mine.

[ Steffy laughs ] Us forrester women. You gotta love it. Hey.

[ Liam chuckles ]

Deacon: Sheila… what exactly did sugar do to you?

[ Sheila grunts ]

[ Sheila pants ]

Sheila: Sugar, you let me go or else.

Sugar: What, sheila? What? Because I’m in control. Now, I’m in charge.

Sheila: But not for long.

Sugar: You’re being so ridiculous, you know that? Nobody knows you’re missing. They’re not even looking for you.

Sheila: They will.

Sugar: By then it’ll be too late. Much too late.

Sheila: What does that mean?

Sugar: I’ve been holding on to this anger for so many years. Livid at the way that you double-crossed me. You were supposed to be my friend. Sheila, my friend. And you tricked me into getting plastic surgery to look like you so I could take the wrap for your crimes. You ruined my life. But that stops– stops today. I’ve been counting down the years, the months, the days to get revenge. That’s all I could think about. Making you pay for all the years I spent in that loony bin when you– you were free living your life in los angeles and genoa city. You didn’t even care about the hell hole that I was in.

Sheila: You were arrested for what you did to lauren fenmore’s son.

Sugar: None of that would have happened if it weren’t for you.

Sheila: What are you planning?

Sugar: It was really quite ingenious because I get to commit crimes looking like you. First place I’m going to strike is steffy forrester’s beach house. Steffy’s gonna be your first victim.

Sheila: No! I tried to stop her. I tried to stop sugar from hurting steffy and– and the children. Keep them protected from that mad woman, but… she just, she was so obsessed with getting back at me and she didn’t care what she had to do. She was… she was just determined to make me pay for it. She almost got away with it too.

Deacon: It’s okay.

Sheila: She almost did, though.

Deacon: It’s okay. Schwarzkopf

[ Steffy chuckles ]

Steffy: Oh, okay, bye. That was becky. She’s dropping off kelly soon.

Liam: Okay, great.

Steffy: You should have heard kelly in the background. She is really excited to see you.

Liam: Aw. Well, not as excited as I am to see her.

Steffy: Hey, I just want to say, um, thank you. Thank you for spending time with kelly. You really are an incredible father. You’re so attentive and loving. And I know you’re the same way with beth.

Liam: Well, shucks. Between you and ivy, my ego’s about to pop.

[ Steffy chuckles ]

Steffy: Okay, only I am not trying to make a play for you.

Liam: Fair.

Steffy: So do you want to see her again? Okay, I will say this. I do agree with everything she said about you. Like I said, you are incredible.

Liam: Well, don’t let finn hear you saying that. Speaking of which, is he, um, is he going to come home and be upset that I’m sitting here talking to you? I don’t know.

Steffy: No, he’ll be totally okay with you seeing kelly.

Liam: Okay, okay. Yo, what was that look?

Steffy: Oh, ah, nothing. It’s, um… finn was, uh, he was a little quiet this morning and last night and I just, I had a little weird feeling and when I get like that, it’s, it’s always about sheila. But this time, I know it’s not. Because she’s gone. She’s out of our lives forever.

Sheila: It was– it was diabolical what– what she was planning. It was so cruel.

Sugar: See, I’m going to strike where it hurts the most. Steffy and those brats of hers. Everyone’s going to think that you killed your son’s wife, the mother of your grandson.

Sheila: ‘Cause I would never hurt them. You can’T.

Sugar: Oh, yeah, but I can. And when I’m done, they’re going to lock you up and they’re going to throw away the key. Your precious son. He’s not going to want anything to do with you ever again. You’re going to get what you deserve.

Sheila: You may look like me, but you don’t sound like me. Really?

[ Sugar clears her throat ]

[ Imitating sheila ] How about now?

[ Sheila gasps ]

Sheila: Sugar. Just listen to me. Do whatever you want to me. You can torture me, you can kill me. I– I– I don’t care. But don’t harm steffy and those precious children. Please, don’t hurt them.

Sugar: Tonight, steffy forrester dies. And you spend the rest of your miserable life behind bars.

Sheila: No!

[ Sugar grunts ] No! No! Sugar, no! No! Don’t go! Don’t hurt them! Don’t! Don’t hurt steffy! No! No! Help! Help me! No! No! Help!

Finn: Everything that you did to try and protect steffy and how hard you fought–

Sheila: Of course, I tried to protect steffy. I– I love you, I love steffy, I love the children more than I love myself.

Deacon: That’s never been more obvious, babe.

Sheila: You’re sure? That steffy and hayes are all right? You told me they were, but I, I…

Finn: Look, everybody’s fine. Okay, they’re fine, and– and we’ll– we’ll explain that– that later. Okay, but right now, we need to take care of you, okay? You– you have been through the unthinkable. You’ve been terrorized and– and brutalized by this woman, and yet… through it all, your love for me and– and my wife and my kids, it shows–

Sheila: I would do anything to protect you, steffy and those children, son. I would do anything.

Finn: I believe you, mom.

Sheila: Oh.

Finn: I believe you.

[ Sheila sobs ]

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: Whoa. Hey, mom? Mom, stay with us. Mom, stay with us.

Deacon: I’m so happy to see you. There it is. There’s that smile. Baby, I knew you were alive. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew you were alive and it’s because of those nine toes. Oh, sheila. Sheila, I love you so much. I love you, baby girl.

Ridge: And that’s it for sales. In other news, I was tying my shoe this morning and both my legs fell off. The weirdest thing. Hi.

Steffy: Hi, um–

Ridge: Where were you? You’ve been like this the whole meeting.

Steffy: Sorry. I’m sorry. It’S…

Ridge: What’s going on?

Steffy: It’s nothing. I just, um… I called finn and I just… I haven’t heard back from him.

Ivy: Well, I hope I didn’t overstep by kissing you like that.

[ Liam chuckling ]

Liam: Beautiful, talented, accomplished woman takes my face into her hands. No, I don’t think overstepping is the word I would use.

Ivy: Oh, my god, it’s so nice seeing you, liam.

Liam: It’s been too long.

Ivy: You haven’t aged a bit.

[ Both laughing ] In fact, maybe even better looking than I remembered.

Ivy: Full disclosure, I have been thinking about doing that for some time now.

Liam: Really? Uh, well, uh, it makes sense. I suppose kissing me over a video conference call would have been quite a challenge.

Ivy: Yes. And especially because you were married. You were off the market, remember?

Liam: Yeah. That too.

Ivy: But now that you’re not, I mean… I mean, why do you think I really extended my layover in l .A.?

Liam: Wait, no, I thought you… you came to see your uncle eric.

Ivy: Oh, yeah. No, I did, but, you know, also to, um… to have lunch with you and just catch up a bit, hear how life’s been treating you.

Liam: Oh, boy. Uh, how much time do you have?

Ivy: I’ve got all the time you need. You know… I know it was ages ago, liam, but… I still appreciate all of the wonderful times that we shared.

Ridge: So something still feels off with finn?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, I just feel a little on edge. Deacon keeps dredging up everything that happened the night sheila died, and he’s just putting these crazy theories into finn’s head.

Ridge: Why does finn listen to him? Deacon is an idiot. And your husband’s a doctor. He’s probably saving somebody right now.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Finn: Okay. Easy does it.

[ Sheila panting ]

Finn: We need to get her to a hospital, deacon. She’s dehydrated. Here. Try to give her more of this. All right? Take it easy. Just small sips.

Deacon: Okay, that’s good, that’s good, that’s good. All right. Sheila, can you tell us what happened? Choose advil liqui-gels for faster, stronger

Liam: So that’s, uh, that’s kelly, she’s the oldest. And that is beth.

Ivy: Oh, my– they have grown up so much. They’re so adorable.

Liam: It happens fast. It’s crazy.

Ivy: Wow. Oh, liam, I just– I bet you’re the cutest dad.

Liam: Well, I, you know, mostly humiliate them, but they are my two favorite people on the planet, so that tracks.

Ivy: I can really hear how proud you are of your girls. It’s so sweet.

Liam: We’ve all done a pretty good job with the, you know, the co-parenting and splitting time between households. Obviously, the plan was not to be split from both their mothers, but…

Ivy: Right, I mean, it happens.

Liam: No, it absolutely happens, and the kids are handling it better than I am. It’s just, uh… you know, hope and I worked on our marriage for a long time, only to have it implode. And then steffy is now happily married to finn, and they’ve got a kid together. Oh, by the way, they live in my old place on the cliff.

Ivy: No.

Liam: Yeah.

Ivy: Oh, I love that house.

Liam: I know.

Ivy: Wow, I often think about that new year’s eve we spent there together. Do you remember?

Liam: Yeah, that was a fun night.

Ivy: The goofy hats. The fireworks on the ocean. Oh, so special. We had a lot of fun nights together, you and me.

Liam: Yeah, we did.

Ivy: It’s funny, in some ways it feels so long ago, doesn’t it? Just thinking about all the twists and turns it took to get us to this point.

Liam: Yeah.

Ivy: Tell me what it’s been like for you, liam.

Liam: Um, I mean, you kind of know. It’S… I just ended two major relationships. I, uh… I lost my way, and then I lost– yeah.

Ivy: It was their loss, too. Liam, I hope you know what an extraordinary man you are. There’s a lot of people out here who really love you.

Ridge: Sheila’s gone. Finn understands that, right?

Steffy: Look, I know that she’s gone. But I still feel her, okay? I feel her around me. It’s like, I don’t know, she’s like in the air or something, and it makes me feel uneasy. It’s a creepy feeling.

Ridge: Look at me, look at me. She’s not in the air. She’s nowhere here. She’s– she’s gone. She’ll be gone out of your life, forever.

Finn: Deacon, we need to get her out of here.

Deacon: We need to get the chain off first. Move her to this side, okay? I need to whack this thing. Ready?

Finn: Yeah.

[ Deacon grunts ]

Deacon: This isn’t gonna work. Damn it. Finn, I’m gonna need something smaller, thinner. What? Oh, this is perfect. Okay. All right, you ready?

[ Chain grinding ]

[ Deacon grunts ] Lord, I could use a little help here. Thanks. What do you say, babe? You ready to go home? It was one thing when my mom got alzheimer’s,

Ivy: I– I hope you know how incredible you are, liam. I mean, come on, how many men would marry a girl to stop her from getting deported?

Liam: You know, in retrospect, I think that was illegal.

Ivy: Oh, no, it was very illegal, but that’s not the point. The point is, that was such an act of kindness. You didn’t have to do that, but you did it anyway. You made such an impact on my life, liam. From our new year’s kiss, to pulling me out of the river in paris. Do you remember that?

Liam: Yeah, wow.

Ivy: Such a wild ride.

Liam: We sure did.

Ivy: I know it got messy, and maybe there are some things that you would like to take back, and maybe there are some things that I would too. And, god, I’m sure hope and steffy would say the exact same thing, but they were lucky. They were lucky to be loved by you, liam. Don’t doubt yourself. Any woman would be blessed to have you.

Steffy: You’re right, finn is a rational person. I mean, he’s built his whole career on logic and science. Like, he knows sheila’s dead, but deacon keeps messing with him.

Ridge: Well, he should block him on his phone.

Steffy: I wish he would do that. God, how many times does she interfere in our marriage? Thank god, she’s not alive.

Ridge: Yeah, well, even from the dead, she’s interfering, so.

Steffy: Yeah, but she–

[ Steffy sighs ] I have pleaded to deacon. I told him to leave finn alone.

Ridge: The guy doesn’t listen, you know he doesn’T.

Steffy: You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna go there.

Ridge: Go where? Il giardino?

Steffy: Yeah. I’m gonna tell him to stop with this crazy theory that sheila carter is alive. Ridiculous.

Finn: Pupils are slightly dilated. She’s malnourished. We’re gonna need to get her some real nutrients. We’re lucky she survived.

Deacon: Sheila, who did this to you? Think back, who the hell brought you here, put you in those damn chains? Was it somebody from your past? Was it someone named sugar?

[ Sheila panting ]

Finn: Is that right? It was sugar.

Sheila: Su– su–

Deacon: What are you trying to say?

Sheila: Su– sug– sug– sugar!

Deacon: Okay. Okay.

Sheila: It was sugar!

Deacon: Calm down. It’s okay. It’s okay. Schwarzkopf

Ivy: It’s true, you know, I– I often wonder what my life would be like if I hadn’t left california.

Liam: Well, now’s your chance to find out.

[ Ivy chuckles ]

Ivy: If I didn’t have to catch a flight, I could think of a million things I’d like to do with you. Uh, wow, I did not mean for it to sound like that.

Liam: Oh, yeah, no, I know that, yeah, you were just, I, um… listen, we had all varieties of fun, so–

Ivy: We did, we did. It’s because you’re very fun to hang out with.

Liam: So are you.

Ivy: And not just because you’re easy on the eyes.

Liam: You understand that the view from where I’m sitting is pretty spectacular as well, right?

Ivy: Well, I’m glad you think so.

Liam: Always was. It was so many years ago.

Ivy: I know. I know, we were practically kids. Oh, there’s still some of my favorite memories, though. I can still see everything so clearly. I hope you haven’t forgotten.

I’ll never forget

when we first met

wasn’t so long ago

it had gotten late

and I was lost

and you said not to cry

you gave me that face

who’s that man?

Believe in me

I’m a real good guy


won’t you follow me home

to the place where we belong

follow me home

just give me your hand

when you feel like you can’t

start again

just hold your breath

and count to ten

today’s the day

I finally found the one

to follow me home

’cause today’s the day

I finally found the one

I finally, finally found

to follow me home

Ivy: So young and carefree. You know… liam… I’ve always had a little piece of you in my heart.

Server: Hey. How’s it going?

Steffy: Have you seen deacon?

Server: No, I haven’t, actually.

Steffy: It’s fine, I’ll catch him later.

Server: Okay. Take care.

Ivy: Well, I…

[ Ivy chuckles ] I think I’ve given you enough to think about for one day.

[ Liam chuckles ] But I mean it, liam. Any woman would be lucky to have you. Including me.

Steffy: My cousin comes to town and doesn’t even tell me? Did you come all this way just to plant a big one on liam? Cute.

Deacon: Sugar. You said sugar.

Finn: What– what about her?

Deacon: Sugar kidnapped you. She brought you here?

Finn: What did she do to you?

Deacon: Sheila, how did she find you?

Sheila: No… no…

Deacon: Was she alone? Did she have somebody help her?

Sheila: No, no…

Deacon: Sheila, what is it? You don’t have to be afraid.

Sheila: S– st– steffy.

Finn: Steffy?

[ Indistinct ]

[ Sheila sobbing ] What about my wife?

Sheila: House… your house.

Deacon: House?

Sheila: Your house.

Finn: My house?

Sheila: Steffy… sug– sugar… hu– hurt… steffy…

[ Sheila stuttering ] Kill!

Deacon: Su– sugar wanted to kill steffy, right?

[ Sheila stuttering ]

Sheila: I’m sorry. I’m– I’m so– I’m sorry. I tried– I tried to stop sugar from hurting steffy. I love you. I love you all so much and I just– I just– I– I couldn’t stop her.

Deacon: Sheila, it’s okay. It’s okay. You don’t have to be afraid.

Finn: Come on. Listen. Listen to me, okay? Hey, hey, no, you don’t need to be upset. You don’t need to be upset. Everybody’s fine.

Sheila: Steffy…

Finn: Yes. Yes, steffy’s fine. You don’t have to worry about me or her or the kids, okay?

Deacon: Sheila, everyone’s okay.

[ Sheila sobbing ]

Sheila: A– alive?

Finn: Yes, steffy’s alive.

Sheila: Oh…

Finn: Yeah.

Sheila: Thank god. I love you so much. I love you all so much.

Finn: Mom. Mom, you’re safe now, okay? And I’m gonna take care of you. You’re gonna be all right, okay? Okay, I thought I lost you. But I didn’T. I thought I was never gonna see you again. But you’re here, mom. You’re here. You’re alive. You’re alive. It’s gonna be okay. You’re here. It’s okay. Hey, hey, it’s all right. It’s all right. It’s okay. It’s all right.

[ Sheila sobbing ]

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon and Finn are shocked to find an unconscious Sheila, alive, in a dirty, smelly old building, under a bunch of boxes, boards, etc. Deacon takes her sock off to see that she is missing a toe. Finn calls her name (Mom) but can’t revive her. He checks her pulse as Deacon awaits anxiously. One of Sheila’s feet is chained to the wall. She opens her eyes and asks for help. Deacon gets her water at Finn’s request.

In her office, Steffy worries about Finn. She phones and leaves him a message. Hope shows up with some work business. Steffy has a flashback about seeing Finn this morning when he was somewhat distracted. Hope and Steffy for a minute, and then Steffy asks how Hope is doing. Hope realizes that Steffy is hoping that she and Liam get back together. Hope suggests that Steffy concentrate on her own life.

After having lunch with Bill, Liam waits at Il Giardino for Ivy to show up. She’s just in town briefly, but he hopes she can stay. They flirt a lot and catch up on what’s going on. She kisses him.


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B&B Transcript Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Deacon: My god, it’s really you.

Finn: Mom, mom, it’s me. It’s finn. Can you hear me? Mom, can you hear me? Mom?

Deacon: Finn, is she alive?. Finn!

Steffy: Hey, babe. Just, uh, checking in, seeing if you are okay. Just been feeling a little uneasy after everything. All right, call me when you can. I miss hearing your voice. I love you.

[ Hope clears throat ] Hope, hey.

Hope: Everything all right?

Steffy: Yeah, I– I hope so.

Hope: Can’t get a hold of finn?

Steffy: He’s not picking up.

Hope: Hm, I’m sure he’s probably with a patient.

Steffy: Probably. Yeah.

Waitress: Wanna settle the bill?

Liam: Uh, no, thank you. Actually, I think I’m gonna be adding to it in a moment.

Waitress: Somebody else joining you?

Liam: Yeah, yeah. Somebody pretty special. Actually, somebody I haven’t seen in a really long… long time. There she is. Oh, my god. It’s been so long, ivy.

Ivy: Too long.

Ivy: Well, thank you for meeting me.

Liam: Uh, yeah, of course.

Liam: You know, I really wasn’t sure if you’d be interested.

Liam: Uh, come on. Come on.

Ivy: I’m just– I’m being– I’m being vulnerable, here.

Liam: So, um, what are you– what are you doing in L.A.?

Ivy: Well, not L.A. Exactly. I’m just passing through. But I made sure I scheduled an insanely long layover so i could spend a little time with my uncle eric.

Liam: Oh, my god, he must’ve been so thrilled to see you.

Ivy: Mm-hmm, yeah, he’s already tried convincing me to move back. He actually said there’s a huge void in the, uh, in the jewelry department.

Liam: Uh, yeah, there is and he should be offering you, like, a bazillion dollar contract.

Ivy: Oh, a bazillion?

Liam: Bazillion.

Ivy: Well, we didn’t get that far in the negotiations.

Liam: Ah, shame.

Ivy: Honestly, I’m just so happy to see him doing better and he just looks so healthy.

Liam: Yeah, it is. It’s a– it’s a huge relief.

Ivy: Mm-hmm.

Liam: What’s your secret?

Ivy: Well, what do you mean?

Liam: You just look so happy and beautiful.

Steffy: Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. I know when it gets crazy here, I can’t even pick up the phone and I’m not even saving lives, so.

Hope: I’m sure he’ll be in touch when he can.

Steffy: I know.

Hope: I mean, you– you have to admit, though, I mean, it must be a nice feeling, right?

Steffy: What?

Hope: Just knowing that a lot of people rely on your husband. You know, whatever he’s up to, I’m sure he is making a really big difference in someone’s life.

Steffy: Yeah, I know he is. He’s always dealing with a life or death situation.

Hope: Yeah, so, whoever is in finn’s care, they’re in capable and caring hands.

Deacon: Tell me we’re not too late. Finn, her eyes. Look at her eyes.

Finn: Mom. Mom, it’s me. It’s finn. It’s finn. You’re alive. You’re alive.

Ivy: You know, sometimes I do think about moving back to L.A. I did love it here.

Liam: Great, it’s settled. No take-backs.

Ivy: Yeah. Wait, what are you doing?

Liam: I’m, uh, calling your uncle eric. I wanna tell him to give you a corner office–

Ivy: No, no, no, please don’T.

Ivy: Uh, no one knows better how busy I am than eric, okay? There’s– my life is very, very busy in sydney. Too much to walk away from. But, you know, we’ll see. Never say never. Anyway, enough about me. How are you doing?

Liam: Uh, you– you know, I’m hanging in there.

Ivy: Yeah. Yeah, I was– I was sorry to hear about you and hope.

Liam: Uh, thanks. It’s okay. You know, it’s, um, it wasn’t easy to go through, but I think there are good things on the horizon. I mean, I’m– I’m– I’m, uh, concentrating on my work and– and my kids and, um, you know, who knows, maybe it’ll– it’s just preparing me for the next thing.

Ivy: Maybe someone from the past, even. After all, I did hear that, uh, that thomas left hope.

Liam: Uh, yeah, I can confirm that is true.

Ivy: And that benefits you, maybe. Do you see yourself going back to hope?

Steffy: Babe? Breakfast. You hungry?

Finn: Oh, um, no, I’m good. I’ll just– I’ll grab something later.

Steffy: Hey, you were like this last night. Quiet, distracted. Is it a work thing? You wanna bounce ideas off of me?

Finn: Thanks. I, um, right now I have more questions than answers, but hopefully that’ll change soon and when it does, you’ll be the first to know.

Hope: Sorry about that. There was a bit of a holdup at customs. So, any other questions?

