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[ Upbeat music ]

Deacon: Think how great it would be if you were actually in the wedding. You could be sheila’s maid of honor. Finn could be my best man.

[ Phone ringing ]

Hope: Hi, dad.

Deacon: Hey there, daughter. So I was kind of hoping you might have some good news for me.

Hope: Oh?

Deacon: Well, your old man’s getting married soon and, uh, you know, my bride could use a maid of honor and the groom could use a best man. So what do you say? Can you and finn help us out?

Hope: Uh, yeah. I actually hadn’t had a chance to talk to finn yet.

Deacon: Okay. Um, well, what about you, kiddo?

Hope: I– I’m still not sure.

Deacon: All right, look, look, I understand. I mean, whatever you decide, hope, I– I get it. It’s just, I love you so much. It would just mean the world to me if you were there to see sheila and I tie the knot.

Hope: I, uh, dad, I– I actually have to go.

Deacon: Okay. Um, you’ll talk to finn though, right?

Hope: Yep. Yep.

Steffy: Is that your, uh, gullible father calling you to tell you how excited he is that that nine-toed psycho is back?

Finn: Mom. Mom, it’s me.

Sheila: Help me.

[ Knocking ]

Sheila: Will the doctor see me now? Hello, son.

Liam: Another visit so soon. Why do I get the feeling that you’re not here for a slice of my vegan tofu pizza? Come on, out with it.

Liam: I’m– I’m here because your newly resurrected girlfriend remains a threat to steffy and her family, and you and finn, you’re… you’re just not appreciating the gravity of that.

Sheila: I just happened to be at the hospital for a follow-up appointment and good news. My doctor says I am in surprisingly good health given everything I went through with sugar. Uh, he just, he just reconfirmed that right now. I thought, well, since I’m here, I may as well take the opportunity to pop in and see my handsome son. You’re not glad to see me.

Finn: No, look, I– I am glad that you are doing okay. Sheila, I just, I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be dropping by my office like this.

Sheila: Is that how you truly feel or is that what steffy wants?

Hope: Look, steffy, if you really need to talk, can we schedule a meeting for later because there’s some place I– no, I need a moment with you.

Hope: Okay, did you not just even hear me?

Steffy: Are you not hearing me?

Hope: Right. What– what’s so important?

Steffy: What’s with the attitude?

Hope: Well, I mean, you– you come in here and first thing are criticizing my dad and then you expect me to drop everything for you? Oh, and not to mention thomas and douglas are on the other side of the world, in large part, thanks to you right now. So, if I’m a little bit frustrated with you, I think i have good reason. Don’t you? When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd

Deacon: Why aren’t you getting the fact that people are capable of change?

Liam: I… I do get that people are capable of change, even change for the better.

Deacon: Well, you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to sheila.

Liam: No, my, my blind spot is when it comes to people with long and dangerous patterns of behavior. You’re– you’re– you’re hanging everything on this one fact that sheila told you she did this good thing.

Deacon: And it just doesn’t– that means nothing to you, right?

Liam: What means something to me is steffy and my kid… and their safety.

Deacon: As a father, I get that. I get that, man. Protect your little girl, protect her from bullies, be the best father you can be, but stop using it as an excuse to beat up on sheila every chance you get. I mean, come on, man. She’s gone through hell. You know, she practically lost her life trying to keep… you know, liam, it’s– it’s, man, it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall.

Liam: Yeah, you kind of are. You kind of are talking to a brick wall ’cause I’m never gonna budge on this. I’m never going to be fooled by sheila the way that you and finn have.

Sheila: I can’t believe you want me to stay away, finn. No, not after the beautiful, lovely things you said to me when you found out I was alive. Those– those weren’t just words, son. You meant them. I know you meant them.

Finn: Of course I meant them. By finding you alive after weeks of believing that I’d never see you again, I mean, I was beyond relieved.

Sheila: You were thrilled. You, you were thrilled that we had another chance at a relationship. Clearly, steffy doesn’t feel the same way. I mean, she still holds this suspicion and animosity toward me, and… I know that has to impact you.

