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Steffy: Deacon was crazy to get involved with sheila in the first place, and now he’s going to marry her?

Hope: As soon as he can.

Ridge: Your dad has lost the plot completely.

Brooke: This is terrible. You weren’t able to talk him out of it?

Hope: Well, mom, he already proposed, and she accepted, and they’re planning a wedding.

Steffy: What morons are gonna go and watch that train wreck of a wedding? Like, doesn’t deacon realize he’s being scammed? She’s not a new person. She’s not this, like, well-adjusted person. My god.Steffy: What morons are gonna go and watch that train wreck of a wedding? Like, doesn’t deacon realize he’s being scammed? She’s not a new person. She’s not this, like, well-adjusted person. My god.

Hope: Well, my… it was my dad’s idea, steffy, and he loves her.

Ridge: What? That makes it worse.

Brooke: Wow. Sheila’s snowed him completely.

Steffy: Well, sheila can use deacon, but she is not going to use finn. I’m not gonna let her try to lure him back into her life.

Sheila: I know that you care for me, finn. And you saved my life. Twice.

Deacon: You ran into that warehouse like a damn superhero.

Finn: I mean, I’m just, I’m glad we were able to find you in time.

Sheila: Well, I’m never gonna forget the look on your face when I came to, and the beautiful things that you said to me, and how thrilled you were that I was alive.

Deacon: Still is. Right, man?

Finn I’m– I– it’s good to see you recovering. And– and making plans for the future.

Sheila: Okay, look. Deacon is not trying to put you on the spot, sweetheart. We know that this isn’t simple for you. And I– I’m not trying to make trouble for– for you and steffy, and I keep saying that over and over again because I truly mean that. But it would mean the world to me if you could be there for me on my wedding day.

Brooke: Sheila’s brought so much chaos and violence into our lives. Why would deacon want to be with somebody like that?

Hope: I– I told you.

Ridge: No, she said they’re in love, right? What is wrong with you? Deacon is being played the same way my dad was being played.

Brooke: She can’t be trusted.

Steffy: Yes. And I don’t trust anyone who thinks she can be.

Hope: My– my dad believes that they will be happy together.

Steffy: You know what? Let him try. I don’t give a damn. As long as sheila and anyone who supports her stays the hell away from finn.

Sheila: Our wedding just won’t be the same if you’re not there.

Deacon: I thought I was putting the guy on the spot.

Finn: I support your relationship. It’s obvious deacon is devoted to you, and devotion is important in a marriage.

Sheila: Yeah. But it’s something that you can’t do because your wonderful, uh, over-controlling wife won’t allow it?

Finn: I’m happy for you, mom. Wish you and deacon all the best.

Sheila: But, baby, I want you to be a part of that happiness. To– to– to join us. Is that too much to ask for you to dig into that deep, generous heart of yours that’s so big? To just say yes? Say that you will be deacon’s best man? Is that– is that too much for me to ask? I– I mean, we want you to be a part of our wedding. If you put your foot down,

Brooke: I understand you wanting to support your father, but in this case…

Ridge: You should just stay away from him. And sheila.

Steffy: That’s what finn’s gonna do.

Brooke: And hope is not gonna try to talk him out of it.

Steffy: I don’t want finn to even think about that woman.

Ridge: And deacon shouldn’t do that either, but that’s not gonna happen, is it?

Hope: He’s committed to her.

Brooke: Honey, if you put your foot down, maybe he’ll reconsider.

Hope: Mom, I’ve cut dad out of my life already, and he still wanted to see sheila.

Brooke: He’s put your family in danger. What about beth? You don’t want to expose her to sheila.

Hope: No, of course not. And I will always do everything I can to protect the children. That would never–

Steffy: No, my children will never be around sheila. Look, if deacon is foolish enough to marry that woman, I don’t care. My focus is my husband and my kids. He knows to stay away from that… psychopath.

Hope: So you gave him an ultimatum?

Steffy: You’re damn right I gave him an ultimatum. Like I said, finn knows to stay away from her. And if deacon knows what’s good for him, he should stay away from her too.

Hope: So you’ve convinced finn not to see sheila again?

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I don’t care if sheila’s his biological mother. I don’t care that he tried to save her. His loyalty and commitment are to me.