Steffy: No, I think we are good. Everything looks on target. Um… actually, I do have one more question. Uh, how you doing?

Hope: You don’t mean with hope for the future, do you? You mean…

Steffy: You. How are you doing?

Hope: Well, it has been a bit of an adjustment since thomas and douglas aren’t in los angeles, but, uh, career-wise, I’m feeling rather positive. I think revamping hope for the future with rj, zende, luna, it’s been a really wonderful thing. So, I’m trying to focus on what I can control. The change has been challenging, but I have to believe that something good will come of it.

Steffy: Well, the line has been incredible. What about you? Have you, uh… I mean, are you seeing anyone?

Hope: Seriously, steffy? Thomas hasn’t been gone that long. Wait. What, are you hoping that liam and I get back together?

Deacon: You’re gonna be fine, baby. Just fine. Finn’s gonna take real good care of you. Oh, my god.

Finn: What?

Deacon: The chain. Any suggestions?

Sheila: Help me. Help me. Help me. Entresto is the #1 heart failure brand Harry & david makes mother’s day easy. Share a gift, made with love, with the mom in your life. Choose from hundreds of stunning baskets and towers. It’s the perfect way to say thank you – for everything. Harry & david. Life is a gift. Share more.

Liam: Oof, uh… could I see myself back with hope?

Ivy: Well, it– it seems like she’s available again.

Liam: Yeah, but I– I– I don’t think either of us are in a place where we wanna jump back in. Or just– how about– I– I don’t know. I don’t know what the future holds.

Ivy: Okay. Yeah, that’s fair enough.

Liam: I mean, I’ll– I’ll always care about hope, obviously. We– we have a child together, so there’s that.

Ivy: Yeah, well, like you do with steffy.

Liam: Yeah, no, I’m very, uh, I’m very fortunate that– that each of my girls belong to an incredible woman, um, and– and I’m thankful to hope and steffy just for being so cool about the co-parenting stuff and– and being such great role models to kids.

Ivy: Well, I’m sure they’re thankful for you, too. I mean, I know I would be. Any woman would. Liam, I hope you know that a lot of people think you’re pretty fantastic.

Hope: Yes, liam and I have been spending more time together, but that doesn’t mean that we’re… okay, look, all you need to know is that we have had some much needed conversations. Yeah, thankfully, the anger and resentment on both sides has calmed down a little, or at least it’s starting to, and I’m very, very grateful for that. I think it’s important to move past that, especially for beth’s sake. I want her to see her parents getting along, and I want to have a good relationship with her father.

Steffy: So you gonna make a play for liam?

Hope: You know, steffy, maybe you shouldn’t worry so much about liam and me. Maybe you should focus that energy on finn.

Finn: That’s what we’re gonna do, okay? We’re gonna help you. Are you in any pain? Deacon, we need to get her hydrated. Can you find something?

Deacon: I’m on it.

Finn: Okay. Let’s try to get you up. Okay? Okay, it’s okay. Sip on that, I got you. Take it slow.

Deacon: What’s– what’s wrong with her? Okay, easy girl, okay.

Finn: Okay. Struggling with the highs and lows of bipolar 1?

Liam: Hey, ivy forrester. Um… if I didn’t know any better, I might possibly think that you were almost flirting with me?

Ivy: Oh! Well, there’s no almost about it, actually. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll dial it back, I promise.

Liam: No, don’T. Mm-mm, no– no dialing. Don’t dial.

Ivy: I– I’m sorry. I’m not– I’m not trying to be forward. It’s just…

Liam: It’s just what?

Ivy: I, uh, whoo… I, um… I think about you a lot, liam. I haven’t forgotten all of the good times that we’ve shared, and… how close we became. And how close I wish we’d become. You know, I think I remember that most of all. How great it felt kissing you.

Steffy: Okay, well, they’re gonna send over the spring-summer collection, but we’re not gonna be paying additional fees, okay? Wonderful. Thank you. Okay. Where were we? Oh, yes. Finn. My focus is on him, my children and my family.

Hope: Okay. I just mean, you know, whatever happens between liam and me, I mean, it really shouldn’t matter to you, right?

Steffy: He is my daughter’s father.

Hope: I know. I just think in the grand scheme of things, because not really any of your business and you have bigger things to focus on. It’s just you’ve been through so much lately, and I mean, everything that happened with sheila…

Steffy: Yeah, it was extremely challenging. But we can finally put it behind us. Sheila’s gone. She’s dead. She’s never coming back.

Finn: Deacon, we’ve gotta get this off. There’s only so much I can do here.

Deacon: What can we do for her right now?

Finn: She’s malnourished, dehydrated. We need to get her to a hospital. Oh, sheila.

Deacon: Oh, sheila, sheila.

Finn: Sheila, sheila.

Deacon: Give me some more water. Okay, easy. Come on. Okay, come on, come on.

Finn: Slow.

Deacon: Okay. Okay. Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Deacon: There she is. There’s my beautiful girl. Everyone said I was crazy. Hell, I thought I was crazy myself, but I never stopped believing that you were alive.

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B&B Short Recap Monday, April 29, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Finn and Deacon go inside the building that the homeless man, Tom, told them about (where he saw Sheila entering). Eventually, they find Sheila, unconscious and dirty, under a pile of boards and other things.  Finn calls her, “Mom.”

Brooke, Ridge and Steffy are in a meeting in Forrester. Steffy is predoccupied, worrying about Finn because he hasn’t said much in the past day or two. When Ridge talks about how RJ and Zende make a great team, Brooke doesn’t say much, but we know she’s thinking about the drama involving the two men and Luna. Steffy’s worry turns to talk about Sheila. She has another flashback to stabbing her.

Bill and Liam have lunch at Il Giardino again. Liam wonders why Deacon isn’t there for the lunch rush. They have a nice chat, mostly about how Liam is focusing on his kids and work now. Bill wonders if Liam and Hope might get back together. When Liam mentions that he’s a bit ashamed of his past waffling between Hope and Steffy, Bill doesn’t agree. They discuss the two women more.


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B&B Transcript Monday, April 29, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Deacon: We gotta get over there right now.

Finn: Look, we don’t know what’s in that building.

Deacon: Sheila! Sheila could be over there.

Finn: You’re sure you saw that woman go into the building?

Tom: Oh, absolutely. I never forget a face.

Deacon: You heard screaming coming from over there?

Tom: Until it stopped. Hear a lot of weird things around here.

Finn: Do you know what’s in that building?

Tom: Beats me. It’s been vacant since before I was here. I was told to stay away from that building. It’d be wise to do the same.

[ Gunshots ]

[ Tires screeching ] Well, good luck, fellas. You’re gonna need it.

[ Police siren wailing ]

Deacon: We doing this?

Finn: We don’t have a choice. There’s a chance that sheila’s in that building, we need to go.

Deacon: Yeah. Let’s go.

Ridge: Well, I gotta tell you, I’m impressed with hope and her team. They didn’t miss a beat with thomas taking a little time off.

Brooke: Hopefully, it stays that way.

Ridge: Zende, rj, they’re doing a great job. What a great team they are. And, um, I don’t know. Maybe that is the future of forrester. What do you think, steffy? Hey. Hi.

Steffy: Oh, hi. Yes, um…

Ridge: Where’d you go?

Steffy: I– I was thinking about finn. I mean, he was… he was pretty quiet last night and this morning. We didn’t have time to get into it, I, uh… I just hope he’s okay.

Liam: Deacon is usually here for the lunch rush.

Bill: Were you hoping to get our meals comped by your ex-lowlife-in-law?

Liam: Maybe if I were alone.

Bill: Meaning not with me.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah, the guy who tried to lure sheila to prison?

Bill: Prison was way too good for that animal. Not to mention a waste of taxpayer money keeping her locked up. Definitely better off dead.

Liam: Well, on the bright side, we get to come here as often as we want without running into her.

Bill: Mm. I’ll drink to that.

[ Bill chuckles ]

Liam: Did you get a chance to look over that contract I sent you?

Bill: Yeah. How’d you come to agree to those terms?

Liam: Oh, well, it’s this new trick I’ve been trying. I call it honesty and plain dealing.

[ Bill pretends to vomit ] The truth is, they were already psyched about the multimedia strategy. All I had to do was convince them it ain’t gonna come cheap.

Bill: Great job.

Liam: Well, thank you. I guess I’M… I don’t know. My priorities are narrowing. I’m just focused on my kids and my career right now.

Bill: Glad to hear it.

Liam: Yeah. So are steffy and hope. Waffling back and forth between the two of them all those years, it wasn’t good for them, but it also wasn’t good for me. And I… I don’t want to do that anymore.

Bill: I’ll drink to that, too.

Ridge: So, you are worried about finn.

Steffy: Just a weird feeling.

Brooke: Because he’s been quiet?

Steffy: Like there’s something on his mind.

Ridge: I know. We all have that, right? Is it… did you ask him about it?

Steffy: I just figured it was, you know, work or a patient, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I always know when something’s off with finn, even when I have no idea what it is.

[ Deacon coughs ]

Finn: Tried looking up the address in here, but no reception. I don’t know–

Deacon: Sheila!

Finn: What this place is.

Deacon: Sheila! I’m gonna open this.

[ Deacon grunts ] Sheila!

Finn: She’s not here.

Deacon: We’re going to search everything inch of this place.

Finn: Let’s go.

Deacon: Sheila!

Finn: Sheila?

Deacon: Sheila! (Angie) tobacco companies

Bill: Listen, I am all for your newfound focus on work and family.

Liam: Yeah, you are. And it’s good for spencer’s bottom line, if nothing else.

Bill: Well, it is good for you personally as well, liam. And that’s just as important.

Liam: Yeah, but not just me. It’s good for hope, too. She’s doing the same thing in her own life.

Bill: Yeah. Interesting coincidence, isn’t it?

Liam: Yeah, interesting, maybe. Surprising, no. I mean, not if you look at the state our lives were in when our marriage ended. We’re both just spinning our wheels, right? We’re both looking for a new– a new purpose, identity.

Bill: So, do you think this, um, newfound shared perspective could mean you guys getting back together?

Liam: I don’t– we’re just not thinking about that right now.

Bill: Look, um, I– I know that you want to stop this waffling back and forth–

Liam: Yeah.

Bill: Between hope and steffy and I totally get that, but, um, given that you you seem to be sharing the same mindset with hope, don’t you think that down the road, it could mean something else?

Liam: Okay, look, listen, I– you know, at this stage in my life, I know better than to say never. But right now, right now, my priority is just being the best father I can be. That means I’m prioritizing beth and kelly.

Bill: Followed closely by spencer publications.

Liam: Look at this face. Is this not a dedicated face? I’m dedicated.

[ Bill laughs ]

Bill: You are dedicated. And I think it’s just amazing. I mean, it shows a lot of maturity and self awareness on your part.

Liam: Thanks, dad.

Bill: You clearly are following the example set by your old man.

[ Liam laughs ]

Liam: I will be serious for a moment and say that it means a lot to me that you’ve always had my back.

Bill: Yeah, well, I always will. Now, listen. You know, you can beat yourself up about this waffling thing, but it’s not how I see it. I can’t hate on you for falling in love with two incredible women. Let me remind you that they loved you right back. And for good reason.

Steffy: I don’t want to make this more than it is.

Ridge: You’re not. Look, if something seems off with finn, then…

Brooke: But he would tell you if something was wrong.

Steffy: Yeah. I don’t want to read too much into it, actually. No, we’ve been, uh, we’ve been good. We’ve been talking and sharing our feelings. It’s just last night and this morning, he seemed… quiet. Sitting on the couch, staring at– at nothing. It’s– it’s probably nothing. Like I said, it– it really is– I’m sure it’s– it’s work. What do you think?

Ridge: I’m– I’m sure that’s what it is.

Steffy: It’s just the last time I had this feeling… it had something to do with sheila.

Finn: Sheila?

Deacon: Sheila?

Finn: Smells awful in here.

Deacon: Yeah, it does. It’s like something died. Sheila!

Finn: Sheila! You heard what that guy said, the building’s been empty for a long time. No idea what’s in here.

Deacon: Sheila, it’s deacon! Where are you? Can you hear me?

Finn: Sheila! Hey, whoa, what’s that over there?

[ Mouse squeaking ]

Deacon: Place is probably crawling with rats. I hate rats. Can you hold this for me? Thank you.

[ Deacon grunts ]

Finn: Sheila! Sheila, where are you?

Bill: All right, I want you to listen to your dad. Having two families is a blessing, not something to feel guilty about. You call it waffling, but that’s not how I see it.

Liam: Yeah, but you’re a little biased.

Bill: No, what I see is a man who has never shirked his responsibilities. You’ve always stood up and been there for the people that you love. It– it wasn’t indecision, liam. You just couldn’t be everywhere you wanted to be all at once.

Liam: Ah… I really appreciate that that’s your perspective, but the fact is, it wasn’t fair to hope or steffy and I respect them too much to keep doing this, to keep… choosing between them and then changing my mind. I’ll give you this. Not a day goes by I’m not grateful for the families I’ve created with them. So, I must have done something right.

Steffy: I hate even having to say her name. I wish we could just forget about sheila.

Ridge: Wish granted. Let’s forget about her. I’ve forgotten about her. We’ve forgotten about her. It’s done.

Brooke: What about finn? Has he forgotten about her? I mean, you said he’s been quiet.

Steffy: It’s– it’s probably nothing,

Brooke: But your gut says otherwise.

Steffy: There’s no way this could be about sheila.

Ridge: No, it can’T. You know why? Because sheila is dead. She’s gone. Out of our lives forever.

[ Creaking ]

Deacon: What the hell was that? Sheila, can you hear us?

Finn: Sheila!

Deacon: Look, if this is the place, she’s been here for weeks. What kind of shape is she in?

Finn: Look, we can’t give up.

[ Deacon sighs ]

Deacon: I’m not giving up, I’m just being realistic.

Finn: Sheila! You hear us?

Deacon: Sheila! There’s a door.

[ Door lock clicking ]

[ Deacon sighs ] It’s locked. Um, would you stand over there for a second?

[ Deacon grunting ]

Finn: Whoa, you see that?

Deacon: What?

Finn: There’s something down there. Look. Give damaged hair deep repair.

Bill: I applaud your good intentions, and I support them. But liam, being mister happy single guy might be tougher than you think.

Liam: It’s not that tough. What, I don’t look happy to you? I could be happy.

Bill: No, you look great. You look great. But every time we get together, inevitably, the conversation turns to hope and steffy. I mean, you have to have noticed that, right?

Liam: Oh, uh–

Bill: And, look, I’m not hating on you. I’m not giving you a hard time.

Liam: No, no, but you’re right. You’re right, and it’s just… it’s just– it’s ’cause I want to change, right? I want to do better. I want to start treating both hope and steffy with the respect they deserve.

Bill: Well, you do that by appreciating both of them for who they are, right? I mean, you’re talking about two accomplished, intelligent, beautiful women. Great mothers.

Liam: Yeah.

Bill: And hope is just a very kind and forgiving person.

Liam: Yeah. Steffy is, too.

Bill: Yeah, she is. She is. And, well, steffy brought something different to your life.

Liam: Oh, no. Yeah, no doubt. I mean, a sense of excitement and adventure. I mean, every– every day was a new experience with steffy. I’m– listen, I’m grateful to have spent even a portion of my life with steffy. And further, I’m grateful I get to stay in her life now, just as co parents for kelly. Right? But… steffy’s totally committed to finn. And now with sheila gone, nothing’s gonna tear those two apart.

Ridge: There’s no question what happened that night. Sheila’s dead. She’s gone. And I know that still plays with your emotions a lot.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s a hard memory to shake.

Ridge: I believe that.

Steffy: I’m just glad she’s gone. God, I was so jumpy that night.

[ Gushing wind ] It was because of the storm. And then I heard a noise, and I…

[ Door creaking ] I went to check it out, and that’s when the power went out. Went to go look for some candles… and I saw the shadow. Oh, god. My heart stopped. It was her. And I told her to get out. And then she reached in her pocket, and… I thought she had a gun. I thought she was gonna shoot me again. So, I went to grab the knife. And she lunged at me, and that’s when it was over. I remember looking down and just seeing… seeing her there. And– and the blood. Realizing I… I killed her. Sheila carter was dead.

Ridge: Come here.

Steffy: Oh, god.

Finn: Sheila! Sheila!

Deacon: Hey, listen. Let’s split up. I’m gonna go that way, you go that way, all right?

Finn: Okay.

[ Heart beating ]

Sheila: I love you so much, finn.

Steffy: Sheila’s a monster.

Sheila: I love you so much, finn. I’m your first home, your first everything.

Steffy: She shot us. Sheila’s a monster, finn.

[ Heart beating faster ]

Finn: Deacon, hurry up! Get in here! Deacon!

Deacon: What do you got?

[ Deacon grunts ]

Finn: My god…

Deacon: Sheila!

Finn: Mom… mom!

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B&B Transcript Friday, April 26, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Deacon: Sugar and sheila are one and the same.

Finn: Yeah, I’m not following you, deacon.

Deacon: Sheila convinced sugar to have cosmetic surgery, but sheila was in cahoots with the surgeon. When he was finished with sugar–

Finn: They look alike?

Deacon: No, not alike. Identical.

Finn: So, what, this sugar woman, she’s just been rotting in prison all this time?

Deacon: Yes, yes, except, except, she was recently released. Sugar is a mirror image of sheila, but with ten toes. That’s who I saw in the crematorium. Sugar, not sheila.

Finn: And you’re really buying this?

Deacon: Yes, sheila is out there. I don’t know where she is, but you and me, we gotta go find her.

Steffy: Sure you don’t want any breakfast? Babe? Breakfast. You hungry?

Finn: Oh, um, no, I’m– I’m good. I’ll just– I’ll grab something later.

Steffy: Hey, you were like this last night. Quiet, distracted. Is it a work thing? You wanna bounce ideas off of me?

Finn: Thanks. I, um– right now, I have more questions than answers, but hopefully that’ll change soon, and when it does, you’ll be the first to know.

Steffy: I love you so much. You’re so caring and loyal to your patients, people you care about. It’s really sweet. All right, I’m gonna head to the office.

Finn: I love you too. I mean it. And I know I’ve put you through a lot recently, but never question my love and commitment for you.

Steffy: I don’T. No, we’re doing great. I know how much you love me, how you always put me and the kids first. I know that. I’ll see you tonight.

[ Finn sighs ]

[ Phone pings ]

Deacon: Today’s the day we’re gonna find you, sheila.

Carter: Wow, the contracts with the new distributors have been finalized. You had a productive trip, my friend.

Ridge: I did, and it was a fun trip, too, hanging out with douglas and thomas. Pretty good.

Carter: I’m glad to hear they’re adjusting, that they’re doing well.

Ridge: You and me both. Projections look good.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, if everything stays on the current trajectory, yeah. Ridge, are you sure you don’t wanna think about reallocating funds to couture–

Ridge: Yeah, I’m sure everything’s good. And hope for the future’s gonna stay the same. They’ve been rattled enough.

Carter: Have you seen any designs?

Ridge: I have. Preliminaries, anyway. Hope for the future’s in really good shape. Even with thomas taking a break, I think that rj and zende, they’re a good team. And, give them enough time, they’re gonna handle anything put in front of them.

Luna: You heard?

Brooke: I did. Oh, luna. Are you okay?

Luna: You’re not upset?

Brooke: No, I am. I’m very upset. I’m upset for you and for rj and for this whole situation. I can’t believe it. Your mother and the mints? And zende? I’m shocked at zende. But really, I’m– I’m here because of you. I wanna make sure that you’re okay, and just to let you know that, woman to woman, this is a safe place.

Luna: Thank you.

Brooke: I was taken advantage of a long time ago.

Luna: That’s– that’s awful, but I wanna be clear, zende did not take advantage of me.

Brooke: Well, I don’t think that he would. But… he still… [ Scoffs ] He knew. He knew that you’re in a serious relationship with my son, and that you went to eric’s with rj. And yet, he thought that he could just sleep with you?

Ridge: Do we have any idea where brooke is?

Carter: No, I haven’t seen her yet.

Ridge: Huh. I really thought she’d be in this meeting, to just keep me from cutting the budget on hope’s line.

Carter: Maybe she didn’t wanna influence you.

Ridge: That is exactly why she would be here. Anyway, I’m not cutting the numbers. I think we’re doing great. We gotta make sure that rj and zende keep working together. It’s good for the line.

Carter: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah? What is that?

Carter: It’s nothing.

Ridge: No, it’s something. What are you doing? I know. I get it. They’re cousins, and they’re both up-and-coming designers, but you know what? They’re gonna lock horns. That’s what artists do. It’s okay. At the end of the day, they’re gonna talk to each other, and they’re gonna compromise.

Carter: If you say so.

Ridge: If I say– yeah, you know what? Get out. Ye of little faith. Go do something.

Steffy: Oh! You just get back from your business trip and you’re already kicking people out.

Carter: Perfect timing. And for the record, he’s not kicking me out. I was gonna leave on my own.

Ridge: I am kicking you out. That’s why you’re leaving.

Carter: I was gonna leave before you kicked me out.

Ridge: Okay. See ya. Hi.

Steffy: Hi.

Ridge: How you doing?

Steffy: I’m good.

Ridge: Did you miss me?

Steffy: I’m good. Of course I missed you.

Ridge: I missed you more. You look great.

Steffy: Thank you. How was your trip? You did see douglas and thomas, right?

Ridge: I did. Douglas is great. You know, he’s just thriving. And thomas is good. What about you? Is deacon still pulling the same stuff about sheila? Is he still telling stories?