Finn: Steffy: Is my wife. She’s the mother of my son. She’s the love of my life, and she’s been through a hell of a lot herself.

Sheila: I– I understand that, but… it has gotta be really difficult for you being torn between your mother and your wife. It’s just… my life is going so well. I– I see a positive, wonderful future ahead of me, finn, and… and it’s a future that I– I truly hope I get to share with you.

Steffy: Are you coming at me now?

Hope: No, but it does feel like you were doing that to me for months.

Steffy: Wait, are you still upset about the whole thomas situation? Like, I thought we moved on from this.

Hope: Oh, really? Because it completely changed my life. You were bad-mouthing me to your brother every chance you got and helped drive him away.

Steffy: Well, I was looking out for my brother. I know the history that he has with you.

Hope: Oh, you mean how he really worked hard on himself and changed for the better? I thought you would be proud of him for that.

Steffy: I am really proud of him. That’s why I stood up for him. I watched what you were doing. Look, hope, the whole situation was really messy, and I was watching you slowly turn into your mom.

Hope: Oh, wow. Doing this again. You’re trying to call me a slut.

Steffy: Well, I mean, you have to admit you are a little unhinged, and I just didn’t want that energy around thomas. I didn’t want you using him.

Hope: I was not using your brother.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, you were. You had him wrapped around your finger. Look, I don’t know why you did it. I don’t know if it was to get back at me or– or liam.

Hope: Couldn’t be more wrong.

Steffy: Okay, I don’t know if you’re triggered by this. Whatever. Like, I really don’t care. I don’t want to hear the whole victim story because I’m not gonna buy it. I don’t really care. Forward. Over it. Moving on.

Hope: Okay, all right. Obviously, we will never see eye to eye on this, so if i could just make one suggestion, though, maybe focus on your own life, your own husband, you know, given… everything.

Steffy: Given everything? What’s that supposed to mean? ()


Hope: Your husband is going through a lot right now, and quite frankly, I think it is a little insensitive to just discount his complicated feelings for his birth mother.

Steffy: His birth mother? Sheila carter, the woman who shot finn and me and left us both to die in an alley. That sheila carter.

Hope: Yes, we all know who sheila carter is, steffy, and we’re all aware of the horrible things that she has done, especially finn. I’m just saying, I– I think continuing to go down this path of diminishing your husband’s feelings–

Steffy: Just because sheila carter gave birth to finn– you know what? I don’t even know why I have to explain this to you. It should be so obvious.

Hope: Oh, you mean you want me to butt out of something that doesn’t concern me?

[ Steffy scoffs]

Steffy: Yes, I do. But if you want to interfere in my marriage, I’ll tell you this. Finn and I have talked. He knows exactly where I stand. He won’t be seeing sheila ever again.

Finn: I am glad things are going well for you, sheila. I want the best for you.

Sheila: Even though your wife still has this huge sway, I understand. She’s the woman that you married, the mother of your– your son. It’s just, you know, one day I really hope that she will– we– we know what I hope, so I guess in the meantime– well, look, in the meantime, there is something else that you can do. Another step in the right direction. I’m talking about counseling, sheila. And don’t get me wrong, look, I believe that you have changed, but I also think that it would be good to go further, right, with a professional to ensure that you never go back to that woman you were before.

Sheila: No, I’m never going to go back to the woman that I was, sweetheart. I won’t go back to her. I… I have so much to live for. I have a son that I love and admire and respect so very much.

Liam: Hey. Uh, I was actually looking for hope.

Steffy: She left a little while ago. You okay?

Liam: I was just with deacon. Frankly, I can’t even get over the fact that sheila’s still alive.

Deacon: There she is. How’d the follow-up doctors appointment go?

Sheila: It went great.

Deacon: No interactions with the female dr. Finnegan?

Sheila: Oh, stop it. No, no. But you know the best part?

Deacon: Tell me.

Sheila: They gave me an opportunity to visit with my handsome son.

[ Knocking ]

Hope: Hey.

Finn: Hey! Got a minute?

Finn: Um, yeah. For you, always. What’s, um, what brings you by?