Deacon: I think we should give finn a minute to think, you know, not push.

Sheila: I don’t mean to, it– it would just be so perfect to have you at our wedding.

Finn: I– I appreciate being asked.

Deacon: See, that’s something.

Finn: And look, I– I realize that… you’d like more.

Sheila: Look, I’M… I’m just so thankful that you don’t see me as the monster everybody else does. I mean, I know I’ve… I’ve done terrible things. Things that I regret. And I never… I never want to go back to that again. No, I’ve been working really hard on myself. And deacon sees it. I know you do too, finn. I think steffy would feel the same. Baby, it wasn’t that long ago I saved steffy’s mother’s life. Taylor and I on the roof. The hospital. I mean, she was dangling over the edge. I’m the one that pulled her to safety. I did the same with kelly at the beach.

Finn: I– I got distracted and she… wandered away.

Sheila: Kelly, no!

Finn: I’m thankful you were there, because if you hadn’t been…

Deacon: Sheila’s not a threat to your family, finn. I mean, she risked her life to stop sugar from harming steffy and the kids.

Sheila: I would’ve done anything. Sacrifice my– my life, my freedom. I’d do anything to protect your precious family. No!

[ Sugar growling ] I only wish I could’ve spared steffy from what happened that night.

Finn: Steffy and the kids are fine.

Sheila: Just this one thing. Please, I– deacon and i already talked about it. It’s going to be simple. You know, maybe at the beach. Very simple. Come on. Surely you can talk steffy into just this one thing. It would mean so much to me. I mean, really, you are the reason that– that deacon and I are– are back together again, baby. I love you so much. Please. Just do this for me.

Finn: Like I said before. Okay? I want you to be happy. And I wish you the best. I just– I can’t be at your wedding.

Sheila: Because of steffy.

Finn: You… deserve a beautiful ceremony. I’m sorry I can’t be a part of it.

Sheila: Because of steffy.

Finn: No. Because of me. My commitment is to my wife and kids. Steffy will always be my priority. I will always put her first. But look, enjoy the wedding. Okay? And… good luck at the ceremony.

Ridge: But why do we have another– it’s the same thing. Do you want to meet on the same thing again? Okay. What? No, I can’t– can you reschedule it? Fine. No, it’s perfect. Thank you. Great. The joys of running a company. Sorry. Where were we?

Brooke: Uh, honey, there’s no middle ground where sheila’s concerned. You do understand that, don’t you?

Ridge: And her coming back from the dead doesn’t change that.

Brooke: And you can’t start seeing sheila the way deacon does.

Hope: Oh, mom, no. I would never be able to forgive her for the horrible things that she has done or forget the many ways she has tried to hurt people that I care about. But I also can’t ignore the fact that we now know it wasn’t sheila who was at the cliff house that night. It wasn’t sheila that tried to harm steffy. She actually fought sugar to try to protect steffy and the kids. I can’t ignore that.

Brooke: You can’t because you’re a kind, caring, compassionate person. But honey, you cannot give sheila any of your consideration.

Hope: But, mom, don’t you understand? This isn’t about sheila for me. Look, I’ve already lost enough. And I don’t want to lose my relationship with dad. And so I’m just trying to maintain some kind of bond with him. So…

Brooke: Yeah, well, that won’t really happen if he’s married to sheila.

Hope: There’s something else I didn’t tell you and I just, I didn’t want to mention it in front of steffy.

Ridge: Mention what in front of steffy?

[ Hope clearing throat ] It’s about the wedding.

[ Brooke sighs ]

Brooke: Don’t tell me he wants you to be there.

Hope: He wants me to be sheila’s maid of honor.

Sheila: Well, it was a beautiful idea.

Deacon: This is my fault. I’m sorry. I thought it was worth a try. Babe, I’m so sorry.

[ Sheila sighs ]

Steffy: Good night, my loves. I love you.

[ Sighs ]

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hi. This is a nice surprise. Come here. I– I just put the kids down.

Finn: Oh, yeah? I thought I’d be back in time to tuck them in.

Steffy: They’re, like, literally falling asleep and I’d love some time with you right now. It’d be nice. What’s going on with you?