Deacon: Hollis, I’m gonna need you to hold down the fort today. I’ve got something I’ve got to take care of. It’s personal. You can do this. I trust you. All right. Bye.

[ Knocking on door ] Finn, hey. Thanks for coming. How you doing? Yeah, me too. I didn’t sleep all night. Just going over in my head about sugar and sheila and everything we learned.

Finn: Yeah, I’ve, um– I’ve thought about it too.

Deacon: Good. So, you believe me. Sheila’s alive.

Finn: I mean, as farfetched as a story as it is, and as improbable as the whole thing seems, I mean, yeah, you– um, you have me thinking.

Deacon: Well, good, ’cause I’m right. And time’s running out for sheila, and we need to find her right now.

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Luna: When did you find out?

Brooke: The other day. But don’t worry. Rj insisted that I don’t tell anybody. He’s very protective of you and your feelings.

Luna: God, I’ve– I’ve hurt him so much.

Brooke: I know this is a complicated situation, but he does love you very much.

Steffy: Sheila carter died that night. Her death was investigated. I was cleared. This should be the end of it.

Ridge: It is the end of it. And whatever story he’s coming up with just make him look like a complete idiot. He went to the crematorium, he saw it, and then a few seconds later, he comes up with this new story.

Steffy: Yeah, that he says he saw ten toes. It should be nine. What?

Ridge: None of this makes sense to me, but that’s deacon, right? He hasn’t played with a full deck for a long time. But this is messed up. Even for him.

Deacon: I was up all night long trying to figure out how the hell we’re gonna find sheila with what we have.

Finn: Okay, which isn’t much, by the way. Well, all we know is that sheila’s arch-nemesis, sugar, was released from prison some time ago.

Deacon: Yeah, with revenge on her mind.

Finn: Okay, but we don’t even know that for sure.

Deacon: Okay, but you’re forgetting about the text that sugar sent sheila. I mean, they were pretty damn menacing.

Finn: That’s true.

Deacon: Plus, we heard from lauren fenmore about how sugar feels about sheila.

Finn: She hated her for what she did to her face, and that she let sugar go to the mental ward for the crimes that sheila committed.

Deacon: Come on, if you were sugar and she did that to you, wouldn’t you feel the same way? You’d be looking for payback.

Finn: Okay, you really think she did something to sheila?

Deacon: All I know is when I start putting all this together, I get a chilling feeling, you know?

Finn: No, I don’t, I’M… okay, I’m trying to wrap my head around this and go there with you, but, like, even if this was true, like, how do you even expect to find sheila? She could be anywhere.

Deacon: Well, like I said, I stayed up all night and came up with an ace in the hole. Sheila’s credit card password is on her tablet. I figure we go through her spending history, we’ll find a clue that leads us to her.

Deacon: Finn, come here. Take a look at this. These are all her purchases in the days and weeks leading up to that night.

Finn: It seems like stuff you’d expect, huh?

Deacon: That’s a lot of pedicures for a lady with nine toes.

Finn: Whoa, wait, deacon, stop.

Deacon: Why?

Finn: Go back, you’re scrolling too fast. What is… what’s that charge? It’s a convenience store.

Deacon: That’s kind of a rough neighborhood.

Finn: Why would sheila go someplace like that?

Deacon: She wouldn’t, at least not voluntarily. Finn, this could be it. This could be the clue that we’re looking for. Let’s go.

Luna: I know I should’ve told rj sooner, but I swear, I wasn’t– I wasn’t trying to lie to him. I mean, keeping this secret was– was killing me. I mean, I– I just– I love him so much, and I wanted to protect his relationship with zende.

Brooke: It’s okay. You have nothing to apologize for.

Luna: Oh, we were so happy at eric’s, and there was so much love and excitement in the air, and I had– I had no idea that I had been taking my mom’s laced mints. So, um, I got tired and I left, and– and then I started getting really thirsty, and there was some water in the guest house, and I don’t know, that’s– that’s the last thing I remember. I must’ve laid down or something. It was supposed to be such a beautiful evening, and… it turned into a nightmare.

Ridge: Well, at least deacon hasn’t gotten into finn’s head with all this garbage.

Steffy: Not yet, anyway. If he keeps chipping away, it’s gonna make it harder and harder for finn to make peace with sheila’s death.

Deacon: Hey. You work here?

Finn: Okay, look, I understand this is extremely random, but we’re looking for someone.

Deacon: Look, a woman made a purchase here in your store a couple weeks ago. Bought a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff.

Michele: You two cops?

Deacon: No. No, but we think this woman could be in danger. Look, you recognize her? You seen her face before?

Michele: I can’t say I have.

Finn: Are you sure? Can you look again?

Michele: Nope. Never seen her.

[ Buzzer sounding ]

Dinn: Okay. Now what?

Deacon: I don’t know. We can’t give up.

Tom: Let me see your friend. I see everyone that comes in and out of this place. If you spit blood when you brush, And I landed this internship, and I didn’t think that my life could get any better. Right? And then, I meet rj and you and ridge and eric. I mean, the whole family, you guys have been so wonderful and welcoming towards me. And the last thing I wanna do is cause any of you pain. I mean, especially rj.

Luna: We know who you are. Sweet and kind and honest.

Luna: I, um… I love your son so much. And the way he’s changed my life and the experiences we’ve shared together, it’s just… it really breaks my heart what happened with zende.

Brooke: I think that he’s trying to be understanding.

Luna: I know. But that’s who he is. He’s just, like, this amazing guy, but I know that this is killing him.

Brooke: And I hate what’s happened to you. It’s really not fair. You know, you’re a beautiful, intelligent, positive young lady that’s brightened our son’s life. All of our lives. You know it’s not your fault, right? I just want you to know that I’m here for you. And I always will be. Always.

Ridge: So wait, every time deacon calls, finn goes over there?

Steffy: You know finn. He’S… okay, it’s hard for him to say no.

Ridge: Okay. Even if it’s not in his best interest.

Steffy: Dad, I’m not gonna let finn get caught up in deacon’s craziness. I’m not gonna let deacon resurrect sheila in finn’s mind.

Finn: You doing all right?

Tom: Been better.

Deacon:: You hang out here a lot?

Tom: Oh, sure. When I’m not vacationing in cabo or cruising the mediterranean in my yacht.

Deacon: Maybe you can help us out.

Tom: What, you want me to take a look at that picture you got there?

Deacon: Yeah.

Tom: Well, a man could use a little money.

Deacon: Yeah, sure. Here. Look, somebody very important to us has been missing for weeks, all right? They bought something in that convenience store right before they disappeared.

Tom: Well, let me see the picture. I may be down on my luck, but I never forget a face.

Deacon: You recognize her, don’t you? You’ve seen this face before.

Tom: Yeah, yeah, I recognize her. Like I said, I never forget a face, especially one as pretty as that.

Finn: Well, tell us more.

Deacon: Anything. Anything is important.

Finn: Look, this is important, all right? Possibly a matter of life or death.

Tom: Well, when I saw her, she walked into that building right over there.

Deacon: Wait a minute, she– she didn’t drive?

Tom: No.

Deacon: You’re sure?

Tom: Yeah. And that’s when the screaming started.

Finn: What– screaming?

Tom: Yeah, and it didn’t stop.

Deacon: What’d you do?

Tom: I didn’t do nothing. Listen, you learn to mind your p’s and q’s when you’re living on the street. It’s survival. It eventually stopped.

Finn: Maybe there’s something in that building that can lead us to sheila. Or is it possible that sheila’s been in that building all along?

Deacon: Let’s just hope we’re not too late.

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Tom: I hear a lot of weird things around here.

[ Shouting ]

Ivy: Oh, my god, it’s so nice seeing you, liam.

Liam: It’s been too long.

Ivy: I think about you a lot.

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B&B Transcript Thursday, April 25, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Dramatic music ]

Finn: Okay, so you’re telling me that there’s someone out there that looks exactly like sheila?

Deacon: Exactly like her, but with ten toes.

Finn: Okay, deacon, come on. Man, I knew I shouldn’t have answered your text. I don’t even know why I’m entertaining this. If steffy knew I was here–

Deacon: Listen, I don’t care if steffy thinks I’m a crackpot, all right? Don’t you get it, man? Come on, this is huge. Steffy didn’t stab sheila that night. Your birth mother’s alive.

Steffy: We never have to see sheila’s face again.

Hope: And we are all relieved about that.

Steffy: Yeah. Everyone. Except deacon.

Hope: And maybe finn?

Steffy: Look, this whole saga has been really rough on finn. But he’s getting back to himself. He’s, like, becoming better. Before sheila came into his life and wreaked havoc. Like, he’s really starting to heal and let go. I’m just grateful that sheila’s no longer a threat.

[ Brooke moaning ]

Ridge: I missed you.

Brooke: Not as much as I missed you.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: I think that’s a lie. I miss you every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

Brooke: Okay.

Ridge: I was on that plane, just thinking about what it was going to do to you when I got here.

Brooke: Hm. That’s nice.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: So.

Ridge: So.

Brooke: How was your trip?

Ridge: It was good. Oh, no, it was really good. Hang on. Uh, it was… it was a good trip.

Brooke: What’s this?

Ridge: I had them sign the deal for distribution.

Brooke: Congratulations. I knew you could do it. And how is thomas and douglas?

Ridge: Thomas is amazing. And douglas loves european lifestyle. Can’t blame him.

Brooke: Oh, I’m glad. I mean, we all miss him so much.

Ridge: Yeah. They send their love. What about you? What’s going on here? Did I miss anything?

Ridge: Edward, I– no, I think you’re not listening because I didn’t say I didn’t like paris. I like paris. I just prefer london. Maybe it’s the people. I don’t know. Maybe it isn’T. Look, they’re all nice. They just…

Brooke: I am heartbroken for luna. I am. And for you, honey. How could zende do this?

Rj: All I want to do is tear his head off every time I see him now. I’m not saying that he took advantage of luna. He didn’T. I believed him when he told me that he didn’t know she was on anything. Zende would never do anything against her consent.

Brooke: I don’t think that he would. But still, think about it. Luna went to eric’s party with you. As your girlfriend. On your arm. You two have been together for months. Everybody knew that. Zende knew it. So for him to do this is– is a terrible betrayal. It is. It’s unforgivable. When your father finds out about this–

Rj: No. You cannot tell dad.

Brooke: Rj, he needs to know.

Rj: Mom, please. I want to protect luna because this isn’t her fault. I don’t want this getting around and people misunderstanding and it hurting her reputation. Please, mom. Do not say anything. It would devastate luna if this got out.

Ridge: It’s two acts. The second act could have been an hour and a half shorter. But I’ll get you tickets. Okay. I got– I really gotta go. All right. Me too. Bye. Oh, my goodness. Where were we?

Brooke: Uh, you were talking about missing me.

Ridge: Yes, because I did miss you so much. It was a nice trip and it was good to see thomas. Great to see douglas. But yeah, I missed all of this. I missed being here. I missed seeing rj. He’s home. I love that. And he’s good, right? Is he– is he okay?

Steffy: I love finn. And I’m always gonna try to support him, but–

Hope: But the whole sheila situation.

Steffy: Yeah, this has been extremely difficult. You know, I’m trying to understand his connection to her. Like, how could you? She’s a vile human being. But thankfully, it’s no longer an issue. Because sheila’s no longer an issue.

Deacon: Okay, this isn’t the end of sheila.

Finn: Deacon, you have been talking a lot of crazy stuff lately.

Deacon: Listen, I know this sounds nuts, all right? It’s not all in my head. Lauren fenmore told me, this– this sugar woman, right? Her face was changed to look exactly like sheila’S. The spitting image. I know, it sounds far-fetched.

Finn: No, deacon. It sounds impossible.

Deacon: I get it, man. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it either. But I’m telling you, it’s the truth. I swear to you, it’s the truth. Type 2 diabetes?

Ridge: No, I don’t want to go to the club. It’s numb. Yeah, you can come to the house. Sure. Um, can you– I’m sorry. No, she’ll make something. She loves cooking for you guys. Yes. No, I’m excited too. I can’t wait. Okay. I– I will. I’m sorry. Again.

Brooke: It’s okay. Word travels fast. Everybody wants a piece of you now that you’re back.

Ridge: I want a piece of you now that I’m back doing– um, hey, hi. What were we talking about before ted called? What did–

Brooke: Uh, the kids and your trip. But why don’t we talk more about douglas and thomas.

Ridge: Douglas and thomas. Favorite part of the trip.

Brooke: I’ll bet.

Ridge: It really was because the two of them, they’re– they’re bonding. They– it’s nice to see. It really is.

Brooke: That’s wonderful.

Ridge: But douglas, he brought up a couple of times how much she misses hope. And I’m sure she misses him too.

Brooke: Yes. She is really struggling with that. As well as having a father who refuses to believe that sheila carter is dead.

Steffy: Deacon needs to accept the truth. Sheila’s life ended. It happened right here. I mean, I– I still have visions of her coming at me. Must have been terrifying.

Steffy: Yeah, it was awful. And then finn shows up and he sees his biological mother’s blood on the ground. I mean… the point being is that sheila’s dead. Somebody needs to give your father the message.

Hope: I do think that deep down, he realizes that.

Steffy: Yeah, but the way he’s been talking–

Hope: I know. I know, steffy. But at the same time, he is still my dad. And I feel bad for him. I– I mean, I am allowed to worry about him.

Steffy: It’s just so weird to me. How could you love somebody like that?

Hope: I– believe me, it was weird for me too. But now that sheila is no longer part of the picture, I’m hoping we can all just move on.

Steffy: But how can we move on when deacon is saying that sheila is alive? Like, that is so irresponsible. Especially after all the things she has done to us.

Hope: No, and I agree. I just think my dad is… he’s processing it in his own way. And he is going to have to accept reality eventually.

Steffy: Well, until your dad is ready to face the facts, he needs to stay out of my husband’s head.

Finn: You need to snap out of it.

Deacon: Don’t put me in a straitjacket yet, doc. Look, I’m not insane. Just hear me out. Lauren said that she and sheila went way back, right? I mean, there was stuff that I hadn’t heard about.

Finn: What, like this sugar person?

Deacon: Yes, exactly. Okay, sugar went to go see the plastic surgeon, but sheila paid the surgeon to make sugar look like her.

Finn: What, so she’s basically had herself cloned?

Deacon: No, no, only her face. But that was enough to put sugar away to pay for sheila’s crimes.

Finn: And you’re buying this story?

Deacon: This is the only explanation.

Finn: Okay, deacon, you may be gullible–

Deacon: Okay, wait a minute. Steffy saw what she thought was sheila’s face when she stabbed her that night. I saw the same face at the morgue, and then again, right before the body went into the cremation chamber. But she had ten toes.

Finn: This is the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard.

Deacon: I get it, I get it! But that’s what happened. Sheila’s more of a genius than we ever thought. If advanced lung cancer

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: I’m worried about hope.

Ridge: Well, with deacon, as her father, how can you not be?

Brooke: He’s been acting very strangely lately.

Ridge: He always acts strange, that’s what he does. And he was never there for her, ever.

Brooke: Thankfully, you were. I never could have asked for a better father figure than you for my daughter.

Ridge: Well, thank you. I hope she sees it that way.

Brooke: I’m sure she does. Although I know she would have liked to have her father around more.

Ridge: I’m sure she would have liked that. Maybe this is a blessing. I mean, look at him. He’s– he’s a strange boy. He’s a convicted felon. And he tries to hang out with psychopaths.

Brooke: Nobody condones that, especially my daughter.

Ridge: I wouldn’t say anybody condones it, but look what he’s doing. He’s hanging out with sheila, and after everything that she’s done to you, to me, steffy, finn.

Brooke: My daughter wants a relationship with him. And they were getting close, until he hooked up with her. I mean, now that sheila is gone, maybe they’ll be able to build their bond again. That is if deacon can move on and forget about sheila.

Steffy: Finn thinks your dad is just conjuring up some fantasy.

Hope: Well, my dad is convinced that he saw ten toes.

Steffy: Okay, that didn’t happen. Deacon is delusional. He’s, like, painting some picture where sheila could just come back to life. And that’s just not happening.

Hope: But, obviously, my dad is struggling. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be entertaining these theories.

Steffy: Because as soon as he digests the truth, then it becomes real. So, he’d rather live in denial. I mean, this whole thing is just a waste of time. Was he really that in love with her?

Hope: Evidently.

Steffy: Deacon needs to wake up. He needs to deal with his problems. Stop dragging finn into this spiral. Asking to see him? That is so disrespectful. I mean, finn is still trying to work through everything. Everything with sheila, that happened right here, at my hand. Look, deacon is making it extremely difficult for finn to just let it go. He’s constantly reminding him, bringing it up and I just want to be able to live in peace again. Deacon needs to stop talking about all this nonsense that sheila is alive.

[ Steffy grunts ]

Deacon: Lauren said sheila bragged years ago about what she’d done to sugar.

Finn: How do you know lauren’s not messing with you?

Deacon: Why would she lie? This is bonkers. Come on, man, you couldn’t write this stuff if you tried.

Finn: No, the whole scenario.

Deacon: There’s more, okay? So sugar finally gets put away for sheila’s crimes, right? And then lauren goes to visit sheila, or the person she thought was sheila, in the mental ward. Ultimately, sugar escapes, goes after lauren’s son, posing as sheila. But then lauren, she realizes that sheila would never go after her son. And when the police caught who they thought was sheila, it was lauren who put it all together. The authorities, they confirmed it with the fingerprints. Sugar confessed to everything. She sang like a canary.

Finn: So what, this sugar woman, she’s just been rotting in prison all this time?

Deacon: Yes, yes, except, except, she was recently released. And somehow, wound up at your place, inside your house, where she got stabbed by steffy. And before that happened, I think she did something to sheila.

Finn: Like what?

Deacon: I– I don’t know, something bad. I think your mother’s in real trouble. At bombas, we’re obsessed with socks.

Ridge: I planned a nice little evening for us.

Brooke: Oh?

Ridge: Couple’s massage. Mm-hmm. Gourmet dinner, and then, lucky you, you can have me all to yourself.

Brooke: Sign me up for all of the above. It’s been no fun sleeping without you.

Ridge: It’s gonna be nice to reconnect.

Brooke: Yes. We can put everything else behind us.

Ridge: Okay. So, what is deacon saying about sheila? He doesn’t believe she’s gone?

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: He’s making some ridiculous claims.

Ridge: Like what? What is he saying?

Brooke: He’s refusing to believe that sheila passed away.

Ridge: She passed away. She’s gone. It’s done. The witch is dead. The coroner said she was gone, right? So– he saw her go up in smoke.

Brooke: I don’t know what deacon’s thinking.

Ridge: No one knows what he’s thinking. You know what, he just, he can’t live in a world that– that– that makes sense to anybody else. Sheila is gone. Out of our lives. He’s gotta deal with that.

Brooke: Yeah. I just wish he would stop fighting it. For all of our sakes. Especially hope’S. It’s beginning to take a toll.

Ridge: That’s not fair. It’s not fair to hope. It’s not fair to steffy. They shouldn’t have to think about sheila carter ever again.

Steffy: Deacon needs to get a grip.

Hope: Uh, he is heading down a bit of a dark path, but I’ve tried warning him.

Steffy: He’s already there. He’s in full-on crazy town. Like, is this really how he wants to live his life? Who he wants to be? He’s like living in a different reality.

Hope: I’m just hoping that he needs to get it out of his system, and once he realizes that he was imagining things, that sheila is not returning, he will get back to his old self.

Steffy: Yeah, well, hopefully that can happen today.

Hope: Tell me about it.

Steffy: Has finn said anything to you? Well, I know you two have spent some time together.

Hope: Uh, yeah, finn’s mentioned sheila. There’s feelings for her, but intricate and nuanced.

Steffy: I wish it was more cut and dry, that finn saw sheila for the monster that she was, but I guess his– his heart is just way too big. I just don’t want finn buying into deacon’s twisted fairy tale.

Finn: It’s too implausible.

Deacon: I think so too. If I couldn’t show you something to prove that it’s the truth. She’s a dead ringer for your mom. No pun intended.

Finn: Have you ever heard of photo editing?

Deacon: Come on, man, you’ve got to stop doubting me. What I’m telling you is legit. Look, I get this sounds nuts, maybe the most ludicrous story you’ve ever heard, but I’m not lying to you, and lauren fenmore wasn’t lying either. Why would she? She’s got nothing to gain from it. She hates your mother. Look, finn, the simple fact is this. Sugar is a mirror image of sheila, but with ten toes. That’s who I saw in the crematorium. Sugar, not sheila.

Finn: You’re really buying all of this?

Deacon: I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life.

Finn: Deacon, this is beyond the realm of reason or anything that I have ever even heard of as a doctor. And look, I have come to peace with sheila. I’ve accepted that she’s gone and we’re never going to see her again. And even then, after everything that she has done to me, it was hard letting go of her. All right? That connection that I’ve never been fully able to understand or articulate was destroyed. It ceased to exist. And so what? Now you’re telling me now that that’s not the case? That I might have a second chance with the woman that brought me into this world?

Deacon: Yes, yes, sheila is out there. I don’t know where she is, but you and me, we got to go find her. We got to find sheila right now.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: Prisoner janet webber, former warden, released from prison a couple months ago. My god. She– she was alive. She was free. That could have been her that I saw in the slab at the crematorium. Because it sure as hell wasn’t sheila.

Steffy: Where’s your scrub, dr. Finnegan?

Finn: In the bag. Is this for me?