Hope: Well, I, uh, come bearing news.

Finn: Okay.

Hope: Your birth mother and my father… they’re engaged.


Deacon: So you checked in with finn while you were at the hospital. Take that. There you go.

Sheila: Thank you, baby.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: Yep. He was working away, but…

Deacon: He made time for his mom.

Sheila: He did. You know, my relationship with finn has changed, and for the better.

Deacon: I think coming back from the great beyond tends to do that. It’ll bring a mother and her son closer together.

Sheila: Yeah, well, I can only imagine how much closer if… steffy weren’t involved.

Deacon: Mm-mm. Does that mean what I think it does?

Sheila: It’s just so clear that she’s gotten into finn’s head again, and– and that is frustrating as all hell. I mean, if you’re, uh… worried about me getting upset and lashing out at steffy, no, I’m not.

Deacon: Good. Because that would completely screw up my master plan.

Sheila: What plan?

Deacon: So, um, I might have spoken to hope and told her that my bride-to-be needs a maid of honor.

Sheila: Oh, shut up.

Deacon: Wait for it. And asked her to convince finn…

Sheila: To be your best man?

Deacon: Bingo.

Steffy: Deacon is a fool for thinking sheila is any different now than she was before sugar showed up. The one thing I know for sure, sheila, dead or alive, doesn’t change anything. Not for finn and me.

Finn: Sheila and deacon are engaged?

Hope: Our parents are going to be husband and wife. So, how do you feel?

[ Finn chuckles ]

Finn: How do I feel? Um… I don’t know. Sheila was just here earlier, and I told her I want her to be happy.

Hope: What, she didn’t mention the engagement at all?

Finn: No. Well, she talked about her future and how… bright it looked.

Hope: Well, I’m guessing she’s referring to the upcoming nuptials.

Finn: Yeah. What about you? How do you feel about our parents being married?

[ Hope chuckles ]

Hope: I mean, honestly, uh… I’m conflicted. I mean, I have my issues and my concerns in regard to sheila. No– no offense.

Finn: Oh, none taken. I– I get why people wish that sheila was out of their lives once and for all.

Hope: But you don’t?

Finn: Well, she’s my birth mother. I mean, there’s obviously the biological connection, and I want her to continue to reform herself, but yeah, I feel, um… yeah, I feel a tie that I’ve never been able to fully explain.

Hope: Well, you don’t have to. At least, not to me, anyway. So, uh, about our folks’ engagement, uh… my dad didn’t just want me to come to the wedding. He also wants me to be your mom’s maid of honor.

Finn: Maid– wow. Wow, talk about being put on the spot. What’d you say?

Hope: I told him that I would think about it, and it’s a lot to consider.

Finn: Yeah, makes sense.

Hope: Yeah, um, and that wasn’t the only thing he asked me about. Uh, look, he was hesitant to even say anything to me about it, but–

Finn: Let me guess. Deacon wants me to come to the wedding, too.

Hope: Oh, it’s not just that. He wanted to know if you would be his best man.

Finn: Be– you– what?

Hope: He would like you to stand up for him so that we can both be there while our parents say I do. So now you have a lot to consider as well.

Finn: Consider? There’s no way steffy would understand, let alone accept this.

Hope: I mean, obviously not. But, I mean, how do you feel about it? I mean, take your wife out of the equation. What would you want? It is your birth mother’s wedding. And my dad did say it would be the biggest gift for both of us to be there for them, to stand up for them.

Finn: Are you thinking about saying yes?

Hope: I don’t know. I don’t know. I just know it would be easier if you were there, too. So is that something that you would even consider? I mean, would you say yes to that? Being at, you know, your mom ,and… my father’s wedding?

Steffy: I laid down the law with finn.

Liam: So it’s either you… or sheila.

Steffy: My husband knows sheila won’t be part of his life.

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Finn: Nothing comes before you, kelly and haynes.

Brooke: You cannot give sheila any of your consideration.

Hope: This isn’t about sheila for me. I’ve already lost enough.

Officiant: Now, let’s get you two hitched.

[ Laughing ]

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