Finn: Oh, just… a complicated day. Something I had to deal with.

Steffy: What, a new case?

Finn: Sheila and deacon. This skinny pop is amazing.

Hope: I– I– I haven’t ruled it o

Ridge: This is crazy. I– you can’t be serious. This can’t be right.

Brooke: Deacon expects you to be sheila’s maid of honor.

Hope: Well, he didn’t assume. He did ask.

Ridge: Okay. So he asked and then you turned him down immediately.

Brooke: Hope?

Hope: I– I– I haven’t ruled it out.

Brooke: Oh, my god.

Ridge: Wow.

Brooke: This is what steffy was talking about and I didn’t want to believe her. You cannot let deacon influence you like this, honey. You can’t be embracing sheila.

Ridge: This is not acceptable. You know that.

Hope: Look, I am not embracing sheila or inviting her into my life.

Ridge: She doesn’t need an invitation. She needs a little crack to slither into and that’s what she’s doing.

Hope: I would just be making an appearance so that I could be there for my dad.

Ridge: Do you really think that’s how she’s gonna see it? It’s not.

Brooke: Honey. Sheila carter’s maid of honor? Are you kidding me? No. No. No way. No.

Hope: I was afraid that you would react this way, but mom, please understand and hear me when I say this. This is not about sheila for me. This is about my relationship with my dad.

Sheila: Hey, you didn’t get my hopes up. I did. I– I really thought finn might say yes.

Deacon: He wanted to.

[ Sheila scoffs ]

Sheila: I guess that should be some consolation. It just– I got so caught up in the moment. I– I could just envision him standing there, next to you as your best man. My handsome son that I am so incredibly proud of, sharing one of the most important days of my life. Wait a second.

Deacon: This is gonna still be one of the most important days of your life. I’ll make it more important. You want jugglers? I’ll get you fire eaters. You want a pony? I’ll get you a fire-eating pony. How about that?

Sheila: I don’t want any of that. No.

Deacon: I just… I just want this to be everything that you’ve dreamed it would be.

Sheila: Oh, it is though. I am finally marrying a man that truly loves me for me.

Deacon: I got an idea. I’m gonna get a sky writer and I’m gonna write, “deacon and sheila forever.” How about that, huh?

Sheila: You’re being crazy. I just hate seeing you heartbroken like this, you know? And I know you are and I just– I want you to know you’re not alone and you’re not gonna be alone ever again.

Sheila: You’re amazing.

Deacon: Yeah. Probably could have been a lot more amazing trying to get finn to stand up for me.

Sheila: It wasn’t you. That was steffy. I mean she’d rather see finn miserable than…

[ Sheila sighs ] I don’t know, than feel differently about me.

Deacon: Finn will be all right. So will you.

Sheila: It’s just, you know, I… I remember the look on his face. How joyous it was when he found me in that warehouse and realized that I was alive and I just– I didn’t feel that today. He was warm, he was kind, but he was distant. Because he had to be. No. It’s steffy. She’s never gonna allow it. I don’t think she’s ever gonna think I’m worthy of my son’s love.

Steffy: Finn, I thought sheila wasn’t gonna be an issue for us anymore.

Finn: That’s why I wanted to tell you what happened today.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: Well, first, you should know, sheila and deacon are engaged.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, I know. Hope already told me.

Finn: Well, they want to get married as soon as possible.

Steffy: Okay, well, they better not send an invitation here. Well, steffy, deacon asked me to be his best man.

Steffy: What?

Finn: Well, I didn’t accept. That’s why I went to the restaurant today. I wanted to tell him no in person.

Steffy: Oh, my god. And then sheila showed up.

[ Steffy chuckling ]

Steffy: Yeah, of course she did. She’s just looking for any opportunity to reel you in. Undermine our relationship. I bet she begged you to change your mind.

Finn: Well, but I told her the same thing I told deacon. I can’t be at their wedding. My commitment and loyalty are to you and our family.

Steffy: Yeah, it gives her another reason to hate me even more.

Finn: No, no, no. No. Hey… this was my own choice. You’re my world. I mean, nothing comes before you, kelly, and haynes. Never forget that, sweetheart. Never forget how much I love you.

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