Steffy: Oh, I thought you’d be working from home today.

Finn: I won’t be at the hospital long.

Steffy: Okay, good. I’ll make sure I’m ready for you when you come home.

Finn: That sounds nice.

[ Knocking on door ]

Steffy: It’s open.

Hope: It’s open? Well, that’s a nice surprise.

[ Steffy chuckles ]

Steffy: Yeah, no guards.

Hope: Well, it must be quite a relief.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: Now that sheila’s gone, we can finally breathe again.

Hope: Uh, about that, before we get to work, I just wanted to take the opportunity to apologize on behalf of my dad for the crazy things he’s been saying about sheila.

Luna: I thought that I was with rj, zende. I saw his face. How could I make that up? What have I done? How could I do this to him?

[ Carter clearing his throat ]

Zende: Hey, carter.

Carter: How’s it going?

Zende: I have been better.

Carter: Yeah, I see that. It’s hard to work when you can’t stop thinking about luna.

[ Door slamming ]

Luna: Oh, ridge, I brought– rj.

Zende: Hope’s counting on me. I want to give her my best designs.

Carter: Well, judging by your face, if it’s too much here, you can work at home, zende.

Zende: Yeah, where luna and I spent the night? Now, that’ll really help me focus.

Carter: You want to talk about it? You’re a good guy, zende. What happened with luna was messed up.

Zende: It was a bad misunderstanding. Luna thought she was with rj, not with me.

Carter: Yeah, that might be true. But you knew you were in bed with your cousin’s girlfriend, right?

Zende: You haven’t talked to anyone about this, have you? I mean, especially your best friend, my uncle ridge.

Carter: It’s not my place to say anything.

Zende: Thank you. Please, please keep it that way. I can’t even imagine how ridge would react being rj’s dad. He would never understand.

Carter: Understand, zende? Do you fully understand? You slept with your cousin’s girlfriend. That’s your cousin. That’s your family. And you’re worried about ridge? You can’t stop thinking about her. He is the least of your concerns. You betrayed your family, man. And despite all that, you’re crazy about her. It’s written all over your face.

Luna: Hope is, uh, really excited about the new fabric samples and she wanted your dad to see them, so. Uh, I’ll– I’ll go.

Rj: Wait, luna, don’t go. I miss you.

Hope: I really have no idea what my dad is doing. Going around town saying that sheila is alive.

Steffy: Well, she’s not.

Hope: Well, of course not. And we have no reason to believe that.

Finn: Deacon does.

Hope: Well, he’s wrong. And I understand that my dad is hurting, but it is not fair. I mean, we’ve already suffered enough because of sheila. Especially you, steffy.

Finn: I agree. And I don’t think that’s deacon’s intention. He’s in denial. It’s part of the process. He’s convinced himself he saw ten toes on sheila to give himself some hope that she’s still alive. It’s the only explanation.

Deacon: You can’t make this stuff up. This is unbelievable. I’m not losing it. This explains it. It– it wasn’t sheila that got cremated. It was sugar. It was sugar. Then where the hell are you, sheila? Damn it, where are you? My celebrity colorist?

Zende: You’re right. I am crazy about luna. The way I acted when she showed up at my place, I, um, I kicked myself, but that night, I thought that she really wanted to be with me. She said she was waiting for me. I thought she wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Carter: And it didn’t matter she’s with your cousin?

Zende: Rj didn’t even cross my mind. Is that wrong? Totally. But in the moment, all I could think about was luna. If I could take it all back, I would do things differently. But I can’T. Carter, I can’t work. I can’t focus. All I can think about is that night. It never should have happened. But I can’t stop thinking about it, either. Because… for me, it was real.

Luna: You know, you don’t have to say that if you don’t mean it.

Rj: I do.

Luna: You– you miss me?

Rj: Of course, I do. I hate being apart. I want to call you, wondering how you are. I keep wanting to talk to someone about all this. The only person I want to talk to is you. It’s just everything. It’s so awkward now. I don’t know what to say to you. I don’t know how to act when we’re around each other. I mean, this isn’t us. This isn’t us. This isn’t– this isn’t who we are. It’s just– it’s just so weird.

Luna: Yeah, uh, I feel the same way, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Rj: Neither do I.

Luna: So what are you saying, rj? You know, you can tell me. I need to know where things stand between us.

Steffy: Deacon can believe whatever he wants. Just don’t bring our family into it.

Finn: Nobody’s buying his theories.

Steffy: Because it’s ludicrous. Like, I don’t care what deacon thinks. I know what happened. What sheila forced me to do.

Hope: Look, no one wants you to relive that, steffy, but at the same time, my dad is struggling. And like finn said, he clearly just can’t accept the fact that sheila’s gone.

Steffy: Well, he needs to accept it. Because sheila is gone. And thank god she is. Sheila’s no longer a threat to us. I’m fine, finn. I’m fine.

Finn: I gotta get going to work. Are you going to be okay?

Steffy: Yeah, babe, I am. I am.

Finn: I’ll be home soon, okay?

Steffy: I love you. Yeah, it’s fine.

Finn: I love you too. See you soon.

Hope: So, dining room table?

Steffy: Yeah, let’s do it.

[ Phone pings ]

Hope: I wanted to talk to you about the projections for hope for the future.

Steffy: [Indistinct]

Hope: Steady. Uh, I also wanted to show you a little bit of what zende and rj have been up to.

Steffy: Their designs have been incredible.

Deacon: Your mother may still be alive, finn. Ugh, when is my allergy spray going to kick in?

Carter: So, luna, she really thought you were rj.

Zende: Yeah. I didn’t know until the next morning. When I think about that night, part of me remembers feeling so close and connected to her. And then I think about the next morning, seeing her so upset, realizing what a mistake it was.

Carter: How’s luna doing with it?

Zende: She feels beyond guilty.

Carter: That’s not right. It’s not her fault.

Zende: No. She realizes it was because she was drugged by her mom’s mints. But she feels guilty for lying to rj. For keeping it a secret as long as she did.

Carter: She told him?

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: What’d he say? Did he understand?

Zende: Would you? Who knows what rj’s gonna do now.

Rj: And you wanna know where we stand, and you deserve an answer.

Luna: Yeah, but, like, if you’re still trying to figure it out, I can–

Rj: I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m hurt. And I’m more confused now than when you first told me. Because every time I think about it, I see you in zende’s bed, in his arms. It’s not your fault. You thought it was me. And I– I– I believe you. I mean, what happened that night was terrible, but nobody can blame you for it. No one. And don’t you dare do it either.

Luna: But, what if you can’t get past it?

Rj: I want to. I want our life back.

Hope: I’m confident that hope for the future can meet these targets.

Steffy: It’s pretty ambitious.

Hope: I have an ambitious team.

Steffy: Well, if you do need more time, we can talk to katie and just tweak the schedule.

Hope: Oh, zende and rj are pretty revved up about it, and I trust them to follow through.

Steffy: Sounds like you’re managing the transition.

Hope: Since thomas left?

Steffy: He and douglas are enjoying their time overseas.

Hope: I heard.

Steffy: It’s good for them.

Hope: It’s been challenging for me. I miss them.

Steffy: So do I.

Hope: Well, I don’t think you have to worry about hope for the future. I am determined to make our next collection a success.

Steffy: I’m sure it will be.

Hope: Steffy, you wanted me away from your brother, so you don’t have to act sympathetic, really. Just be grateful for what’s going right in your life. Sheila’s gone, and you are married to an amazing husband and father.

Deacon: Finn.

Finn: Look, I’m on my way to the hospital. What’s going on?

Deacon: Okay, listen. You’re gonna want to sit down for this.

Finn: Sit down? I’m pretty sure I won’t, because I assume this has to do with sheila.

Deacon: I would not have texted if it wasn’t important.

Finn: Look, and I told you last time, I am done talking about sheila and this crazy idea that she isn’t dead.

Deacon: Look, I know. I thought I was crazy too, okay? But I think I figured it out, okay? And it makes perfect sense. Now more than ever, I’m convinced that sheila’s alive.

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Carter: So, you don’t know if rj can get past this?

Zende: Luna is hoping he can.

Carter: What about you?

Zende: I think rj would be a fool not to forgive luna.

Luna: I miss you too. So much. I miss seeing you here. I miss talking to you about my day. Joking together about anything. And I miss– and I miss being with you at the beach. You know, just us. Feeling you close. I’m so sorry for hurting you, rj. Really, I am. And I– I hate this distance between us. I mean, what can we do? What can we do to fix this? I– I need to fix it, please.Ever you’re thinking, I just… I just– I don’t want you to forget how much I love you.

Rj: I’m never gonna forget. I love you too, luna. I’m never gonna stop loving you.

Steffy: I know how blessed I am to have finn in my life.

Hope: You’ve been through a lot together.

Steffy: Yeah. And that made us closer. Having sheila as his birth mother, it was– it was a challenge.

Hope: Yeah, but finn’s always been loyal to you, though.

Steffy: Yeah, but he’s always kind of had this connection to sheila. But it’s broken now.

Hope: All right, look, the important thing is you don’t have to worry about her anymore, and she’s never going to be a part of your life ever again.

Steffy: I’m really grateful for that. I just don’t know how much more of sheila my marriage could take.

Finn: Sheila is dead. And I realize that you don’t want to accept that, or you can’t, but it’s the cold, hard fact.

Deacon: No, it’s not. There’s more to it, more you don’t know.

Finn: Steffy stabbed sheila. She saw her face. You saw her face. It is not healthy to be clinging to this idea that sheila might still be out there.

Deacon: She is out there. I don’t know where, but that’s why I called you. We have to go find her.

Finn: Look, you’re wasting your time, and you’re wasting mine.

Deacon: Listen to me, please.

Finn: No, you need to let this go, okay? I’ve heard enough. You need help, deacon.

Deacon: I need your help. Your mother needs your help.

Finn: My birth mother is gone. She’s not coming back. And I don’t care about ten toes. I don’t want to hear another word about it. I don’t care what you think you saw at the crematorium. I am done.

Deacon: Listen– listen to me, please. It’s not about that, okay? Listen, I found out something, all right? Your mother, she had a friend, an accomplice, sugar.

Finn: You told me about her. I don’t know who this is.

Deacon: I know, I know. I didn’t either, okay? But somebody from your mother’s past, from genoa city, came to visit me and I asked her about it.

Finn: Asked who about it?

Deacon: Lauren fenmore. It doesn’t matter. If anybody knows about your mother’s past, it’s lauren. And yeah, she thought I was nuts too, okay? Until I mentioned sugar. Brace yourself, pal, because this is legit. I don’t, I just, I couldn’t figure out, how could I have seen sheila’s face and seen ten toes?

Finn: Because you didn’T.

Deacon: You’re right. I didn’t because it wasn’t sheila’s face. Lauren put it together for me. Sugar and sheila were one and the same.

Finn: Yeah, I’m not following you, deacon.

Deacon: Plastic surgery. Sugar thought sheila was her friend. Sheila convinced sugar to have cosmetic surgery, but sheila was in cahoots with the surgeon. When he was finished with sugar, she had sheila’s face.

Finn: She had sheila’s face?

Deacon: Yeah.

Finn: So, would they look alike?

Deacon: No, not alike. Identical.

Finn: Deacon, this is insane.

Deacon: This is the wackiest story I’ve ever heard, but it makes perfect sense. Don’t you get it, man? There is somebody out there that looks exactly like sheila with ten toes.

Finn: So, you actually–

Deacon: Yes, yes, I think it was sugar that was in the crematorium. Not sheila. Don’t you get what this means, man? Your mom is still alive. Sheila is out there, and she is still alive.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Deacon: Thanks.

[ Indistinct chatter ] She actually got cosmetic surgery to look like sheila.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh, that water was amazing.

[ Steffy laughs ]

Finn: Yeah. I was just… getting to be alone out there with you.

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Finn laughs ] Li’s such a saint, letting us have the morning.

Finn: Yeah. I mean, I could stay in the ocean all day with you, but, um, I mean, do you have any other ideas on how we could, uh, spend the rest of our morning?

Steffy: I think I have some ideas.

Finn: Yeah?

Rj: So this is what you’re telling me, you accidentally took your mother’s drugs and then you stumbled into one of the guest houses on my granddad’s property?

Luna: Yeah.

Rj: I– I wasn’t there, but someone was, right? Who was it?

Luna: I spent the night with zende.

Brooke: Good morning, sweetheart.

Rj: Hi, mom.

Brooke: Honey?

Rj: Hmm?

Brooke: You seem… what’s wrong?

Luna: I should have come to you right away that next morning. I should have told you exactly what happened.

Rj: You didn’T. You’ve been hiding it from me this whole time. I’m– I’m– I’m still trying to make sense of all this. It’s just every time I look at you, I see you in zende’s bed. In his arms. I just– I need time.

[ Knocking on door ]

Poppy: Oh, sweetheart. I’m so sorry.

Poppy: Luna, I am so sorry. My mints.

Luna: I don’t want to talk about it, okay? I know that you gave them up and you feel horrible.

Poppy: I do. More than you’ll ever know. Where do things stand with you and rj?

Brooke: Rj, you’re starting to worry me. What is it?

Rj: I’d rather not talk about it, okay?

Brooke: Okay, I respect that, but I can see that you’re upset. So, is it work? Is it your friends? It’s not your grandfather, is it?

Rj: No.

Brooke: Okay, well, that’s good. Is it something to do with luna? You two have a disagreement? That’s okay, you know, because sometimes in a relationship, there are rocky times.

Rj: This is more than a disagreement or a rocky time, though.

Brooke: What happened? You know you can talk to me about anything. So what is it? Maybe I can help.

Rj: I don’t think you can. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Luna was with another guy.

[ Phone chimes ]

Finn: Mm. No. I better get it. Ah. Hmm. Oh, look at this.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh! Look at kelly and hayes. Oh, my god, they’re so cute. Look at them with li. I’m so glad beth was up for a play date.

Finn: Mm, believe me, she’s having as much fun as they are.

Steffy: Yeah, you’re right. It’s so nice. Just this beautiful blended family. I love it.

Finn: So do I. Speaking of blended families, hope stopped by yesterday and dropped off kelly’s goggles.

Steffy: Well, that was nice of her.

Finn: Yeah, it was. Also, gave me a chance to tell her that her dad still thinks sheila’s alive.

Deacon: Who the hell are you? Here we go. Okay. Janet webber, warden in hemet, california prison. This is crazy. Okay, so sheila tricks sugar into getting cosmetic surgery to look like her. And then sugar takes the fall for sheila’s crimes. Sheila wasn’t the one who was getting cremated. I’m not losing my mind here. Are you still alive? Shake up your shower

Poppy: Rj realizes that none of this was your fault, right?

Luna: It doesn’t matter. I broke his heart.

Poppy: What did he say?

Luna: He wishes that I let him know sooner. And as much as he still cares about me, he can’t stop picturing me in zende’s bed. He needs time.

Poppy: You are innocent in all of this. Doesn’t rj understand that? Can’t he forgive you?

Brooke: What are you saying, rj? Who was luna with?

Rj: Zende.

Brooke: Zende? Oh, my god, luna slept with zende?

Rj: Well, she thought it was me. She was– she was drugged by her own mother. She– poppy’s mints turned out to be more than just mints, mom.

Brooke: How can poppy be so negligent?

Rj: Luna had no idea.

Brooke: Are you sure about all of this? It’s really hard to believe.

Rj: I– I know, but it’s true. I believe luna.

Steffy: You told hope her dad thinks sheila’s alive?

Finn: Yeah, and, uh, she was pretty upset when she heard the things deacon was saying.

Steffy: Well, she should be. She should be extremely concerned. I mean, he is way off-base. He’s seeing things that aren’t even there.

Finn: I don’t know, it has to be the grief, but deacon’s really struggling. But I don’t know, i saw things too at one point.

Steffy: Finn, do not compare yourself to deacon. I mean, you had no choice having this connection to sheila. But deacon, he’s just, like, willingly diving into the drama, so of course he’s going to see things.

Finn: Well, grief has its way of playing tricks on your mind. And that’s the only explanation for why he thinks he saw sheila with 10 toes.

Deacon: Oh. Come on, there’s got to be more out here on you.

[ Laptop chimes ] No, I don’t want a free sample of ethically sourced coconut sugar. All right, there’s a person out there that looks exactly like sheila, but has 10 toes. Is that person you, sugar? That’s the question. My celebrity colorist?

Poppy: Rj knows that you never would have betrayed him if you were in your right mind, right? Can’t he forgive you?

Luna: I hope so. I mean, I– I can tell how much he still loves me.

Poppy: Of course he does. And that is all that matters.

Luna: Does it, mom? Is that really all that matters? I mean, will it ever be that simple for rj again?

Brooke: I am heartbroken for luna. I am. And for you, honey. But how could zende do this?

Rj: All I want to do is tear his head off every time I see him now. But I’m not saying that he took advantage of luna. He didn’T. I believed him when he told me that he didn’t know she was on anything. Zende would never do anything against her consent.

Brooke: I don’t think that he would, but still. Think about it. Luna went to eric’s party with you, as your girlfriend, on your arm. You two have been together for months. Everybody knew that. Zende knew it. So for him to do this is– is a terrible betrayal. It is. It’s unforgivable. When your father finds out about this–

Rj: No! You cannot tell dad.

Brooke: Rj, he needs to know.

Rj: Mom, please. I want to protect luna because this isn’t her fault. I don’t want this getting around and people misunderstanding and hurting her reputation. Despite everything, she means too much to me. I’ll take care of zende. Please, mom. Do not say anything. It would devastate luna if this got out.

Brooke: O– okay. I won’t tell your father. I– I just can’t believe this. I– I– I can’t believe the drugs. Your cousin. I– I know you’re dealing with a lot. And I know you’re shocked. But what about luna? I think about what she went through. How is she? Is she all right?

Deacon: There has got to be more of this janet webber, aka sugar. Damn it, sheila, where the hell are you? Okay, okay, go– go over the– go over the text chain. “How did you get this number? It doesn’t matter. I got nothing else to say to you. I’m going to find you. Leave me alone, sugar. Leave me alone, sugar.” You sounded scared. Scaring you was no small feat. So she’d just leave town without telling me? Are you still out there, sheila? Are you in danger?

(“Holiday road”)

Luna: I broke rj’s trust. I mean, I slept with his cousin. Mom, if you could only see how– how devastated he was. I can’t blame him if he– if he never gets past what I did.

Poppy: What you did? Luna, you’re talking like you went after zende. That you intentionally and willingly spent the night with him. It was an accident.

Luna: I betrayed him.

Poppy: No, you didn’T. You would never do that to him on purpose.

Luna: No, of course not. I love him.

Poppy: And he loves you.

Luna: Yeah, but I– I should have never kept this from him. You were trying to protect his relationship with his cousin. That’s noble. You wound up telling him anyway. You could have kept this all to yourself. That is not who you are. You’re kind, honest, loving. Of course rj’s hurting right now. But he knows who you are. He knows what you stand for. Please, sweetheart. Please don’t lose faith in rj and his love for you.

Brooke: How is luna handling all of this?

Rj: She’s still so torn up. She’s blaming herself. Wondering how this could have happened. She thinks she betrayed me and our family.

[ Brooke gasps ]

Brooke: Are you kidding me? She is not to blame. She’s not. It was her mother’s drugs. She didn’t know. I believe it. And as a woman, I can only imagine what she felt. Waking up thinking that she was with you, her boyfriend. When really… I feel a sense of responsibility for her. She works at forrester creations. And this happened at the forrester estate. And she is a sweet, young, beautiful woman who went through a traumatic experience. I mean, this is terrible. What happened to her was– it’s horrifying, honestly. Can you imagine realizing that you think you’re with your boyfriend, but you wake up with somebody else, like, zende. Oh my god, zende! What was he doing? What was he thinking? How could he do this to you, honestly? He’s your cousin. And he knows how much you love luna. This, honestly, is a horrible betrayal. I’m sorry, honey. I am. I’m so sorry. I can see that you still love luna.

Rj: Of course I do. None of this was her fault. I–

Brooke: No. No, it wasn’T. And I will not tell your father, I promise. I just want you to know that I’m here for you. For you and luna. Whatever you need. Okay?

Rj: Okay.

Brooke: I just hope that you and luna can get back to where you were before this terrible night.

Brooke: Okay?

Rj: Okay.

Finn: Deacon’s inability to let sheila go concerns hope.

Steffy: Well– well why does it have to be a problem for us? I mean, deacon chose to love that monster. Sorry.

Finn: No, no. I’m sorry. Talking about sheila is getting me all worked up, and I don’t want to upset you.

Steffy: No, but I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to me.

Finny: I can talk to you. I know you can talk to you. I– you have been my rock through all of this. I couldn’t get through this without you. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have a woman like you. Married to you.

Steffy: And don’t you forget it.

Finn: And look, I know I have this very illogical connection to sheila, but it doesn’t and it will never compare to the connection that I have with you and the kids. You’re my light. Right through all this. But guess what? We’re free. Steff, we never have to worry about sheila again.

Deacon: What the hell happened? All right, come on, man, focus. Finally! How– how the hell did I miss this? Okay, prison warden janet webber was serving a prison sentence. Oh, my god. She was released a couple months ago. That could have been her that I saw at the crematorium. 10 toes and all. And if that was sugar, and if she had it out for sheila, and now sugar’s dead, then where the hell is sheila?

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B&B Transcript Monday, April 22, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Mellow music ]

Deacon: Right, so you’re– you’re telling me that this sugar woman had cosmetic surgery and looks just like sheila?

Lauren: Not looks like. She’s sheila’s identical twin. Look, deacon, I realize how farfetched this all sounds.

Deacon: Farfetched? This sounds insane.

Lauren: But still, it’s true. And that means…

Deacon: What it means is that I’m not crazy after all. That I did see sheila’s face and ten toes.

Steffy: Deacon’s delusional. I told him that the other day.

Liam: You two got into it?

Steffy: Sheila’s dead. I was there. I’m the one who killed her.

Liam: Yeah, I know. In self-defense.

Steffy: Yes! There’s no way she’s still alive. Like I said, the guy’s delusional.

Hope: Well, clearly my father must be in a considerable amount of pain if he’s saying things like this.

Finn: Look, grief can do strange things to a person.

Hope: This is beyond bizarre, what my dad is claiming. I mean, obviously he’s mistaken, but…

Finn: I’m sure he’ll realize eventually.

Hope: Well, what about you? How are you feeling? My dad asked you if a part of you still wishes your birth mother could be here. And you said it didn’t matter because she’s gone. But how would you feel if, against all odds, my father was right about sheila?

Hope: I– I’m not trying to put you on the spot.

Finn: No, I know, and I appreciate that.

Hope: Hm. I mean, your feelings are your feelings. I just– I don’t know, I can’t help but wonder. I mean, does some part of you wish that sheila were still alive?

Liam: It’s has gotta be getting to you, right? Wearing you down?

Steffy: I’m fine.

Liam: Yeah, okay, but– but you would say that even if you weren’T.

Steffy: If deacon would move on, we could all get on with our lives. Instead, he’s concocting these absurd stories. I just want to be done with sheila once and for all.

Deacon: You saw this woman, sugar’s face, with your own two eyes?

Lauren: Yes.

Deacon: She’s the spitting image of sheila?

Lauren: Sheila’s mother wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Deacon: But how is this even possible? I mean, to– to transform one person into another, to give them the same face? I mean, look, I don’t care how talented a plastic surgeon is, to pull something like that off, it’s– it’s–

Lauren: It’s mind-blowing.

Deacon: It’s preposterous. This is the craziest story I’ve ever heard. Sheila really did a number on you, didn’t she?

Lauren: For years. Decades. The nightmare that was sheila carter began with me, and I was so happy that it ended with steffy.

Deacon: And now, like me, you’re wondering if maybe it didn’T. Lauren, this is why you have to tell me everything that you know about sheila and sugar.

[Alarm bell]

Hope: Yeah, but feelings are already complicated enough as is. And then, to have people that have had a big impact on our lives, good or bad, that just–

Finn: Like– like sheila.

Hope: Yeah. I mean, finn, you didn’t know who your birth mother was for the majority of your life. All those years of wondering, and then to finally find out, and it’S… her?

Finn: Yeah, and unfortunately, sheila came with a lot of baggage. She’s done terrible things to my wife and her family. And after all of that, I shouldn’t have any feelings at all for sheila. But I have felt a connection to her. One that I have never fully understood. And I don’t know if it’s biological or what it is, but to answer your question, do I want sheila dead? Stabbed to death by my wife? No.

Steffy: It’s like sheila is still pulling the strings, beyond the grave, and deacon is helping.

Liam: I– I know it feels that way, but sooner or later, deacon is gonna realize that this crazy woman he was integrating into his life is actually gone. It’s just– in the meantime…

Steffy: In the meantime, we can’t get back to normal. Something I want so badly.

Liam: I know, I know, I want that for you too. God knows you’ve been through enough because of sheila, and it just needs to be over.

Steffy: I thought it was, liam. I mean, they pronounced her dead. I thought that sheila could no longer harm me or my family.

Liam: Steffy, hey, she can’T. She actually can’T. No matter how much deacon rants and raves about her still being alive, which is weird.

Steffy: See, that’s– that’s what’s still so frustrating. Like, he’s not able to let her go.

Liam: Well, I– I would say cut the guy some slack, because he’s grieving, except… you know, his actions are hurting you, and that’s not acceptable. And by the way, you know this applies to finn too, right?

Sheila: My husband is just as concerned. But he doesn’t have any more sway over deacon than I do.

Liam: Really? Even though he’s her son?

Steffy: Okay, even though finn is sheila’s biological son, that’s all it’s ever gonna be. She’s never gonna touch finn’s life, or our lives, ever again.

Deacon: I realize this isn’t easy for you, reliving everything sheila put you through.

Lauren: You have no idea.

Deacon: I think I do. Yeah, I love sheila. I mean, as crazy as it sounds to everyone, but… I’m aware of a lot of the awful things she’s done.

Lauren: Just not all of them.

Deacon: Clearly. Especially not the sugar-sheila connection. She never said a word about it.

Lauren: Let’s just say… I don’t know why you let a woman like sheila into your life.

Deacon: I’m not sure either. Not entirely, anyway. But it happened. And now, I’m left trying to figure out something else about sheila.

Lauren: Whether she’s really dead or not.

Deacon: Or if something else is going on. And based on everything you’ve told me, I’m starting to think there is. All right, so… so sheila befriended sugar, who was her warden.

Lauren: Right. And sugar helped her escape. They somehow made it to south america. And sheila promised sugar some plastic surgery. But sheila had the plastic surgeon make sugar identical to sheila. I found out about it when sheila and I were held captive. And that is when–

Deacon: And that’s when she confessed that she made sugar look like her.

Lauren: Confessed? More like bragged. She was so proud of herself that she was able to pull that off. Just another in the long list of crimes by sheila carter.

Deacon: You know, I was really starting to think that I was going crazy. I mean… you know, now that I think about this, I’m more and more convinced that the body that I saw getting torched, that was sugar, not sheila. With cascade platinum plus,

Finn: Does that sound crazy?

Hope: Not wanting your birth mother to be dead? No.

Finn: She did terrible, hurtful things.

Hope: You’ve never made excuses for her, finn. You always knew who sheila was, what she was capable of.

Finn: Exactly. So why aren’t I just glad she’s out of my life forever?

Hope: Well, I don’t want to tell a doctor, but, you know, feelings are complicated. They don’t always make sense.

Finn: Well, in this case, though, it’s not like sheila was part of my world for my entire life. And the fact of the matter is, I was raised by two very loving and amazing adoptive parents who wanted nothing but the best for me. And then, when sheila finally did appear… on my wedding day, no less… for those few moments before I introduced her to steffy and the family, completely unaware of the history that they shared, uh, I– I was thrilled. I mean, I finally had a face and a name to the woman who had carried me for nine months. It was like having all the pieces to the puzzle finally completed, making a picture. You know? At least most of it. Does that make any sense?

Hope: Absolutely.

Finn: You know what doesn’t make any sense, though? How I could still feel something. Or anything for sheila. When she almost took everything that ever mattered to me. My wife, my mom… I mean, my little boy was almost an orphan because of her. And just that should’ve made me want nothing to do with her. Ever. So, I didn’T. At least I know this. Whatever my feelings for sheila, now or then… they aren’t important. Not compared to my feelings for steffy and the kids’ safety and happiness.

Liam: It’s gotta feel good being able to say that.

Steffy: Well, it’s true. Sheila can’t touch our lives ever again.

Liam: Which means that you get to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Steffy: I do. Feels good that sheila’s not here doing her worst.

Liam: I mean, her worst almost cost you your life, so…

Steffy: My husband’s, too. For months, I thought he was dead. Our lives were turned upside down. And somehow, she got out of her crimes. She, like… she avoided justice. ‘Til the night I grabbed the knife and I defended myself.

Liam: And now, for the first time in ages, you can just relax, right? You don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder and worry about the kids.

Steffy: Yeah, that’s– that’s such a relief. Countless times I stood up to her. And the last time–

Liam: Was fatal. For her.

Steffy: Deacon is an idiot if he actually thinks that sheila is alive.

Deacon: So, I’m guessing this happened quite a while ago. Sugar busting out of the mental facility and posing as sheila.

Lauren: Yes. She attacked my son, scotty. And framed sheila. And she almost got away with it.

Deacon: How did she get busted? You know, it didn’t make sense to me that sheila would attack scott. She loved him too much. But that’s a whole other story. I went to go pay her a visit after she was arrested. And that’s when I noticed it.

Deacon: Noticed what?

Lauren: Sheila had severely hurt her ankle. And was walking with a limp. But when they led this sheila away… there was no limp. She was walking perfectly. The police confirmed it and the fingerprints didn’t match.

Deacon: This is– this is unbelievable.

Lauren: And that’s when the floodgates opened up. Sugar confessed everything. She said she did it to– to get back at sheila. She gave up everything for sheila. Her face. Her freedom. So, I mean, honestly, van you even blame her?

Deacon: For– for what? For hating her? For turning her back on her? I mean, that is what you’re saying, right? That sugar had it out for sheila, right?

Lauren: That’s exactly what I’m saying. (Chef vo) fancy feast.

Hope: You do realize you are way overdue, right?

Finn: For what?

Hope: Oh, just… husband and father of the year nomination. I mean, no, really. It’s your unwavering commitment to the kids and your wife. You’re always putting them first.

Finn: You don’t think liam deserves a nom?

Hope: Ah, I think he deserves father of the year, absolutely. He is a great dad. But I do believe your category was husband and father of the year.

Finn: So, we’re not in direct competition for that.

Hope: No, I think you can rest easy on that one. But you really do love it, don’t you?

Finn: Being married to steffy? Yeah. And being the father of two of the most splendiferous kids.

Hope: Oh, splendiferous?

Finn: Yeah. Yes, splendiferous. It’s– it’s kelly’s new favorite word. She’s been using it all the time. Steffy and I have no idea where she picked it up, but she’s been using it constantly. I think it’s wearing off on– on hayes, too. Well, maybe not. I don’t know.

Hope: See, this is what I’m talking about. It’s just– it’s the way you delight in your kids and– and being a husband and your devotion to them. Finn, you’re a good man. And steffy should know how lucky she is to have you.

Steffy: Well, I know you’re in the building to talk business with carter, so I’m assuming that you need to get back to spencer.

Liam: You giving me the heave-ho?

Steffy: I’m not doing that. I just don’t want to waste your time talking about sheila.

Liam: I don’t care. I’ll talk to you anytime, about anything.

Steffy: I know but you have a life, too.

Liam: Well, as it happens, the two biggest priorities in the aforementioned life happen to be my two beautiful, sweet daughters, and you happen to be one of their mothers. Which is kind of why I’m doing all this soul-searching lately, just trying to be the best man and father I can be right now.

Steffy: I think you’re pretty terrific as you are.

Liam: Aw, shucks, thanks. But you’re a little biased. We spent a long time together. We were extremely close and we were fiercely in love. And that– that kind of love, it doesn’t just die.

Deacon: So, you really think sugar could be looking for some payback against of sheila?

Lauren: You’re getting ahead of yourself.

Deacon: How?

Lauren: Sugar is still in prison for her own crimes.

Deacon: What?

Lauren: I just told you. She attacked my son. She tried to kill him.

Deacon: I hope she didn’t succeed.

Lauren: No, no, no, thank god. But if you’re asking me if sugar despises sheila, one hundred percent. Sheila changed her face to look like her own. She set her up to go to prison for her crimes. So, if you think that she has been dreaming about getting revenge on sheila, absolutely.

Deacon: Right.

Lauren: But remember…

Deacon: She’s locked up. She’s not a threat. Unless…

Lauren: Unless what?

Deacon: What– what was sugar’s real name?

Lauren: It was janet webber. Why?

Deacon: I’ve got to find out everything I can about her.

Lauren: Oh, I was so hoping that my decades-long war with sheila was over, and that she was dead. Now, it seems that that may not be the case. Okay, look, I, uh, I’ve gotta get back to genoa city. But deacon, I hope you’re wrong. I hope your eyes were playing tricks on you and that it was sheila that was cremated.

Deacon: Sheila, what happened to you?

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B&B Short Recap Monday, April 22, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

Lauren tells Deacon all about Sheila and Sugar, and why Sugar would have it out for Sheila. However, she lets him know that Sugar is still in prison. Deacon learns that Sugar’s real name is Janet Webber (nice nod to Sugar’s original portrayer, Robin Mattson, who also played Janet on “All My Children” and Heather Webber on “General Hospital!”); he’s determined to find out more.

Steffy tells Liam that Deacon is delusional for thinking that Sheila is still alive. They discuss this. Liam flirts with Steffy as he leaves.

Hope asks Finn how he’s doing (dealing with Sheila beind dead). They, too, discuss Deacon’s belief that Sheila might still be alive. Finn pours out his feelings about what meeting Sheila for the first time meant to him. She praises him for being such a great father and husband.


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B&B Transcript Friday, April 19, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Deacon: Answer me, lauren. What do you know about sugar? Does that name mean anything to you? Sheila was texting with her before she went to steffy’S. Lauren, answer me! Who the hell is sugar?

[ Knock on door ]

Finn: Oh, hey.

Hope: Uh, did I catch you at a bad time?

Finn: No, no, no. I just, um, I just got back from a swim, actually.

Hope: Oh, well, funny you should say that. Speaking of, kelly’s goggles.

Finn: Oh, nice. She forgot these, huh?

Hope: Yeah, and I just– you know, things are still a little tense with steffy at work and I just happened to be driving by, so…

Finn: Hm.

Hope: Plus, I just– I wanted to check on you and see how you were doing after…

Finn: You know deacon’s eccentric and quirky?

Steffy: Yeah, clearly. He dated sheila.

Finn: Right, well, now you can add paranoid and delusional to the list. Because get this. Deacon is questioning whether or not sheila is actually dead.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Deacon’s convinced himself sheila may still be alive.

[ Knock on door ]

Liam: Yo, steffy.

Steffy: Liam, hi. What?

Liam: Good, she is alive.

Steffy: What?

Liam: Well, I’ve texted you, like, four times.

Steffy: Oh, you did? Oh. Oh, my phone’s on silent. God, for a second I– I thought you meant, um…

Liam: Meant what? Hey, are you okay? What’s going on with you?

Finn: Yeah, well I appreciate you checking in on me. Especially when I know you’re not a fan of sheila’S.

Hope: Well, even though i might not exactly be sad about sheila’s death, I– I can still be sympathetic to you. I know you’re going through a lot. She’s still your birth mother and, uh, how it all happened is…

Finn: I mean, has it been easy? No. But sheila only had herself to blame.

Hope: Well, when she was alive, she certainly posed a threat to your marriage. She put a strain on it.

Finn: Yeah, wondering if and when she would snap again. And, well, she finally did.

Hope: Well, I guess maybe that’s the silver lining, then? You and steffy, you don’t ever have to worry about sheila carter ever again.

Steffy: Actually, you’re here for the meeting, right? How did it go with the ad budget?

Liam: Yes. Yeah, uh… no, carter and I, we hammered it all out. We even talked about online presence and it’s good. It’s all good. I just figured I’d pop in to update you after. But, uh, clearly, it’s not a great time.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Steffy: You know, just when you think you’re able to, like, move on, close a chapter, some idiot just chimes in and yanks you back to where you were.

Liam: Ooh. Who’s the idiot?

Steffy: Deacon. I think you know how hard this has been. And I’m still just trying to process killing someone. You know, my husband’s biological mother, and I’m really trying to come to terms with that. But it’s, uh–

Liam: And deacon is interfering with that process? Or…

Steffy: Deacon thinks… deacon thinks sheila still may be alive.

Deacon: How did sheila know this sugar person? Lauren, tell me, please! You know exactly who she is.

Lauren: The sugar that I know couldn’t possibly be texting sheila. Or anyone else, for that matter. Because she’s in jail.

Deacon: Why?

Lauren: That is ancient history. And you know what? I do not want to talk about sheila or sugar ever again. And I strongly advise you to forget about sheila and anyone that she could be texting.

Deacon: Wait, lauren, please. I’m sorry. Look, I can see this is upsetting you. I am not trying to stress you out here with bad memories, but I’ve got serious reason to believe that sheila is still alive, as crazy as that might sound.

Lauren: It is extremely crazy, and I’m not listening to it.

Deacon: Please, lauren. No one has history with sheila like you. You may be the one person who can help me figure this out.

Lauren: Oh, because I’m the resident sheila expert? How I hate that title. And I hate knowing what I know about that psychopath!

Deacon: You might not know everything. There’s something sheila did, it was an act of desperation. Something she did recently to stay out of jail. To stay alive. Sheila has nine toes.

Lauren: Yes, I know she cut one off. So, what does some fake bear attack have anything to do with sheila being dead? My celebrity colorist?

Hope: Wait, wait, wait. What– what, um… so, are you– are you seriously telling me that–

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, and your dad is convinced. And like this was seconds before the body was engulfed in flames. And so, there’s no way for him to actually confirm how many toes were on the body.

Hope: Well, then, I mean, obviously, he’s mistaken.

Finn: Obviously.

Hope: Yeah, I mean, there’s no way that he could be… no. No. No. Like sheila, she came here that night. She tried to attack steffy. Steffy had to defend herself, so I don’t know what my dad thinks he saw, but, uh, clearly, he’s wrong. I mean, we all know the person that steffy killed that night was sheila.

Steffy: It is ridiculous that deacon’s telling people this.

Liam: So, like, what’s going on? I mean, is he just losing his mind or something?

Steffy: The man lost his mind when he fell for sheila.

Liam: Uh, that’s fair. But it is weird, right? Like, ’cause he knows exactly what happened. Sheila broke into your place, and she refused to leave, and she came after you, and you–

Steffy: I stabbed her. In self-defense. Deacon knows exactly what went down. Sheila died in my house. There’s no questioning that.

Liam: Well, clearly, in deacon’s mind, there is questioning. Because, uh, apparently he thinks he saw ten toes.

[ Steffy sighs ]

Steffy: Okay, liam, there could be so many explanations.

Liam: I–

Steffy: One being, he saw wrong. He was stressed out in the moment, he saw her body go in, and– I mean, can you really trust your eyes in that situation? Like, deacon is wrong. He is dead wrong. And I say that literally, because I know sheila’s not alive.

Lauren: Sheila faked her own death. Doesn’t that show you how truly insane she was?

Deacon: Or maybe still is. Insane enough to cheat death again. Look, I went to the crematorium, okay? I didn’t want her to be alone.

Lauren: Faithful and misled ’til the very end.

Deacon: It was important to me, all right? I wanted to be by her side one last time. Just to say goodbye. And so I pulled the sheet back to look at her beautiful face, and I said goodbye.

Lauren: I’m sure it was a very special moment for you. Now I need to–

Deacon: Wait, wait, listen. Just as she was about to go into the flames, the sheet fell, exposing her feet. And that’s when I saw it, lauren. I saw ten toes.

Lauren: It’s not possible sheila cut one off.

Deacon: No, it isn’t possible, is it? Because the body that i mourned, the one that I had a– a service for, that wasn’t sheila.

Lauren: Deacon, you’ve got to stop doing this. The body was identified. You saw her.

Deacon: Yes, yes. Once at the morgue, and like I’m trying to tell you, right before she went into the cremator.

Lauren: Then how can you even question that sheila’s alive?

Deacon: The ten toes!

Lauren: You must’ve been seeing things.

Deacon: Don’t you think that I’ve been wondering that too? I’ve been playing this back in my mind again and again. Lauren, I thought I was going insane. I’m telling you, I saw ten toes. That was not sheila.

Lauren: Oh, my god.

Deacon: What?

Lauren: Sugar. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Hope: Okay, well, now I’m– I’m certainly more concerned about my dad if he’s having these delusions.

Finn: Look, I think it’s– I think it’s all part of the grieving process. At least that’s what I tried to tell him. I mean, the power of grief can take the mind to some odd places, sometimes. And this is the way his mind is choosing to cope with the loss.

Hope: By hoping that he hasn’t lost her at all. Is that what you’re trying to say? That he’s just telling himself that he saw what he saw in order to keep some shred of sheila alive?

Steffy: Look, if deacon wants to believe that sheila is alive, fine, but he needs to keep it to himself.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, is he actually going around telling people this?

Steffy: Yes!

Liam: Oof.

Steffy: And it’s so annoying! And it’s really disturbing. I mean, we are all just trying to move on with our lives.

Liam: We all have moved on with our lives, except deacon. I mean, clearly he’s just stuck on it.

Steffy: He’s enamored with sheila. He can’t let her go. He can’t accept that she is gone. I mean, when I think about everything that woman has done to us, just– it’s just–

Liam: Yeah, I mean, I get it. The last thing you need right now is somebody just gaslighting you into thinking she’s still alive.

Deacon: Okay, um, just tell me what you know about sugar.

Lauren: I’ve tried so, so hard to get her out of my mind. It was, uh, so long ago.

Deacon: So, you do know her? Is she from genoa city?

Lauren: Los angeles. Sheila met her in prison.

Deacon: What, was she like her cellmate or something?

Lauren: She was her warden. And it wasn’t long until sheila worked her magic and convinced sugar to help her escape.

Deacon: Oh, my god.

Lauren: And that’s when they resurfaced in genoa city.

Deacon: So sheila and sugar, they were pretty tight-knit. Sheila never said a word about that.

Lauren: Tight? They were one and the same.

Deacon: One and the same?

Lauren: Sheila was in the mental ward, where she belonged. And I went to go see her because I had to make sure it was her for my own peace of mind.

Deacon: Okay, wait, wait. So, what does this have to do with sugar?

Lauren: Everything, deacon. Everything.

Deacon: How? I– I don’t get it. Make me understand.

Lauren: Okay, stop asking questions and start listening. Because you are gonna be as blown away as I was.

Hope: My poor dad. I wish he could just let sheila go instead of trying to convince himself that, what, she’s out there somewhere? I mean, who– who does he think they cremated, then?

Finn: I don’t know. But your father obviously loved sheila very much. You know, there was one thing that he asked me when he was trying to convince me that sheila was still alive.

Hope: What?

Finn: He asked me if part of me still wishes my birth mother was still alive.

Hope: What did you say to that?

Finn: I told him it doesn’t matter how I feel. My birth mother’s gone. Sheila carter’s dead.

Liam: Well, look, deacon’s obviously wrong about this. And if anybody knows that, it’s you.

Steffy: Right. What’s more plausible here? Either deacon didn’t see the toes correctly, or I, I don’t know, I just killed a stranger in my house and told everyone that it’s sheila.

Liam: Also, not to mention, there was a full-on investigation, right? Like, they identified the body. What– what’s he got to say about that?

Steffy: I don’t know. He’s just not living in this reality. I think he’d be saying things differently if he were in my shoes.

[ Steffy gasps ]

Steffy: Sheila, I know it’s you. You stay– you stay away from me. You stay the hell away from me. Get out.

Sheila: No!

Steffy: I’m never gonna forget it. It still haunts me. But deacon is wrong. I killed sheila. She’s dead and gone and she’s never coming back.

Deacon: Figured you for a whiskey gal. So, sheila was in the nut house.

Lauren: For the criminally insane. Or so I thought.

Deacon: Wait, thought? What do you mean thought? Either she was or she wasn’T.

Lauren: Okay, just listen. It will all start to make sense. A few months later, sheila and I were stuck in this–

Deacon: Wait, stuck?

Lauren: Oh, long story. The point is, all that time, I thought she was locked up. And then, I learned…

Sheila: That wasn’t me in the mental institution.

Lauren: But I saw your face.

Sheila: Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase extreme makeover, doesn’t it?

Lauren: Who was it?

Sheila: Very good friend of mine, sugar.

Lauren: Sugar? Who’s that?

Sheila: She was my warden. I convinced her that I was being treated unjustly and she helped me escape.

Lauren: Treated unjustly? After all the horrible things–

Sheila: Do you wanna hear this or not?

Sheila: We– we fled down to south america and that is where sugar sacrificed her face for the cause.

Lauren: How’d you get her to do it?

Sheila: She thought she was going in for a little lift.

Lauren: But instead she came out looking just like you.

Sheila: Well, fortunately, the plastic surgeons down in south america, they’re not quite as honest as the ones up here, lauren.

Lauren: So, you bribed them?

Sheila: Everyone lived happily ever after. Except for sugar. She took my place in hemet.

Lauren: I’m sure she told them she wasn’t you.

Sheila: She’s in a mental institution for the criminally insane. She tells people she’s not sheila carter and they think she’s delusional.

Lauren: My god.

Deacon: What are you telling me, lauren?

Lauren: That there’s someone out there that looks exactly like sheila. Someone with ten toes.

Deacon: Sugar. I was right. It wasn’t sheila that got cremated. She’s– she’s alive. My god, sheila’s alive.

Luna: Here’s a look ahead. I broke his heart.

Brooke: She is not to blame. It was her mother’s drugs.

Finn: You have me thinking.

Deacon: Good, ’cause I’m right. We need to find her right now.

Steffy: Deacon is an idiot if he actually thinks that sheila’s alive.

Deacon: You recognize her, don’t you?

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B&B Short Recap Friday, April 19, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Hope drops by the beach house to bring Kelly’s swim goggles and to check on how Finn is doing since Sheila’s memorial. He has just had a swim and tells her about how Deacon thinks that Sheila is still alive. Liam visits Steffy, who’s a bit on edge because of what Deacon has been saying. She and Liam discuss that. Meanwhile, Lauren fills Deacon in on who Sugar is – an ex-warden of Sheila’s that helped her escape from prison. Sheila tricked her into having plastic surgery to look just like her, down in South America. Deacon realizes that Sugar is the one who died and that Sheila is still alive.


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B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 18, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At home, Finn tells Steffy that he already picked up dinner, so they can just heat it up for a romantic evening when she gets home late from work. When Steffy realizes he got the food from Deacon, she guesses that he’s still saying that Sheila might still be alive. Finn tells her that Deacon is still struggling with Sheila’s death. After some discussion, he assures her that he’s focused on her and the kids now, not Sheila or her death. They kiss and say, “I love you.” He tells her that he’ll give her a back rub later, and then they go back to talk about Deacon and Sheila.

Lauren is in town again, visiting Eric. She asks about his health, so he tells her that he’s doing well. She mentions once more that they’re so lucky not to have to worry about Sheila again. She lets him know that she saw Steffy last time she was visiting. They discuss her and Finn, and then Eric mentions that Deacon is not celebrating Sheila’s death. She can’t believe that he fell for her. Eric reminds her that he once did, too. Lauren reminds him that he was conned by Sheila, not knowing she was a psycho (unlike Deacon). They both agree that they beat Sheila by surviving her.

Deacon keeps wondering who Sugar is. He does a search online but doesn’t find anything. He wonders again if he’s going crazy, but he’s sure that he saw ten toes, so he vows not to give up looking for her. Later, Lauren finds him look at Sheila’s picture on her computer while he thinks. She tells him to detail that photo and any reminders of Sheila. He knows that she had a bad history with Sheila, but he knew her differently. She’s glad Sheila’s gone, but he wonders if Sheila could still be alive. They go through what happened (with Steffy stabbing Sheila). Lauren is walking out when Deacon asks her if she knows someone named, “Sugar.” She stops, shocked, and looks at him. It’s clear that she knows the name.

Zende keeps arguing with RJ to forgive Luna for sleeping with him. RJ gets annoyed and tells RJ that he stabbed him in the back. Zende says that he’s sorry that he betrayed his cousin, and he hopes that he forgives him one day. He urges RJ not to blow his relationship with Luna. RJ also blasts Poppy for her drug use. Zende and Poppy leave Luna and RJ alone to talk. He asks her why she didn’t tell him right after it happened. She wishes she had, but she explains that she didn’t want to ruin his relationship with Zende. He tells her that he needs some time. Luna agrees, looking miserable.


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B&B Transcript Thursday, April 18, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Finn: I, um, I know you’re working late, so… dinner’s already handled.

Steffy: Oh?

Finn: Yeah, just tell me when you’re on your way home and I’ll start heating it up.

Steffy: Takeout?

Finn: Mm-hmm. Yeah, il giardino. In retrospect, I probably should’ve ordered from that thai place we like.

Steffy: Why? Let me guess, you ran into deacon.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: And I’m sure he won’t let it go about sheila.

Eric: Lauren fenmore. You’re spoiling me, you know? Two trips to la in one month.

Lauren: Ah, you’re spoiling me. You made time for me both times.

Eric: Oh, yeah. It’s practically impossible to get you into my busy schedule.

Lauren: Well, it won’t be long. That is gonna be true. I mean, I think you look stronger and healthier than even the last trip.

Eric: Thank you.

Lauren: What are the doctors saying?

Eric: They’re pleased. I mean, nobody’s saying that I’m gonna be back to 100% anytime soon, but I’m gaining on it every day.

Lauren: I love it. I’m so happy for you. I mean, there’s so much to celebrate. There’s your good health. There’s your new marriage. And to top it all off, we don’t have to worry about sheila carter anymore.

Deacon: Who were you texting, sheila? Who the hell is sugar?

Zende: I know that you are frustrated and hurt, but don’t take it out on luna.

Poppy: The only reason that luna was in that guest house, the only reason that she confused zende for you, was because of my mints.

Zende: Luna would never willingly cheat on you. If I hadn’t been so caught up in the moment, the excitement of thinking that she chose me… there’s plenty of blame to go around, but not on her. Don’t you dare blame luna.

Rj: I don’t need you telling me what to do, zende.

Zende: I realize that. I just know that you feel–

Rj: No, you have no idea how I feel, ’cause you stabbed me in the back.

Zende: Not intentionally.

Rj: Yes, intentionally. Even if you thought she wanted you, you stabbed me in the back.

Zende: She was in my bed, saying that she was happy to see me. Or so I thought. I didn’t know that she was high on drugs, picturing you instead of me.

Rj: What did you do? Did you forget? Did you forget that she’s my girlfriend? No! You knew exactly what you were doing. And who you were doing it to. Your cousin!

Zende: I am sorry for that. And I hope that one day you can forgive me. I’ll understand if you can’T. Because you are right, it was a betrayal. On my part, not on luna’S. She’d never do that to you. You are so lucky, rj. Don’t blow this.

Lauren: You know, I saw steffy the last time I was here. And I told her she did us all a great favor by eliminating that monster. And she shouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt for it.

Eric: Yeah, well, that’s– that’s easy for you and me to say. But considering that sheila was her husband’s birth mother, um, I really have to wonder how finn is handling this death.

Lauren: Well, if he is mourning her in any way whatsoever, he’s most likely the only one in the world who is.

Eric: There is one other. One person who’s just not celebrating the demise of sheila carter. And it’s deacon sharpe.

Finn: Deacon’s in a bad place, and he’s struggling with sheila’s death.

Steffy: Okay, he’s still struggling. It’s like, the way this guy chooses to grieve, spouting off these crackpot theories. Like, he needs to stop this. He needs to stop spreading this nonsense that sheila is still alive.

Deacon: That face. It was you. I never left the room. I– I never left. It was you. Till it wasn’T. How did you suddenly have ten toes? Maybe finn’s right. Or maybe you are still out there. I’m not gonna give up, baby. I promise. Beyond covering grays my color needs to suit me.

Lauren: You know, it’s hard to wrap my head around someone actually falling for sheila.

Eric: All right, hang on there. You’re talking to someone who actually did.

Lauren: There’s no comparison. You were completely conned. You didn’t know the evil that she was capable of. You just– you saw a pretty nurse. Deacon, on the other hand, went willingly into a relationship with a psychopath.

Eric: Yeah.

Lauren: I don’t know what he was thinking. He risked his business and his family for sheila.

Eric: It’s hard to comprehend, I’ll grant you that.

Lauren: I mean, maybe one day he will realize how lucky he was that she died when she did before she completely upended his whole life. We did it, eric. We outlasted sheila. And there were times when I thought it was gonna go the other way.

Eric: But the good guys always win.

Lauren: Because we survived sheila carter.

Luna: I appreciate your support, zende. And I know that you’re coming from a good place. But… I don’t want rj to feel pressured.

Poppy: And I certainly don’t want to put any pressure on you either, rj. But you have to admit, if– if I had been more careful, then that night would never have happened. But that is on me. That is not on luna.

Rj: You’re right. You’re right, poppy. If it weren’t for your drugs, my world, our world, wouldn’t have been flipped upside down. I don’t want to hear another word from either of you.

Zende: Rj, if you listen for a second, we–

Rj: Shut up. Get out. I want to be alone with luna.

Poppy: Come on, zende. Let’s– let’s give them some time.

Zende: Rj. I know that your world has been rocked. It was a big misunderstanding. But don’t break luna’s heart over something that wasn’t even her fault.

Steffy: Do you think you got through to deacon at all?

Finn: [ Chuckles ] Uh, no. I think, if anything, he’s more convinced. He just– he can’t let go of the fact that he thinks he saw ten toes right before sheila was cremated.

Steffy: Look, I– I get that this has been hard for you. You know, picturing and… I’m just really trying to be understanding of the connection that you had to sheila.

Finn: No, look, I can tell. All right? And I appreciate it, yeah.

Steffy: Like you said, it’s– it is easier knowing that we don’t have to worry about sheila anymore.

Finn: Well, you know what else you don’t have to worry about? Are my focuses. Yeah, the death of my birth mother was a shock, and it’s disturbing to think about the details, but… I’m not gonna let that distract me. And I’m not gonna let deacon distract me, either. My focus is on you. And your happiness. And our kids’ happiness. And our life. And our family. And I just– I love you so much, sweetheart.

Steffy: I love you. I love you.

Lauren: You might wanna delete that. And any other awful reminder that she was ever in your life. Trust me. You are better off without sheila.

(“Three little birds” by bob marley & the wailers)

Luna: Will you ever be able to look at me the same? I know I’m not the honest woman that you once thought I was.

Rj: Stop, it’s not– that’s not what I think.

Luna: Are you sure? Because from how you were speaking with zende, I assumed that–

Rj: No, I– I don’t need him to tell me who you are. I know who you are. And I– I hate what happened. And I understand how it did. You didn’t knowingly cheat on me. But it doesn’t make it any less shocking or hurt any less. I don’t know where to go from here.

Finn: Okay, um… I should let you get back to it.

Steffy: You’ll be fine picking up the kids? I wish I could, but I have that conference call.

Finn: I got it, I got it. It’s not a problem. I mean, I think I might even have time for a swim beforehand. But I’m gonna get them fed. And bathed. And down. And then you and i can have a romantic dinner. Maybe open a bottle of wine. Get the fire going. A back rub…

Steffy: Oh, I would love a back rub. You’re making all my wishes come true.

Finn: Well, your wishes are pretty simple, aren’t they?

Steffy: Where’d you go?

Finn: No, um… uh, just speaking of wishes, something deacon said. He asked if part of me wished that my birth mother was still alive.

Steffy: How’d you respond?

Steffy: I told him it doesn’t matter how I feel. Sheila’s– sheila’s gone. And he needs to accept that. And get over it.

Steffy: Well, hopefully you got through to him.

Finn: I think it’s just too soon. He’s– he’s having a hard time accepting.

Steffy: Okay, look. Part of me, you know, I– I would understand where deacon is coming from. Because sheila’s history. She faked her death before. I get that. Part of me would listen to deacon. But I was there, finn. I lived it. Unlike deacon, I know exactly what happened.

Deacon: Well, well. Lauren fenmore, in the flesh.

Lauren: Deacon sharpe. This is long overdue.

Deacon: So, how are things in genoa city?

Lauren: Lately? Very calm. Just like in los angeles. You can feel this collective sigh of relief now that sheila’s dead. You don’t think I should be celebrating? Well, I do. And I’m not apologizing for it.

Deacon: Look, I know that your history with sheila was bad.

Lauren: Ugh, that’s putting it mildly.

Deacon: Okay, look. That might be what you remember her for, but there was a lot more to her than that.

Lauren: You know what? I don’t know how or why you fell for her. But there is one thing that I know for sure. Your life is better, safer, and healthier without her in it.

Deacon: You know what, you keep jumping for joy with everyone else who’s so thrilled that she’s gone. But what if she isn’t?

Lauren: Excuse me?

Deacon: What if sheila’s still alive? Try killing bugs the worry-free way.

Rj: I know that’s not what you’re hoping I’d say I just– I want to be honest with you. Just wish you would have told me right after it happened. Why didn’t you tell me?

Luna: I should’ve. Yeah, and I hope you know how much I regret not coming to you and trusting in you and in us. But, I don’t know. Keeping this secret was like literally making me sick. But I– I– I just– I wanted to protect your relationship with zende. I mean, you guys are cousins.

Rj: Any relationship I had with my cousin is history, I’ll tolerate him. I don’t want to talk about zende. I don’t care about him. I care about you and us and where we’re gonna go from here.

Luna: That’s exactly what I’ve been wondering.

Rj: This would be a lot easier if I didn’t love you so much. I don’t blame you. Actually, no, I’m still trying to make sense of all this. It’s just every time I look at you, I see you in zende’s bed, in his arms. I just– I need time.

Luna: Yeah, um, I understand. You know, I mean, I’ve– I’ve been living with this for a while now, and it’s still hard for me to even process. So, I can’t imagine how you… look, just know that I love you so much. I always will, no matter what you decide on.

Steffy: Deacon can create whatever imaginary story he wants in his head. But I was there. I had the knife in my hand. I saw sheila’s face. Look, finn, I– I know what I did. I defended myself. And if deacon were in my shoes, he would understand that. He wouldn’t question this. He would be as certain as I am. Because there is no doubt in my mind that sheila carter is dead.

Lauren: What did you say?

Deacon: What if sheila’s still alive.

Lauren: That’s ridiculous. Steffy killed her. There was no question. I talked to steffy. I heard what happened. She stabbed her in the heart. She saw her. She identified her. And from what I hear, so did you. Didn’t you go to the morgue?

Deacon: I did, yeah. I also went to the crematorium, and that’s where I saw her.

Lauren: So why do you have these stories in your head that she’s still alive, when you saw for yourself that she wasn’t? Look… I know you had feelings for her, and that’s why you’re holding out this false hope that she could possibly be alive. But deacon, what you had with her wasn’t real. And you should be so thankful that you never saw the monster that she was. If you even knew a fraction of what she did to me, the decades of torment…

[ Sighs ] Sheila is gone. She is out of our lives, and I never want to hear her name again.

Deacon: Does the name sugar mean anything to you?

Lauren: Sugar?

Deacon: Yes. What do you know about sugar? I need to know.

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B&B Short Recap Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Zende tries to explain to RJ what happened with Luna, mostly sticking up for Luna. RJ is still very angry after punching him.

Back at the beach house, Luna and Poppy talk about how hurt RJ is. Poppy is worried about her. Luna tries to text RJ, but he doesn’t answer. She runs out to find RJ. Her mom tries to talk her out of it, but she goes, anyway.

Also at Forrester, Hope and Liam continue to discuss their trip to the zoo with Beth. They exchange photos and discuss Deacon and Sheila a little. They also talk about how Deacon was really hung up on Brooke, even though she and Sheila are very different. They’re very glad Sheila is gone forever.

At Il Giardino, Deacon is still wondering whether Sheila is alive or not. He’s drinking heavily. Finn arrives to get some takeout and asks about how Deacon is doing. He tries to make Deacon see that Sheila can’t be alive. Deacon wonders if he ever heard Sheila mention someone named Sugar. Finn doesn’t think she did, and he advises Deacon to stop obsessing over this (as he gets his food).


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B&B Transcript Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Rj: Who the hell do you think you are sleeping with my girlfriend?

Zende: You deserve to be angry, but I did not, I did not take advantage of luna.

Luna: Rj’s gonna kill zende.

Poppy: Let’s try to take a deep breath.

Luna: No, rj won’t pick up. I– I keep trying, but he won’t, he won’t text me back or answer my calls.

Poppy: Honey, I am sure he’s really upset.

Luna: They’re cousins, mom. They’re family. I just– I don’t want him to do anything that he’ll regret.

Poppy: The night that you spent with zende, the misunderstanding, I understand you needed to tell rj. You had to tell him the truth.

Luna: Rj deserved to know.

Poppy: I just wish… well, maybe I can explain to him.

Luna: No, mom, I– I told him exactly what happened and… I’ve never seen him so hurt.

Hope: I just sent the one of you and beth at the gorilla exhibit.

Liam: Oh, good, with my eyes closed. That’s great. Look, see, it looks like I’m trying to take a nap, standing up. Why? And of course, beth is the cutest she’s ever looked in her entire life, so that’s perfect.

Hope: Well, I mean, she is very photogenic, so.

Liam: Yeah. You know, it’s funny, I was gonna say she gets that from her mother, except check out that disaster.

Hope: Oh, no. I mean, what– I– I think I was trying to impersonate a wombat here, maybe, just a little.

Liam: You were, because we would literally do anything to make our daughter laugh. There it is.

Hope: And beth was smiling the entire time.

Liam: So, success. There you go. We made a good one, didn’t we?

Hope: Yeah, the best. It was nice having the three of us together. Although, she does miss douglas. And her grandpa deacon.

Deacon: Are you alive or are you in trouble? And who the hell is sugar?

Finn: Deacon.

Deacon: Finn. Uh, were we supposed to meet?

Finn: No, I’m just– I’m picking up some takeout.

Deacon: Oh.

Finn: Well, has it hit you yet? Have you finally accepted sheila’s gone?

Poppy: Well, what did he say when you told him?

Luna: He was in shock. He felt so betrayed by me, zende, you. I mean, he accused zende of taking advantage of me, and i told him that that wasn’t the case, but…

Poppy: You’re worried he didn’t listen.

Luna: Yeah, I mean, he ran out of here so fast. I’m afraid he’s gonna go confront zende.

Zende: I know you’re pissed, rj.

Rj: You can’t even begin to know how I feel, zende.

Zende: I just need to know that luna’s okay.

Rj: Shut up. I don’t wanna hear you say her name.

Zende: Look, man, it’s my fault. It’s not hers. Don’t blame luna. Yes, it’s your fault, ’cause you’re family. And I trusted you.

Zende: I’m sorry, rj.

Rj: Stabbed in the back by my own cousin.

Liam: Well, you had to put some distance between the two of you, right?

Hope: Yeah, but it wasn’t easy. But as soon as I realized that my dad was involved with sheila, I mean, it just– it felt like the responsible thing to do.

Liam: No, it was. I mean, I’m– I’m glad that you kept beth away from deacon as long as sheila was around, but now she’s not. So, where does your relationship with deacon stand?

Finn: Obviously, you really cared about sheila.

Deacon: You know I did, finn, and so did you, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.

Finn: You’re having a hard time letting go of her. Why else would you think you saw ten toes at the crematorium? My dry eye’s made me a burning,

Poppy: Still no word from rj?

Luna: He doesn’t wanna talk to me.

Poppy: I feel horrible. I hate seeing my baby hurting so much. How could I be so irresponsible? But if I could only go back, none of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for me, and those– those damn mints. The drugs are gone now, sweetie. I threw them all away. They caused too much damage. I’m never buying them again.

Luna: What’s done is done, mom. I mean, there’s no going back.

Poppy: I am so sorry. Your heart is breaking, and all I wanna do is fix it. I wanna make everything better. Now, I know that’s not possible, but I can talk to rj. I can try to make him understand.

Luna: Oh, my god, I can’t– I can’t take it. I– I– I need to head over to forrester.

Zende: What? Do you think I’m proud of what I did?

Rj: You got what you wanted. That’s all you’ve ever cared about, zende.

Zende: No, no. I thought that she was into it. I thought she was into me.

Rj: She was high.

Zende: I clearly didn’t know that at the time.

Rj: Yeah, right.

Zende: No, I swear. She didn’t either. It was a huge misunderstanding.

Rj: Shut up!

Zende: Please, man, let me explain.

Rj: No, I told you to shut up. I don’t want your– I don’t want your excuses.

Zende: Listen.

Rj: What?

Zende: For a second, okay? When I got back to the guesthouse, she was in my bed. I never expected her to be waiting for me.

Rj: She wasn’t!

Zende: I didn’t know that! I didn’t know that!

Rj: She thought it was me. She was out of her mind on her mother’s drugs! What the hell were you doing?

Zende: There was no, no indication that she was stoned or impaired at all. If there had been, then I would have never–

Rj: You would’ve never what? You would’ve never what, zende? You would have never slept with the woman I love? The woman I’m in a committed relationship with! You wouldn’t have done that!

Zende: I’m sorry, rj. I’m so sorry.

Liam: Listen, no offense to your dad, but I really question his judgment sometimes.

Hope: No, I– I do hear you. My father does have a tendency to make some troubling decisions.

Liam: Yeah, like falling for a psychopath.

Hope: To put it lightly. But I did hate shutting him out of my life.

Liam: I know, but your hands were tied. I mean, you were just trying to keep beth safe.

Hope: Boundaries had to be established, and I wasn’t about to put her at risk.

Liam: I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

Hope: Yeah. Well, I’m just glad we can put that ugly chapter behind us, and now my dad and I have a chance to start over.

Liam: Yeah, I mean, how possible is that, given everything that’s transpired?

Hope: I like to think that we have a good chance, especially now that sheila is out of the picture.

Finn: You haven’t been yourself lately.

Deacon: I lost the woman I love.

Finn: Well, there’s typical grief, but then there’s this.

Deacon: There’s this. And people like me, right? You know, we’re nuts, off the rocker. Yeah, I get it.

Finn: Look– look, sometimes, it’s normal to think that we’ve seen someone that we’ve lost. It’s a fleeting moment of hope, but it quickly fades once our brain realizes it’s impossible.

Deacon: You know what? My brain isn’t exactly getting the message, doc, because I am more and more convinced about what I saw at the crematorium.

Finn: Deacon, the way that you were talking, implying that sheila isn’t dead, it’s– it’s–

Deacon: Listen, okay, enough talk about the ten toes. All right, fine. All right, you can think I’m crazy for all I care. Let me ask you a question. Did sheila ever mention anyone else?

Finn: What do you mean?

Deacon: Like friends or, uh, I don’t know, family?

Finn: No.

Deacon: Enemies?

Finn: No, I– I mean, not anyone that you wouldn’t already know.

Deacon: Did she ever mention someone named sugar?

Poppy: Okay, just slow down.

Luna: I have no idea what could be happening between rj and zende right now.

Poppy: Hey, I get it. It is tough to sit back and wait. Your first instinct is to head over to forrester–

Luna: We didn’t even get to finish our conversation, mom. He just– he ran off and he probably won’t ever want to speak to me again.

Poppy: No. No. Rj loves you. He will realize that this was not a conscious decision, that you would never intentionally betray him or hurt him.

Luna: I can’t lose rj, mom. I– I have to get through to him.

Poppy: And you will. You will have another opportunity. But is heading over to forrester the best idea? Rj needs a little time.

Luna: I can’t just sit here and do nothing.

Poppy: Be patient. Rj will come back eventually. But if you walk in on them together, your being there could upset him even more.

Luna: I need to take that chance, mom. I have to tell him how much I love him.

Zende: I had no idea luna wasn’t herself that night. She was already in my bed. I thought she was making the first move.

Rj: She thought it was me, her boyfriend. You don’t have an excuse. Because you, you knew damn well what you were doing. ‘Cause you’ve never respected me or her or our relationship. You cannot stand here and justify to me sleeping with my girlfriend.

Hope: I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to understand what drew my father to sheila.

Liam: Not for nothing, he still seems pretty drawn to her, even after the fact.

Hope: Yeah. I think he’s just struggling to let her go, you know? I think he’s just lonely.

Liam: She must have, like, filled a void for him or something.

Hope: Well, let’s hope that’s all it was. I might have a little more sympathy for that, maybe. I mean, my mom did turn him down.

Liam: Yeah, a bunch of times. Sorry.

Hope: She always was the one that got away.

Liam: That’s what– that’s what’s so funny is like, ’cause you’ve got– you’ve got brooke logan, it’s like, up here, right? And then you’ve got sheila carter, who’s all the way, oh look, six feet under.

Hope: Okay, fine, yes. I just– all I wish is for my dad to move on. I mean, he could do so, so much better.

Liam: Yeah, like literally anyone without a 10-page rap sheet.

Hope: Yeah, that would be a nice change of pace. That would. And I– I get it. I– I– he thought they had something in common. But he couldn’t be more wrong. I mean, yes, my dad has messed up. But nowhere near the horrible things that sheila’s done.

Liam: You know, I told him the exact same thing. It’s not even close.

Hope: Thank you. But also, why are we wasting our time talking about this?

Liam: Good point.

Hope: Thanks. Yes, she’s dead. Sheila is buried. And hopefully, she will never be an issue in our lives ever again, so…

Finn: Sugar? That’s quite a name. I think I’d remember that. Why?

Deacon: All right, a while back, I was looking at sheila’s text messages. I wanted to see if there was anything unusual.

Finn: Deacon, geez. You, listen, sheila, she’s gone. You have got to start coming to terms with it.

Deacon: Just please hear me out, all right? Look, I get it. You think I got a screw loose.

Finn: No, I just think you’re wasting your time looking for signs of life. Steffy killed sheila. I mean, I saw her blood on the floor with my own eyes.

Deacon: I don’t need to hear all the gory details. Just listen to me. So a while back, sheila, she kept sneaking off, right? And when I called her on it, she said she was meeting someone from her past. And now, I find this text conversation from sugar.

Finn: Okay, what– what did they say?

Deacon: It didn’t sound friendly.

Finn: I don’t know anything about anyone named sugar. And frankly, deacon, it doesn’t matter. Sheila is dead.

Hey! Asthma’s

got you going through it?

Zende: Yes, I admit that. What I did was wrong.

Rj: If it was wrong, then why did you do it? What, was it because of me? Because you were jealous of me?

Zende: No, no, man. I didn’t do it to get back at you or anything like that. Like I said, I care about luna. If you two weren’t involved–

Rj: I know. I’ve seen you trying to flirt with her for months. I– I see you, zende.

Zende: It’s my bad.

Rj: Oh, your bad? It’s– it’s your bad now?

Zende: Luna never reciprocated. We’ve just been friends.

Rj: Exactly! You both have been keeping this secret behind my back.

Zende: She was afraid of hurting you, man. You know luna. She’s the sweetest, kindest, most honest person there is. She didn’t want to lose you. Dude. Hey.

Rj: What?

Zende: She thought she was with you. I know this must be messing with your head right now. But you’ve forgiven luna, haven’t you?

Luna: Rj, we need to talk. Okay, there’s– there’s so much more that I need to say. And I– I don’t want what I did to affect your relationship. Okay, I don’t want you two fighting.

Rj: It’s too– too late.

Luna: Oh, my god.

Poppy: Zende, are you okay?

Zende: I’m fine. I was just telling rj that everything that happened was my fault.

Poppy: No, and mine.

Rj: How could you drug your own daughter?

Poppy: It was an accident. My mints got mixed up with luna’S. I had no idea she took them.

Zende: None of us did. Rj, it was a huge, huge misunderstanding. And things got out of hand. But you can’t blame luna. Look at her. Can’t you see how much she loves you? Can’t you see how lucky you are? Tell her, rj. Tell luna you forgive her.

Liam: Yes, yes, exactly. Why are we even uttering her name?

Hope: It’s because sheila’s still haunting us from the grave.

Liam: Oh, my god, I hope not. And if she is, clearly we’re not the only ones. How about we make a deal? We just never speak of her again?

Deacon: Had chef throw in an extra order of meatballs.

Finn: Oh, well, thanks.

Deacon: Look, man, I’m really sorry about talking your ear off. I just– I thought maybe you could help me.

Finn: Okay, look, I have no idea who this mysterious sugar is. And frankly, it sounds like a dog’s name.

Deacon: Dogs don’t text.

Finn: Look, you’re gonna be doing your health a favor if you let this go. Stop obsessing over sheila and going through her text messages and her emails and playing private investigator. For what? Deacon, it’s pointless. You’re never gonna see sheila again, ever.

Deacon: Isn’t there just like a little part of you that wishes your birth mother was still alive?

Finn: It doesn’t matter how I feel. Just enjoy the memories. Miss her all you want. Think of her fondly, whatever. But get on with your life. I’m serious, deacon. It’s time. It’s over.

Deacon: What the hell? I saw your face. Your face and ten toes. Are you out there, sheila? Baby, are you still alive?

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Luna: It was a mistake, rj. I swear, and I’m just so, so sorry. I never meant to hurt you or betray you. I mean, I love you more than anything.

Rj: You and zende.

Zende: This has to stay between us. I don’t want anyone to question luna’s integrity. She didn’t mean for any of this to happen.

Carter: Well, you said she’s with rj now. It might not be a secret for much longer.

Zende: Luna has to be honest. She’s telling rj the truth.

Liam: Yeah, who knew hippos could stay under water so long, huh?

Hope: It felt like we were standing there forever, though.

Liam: We were.

Hope: Beth was so patient.

Liam: Yeah, that’s not a virtue she inherited from her father, ’cause I was ready to get a snow cone.

Hope: Well, if you had, you would’ve missed the expression on beth’s face when the hippo finally arose for air. It was like… it was so adorable. Thank you. Us gonna the zoo together was a good idea.

Liam: Yeah, well, it wasn’t even my idea, really. It was– it was beth’S.

Hope: Well, yes, but I just thank you for making the time to make it happen with me.

Liam: No, of course, anything for that kid. I’ve, uh… I’ve taken a lot of good things in my life for granted. Beth is never gonna be one.

Liam: I should, uh, yeah, I should probably let you get back to work.

Hope: I mean, there’s– there’s no rush today, really.

Liam: No? Really? I get, well, okay, yeah, I guess things have gotten a little less, uh, chaotic ever since…

Hope: Oh, you mean since thomas left?

Liam: Yeah, well, I figured just ’cause he was, you know, he was your lead designer that, um…

Hope: Yeah. You know he was a lot more to me than just that.

Carter: It’s obvious how much you care about luna.

Zende: Carter, I hate what this has done to her. What she has to deal with. And what she can lose. I never meant to hurt her like that. I didn’t mean to turn her world upside down. I really thought that we shared something special. And if things had happened differently, that maybe someday we could have. If it weren’t for poppy and her damn mints.

Carter: Poppy.

Poppy: Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Is luna here?

Zende: No. She’s with rj, telling him that we spent the night together.

Luna: You have to believe me, rj. Okay, I wasn’t myself, I– look, I’m not trying to make excuses for myself.

Rj: No, it sounds like you are.

Luna: No, no, I– I told you about the mints and what they did to me.

Rj: You were drugged.

Luna: Accidentally, yes, by my mother. And that’s why I left eric’s party early, and I went outside, and I– I ended up in one of the guest houses with water because I was so thirsty. And when zende came in, it was like– like I was hallucinating. Because of the drugs and the champagne. I mean, rj, I seriously, i really thought that it was you. It was him, but I saw you.

Rj: He didn’t realize that. You’re telling me that he didn’t realize that you were that out of it. And he saw you laying there, and he saw his chance, and he took it.

Luna: No.

Rj: Zende found you in his guest house and he took advantage of you?

At dot’s an ordinary pretzel

just isn’t enough.

Hope: I, uh, I have been thinking a lot lately about the evolution of my relationship with thomas. What drew us together, what we meant to each other.

Liam: Um, I don’t know. Do I need to hear the details on this? Unless you’ve got some new perspective?

Hope: Well, I am trying to look at the bigger picture now that I am a little more removed from it. How we got from point a to point b, and everything in between, and in my relationship with thomas before, you know, before he changed, when everything was different.

Liam: His involvement in what happened with beth?

Hope: No. Liam, I will never deny the fact that thomas lied to us. That he tried to keep our daughter from us. But he regrets that decision. It haunts him. And liam, I understand that you may never be able to forgive him for it, but I did. I believed that he was capable of changing for the better. And he did. And so, when he proposed, I just– I– I am asking myself why I couldn’t say yes. So now, I’m not sure. I don’t know what the future holds for thomas and me.

Poppy: You told him?

Zende: Everything. And soon, rj will know too.

Poppy: Luna’s been wanting to go to rj with the truth for a while now. I encouraged her to do it.

Zende: Yeah, after weeks of telling her not to.

Poppy: I know. And that was a mistake. One of many I’ve made in this situation.

Carter: Why the 180?

Poppy: Because I love my daughter. And keeping this secret is causing her too much pain. Luna is an honest and principled person. And lying to the man she loves, it’s eating her up inside.

Zende: It was luna’s first instinct to be honest. Tell the truth, face the consequences. We tried to talk her out of it because we knew what those consequences might be. What they would do to her.

Carter: It’s not her fault and rj can’t blame her.

Zende: She can hope he doesn’T. She can try to make him understand. But even if rj’s head gets it, his heart might not. Rj is gonna be blindsided by this. I’m not sure that he’ll be able to forgive her.

Luna: No, it wasn’t like that.

Rj: It wasn’t like that. So either you knew what was happening or you didn’T. Which is it, luna?

Luna: I– I didn’T.

Rj: But so you passed out on zende’s bed and he took advantage of you?

Luna: No, I wasn’t passed out. I was just– I was confused.

Rj: And he used that. He used that to get what he’s wanted. What he’s wanted for a really long time.

Luna: No, I wasn’t myself, okay? But zende didn’t know that. Zende didn’t realize that I was drugged. And you didn’t either. I mean, if you would’ve known, you would’ve never let me go home by myself.

Rj: You didn’t go home. You went to the guest house. Why?

Luna: Not to go find zende! Zende misunderstood why I was there. I mean, this is all that this is. It’s just a big misunderstanding.

Rj: It’s not a misunderstanding, luna. He’s been hitting on you for months. He’s never respected us. Or me. Or our relationship. Or you. Or any of this!

Luna: No, that’s not what happened.

Rj: Do not tell me that this was an accident. Don’t lie to me and tell me that it was an accident right now, luna.

Luna: I know you don’t want to hear that. I know, but it’s the truth. And that’s why I’m here, to be honest with you. And look, you’re– you’re heartbroken and I am too. And I’m sorry. It’s horrible and it kills me to see you in pain. But zende did not take advantage of me. Okay, you need to know that, rj. Please, you have to hear me out. It was those mints that messed me up. I saw– I saw you. I thought it was you. I mean, you’re my boyfriend. You’re the– you’re the person that I love.


Hope: Yeah, I’ve been questioning everything lately.

Liam: Oh, yeah. I mean, the guy whose stability you’ve been defending for months just skipped town ’cause he wouldn’t commit fast enough.

Hope: Yeah, I’ve– I’ve been asking myself why. You know, why I– i couldn’t make that kind of commitment. And I don’t know. Things were going so well. Up until the point, like right until it ended, we were– we were clicking. You know, I remembered my mom. Um… she said something insightful when she saw the ring around the necklace for the first time and she wasn’t too pleased about it. She said that my involvement with thomas was a reaction. And at the time, I denied it and I didn’t think much of it until recently. Finn also mentioned that it might’ve been a bit of a rebellion on my part.

Liam: Against what?

Hope: Liam, you know my mother’s history and what she has been labeled as in the past. And I swore to myself that i would never, ever be like that. So that when I did start to feel a pull to someone else, someone who was steadfast, supportive, a one-woman man. Liam, just know I wasn’t trying to hurt you.

Liam: For what it’s worth, I– I know that. I know you weren’t deliberately trying to hurt me.

Hope: Well, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands lately to do some soul-searching and I am, uh, not afraid to admit when I was wrong. Have I turned into my mother? No. But was I maybe daring to walk on the wild side a bit? Yes. But I was playing with fire. But did I intend to hurt you? Did I set out to hurt you? No. Was I toying with thomas? No. Was I purposely trying to use him? Absolutely not. There is one thing that I am certain of. It is my feelings for him.

Poppy: I’m the one who should be paying for this. Not my daughter.

Zende: Your special mints ruined a lot.

Poppy: Well, I’m not taking them anymore. I threw them all away.

Zende: Good, but how does that help luna? It doesn’t change what happened.

Poppy: No. But… it might help us reconnect as mother and daughter.

Carter: But are you quitting for yourself or just to win your daughter back?

Poppy: Luna’s gonna need me. If zende is right and rj can’t forgive her, I have to be completely present for her.

Carter: I think that’s wise, for luna’s sake and for yourself.

Poppy: I have devoted my entire life to luna’s safety, her security, and her happiness. Every decision I made has been for her. You know, as a parent, nothing is more important than the well-being of your child. And luna has found a man that she truly loves. And she could be losing him. Because of me.

Luna: I never meant to betray you, rj. I’m so sorry. I should– I should have come to you right away. That next morning, I should’ve told you exactly what happened.

Rj: You didn’t, luna. You’ve been hiding it from me this whole time. Every moment that we’ve been together, here at the office.

Luna: I’m sorry. I was afraid of what it could do to your relationship with zende. You guys are cousins. You’re family. And you guys work together. It’s just– it’s all just a terrible misunderstanding.

Rj: No, maybe for you. Because you thought he was me. Yes?

Luna: Yes, I swear. I saw your face.

Rj: He saw yours, luna. He knew exactly what he was doing and who he was with.

Luna: Rj, wait, please. Don’t go right now. You’re too upset. Rj! Rj. Life, diabetes, there’s no slowing down. but I do love thomas.

Hope: I know you don’t want to hear it, liam. But I do love thomas. But now I’m at a point in my life, though, where I just want to focus on beth. You know, focus on her, and then myself, and the line.

Liam: You know, what’s funny is I– I feel like I’m going through the exact same thing. Kids, family, work. Of course, beth and kelly are my highest priorities, but…

Hope: So that’s it, then? That’s– that’s the whole list?

Liam: Well, I am a spencer, so there’s always world domination. Although that’s, uh, fairly low on the list at the moment. I think I know what you’re implying. And I think I have to get over this thing where I feel like I don’t have an identity unless I’m with someone. And maybe I do. Maybe I– maybe my identity is dad. Just being the best– best dad I can be.

Hope: Sounds like we are going through the same thing at the same time.

Liam: Well, look at us. Finding our way.

Hope: Who knows what the future will bring us.

Luna: Rj, I’m– I’m gonna keep calling until you answer or text me back. I just– I need to know if you’re okay.

[ Knock on door ]

Luna: Rj? Mom.

Poppy: I didn’t see rj’s car.

Luna: He left.

Poppy: You told him.

Luna: I had to. He deserved to know. I mean, I should’ve told him that day. I should’ve told him the second I realized what happened.

Poppy: How did he… wait, you said he left. Oh, honey.

Luna: He was so upset, mom. I broke his heart. And it– and it kills me to see him in so much pain. And knowing that I’m the one that caused it.

Poppy: It wasn’t your fault. It was mine.

Luna: No. I made the decision to lie to him. And I– I deceived him. And– and that’s what hurts him the most. And now, he’s so angry and upset. And I’m afraid that he went to go confront zende. I mean, I don’t know what could happen.

Rj: You, you son of a bitch.

Zende: Rj, whoa, listen.

Rj: You knew that we were together and happy.

Zende: Fine, blame me. Don’t blame her, okay?

Rj: Damn right, I blame you!

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B&B Short Recap Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

At his beach house, RJ is rocked by the news that Luna slept with Zende. She’s very sorry and tells him how much she loves him. At first, RJ assumes that Zende took advantage of her, but she assures him that wasn’t the case. RJ gives her a little bit of a hard time for lying to him all this time, but it appears that he mostly blames Zende. He rushes out. She calls after him, upset.

Carter and Zende continue to discuss the situation at Forrester. Poppy walks in and is shocked that Zende told Carter about it.

Also at Forrester, Liam and Hope return from the zoo with Beth. They talk about the fun time they had. They talk about Thomas a little bit. She tells him how Thomas did change and get better, but she can’t understand why she couldn’t say yes to his proposal. She tries to explain to Liam about why she was attracted to Thomas but didn’t meant to hurt either of them. Now she just wants to focus on Beth. He agrees and feels the same way. He’s done with trying to find his identity through a woman.

Poppy visits Luna and is surprised that RJ isn’t there. Luna tells her how upset he was.

RJ walks in to the office and punches Zende. Zende says to blame him, not Luna, but RJ retorts that he does blame him.


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B&B Short Recap Monday, April 15, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

After Finn has explained it to her, Steffy can’t believe that Deacon thinks Sheila’s still alive. The discuss it.

Deacon looks at Sheila’s computer and wonders who Sugar is (that she was chatting with). He still wonders if he’s going crazy and keeps having flashbacks to the crematorium. Steffy confronts him and yells at him about his crazy theory that Sheila is still alive. She insists that she’s dead.

Zende tells Carter what happened between him and Luna, while Luna tells RJ the same thing.


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B&B Transcript Monday, April 15, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Upbeat music ]

Steffy: This is so crazy! This is insane! Wait, deacon actually thinks that sheila’s alive?

Finn: Yeah, because of what happened at the crematorium. He thinks the body that went into the crematorium had ten toes and sheila only had nine.

Steffy: I don’t care how many toes she has or didn’t have. That was sheila. If anyone knows that, it should be me.

Deacon: “Stay away from me, sugar.” Stay away from me, sugar?

Carter: Be straight with me, zende. Did something happen between you and luna the night of eric’s wedding?

Zende: Yeah.

Carter: And it’s something you’re both keeping from rj?

Zende: We didn’t want to hurt him.

Carter: And this will? What exactly did you two do, zende?

Zende: Luna and i slept together.

Rj: So, your mom’s mints are actually drugs?

Luna: I had no idea, though.

Rj: And you accidentally took them the night of my granddad and donna’s wedding?

Luna: Yeah. Somehow, my regular breath mints got mixed up with my mom’s special mints and… oh, my god, I’m so sorry, rj. If I could do it all over again–

Rj: Do– do what? Do what over again? Luna, tell me what happened to you that night. Please.

Carter: So you and luna, you… you slept together?

Zende: Well, I mean, I thought we did–

Carter: You thought? What does that mean, you thought?

Zende: Something happened to luna that night. Something that explains why she was in my bed when I got home.

Carter: Hold on, hold on. She was in your bed, so she came to your place and she what, she came on to you?

Zende: No, no, no. It wasn’t like that. It wasn’t her fault at all. She didn’t mean for this to happen. Neither of us did.

Carter: You didn’t?

Zende: No.

Carter: You just admitted you have feelings for her.

Zende: Having feelings is one thing, but I never would’ve acted on them knowing how much luna loves rj.

Carter: Dude, I’m so confused right now. If she didn’t want this, and you didn’t want this, then how did you two sleep together?

Rj: Luna, whatever happened to you, it’s obviously still really upsetting you.

Luna: You have no idea the regrets I have. I mean, if– if I had just stayed with you and never left eric’s, if I had, none of this would be happening. Please know that I– I’d give anything to not have hurt you.

Rj: Luna, I love you. You haven’t hurt me.

Luna: I love you too. So much. And the thought of betraying you is… but that’s exactly what I did. I betrayed you that night.

Steffy: I– I was standing there when the medics pronounced sheila dead. I– I heard them say the time of death. Like, it’s not something that I imagined. It’s how it happened.

Finn: No, I know that. And you know that. But deacon, he–

Steffy: Deacon is what? Going around telling people that sheila’s alive because of her toes? What?

Finn: He thinks he saw ten toes. That just before sheila’s feet went into the flames that–

Steffy: Oh, my gosh, it’s impossible. It’s impossible. Either deacon is lying or it’s– it’s wishful thinking on his part because it is not real. Sheila was in our home, finn. It was definitely sheila.

Deacon: Maybe finn’s right. I am losing it.

[ Mechanical whirring ]

[ Fire roaring ]

Deacon: Piggies in a blanket underneath the sheet. Sheila had nine toes, but I saw ten on those feet. Yeah, you’re definitely losing it. You wanna know how I get this glow?

Carter: So, you and luna, you sleep together, but she thought she was with rj?

Zende: Because of her mother’s mints, yeah.

Carter: Her mints?

Zende: It’s a long story, but poppy, luna’s mom, she takes these special mints to help her chill out. Only somehow, her mints got mixed up with luna’s regular breath mints, so every time luna thought that she was taking a regular mint, she was–

Carter: She was drugging herself, and that’s why she thought she made love to rj.

Zende: I know how crazy it sounds that it could’ve even happened the way that it did.

Carter: Zende, look at me. You sure it happened that way?

Zende: Wait a minute, you think I’m lying to you?

Carter: No. I don’t think you’re lying. I know who you are, the kind of man you are.

Zende: Thank you. Still though, I… wish that I had realized that she wasn’t herself. That something was off with her. But I didn’T. I didn’t, man. And I’m still mad at myself for it. I’m mad because of what’s happened to her, what she’s been through, but also because of what rj’s gonna go through when he finds out what happened.

Rj: What do you mean you betrayed me?

Luna: I didn’t mean to. Okay, I swear. It’s just– it’s like what I said, okay? I accidentally took my mom’s mints, and– and they did something to me, okay? I wasn’t myself, rj. I wasn’T.

Rj: Okay, okay. Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, okay? I want you to start at the beginning and tell me exactly what happened because right now you’re not making any sense to me, okay?

Luna: Okay. Um, you know how I left the party early and I kissed you goodnight?

Rj: Yes.

Luna: Well, I was so tired and so thirsty. And, um, I went outside to wait for my ride share and i happened to see some water bottles in one of the guest houses. So, um, I went up inside to drink it, and I don’t know, I must’ve laid down in the bed ’cause I was so exhausted. Or at least that’s what I think happened. I mean, I’m not entirely sure.

Rj: That’s it? That’s all you remember?

Luna: No. Um, the last thing I remember is you coming into the room and me saying that I was waiting for you.

Deacon: Why, sheila, why did you go to steffy’s that night? And who the hell is sugar?

Steffy: I can’t believe deacon is doing this.

Finn: Well, look, grief can do strange things.

Steffy: Well, what it can’t do is change the facts. Sheila broke into our home, she lunged at me, and if I didn’t grab that knife, like, I don’t know what would’ve happened.

Finn: Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay. Look, honey, you don’t have to go there, all right? Everyone knows that you acted in self-defense, including the police. Your name has been cleared. This whole nightmare can be over.

Steffy: But it’s not over, finn. That nightmare is seared into my brain. God, deacon needs to just get a grip. He can’t be telling people that sheila is alive. This is crazy. Oh, god.

Finn: What are you gonna do?

Steffy: I’m gonna confront deacon. No, this needs to stop. Sheila’s dead. She’s not coming back. And once deacon gets that through his thick skull, he’ll be better off. We’ll all be better off. Dry skin is sensitive skin, too.

Zende: You can’t say anything about this, carter. To anyone.

Carter: I won’t, but rj deserves to know the truth.

Zende: I agree.

Carter: Does luna? Because she’s the one who should tell him.

Zende: The secret has been killing her. And she’s only kept quiet to protect my relationship with rj.

Carter: Still, you both have to know, the longer you keep this from rj, the harder it’s gonna be for him when he finds out. Man, the guy’s head over heels in love with her.

Zende: Yeah. That’s why she’s telling him the whole story right now. I mean, this has been tearing her apart. I just hope that rj can understand.

Rj: Luna, I wasn’t with you when you left the party that night.

Luna: I know. And I know that now, but I– I didn’t know it then. Rj, I swear, I thought I was with you.

Rj: Okay, so this is what you’re telling me. You accidentally took your mother’s drugs, and then you stumbled into one of the guest houses on my granddad’s property?

Luna: Yeah.

Rj: Which guest house was it? I wasn’t there, but someone was, right? Who was it? Luna, answer me. I need to know.

Luna: It was zende. I spent the night with zende.

Deacon: Finn filled you in on what I said.

Steffy: We’re here to set you straight.

Deacon: Oh, really, okay. Well, let me tell you what’s going–

Steffy: No, you need to hear this. I thought this memorial service for sheila was gonna give you some kind of closure. Why won’t you just let sheila be dead?

Deacon: It’s not that I won’t let her be dead. I accepted the fact that she’s gone, but then I saw that–

Steffy: I don’t want to hear it, deacon. I don’t want to hear it. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. I killed sheila. Hellmann’s real mayonnaise.

Carter: I hate that this happened.

Zende: I hate it, too. Especially for luna. She is a good, sweet, beautiful person. She never would’ve cheated on rj, if not for her mother’s mints.

Carter: Look, don’t take this the wrong way. I feel for luna, I do, but I can only imagine the guilt her mother’s going through, knowing what she did to her daughter’s life.

Zende: Yeah, well, she should feel guilty. Luna did not deserve for this to happen to her. And no, it was not intentional on poppy’s part. She loves luna very much, but to be so irresponsible and reckless just to leave your stash hanging out like that–

Carter: Irresponsible and reckless? What about your guilt, zende? Are you taking responsibility? Yeah, I know you didn’t realize what was going on–

Zende: I didn’t! I didn’t! Had I even had a hint that luna had been drugged that night, would’ve never gone down the way it did. I would’ve taken her home myself. Or I would have called rj and had him drive her home and make sure that she was okay. But, I just– it never occurred to me that luna might’ve been on something. I mean, why would it? It was my granddad’s wedding! I didn’t even know that her mom was into that stuff. I mean, neither did luna. We were both equally shocked to find out.

Carter: What about taking accountability? Shocked or not, bottom line is, rj is with luna. He is your cousin. That should’ve been enough for you to pump the brakes. I’m sorry, man. You don’t need to lecture from me. It’s just– I hate this for all three of you.

Zende: I, um, I’m just worried that luna’s whole world is about to blow sky high.

Carter: You really do care about her, huh?

Luna: Listen, I’m not– I’m not trying to make excuses, okay? It– it never, ever, ever should’ve happened. But I– I was drugged, okay? I– I thought that I was with you, that I had slept with you. It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized it was zende.

Rj: Stop.

Luna: Rj, please.

Rj: My cousin. You two?

Luna: I’m sorry, okay? I’m so, so, so sorry. Rj, please.

Deacon: Look what you think happened was not–

Steffy: Not think, deacon, I know. I killed sheila. I saw her face.

Deacon: So did I. I saw her at the morgue, and then I saw her again at the crematorium.

Steffy: Okay, you saw her at the morgue because she’s dead. You saw her at the crematorium because she is dead.

Steffy: Steffy, listen to me, please. I pulled back the sheet at the crematorium, and it was definitely sheila. But right before the crematorium doors closed, I saw ten toes. I definitely saw ten toes.

Finn: Deacon, you were emotional. And it’s understandable you might think you saw something that you didn’T. I mean, grief can manifest in all kinds of ways.

Deacon: What– what do you want me to do? Just drop this?

Steffy: Yes, that’s exactly what I want you to do. Have you forgotten all the terrible things sheila has done to us? Sheila got exactly what she deserved. Now you need to stop this. You need to stop spreading these lies, okay? I don’t want to think about sheila anymore. I don’t want to talk about her anymore. She is out of our lives forever. Do you hear me? Forever.

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B&B Short Recap Friday, April 12, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

B&B logo

Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy and Finn keep talking about how ridiculous Deacon is for thinking that Sheila is still alive. Ridge feels the same way and tells Deacon to forget about Sheila and let everyone move on.

Zende hints to Carter that something happened between him and Luna.

Luna starts to tell RJ the truth about what happened with Zende.

Deacon investigates Sheila’s computer and finds some chats with someone name “Sugar.”


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B&B cast animated GIF

B&B Transcript Friday, April 12, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Steffy: Finn, this makes no sense.

Finn: No, I know. It’s completely insane, but you should have seen deacon. He’s really shaken up about it. He– he believes it.

Steffy: Wait, he seriously thinks… deacon thinks that sheila might be alive?

Ridge: You really are losing it, aren’t you?

Deacon: Wait a second. Listen. Ridge, I know it sounds impossible.

Ridge: Because it is impossible. Look at you, you’re still cleaning up after the service you had.

Deacon: I know, but–

Ridge: But what? What’s going on with you? What are you talking about?

Deacon: I–

Carter: Zende, I’ve been picking up on vibes for quite some time that something’s wrong and I’m sorry. I should have been a better friend. I should have asked you about it sooner.

Zende: No, no, no, man. Come on. I probably would have just denied it anyway.

Carter: But you’re not denying now? You’re ready to talk about it?

Zende: I think I need to.

Carter: Okay, so whatever’s going on, it has something to do with luna?

Luna: I know that you’ve noticed I haven’t been acting like myself lately.

Rj: Yeah, I can tell, you– you’ve been kind of off for a while. Ever since my granddad’s wedding. Luna, whatever it is, I promise you, you can trust me. Anything.

Zende: It’s no secret, is it? How much I respect luna.

Carter: I think we all do around here.

Zende: She’s just, she’s so beautiful and smart and creative.

Carter: Yeah, yeah, she’s all those things. She’s also rj’s girlfriend. You don’t need a reminder about that, do you, zende? Zende, please tell me you understand that rj is with luna.

Luna: You’re so caring, rj. And so understanding. I mean, you’re everything that I ever dreamed of in a guy.

Rj: I’m not going anywhere. That’s more reality and less dream.

Luna: Okay. I– I really hope that that’s true.

Ridge: I gotta say, it’s not much of a memorial if the person that you’re talking about and honoring is not– if I’m– hey, you went down to the crematorium. You saw the–

Deacon: Yes, yes, I did. Yes, that’s true.

Ridge: Okay, so what? What are you talking about? What is this nonsense about her still being in our lives?

Steffy: Some of sheila’s crazy must have rubbed off on deacon if he is going around telling people that he doesn’t think that sheila’s dead.

Finn: I don’t know. He’s probably just processing grief, I guess.

Steffy: Yeah, he must be. I mean, I– I was there. I saw sheila. I mean, I’m the one who…

Finn: He’s not– he’s not thinking straight.

Steffy: Yeah, I mean, what a weird thing to say. Deacon saw her body. Unless he doesn’t trust his own eyes.

Finn: Well, no, that’s just the thing. That’s– that’s why he’s questioning it.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Her toes.

Steffy: Her toes? What? Hey! It’s your dry skin.

Carter: Look, zende, if you have feelings for luna, what am I talking about if? Of course you do. It’s written all over your face. Rj is your cousin, okay? You can’t act… hey, what’s that look? You’ve already acted on them?

Zende: Luna is totally committed to rj.

Carter: That doesn’t answer my question. You can be committed and still make a very bad decision.

Zende: It wasn’t her fault.

Carter: So something did happen.

Zende: Yeah. The night of my granddad’s wedding.

Luna: Before I tell you what’s been going on with me and why I haven’t been acting like myself, I just, I want to make it clear how much I love you, okay? And how much I treasure this relationship. It’s so important to me that you know that.

Rj: I do.

Luna: I mean, the thought of someone or something coming between us, like, it horrifies me. I’d never want that. Ever.

Rj: Do you– do you think that’s happened? Because I don’T. No one could come between us.

Luna: I want to believe that. I really do.

Rj: Luna, whatever this is, you are going to feel better if you tell me.

Luna: No, you’re right. You’re right. I– I need to open up to you. You deserve to know what happened.

Ridge: I get what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to keep her memory alive. But just know that for everybody else, she’s dead. And that includes finn. And I know you’re trying to get in his ear. I get all that.

Deacon: No.

Ridge: Well, no, you were trying to guilt him into coming to this memorial–

Deacon: I wasn’t guilting him. I just invited him to come. It’s not the same thing.

Ridge: Either way, he came. He was here and dead mommy was happy. Everyone was happy. But that’s the end of it. ‘Cause steffy, finn, they got a lot of things to worry about. A lot of things to work out. And they don’t need you walking around saying that sheila’s still with us. Deacon, come on, man. I like you. In your apartment, you should have a little corner with a candle, incense. And on her birthday every year, you can sacrifice a frog or a garden snake or something and do that. But for everyone else, she’s gone. Out of our lives. You may be wrong, ridge.

Steffy: Sheila’s toes? What about them?

Finn: All nine of them. You remember the fake bear attack?

Steffy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, when she cut off her own toe and convinced everyone that she was dead. Yeah, I remember. Why are we bringing this up? It’s disgusting.

Finn: It’s deranged.

Steffy: Okay, so what does this ridiculous bear attack have to do with deacon’s deranged syndrome?

Finn: Because deacon saw ten.

Steffy: Huh?

Finn: Ten toes.

Steffy: Wha– (vo) you might be used to living with your albuterol asthma

Carter: Okay, so let me get this straight. Luna cheated on rj with you?

Zende: Not in the way that you’re thinking. Do you remember that night? It wasn’t long after the ceremony. Luna took off.

Carter: Vaguely? She was tired or something?

Zende: Tired enough to want to go home. Only… she didn’t make it home. She only made it as far as across the courtyard.

Carter: You mean to the guest house?

Zende: Yeah. Carter, she ended up in my place.

Luna: You mentioned your grandfather’s wedding earlier.

Rj: Yeah, it was– it was after that that I just noticed something was different with you. I mean, you told me that you weren’t feeling well, so I just assumed that was the explanation.

Luna: Yeah, I definitely did not feel well the next day.

Rj: I mean, you said you were just tired at the wedding and you went home early.

Luna: I couldn’T… I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I mean, I’d never felt that way before in my entire life.

Rj: What way?

Luna: Like– like not just tired, but also, like, woozy. Kind of like being drunk, but on a whole different level.

Rj: I mean, you couldn’t have been drunk, though. You had two or three glasses, small glasses of champagne. It couldn’t have been that.

Luna: Yeah, I barely drank.

Rj: I mean, you didn’t have much to eat before. It could have been that.

Luna: That’s true, but, um, that’s not the reason why I felt the way that I did.

Rj: So, you know the reason? You know what happened to you?

Luna: I do now.

Rj: Okay.

Luna: Um… my mother happened. My mother and her mints.

Steffy: Ten toes?

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: What does that even mean? Is that something that deacon saw? Like, was he having hallucinations? Was he on something? This is crazy.

Finn: I don’t know. Like, after sheila’s memorial, deacon wanted to go with her to the crematorium.

Steffy: Oh, that’s weird.

Finn: Yeah, I know. I guess he just– he didn’t want her to be alone.

Steffy: Okay, faithful to the end.

Finn: Truly. So, but he went and watched the whole process, but that’s when it happened.

Steffy: What happened?

Finn: At some point, you know, when the body was being pushed in, the sheet slipped off a little bit. And, like, this can’t be true, so you don’t need to worry, but what deacon thinks he saw, just as the door closed, he noticed her feet. And if it was sheila, there should have been nine toes, right?

Steffy: Right.

Finn: Well, according to deacon, the body that was cremated had ten.

Deacon: Ridge was right. I’m going crazy. Rest in peace, beautiful girl. I saw you. I saw you with my own eyes. There’s no doubt about it. Then how could it…

[ Mechanical whirring ]

[ Fire roaring ] Ten toes. I saw them. Maybe I’m not going crazy. Maybe that wasn’t you. And if that wasn’t you, then maybe you’re out there. Maybe you need my help. It was one thing when my mom got alzheimer’s,

Carter: So luna, she kisses rj good night, says her goodbyes and ends up at your place? And when you get home, I’m assuming she’s still there, and that’S… that’s when you two… zende, look at me. What happened? Tell me.

Rj: Your mother’s mints? What…

Luna: Um, my mom takes these special mints to help soothe her anxiety. Or at least, she did. She claims that she doesn’t take them anymore, but…

Rj: They’re special and, like, they have drugs in them? For…

Luna: Exactly.

Rj: Okay.

Luna: And she kept these special mints in this tin. Um, it was a tin that looked enough like the tin that I put my mints in. My regular, everyday breath mints.

Rj: Oh, no.

Luna: And somehow, I still don’t know when or where, but on the day of the wedding, her tin ended up in my bag.

Rj: Oh, my god.

Luna: And… I don’t know if you remember, but that night I was feeling a little self-conscious about my breath, so I took quite a few.

Rj: You did. Oh, that– well, that explains why you were so tired and you wanted to go home early. You accidentally took drugs?

Luna: Yeah, and it’s something that I’ll regret for the rest of my life. I mean, I wish I never took any of my mom’s damn mints. Everything would be so different.

Rj: Diff– different how? Luna, did something happen after the party because you took those mints?

Luna: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Steffy: Deacon’s losing it. Because there is no way that could happen. Like, no– wait, what did you say? You said her sheet slipped off?

Finn: Yeah, as the body was moving towards the flames, I guess there was some sort of little bump and the box that she was in dropped a little bit.

Steffy: And that’s when the sheet fell.

Finn: And revealed her feet.

Steffy: All ten toes.

Finn: He seemed pretty sure.

Steffy: Well, he’s wrong. Finn, you have to agree with me, right?

Finn: I’m just telling you what he told me, but he was right there. He watched her body going.

Steffy: I don’t care what deacon thinks. That was sheila.

Deacon: Let’s see what was going on, sheila. Check your emails. Work. Work. Pilates. Work. Spam. Let’s check your text messages. Who’s this? “How’d you get this number?” “Doesn’t matter.” “I’m gonna find you.” “Stay away from me, sugar!”

Finn: He’s pretty sure that he saw ten toes.

Steffy: Oh, god.

Finn: And that’s why he thinks that sheila may still be alive and that she could still be out there.

Deacon: Sugar… who the hell is sugar?

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Lauren: I never wanna hear her name again.

Finn: Deacon’s in a bad place.

Steffy: He needs to stop this.

Rj: My cousin, you two…

Luna: I’m sorry! Rj, please.

Zende: Blame me. Don’t blame her.

Rj: I do blame you!

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B&B Short Recap Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Deacon continues to tell Finn that Sheila might be alive. Finn goes home and tells Steffy what Deacon said. They both think Deacon has gone crazy. Meanwhile, Ridge visits Deacon, and Deacon tells him the same thing. Ridge gets annoyed and tells him that he’s losing it.

Luna prepares to tell RJ the truth about what happened with Zende. He is very supportive. Later, Carter chats with Zende. He can tell that something has been on his mind lately.

Steffy admires RJ’s designs, and they talk about his working for HFTF with Luna and Zende.


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